A Question of Twitch Usernames

Can general stream related questions go here? If not, then call this a way to test moving topics.

So I’ve been following several folks on Twitch for a while now as AN01A, which sometimes creates confusion on how to say it. People already have trouble saying it (like annoy-ya), but with my copout number spelling they sometimes say the numbers, too.

I have a second, untouched account that’s the same as my Twitter: CatOperated, and since I’m getting ready to start streaming I’m wondering which one I should stick with and promote.

  • AN01A, you l33t d0rk
  • CatOperated, you cat loving dork

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For posterity, general non-technical questions about streams should go in http://www.lp.zone/c/lpgeneral/fortressoffeedback

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I feel like it really depends on which one you want to be called more often. If you were leaving me a message I would be saying it letter by number (AY IN ZERO ONE AY), I have no idea if that’s what you would want to be called or not.

CatOperated is also a great username to have and sounds cute and fun, so it’s just generally how you feel about either one. You l33t, cat loving dork.

Yeah, the spelling it out has happened 3 times now so I guess I’ll be Anoia with the CatOperated channel

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