An artist you follow regularly/Recommendations

What artists do you follow on the regular?
Or are you an artist yourself and what kind style do you use? ie impressionism, cubism, pop art etc.

I’ve been drawing since I was young and if people could recommend another artist that would be great!

I would recommend off the top of my head; Temmie Chang,CatFat and HelloWinter.

Tobias Kwan’s stuff is just amazing, particularly his Motherland Chronicles project:

I just . . . I REALLY want to have prints of these all over my walls.


Oh those look super cool!
I really love how they use their dark tones!
Also I might have to recommend a user by the name of WLOP.

Their art helped me along and inspired me when I was down.





Mira Ong Chua is a storyboard artist for CN and formerly for Nickelodeon and does lots of great comics, she’s one of my fav artists currently! I really love the sort of shapes & volumes she captures with her drawings.


I’m an amateur artist that draws things that people consider cute. I don’t know much about the topics of styles, techniques, and the like, but I follow a number of artists on twitter that I feel are pretty good.

TysonTan, a concept artist for Freedom Planet 2

Justin Chan, who worked on Nuclear Throne as well as other things

Nightmargin who worked as the artist for ONESHOT, though her twitter is mostly Hyper Light Drifter most of the time

And some people I consider have nice art!

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I’ve been very into the webcomic THUNDERPAW: In the Fires of Ash Mountain lately. It has a really unique art style and utilizes animated frames to create a sort of living comic.

I’m also a big fan of IvyAtoms (who did my avatar). She creates amazing post-anime nightmare fetish hellscapes and I’m always amazed at her complexity and imagination.


I recently read Intersect by (NSFW arts) Ray Fawkes and his watercolor work is just stunning.


Some of my favorites (reminiscent of @Luck’s recommendation, actually) – The first two have some NSFW stuff, FYI.


I tend to follow a lot of anime-inspired artists with very stylized art, so here’s a few I’m fond of:

Tigera (sometimes NSFW) who makes really good use of sharp lines and bold colors:


Kuvshinov Ilya, a Russian artist living in Japan who’s output and quality of work absolutely floors me:


Woof (often NSFW) who’s colors are fantastic:


KanekoShake (sometimes NSFW) who just has a really fun and unique art style.


As for myself? I’m still figuring out a lot of this art stuff on my own, but I’m quite fond of using sharply contrasting line weight to create very bold, dynamic linework in my art. Not sure what you might call that.


I’m a big fan of Akai Sashimi, who draws a lot of cute girls and monsters.

(from here and here)