A live blog of just how terrible I am at this.

This is a just me flaggelating myself about being awful at making LPs and all the terrible that comes with me making my first LP (as well as any future LPs I do.) This is in reference to my LP in progress of To the Moon.

  • Oh gosh, FRAPS won’t record or take screen shots and I don’t know how to use anything else. :sob:

  • Oh thank God, I can use something free (Hypercam2)

  • Holy shit, my sound just turned off and Hypercam2 is crashing and yet running at the same time. My computer is in revolt. Send a priest.

  • Oh fuck, it recorded everything at insane speeds and the music is desynced and distorted as fuck.

  • Praise be unto @Combat_Lobster who helped me figure out how to record and taught me about VirtualDub!

  • Wow, when I try to make these portraits transparent it fucks them up… WELP. FUCK IT, DO IT LIVE!

  • What was I thinking? This is unacceptable. All the images should be the same size. It looks like an unprofessional mess. I volunteer for tribute.

  • Shit, I’m still fucking recording up but Combat Lobster is a fucking hero and they’re to the rescue again.

#Current Plans:

  1. Re-record all 6 hours of gameplay the right way, so there are no windows, boundaries and shit.
  2. Repost all screenshots at the same size (what size should that be?)
  3. Gifs are probably mostly fine as is.
  5. Pause for drinking, crying, and praying for death.
  6. Do a good job.
  7. Finish the LP, make everyone cry.
  8. Begin a new LP.
  9. Find a Sega CD capture card or use a good emulator.
  10. …Somehow convince Panzerskank and anyone else she wants to co-commentate on my next LP. Not for any fame reasons but because she really needs to experience this game. It’s Popful Mail.
  11. Having achieved LP stardom, sell out hugely. Start posting and tweeting MRA nonsense like JonTron and double down on all my terrible opinions. (This one is optional.)

I… I did it. I recorded it correctly. Combat_Lobster was a huge help and I couldn’t have done it without them. Now to make the screen shots uniform.