Adventure Buds - A Podcast focused on character creation

Tabletop games vary out there but one thing that almost always stays the same is the start of each adventure: character creation. I’m Riley, and along with my partner @yaodema we dive into the wide world of tabletop games that isn’t D&D because all of them deserve the attention more. Along with making some characters we discuss various aspects of the system and what we like or don’t like but overall we focus on making a character that we like.

Starting off with a wonderful typo when I made this, episode 1 part 1 is a look into Dungeon World, a system that threw out the d20 in favor of the Apocalypse classic, 2d6. Here we review two of the core classes, Fighter and Druid.


Part 2 is up, and most likely the last we use Soundcloud, as Podbean looks like the most affordable for future episode hosting.

This episode covers the Mage and Priest playbooks, not in the core Dungeon World book but two of the playbooks made by Gnome, while also touching a bit on Thief and Paladin.

Ya know that Fellowship game? Yeah, that one, we cover that in today’s episode! We talk about the Elf and Halfling playbooks as well as our own past mischief.

You’re gonna want to hear my reaction when I realize what the heck she did with her character. I knew in advance something was going to be up but … see if you can spot it before I did. :sparkles:

This time we’re covering Ryuutama, the journey-focused tabletop game, and aspects like one of the dragons being built specifically for beginner GMs

Aubrey and Riley are now in the feel-good zone of Golden Sky Stories, talking about a different type of tabletop where the focus is just to have a good day as a powerful animal-spirit.