Create-A-Character Masterpieces & Monstrosities

Character creators are a wonderful thing. On one hand, they let create characters that you, personally, can relate with, helping build immersion and get you invested into the game. Ooon the other hand, they can also be used like a sledgehammer to beat any sense of immersion and impact into submission, turning games into absurdist comedies or works of lovecraftian horror at the player’s whim.

So, in celebration of what is quite possibly my favorite feature in video games, I thought we could use a place to post the amazing, clever, or horrifying character’s that we and others have made.

To start things off, some of my own favorite creations:

He-Man (Dragon’s Dogma)

Planters Peanut (Way of the Samurai 4)

And the source of my avatar (Black Desert)

Also might as well get the obligatory Monster Factory link out of the way.


Never played DA: Inquisition, but I had some good fun with the character creator in the demo:


Here’s a picture of my Xenoverse 2 character.

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I made this garbage man in Second Life during Polygon’s Monster Factory series, so I could meet the Boy-Mayor and his trusty aide, Totinos. You can see me a bunch throughout the last video. I even got to float around during the end credits. It was a fun day.

I also tried to get in on their Champions Online video, but I couldn’t get through the tutorial in time. I still made a great character, but he never got to meet Knife Dad. ;_;


Oh man, I love character creators so much. I think most of my Champions Online screenshots are somewhere on my old HDD, but here’s a bit of an image dump of things I’ve made:

(this was a friend’s design, but we made matching characters)

And then a few of the alternate costumes of my main:

And some stuff that I didn’t make, but thought were funny:

In Way of the Samurai 3, you can add bits of armor and such to your character at the start of each run.

This lady had a strange looking husband.

Saints Row 2 already had goofy character gen, but what happens when you add Gentlemen of the Row?

And ARK: Survival Evolved has some pretty good character gen


Who could forget Dark Souls 2


Dark Souls 2 is by far the best game about sapient cheese wedges.


Can we take a moment to appreciate knifedad


it’s not much, but I made the same character in all three Dark Souls games. someone better with words than me interpret these artsy pics I took pls.


Ah, yes, this is my domain.


Not much, and I haven’t played in a while, but I love my expressionless friezaman in Xenoverse 2.

I wish I had the forethought to take pictures of all the shit I made with my brother in the Saints Row games.

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Oh, man, thanks for reminding me of my Russian Kabuki Fist of the North Star-inspired villain.

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