Can we just talk about stock sound effects??

So I have this pet theory that everybody in the world is obsessed with at least one stock sound effect, usually the ones that uncannily appear in every movie or show you watch, every game you play, maybe every song you hear. The popularity of the Wilhelm scream is one example:

Or every goofy-ass setting that comes standard in a Cassio keyboard (My personal favorite is Orchestra Hit):

But I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg of what people will recognize and become fixated with. Like does anybody else freak out whenever they hear that one clip of children playing and that one little girl makes a really weird laugh, and like WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE THIS FUNNY YOU’RE JUST RUNNING AROUND IN CIRCLES IN A SET-

So let’s have a thread where we talk about these funny little clips that we all know we’re gonna hear a hundred million more times, feel free to share your favorite, your least favorite, any trivia about how these sounds were made or how they got so popular, anything!


I get super frickin irritated when I hear the wilhelm scream. There is no quicker way to take me out of the mood than hearing it. Please just stop using it, everyone.

I don’t know if I can point to stock sound effects in particular, but I notice stock “riffs” a lot. I wish I had some examples ready…
One in particular is the beginning baseline to “Twister” from The World Ends With You. I swear I heard a near-identical baseline in a Project Runway video on Youtube, but I can’t remember which clip :iiam:

Another is some of the sound effects Stewart Copeland sampled for the Spyro soundtracks. Whenever they are used anywhere else, it’s like a switch flips in my brain and I stop what I’m doing because it’s so familiar. Seriously, listen to the sort of whooshy-disc-scratchy noises from that last two links and tell me you’ve never heard it anywhere else.

My favorite stock sound effect is the jaguar yowl.

You’ve heard the jaguar yowl.

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That one stock anime explosion noise.


Dinosaur rawr.

(I think this is the one that’s used a lot).

Doors opening. I can’t find the one I had in mind, but this one’s also familiar

Glass breaking. This one is a foley classic.

The Doom Door sound.

Every fucking stock gun sound, though most prominently, the plasticky click of an empty glock.

THAT DAMN GATE CREAKING SOUND EFFECT. I even hear it in huge-budget Hollywood films used tor regular bloody doors! I hate it so much!!

I’ve only ever heard it used in two shows (Eagleheart and Eric Andre) but this stock sound of someone saying “WOWWWWWWWWW!” just kills me every time I hear it.

That one “Ah!” sound you hear in some anime (I first heard it in Parodius)

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That’s weird, it doesn’t sound anything like my “wow” stock sounds video.

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I mean, it’s not too late to just convert this thread into a “wow” appreciation station.

I get very distracted watching the Marple episode “The Sittaford Mystery”, because it uses several stock sound effects I most prominently associate with Daggerfall. “Creaky door” and “swooping bird”, in particular.