Chris Deckard - The Lore Explorer [DOOM 2016] (Nightmare)

Hello everyone, my name is Chris Deckard - and this is The Lore Explorer [DOOM 2016]

PREFACE: This is my first post, so hello everyone! Sorry for the long story, I like to do the writing thing.

My name is Chris, and I’ve been gaming for about twenty eight years. Growing up I was always drawn to writing, reading and video games. They were always something that I’ve circled back to even after growing through the many phases in my life. They were always a constant, infallible source of enjoyment for me and I knew one day I was going to end up working in one of those fields.

I grew up a rather poor, shy kid, the one who would be found sitting by himself reading, or talking to a small group of friends about the latest anime or video games. Maybe one has read a book that I was reading, which was rare at the time, but a welcome rarity.

During my time at High school I wore into writing like an old shoe, spinning little yarns that only I would see. I would act out the scenes out in my head, pretending to be an angry Orc warrior, or an all powerful sorcerer crashing fireballs into the side of the garage. It was fun, and I was loving every story I wrote.

Fast forward to the beginning of college prep. I was struggling to find that college that I wanted to attend, and after much coercing by my then girlfriend, I ended up picking a school dedicated to Film, Music, and Video Games. Thus began the worst two years of my life. Long story short, on the wall hangs a Bachelors degree in Game Art, and Computer Science, and there it has remained, unused for over five years.

About a month ago I started writing scripts for videos. They were about me, as this character, Chris Deckard, (Shout out to Blade Runner, my favorite movie, and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, the book it’s based on.) who travels through the digital landscapes of the video games that he plays. With the help of his A.I-- A.R.C.I.S (Arcane Reconnaissance Central Intelligence System) he learns about the landscapes, history, lore, weapons, enemies, stories, you name it, if he can find it, he learns it. Then he relays the information to the viewers through A.R.C.I.S and its UI, and the format goes on with the adventuring and teaching and learning. Think, Master Chief and Cortana relationship.

About a week ago, the first of the series was released, with some generous reception, and I couldn’t be happier. People are enjoying it and I love making them. It takes a lot of work to produce and edit, since I have edited in, and talk to A.R.C.I.S, we interact, he shows the information on digital U.I. It’s crazy and it’s continually expanding and getting more and more fun and awesome.

I didn’t and still don’t have a lot to my name besides a great deal of debt, and anxiety attacks every know and then. I have a lot of fun working many hours, after going to work at the Veterinary Hospital, to come home and create and edit these videos, I hope you enjoy them as well.

Phew, sorry for the long story, If you made it through, you da’ best.

TL:DR I make fun videos about lore and stories related to video games with the help of my “A.I”, A.R.C.I.S.

Warning: DOOM is a gory game, just so you know. Also I do curse, rarely, but I do.

DOOM 2016 (On Going)

Episode 1: Let’s Go On an Adventure!

Episode 2: Meet The Players

Episode 3: The Foundry Trial

Episode 4: Dr. Hayden Seems Maad

PLAYLIST : Chris Deckard- The Lore Explorer [DOOM 2016]

I hope to see you all around, have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

Welcome Chris cant wait to check this lp outs, by the way Blade Runner is also my favorite favorote and so is the book it was based on, so that is pretty awesome

Thanks, I hope you enjoy it. It really picks up at Episode 3, that’s where I hit the stride with the videos.

Also, that’s awesome! It’s a great book / movie, really a great read.

It’s great to see you here! I need to catch up on this Let’s Play as I’ve only seen the original episode and am in need for something to watch while relaxing.

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Hey! Thanks for welcoming me. I came across this board while looking for a decent forum. It’s a nice place. Also, I hope you enjoy it. I’ve been watching the Pokeplay as well. Keep it up.

New Episodes are out!

Episode 5: Opening the Portal

Episode 6: Hell is Lovely This Time of Year