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For my 2020 new years resolution, I vowed to actually sit down and play through the increasing library of Steam (and otherwise) games that I had amassed through various sales. I didn’t quite get on that till about a month in, but now every week I am tackling one game from my list! Maybe I’ll go through the entire game over multiple streams? Maybe I’ll think it sucks and move on! Only time will tell.

You can follow me on my journey every Saturday at roughly 4pm PST (7 EST) at my channel here! I am occasionally joined by co-commentators, but sometimes it’s just a matter of me pushing through the games on my own. This is my own personal exercise after all.

Miscellaneous Mondays

With more free time offered to me I am now doing Miscellaneous Monday streams! Basically I’ll be doing a weekly grab bag of titles based around something alliterative. Why not, right? Check the whole list here!

You can, of course, find the VODs for each stream right here in a neat little playlist. Here’s some of the entries so far!

the ancient art of streaming well is not easily mastered

tell em BIG TIAN sent ya

the loveliest of bones

The Jade Empire slog continues on with some real FOXES! Also some REAL foxes!!

fuckin white people ruining everything

Our inaugural Monday stream is one of mysteries! Also educational games on DOS! Look, trust me on this one it makes sense.

instead of a BackSlog we did something a lil different this week! please join us in a special tabletop session with Jeff Stormer as her GMs his game: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

It’s Memory Monday! Join us as we play Tacoma and thrill at the adventures of wizard marcus (and some other jerks i guess)

how many wrestling references can we fit in one stream? find out!!


hello boys and GHOULS! are you ready for a spine-tingling edition of BackSlog? i’m sure you’ll simply DIE of excitement! oooohoooohoohoohoohehehehehehe

never getting over the babydee

how to win friends and influence people

its like katamari, but opposite! with consequences!

we did a different thing saturday!

another tie means another goofy-ass pick for miscellaneous monday! this one sure is somethin

Happy April 30th! Last night I did a “play the game as fast as i know how” run of MGS2. It’s kind of a few different trainwrecks in one, but hey it’s still a good time! Maybe a real speedrun awaits me when I stop being so lame!

plot twists and honest to god austin powers references