Comedy = Greek Tragedy + Time – Let’s Play Hades

Zagreus continues trying to figure out what’s going on with Hades, no matter how little Hades himself wants to be of any help. But while he may not be able to find any conclusive answers, Zagreus will at least continue clowning on his Dad until it bears further results.

The Bone Hydra’s got a name, ya’ll! Amongst other victories, Zagreus names the Bone Hydra and takes a second level in the Pact of Punishment, which means our friend Lernie’s got himself a new room! It won’t help him win, but hopefully he likes the new look!

As it turns out, there could be some ~problems~ involving the gods in Zagreus’s journey to see his mom. Oh well, we haven’t learned a lesson yet!

Weeeeeeeeell, the streak had to end at some point. But at least it ended with the shield so there was no surprise about it.

Zagreus’s poor luck continues against Hades, but the good news is that he’s making small victories elsewhere. For example, he fulfills the conditions for one of the prophecies!

… Said condition adds to his bad luck against his dad.

Zagreus finally returns to the road of progress! … Only to find that fewer and fewer people want him meddling in the upper world’s affairs anymore. But hey, whoever said Zagreus listens to reason?

Whoops, forgot three whole updates! Zagreus’s escape attempts continue, and it turns out the fiends of the underworld aren’t the only thing he has to worry about. Remember: always listen to when the game says it’s okay to save, even if it seems a bit silly that you can’t.

Persistence will always pay off somehow. Sometimes, though, it pays off well.

Now that Persephone is back, Zagreus continues fighting through the underworld in order to test its defenses! And… his first day on the job doesn’t go super well for him.

Zagreus’s quest to clear the underworld with the spear sees him collect some pretty good boons, but will they be enough? Certainly, the now-disgruntled Theseus will do everything in his power to ruin his greatest rival’s day, and perhaps his newfound ire is enough to see that done.

I was right about the gloves, but there will be no showing them off in this session given the lack of Titan Blood on Zagreus’s person. So for the time being, Zagreus will continue trying to clear the Underworld with the spear. Which may very well be a possibility with an unlikely useful Daedelus upgrade.

So, the big highlight here is “Boy I do not like having to spin with the spear please give me jabbing back.” However, it’s also important to note that of all the couples with issues in this game, Theseus and Asterius have gotten through theirs first, which is a pretty big problem when they’re trying to suplex Zagreus back to whence he came.

Zagreus continues his way through his list of prophesies, but we’re getting down to the daunting ones. At the very least, we can aim to get Guan Yu’s spear to Hades so it never has to be used again.

Trying to fulfill prophecies isn’t easy, but there are ways of making Stubborn Defiance a little easier to deal with. But a victory still isn’t guaranteed, so Zagreus is going to have to put in some work if he hopes to clear the underworld with some unusual abilities.

(Artemis gets a second banner in a row because she put in work this session.)

Zagreus continues trying to fulfill prophecies for those sweet, sweet rewards. And for once it actually goes well! How nice.

More good runs means we fulfill more prophecies! Which means we get to move on from a mirror focus to a pact focus. In addition, Zagreus starts getting a little less stingy with those nectars.

… mostly so I can give ambrosia to Aphrodite.

It’s another double update… which might as well be one update, because boy did episode 40 not last long. Regardless, Zagreus continues improving at his job, this time in hopes of fulfilling the pact of punishment that makes traps more lethal. Boy, would it be great to be rid of that one.

You know how it goes. We’re continuing on clearing the 'ol punishment pacts, fighting Hades, acknowledging that the house maid thinks our mom is fine, and nobody in the work room appreciates generic words of encouragement. An average Tuesday in the underworld.

Woah, it’s a quadruple update! In part because I’ve been forgetting to do these, but also because the theme of all of these is pretty much, “trying to finish a run with each Pact of Punishment at least once!” It’s accidentally thematic!

Wow, everything is more relaxed when you’re done with the unfinished Pacts of Punishment. I would not expect a Bow run going as well as it did, but when you only have to deal with one (1) level of heat these things go pretty smoothly.