Bomberman's ... Less Than Triumphant Return

Heyo everybody. As was the case with Shantae: Half Genie Hero, I’m doing another colorful mascot-driven throwback to the old days of gaming. Super Bomberman R sees the bomber back to the spotlight after 7 years. From my understanding, a looot of people are curious as to whether or not the game is worth the asking price.

I did not believe it was. I thought I’d pick it up with the hope of being wrong, and to show others who may be curious or who might want to see the game before they buy. Plus, to have it on hand for any streams from people I follow.

Long story short … I remain skeptical. But I did the whole game - in one night - with another friend from another channel, so let’s run through this thing and see where it’s gonna win me over and where I can continue the legacy of #FuckKonami.

WARNING: We’re loud and obnoxious, but it’s all real reactions to the game. I wanted this to be good, and I’m angry when it isn’t.