Comments on Completed LPs

Would you guys consider allowing comments on completed LPs? That way the conversation doesn’t end once the LP does, and it lets people who found it late leave a comment.

Also it’s probably very lovely to receive comments on old LPs that people are still enjoying.

I guess if people wanted their thread locked they could always just ask the mods. Like if someone who had to abandon a LP for whatever reason didn’t want to get notified about replies anymore.

I think that’s part of what I was trying to figure out with my question about completed LPs; like if you have a completed LP if it’s okay to put up for both archival purposes and just to give it a general discussion thread, should people want to still talk about it.

Currently you can’t post in archived LPs because we figured there wouldn’t be much demand and it’'s one less place to worry about moderating. If there’s enough interest we might reverse that decision, though.

Tell you what, I’ll make a site poll and we’ll see where we go from there.

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