Climbing to the Top of the WVBA - Let's Play Punch Out!! Wii

There ain’t no Mike Tyson here, but thats not gonna slow us down. We’re going straight to the top of the World Video Boxing Association

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Punch-Out!! Wii is the 2009 revitalization of the classic arcade boxing game, featuring boxers new and old from previous titles, revamped for this game. But getting to the top isn’t all there is to it, there’s plenty more to deal with at the peak after all…

This is a full run with every opponent encountered and defeated, hope you enjoy.

Our boxing journey starts, from humble beginnings as usual, as we duke it out with everyones favorite punching bags, Glass Joe and Von Kaiser.

Episode 2 and 3 are here, with our climb up the ranks getting us to the Major Circuit.

We’re really moving up these ranks, as we challenge the Major Circuit Champion, and enter the World Circuit

World Circuit continues to test our mettle, as we encounter some rather…impressive training regimens from our next two opponents.

The Penultimate bout of the World Circuit, against the smuggest opponent yet, Super Macho Man

We’ve made it to the top, now we must surpass the best of the best, Mr. Sandman, the World Champion of the WVBA.

We have proven we are the best, but is that enough? NO, everyone we beatup is back, and MAD AS HELL that they lost to a teenager. It’s Title Defense Mode time!

More Title Defense action, starring the new and more fabulous Disco Kid, and the now flat-out cheating King Hippo.

Things only get worse for Little Mac, as he encounters the Major Circuit opponents, back for revenge. Lightning bruisers and squirrel coaches are not going to make this easy.

Alright I’ve heard of low blows in the ring, but this is ridiculous. How is a boxer supposed to fight a teleporting magician?!

The World Circuit competitors are back, and OH GOD THATS A LOT OF SODA.

It’s not over yet, as the World Circuit opponents just keep coming, with Bald Bull’s nigh-unstoppable force, to Super Macho Man RELEASING THE BOGUS

The king of the ring, Mr. Sandman is back, and oh sweet lord is he FURIOUS about losing to belt to us from our climb to the top. Can we overcome this titan of an opponent?

Its time for the end. 3 Strikes, and we’re out. Time to go out on top, but wait, is that…?