Bop, Bop, Bop to the Top of the Tower of Barbs: Let's Talk About Let It Die

Let It Die is the most recent game from Grasshopper Manufacture, that’s a free-to-play, hack-and-slash, tower-climbing, rougelike PS4 exclusive that can be just plain grueling. At the same time, it’s more fun than punishment, even when you’re bad at it. There’s a lot going on the game and plenty more to talk about, so jump on in, senpai!

Possible discussion points include:

  • Questions about gameplay
  • Does anyone else see this Hater all the time?
  • Favorite moments/most satisfying kills
  • What’s the highest floor you’ve gotten to?
  • Tips for other players
  • Original fan art or other tributes to everyone’s favorite skateboarding skeleton
  • Honestly, do you have trouble with letting it die?

Since a lot of what keeps Let It Die fun is the surprises, please use spoiler tags when necessary.

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Let It Die is launching in Japan and Asia on 2/2/2017, and this welcoming event includes a bunch of goodies and login bonuses for players, including a discount on the 10x Death Metal bundle. Click here for more details.

Man, I’ve really got to play more of this. I don’t even think I made it past the tutorial. I just rarely feel like turning on my PS4 these days I guess.

Oh, hell yes. I just unlocked the rank III fighters; it’s actually getting fairly difficult, I can’t just faceroll through with fists anymore. So far, the only real challenging boss has been Jin-Die in Kaga but WOW, she sucked. How far along are folks?

I uninstalled Let It Die a while back because I keep having to shuffle space on my PS4 for whatever ridiculously sized game I want to play this week, but holy hell that soundtrack is incredible.
I wish this song was on canadian Spotify so I could listen to it forever whenever I’m out. Hell, just give me any Survive Said The Prophet on there.


I’m MUCH further behind, partially because I got my PS4 earlier this month (but mostly because I’m such a cautions player) but I took out a COEN with a rank I, level 11 all-rounder taking almost no damage yesterday and for some reason I cannot be prouder at such a small victory.

My defense actually worked for once in TDM, too, but that’s another story.

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Nicely done! I didn’t beat Co-En until I had a level 25 All-Rounder so you’re way ahead of me.

Actually my second go through. I put off the fight until I maxed out my fighter, but on my second go, I wanted to see how far I could get with a weaker fighter. Did have a huge advantage knowing ahead of time that he uses echolocation.

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I just unlocked rank 2 fighters and as such I’m spending all my time and coins getting a bunch of strikers with machetes to guard my waiting room.

Just to save new players some time, just get on board with the fact that TDM defense is god-awful until you get some of the late-game gear. The AI controlling your fighters is just as stupid and easy to bait as any other enemy, plus there’s the small chance of having one of your fighters get captured.

Don’t get too attached to any coins and SPL in your bank. Instead, take advantage of the large amount of storage space in your reward box, and send your fighters on expeditions all the time. Your reward box can’t get stolen, nor can the rewards you haven’t claimed from expeditions.If you’re on one of the bigger teams like California, just go ahead and spend as much of your banked money as you can before you log off, and make peace with the fact that your banks will be empty when you come back.


The gameplay in Let It Die is pretty simplistic (and punishing as heck) but I absolutely love all the styling and choices in it. I do need to look up a guide on where to find the comic pages, as they’re my second favourite part of the game (right after the “Tower of Barbs” mini-videos).

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