A Let's Play that isn't ongoing, but is?

For a while now I’ve been doing a series of Let’s Plays called “Let’s Narcissism” where I go through games and stuff I’ve made, old and new, and talk about what I was thinking when I made it as I play. I’m working on a new episode, for a game jam game I made last Halloween.

Which presents a conundrum: from the perspective of an individual game, it’s a brand new LP, but it’s part of a series of Let’s Plays I’ve been doing for two or three years now. Is that kosher to post here?

There are quite a few posts in the Let’s Make subforum that fit into this exact pattern - someone is doing an ongoing thing and want to give people a window into it. Standard practice seems to be “here’s what the thing is, here’s a link to the archive, here’s a couple of examples that I think exemplify it so if you like them you’ll like the rest”. Then add new posts for new creations.

I’ve talked to the moderation team, and we’re in agreement that your series is fine to post in the Let’s Make forum, given that the content you’re talking about are all the things that you’ve made!

Since your series is ongoing, I’d go with posting only the new episodes, with a link in the first post to all your previous ones like @shinyemptyhead has suggested.

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Okay, cool, thanks.