BOOSing it up with the Shirt Twins

My name is Yancy, and I’m a librarian dad in DC who loves horror games and hard liquor. I stream the games. My sis is Mortician, and she’s a ghoulish nurse and author. She adds the commentary.


Together, we call ourselves the Shirt Twins (see, because we stream in identical shirts… because we’re idiots). Every Sunday night, from about 8/9pm ET until whenever, we engage in what we call BOOS HOUNDS, a celebration of our two favorite things on this earth: horror and alcohol.

We do more than spookiness, though. You can also catch us playing the occasional anime/action/some-other-third-“A”-word-type game throughout the rest of the week, so feel free to drop on by whenever.

You can find us here: and @Shirt_Twins on Twitter

Happy Saturday, internet. Not a whole lot going on 'round these parts tonight, so how about a little button mashing with your weird old Uncle Yancy?

Got a few mashy games in the docket, so we’re doing to kick things off with some Fight’N Rage and go from there. We go live at 8:45pm ET.

Let’s drink through some Alan Wake tonight, what do you think? Starting at 9pm ET.