AI Battle Games! Battle Bots!

Playing video games is boring… watching video games, now that’s fun.

This thread is for games that are great as spectator sports, making your own tournaments and lettting those dumb little roombas slam into each other over, and over, and over again.

Talk about what you like to do with your gladiators, or suggest games that are great for it.

Here are some great AI battle games:

Super Smash Bros.
I mean… of course. But with the Wii U game, there’s lots of new possibilities. I personally love focusing on the Mii fighters part of it. With fighters being customizable and are able to be literally based on anything, there’s lots of possibilities to play with. They even have an entire line of amiibos solely for AI battles.

Soul Calibur
I mean… there’s not a super lot to do, so put those custom characters to use and stab each other to help you forget the story mode.

M.U.G.E.N. (no one knows what it stand for, don’t worry)
It’s basically a bunch of programmers make a game, and then those games fight other games. The clashing characters and absurd level of AI makes most Mugen packs unplayable, but incredibly fun to watch. Mugen is so entertaining to spectate because literally anything can happen. And of course I have to mention SaltyBet. Which is a huge system of fighters, stages, and soundtracks, that runs endlessly on a 24 hour stream that has been going for years.

The WWE games are essentially made for this. I still have no idea how to actually play any of the ones I’ve owned, in fact.


My guilty pleasure is always watching SaltyBet even though the chatroom is a little too salty.

But here are some of my favorites:

  1. Any of the WWE 2K games when you download a ton of Create-a-Wrestlers and have them to a Royal Rumble Match (i do one every year on stream) Sonic the Hedgehog vs A Minecraft Character vs Barack Obama!

  2. Mario Party - sure, the mini games are fun, but Mario Party is always better from a distance, plus you get to save friendships this way.

  3. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator when it comes out, because it’s always fun to see ragdolls flop around.

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A somewhat well known streamer, Smite, does a stream of this every week! He calls it AI Arena, and it is also a game on his weekly video game-show Arcade pit! During the stream there is also fake betting, that results in real prizes at the end of each “season” (which I think it every month?) He also mixes up what games are being played, with some really obscure and well known games in the mix.

HERE is a link to his streams, AI Arena is done on Thursdays at 8pm EST, I think.


R-Type Final has one! It’s a bit hard for me to figure out how it works but it’s interesting to watch.

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I’ve always wondered how difficult it would be to finish a Tales Of game by setting everyone to AI mode. It’s probably close to impossible on most of them considering how incredibly thick the AI can be.

I might have to give this a shot sometime…