Cat Jail Kinda Sucks. Let's Play BattleBlock Theater

BattleBlock Theater is a cooperative platformer with quite a bit of charm to it. It also features a narrator whom I personally find entertaining, those others may find them rather annoying. This game was created by The Behemoth, creator of Castle Crashers and Pit People.

This let’s play will cover the entire main game, as well as all of the cutscenes.

There are also subtitles, with the color of the text showing who is speaking:

My name is Chandler, and my text will be in white. My Co-host is Ryan, whose text will be in the blue.
The first few videos also feature a few other people due to starting the recording in an open discord channel, sorry!

Video List:
#1: Strategic Gameplay
#2: Boat Treason
#3: Drowning is Easy
#3: Go on Without Me

New video! subitles will be a bit more scarce from here on out, it takes a lot more time then I originally anticipated.

#2: Boat Treason