Adventures With My New Evil Twin - 'The Legend of Zelda: Book of the Traitor' (fancomic)



(New cover page pending)

Written by me and drawn by Lore Cox (mischievousart), Book of the Traitor is the culmination of my many years of loving Zelda, reading up on various speculations and fan-theories, and thinking up different story ideas based on them and examining the current day in a different context. Rather than write out a fanfiction I would lose interest in within a week (again), I was inspired by Stephan McGowan’s The Demon Road to turn the story into a comic. After a few more years of troubles and my original artist dropping out after the prologue, the story has finally begun thanks to Lore’s excellent artistry.

Chapter 2 is currently underway. Chapter 1 begins in medias res, so if you want to see the story from the very chronological beginning, start with Chapter 2. New pages go up every Saturday

The Story
Synopsis: Thousands of years after the fall of Hyrule, in the recovering postwar cities of New Ordon, new heroes arise to defeat the remnants of the lost kingdom’s dark past, as well as that of their own. The cycle of good vs. evil continues, but as is always true in war, the line between them blurs…
Book of the Traitor - a study in destiny, identity, and the line between good and evil.

Other basic things to know: There’s some gayness and trans boyness up in there. Lot of pretty boys being married and wrecking shit.

Prologue (Painted by Olivia Voutier)
Chapter 1: In Medias Rescue
Chapter 2: Prophecy


Page 25 is up. If you get scared, hug a buddy.


Page 26 is up, complete with walls exploding and shit-eating grins.


Haven’t kept up with this thread, but remember, we post a new page every Saturday. We also recently began Chapter 2, and since Chapter 1 is in medias res, this is the point where the story “begins” for real if you want to hop on board now. May contain boys kissing.


Can confirm, the boys are kissing.