Colors Flying High - Let's Play Persona 5 Royal

Is it just me or are they really trying hard and laying it on thick with Kasumi?

Yeah that’ll probably happen in Persona 6 when they realize they’ve run out of anime archetypes and have to start combining them.

Yeah, it’s not just you. I think part of it is that they really need you to be invested in Kasumi’s storyline for the parts they added for Royal, and part of it is that they really did not want to have another Marie on their hands. I think there’s also an element of “we need an age-appropriate romance option for Joker that people will actually want” because of how popular Tae and Kawakami are.

The best part is that it’s all wasted effort because she’s not in Scramble.

Anyway, I mentioned in the last update a thing about Valentine’s Day and White Day. That’s because I never actually saw how Valentine’s Day worked in the base game: it happened I think after the final boss but before the final cutscene and by that point I just turned the game off.

As it turns out, we can and will see all of the Valentine’s Day dates… though it’ll be a bit of a pain to do so. The same will happen for White Day. I’ll explain how that works when we hit 07/08 and hit Rank 9 with Kawakami.


timrodresized: It’s 7/1, and after something like two months we’re finally finishing The Gallant Rogue.

timrodresized: We get a glorified tutorial informing us that the diner now has a drink that boosts Charm. I don’t believe we’re ever going to order it, even though it brings back memories of the Persona 3 MC drinking dozens of cups of Pheromone Coffee to boost his charm.

timrodresized: By water, he means the squirt gun he’s about to blast Morgana with.

Inui: “A variety of heroes battling for dominance - truly an epic time. Charismatic rulers and warlords with the command of a thousand men may have their own appeal…”

Inui: “…But personally, I think that the strategists who support them can’t be ignored. Now then, Kurusu-kun. In the book, Zhuge Liang of Shu is famous for his exploits during the Battle of Red Cliffs…”

timrodresized: This is one of those things they put in just for Dynasty Warriors fans, isn’t it?

Inui: “He’s also the inventor of the baozi, a kind of round dumpling. But their original name was based on their appearance. What’s the meaning of the original Chinese phrase that these dumplings’ name came from?”

timrodresized: Baozi are white dumplings that originated in China but have since migrated to a number of different areas - including the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. There’s even a Uyghur-specific one.

timrodresized: They have a number of fillings, but most of them involve pork. The Uyghurs apparently have one that’s cooked in tandoor and filled with lamb… if they offered me that in chicken I’d probably eat it.

timrodresized: There’s also apparently dessert ones with custard or adzuki bean paste inside, which I’d also eat.

Inui: “That is correct. Its original name, mantou, came from a phrase meaning ‘a barbarian’s head.’”

Inui: “At the time, one region’s barbarians would use a person’s head as an offering to soothe the deity of a flooding river. But Zhuge Liang made a baozi in the shape of a head as a substitute.”

timrodresized: They called it “the sacred swirly”.

Inui: “These days, you can find baozi with cute faces on them. If you think about their origin, it’s not too far off the mark.”

timrodresized: Now, if they had one with steak in it, I’d be all over that… even though that’s basically an empanada. The taco place near my house that used to have those closed down and I hate it.

Morgana: “I never knew strategists came up with cooking, and not just strategies… Makoto’s our strategist. Wanna see what she can cook up?”

timrodresized: Right after school, we drop off The Gallant Rogue and pick up Speed Reader.

timrodresized: We then make a stop at the bookstore in Shibuya and buy everything that’s on sale.

timrodresized: Near the train station in Shibuya, there’s a lottery stand. You can actually do daily or weekly draws here (using the different windows) but the middle window sells Summer Mammoth tickets.

timrodresized: As far as I understand it, the Mammoth tickets always win, so there’s no reason not to buy one.

timrodresized: Today, we’re going to start Makoto’s confidant. You need Knowledge at Rank 3 in order to do that. Makoto is one of the five confidants that requires a max-rank social stat to finish.

timrodresized: We already know about two of the others: Sojiro (who needs maxed Kindness) and Iwai (who needs maxed Guts).

Makoto: “Up until now, I’ve been the quintessential honor student. I believe I’ve been handling my position as student council president with ease as well.”

Makoto: “A-and I don’t mean that in a boasting way, that’s simply how I’ve thought about it. …But in the end, I was unable to make any kind of impact with either Suzui-san or Kaneshiro.”

Makoto: “Turns out there’s no use for a rule-abiding honor student when things get tough. Now that I’m a member of this team, I want to do everything I can to help you all.”

timrodresized: Oh, that’s right! Speaking of students, I had someone contact me on Twitter to explain that I was actually right about the word “Shujin” meaning “Prisoner”. It’s apparently one of those things where there’s multiple ways to spell the word.

timrodresized: According to them, it’s a painfully obvious pun that gets harped on a lot in the Japanese script.

timrodresized: I’m honestly kind of glad I didn’t understand that when I played the base game. There was this period at the start of the base game, before I understood how bad the writing is, where I actually thought the writing was okay, and that kind of thing would’ve ruined it for me had I understood it.

Makoto: “I think… I-I will need to broaden my horizons somewhat.”

Makoto: “My first step will be to learn more about the other students. But… I struggle with that. There seems to be a disparity between my tastes and those of my peers…”

Makoto: “I knew it… I don’t even know where people like to go for fun… it would be nice to have a grasp of such concepts. Plus, the student council must be responsible for understanding the student body they serve, right?”

Makoto: “I-I don’t mean that in a surveillance way, I just want to know them as people. I may be a phantom thief, but that’s no excuse for me to start ignoring my presidential duties.”

Makoto: “Now, back to the topic at hand… where do people usually go for fun?”

timrodresized: For some reason, this entire scene feels like it’s the writers trying to understand Kids These Days ™.

Makoto: “I enjoy the movies myself, sometimes. I think I’d prefer somewhere I’m unfamiliar with… oh, I know! How about the arcade? I’ve never actually been to one.”

Makoto: “Do you think you could take me? I’m not sure if it will broaden my horizons per se, but simply studying won’t get me anywhere.”

timrodresized: How much do you want to bet that this is one of the writers trying to live out their dumbass teenage romance fantasies?

Makoto: “Thank goodness… I think I would have been totally lost in there had I gone by myself. Well, let’s get going.”

Makoto: “There are more girls here than I expected. Hey, over there… you play by aiming the gun at the screen, right? That actually seems somewhat realistic.”

timrodresized: We’ll learn all about that game in a different confidant that we can’t do yet. I’m not even joking when I say there is an entire confidant about that game.

Makoto: “I-if it’s okay with you… do you think you could teach me?”

timrodresized: This is incredibly painful to read. It’s incredibly reminiscent of Ready Player One and all the cringy excerpts from it that got posted when the movie got announced.

timrodresized: I mean, it’s not quite as bad because if this was the RPO author Joker would start making out with Makoto right there as every single person in the arcade lines up to high-five him because he’s so awesome, and then he’d say something like “This is just like the time I got the high score in Pac-Man”.

timrodresized: They could’ve, you know, put some actual visuals in here of Makoto playing the game, but instead they’re making masterful use of the Allanson “tell, don’t show” technique.

timrodresized: Somehow, I knew people would want me to pick this last one.

Makoto: “Of course that was just a game, but… I wonder if I could apply some of the techniques I learned here during battle.”

timrodresized: The thing is, there is a sizeable portion of the P5 fanbase who is very into Makoto. Somehow, I have a feeling they’re part of the same group that bothered to watch Ready Player One.

timrodresized: It’s also too bad there’s no way to LP a book because I would dunk on that shit if I could.

Makoto: “Perhaps going somewhere I don’t normally frequent is what helped me come up with that idea. You know, it may only be a little bit… but I think I’m starting to understand how people pass time.”

Makoto: “Interesting. I would’ve never even thought about coming here before.”

Makoto: “I… Hey, do you think you could help me out again later? I might be able to give the team more ideas if I can gain increased knowledge outside of my studies.”

Makoto: “Thank you. Perhaps it won’t be immediately… but I’m sure I can be of use.”

timrodresized: What’s really stupid is that it’s entirely possible that Joker is Makoto’s boyfriend when this cutscene happens.

timrodresized: This ability is more about seeing enemy skills than it is about item drops - there’s no steal mechanic in this game the way there is in Final Fantasy.

Makoto: “I’d like to go there as well. No! N-Not for my own purposes… to tell you the truth, I recently got a report that one of our students was spotted there… I’m skeptical, but… I’d like to confirm firsthand for myself.”

timrodresized: We haven’t been doing his confidant, but Mishima is now located in Shinjuku at night. Because of course he is.

Makoto: “Well, it’s getting late. Let’s head home.”

Makoto: “It’s always hard for me to come to places like this on my own, so you’ve been a big help. I’ve had all kinds of new experiences today… and it’s even been a little fun.”

Makoto: “Yeah, thanks. I feel a lot better with you helping me through this.”

Makoto: “Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to keep you. Careful on your way home. I’ll call you later.”

timrodresized: Tonight’s a special night in that it’s one of the few nights where there’s a follow-up with a Persona 4 character on TV.

timrodresized: This is another way that we know Persona 5 takes place in 2016. Rise actually just turned 21 - her birthday is June 1st, 1995.

timrodresized: Tonight’s another Kawakami night.

timrodresized: Joker’s like “Oh my god, I cured horny!”

Becky: “…My boss found me a part-time job that pays better than this one.”

Becky: “Takase-kun’s guardians keep increasing their demands… so this is just what I have to do.”

Becky: “What I want…? Takase-kun’s guardians say the only true way to apologize to Takase-kun is by paying them. If that’s not true, then what’s the right thing to do here…?”

Becky: “I wonder if I can escape all this if I quit being a teacher. People like me have no right being a teacher. If I quit on my own, I won’t have to pay them…”

Becky: “That’s why I’m going to quit both my teaching job and my maid job… what do you think?”

timrodresized: What he’s thinking is “I wonder if the whole maid outfit thing is part of the cure for horny. Does she get an employee discount on those? I’m gonna need a few. Do they make them small enough to fit a cat?”

Becky: “That’s what I decided… but did I really decide it on my own…? Now that I think about it, it’s too late for me to stop being a teacher. If I really felt bad for what happened, I would’ve resigned the day he died.”

Becky: “And yet, I still felt the need to teach… I wonder why I feel that way even now.”

timrodresized: Basically, Kawakami is slowly warping into Ms. Saeko.

Becky: “…Kurusu-kun. Oh, that’s right… I decided the way to apologize to him was to make sure there won’t ever be another student like him.”

Becky: “Because I might’ve been able to save him if I hadn’t been afraid of rumors or labels back then. I wanted to become a teacher who takes care of her students. That’s the mindset I had!”

Becky: “But now, I spend all my free time at part-time jobs, just so I can continue working as a teacher. I put the critical work of a teacher on the back burner, so I could make ‘apology’ money.”

Becky: “That’s where it all went wrong… I can’t make things right with Takase-kun like this…”

timrodresized: I mean, unless we’re talking anime. Anime’s one of those mistakes that I don’t think you can fix.

Becky: “I’ll be the teacher I aspire to be… that’s the right way for me to make amends to Takase-kun. From here on, I refuse to pay them any more money!”

Becky: “And that is my answer! …Well, what do you think?”

Becky: “You can’t get the right answer from someone else. It can only be found from within. …I learned that from you. In a way, you’re MY teacher. …Haha, just kidding.”

timrodresized: On our next visit (on 7/8) we’ll be hitting Rank 9 with Kawakami, which opens up the option to date her. Naturally, I’ll be showing off both versions of her Rank 9 and Rank 10 cutscene.

timrodresized: There’s something I want to explain about dating in this game. I’ll talk about that when we get to the phone call.

Becky: “Especially to you. I averted my eyes from you because you were labeled, just like Takase-kun was… but from now on, I’m going to protect you to. As your teacher, I will never betray you.”

Becky: “Leave it to me! I can be decisive when it counts! I’ll speak with the Takases. I’m not going to run anymore. Everything should be fine as long as I talk to them face to face.”

Becky: “All right, it’s time for me to go. Thank you. See you later.”

timrodresized: Okay, so about the dating thing. Earlier in the LP, I had mentioned the possibility of having a vote to determine who “Straight Joker” winds up dating. As it turns out, that’s unnecessary.

timrodresized: The reason is that there’s actually no penalty whatsoever for dating multiple people at once, just like in real life. This is how we’re going to be able to see all the Valentine’s/White Day cutscenes.

timrodresized: While the canon route is that Joker is gay and dating Yusuke, behind the scenes I’m actually going to be dating everyone at once in what I call the “Reverse Lisa Silverman” technique.

Becky: “Oh, wait… I was supposed to stop working as Becky by today.”

timrodresized: I like to think that one of the writers was reviewing the script and just goes “Uh, boss? All the phone calls with Kawakami kind of make no sense.” and the boss going “Fuck it, just go with it.”

Becky: “…To be honest, I always kind of knew in my heart I couldn’t go on like this forever. But I felt so stuck facing it alone. It’s thanks to you that I actually figured out what I need to do.”

Becky: “Come on… you realize you can’t feed me lines like that anymore. …But I haven’t given you any proper appreciation yet, so… thank you, really.”

timrodresized: We get some free time, so let’s read a book.

timrodresized: Yes. From what I remember, this reduces all but a handful of books to one reading session, meaning we can now optimize stat gains from any day where we get a seat on the train.

Kawakami: “I told them… that I’m not going to pay them any more money! I’m quitting my part-time job too! Although I’m still in talks with my boss about it.”

Kawakami: “I’m going to devote myself to being a great teacher! No matter what others say, I won’t waver. So, thank you for giving me such good advice. I just thought you should be the first to know…”

Kawakami: “It’s what I decided, for Takase-kun’s sake. I’m going to make sure there won’t be any more students like him, who…”

Kawakami: “I’m not going to run or hide! I’m going to spend my time taking care of my students.”

timrodresized: I wish the writers had come up with slightly less… I dunno, stupid situations for their characters to be in.

timrodresized: Like, hear me out here. What if the case was that Takase killed himself and the guardians blame Kawakami for it, even though she reported it?

timrodresized: The guardians spread this rumor about Kawakami being a “death teacher” who drove a kid to suicide, and the only place she could find a job is Shujin due to the principal being evil. He pays her a rock-bottom salary knowing she’ll never be able to find another teaching job.

timrodresized: Kawakami can’t sue them because she has no money and has no way of proving that the guardians are behind the rumor, and she has to take the maid job just to survive because it’s about the only place that’ll hire her outside of Shujin.

timrodresized: Oh look, I’ve just written a somewhat more believable scenario that keeps the same story elements but doesn’t make Kawakami look like a complete idiot.

Kawakami: “I’ve decided that that’s the best apology I can make to Takase-kun. Paying money to you two is not the solution, to say the least!”

timrodresized: I’m pretty sure the use of the term “sex worker” here exists only because the English language doesn’t really have a way to describe what Kawakami does. I explained this in a post a while back.

timrodresized: I think it would’ve been more responsible to just have him say “About your little stint in fuzoku” and then explain what that term means for the people not playing in Japanese.

Kawakami: “Stop… please.”

Kawakami: “Haha… I guess I can’t quit my part-time job just yet.”

Kawakami: “I know! But what am I supposed to do…? … What about the Phantom Thieves…? Would they even help someone like me? No, that’s impossible. Haha…”

Kawakami: “I can’t do this anymore…”

Kawakami: “Haha, I could never forget them. I send them money every week… wait, why? You don’t intend on doing something, do you?”

Kawakami: “Please don’t. A Shujin teacher asking the Phantom Thieves for help would be… I’m sorry. I was so excited to tell you what I had decided… and then it ended up like this… just forget everything, okay?”

Kawakami: “…I guess I’ll never be able to change. Y-yeah, haha… Class is about to start… I need to go.”

timrodresized: And now we’ve got all but one of the Mementos requests we need to go back in there. The last one is Chihaya’s.

timrodresized: We then trade in Speed Reading for Zorro, the Outlaw.

Yusuke: “I am in your debt. It would be rather difficult to go by myself. Now then, our destination is Inokashira Park. Let us go.”

timrodresized: Right after I finish this update, I’m going to post the first Gay Yusuke Route update, which takes place at the same time and in the same place as this event. It will attempt to show this event from Yusuke’s perspective.

timrodresized: Joker is, of course, doing this just to see what Yusuke’s reaction is. His boyfriend is already in the boat with him, after all.

Yusuke: “I have missed the opportunity for a truly wonderful subject… that aside, I must thank you for your help today. This is the ideal location for my next motif.”

Yusuke: “Perfect… this is it. My previous painting captured only one aspect of the heart: desire. As such, I was unable to arrive at a truly authentic representation…”

Yusuke: “That is why we have come today. I shall paint a second aspect… the burning passion between man and woman! Fittingly, our theme today will be… the wonders of love!”

Yusuke: “You too will have an important role here. While I draw, ensure the boat remains as steady as possible amid these devilish ripples.”

Yusuke: “They are akin to Adam and Eve… yet in time all lovers must come to know the pain of separation… separation is the natural end to any such relationship… but even beyond that, love endures.”

Yusuke: “Precisely… this is the truth of the human heart! It will make the most wonderful painting! It shall be adored by all who gaze upon it! It may even be given top prize in the next exhibition!”

Yusuke: “Wait, now is not the time to be thinking of such trivial matters!”

Yusuke: “I must capture your profile!”

Yusuke: “Rejoice, for I shall preserve your beautiful love so that all coming generations may bask in its glory. Once I complete this painting, you will become new legends in the art world… a modern Adam and Eve!”

Yusuke: “A man and a woman intimately swaying in a dinghy of dreams… the blush of their cheeks, the bashful looks… yes, this is the love I was so emphatically searching for!”

Yusuke: “Familial…? So that overflowing passion was just a figment of my imagination? It seems my bias has caused me to overlook the truth of the matter…”

Yusuke: “Love is a broad, multi-faceted beast… this only serves to prove how narrow my perspective can be. Hm, romantic love and familial love… the two may be nigh indiscernible depending on one’s point of view.”

Yusuke: “Perhaps… the truth of the heart lies in the eye of the beholder. Akira, I feel as though I’ve learned something today!”

timrodresized: Oh wow! We’ll have to check the Cutscene Viewer as soon as this update is over.

timrodresized: Joker just looks at them and nods. They’re SO CLOSE to getting it.

timrodresized: This cutscene is so close to being the start of a gay romance route as-is that I have to wonder if they had planned one and scrapped it.

timrodresized: Just recently, there was a group who delved through the code for Persona 4 Golden and found out there was supposed to be a gay route with Yosuke, which was cut before release but I believe had the script still in the game.

Yusuke: “What are you talking about? Ah well… come, it is about time we return home. Please row us back to shore, Akira.”

Yusuke: “It would seem I understand nothing of love after all. Though I’ve progressed by one step, there is no doubt I will face many difficulties moving forward.”

Yusuke: “When will I fully understand the heart? Even if I ever do understand it, will I truly be able to draw it…?”

Yusuke: “You’re right. I’ve no intention whatsoever of giving up. I will do everything in my power to get past this. Anyhow, today was a significant use of time. Impressive oarsmanship from your end, as well.”

timrodresized: Tonight, we have to buy the stone that we could’ve bought last time, but the game wouldn’t let us.

Chihaya: “I remember you… you had a very abnormal destiny, as I recall. Please, take a seat.”

Morgana: “For that much, it’d better not only change your fate, but also give you incredible luck. If you do end up buying one, we should go home and test it out.”

timrodresized: Translation: Buying the stone takes time because Chihaya’s confidant is not exactly the best from a design perspective.

timrodresized: The Holy Stone is an accessory, and I forget what it does. We have no reason to equip it. Also, that’s 100,000 yen down the drain.

Chihaya: “It’s the smart thing to do, considering this is the only way to avoid misfortune. It’s already charged with a happiness aura, so you’ll feel the effects right away. Don’t forget to recharge it with moonlight every three days.”

timrodresized: Gotta activate those almonds every three days now.

Chihaya: “Please stop by again and let me know how your fate changed. Goodbye…”

Sojiro: “I was just about to close up shop, but I forgot to turn the stove off. I guess you start forgetting things more the older you get…”

Morgana: “Last time we went to that fortune teller, the chief won the lottery… I wonder what kind of luck we’ll have this time around.”

timrodresized: We just wasted a hundred thousand yen on a broken magic stone. You have no idea how mad I was when I played the base game and got to this part, because money in the base game was much harder to come by.

Sojiro: “Hey, do you mind looking over the shop while I-”

Morgana: “Th-The stone shattered!”

timrodresized: Clearly, this is Morgana’s fault for overcharging the crystal with his thirst for human women.

Sojiro: “What’s gotten into you?”

Morgana: “Huh? This tastes… salty! Hey, the Holy Stone is just salt!”

Sojiro: “…Akira? What’s going on?”

Sojiro: “You’re salty? That reminds me, I was just about to head out and grab some salt for the shop. I’ll be back in a bit.”

Morgana: “Hm… I think this is technically rock salt. I’ve seen the chief grinding some up before. Wait, in that case… maybe the Holy Stone is supposed to help you get better at cooking!”

timrodresized: I had one of those salt lamps before - not because I thought it had any health benefits but just because. Turns out, those melt all over the goddamn place when it gets humid out.

timrodresized: Ruined the shelf I had it on, which was just a cheap collapsible bookshelf I didn’t pay anything for. That salt does NOT come off once it sticks to something.

timrodresized: Look Morgana, you broke it with your goddamn horny and now you’ve got to replace it.

Morgana: “B-But, um… maybe if your cooking improves, your fate will change just like she said it would… … I guess it really doesn’t make any sense, huh…”

Morgana: “So, that Holy Stone was really just a phony in the end! That fortune teller’s name was Chihaya, right? She clearly has some kind of mystical power… but this is just unacceptable.”

Morgana: “…We need to go complain to her!”

timrodresized: We get an invitation from Ryuji to go to Ichigaya, which I don’t believe we’d get if we were on the reload-heavy 100% route because we’d already be done with Ryuji’s confidant.

timrodresized: Even on the route I’m using, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to do it, because we don’t really need the confidant points.

timrodresized: I’ve seen one of these before on Game Center CX - I forget which episode it is, but there’s one where Arino goes to a fishing pond like this.

timrodresized: It’s a bit too artificial for my taste - the ponds are totally man-made and the fish are stocked.

Ryuji: “…Hey, doesn’t meetin’ in a place like this look like we’re talkin’ some shady business? I like it.”

Ryuji: “Like, ‘we’re regular high school students durin’ the day. But at night…’ you know what I mean!? Man, this is gettin’ me pumped up!”

Ryuji: “…Oh crap, she’s comin’ this way.”

Kawakami: “Why are you sitting around like old men? Why don’t you go out and do something more exciting?”

Ryuji: “Wha- Look who’s talkin’!”

Kawakami: sigh “Adults need time to themselves to unwind and clear their thoughts. You’ll understand soon enough, when you start working in the real world.”

Ryuji: “Wow… soundin’ real old there, Kawakami.”

Kawakami: “That’s MS. Kawakami to you!”

timrodresized: Seriously, you’d think that Atlus would tone down the whole honorific thing given that they knew they were going to exporting the game and that these lines wouldn’t translate well.

timrodresized: I just realized that Kawakami is wearing a jacket in the middle of July. It’s not like this scene can happen in the winter - this is the one day it’s scripted to occur.

timrodresized: I have to wonder when Smash Ultimate takes place in the Persona 5 timeline, because I’m just picturing Joker and Ryuji giving each other a thousand-yard stare and reminding each other of their shared secret - they both know Donkey Kong is real but can never tell anyone.

timrodresized: Joker once asked Donkey Kong if Lanky Kong was real, and DK’s only response was “It’s better if you don’t know,” communicated entirely through a mashup of the DK Rap.

Ryuji: “I see. So when you get jaded like Kawakami, you’ll just naturally attract fish… uhh, I don’t think that’s right.”

Kawakami: “It’s a nice, sunny Sunday. I didn’t think I’d be stuck fishing with you two on my day off. sigh Two troublemakers, and their no-good teacher… I guess we’re perfect for each other.”

Ryuji: “She keeps on gettin’ fish even as she nags… I’m impressed!”

timrodresized: None of these points matter. Kawakami will automatically reach Rank 9 once we complete the Mementos request, and from there will automatically reach Rank 10 without any input from us.

timrodresized: And I bet you thought I forgot to grip and sip. We had to wait until the night period because we had to accept Ryuji’s invitation last night.

timrodresized: Some sip to remember, some sip to forget the time they were leaving Final Destination and overheard Diddy Kong asking Donkey Kong if Lanky was actually dead, to which DK replied “We checked the grave but it was empty”, again using a mashup of the DK Rap.

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “I, Toranosuke Yoshida, will someday find a way to address your concerns in Nagata-cho… oh, Kurusu-kun. How’s your schoolwork?”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “By the way, what’s your opinion about our current government? I feel that they’re wrong, so I plan on addressing that during my speech.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “I’d like you to listen to it, so you can give me your honest opinion.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “However, the current administration refuses to discuss their plans for the future… can we really accept such an utter lack of transparency?”

timrodresized: The game doesn’t say it outright yet, but Shido is the bald Hideki Kamiya-looking guy who showed up in Joker’s flashbacks and again on the TV in the SIU Director’s office.

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “So he’s claiming those who have made mistakes in the past shouldn’t get a second chance? What can I say to that?”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “…Yes, I am ‘No-Good Tora’ and I have made mistakes. Yes, I am unpopular and powerless. But that has nothing to do with my arguments! These are things I learned from all my hardships.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “You can ridicule me all you want, but I will continue to oppose what is wrong with this world!”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “The highlight, though, was your yelling.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “That’s very promising. But don’t overdo it. You should avoid making enemies whenever possible. …Okay, that is all for today.”

timrodresized: This guy turning completely around after one speech is giving me flashbacks to Ni no Kuni 2.

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “Please wait! Thank you! …That is all I wanted to say.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “I learned something from your dauntless spirit today. I have a bad habit of getting flustered whenever someone calls me No-Good Tora.”

timrodresized: We know. You’ve said so already.

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “But you see me as someone of value, so I refuse to cower to criticism in front of you. Today you taught me that I must have more confidence in my arguments.”

timrodresized: No new abilities this rank, but that’s fine - we already have the best abilities Yoshida can give us. The rest are all very situational or only good if you’re not grinding at all.

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “My way of thinking changes when I’m with you. Perhaps it’s the influence of your youthful spirit. Ah, my apologies. It seems we’re out of time.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “Thanks to you, I’ve remembered something very important. Now that I think about it, ever since the scandal… I’ve felt alone and helpless. Like the whole world was against me.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “Perhaps I got too used to the constant judging and critique, but… I realized I’d overlooked something crucial. I’d forgotten the people who support me… and how encouraging it feels simply to be in their presence.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “Perhaps it seems too obvious, or too trite, but… I hope you remember to cherish that, too.”

P5_portrait_of_Toranosuke_Yoshida: “Good. I’m glad to hear it. I will engrave it into my heart. I can’t let myself forget it again. Well, I’ll be counting on you for my next speech, too. See you soon, Kurusu-kun.”

timrodresized: Next time, we’ll see ANOTHER More Like Yusu-Gay scene, get Chihaya’s Mementos request, and then go into Mementos in as painless a way as possible. Right after this update, I’ll be working on the first More Like Yusu-Gay.


timrodresized: Welcome to the first More Like Yusu-Gay cutscene. I apologize in advance.

Yusuke: Wonderful. With his assistance, I’ll surely overcome this slump!

Joker: “It’s so… peaceful here. I should bring a girl here sometime.”

Surprised What!? That’s impossible! He hasn’t shown any interest in Takamaki or Makoto…

Surprised “Girl…? Does that mean you have a girlfriend!? You should have mentioned sooner!”

Joker: “As if. For such a big city, there’s no girls here that interest me. I mean, Makoto? Come on, she’d make me file a form just to ask her to dinner.”

Smiling: “That doesn’t seem to have stopped Morgana. Have you told him about Takamaki-san and Suzui-san yet?”

Joker: “He wouldn’t listen if I told him. He’s still convinced he’s going to sweep her right off her feet.”

Saddened: “That aside, I must thank you for your help today. This is the ideal location for my next motif.”

Yusuke: “Perfect… this is it.”

Yusuke: Perfect for someone else, maybe. They look like they’re falling asleep.

Joker: “?”

Yusuke: “My previous painting captured only one aspect of the heart: desire. As such, I was unable to arrive at a truly authentic representation…”

Smiling: “That’s why we have come today. I shall paint a second aspect… the burning passion between two lovers!”

Yusuke: If I can find any, that is…

Smiling: “Fittingly, our theme today will be… the wonders of love!”

timrodresized: You know, when we saw this cutscene from Joker’s perspective, we never saw what it was that Yusuke was drawing. I wonder if this alternate cutscene will clear that up?

timrodresized: Oh… maybe he did find love after all, just not where he thought he would.

Yusuke: This whole time, I’ve always felt… different… around him. Like I could be myself. And now, I think I understand what that is.

Yusuke: I think I’m in love.

timrodresized: Anyway, the rest of the cutscene is very similar to the base one: Joker starts turning a bit and Yusuke calls out, attracting the attention of the people in the other boat.

timrodresized: There’s an animation here I couldn’t capture properly where Joker reaches out for just a second and puts his hand on top of Yusuke’s.

timrodresized: He still denies it at the end though.

Shuujin Academy, not to be confused with Shujin Academy (Protagonist Academy).

A screenshot LP of a book is called a chapter snark and I think it was semi-popular on blogs in the past. A video LP of a book is called a vlog, but really long.

Click Here for Update 39

timrodresized: This update was a lot of fun to record, because I managed to finally snap the game in two. Any semblance of balance will be pretty much out the window after this.

timrodresized: We have a seat on the train, and now we can really start abusing speed reading. The only annoying part is that this message will now pop up any time we try to read a book.

timrodresized: It’s also kind of confusing that they didn’t change the menu to reflect the new reading speed, but we’ll be finishing Ghost Encounters on this same time slot.

timrodresized: Did they get EMF 5? Freezing temperatures? Ghost orb?

Morgana: “Whoa, why are you reading that? Whatever you do, just… don’t read it out loud, okay?”

Morgana: “So, you’ve finished reading Ghost Encounters. Ah, these stories are way too spooky for me. Don’t talk to me about any of them, okay?”

timrodresized: For this, we get five points in Guts. This is about the highest stat gain we can get in one time period without using Chihaya.

Chouno: “The humidity is what kills me about Japanese summers. I miss the dry heat of California. Not to mention, July and August both have thirty-one days. Summer is long…”

Chouno: “Now then, Mr. Kurusu! Two people are responsible for July and August having 31 days. Do you know who these people are?”

Chouno: “Great! That’s right. You may already know this, but the months of July and August are named after the Roman emperors Julius and Augustus. Augustus named a month after himself, just like Julius.”

Chouno: “However, he felt like he would be losing if his month was shorter than Julius’s, so he added a day. It’s a mystery why men are so stubborn and prideful over silly things like this.”

Chouno: “Well, as far as you’re all concerned, you’re just lucky to get a long vacation. They start on the 13th of next week. Don’t forget, okay?”

timrodresized: She’s talking about exams, which… I don’t quite understand how you’re supposed to infer that from what she just said.

Morgana: “Next Wednesday, huh? You’d better make sure you study.”

Yusuke: “After our enlightening session, I once again attempted to paint. However, nothing I put on the canvas was to my satisfaction… before the gods of art, I am naught but a lost sheep…”

Yusuke: “Ah yes, lost sheep! I have come here with you for precisely that reason. Our theme today shall be anguish! I shall paint the anguish Christ felt as he bore the sins of mankind!”

timrodresized: And then Yusuke was the Demiurge.

Yusuke: “Hm, I have seen various sculptures and paintings on the matter… but merely replicating them will not do. Would any believers be willing to model and help me capture the true essence of anguish?”

Yusuke: “It seems not. Very well. Akira, you will have to be my model today.”

timrodresized: Joker immediately grabs the air horn. No boyfriend of his is going to be horny.

Yusuke: “Only a subject naked as they day they were born can convey the true anguish of birth! Now then… strip! Take it all-”

Yusuke: “Actually, perhaps not. Being found stark-naked in a church would be even bigger news than the Phantom Thieves.”

Yusuke: “Hm, I see… so this would be… no, perhaps… it seems this is not working. I would like to capture anguish, yet you remain calm and composed.”

Yusuke: “Even the slightest wrinkle can change one’s impression of things… I shall not compromise, even for this sketch!”

Yusuke: “Now, raise your hands higher! More… give me more anguish! Bring it to its upper limits! Like this!”

timrodresized: I remember the part in the Bible where Jesus started Jojo posing.

Yusuke: “I understand now… this is the true anguish of the Passion! It feels as though something is boiling up within me!”

timrodresized: Oh great, now they’re gonna have to explain anime to a priest.

Yusuke: “Ah, well… this is an art study…”

Yusuke: “I am attempting to paint anguish, so I decided to use the crucifixion of Christ as a point of reference…”

timrodresized: If you wanted to see anguish, all you had to do was look at me when I learned about the 1.25 patch for YIIK.

timrodresized: What’s kind of funny about this is that if you have the DLC for it, you can get Jesus as a Persona. You probably wouldn’t have him for this scene given that he’s level 81.

timrodresized: The thing that sucks is that Jesus (or Messiah) is one of the only sources of a skill that boosts Almighty damage. The others are also DLC-only.

Yusuke: “Resurrection? Forgiveness? I’m not sure I understand… those ideas are contradictory to my conception of anguish.”

timrodresized: Kind of ironic, given that two of the protagonists in this series (Tatsuya and the Persona 3 MC) are both in states of eternal anguish that are not likely to ever get better.

Yusuke: “So those shocking depictions were actually meant to represent forgiveness, not pain… hm, hope from anguish… I’m not sure I understand.”

Yusuke: “I must learn more about the hearts of men… Akira… do you think I will be able to capture the truth someday?”

Yusuke: “…Indeed. If I do not have belief in my own abilities, I will never come to accomplish anything. Hm… this is exceedingly strange though. Spending time with you has helped me discover new aspects of myself…”

Yusuke: “You are perhaps… a mirror of sorts. If there is anything I can do in return, please let me know… I wish to repay your kindness.”

timrodresized: This ability here was basically useless in the base game, but in Royal we will be getting some mileage out of it… specifically once Yusuke unlocks the ability to make skill cards instantly.

Yusuke: “Let us return home for today. I bid you farewell.”

Yusuke: “The crucifixion supposedly symbolizes resurrection, forgiveness, and hope… but I could not grasp those connections.”

Yusuke: “Once again, I made the same mistake of picking up on only the superficial meaning. The more I think about it… the further I seem to be from understanding the abyss of the heart.”

Yusuke: “Ah, so my anguish is what leads me to my hope… it’s exactly what I learned earlier today. Thank you, Akira. Perhaps what I need is a change of perspective.”

Yusuke: “I still have a tough road ahead, but talking to you gave me some relief. I’m truly fortunate to have you by my side. I’ll see you later.”

timrodresized: Kaneshiro already admitted to Makoto that he deleted the photos.

Chihaya: “I suggest you break up with him. Things are only going to get worse at this rate.”

Chihaya: “Let us ask the tarot. O divine power, shed light upon her fate…”

Chihaya: “Yes, I’ve seen everything. Hm… I can sense a dark presence within your boyfriend. His heart seems to be possessed by a demon.”

timrodresized: Silly Chihaya, no one in the Persona universe has been possessed by a demon. That’s a main SMT series thing.

timrodresized: Come to think of it, demonic possession isn’t even really a thing in SMT. Most of the time it’s either a demon in disguise (Thorman, Lucifer, Demiurge) or someone fusing themself with a demon.

Chihaya: “This demon may hide itself away at times, but when it strikes, it will bring with it great misery.”

Chihaya: “You will be hospitalized for severe injuries suffered in a domestic abuse incident, and he will be arrested.”

Chihaya: “Wh-what? You want another?”

timrodresized: Clearly the only treatment for an abusive partner is more activated almonds. Makes sense.

timrodresized: Whoa, hold the fucking phone there. You’re telling me we could’ve paid in installments and then just stopped paying when we found out it was rock salt?

Chihaya: “Um, truthfully, I feel breaking up with him would be the best-”

Morgana: “She really thinks her boyfriend will stop being abusive as long as she has a Holy Stone? There’s no way that could be true… right?”

Morgana: “Right. It would make our jobs way easier if you could really change someone’s heart with a Holy Stone. It’s clear that Chihaya has some fortune telling skills, but that stone isn’t going to do anything…”

Morgana: “Hey, Akira! Why don’t we change that ‘Yuya’ guy’s heart ourselves? I mean, he’s hurting this woman here, right? This is the perfect chance for the Phantom Thieves to save her!”

Chihaya: “You see, some fates in this world are simply inescapable. The demon within your boyfriend’s heart… cannot be exorcised by normal human methodologies. Fate is… absolute.”

timrodresized: Some fates like me breaking the game the next time we go to Mementos.

Chihaya: “A-Although, I guess you might be able to control the demon’s temper if you bought another Holy Stone…”

Chihaya: “Y-Yes! What do you expect to change with that meager information?”

timrodresized: First he’s going to wait for this lady to die, and then he’s going to go back five minutes before her death and use a series of “ghost tricks” to change fate.

Chihaya: “What? You honestly believe you can do something!?”

Chihaya: “What!? You! What do you think you’re doing!? If you keep on making false accusations like that, the divine power will rain punishment down upon you!”

timrodresized: Which one? I’m pretty sure most of them have been devil busted by this point, apart from maybe YHVH if you consider him to be a different entity than the Demiurge.

Chihaya: “Hm, I’ve seen everything. A vision of you groveling on the ground… fate cannot be changed… and I will prove that fact to you!”

Chihaya: “If that woman stays with her abusive boyfriend, she will meet a horrible injury within a year’s time. Now, if you honestly believe you can change her destiny, go ahead and try!”

timrodresized: So what you’re saying is we can’t save her from her Bloody Destiny? From the night beast grabbing her right arm?

Chihaya: “But once you realize the error in your thinking, come back and let a true expert handle things. I will save her… with a Holy Stone!”

timrodresized: I never said Chihaya’s confidant was particularly well-written or that she’s a particularly interesting character, it’s just that her confidant perks are a necessity for 100%.

timrodresized: And here’s the last Mementos request we need. We’ll be going in on the 6th. This time, I’m going to truncate a lot of it except for the boss fights and any dialog related to those.

timrodresized: Unfortunately, just obtaining the Mementos request takes time, and now it’s the 5th. By the way, I looked at the other LP of this and I’m still almost two months ahead despite only starting 9 days earlier.

timrodresized: We get a reminder from Yusuke to go to Mementos.

timrodresized: I have to wonder if the “Club Ruby” sign (the one right above Joker’s head) is meant to be a reference to the Yakuza games. There’s a hostess club in Kamurocho called Jewel.

Makoto: “Apparently this place was a hotbed for criminals and illegal immigrants before they installed surveillance cameras… I heard there were quite a few brothels as well.”

timrodresized: Uh, Makoto? The proper term is “undocumented”.

timrodresized: Joker’s ignoring her and looking around to see if he can find the secret hobo casino, or the underground fighting arena.

Makoto: “Well, I heard a great deal about it from my father… this is the first time I’ve actually been here myself though. Regardless, it’s become far safer now than it used to be.”

Makoto: “Of course, the surveillance cameras played a substantial role in that… but it was mainly thanks to the police efforts to clean up the area.”

Makoto: “Even so, there’s no way to eradicate crime entirely. It seems the operations nowadays are only better hidden… anyway, seeing is believing, yes? Come on, let’s have a look around.”

Makoto: “That guy was so persistent… he must have been a scout for a hostess club. He mentioned how ‘his girls’ get paid a lot to wear cute dresses…”

Makoto: “All I wanted was to ask if any Shujin students worked there… but he nearly dragged me inside with him. If you hadn’t been there to rescue me, I…”

Makoto: “For him maybe. I thought I was going to have to knock him out… I’m glad nobody had to get hurt though. Hm, I guess that’s how they do it… I’ve learned something new today.”

Makoto: “Oh, and thanks again. It seems you have a knack for helping me out. I hope I can do the same for you someday.”

Makoto: “That aside… even though this is a shopping district, there are absolutely no students around here. And definitely no Shujin students… though I guess they wouldn’t come in uniform either way.”

Makoto: “That was… I used to be in the same class as her! But why is she here…?”

timrodresized: “Do they do horny things there, because I think I need to refill my air horn before we go in if they do.”

Makoto: “I’m not sure… but it seems suspicious. I’ll have to ask her about it. Oh, and I’d like you to be there too, as my witness. Would that be okay?”

Makoto: “Well, we’ve spent quite a bit of time here. Let’s head back to the station. Thank you for today.”

Makoto: “That was the first time I’ve ever had to deal with a barker. I didn’t know they could be that persistent… today was exhausting, but I also learned a lot. I guess nothing beats practical experience.”

Makoto: “Honestly, I’ve realized I can’t solve these problems on my own. It took what happened today to make that clear.”

timrodresized: Tonight, we’re going to do an outing with Caroline and Justine. We owe them that much after how much I’m going to be abusing the shit out of the Velvet Room.

Justine: “Listen closely: the place we wish to evaluate for your rehabilitation is… where one hones both the body and spirit.”

Caroline: “Trainees gather there to test and push their limits using various pieces of equipment.”

Justine: “I had not expected a rehabilitation facility on this side… as wardens, we must see such training for ourselves. Does such a location sound familiar to you?”

Caroline: “So, what’ll it be?”

Caroline: “So you do have an idea of where it is! Then today, you’re getting a special training regimen!”

Justine: “If you don’t keep up the pace, you will die. Now, take us there at once.”

timrodresized: I was kind of surprised they modeled the gym from multiple angles, and then I remembered you can go there at night to get extra max HP. It’s pointless.

Caroline: “This is what you use to train? It’s rather different from how I imagined it…”

Justine: “Indeed. I imagined the equipment here as having more spikes and chains…”

Caroline: “…That’s a bench? Then show us how it works!”

Justine: “By lifting the weight, you strengthen your arm and chest muscles.”

Caroline: “But that isn’t nearly enough for a real workout - you should increase the weight.”

Justine: “We’re deadly serious right now. I’m insulted you would think otherwise.”

Caroline: “Well, it appears we’ve found the limit for your pathetic arms. Now, what’s that over there? Another body training device?”

Justine: “Demonstrate its use for us.”

Justine: “What a fascinating contraption. Perhaps we should bring one to our room?”

Caroline: “We could force the imprisoned Personas to run on it. chuckle Not a bad idea…”

timrodresized: This is actually an ability they give you if you advance their confidant: you get Persona 5’s equivalent of the Pokemon Daycare. It’s mostly useful if you’re doing an Arsene-only challenge run or need to level up a Persona that’s too low-level to be usable.

timrodresized: And now Joker has been Yamcha’d.

Justine: “Out of breath already? You still have quite a ways to go.”

Caroline: “All right, on to the next one!”

Justine: “Is that yet another tool for training?”

timrodresized: I’m kind of curious as to why a gym has a training tool specifically for kung fu in it. Maybe it’s a Japanese thing.

timrodresized: I also don’t quite understand… I think the way these things are made, they’re supposed to move when you hit them to simulate the resistance of a body against your strikes, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case here.

timrodresized: Then again, I’m not even sure how real these things are. You can buy them, but I know that kung fu is one of those things where there’s a real martial art and then there’s all the weird jangly key man shit that kinda rides on top of that.

Justine: “Were we to try, it would be obliterated almost immediately.”

Caroline: “You weren’t trying to destroy it? So, the real purpose is to polish your technique… that’s a pretty roundabout method, but I do see how it works.”

Caroline: “As far as physical training goes, this place leaves much to be desired…”

Justine: “But it is admittedly sufficient for your rehabilitation. Here is your reward.”

timrodresized: Both of the skills these cards teach are useless, but there is a way to make use of them - I’ll show that off tomorrow.

timrodresized: Today, we break the game.

timrodresized: We get a glorified alert to go visit Hifumi. We’ll do that in the next update.

timrodresized: We get a free reading period before we go to Mementos, so let’s use that.

timrodresized: Speaking of which, this update bought to you by some real-life Kawakami who managed to permafuck the servers at work.

Morgana: “Make sure you pay extra-close attention to how totally awesome Zorro is.”

Morgana: “So, you’ve finished reading Zorro, The Outlaw. Zorro was not only strong in mind and body, but he also cared for the common people.”

timrodresized: After about five minutes of plot recaps (which will be repeated when we reach the boss fights) we’re let into Mementos.

timrodresized: Seven requests. This time, I’m going to just show off the fights and skip the random dungeon bits. Why, you ask?

timrodresized: Because four of these seven requests take place in an area we’ve already been in - that being the Path of Aiyatsbus (which has enemies from way back in Kamoshida’s palace).

Skull: “Really? It seems the same to- hold up. It looks like the Nav’s reactin’ to something…”

Fox: “What’s this?”

Panther: “It sounds like we can go further down now. It’s because we made Madarame’s Palace disappear, right?”

Morgana: “Most likely… I think.”

Fox: “You seem rather uncertain. How far does this… Mementos run, anyway?”

Morgana: “Uh… It’s huge! Extremely.”

Skull: “You’re always so vague when it comes to the important stuff. It’s like he’s kinda flaky as our chief of operations. Don’t you want him to try a bit harder too?”

timrodresized: I will never pass up an opportunity to dunk on the cat.

Panther: “There, there…”

Fox: “I don’t fully understand, but Mementos and the Palaces are related to each other, correct? Then all we must do is continue changing the hearts of evildoers to ascertain its full expanse.”

Fox: “I don’t believe there’s a need to quarrel over it.”

timrodresized: Rain doesn’t do much as far as I know, apart from activate certain skills that only work when there’s a specific weather condition. Most of those have a second skill that makes them work regardless of weather.

timrodresized: I go and try Makoto’s ability…

timrodresized: As well as Ryuji’s instant win ability. To get this to work, you have to dash into a shadow rather than trying to ambush it (which will give you a normal fight).

timrodresized: After the second fight, I get a fusion alarm. It’s here I found out how alarm-related accidents work.

timrodresized: First, I fuse a Lamia. I don’t keep her, and she’s in the next dungeon so I’ll log her there.

timrodresized: Panta Rhei is fucking AMAZING, but I don’t wind up keeping it. The SP cost is simply too high - Joker’s only going to get a handful of them off before running out of SP.

timrodresized: I fuse again, and get Thunderbird. Ordinarily, we’d want this, as Thunderbird is a full four levels higher than Joker is and is very useful for returning - he gives you a skill card we’ll use to break things later. I’ll log him later, when we wind up keeping him.

timrodresized: For the record, I didn’t wind up keeping him.

timrodresized: When you get an accident in a fusion alarm, there’s a chance this happens. I showed it off earlier, but basically there’s a couple of “packages” you can get this way. This is one of them.

timrodresized: The boost skills increase damage of a particular element by 25%. There’s a better version called an amp (fire amp, ice amp, etc) that increases damage by 50% and STACKS WITH THE BOOST SKILL OF THE SAME TYPE.

timrodresized: Most end-game Personas are going to have a Boost, an Amp, and two other skills we don’t have yet. One of those we’ll be getting… now.

NEW PERSONA: Koppa Tengu

Origin: Japan

First Appearance: Nocturne

Human spirits who became tengu and had ignorant or cruel hearts. Usually serve as retainers to larger and more powerful tengu.

timrodresized: One thing I found out quickly is that the RNG for fusion is very hard to advance, so I dick around a bit until I get this. This is another “accident package” that’s all skills that regenerate HP and SP.

timrodresized: The important skill here is Life Aid. Life Aid is a skill that you cannot otherwise get until after level 50 and cannot be itemized into a skill card. It restores 8% HP and SP after each battle.

timrodresized: That’s pretty game-breaking… but that’s not enough.


Origin: Japan

First Appearance: Nocturne

Demon whose name literally means “Wind Oni”. Can harness powerful winds.

timrodresized: So let me explain what I did here. I fused the Koppa Tengu (after registering it, of course) into Fuu-ki using… I think it was the Eligor from our earlier fusion alarm.

timrodresized: Fuu-ki itemizes into a Wind Boost skill card, so what I did was register Fuu-ki and then itemize him into a card… then resummoned Fuu-ki and slapped the card on him.

timrodresized: So now we’ve got Life Aid, Garudyne, and Wind Boost on one Persona. How can we make this more overpowered?

timrodresized: Well, a bit later I get a second alarm. During an alarm, Fuu-ki returns a Wind Amp (it really whips the llama’s ass) skill card instead of Wind Boost. Now, are you thinking what I’m thinking?

timrodresized: Why yes, that is Garudyne with a built-in 75% extra damage plus Life Aid, thank you for asking. I could’ve made this better by keeping his normal trait (which boosts single-target skills by 20%) but I didn’t.


timrodresized: For reference, here’s Fuu-ki’s normal skill list. I think we came out on top here.

timrodresized: Here’s another fuck-up, where you can see one of the worst accident packages: all dodges. This is easily the most useless one, because none of these are worth having. Let’s see how our Fuu-ki does.

timrodresized: This first target is from before the second fusion alarm, so I had the Fuu-ki with Wind Boost and Life Aid but not Wind Amp (it really whips the llama’s ass) yet.

timrodresized: This is the guy from Kichijoji we heard about way back when we first visited.

Skull: “That’s the first thing out of his mouth… but it seems like this is the old guy who’s making trouble in Kichijoji!”

Fox: “…He’s certainly disturbed. Let’s end this, Joker!”

timrodresized: It’s just me, Gabe Newell. That’s G-A-B-E-N at valvesoftware dot com.

timrodresized: I get why they went with Koropokkuru, but that’s not exactly how a koropokkuru would behave. Anyway, this is Garudyne without Wind Amp. It’s doing ~260 damage to an enemy that isn’t weak to wind.

timrodresized: Ann finishes it off with a fire spell and an All-Out.

Fox: “An unfortunate consequence of isolation…”

Fox: “I’m certain that’s what your family wishes as well. And from now, on, instead of taking it out on others, you should communicate your needs directly to your family. Tell them that you’re lonely before it’s too late.”

Skull: “Look at 'im… thinks he’s some kinda hotshot.”

Panther: “He’s the guy who’s really behind all that bullying, right?”

Skull: “Yeah. If we wanna stop the bullying, we gotta take him down.”

Panther: “Let’s go.”

timrodresized: One thing you’ll notice is that Makoto won’t show up in any of these scenes. This is because technically, we could’ve done most of these requests before even going into Kaneshiro’s palace.

Skull: “No jerk’s got the right to go around, blackmailin’ people!”

timrodresized: This guy is the leader of a bullying ring that Mishima warned us about like a month ago.

Skull: “You gotta be kidding! You’re not strong, you’re just a coward who won’t get his hands dirty!”

timrodresized: Sakoda’s shadow is a Black Frost. In most of the games Black Frost is in, it’s usually a mid-level demon (or Persona) that resists both fire and ice and is usually a three-way fusion between a Jack Frost, a Pyro Jack, and a King Frost.

timrodresized: In Persona 5, Black Frost is level 67 (!) and is one of the only sources of the ultimate Ice spell: Diamond Dust. The version you can fuse also reflects Fire, but this one only resists it.

timrodresized: He’s a pretty solid Persona overall so long as you have a way of getting Ice Boost (he learns Ice Amp naturally or can inherit it from King Frost, but none of his ingredients naturally learn it) and Life Aid onto him to offset the insanely high SP cost of Diamond Dust (48 SP, 24 with his trait).

timrodresized: Since he resists fire, ice and nuke (the real deal repels fire, absorbs ice, and nulls nuke) I just have Ann and Yusuke gun him down.

Panther: “Why don’t you just admit you lost? You’re acting kind of pathetic right now.”

Skull: “All right. Now it’s time for you to get eaten. The strong eat the weak or somethin’, right? When I’m done with you, there’s gonna be nothin’ left but bone. You ready?”

timrodresized: Ryuji going full-on mainline SMT negotiation mode.

timrodresized: The Evil Snow Crystal is like the totem items from Persona 1 and 2 and allows us to fuse Black Frost, but doesn’t get consumed when we do.

timrodresized: Such natural-sounding dialog for teenagers in 2016.

timrodresized: There’s only one more target in Aiyatsbus, but I didn’t remember that they’re actually on the final level where it transitions to the next area.

timrodresized: One thing I wish they had done is just have the request bosses available from the get-go without needing to actually have the request, so we wouldn’t have to backtrack.

Skull: “She really seems like a sadist…”

Morgana: “She’s calling someone her slave and ordering him around, right?”

Fox: “In a way, she’s denying his existence. I certainly wouldn’t want to be a victim of that.”

Panther: “Let’s go talk to her.”

timrodresized: This is another Mementos request that was basically a Yakuza substory - in this case, the one from Yakuza 0 with Erranda, who you later recruited for the cabaret club.

Skull: “It’s 'cause you made some guy your slave! That’s all kinds of wrong right there.”

timrodresized: Ryuji’s line here sounds like an out-take from whatever voiceactor they pulled off the street to voice Richter Belmont in the original dub of Symphony of the Night.

Panther: “Uh… I don’t know where to begin to explain how you’re wrong.”

timrodresized: Joker and Yusuke are looking at each other, with the unspoken “The straights are at it again” floating in the air.

Fox: “You are so delusional.”

timrodresized: Oh no, a Yaksini. Whatever will we do.

Panther: “Why did you start treating him like that?”

timrodresized: Basically, we just ruined BDSM Night for everyone.

Panther: “More than friends? You mean like as a boyfriend!?”

timrodresized: I’m just imagining Yusuke saying “Actually it’s a sex thing” and Joker clapping his hand over Yusuke’s mouth to keep Ann from hearing it.

timrodresized: The Whip Sword is a small upgrade for Ann, which makes me question why I even bothered updating the party’s melee weapons.

timrodresized: Path of Chemdah is the area that opens up a few weeks after Madarame is down.

Morgana: “Looks like it’ll be a new area from here on. I’m starting to understand how this place works…”

Fox: “Yes… it is quite a marvel to find the subway system down here.”

Skull: “Uh, Earth to Yusuke! It’s always been like that!”

timrodresized: A couple of instantly won battles later, and we get our second fusion alarm this trip. Joker’s going to hit level 31 soon, so I’ll just explain what I did now rather than wait.

New Persona: Kurama Tengu

Origin: Japan

First Appearance: Nocturne

Tengu sub-species supposedly native to Mt. Kurama in Kyoto. They are said to be the most powerful of the tengu, and one is said to have personally taught Minamoto-no-Yoshitsune the art of swordsmanship.


timrodresized: Kurama Tengu is hot garbage. We’re not using him the way you’d think we would. Instead, we’re going to fuse him into…

New Persona: Anzu

Origin: Mesopotamia

First Appearance: Shin Megami Tensei II

Also known as Zu, the name under which it has appeared in the Final Fantasy series. Mesopotamian demon bird known for stealing a magical tablet with the power to control the universe from Enlil, the Mesopotamian god of the wind.


timrodresized: Now this is more like it. Anzu’s trait decreases the SP cost of Garudyne to 5, and I’ll be passing that along to whatever I fuse him into. He also has Wind Break, which will make sure nothing resists the Garudyne spam.

timrodresized: You might ask why I did the fusion the way I did, and the answer is because it’s the path with the fewest fusions between Fuu-ki and Anzu.

Fox: “What an unpleasant smile.”

Morgana: “It’s his customer service smile, right? Yet behind the scenes, he’s extorting his subordinates.”

Skull: “This guy might start doin’ it to his customers, too. Who knows?”

Panther: “That would be a disaster! Let’s go!”

Skull: “Why’d you blackmail your own employees? That’s not normal!”

timrodresized: All I know is that at the company I work for, the only signs of intelligent life are in the departments that aren’t management.

Panther: “Property!? Who do you think you are!?”

timrodresized: Setanta here goes down extremely quickly. By this point, Fuu-ki has Wind Amp (it really whips the llama’s ass) and is doing something like 400 damage per Garudyne.

timrodresized: Why do I have the feeling this guy was one SMT-style apocalypse from being that guy from Dead Rising?

Skull: “Talk about a horrible workplace.”

Fox: “You’ve done quite a bit more, haven’t you? It’d be best if you just confess everything.”

timrodresized: I missed the item name in the shot, but it’s a book titled “Chinese Sweets”.

timrodresized: I’m… not sure how Yusuke gets that from the title of the book, but okay.

Panther: “The last floor had seven areas, but the one before that only had two, right?”

Fox: “I suppose it varies, depending upon the location…”

Skull: “Guess that means it ain’t easy to tell how much of a floor we got left to cover, huh?”

Morgana: “That’s right. We won’t know how many areas are on a floor until we make it to the end. But judging by the vibe I’m getting from the Shadows… this floor isn’t any smaller than the last.”

timrodresized: By this point, Fuu-ki is doing almost as much damage as an All-Out or Showtime with each Garudyne.

timrodresized: Two floors of pointless encounters later (by which I mean we’re instant winning any battles we run into) we reach our next target. This is the one for Chihaya.

Panther: “He’s abusing his girlfriend, right?”

Skull: “Didn’t her fortune say she’s gonna get hurt bad? We can’t leave him like this.”

Panther: “We need to change his heart, and fast!”

timrodresized: That’s uh… that’s some dialog right there, even if it’s basically a repeat of the last three Mementos bosses.

timrodresized: Because this boss is a Fuu-ki and absorbs wind, I brought Morgana back specifically to show off confusion farming. Confusion farming is really only effective against Mementos bosses.

timrodresized: When an enemy is confused, it has about a 1/3rd chance of dropping a pile of money. You can theoretically do this forever.

timrodresized: The thing is, it’s not as effective as the Greatest Weapon in the John Persona Arsenal, and let me show you why.

timrodresized: Even though I had Uchimura dump over 70,000 yen, I only got 17,000 on the results screen. This means that Chihaya’s ability to double money when ending with an All-Out would only apply to that amount and not to the 70,000.

timrodresized: With the Greatest Weapon, all the money you get from negotations is added to the final total and will be doubled when you end with an All-Out.

timrodresized: The Sleep Stick is an upgrade for Ryuji, but at this point we have little reason to use him.

timrodresized: I think the reason a lot of people who play this game hate Mementos is because honestly, apart from the stamps and the request bosses, this entire area is kind of useless.

timrodresized: We’re barely getting EXP from instantly winning battles, and by the time the area with enemies from Kaneshiro’s palace opens up we’ll be high enough level to insta-kill the enemies there as well.

Skull: “He looks so… bad.”

Fox: “He’s part of a burglary ring targeting restaurants, and he’s used violence against his brother.”

timrodresized: Now, I can forgive robbing a bunch of restaurants, but using violence against your brother? Can’t have any of that.

Panther: “We have to do something about this.”

Fox: “Let’s talk to him.”

Fox: “Trying to make excuses now? You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Panther: “Bad things? What are you talking about?”

timrodresized: There’s this MST3K movie called “I Accuse My Parents” where a dipshit accepts a job that is very obviously with the mafia and gets away scot-free by blaming his parents for it. This reminds me a lot of that.

Skull: “You think violence and crime is rebellion? Don’t be stupid.”

timrodresized: Says the guy who holds up shadows at gunpoint for money.

timrodresized: Makigami turns into Mithras, a Nuke-based Persona that we will definitely want later. If we keep grinding at the rate I am, then we should have him before the end of the third dungeon.

timrodresized: The reason we want him is because Mithras is one of the only Personas to learn Nuke Amp, and is also the only way to get a Nuke Amp card.

timrodresized: Unfortunately, if this fusion calculator is right, he can’t itemize into a Nuke Boost card - in fact, NOTHING does. This is one of the problems with trying to get all the Amp and Boost skills, and why that one fusion accident that gives you all the boost skills exists.

timrodresized: In fact, trying to obtain any of the Boost or Amp skills that aren’t for a base element (Fire, Ice, Wind, Elec) kinda sucks without having the DLC.

timrodresized: Makigami immediately summons an Oni and an Onmoraki. We don’t need to kill them to win the fight - only the Mithras has to die.

timrodresized: That doesn’t mean that I don’t have Ann light the Onmoraki on fire so that I can technical it. Look at that goddamn damage! Now I’m starting to understand why the guide focuses on technical rank.

timrodresized: Let me just say that even if I don’t go through the effort to get all the Boosts and Amps, just having them for the base elements is more than enough to carry you through the game.

Skull: “You just realized that now? Wait, you already know how your brother feels, then!”

Skull: “What!? Why would we do something like that for y-”

Skull: “…Psh. Anything you want to tell him?”

Skull: “What’re we gonna do about that Treasure?”

Panther: “Yeah. It’s no use to us, anyway.”

Fox: “What will we do? I can give it to him since he goes to my school.”

Morgana: “No, I’ll just sneak it into his house. I think that’s the best way…”

Panther: “I hope everything resolves itself.”

Skull: “In any case, we pretty much succeeded with our mission!”

timrodresized: Jose shows up on the next floor.

timrodresized: He turns Kaneshiro’s Will Crystal into a ring that’s still kinda trash, but more importantly…

timrodresized: He now sells Black items, some stat boosters, and most importantly blank skill cards. I buy one of each ambergris before we leave, and a load of skill cards.

timrodresized: I drive around for a while insta-killing enemies. As it turns out, weaker enemies only give you a fraction of the listed EXP values. What I want is a fusion alarm, and for Joker to hit 32.

timrodresized: First, we get Kurama Tengu back.

timrodresized: Next, we compendium summon a Kin-ki, which I had made earlier while screwing around with fusions.

New Persona: Kin-ki

Origin: Japan

First Appearance: Nocturne

Oni whose name literally means “Gold Oni”. Said to have a body so strong that no weapon can pierce it… hence the physical resistance.


timrodresized: And now, it’s time for us to meet an old friend. For you see, Kin-ki + Kurama Tengu is the only way we can make…


Origin: Abrahamic Mythology

First Appearance: Shin Megami Tensei I

Demon said to be the children of Lilith. They’re essentially succubi.

timrodresized: Congrats, Atlus. You spent four games nerfing her, and I made her bullshit overpowered again. Don’t get me wrong, her normal moveset is mediocre at best. The reason we want her is because she itemizes into an Ice Boost (Ice Amp with a fusion alarm) skill card.

timrodresized: I’m also amazed that I got both Freidyne and Bufudyne on her, in addition to Garudyne and Wind Boost/Amp.

timrodresized: Unfortunately, we can’t itemize Lilim into an Ice Amp card yet. Trust me, I tried.

timrodresized: If we do, we get an itemization accident and get trash instead of Ice Amp. I had to settle for an Ice Boost instead and didn’t feel like getting another fusion alarm.

timrodresized: Yes. Once we get a fusion alarm, Bufula is going to be replaced with Ice Amp. At 12 SP, Bufudyne is hardly cheap, but Life Aid offsets that cost a bit.

timrodresized: I’m also just now now realizing that we’re one level below the red shadow of the next dungeon, and could probably do the dungeon after that one without fighting anything.

Skull: “Those two look pretty sure of themselves. Real smug lookin’.”

Fox: “So they’re blackmailing that teacher, Kawakami, by using that incident where their child died.”

Panther: “But Ms. Kawakami did nothing wrong, right? We have to help her!”

Morgana: “Are you ready? Let’s go.”

timrodresized: Noticing a pattern with these Mementos bosses yet?

timrodresized: And now we’ve got Oberon and Titania, who in this game are both relatively high-level Personas.

timrodresized: I was kind of going down the list trying to find weaknesses, because I could’ve sworn one or both of them reflects wind. Neither of them do.

timrodresized: Titania is very flammable and Oberon is weak to Psychic.

timrodresized: This is another case of “Why exactly are we letting these people live?”

timrodresized: And we get another whip for Ann, which is an upgrade to the one we just got.

timrodresized: I grab the last stamp thing before we leave, and then we’re done.

timrodresized: Next time, we’ll start Chihaya’s confidant (for real this time) and do both versions of Kawakami’s Rank 9 cutscene. I will put up a vote about Kawakami immediately after this post because I need to know how I’m going to present it.

timrodresized: Oh, and of course, more Yusu-Gay coming up.

Okay, so here’s the vote I want to put up:

Under the normal 100% schedule, what happens is that we do Kawakami’s Rank 9 event on July 8th. Unfortunately, we don’t do her Rank 10 event until the 27th - this is because we don’t really need her ability until right before we’re about to go into the dungeon.

This presents me with a problem. There’s two different versions of the Rank 10 cutscene: one for if you’re dating Kawakami and one if you’re not. If I do the Rank 10 event as scheduled, that means I have to play through roughly three weeks of game twice.

The other problem is that I feel like the Rank 10 cutscenes lose a little bit of their impact if you don’t see them relatively soon after the Rank 9 cutscenes… and if I do it in order, there would be probably several real-time months of updates between the two.

So here’s your options:

Option 1: Non-Canon July 9th: Under this option, I’ll use footage I’ve already recorded where I do Kawakami’s Rank 10 cutscenes on the night of July 9th. Both versions of the Rank 10 cutscene would be added to the next update, leaving a hole on July 27th where I’m actually doing the Rank 10 event in the canon run.

Option 2: July 9th on July 27th: Under this option, I’ll still use the July 9th footage but save it until July 27th, so the updates will still take place purely in chronological order with no skips - the only difference will be that the date in the corner will read the 9th instead of the 27th.

Option 3: Romantic Now, Platonic Later: Under this option, we’ll do the Rank 9 Romance and Rank 10 Romance scenes (which are obviously non-canon because Joker is gay) now, and then the Rank 9 and Rank 10 Platonic scenes on the 27th.

  • Non-Canon July 9th
  • Chronological Order
  • Romantic Now, Platonic Later

0 voters

I hope in Persona 6 the Phantom Thieves have Captain America in Spider-Man: Homecoming style TV spots where they’re all spins chair around “I may be a thief, but even I know that stealing is wrong”.

(As for the poll, all the options seem equally fine to me.)

Joker’s is just him going “I may not be a cat, but even I know animals being horny for human women is wrong. Spay or neuter your pets.”

In other news, I tried P5 Scramble and kind of hated it. The only good part is that it has a remix of Last Surprise that’s not bad and I grabbed a FLAC of. I’ll probably post it during the next dungeon.

The police never found any leads on who deafened the entire red-light district by setting up hidden airhorns with a remote-controlled trigger throughout the area.

Click Here for Update 40

timrodresized: We start the 7th off with a reminder we really don’t need. I don’t know why they didn’t code it so that if you’ve already beaten the palace, the game just skips these.

Kawakami: “Not like that means I’ll put up bamboo decorations and write my wish on a piece of paper though. I’m not feeling it this year.”

Kawakami: “Oh, but there’s a traditional food associated with Tanabata, just like chocolate for Valentine’s Day. All right, Takamaki-san. Tell me what is traditional Tanabata food. I’ll give you a hint - it’s based on a certain motif in Tanabata’s myth…”

timrodresized: Apart from that line sounding awkward as hell (“Tell me what is Tanabata food?”) it also kind of doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for her to be asking that.

timrodresized: I mean, it’d be kind of like asking a room full of American students what Groundhog Day is. Everyone knows what Groundhog Day is, but no one wants to admit it.

timrodresized: For the record, Groundhog Day is the day where a bunch of designated Groundhog Wizards attempt to summon their dark gods to take over the world and bring in the end times.

Ann: “Huh!? Oh, uh, yeah! I mean-”

Morgana: “Hey, Lady Ann is obviously panicking! Be a good guy and help her out!”

Ann: “Traditional food? Sorry, Akira. Help me out…! So Tanabata’s about gods crossing a starry sky to reunite once every year. It might have something to do with…”

timrodresized: This is the part that REALLY doesn’t make sense. There’s almost no way Joker wouldn’t know what it is outright.

Ann: “Oh yeah! They gotta cross the Milky Way to get to each other! So if the traditional food is something inspired by the Milky Way…”

timrodresized: What’s strange is that neither Orihime nor Hikoboshi have ever been demons in an SMT game. You’d think they would’ve done something with that.

timrodresized: What they’re talking about is flowing soumen. I wish there was some way you could do that with burgers. I mean, theoretically you could do that with hot dogs and boiling water but boiling hot dogs is a crime against humanity.

Ann: “Yeah, I could see that! The Milky Way’s like a long white bundle of them, right? The traditional food of Tanabata’s gotta be soumen noodles!”

Kawakami: “That’s right. The traditional food for Tanabata is soumen noodles. Originally, in China they ate a baked good that we call sakubei in Japanese to appease demons.”

timrodresized: As far as I can tell, sakubei is some kind of cake. It doesn’t help when trying to look it up that Sakubei is also a last name.

Kawakami: “Over time, that pronunciation went from sakubei, to sakumen, to soumen - a wholly different food. Going with the theme of calming demons, soumen on Tanabata is sometimes called ‘demon guts’.”

timrodresized: According to Wikipedia at least, the same thing is kind of true of the word for Tanabata, which (according to them) was originally used to describe a cloth craft made by Shinto shrine maidens.

Kawakami: “Go restore your strength with some seasonal food and get ready for your exams.”

timrodresized: Two points to Ann’s confidant and some knowledge.

timrodresized: We then go back to the library to grab a new book. I don’t know why the guide has us do this, because we don’t wind up reading it.

Kasumi: “Um, I want you to come shopping with me. I don’t know if I’d be able to handle this on my own, you know? Please help me out! I’ve got to hold up my end of our deal!”

timrodresized: Another thing I didn’t really think about was how half the confidants have this weird transactional quality to them.

timrodresized: You have Kawakami with the whole “maid service for secrecy” deal, Maruki with his “mental training for research help” thing, Ohya with her “headlines to help John Persona for stories” bit… and it’s kind of a wonder Joker has any meaningful relationship with any of them.

Kasumi: “Now, we’d better get going. The item in question is in Kichijoji. Shall we?”

timrodresized: I had to get a new pair of glasses recently. My old ones looked just like Joker’s (and no, I didn’t get them because of that) but the frame broke. I wanted to just get the same frame but not broken, but they don’t make them anymore.

Kasumi: “I’ve been wanting to come here for a while, but I never had the chance to drop by.”

Kasumi: “Yeah! I want to get my dad a present. You seem like a real glasses buff, so I wanted to get your advice. Could you try on a couple pairs for me? I’d like to get some visual reference.”

Kasumi: “Thank you so much! Let’s see… how about this pair?”

timrodresized: This entire scene is full of references to Persona 4. The glasses Joker has on are the same ones the Persona 4 protagonist wears while in the TV world.

timrodresized: I’m also reasonably certain that the green glasses on the rack behind Joker are Chie’s.

Kasumi: “What do you think?”

Kasumi: “I know, it’s so fashionable! And it’s good that it’d help your vision, too. This could be a good one… hmm…”

Kasumi: “Hmm, right - maybe a little too hip for my dad. But your input’s been really helpful so far! Would you mind poking around with me for a bit longer?”

Kasumi: “Thank you! This is actually kind of fun! Let’s pick up the pace!”

timrodresized: I feel like these ones are also probably a reference, but I don’t know to what. They look kind of like Baofu’s glasses when we met him in Innocent Sin.