Board Games + Waifus - Let's Play 100% Orange Juice

What is 100% Orange Juice?

100% Orange Juice is the 5-year anniversary celebration game made by Japanese game developer company Orange Juice. This game is a digital board game, using characters from its three bullet hell game series (QP Shooting, Flying Red Barrel and Suguri/Sora) as well as original characters. The game was translated and published to Steam by Fruitbat Factory in late 2013.

Due to it being the most popular game of Orange Juice’s games, the game still receives new content even to this day, in the forms of balance patches, new maps, costumes/accessories, hair colors, DLC cards and DLC characters. It still has a fairly vibrant community to this day.

How is this going to work?

This one will be done through screenshots. Each campaign will be played through, including the Extra Campaign, and the two DLC campaigns. I’ll be switching through characters, and will aim to play as, or at least see, all of the characters playable, even the DLC characters. This will be set on Original Difficulty, where the amount of cheating is set to be dependent on each character.

Spoiler Policy?

There’s not really much to spoil, but for the purposes of this, don’t talk about anything regarding the story until I’ve passed that point. You can talk about and discuss other Orange Juice games but try not to spoil anything unless it’s topically relevant to the conversation at hand (or if I’ve talked about it before).

I won’t be needing much else than this, so let’s go!

Part 1 - The beginning stuff before we get into the game

This isn’t going to be much of a gameplay introduction, because in-game we don’t get to the game yet.

The first thing we will do when starting a new file is picking our name. This has no impact on gameplay whatsoever, all it shows us is which character/player number we are in game. If you want to suggest a name, you can. It can be up to 10 characters long.

The real reason for this being so small however is so we can pick our character.

We can pick one of these 4 characters to start off as. This will open up their campaign, and determines our starting cards. We will be able to unlock and play with all 4 of these characters and their respective campaigns once we finish our first character’s campaign.

To not leave you completely in the dark, I’ll give a brief overview of each of these characters, their backstory and their strengths.


The protagonist of the QP Shooting series, QP is a dog-girl who, above all else, likes pudding and will do everything she can for pudding. In game, she is the most well balanced of the cast, with no stat bonuses/penalties, a solid amount of HP, and one of the best hypers (special ability, which I’ll get to next update) in the game, Hyper Mode.


The titular character of the Suguri series, she is a human who has lived for 10,000 years and saves the world by shooting at other cute girls with a multitude of weapons. In game, she is the ultimate RNG character, good at attacking and evading attacks, but if she gets hit, she gets hit hard. Her hyper, Acceleration, is yet another aspect of her RNG, she can either do really well or really badly with her hyper.


The main character of the Flying Red Barrel series, Marc is a pilot, who embarks on a journey with her plane, Red Barrel, to save the skies and make it a safe haven to fly around in. In game, she is the best out of the four in attacking others, with a good attack stat, and a good defense stat. In addition, her hyper allows her to damage and knock out her opponents safely, making her a dangerous foe in, and out, of combat.


The self-proclaimed ‘protagonist’, and an original character for 100% Orange Juice, he embarks on this adventure when he has his wallet stolen. He has a better stat spread than QP, with an additional +1 attack, but as a tradeoff his hyper is, while useful, nowhere near as good as hers. Also one of the few (4) male human characters in this game.

This won’t be a challenge thread, so all I’ll need is a name for our player (up to 10 characters), and either QP, Marc, Suguri or Kai as our character. I’ll open the votes up until at least Sunday, so get yours in by then.

Ooh, one of my two favourite board games on Steam. I’ve played quite a bit of 100%OJ, so I’m kind of intrigued to see someone doing an LP of it… especially a screenshot LP.

QP is a good starting point, and for a name… Arenjee, after the Dread God itself.

I say go with Kai, because why not start with the OC? As for the name, MarioParty. There aren’t any extra characters for a space, so it has to be one word. I half considered suggesting SoncShufle, but that doesn’t cut down to 10 characters as neatly.

I don’t have a preference about name but I think Kai would be fun to start off as.

I’ll also vote for Kai, as I started his campaign and never finished. And I feel like I need to vote for MarioParty as it’s name since I’m tied so strongly to that series right now.