Comet! A space adventure about anxiety, friendship, and saving the universe

Hello there! I’m Zim / Magmethius and I’ve never done much self-advertising before. I recently finished the first chapter of my webcomic, Comet, so maybe it’s time to finally do this thing. Comet is a space adventure about anxious nerds, secret agents, and of course, saving the universe. The main characters are Mezzo, Lorey, and Saph, all individuals who decided to run away from their homeworlds in search of greener grasses, but ended up in some trouble with a secret agency instead - Mezzo worst of all, as he somehow let a weapon of mass destruction fall into the hands of an unhinged villain.

I draw pixel art, so most comic panels look something like this, along with some writing:

If only you could live somewhere like this…”

Some lunch before we’re back on the run.

Our main villain, plotting something petty.

So, if this is the sort of thing that interests you, maybe you could check it out. It would make this internet stranger real happy. The landing page is here. There’s also a world-building/lore encyclopedia here, because I’m super keen on writing short essays about my science and aliens. thanksforreadingokaybyeee