A Link Between Links - Let's Play Ocarina of Time: Master Quest Co-Op

Hi there friends! I’m homphgomph (Joe), my sister ginko (Katie) along with my good buddies zelgadisA027123 (Jesse) and Ryan will be playing through the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest!

A Let’s Play of Ocarina of Time? What’s so special about that?
Glad you asked! We’ll be playing through cooperatively via Modloader64 using a romhack (via betterOOT) of Ocarina of Time making the dungeons the Master Quest versions. None of us are super familiar with the Master Quest dungeons but we’ve all played through OoT. Glitches and jank are expected!

Is there anything else different about this playthrough?
Outside of twisting and contorting a 24 year old game to be able to be played cooperatively over the internet, we’ve also added a couple mods for convenience/challenge/because they’re cool

  • MM Jumps - Replaced Link’s jumps with the cool flips from Majora’s Mask
  • Fast Time Flow - Make time zoom to the Morning/Night at the push of a button
  • Life Transference - Health is synced among players, when someone takes damage, we all take damage.
    And maybe a couple more things here and there.

Did you know there are other cooperative Zelda games?
Interesting! We may play through those as well at some point, but right now we’re only committing to Master Quest.

When will you be posting updates?
Updates will be posted once a week on Saturdays, typically one area/dungeon per update, we’ve already done a decent amount of sessions because our schedules can be difficult to align and I personally like to be consistent with Let’s Play updates. We also stream 3 nights a week which can eat into our free time.

Also hey, me and Jesse did a co-op playthrough using an old version of the modloader, if you want to see vanilla OoT co-op’d you can check that out.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!


Part 1 - The Great Deku Tree (unfortunately Ryan’s recording was destroyed, so the first three dungeons will only have 3 of our views)
Part 2 - Dodongo’s Cavern

saved for cool things

Oh lord Master quest. I remember an old LP of that, Good luck on the bullshit this game gives out.

“Remixing puzzles” ends up meaning “put cows in the wall” and “make people work for chests with 5 rupees”.

What a chaotic and fun way to play this game. Hearing Goku every now and then was absolutely incredible in how good it sounded while also giving me whiplash.

There are some voice samples later that are equally jarring in how high quality the samples are, we’ve only scratched the surface. Though “YOU’RE WIDE OPEN” will never get old.

Heeey let’s get on to Dodongo’s cavern, in which discord dies but progress is still made some how!

Part 2 - Dodongo’s Cavern