Cloned to die / EARTH IS A FUCK / Kill Em All 1959


2005. The heyday of the PS2. Australia’s top gameologists had recently discovered open-world games, asshole physics and competent scriptwriting and were working day and night to synthesize them into the perfect game. The result, of course, was Destroy All Humans, the thing you’re here to watch. Did they succeed? Well, it’s pretty damn good and I’m gonna play it. Joining me are Yapping Eevee and TheHeavenator, who haven’t played the game and will be offering their thoughts and exasperated groans in response to the experience.

Okay, so what’s it about?
The long and short of it is we’re a sassy alien infiltrating Earth to wreak havoc.

What makes this game unique?
Telekinesis! One of the major selling points of this game was the ability to grab and throw things with your mind, which to my recollection had only been done in Half-Life 2 up until that point. Also, it’s damn funny and features Richard Horvitz as a supporting character.

Are you good at it?
Only sometimes.

Can you think of another generic question?


Wow, I’m seriously regretting never playing this game. Cow tossing, Joe McCarthy, and an anal probe gun? A game cannot contain these things and be bad, I’m pretty sure.

Whoops. I neglected to mention it here, but unfortunately the LP is on hold for a good few months until Eevee’s schedule clears up. Sorry!

@moderators, could I get this in the Twilight LP Zone?