Conventions: General Discussion, meetups and humble brags

So I’m headed to PAX East this week, and know at least one or two other LPZ regulars will be there too. Decided to make a thread dedicated to cons, in the event the lot of us are going to the same one and want to hit up the same panels, get a drink or play games. Being social is fun and easy, and hell, talk about cosplay for all I care!

What cons I’ll for sure be at this year:
PAX East/West/Unplugged
Five Points Festival

I’ll be at pax east for sure as well!

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I’m definitely going to C2E2 again this year. I’m also hoping to go to Denver Comic Con at the beginning of July, but I’m not sure if I’ll have the money to travel.

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I’m planning on attending MegaCon and possibly Holiday Matsuri. Richard Dean Anderson is going to be at the former so I basically have to go.

One year I really want to go to Dragon Con, since that’s the closest one to me with the BattleTech pods.

kung fu jesus gave me nightmare alcohol at AGDQ and i’ll never be the same again




Both @Bearpigman and I are MAG vets, but I swear to go, if someone does the Colossus yell outside of MAG again they’re getting a one way ticket to brick to the skull city.

Also nice to see folk attending cons that I also attend.

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The only con I ever attend is Super Smash Con, so if you’re going to that stop by the Smash Bros. Crusade booth!

If any of you Europeans is going to GamesCom, I live in Cologne, so drop me a line, we’ll go have a beer or something. I’ll probably not attend the GamesCom myself because 1) it’s hideously crowded, and 2) I resent having to pay just to get advertisements shoved in my face.

If I do obtain a ticket by some rare coincidence that does not invole me paying for it, I’ll spend the entire time in the retro games area thing they have. Nobody ever goes there, and really, where else do you get to try out a Virtual Boy, an Atari Jaguar and a Philips CDi on the same day?

I’d really like to start going to cons either this year or next. Currently thinking GaymerX East if they do another one, and also Magfest seemed popular (judging from my Twitter feed?). Maybe some (web)comics focused ones? I’d love to meet my favorite authors and get something signed.

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I REALLY wanted to do GAYmer East last year, but I was out of town. Heard great thing about it, hope it’s back this year. I also recommend FLAMECON in NYC, because it’s a good good.

I cant recommend MAGfest enough. Great selection of videya, a fun little cosplay scene, great location and quality concerts.

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I’ll be at PAX East all three days. If you see a man with a ponytail walking around and taking to people with action figures… that’s me. Feel free to say 'hi."

Oh yeah, Free Play Florida is badass if you want to do a gaming con. Tons of pinball and I know a couple of the folks who run the classic console section. They had a LaserActive there when I went.