Boostin' Makes Me Feel Good - Let's Play Hotel Dusk: Room 215

Hotel Dusk: Room 215, released in Japan as Wish Room: Angel’s Memory, is an adventure game/visual novel released for the Nintendo DS in 2007, published by Nintendo and developed by CING. Marketed as an “interactive mystery novel,” the game is one of those crazy DS games that has you holding the system sideways, much like a book, and is one of the only games to use the little-known DS Rumble Pak. The game received some popularity, as it was part of a small renaissance of story-based adventure games popping up on the DS, joining peers such as Ace Attorney, Trace Memory/Another Code, and Professor Layton. Like Trace Memory, its spiritual predecessor by the same developer, Hotel Dusk is known for the unique ways it uses the DS’ hardware and features to present and solve puzzles. Additionally, the game is also notable due to its artstyle, where character sprites are rotoscoped in a pencil-drawing style that drew many comparisons to the music video for Take On Me.

The game is set near the end of December 1979 and follows Kyle Hyde, an ex-NYPD detective who quit the force after an altercation with his partner during a case gone bad. Currently, he works as a door-to-door salesman in California, while using his detective skills to help certain clients find things on the side. One such finder’s job takes him to a small hotel in Los Angeles, where over the course of a single night, he unravels a web of mystery that not only involves most of his fellow guests, but may help him get closer to his estranged partner.

This LP is going to be a 100% run, get the best ending, everyone’s happy. I have only two rules:

  1. No spoilers of any kind, even in tags. This is a mystery game, after all! Speculation is alright, but don’t get too wink wink nudge nudge.[/ur;]

  2. No Hotel California references, you’re not clever, shut up.


(Right below, ya dingus!)


[details=Click here to read the update!]

Click here to watch the intro in video!

Let’s begin.

Music - Desert Highway

We open on the Big Apple, a city where dreams come true. Dreams…and nightmares.

Specifically the NYPD, and specifically one man.


Whatever’s happened to this officer’s partner, it’s not good.

Music - Suspicions

No cop likes to point a gun at his own partner.

But no one is above the law.

I hope you’ve noticed a cameo from everyone’s friend, the DS screen gap.

And those were his last words.

Meet Kyle Hyde. Ex-NYPD.

It’s been three years since that day, and it still haunts him.

Music - The Long Night

Even on the other side of the country, he can’t escape it.


What’s that? How many? Got it!

Get him on the horn, pronto!

Yes, sir.

Remember beepers? You probably don’t, you fucking millennials.

We’ll take that call later.

Music - Secrets

This is 1979, so we actually had to find a pay phone! Didn’t have any of these new-fangled smartphones.

Stop yelling, Ed. My head’s pounding like a marching band caught in a stampede.

Hung over again, eh? Well, no sympathy here. Ya reap what ya sow! Now listen up! I got a job for ya! It’s a place called Hotel Dusk. Package is on the way, and the order sheet’s inside.

Got it.

Unfortunately, no smartphone means a pretty lonely drive through these desert streets.

But who’s this?

Their eyes meet, but for a moment. Occasionally, the game will break from its monochrome style and give some color to characters, mostly in very important moments.

We have places to be, though.


A while later, we find ourselves back in California at our hotel. Please remember the thread rules.

Music - The Long Night

It’s been three years since I quit the force and left New York. Now I’m a salesman for this outfit called Red Crown. On the surface, Red Crown’s a door-to-door sales firm dealing in household goods.

But Ed, the boss, has himself a little business on the side. He finds things that don’t always want to be found. Keeps it quiet, too.

From time to time, I lend a hand. Ain’t the greatest gig in town, but…Hell, I got nowhere to be and nothing better to do.

You hear me, Bradley? This is it. This is what I’ll be doing until I find you…

You can’t expect things to just happen. Sometimes, you have to open the door for yourself. Preferably with a stylus.

Next time: Checking in.[/details]

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You might want to add the padding between the DS screens, as the landscape shots kind of expect it.

If it comes up again, I will, but there’s not gonna be a whole lot of landscape shots until the end.

I’ve always been curious about this game. Also all your music links have busted tags.

The Zone is very particular with its tags. Fixed.

Expect the next update tomorrow.

Click here to read the update!

The game is divided into chapters, each taking place over some amount of time on this one night.

(Also, please forgive the image quality for this and possibly the next update. My first batch of game footage was recorded at 1x DS resolution and the Irfanview settings I had didn’t play too kind with it, something I didn’t notice until resizing. I don’t think it’s quite bad enough to postpone the update, just a bit of artifacting around text, but I’m going to make sure they look better by Update 4. Thanks for understanding.)

Music - Straight Chaser

(An empty lobby with no one home. Where’s the front desk in this dump?)

Kyle looks around the lobby and finds…

(Huh. Cute sign, pal…Guess that’s where I check in.)

Is Ed’s package here yet?

Throughout the game, Kyle will be presented with topics to ask other characters about, each being given a different colored icon. White questions are questions that you don’t really know who to ask about. You also get orange and red questions, orange questions either being questions immediately relevant to the current conversation or those that you know who to ask about, and red questions only appear in a certain situation and need to be asked just about immediately to advance the story.

[url=]Music - Monochrome[/url]

Welcome to the main gameplay of Hotel Dusk. On the touchscreen, you’ll find a floorplan of where you are and a 3D representation of the room on the other screen. You control Kyle by either dragging along the touchscreen or using the D-Pad/face buttons, depending on which hand you’re holding the DS in. Speaking of which, on first booting up the game, you select your handedness, which affects the orientation of these screens and certain other UI differences.

This is actually the first time I’ve seen the game in the “proper” right-handed orientation, being a southpaw.

As we approach the lobby, we get a good opportunity to explain the icons at the bottom of the touch screen. The door icon lets us open a door when we’re in front of one and the person icon lets us talk to a nearby character. The magnifying glass, which is flashing right now, lets us examine certain hotspots. And the notebook icon allows us to access the game’s pause menu, which we’ll talk about in a bit.

When we examine an area, we get a closer look at it, and a cursor. So it’s more like a pointy click! The slider on the bottom allows you to change the angle of the camera, the notebook lets you access the note system (more on that with the pause menu), the bag icon is your inventory, and the arrow button lets you exit.

Things get orange when you can select them! We need service, so why not ring the bell?

Guy’s got a bell on the counter. Nice touch.


Wait, it’s just a puzzle. Well…puzzle isn’t always the best word, but I’ll keep using it. Puzzles in Hotel Dusk are often simple moments of interactivity, where the trick is actually figuring out what to do. In this case, we have to tap the bell a couple times.


(Maybe this dump isn’t deserted after all…)

Music - Hangover Blues

Don’t go botherin’ me when I’m watchin’ a game! Huh?

You’ll oftentimes be presented with this hand icon during a conversation, which means you can grill them for more details. This is almost always a good idea.

(Oh, this guy’s fantastic…)

You’ll get a choice to pursue one of two subjects. In normal conversations, it’s simply a difference in dialogue, but watch yourself.

…'Scuse me?

I don’t care about your game. I need a room. And I don’t like waiting at the front desk like some kind of delivery boy.

Whoa, whoa! Sorry, buddy! Don’t get all riled up on me now! Bit of a short fuse, eh pal? Name’s Dunning Smith, and I own this joint. Welcome to my own little slice’a heaven…Hotel Dusk.

Every character gets a little introduction screen like this. It’s a neat touch.

So! Ya here for a room, or just t’hear me jaw?

A room. One night.

What kinda room ya want?


Well, if ya wanna save a bit’a scratch, I got a room available.


But, hey, lemme bend yer ear for a second… How’d ya like t’stay in somethin’ a little nicer?

One thing I’m not getting across that well right now is the character animations. They’re all rotoscoped and really nice, but if I was gonna show all of them off, there’d be a million gifs for me to make. I’ll show off a few of them later, since they deserve to be seen.

Yep. You’re in sales, right? Door t’door? On yer feet all day?

Something like that.

Yep, I know it. Ya haul the case around all day and the dogs get to barkin’. So what d’ya say? Why not give yerself a little treat for once?

One night in a nice room’ll make a new man outta ya! Now this is a bit rare, but tonight I actually got a suite open. And ‘cause I’m feelin’ generous, I’ll let ya have it for a special price!

Suites are for chumps, dammit.

I said cheap.

It’s a peach of a room!

Hey! You got a problem? I look like a guy who would stay in a suite?

Yep, all right, I getcha. Gotta say though, I’m disappointed. Well, if I can getcha to fill out this registration card, ya can have a room.

Jeez, game, do we have to do EVERYTHING ourselves?


For this one, we have to drag our stylus along each field to write down our info. Simple enough.

Yer name really Kyle Hyde?

That’s what my parents told me.

You should meet my brother Steven.


That work for you?

Hold on.

I’ve always thought Kyle Hyde was a nice name.

There it is, the best Kyle sprite.

Kyle Hyde? Yeah, it’s a great name, I seen a bunch’a ya in the phone book. Anyway, about yer room. Yer in Room 215. Here’s the key.

It’s got the room number and the word “Wish” engraved on it.

Wish? What’s that supposed to mean?

It’s the name’a the room.

The room has a name?

Sure does! Every room in this hotel has its own name! We got Wish, Bravery, Daybreak, Success…even Angel.


Cute. You think those up yourself?

Wish is my favorite of the bunch, though.

What a crock.

A crock?

Rooms need numbers. That’s it. Naming a room is a waste of time.

Kyle is a delightfully irascible fella.

Waste’a time?! Ain’t no one ever said that before!

They just didn’t have the stones to tell you what they really thought.

Some guests like names! But now I know. Yer a man who don’t like t’waste time on silly stuff. Saves me from wastin’ breath on my story.

Hold on.

What story did you mean?

Nothin’. Waste’a time.

Well, if ya really wanna know, I’ll tell ya. Actually, it’s ‘bout Room 215. The room where yer stayin.’ It’s got a…whatcha call it? A history.

A history? What, like ghosts? You telling me it’s haunted?

Ghosts? Pah! Nah, this is way better’n some spook with chains! Ya got dreams, pal? Somethin’ ya wish for?

Don’t surprise me. But still… If ya got somethin’ ya want. I mean, really want… Ya just may find it tonight. Ya follow? That’s the story… That’s Room 215.

Where wishes are granted?

I dunno why I’m helpin’ ya, but go ahead’n take this. It’s a hotel brochure. Ya got a map in there, too.

I put it in my notebook.

Head on up to the second floor. It’s through the lobby and up the stairs. Room 215’s down the hall on the left. Restaurant’s through the lobby and to the left. It opens for dinner at 6:00, and breakfast at 7:30.

Got a bar, too. Opens at 9:00 tonight. Checkout’s at 10:00. Miss it, and we charge ya double. ‘Course, if ya wanna stay another night, just lemme know. Need anythin’ else?

Music - Rainy Night

And here’s where we ask our questions. If we choose the not being a smugass (as if I ever would) option when Dunning remarks on Kyle’s name, he’ll say that there was another guest named Kyle Hyde who stayed in the hotel a bit ago, and Kyle will have an extra question to ask about it. For the sake of completeness, I’ll show that question here.

So, you had a guest with my name?

Yep. Called himself Kyle Hyde, too. As I remember it, he was 'bout yer age. Blond fella, tall and thin. Looked kinda like a stork.

(A tall, thin, blond man? Sounds like Bradley.)

But I wouldn’t mistake you for him. He was different.

How so?

Wearin’ a nice suit, good shoes, the works. Looked like a somebody.

I’ll keep that in mind. So does Mr. Somebody stay here often?

Naw, just the one time. It was 'bout…six months ago. Ain’t seen him since.

And with that, we’ll go down the questions in order. First, let’s ask about our package.

A package for ya? Sorry, I don’t see nothin’.

It should be here. Maybe you can actually…look around or something?

Ya send a package to a hotel when ya don’t even have a reservation? Nice…

Oh yeah?

As much as I’d like to tell this guy to buzz off, he’s already suspicious of us. Let’s not stir the pot with the guy who’s providing a roof over our heads.

What kind of problems?

Is it anythin’ that’s gonna inconvenience my hotel?

Depends on what you mean by “inconvenience.”

I mean, it’s probably got some sales collateral in it, so I might do some door to door. By the way, do you have trouble cleaning the carpets? Because I have the product for you!

Really? What happened?

Let’s just say I don’t wanna deal with anythin’ like it again, and leave it at that. Buncha lousy… I’ll have the bellhop look for yer package. If it shows, we’ll bring it to yer room.

Making our way down the list, we’ll ask about Room 215’s story.

It’s a story I heard from folks that stayed in 215. First, there was a young girl. Then a middle-aged fella… Both of 'em looked beat down when they arrived. Like they had no future…

But by the next mornin’, they’d been reborn. Their faces were just…peaceful, like. Well, I was surprised as a dog’n a tree, so I asked 'em what happened. And ya know what?

They both told me the same thing. “Room 215 is magic. It granted m’wish. Everything’s OK now.” So that’s why I said…

What’s so funny?

Good one, pops. Real nice. I didn’t think an old-timer like you would tell me fairy tales.

Fairy tales?! That what ya think this is?

Call it a fairy tale if ya want. It’s a free country.

One more question to go. Dunning mentioned the hotel had some trouble earlier. What’s up with that?

That? Well, it was right ‘bout three years ago. One’a the bellhops took a package up to a guest’s room, right? And then…BANG! Buncha cops and detectives come stormin’ in!


Oh shit! I was one of those!

Seems m’guest was a crook! Part’a some big crime ring or somethin’. He was usin’ my hotel as a drop-off for stolen goods.

Whole thing was a damn mess! Gunshots in the hallway… Screamin’ guests runnin’ every which’a way… I ain’t never goin’ through anythin’ like that again! That’s why the Dusk’s got a strict policy: No crooks… AND NO COPS!

Both parts of that policy are things I can get behind. Good thing we’re not a cop!

Music - Hangover Blues

That it?


Music - Monochrome

Well, my dogs are barkin’. Gonna head to the room and take a load off. Mork and Mindy should be on soon.

The door opens up behind Kyle.

As I walk away from the front desk, I hear a voice behind me…

(Just another guest.)

Music - Hangover Blues

You use the same line on everyone, Dunning?

As luck would have it, we got vacancies. What kinda room ya lookin’ for, darlin’?

Well now, aren’t you just a sweet-talker? But there’s a certain room I want.

Which room’s that?

I want that special room. The wishing room. This is the Hotel Dusk, is it not?

Oh dear, that’s gonna be an issue.

'Course it is! And I know the room yer asking for! Unfortunately, ma’am, that room’s…

Oh, dear. Is it taken?

Well, isn’t that a shame!

Ya want a different room? We got plenty, and they’re all top’a-the-line!

Yes, I… I suppose I’ll make do with something else.

We could go back and try to talk to the woman, but she’s busy checking in, so we’ll be courteous.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a room to get to.

Next time: Room 215

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Kyle seems like a delightful fellow to shoot the shit with.

[details=Click here to read the update!]

Music - Monochrome

So, we could go right up the stairs, but this vending machine has something interesting for us.

There’s a flyer on the side!

–Join the Hunt!–
Find the seven lucky numbers hidden in this hotel. Calculate the sum of the nubers and put it into the machine for a prize. Get lucky for just 25 cents!

Wow, you could get a lot for a quarter back then. That song’s a dollar 9 on iTunes nowadays.

And on the other side is our first lucky number!

+25! We should make a note of that!

Clicking the notebook icon in an investigation screen will bring up Kyle’s notebook, where you can make your own notes. This can be quite helpful, as a lot of times you’ll have appointments at certain times of the night and it can serve as a reminder of what you need to do. Also it’s hard to write with a mouse, okay?

So when we head to the stairs…

(Dunning said something while I was checking in…)

Yer name really Kyle Hyde? Huh. Yeah, sure, forget about it.

(I wonder why my name got that reaction.)

This is just saying that we missed asking Dunning about the previous Kyle Hyde.

But let’s head to the stairs.

Yeah, Kyle.

Kyle and a kid. This is gonna end well.

Music - Pink Rabbit


You’re blocking the stairs, kid. Move it.

(So this is how it’s going to be…)

Kyle is brusque, but not a complete jerk.

What’s the problem?

I’m playing.

Playing? This ain’t a sandbox, kid.

Oh, you’re absolutely pleasant, ya rugrat.

Smart kid. Glad we agree. Now get out of my way.

She’s not moving.

Where’d you come from? What’s your name?

What was that, kid?

You won’t tell me?

That’s what my mom taught me. She said I should never tell strangers my name. Especially jerks.

Got an answer for everything, huh kid? You keep this up and we’re gonna have trouble. I’m not going to put up with your crap.

Kyle Hyde you are in your thirties and being outwitted by this small girl.

You want to know? Maybe I’ll call Dunning and have him give you the bum’s rush.

Maybe I’ll call your mom and tell her that her kid’s a damn terror.

Hey, kid.

Again, she’s just a kid.

So where’s your mom?

She’s not here.

What, you’re not traveling with her?

She nods in an animation so slight I’m not gonna bother giffing it.

Why won’t you move? If there’s a good reason, just tell me.

I… I can’t finish it.

Can’t finish what?

I can’t finish my puzzle.

]Music - Hitting the Pavement

There was a question section here that I missed, but it basically amounts to Kyle asking “What puzzle?”

A puzzle? How’s a puzzle stop you from moving?

I… I can’t finish it. It’s almost done, but…

(This kid’s a loon.) This isn’t the place to be working on a puzzle. Go to your room or the car or a freeway or something.

My dad says I make too much noise. That’s why I’m here. I was gonna go back to the room when I finished, but… I can’t, OK?!

Oh, for the love of… Stop bawling!



I’m an adventure game protagonist and you’re talking about a puzzle, so…

Give me a break, kid. A puzzle isn’t something to bawl about. Look, just let me do it for you, OK?

Whaaaaaaaaaa! Whaaaaa… Huh? Are you gonna help me, mister?

Stop calling me mister. This name’s Kyle Hyde. If you’re gonna talk to me, use my name.

Mister Hyde?

Close enough. Listen, just… Here. Give me the puzzle.


[Music - Pink Rabbit

There. Now take this and go back to your room.

What’s wrong now? The puzzle’s done. Everything’s OK.

No, it’s not.

It’s not? Why not?

It just isn’t! It’s no fun if I don’t do it myself!

Music stops


Oh, you’re kiddin’ me! What are you doing?

Music resumes

You’re a complete basket case, you know that? At least say thanks for the help before you bust up the puzzle!

You talk too much!

Nice attitude, kid. You better watch your step!


No! You can’t make me!

You threw 'em down, you pick 'em up.

Well? You deaf or what? Answer me!

OK! OK! S-sorry…

But at least she picked up the puzzle pieces.

I’m done, OK? You happy?


I’m sorry. I’m so s-sorry… Wha… Whaaaaaaa! P-Please don’t hurt me!

Fine, yeah, whatever. C’mon, kid. Enough of the waterworks already. Hey… Look, I didn’t mean–

I tricked you! Stupid JERK!

Damn it! I don’t have time for this crap.

What’s this?

Wonder what it is?

Enough of that, let’s head to our room.

(Somebody’s coming out of Room 213.)

Hey buddy, you okay?

Hey there.

What’s going on?


You don’t look so hot.


You sick or something?

N-no. No, I’m fine.

All right. Sorry to bother you.

Music - Slow Steps

Objection, take that.


Who are you?

Me? Kyle Hyde. I’m down in 215.

I’m Jeff. Jeff Angel.

As a Jeff myself, it’s nice to see Jeffs in games outside Earthbound.

Stay here a lot?

What, here? Never! No, I’ve never stayed in a place like this before.


Why don’t you have a choice? Something happen?

What’s that? Why am I staying here? I don’t think I need to explain myself to you.

Just asking.

Just asking?

Ex-cops are technically not cops, yes.

You’re not a cop? That’s kind of an odd thing to just blurt out, isn’t it? So…you’re not a cop? That’s too bad.

Music - Rainy Night

Got a couple questions to ask this guy.

Why is that too bad? You lookin’ for the law?

Oh, no reason. I just thought it would be cool to have a cop or a detective in the hotel.


What did you mean by “cool”?

Oh, that. Take a look around. Better yet, take a sniff. This hotel…

What if a real crime took place? Something sleazy and violent…

And then if a real gumshoe was here trying to figure things out…? C’mon! That would be cool! Even you must think so.

That’s an odd thing to think about.

Yeah, I’m a pretty deep guy. Hey, take it easy. I’m not a criminal or anything.

The kid on the stairs. Where’s she staying?


Young girl, about ten. Rude as hell.

Oh, her. You must be talking about Melissa.

She’s in Room 219. She’s staying with her father. Part of the great unwashed, if you ask me.

Music - Slow Steps

Not now.

All right. See you around.

What a jerk! Well, let’s head to our room, finally.

We use the key on the doorknob to open this sucker up.

I use my key and unlock the door to Room 215.

So this is where wishes are granted, huh? My ass.

(Can’t believe I had to listen to that load of bull. Why would an old man be peddling fairy tales? C’mon, Hyde, forget it. Just finish Ed’s job and get the hell out of here.)

I put my suitcase on the table in the corner.



Dangit, we gotta answer the phone ourselves, dumb game.

Music - Serenity

Now who’s this tall drink of water?

Glad to hear you arrived in one piece.

Like always. Listen, do me a favor and give Ed a message.

Tell him he doesn’t need to have you checking up on me with every little thing. I got my instructions. I’m on top of it.

You’re on top of it? Really? How refreshing.

Thanks for the confidence, Rachel. It’s nice to be trusted. Tell Ed that, too.

Out there all alone. Working hard. Busting your tail to get things done. At least I think so…

You think so? What the hell’s that mean?

Oh, come on, Kyle! You’re not exactly an open book! That’s why there are all those rumors…

What rumors?

Don’t act like you don’t know! I’ve heard some crazy things about you. You’re an ex-cop from New York who was on the take and had to leave town?

People are saying all kinds of things, sweetie.

Let 'em talk.

You want to know what I think?

Can I just say I love the writing and localization in this game? They really get the whole light noir-ish/pulp detective feel down.

I don’t buy the whole “man of mystery” bit.

Glad you think so highly of me.

So has the package arrived?

Not yet. Maybe the deliveryman crawled into a bottle.

Hmm… Well, when it arrives, check the order sheet and give me a call.


No, there are some new products in there, too.

New products? What am I supposed to do with them?

You’re a salesman, Kyle. Try selling something. Oh, and those are Ed’s orders. Not mine.

Door-to-door sales in a hotel? That’ll be fun.

Oh, and one more thing. I put the client list in the package, too.

Oh, that.

I like Rachel a lot and think she serves as a good foil to Kyle. Honestly a lot of the strength of the characters in this game is how they react and relate to Kyle’s personality in different ways.

When the package arrives, don’t just leave the client list in the box, all right? Put it in your suitcase!

Yeah, yeah. I know.

Bye, sweetie. Don’t forget to call.


She’s quite the looker. Always willing to give me the straight skinny, too.

Now, if we had forgotten to ask about the other Kyle Hyde at the front desk, we’d have to go down and ask Dunning about it. But we’re going to pretend he didn’t, so we’re getting another call. The important new information will be given to us either way.

Phone again.

Hyde? This is the front desk.

That you, Dunning?

Yep. So how’s the room?

It’ll do.

Good to hear, good to hear. Oh, by the way… I forgot t’mention this when ya checked in, but…


I need ya t’pay yer tab up front.

Up front?

Now don’t get me wrong! It ain’t that I don’t trust ya or nothin’.
It’s just…yer a first-time guest, and I don’t know ya or nothin’.

Hold on. You want me to pay you right now?

Naw, ain’t like that. Ya don’t hafta take care of it right away. Ya just got here after all! Go ahead and sit a spell. But if ya swing by and take care of it before six o’clock, I’d be much obliged. I’ll be in m’office or at the front desk.


Thanks a bunch, Hyde. Sure do appreciate it.

Sure. Whatever.

Cash… Where’s my cash… Oh, right. I tossed my roll in my suitcase
when I got out of the car.

Sorry about the awkwardness there, but I played the first bit of the game differently than my script goes through it and I think going by the script just makes it flow better.

(All the scuffs and tears… It sure is showing its age. Still, it was my father’s suitcase, and it’s been with me a long time. Hell, I was lugging the old girl around when I started working for Ed. My constant traveling companion.)

We use our Suitcase Key on the suitcase, and…

Gotta slide this in…

And try to turn it…come on!


Music - Straight Chaser

Dammit! This is not what I need right now. (Now what am I going to do? Maybe I can use some wire to pick the lock.)

Maybe there’s something on the desk.

Hotel brochure’s next to the phone.

There’s a paper clip on the brochure.

A paper clip, huh? Better hang on to this. It may come in handy.

THERE IT IS. The best screenshot in the game.

(If I straightened this out…)

To straighen out the paper clip, you have to drag along the highlighted spots, but not too fast because it’ll spring all over.

Like so.

There we go…nice and straight.

(Let’s see if I can pick the lock on my suitcase.)

Try as we might, we just can’t push all three of these tumblers down.

(I’m going to need a thicker piece of wire.)

Someone’s knocking on the door.

Now what?

You’ll get a screen like this at certain points in each chapter to denote the passage of time. Yeah, let’s just say that all happened in 10 minutes. But we’ll get the door next time.

Next Time: Mila[/details]

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[details=Click here to read the update!]
Welcome back! Sorry about the delay, I’ve always been a chronic procrasinator. Last time, we were going to get the door because our package is here!

Music - Easy Feeling

???: Package for ya, pal.

OK. Put it down anywhere.

???: Uh, 'scuse me… I kinda got my hands full, ya know? You want you
could take the box on top for a sec?

No problem.

I take one of the boxes from the bellhop.

…I gotta blow? Wait a second…

Hold up a bit! I know you now!

Wait a second…

Don’t move!

???: Wah?!

???: Nah, that can’t be.

Can’t be? Why?

???: Well, uh…

I gotta go!

(What’s up with this guy? What’s he hiding? Time to get a look at his face.)

I said look at me!

Look at a person when they talk to you, dammit!

I grab the bellhop’s chin and yank his head up.

I know you!

Dammit, man! Aw, dammit…


Meet Louie! He’s one of the best characters in the gaaaaame!

Fine, ya got me. ‘Course, I guess there ain’t nothin’ I can do about it now, eh? Long time, no see, Officer Hyde.

(Last time I saw him was the winter of '76, three years ago. He was roaming the subways of Manhattan picking pockets for a living.)

Why are you here, Louie? Run out of wallets to lift in the Big Apple? What’re you doing in this place?

What’s it look like, man? I’m workin’ here!

Working? You? Bull. I don’t buy it.

That’s the God’s honest, man! I got my act together! Been three years since I moved out and scored this gig!

(Three years… That’s about the same time I quit the force.) How did you know I was here?

Aw, man, I knew it soon as I saw your name on the package, yeah?

I been here for THREE YEARS! Just started to put all that New York stuff behind me, ya dig?

Hold on a second…

You wanted to forget my name, Louie?

You bet I did, man! 'Course, I wanna forget all the crap what happened back then.

Is that so?

When I first got this gig? Used to check the guest list every day. I was a total freak show. Always afraid someone I knew would show… It was a trip, man! You woulda laughed at what a dork I was.

No guests with my name?

So what’s the deal, Officer Hyde? What you doing all the way out here in a crappy hotel like this? Must be a major bust you got lined up, right? Why else would a Manhattan cop be so far from home?

That’s not it.

So…what? You’re, like, on vacation? Checkin’ out the tar pits and crap like that?


Huh? Man, you’re a TRIP! I don’t get you! Everything you say’s like a riddle or a mystery or somethin’. Whatever. Not my business what you’re doin’ here. You keep your secrets, and I’ll keep mine.


I love this fucking dorkus.

What? What’s the problem? Why’re you staring at me?

Mellow out, man. No big. Just that…you’re different now, ya dig? I was gonna say somethin’ earlier, but I didn’t want you to freak.

What’re you talking about? What’s different about me?

I dunno…


Music - Rainy Night

Questions! We’re gonna do these in order, as usual.

You got your act together?

Yeah, man, I got tired of picking pockets. Big risk, small reward, yeah?

Hold on.

Something happened, didn’t it?

Yeah, maybe… But I ain’t talking about it.

(Oh, right… He doesn’t know I quit the force.)

Talk about a comedy of errors, am I right?

It’s nothing.

What don’t you want to talk about? What happened?

…Forget it. I split that scene for my own reasons, man. Got nothin’ to do with you.

Well, it’s, you know… C’mon, man, you gotta know what I’m sayin’! You got that crappy leather jacket and that totally whacked-out tie.

Hey hey hey, don’t knock the damn hair. My barber says it’s really nice. I just need to be using the Head and Shoulders more, is all.

This look… It ain’t like you, man.

Not like me?

Uh-huh. The Officer Hyde I remember always wore a fly black suit. And the way you used to strut around the city? You had it goin’ on, man!

(We ruled the streets, Bradley. You and me, playing the heroes.) Yeah? What else?

Well, that’s it, man. I mean, you were…

Spit it out, Louie.

You were cool, man. Even when you were hasslin’ me, you were cool.

My cool ran out.



Yeah, man. That’s what I’m tellin’ ya. Not likely I’d forget somethin’
like that. Why you bustin’ me about it, anyways?

Just something I heard from that old-timer at the front desk. Seems
there was a guest with my name about six months back.

Six months…? No, man, I got nothin’. 'Sides, you think I wouldn’t remember a guest what had your name?

What happened?

…Forget it. I split that scene for my own reasons, man. Got nothin’
to do with you.

Music - Easy Feeling

I gotta blow, man.

All right.

But, uh, listen. Before I go, lemme ask you something?

What is it?

You, uh… You said you changed gigs, yeah? What’s the story?

Oh, that.

Truth, Louie? I hung it up.

Hung what up?

My badge.

What? No way! You quit the beat?!

Yeah. Actually, I got canned.

You were FIRED?! Oh man, Officer Hyde! What’d you do?!


…No thanks, man. I’ll pass. Sounds too heavy for me. Maybe some
other time, yeah?

All right.

Can’t believe you’re not a cop anymore, man. What a trip. So, what’s your deal now?

C’mon! Get outta here! You’re a door-to-door salesman?




So that package what I delivered is full’a sales stuff? Detergent and floor wax and hairnets? Old lady crap like that?

Could be.

Knock it off. What’s so damn funny?

Everything, man! C’mon, the famous Officer Hyde? A SALESMAN? That’s even more of a gas than me being a bellhop! Whaaaaa ha ha ha haaaaa!

That so?

…All right, man, I gotta bail. …Yo, Officer Hyde?


My past… You know all the crap that happened in New York? All the stuff I did? Well, ain’t nobody out here who knows about it, man.

All right.

Let’s head over to the bed and open this baby.

The package Louie delivered is on the bed.

I can’t sell a notebook!!!

Huh? What’s this supposed to be? There’s no order sheet. This isn’t Ed’s package.

The title written on the cover of the notebook is “The Secret Word.”

Well, better go to the front desk and complain.

Someone’s coming out of Room 219.

It’s the twerp!


We get put back onto the movement screen with the option to talk to Melissa, but we gotta so here we go!

Music - Pink Rabbit


What’s the score?

Hey! Kid!

I’m talking to you.

My name’s not “kid”!

Yeah, I know. Your name’s Melissa.

Hey! You know my name!

'Course I do. Don’t underestimate adults, kid. We know things.

Yeah, right. Whatever.

Seriously, kid. Stop playing on the stairs. It’s a hassle.

I’m not gonna play on the stairs anymore. But I lost something really important.

Tell me something, will you?

You won’t be able to see your mom?

Uh-huh. I had to promise my dad. I gotta do what he says…with no “back talk.” If I don’t, we won’t see my mom. We’ll just go home. That’s why I’m not gonna be a brat anymore.

You’re going to see Mom?

Music - Rainy Night

More interrogations! We just have one question now.

Hey, kid.

Where’d your mom go?

I dunno. But I was crying 'cause I wanted to see my mom for Christmas, right? And so Dad said we could go and see her.

So where are you going?

I dunno.

Where are you going, mister?

Me? I’m here on business, so I go where the boss says. Just gotta wait and see.

On business? That’s just like my dad. My dad always has to do whatever his boss says. That’s why he’s so busy.

What’s your dad’s job?

Old man? Who’s that?

Your dad. What kind of work does your dad do?

He’s a surgeon and stuff. He works at some hospital somewhere.

A sawbones, huh?

I love that podcast!

Yeah, I guess. And my mom works at an art museum. Her name’s Grace. My mom’s…

I didn’t ask about your mom, kid.

…Fine, go ahead. What’s your mom like?

As much as Kyle tries to be a cool guy, he’s just a big softie.

What’s she like? She’s nice, and pretty, and she bakes really good birthday cakes.

What else?

Well, she always said nice stuff about my drawings. I used to draw pictures of my mom all the time.

Pictures of your mom?


Sounds like a class act… Why don’t you draw a picture of her in this?

Sure, I guess.

Melissa drew a picture in my notebook.


Here’s the picture!

Hmm? (Oh, right… Guess I’ll give her back that puzzle piece I found on the stairs.)

We’re pushed out again to talk to her again. This game maybe has a bit of a problem with flow sometimes.

Music - Pink Rabbit



This is yours, isn’t it?



T-thank you. This puzzle was a present from my mom. It’s my treasure.



Dad, I was–

Get back in this room right now, young lady!


The two of them go into Room 219.

(So that’s Melissa’s father, huh? I can see why his wife split.)

Down to the lobby we go!


Who are you?

We gotta walk over to her!

Hey… You got a second?


Music - Secrets

Huh? (That’s her. That’s the girl I saw on the drive out here.) It’s you! I saw you standing alone by the side of the road. You were on the side of the highway, about an hour from here.

What? What’s wrong? Not you? (What’s going on? Why won’t she say anything?)

Huh? Wait a minute… Sorry, are you deaf? I didn’t mean to…

???: She can hear just fine! Mmm-hmm!

There’s a voice behind me.

Oh, hi there!

Music - Hangover Blues

Who are you?

Me? I’m Rosa. The maid. AND the cook. Who are you?

So you’re Rosa?

Mmm-hmm, that’s right. Rosa. You got it. Why are you asking? Has someone been talking about me again?

Yeah, I ran into Dunning at the front desk. He came out screaming 'cause he thought I was you.

Oh, did he now? Yeah, that sounds like Mr. Smith. Sorry about that. I bet the boss was lost in one of his hockey games. As usual. He’s supposed to be watching the front desk. 'Course he never does. The man is useless. Totally useless.

Right… So who’s the girl?

Why? Why you asking? There something you need from her?

Her name’s Mila?!

Who are you, anyway? I haven’t seen you around before.

That doesn’t surprise me. I’m a guest. Probably don’t see too many in this place.

Well, don’t I feel silly! I didn’t realize!

Wait a second…

Why’d you think I look like a salesman?

Red Crown.


The jacket. On your back. You’re wearing one of their jackets,aren’t you?

Guess I am.

So then I was right, wasn’t I? Yeah, I knew it. Mmm-hmm! I bought some things from one of your salesmen before.

Do me a favor. Get your company to sell things that are worth a darn So tell me, what’s your name? Wait! Let me guess! Um…no. I have no idea.

Kyle Hyde.

Oooooohhhh… So YOU’RE the man staying in Room 215. Shoulda known, shoulda known.

Look at that. You do know me.

Music - Rainy Night

Oh yeah. Sure. Well, that would be my guess. I mean, that’s what the bracelet on her left arm says.


Dramatic sting!

Wait, that looks like…

Music - Suspicions

Oh shit.

That’s impossible. (The bracelet Bradley was wearing… It couldn’t be…)

No…it’s nothing.

Oh…OK. Fine by me.

Music - Rainy Night

So…the girl. Is she staying here tonight?

Yeah, I think so.

What do you mean?

It means I’ll let her stay in my room. As a favor?

You have a room?

Yeah, that’s right. A room. I work here and live here, too. Lousy deal, I know.

I thought only little kids got lost.

Well, she might be a smidge old to be called lost, but she sure looks out of place. I heard she was just standing on the side of the road. Poor thing! She doesn’t have any luggage or anything.

Did she make it here all on her own?

No, she got a ride. Hitchhiked. That young man who checked in earlier
brought her.

Young man?

But then he found out she doesn’t talk, so he left her here. You believe it? Pretty cold if you ask me! Leaving her here all alone like that! Just ain’t right.

Sounds like a real jerk!

Who brought her in?

Fellow’s name is Jeff Angel. He’s in 213. Why? Why’d you ask? Do you know him?

I was right!

I met him. Briefly.

That so? Then you understand what I’m talking about! He looks harmless enough, right? But it’s the ones who look sweet that you have to fear, and for a fact!

What a creep!

Got that right. Now to why we were here in the first place.

Your bellhop delivered a package a few minutes ago. But it wasn’t mine.

Huh? What? He brought you the wrong package? What a dolt!

Yeah, looks like he got his wires crossed somewhere.

Sorry about that. I’ll make him look into it. Don’t worry about a thing.

Music - Hangover Blues

Phone again? Guess I gotta do everything around here! Sheesh!

Rosa runs to the front desk and answers the phone.

Uh-huh. Uh-huuuh. …How’s that again? Got the wrong package? Bellhop brought it up? …No, doesn’t surprise me one bit. Huh? Who’s it for again? Kyle Hyde?

That package should have been delivered to the guest in 215. Oh, you don’t have to do that. …Well, sure, but… OK, OK, I understand. I’ll contact the guest in 215, sir. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Rosa finishes talking and hangs up the phone.

That sounded promising.

Seems we found your missing package. Good timing, eh? That was another guest. Sounds like he got it by mistake. He said he’ll just take it on over to your room. Pretty nice of him.

I think that about covers it, right? Now you just go on up and wait in
your room. Go on, now! Move it!

At least she seems like she’s in good hands.

(Mila, huh? That was the name of Bradley’s kid sister.)

And with that revelation, we reach 5:20 and the end of this update! Next, we finish the first chapter of the game!

Next Time: The Night Begins[/details]

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Doing good so far, but I have a suggestion. The side character portraits in the last update are all laughing versions. For me, this makes it a bit hard to read without projecting a laughing tone onto their lines even when most do not have that tone. Would it be possible to use neutral portraits in the future?

Of course, having multiple portraits would be even better, but that would be a lot more effort. The screenshots you’re already providing should be good enough for suggesting the mood. It’s just that the laughing sprites are overriding that.