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Hey y’all, Chip Cheezum here. I’ve streamed a lot in the past, and I’m hoping to get back to it in just a few weeks. However, I WILL be doing a special stream tomorrow, the 5th of March, playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with General Ironicus. We’ll be streaming on my Hitbox account tomorrow at 7PM eastern, 6 central, 4 pacific.

Later on I’ll fill out this thread with other info and links to all my previous streams.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Stream
Shinobi Test Stream
Crash Bandicoot Stream
Crash Bandicoot 2 Stream


I look forward to the Breath of the Chippowai-ld stream


Can’t wait to hear your opinions about the game!! Are you planning on starting from scratch for the live stream, or are you continuing your progress from our own play file?

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I’m going to be continuing from my current save, so there will be spoilers. I’m not going to mention any cool things in detail that have already happened unless they come up again while playing.

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Gonna have to delay the stream by 30 minutes, some tech issues have popped up!

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Hi, Ironicus and I are about to go live and play some Zelda!

If you missed our Breath of the Wild stream, it’s now up on YouTube!


Hi! This is real short notice, but I’m gonna be streaming some PS2 Shinobi in about ten mintues to test out some new equipment I’ve got. All further streams will be on my Twitch account,!

Here’s the Shinobi test stream, in case you missed it!


I love your streams and hope that you do them more often. Especially when they are bad games, because those make the best streams.

We’re going to be streaming some Beyond Good and Evil HD tomorrow, the 2nd, at 3PM eastern, 2PM central, 12PM pacific over at Twitch:

Another stream! I’m going to be streaming some Crash Bandicoot with VoidBurger in just a few minutes at!

And here’s the Crash Bandicoot stream!

Your stream picks up almost exactly where I left off in my play-through of the original Crash, which is handy, because now I know that I definitely do not need to go back and try to finish the game. Whoof, those bridge levels look like torture.

We played a bunch more today and we’re actually close to 100% it for some reason. Like there are several levels that really suck, and almost all of them are the ones that require you to break all boxes in the level without dying in order to get the gem.

Doing a Crash Bandicoot 2 stream in just a few minutes:

If you missed it, our Crash Bandicoot 2 stream is now up on our YouTube channel!

A Very Special stream is coming soon! Four streamers, 24 hours, 30 games; it’s Gextra Life 2!

We’re trying to raise $30,000 for Hurley Children’s Hospital in Flint, MI and to do that we need you there! Spread the video, send people to Gextra.Life, show up during the event any time you can, and please donate if able. We’ve got prizes to draw for, a bidwar to determine the most streamable Sonic game, we’ve got it all. Let’s help some sick kids out there.