blood - gnomebitten is a streamboy

Hello dear children, I am gnomebitten. I have been a streamboy for some time and have received the mythical Golden Ticket of Twitch Affiliation, so it is probably a good idea to start proselytizing the good name of my Good Good Streamboy Brand.

I stream at Twitch and tend to juggle a couple different projects around, so I will try to keep the thread up to date with what is currently happening. Here’s what you can expect to find on my stream:

  • I am the Global Yoshi’s Cookie League 2015-2016 World Champion and reigning Elder Champion. If you are interested in seeing puzzle games played very well, I sometimes stream my practice and want to get some netplay tournaments going. This is not a joke: I am the best YoCo player in the world, as far as anyone knows.
  • I am also rather fond of and rather good at Dark Souls. I’ve streamed plenty of challenge runs of the game, such as never picking up items or using only the items Hollow Warrior enemies use, but more recently have been streaming the very excellent Dark Souls randomizer.
  • In the same vein, I have also been streaming the Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow randomizer. It’s rather good!
  • Currently I am streaming The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion with my friend Slio9, who is mostly unfamiliar with it. These streams have been erratic, but are currently happening every Thursday. There are some for fun mods and graphical improvements, but it’s mostly vanilla Oblivion. I have not been kind to it.
  • I have been known to stream card games such as Hearthstone and MTG, and maybe some Eternal. Invariably I have either Slio9 or My Name Is Kaz around for these since my fiery guts need to be tempered by someone who is actually good at cards.

Other miscellaneous streams I do have involved old RPGs, some roguelikes like ADOM, weird romhacks, nuzlocke runs, FF5 fiestas, and weirdo indie games no one cares about. I also commonly have guests aboard, such as Slio9, My Name is Kaz, and sometimes others like Kabanaw, Logical2u, Rosella500, or other miscreants I have for friends.

If you miss a stream or are interested in looking at the old VODs, they go up to my Youtube. I will try to keep this thread updated for when I go live. but I also always post to my twitter when I do.

Feedback is, as always, encouraged.

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Well, I do enjoy watching people excel at Puzzle games. I’ll keep an eye on your channel.

Streaming a continuation of some Dark Souls randomizer, where all the item locations in the game have been scrambled

More Dark Souls randomizer, with friend Byrnedhead who is also playing Dark Souls

New plans, going to stream Aria of Sorrow Randomizer with Slio9 and medibot at 8PM EDT

Running a poll on twitter to help me decide what to stream next.

stress testing a new(ish) emulator for future netplay with Yoshi’s Cookie

Playing some Persona 2, the game that won the twitter vote

more Persona 2. still don’t know quite what to think of this game

Yeah, Persona 2 is a weird animal. It’s still VERY SMT-like, before Persona fully split off into its own identity with Persona 3, but you can see a lot of the elements there: rumors that become true via supernatural intervention, themes reflecting on the collective subconscious of mankind, and so on.

the thing that’s been getting me is how it’s got a shotgun blast of game mechanics

Streaming some Yoshi’s Cookie practice

More Persona 2! I may have gambled a whole lot

Persona 2 will not cease, regardless of what power outages say persona 2

Persona 2

More Oblivion with Slio9! Maybe I can find some more cheap wine

More Persona 2! I feel like this dungeon is gonna suck

It’s more persona 2, this time in an unreasonably large CD store

Setting up to stream some L4D2 soon with Kabanaw, Slio9, and later Zorak

Streaming Oblivion with Slio9 in a few minutes. I don’t know if we will finish Shivering Isles today, but we might be getting close