ANOTHER Etrian Odyssey Untold LP? Let's Play... Together!! Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl (Classic Mode)

Howdy all!!

I wanted to start a forum-based, community-driven, RP-centric playthrough of the EO series, starting with the first one! …Or, rather, the remake of the first one; I don’t actually have a copy of EO1 for DS.

Except there already was a similar idea currently going on here, apparently.

“Copycat!” you may cry out. “Unoriginal!”

First, I can say, with no concrete proof, that I have, in fact, had this idea long before I knew that the other LP was in progress. But, more important than whether or not I am an unoriginal copycat is whether or not mine is worth supporting, regardless. And in my completely biased opinion, it certainly is. Why, you may ask?

  • Unlike the other EOU LP on this site, I am ALWAYS accepting character submissions, and ALL characters will be accepted. (details in Rules)
  • I am doing a strict no-hack/cheat playthrough, for a more authentic gameplay experience
  • I don’t know the inner workings of the game’s mechanics. This means that what happens in the game is just as exciting/mysterious to me as it is to most of the audience.
  • This LP will be far more community-involved, if members of the community choose it to be. I am currently working on possibly establishing a group chat for members who want to be more involved, and have far more opportunities planned~

If you’re interested, be sure to spread the word! The more people participate, the better the experience will be! The LP will be hosted on the beautiful Etrian Odyssey fan-forum, Into the Labyrinth! It’s a pretty small, unknown forum, which is a shame, because it could easily be a thriving online community. This is kinda my attempt to breathe new life into the forum, though an account is not necessary to participate in or to read the LP.

Not familiar with the EO series? No problem! Class descriptions and a fairly basic, spoiler-free lore synopsis are provided on the introductory post, which should be enough for you to create your own character to explore alongside the rest of the Red Hydra guild!

The Rules
  • Anyone can submit a character. Any available class in Classic Mode (Sorry, no Highlanders or Gunners) is acceptable. Feel free to give your characters as much or as little information/backstory/personality as you’d like (Name and Class would be recommended, though). However, I’ll be taking any missing info as open to personal interpretation. ALL SUBMITTED CHARACTERS WILL BE ACCEPTED, EVENTUALLY. Though, I hold the right to negotiate or edit certain aspects of a character to fit what’s going on in the game.
  • “But, how can all characters be accepted if there’s a 25-character guild limit?” Ah, very astute. That’s because: WHEN A CHARACTER DIES IN BATTLE, THEY DIE IN BATTLE. If a nearby healer can resuscitate them, or if there’s a handy Nectar available immediately, they will be permitted to live. Aside from that, no resurrections. No exceptions. However, you are free to make a new character after the one you’ve created passes on into the aether. CAVEAT: If <25 characters are submitted, total, the permadeath rule is stricken out
  • Characters will be chosen in as close to a first-come, first-serve basis as possible. There probably will be situations that call for a later-submitted character to take priority, but I will do my best to make sure your character is not completely left behind.
  • Feel free to discuss what has been covered, but if discussing things that haven’t been covered yet, be sure to cover them in spoiler tags. I’m also up for a more update-able/“live” discussion group on, say, Discord or Telegram or something to cover the Whats, Wheres, and WWYCD’s (What Would Your Character Do) as it happens; this would be great for playing a part in the leveling and skill development of your characters. Anyone who’d like to do that, lemme know and we’ll arrange something similar.
  • No cheats/hacks/etc. I will be swapping gamesaves with a Story Mode run I’m doing on my own (not for any LP’s; just for fun) using JKSM, though.
  • Classic Mode, Expert Difficulty. For that traditional EO challenge.

If you’re interested in this humble unoriginal copycat’s proposal, feel free to check it out and apply for guild membership here!

Just letting all of you know that I edited the rules some: If <25 characters are submitted (which is likely; so far there is only 1 character), the permadeath rule will be removed.