Chaz's Short LPs, One-Offs and Quick Looks

After checking discussions over on the LP General Chat forum, I saw folks saying it was alright to make a thread to store very short Let’s Plays or one-offs. I tend not to do so well sticking to a longer-term series, and instead like to make small series and one-shot videos.

I also sometimes just do short videos showing off stuff I’ve made in aforementioned sandbox games, though I dunno if “I did this thing!” type videos are okay to show here.

Of course I do longer stuff (And I’ll probably see about starting a longer LP this month), but I figure I can share a small selection of what I’ve done so far, to get started.

I’ll update this thread whenever I make a new short video as well, of course!

Short Series
Small games that are covered in a few videos

[details=Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead - Sandend]I did a few playthroughs of Cataclysm DDA a while back, and this was one of my more successful runs. Depending on how things go I may make a separate thread for Cataclysm stuff, though it’s been a while since I could properly get into it.[/details]
One Offs
Short games that can be covered in one video

[details=Moirai] Moirai is a short, curious game about looking for a lost lady in a cave. It’s available for free from Steam so if you’d like to play it before watching this, you can pick it up here!

Quick Looks
A single episode showcasing a small portion of a longer game

[details=Rhythm Doctor]A very fun little rhythm game, in which you keep patients alive using a rhythm-based defibrillator! I’ve been keeping an eye on this one’s development, I’m excited to see how it turns out.