A Feudal Fanfiction: Let's Play Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask

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Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask is a video game built on a lie. There is no secret, there is no curse, and I guess there’s a mask.

The truth is that Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask is a PS2 role-playing game released in 2004 and tying in with the anime/manga series of the like named. Y’know, the one from Adult Swim. In it, you play as a young man or woman from the present who finds themselves trapped in the feudal era of Japan and joins up with the main cast of the anime to find their way back to their own time.

My feelings about this game…well…I pretty much loved the shit out of it when I was a wee teen, had a short period where I started to become more aware of the game’s shortcomings and turned away from it, then I started to appreciate it once more for what it was. See, this is not what you’d call a “good” game. The battle system is absolutely barebones and the game is piss-easy, the graphics are unimpressive for the most part, both the writing AND localization leave quite a bit to be desired, and the overall production values are pretty low.

However, it is also not what you would call a “bad” game. The story, while not, y’know, good, is pretty mid-2000s Fanfiction.net in only the best of ways. The gameplay may be simple, but the game itself is generally well put together on a technical level, and it’s not unpleasant to play. The difficulty is pretty nonexistent, but that almost serves to make the experience of playing the game better to go through, because without having to worry too much about the systems, one can just let the narrative wash over them. It’s led to this being one of my most replayed games, in fact. At one time, it was a yearly ritual to play through each summer.

It’s a comfy game, and I’ve honestly been waiting a decade to do this LP.

So, this LP is going to be a casual playthrough of the game, I’m not going to go for 100% (mainly because that realistically requires at least 11 discreet playthroughs) but I’m going to do as much as I can in a single run and not sweat the small stuff. There’s not much outside the main plot anyway.

As for spoilers, since the story of this game is completely independent from the main series, talk about that all you want. Just don’t talk about anything in this game, please.

Also feel free to provide fanart, as I have the wild dream of curating the largest collection of Cursed Mask fanart on the net.


(Down below, ya dingus.)

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Attract Mode

This opening movie isn’t really anything special. I think it might just be the first opening of the actual anime with a couple game-specific things included. Even has the same generic music that’s on the Netflix version of the show due to issues licensing Change the World.

And with that, welcome to Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask! Only about two of the words in this title will be present in the game and one of them is Inuyasha. Upon pressing Start, we’re given the opions of New Game, Continue, and Bonus. The first two are obvious, but we won’t worry ourselves with Bonus for a while. Right now, New Game is what we need.

We’re given the choice between a male protagonist and a female protagonist. The game touts these two characters as being designed by Rumiko Takahashi herself, but since there’s no real information about the development of this game, I can’t really tell you to what extent she was involved. There are actually differences between the guy and the girl, as their stats are slightly different, they learn techniques in a different order, and there’s a subplot that can involve different characters based on who you pick. However, the last difference is really the only one you need to worry about.

Because this game knows exactly who it’s aiming for, the female protagonist is highlighted by default, which we will pick. You might notice that she’s got a set surname of Kururugi. This was actually a way for the original Japanese version to easily have characters address the protagonist in voice acting. This doesn’t work quite as well in English. The male protagonist’s default name is Michiru.

In fact, outside of the beginning of the game, your protagonist is hardly ever addressed by name in the English version. Which is why we’re naming her after my first love. Once we press X, the adventure begins!

Anime Kururugi’s Bizarre Adventure

If you didn’t watch the video, we got home late from school, went to the shed in the back of the house to help with a festival, and fell through some rotted wood.

We fell down a hole into a forest that’s nowhere near our house. Makes sense to me.

Where’s my house? I have to get ready for the festival.

“Cutscene 1”
This game never got an official OST release, so all I have to go on is unofficial recordings directly from the game. Please understand.

Anime walks around a bit as ominous music begins to play.

Father… Please answer me. Mom! Dad! Why won’t you answer me? Where is everyone? Everyone…

And now we’re given control of Anime for like a second, heading to the next screen on the left.

…Huh. This is definitely not our house.

No one’s here. How could that be?

That’s right, my cell! I’ll call the house with my cell phone.

Yes! Okay! Good idea. Let’s just call Mom and ask her to drive us home.

I can’t get through!

Damn, no signal. Within 1% reliability my ass. Let’s try again just to be sure.

I can’t get through! I’m outside, but there’s no signal. That’s weird.

We’re given control once again, so I have to do something reeeeal quick.

The config menu is solely changing button configurations. The default is on the top, and you can see why the fuck I’m changing it. Who uses Square for cancel?! Not a good first impression. I’m using the American-style layout in the middle.

Moving along, finally we meet some other people! Maybe we can ask them that’s going on.

Oh, there’s some people there. Maybe if I talk to them, they could tell me where I am…Good. Then I can go home.

That’s what I said, stop LPing the game for me.

Huh? Kimonos? Why are they wearing kimonos?

Well, I mean, we live at a shrine and there was a festival going on. Doesn’t seem too outta place.




"Normal Battle"

The three mysterious people step forward, kicking in the battle music. This isn’t good.

With the models in this game, sometimes you have to use your imagination.

Careful! It’s a demon!

What?! I can’t hear you over the music!

What? A demon? What are you talking…

Demon, where have you taken my daughter?

Seriously, these guys are barely audible over the bad audio mixing.

Wait. I just…

What are you saying now?

Alright, let’s catch it, Get it! [sic]

Catch it and get my daughter back!

These guys are weird. What’s going on?

Don’t let it get away. Catch it!

Yes, don’t let it get away!


I need to run away!

Cheese it!

Whew, lost 'em.

But, what’s happening? I don’t understand what’s going on.

Mom, Dad! I’m scared.

A sounc comes from the trees!


"Cutscene 2"

Aaaa! It’s a demon!

What? Where?

Oh, there.

I thought I smelled something tasty. It’s a human! I was just getting hungry. How convenient!

I mean, if I had any signal, I could get us some Five Guys on Doordash, but I don’t so it’s not THAT convenient.

What?! Whar are you? Don’t come near me!

You literally just said he was a demon, girl.

Well, we’re certainly not trying.

"Normal Battle"

A for effort.

I’m gonna eat you!

Yeah, he actually just kinda says ROAR.

Ha ha ha ha!

He’s gonna eat me.

There are a lot of points in this game where I’m not sure if it’s badly written or just badly localized, and I think both are true at different points.

At least the voice actor’s having fun.

…What happened to me?

What the heck was that?

Am I dead?

???: Hey, are you awake yet?

Who’s that?

The voice sounds familiar…

I’m alive!

Oh hey it’s the fella what’s name is on the box.

Hey, wait a minute.

So in dialogue, most major characters outside of Anime will have these sprites on them. They’re pretty nice.

But you have dog ears and fangs.

Does Inuyasha have fangs? He’s got some pretty sharp canines, but does that qualify as a fang?

I’m scared. Don’t come near me!

Never mind, you were great! What kind of technique was that?

I think mostly crying and begging? It’s more effective than you’d think.

You beat that demon by shining that light on him.

Technique? Demon?

I know this is a weird new situation, but Anime’s not exactly the quickest girl.

I thought I was dead, but I’m alive. Why?

You came from “the present,” didn’t you?

Do you know where I came from? Please, tell me how I can get back. Huh, the present?


What do you mean?

The present…you know,

That doesn’t help!

Wait. Please, help me understand.

What a hassle! Come on, follow me. If you ask Kagome, she can probably explain things.

Who’s Kagome?

The voice acting says “Kaede’s Village” but the ingame text will say “Kaede village” multiple times.

I’m a little scared, but I guess I should go. There might be someone that knows me there.

It’s kinda hard to see, but there’s a purple cloud on the left side of the screen.

Hey, wait! There’s a strange smell. I think that demon’s buddies are around.


The smell of demons is coming from that purple light.

What should I do?

What are you talking about? Let’s go after 'em!! It should be easy if you use the red light again. Hey, here they come!

Despite the dialogue seeming to segue directly into a battle, we’re given control and have to walk into it. You can see that Inuyasha is following behind us. When we get more party members, we can decide who follows us by rearranging the party order.

Now, the clouds. These purple clouds will appear frequently and your random encounter rate rises as you pass through them. You can use the walk button to slowly go through and counteract the rate up, but it’s a crapshoot. In fact, it is entirely possible to get through this screen and to the next segment of the game without fighting any battles, despite what the story suggests.

We’re not that lucky this time. And I will actually save me the time and trouble of covering this battle or explaining the system at this moment. At this point in the game, literally nothing in the battle system is available to us besides pressing attack, so there’s really no use in going into detail now.

All I’ll say is that the enemy designs in this game are less than inspired.

After every battle, the character that landed the killing blow gives a one-liner. Inuyasha of course did it because Anime has basically no power for the beginning part of the game.

This fight is enough to level Inuyasha up and give him an actual techinique. I’ll go over that with the rest of the battle system. Also there’s no actual currency in the game, just “money.”

Hey, why didn’t you use that last move again?

I didn’t know how to.

Literally everyone I’ve met so far has been rude.

But I don’t know what to do.

A small man!

She was so afraid to die, she did it unconsciously.

Who is that?

It’s just Myoga.

You’re not good at explaining things, Inuyasha.

What a small person. Is he a demon too?

Yes. I am Inuyasha’s personal bodyguard. My name is Myoga.

Also when you are quite small.

Never mind that. I can still sense demons around us. This girl’s power has not yet awakened. We need to be careful.

You’re right. I can still smell the demons too.

What should I do?

You have to fight hard and make sure you don’t slow Inuyasha down. We’re getting close to Kaede’s Village. Well, Inuyasha, I’m going ahead. Be careful.

Hey, Myoga! Wait! Damn, he’s run off again. The demons around here are pathetic. Let’s get going.


With this, we are given back control and after three uneventful screens and one healing item, we’re out of this starting area.

And this is the map screen. The little crescent moons represent each location, with most major locations separated by a road to that location. Right now, the only place we can go is also the place with the plot marker on it.

You can press Triangle to save on the map, which I choose to do because this is where we’re gonna end for now.

Next time, we get to the bottom of this nonsense.

Chapter 1 Highlight Reel

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Alright, this time we’re gonna figure out what the heck is goin’ on here. Wanna go home.

“Kaede’s Village”

This is extremely not home.

Finally, we’ve arrived. This is Kaede’s Village.

It can’t be…a horse?

Have you seen those things? Their legs are fingers!


Nope, it’s Ohio. The kimonos gave it away.

What are you thinking about? If you don’t hurry, I’ll leave you behind.

???: Inuyasha!

This voice clip is not given a text box or anything, which is odd because this is really the only time it happens.

“Comical Scene”

This girl looks quite cross and is also given a full body sprite sweep, which also never really happens again.

Hey, Inuyasha! Where have you been?

Yep, it’s Kagome!

There was a demon outside of the village and we needed your help to defeat it. You’re never there when we need you.

Now with two sprites!

Hey, who are you?

Oh yeah, this kid was being chased by one of the small demons, so I stepped in.

Oh, great! Where am I? This is Japan, right? There’s horses, and weird hairstyles, and even demons! My cell doesn’t work, there’s no police stations, no cars, no convenience strores. Not even a supermarket.

Listen, I know you’re a time traveler, but you’re being pretty glib about our distress right now and I don’t appreciate it.

I don’t know why, but you were sure excited.

I’m sorry. I was so happy, cuz I thought I had found a normal person.

That’s understandable, but please calm down.

All this dialogue being voiced really hammers in how badly written/localized it is.

I think you’ve come from the present.

Yeah, you know. The present!

Yes. I fell through a hole in the storage house and all of a sudden I was in the woods.

I see. Okay, I need you to listen to me carefully. This isn’t the present.

I think we knew that from the acknowledgement that the present was something we could be from here.

Not the present? Then where am I?

Wait, then what was that “Yes” earlier?!

This is the Feudal era.

The feudal era?! The time of Nobunaga Oda and when guns first came to Japan?

Yes, I’m sure it’s surprising. But it’s true.

It can’t be.

I couldn’t believe it at first either.

But, I’ve only read about the feudal era in my textbooks. This is absurd.

Yes, that’s right.


I was even attacked by demons.

I see. Are you hurt?

I’m fine.

This village is safe. You can stay here for a while.

Thank you. I’m really glad you’re here. If you weren’t, I don’t know what I’d do.

Don’t be rude. You’d be bawling too, if you had to go through all that.

Eh… Reminds me of someone else that cries all the time.

What do you mean by that?

Me? Always mad? Yeah right.

See, you’re mad right now. You’re so short-tempered.

You guys really get along, huh?

Hey, Anime, it’s rude for a stranger to comment on romantic tension, okay?


Hey what are you saying? Who does she think she is. [sic]

Oh, stop it.

Don’t be shy.

Incredibly rude.


Don’t you want to go back?

That’s right.

What do you mean?

That’s how I got here.

That’s awful convenient.

You mean…

You may be able to go back if you pass through there.

Wow! Really?! Please take me there!

Okay. It’s on the eastern outskirts of this village.

“Kaede’s Village”

Kagome is absorbed into Anime and we head on our way.

On our way, we find this farmer who tells us about the mysterious field. This is about the only sidequest in the game. Over the course of the game, we’ll receive different seeds and fertilizers, which we can combine at this field. Different combinations will yield different crops. Most combinations will give you different items, but there are special combinations that provide special scenes, which is probably your main goal. I’ll try to get as many as I can, but a lot of this stuff is easily missable, and the reward isn’t particularly interesting most of the time. Also, it’s not really worth starting on until later in the game, so we’ll get there when we get there.

There’s some NPCs and another screen and neither are interesting.

“Cutscene 1”

It looks really old. Almost like demons could come out of it.

Oh so now we’re an expert.

Yeah, it does.

Hey, don’t say that. You’re going to scare them.

Did not want to program and record two lines.

Whatever. The demons were dead anyway.

You know what I mean, Inuyasha. You’re so insensitive. Sorry, Anime.

I never introduced myself.

Yeah. If you jump in, it should take you right back to the present.

Jump in?

What are you scared of?


Here I go. One, two…th-th…



Well, I’d like to thank you for joining me to revisit this unsung classic. It’s pretty short, but it doesn’t overstay its welcome. Goodnight everyone.

oh wait

Ouch! I don’t think so.

“Comical Scene”

Wow, you two look great for it being like 500 years in the future.

I couldn’t help it.

What if she got hurt?

Shut up! I was just helpin’ out.

What?! How’s that?

Excuse me?


Can you stop fighting and help me. [sic]

I’m startin’ to think…

…this ain’t the present.

I don’t know why, but you can’t seem to get through.


Don’t worry. I’m sure there is another way.

Okay. But what do I do now?

Well, Kaede helped me out when it was my turn.

Who’s Kaede?

But she’s always nagging me.

Only because you’re always getting into trouble.

Well, I don’t really understand, but she doesn’t sound like a bad person. I’d like to meet her.

Okay, let’s go. She lives on the west side of the village square.

And go we did, directly to the left of the first screen of the village.

This is Priestess Kaede’s house.

Okay, I know this wasn’t exactly a AAA game, but this is pretty lazy.


What?! There’s two of you, Kagome?!

???: [In a decidedly not Kagome voice] Kagome’s back!

So Kagome has a twin?

???: Twins? What are you saying?

Hey, behave yourself Shippo.

I should note that the voice acting says “What is SHE supposed to think” instead of “one.”

“Comical Scene”

A child!

What happened? Kagome turned into a child!

Transformation? How can you do that? Are you pulling my leg?

You use the art of transformation when you want to trick someone.

I feel like we are having different conversations.

I see.


So what’s your name? My name is Anime. I came from the present, like Kagome.

My name’s Shippo. Are you Kagome’s friend?

Um, not really.

I thought Kagome brought you from the well.

I wish.

Seems like you’ve got a problem.

Yes. You seem really calm, even though you’re a kid.

I have literally no idea what these people are talking about half the time.

Don’t be such a smart-aleck.

What did you say, Inuyasha?

We’re going to Kaede’s house, right?

Cut it out, Shippo.


That’s it. Inuyasha, sit!

Hey, what was that? Wow, Kagome!

This is the power of Priestess Kaede. Come on, let’s go talk to Kaede.


Um, hello. My name is Anime.

From the look of your clothes, I guess you came from the same place as Kagome.


You can relax. No one’s going to eat you.


Um…I was looking for something in the storehouse, when I suddenly blacked out. When I came to, I was in this world.

Technically the same world, just a different time, but I get you.

I would like to go home. Can you please tell me how to do that?

Hmm, you want to go home. I thought you were Kagome’s friend. It seems like a difficult situation. Tell me your story from the beginning.

And then I said Shippo was really calm for a kid. I dunno why I said that, it didn’t make much sense and wasn’t really germane to the situaiton.

The well didn’t work.

Well? The Bone-Eater’s Well?

Okay, if this line seems weird, then you’re absolutely right. Anime should be saying this. It’s not only mistakenly attributed to Kagome, but if you watch the video, you will see that it is also mistakenly voiced by Kagome’s actress. This is one of the main pieces of evidence that Bandai just did not care on either side of the Pacific, because it would be EXTRA EFFORT to add this mistake into the localization, which means it must have been in the Japanese version. Which means that this line went from script to VO booth without anyone noticing, TWICE.


UPDATE: It’s been brought to my attention that Kagome’s weird line is in fact a mistranslation. In Japanese, often the subject of a sentence is omitted if the context can be inferred. As you can see, this is what happened. I suspect that the localization team did NOT have this context and mistranslated the subject as being Kagome herself.

I see.

Do you know why I can’t get through? I really wanna go home.

Hmm. Unfortunately, I don’t know why.

But…please, you’ve got to help me.

Hmmm, I don’t know how I can help…

I just don’t know what to do.

Gosh, I feel for you.


You mean I can’t get home? Mom… Dad…

On the one hand, everyone I’ve ever known and all the conveniences of modern life that I’ve come to depend on are centuries away.

On the other hand, no Twitter.

Whatever. It’s not like she’s gonna die if she can’t get home.

That’s true, but you could be a little nicer.

Kagome. Inuyasha. Stop fighting.

It’s super fine, little dude.

Being nice isn’t gonna find the way home. I fyou wanna go home, you need to find a way to do that.

Find a way?

Is that what you’re trying to say, Inuyasha?

Well, what else?

…I guess I won’t get anywhere by being upset.

You can be upset anytime you want.

Okay, I’ll just have to keep trying.

That’s enough, Inuyasha.

He’s not actually being that mean.

you might as well stay here with Inuyasha and everyone else.

Yay like an anime!

What? Now that’s going a little too far.

Oh, I couldn’t…

Anime, we literally have nowhere else to go. Take the fuckin’ offer.

Wait a minute, Inuyasha. Just like when Kagome arrived in this world, This is no trivial matter either. [sic]

So what?

If something should happen it would be better if you were together.

Fine. Whatever.

Yes. Thank you so much.

It’s decided then. Let’s go listen to the village gossip. Maybe we’ll find a clue from something we hear.


Now we’re back in gameplay, and what we’re supposed to do here…is a bit unclear.

I’ve always just kinda assumed it’s talk to everyone in town, which is…well, a shitty way to design a game.

But it’s also not entirely reliable. So I just kinda go back and forth for a while talking to people until I get results. It’s not interesting and nobody has anything to say.

Well, screw you too.

Halfway through, we get a little scene.

I agree, but we don’t have any clues…

Hmm, I don’t know.

It would help if you had seen anything out of the ordinary.

Hey, something’s bothering me. Why couldn’t you use the Bone-Eater’s Well, but Kagome could?

Well, I know. Probably because I didn’t get here through the Bone-Eater’s Well.

That would mean that there’s something like the Bone-Eater’s Well near where you first woke up, don’t you think?

Yeah. But I can’t remember where that was now. I was frantically trying to run away at the time.

What a scardy cat. [sic]

And back to wandering until we head back to the Well.

If someone had been with you at the time, we could ask them. But you were alone, weren’t you?

Yes. Oh yeah, I met a bunch of strange villagers near there. They were all desperately looking for something.

They also tried to kill you.

Well, then, we should ask them.

Not a good idea, maybe.

Or at least they may have seen something that could give us a clue.

Yes. When I came into this world, they were nearby.

Alright, let’s go look for those villagers.

Then we head back to the town square to finish this thing.

Yes, we have. But I haven’t seen anyone that looks like those villagers.

Oh! There’s a village nearby? It could be the people from there. Is Akebi Village near here?

Yes, it’s not that far, but…


But there’s all kinds of demons on the road going there.

He’s right. Demons come after you even if you’re only a little ways from the village.

Yes, so you need to be careful.

As long as I’m with you, you’ve got nothin’ to worry about from those demons.

That’s right.


Yeah, you’ve got no brains, but plenty of brawn!

Shut up, Shippo!

Cut it out, Inuyasha!

Come to think of it, you two are demons.

It’s very surprising. I thought all demons were scary. And here we are all together.

Inuyasha isn’t really a demon.

That’s enough, Kagome.


It’s okay Kagome. I’m not too concerned with that kind of thing. Do you think you could take me to the next village?

Of course we can. Let’s all go to Akebi Village. But we should prepare for our trip before we go.

That’s a good idea. The road there is pretty rugged.

Okay, let’s go shopping first.

There isn’t anything that we need.

Hey, you’re the one that’s always complaining about not having this or that.

It’s a store. You know 'em.

I’m not gonna buy anything right now, though. This game is very easy.

And with all that questionably-written exposition out of the way, the adventure begins! Next time.

Chapter 2 Highlight Reel

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So now that we’ve met a bit more of the cast, it’s time to make a decision. This game has what could be described as a primitive form of social links, where at certain times in the story, you will be able to spend time with one of each of the characters in an interval and befriend them, or even more. Now, there’s not enough intervals to have every event with every character. Really, you’ll only get a character’s full route if you spend all your time with them. With this in mind, and the desire to not have my recording come to a standstill every time this happens, I will let us vote on one character to spend our time with, which is why I have Sango and Miroku here, despite the fact that they’re not going to join until after the first interval point. For those who might not be quite so familiar with the characters, I’ve provided a quick rundown.

Half dog demon, all attitude

Pros: Will throw down for you, is a jerk but has a heart of gold
Cons: Dander, has a heart of gold but is a jerk

Time traveler with a bow and arrow

Pros: Easy to relate to, carries a first aid kit
Cons: We have enough present friends at home

A wily little fox

Pros: Childlike wonder, can turn into cool things
Cons: An actual child, does not turn into cool things

Ninja Demon hunter

Pros: Fuckoff boomerang, has a cat
Cons: Never not fighting demons, brother might have problems

Cursed monk, and I don’t mean FUCK

Pros: Devout, travels around the world
Cons: Black hole in his hand, 500 years behind on what is and is not sexual harrassment

Vote here!

I’ll run the poll until Saturday.

This translation is a very unnerving kind of bad; none of the lines really jump out as being dumb, but they just don’t string together into a coherent narrative. It just makes me feel lost and confused. It would be pretty neat if it was done on purpose.

I like your LP so far!

Fixed a duplicate image throwing off the ordering.

Also, it’s been brought to my attention that Kagome’s weird line is in fact a mistranslation. In Japanese, often the subject of a sentence is omitted if the context can be inferred. As you can see, this is what happened. I suspect that the localization team did NOT have this context and mistranslated the subject as being Kagome herself.

I loved this game when I was a kid but never got to re-experience it as I got older. Boy, the dialogue is really awkward, but I sure never noticed!

And watch out for demons we shall. Most major locations in the game will have these roads between them, which is where the majority of your random battles will happen. They are also almost all both visually and narratively uninteresting, so I will probably be skipping most of them unless they’re one of the few exceptions. Don’t worry, you’re missin’ 5 minutes of gameplay.

But I guess now’s as good a time as any to go over the basics battle system, eh?

So, here’s the main battle screen. Up on the top left there is your commands, and most of them are pretty self-explanatory. Top right is the turn order. Different characters will move around the circle based on their speed and they’re up when they’re at the front. Bottom there’s your character status, with the obvious HP bar. The three gray circles are your energy, which builds up as you get hit or make attacks. Every character has up to 300 energy which is represented in a marker for each 100 and is used as such.

Techs are your special abilities, and selecting the option brings up this submenu of different types. Normal techs are special moves that require no energy to use, and as such, once we’ve all learned some, they’ll basically replace the normal attack for the rest of the game. You’re not supposed to use them too much because it’ll give you the Tired status. It’s supposed to make your speed slower, but the effect is negligible, so whatever. SP techs use your energy, nothing too out there. Co-op techs are something I’ll go into once we learn one.

All in all, nothing particularly outstanding, but also perfectly serviceable.

“Village Theme 2”

That all aside, welcome to beautiful Akebi Village. We got horses, we got dressers on your backs, we got big guy, we got it all!

We also got trees that we make into coal.

This guy tells us about a spider demon that’s lived in a nearby temple for years. It’s recently gotten restless and started attacking villagers, so nobody’s been able to get to the forest to cut down trees. He warns us not to go and Inuyasha goes “Fucker watch me.”

Hmm, those people that attacked us earlier were talking about their missing daughter. Maybe this is a lead.

Huh, well, I guess we wanna question everyone we can see. And this guy says Kakuju has helpful stories. Maybe one of those stories is about a pretty girl who went back to the present.

Excuse me?




[inuyasha] How would you know?

Ha ha ha! I wonder!

Strange Gramps.

So meet Kakuju, one of the original characters created for this game. Fun fact: Kakuju is a woman if you play as a dude.

It doesn’t seem likely, but this human has a mysterious power.

Oh. I see.

I don’t!

It’s nothing, really. Well, Grandpa, exactly what is this power?

Now, I can tell that she’s supposed to be saying ojii-san, which literally means “Grandfather,” but is often used as a generic form of address for elderly men. Translating it literally just makes it rude, though.

It sounds pretty amazing!

Don’t worry too much about all that, Shikigami is functionally just magic.

Well, you’ve only just awakened your powers. You don’t even know how to use them to their fullest potential yet.

I’m pretty helpless.

It’s true. Up until now, and even into the next gameplay segment, Kururugi is basically an albatross around the party’s neck. Even after we start getting more power, we’re going to be the least important fighter.

You can’t help it. There’s nothing like this in our world.

Your world?

Yes. I’m from a different world, and I was brought here unexpectedly.

Except…you’re not. It’s a different time.

You couldn’t tell from the strange clothing?

I’m sorry. My eyes don’t work as well anymore. I can’t even tell what you are wearing or what you look like.

I didn’t realize that. I’m sorry for what I said.

Heh heh heh, don’t worry about it.

So, do you know anything?

Sorry, but I don’t know anything that could help you.

I see.

Sorry about that.

We get ready to leave when…


But I can teach you how to use the Shikigami power that lies within you. Would you like to learn?

That’s great! You should learn how to use it.

Yes. Okay. Please teach me, Grandpa Kakuju.

Again, translating “Kakuju ojii-san” literally comes off really weird and rude. Also, Kakuju never actually said his name, so if you didn’t talk to the dude in the previous screen, this comes out of nowhere.

Okay, then stand in front of me, hold my hand, close your eyes, and be very still.

No, no. We just awakened the Shikigami. Now you will learn to use the Shikigami.

If you can properly use Shikigami, the rock will react and break. Go ahead and try it.


Instead of just continuing the cutscene, we’re inexplicably given control to walk over to the rock, and I spend like half a minute fumbling for the spot where I’m supposed to press X because depth perception in these backgrounds is iffy.

I did it!

That’s great!

Whatever, I can do that.

No need to get competitive.

That’s right. This isn’t the place to be waving your sword around.

Shut up!

Yes, pretty much.

Now, the test will be in putting it to actual use.

Okay. Thank you, Grandpa.

Now let’s go find a villager who might know something.

“Village Theme 2”

Turns out most of the villagers know what we already know, that there’s a temple with a spider in it and the spider’s up to some shit.

Also the first guy tried to scare Anime and Kagome and that’s rude >:(

Oh hey it’s that guy.

Hey, aren’t you the one from that time…Did you come to abduct someone again? Hey, everyone! A demon!


“Cutscene 1”

Oh no, it’s those guys.

What nonsense is he talking about?!

Kagome, I am about your age. You’re FIFTEEN.

What? Well, what’s with the peculiar clothing?

Oh, it’s just an unusual circumstance, but we’re normal people, like you.

It’s true. I’m not a demon.

Hmm…Now that you say that, you do look pretty weak to be a demon.

I can’t wait to go back to the present, where they’ve invented MANNERS.

You finally got it.

I can’t believe we were about to capture a kid. So sorry. We were so panicked we couldn’t think straight.

A demon has stolen our daughter.

Demon. As in the giant spider demon?

Yes. He came to our village and stole my daughter! And we all went looking for her.

That’s when I appeared.

That’s right. We saw your strange clothes and thought you were a demon in disguise. It’s exactly as he says.

Don’t worry about it. But, can I ask you something? Did you see a well anywhere near there?

A well? No, I didn’t.

Maybe not a well, but something like it. At least something that looked strange.

I searched that area really well, and I didn’t see anything like that. Any of you see anything?

No, there wasn’t anything around there.

I see.

It’s too bad, but I guess we should head back to Kaede’s Village.


What Kagome?

No, not yet. The young men that went to the old temple to find her never came back. I think I need to go and find her.

What are you saying, Father?


I separated those lines because despite being sequential lines attributed to the same character, they have completely different delivery and I’m…pretty sure they’re voiced by different people. Check the vid.

What will we do without you?

Damn it! We’re no match for a demon that can destroy our homes.

In that case, we’ll go after him.

What! You will destroy him for us? Did you hear that everyone?!

How can I thank you?

Please help our daughter, Sachi.

So aside from Gosuke being Sachi’s father, I have no fucking idea how these three people are related.

I’m so bored from all this walking. I need a little excitement.

Oh, I see.


It’s probably just some stale old demon that lives in the old temple. This’ll be a piece of cake.

But the villagers said he’s been acting differently recently.

Oh shut up, what do you know about demons? Let’s just go already! So, where’s the old temple?

It’s at the end of the village past the rocky expanse. Please help my daughter.

Y’all sure this is a good idea?

Oh well, let’s go for it.

This guy basically says there are demons and weird notes and also a save point in the temple. Cool.


A couple screens later, we’re in a 3D environment. This can’t be good.

So, we’re in a dungeon now. And I’m gonna level with y’all. This fuckin’ place is entirely unremarkable. It’s an incredibly simple dungeon with nothing to its name.

There are notes like the guy outside said, but this is the only one that really matters, because it tells you where the one key is.

Otherwise, it’s just two very simple floors, a bunch of enemy encounters, and me getting lost for like 15 minutes because I missed this door between the fog and the camera angle and I was an idiot who didn’t wanna stop playing and check a damn guide because this was gonna be a video LP when I recorded this.

This game is not really a dungeon-focused game, and when it does do dungeons, they’re the pits. This is for the best. I’m saving you looking at me run around and fight demons and saving me having to capture a full half hour of video. Win/win.

“Cutscene 1”

That was me, sorry.

Huh! Really?

That’s the smell of blood, no doubt about it. There’s a strong smell of human blood.

Be careful, Inuyasha. The smell of blood and the thought of the spider’s web are giving me a bad feeling.

Yes, the villagers mentioned the spider’s web.

I know. But we can’t come this far and turn around.

I know, but…

Tsk. Fine. You guys stay here.

What are you saying, Inuyasha?

Oh, be quiet. It’s better to fight a ghost by yourself anyway.

It’s a spider.

I’ll defeat him quickly, then I’ll be back. You guys, stay here.

Always, making decisions on your own.

That’s what he said, but really he’s trying to keep us from danger.

Really? I didn’t hear him say that.

He’s just too proud to.

I see.

Wh-What’s that?

Kagome walks forward and a little chime rings out.

This…it can’t be! I sense shards of the Shikon Jewel.


There’s definitely shards of the Shikon Jewel nearby.

Shards of the Shikon Jewel?

No, let’s not get involved, it sounds weird.

It’s what we’ve been looking for this whole time. Originally, it was one sphere. But it was broken into little shards and spread everywhere.

Yeah, “it was broken” as if you didn’t do it.

If the demons use the shards they become more powerful.

I didn’t know there was anything like it.

I mean, we don’t know a lot of things.

If the demon spider has them, then…

Inuyasha is in danger. Shippo let’s go.


Um, what should I do?

Wait here.

What? O-Okay.

Ah geez, it’s scary back here.

I’m really glad they’re so concerned about me, but I don’t want to be in their way. How can I help everyone?

What is this?!


What happened?


We gotta go!

“Cutscene 2”

What do you think?

Well, well, there’s still more of you. Since you’ve escaped being captured, you should run away. Do you really want me to sucky our blood?

Shut up!

Hahaha! How stupid!

It did a thing!

He’s using power from the shards of the Shikon Jewel. You can’t win, you have to run away.


If I run away, he’ll kill them all. I have to do something! But what should I do?

Give up, little one? Well then, I’m gonna eat you first.

You idiot! Why are you standing there?! Run! Run away!

You have to run away!

Quickly, run away!

The spider tries to attack again, but…

O flame, burning bright…


There we go.



I’m free from the web!

If only I was.

Great! Now we can get him!

Damn you all! I’m going to drink everyone’s blood!


The spider demon is our first boss! It’s not complicated, just…hit him. Boss strategies are not a thing this game is too cozy with either. The most important thing about this fight is now Anime can use her Shikigami in her normal attack, so she’s worth…anything in combat now.

Thank you for helping us. I thought we were done for.

That was really dangerous. What were you thinking?

Oh shut up. Everyone’s safe now. That’s all that matters.

You can at least say thanks.

Uh Shippo, it sounds like Inuyasha is being a lot more grateful for my help than you are right now, buddy.

That’s not necessary. I’m glad I was able to help, even a little.

Well…I guess you aren’t totally useless.

Rude but also fair.


I see.

Just shut up, Shippo.


“Cutscene 1”

Something’s moving over there. It looks like a spider’s cocoon.

Do spiders have cocoons?

Don’t say that, Kagome.

What are you so afraid of?

A child!

“Cutscene 3”

Are you okay? Does anything hurt?

Sachi: It was a little painful, but I’m okay.

Is your name Sachi?

Sachi: Yes, but how do you know?

Great! Your mom and dad asked us to find you.

I’m glad your safe now. What a relief!

At least he hadn’t eaten you yet. Let’s go everyone.


“Village Theme 2”

Back to the village.

Sachi: Okay. Thank you so much!

Yeah, let’s go do that.

We were able to destroy the giant spider, because he taught us the power of Shikigami.

That’s a good idea. We sure couldn’t depend on that certain someone who said he was gonna take care of it.

Shut up, Shippo!

… (But is voiced as a giggle) Yes, that’s a good idea.


It looks like you’ve learned how to use the power of Shikigami much better now. Tell me what happened.


And then we fade to black.

But I have a premonition that you will be fighting many more demons from now on.

And it’s all gonna be a pain in the ass.

But there’s hope.

What a stupid old man!

What the hell was that for? He just said we’d be fighting a lot of demons! The early part of the game really overblows Inuyasha’s abrasive personality to the point where it doesn’t even make sense for him to be so cranky.

You’re so rude, Inuyasha! Sorry, Kakuju.

That’s okay.

It can do more than just break rocks. You can use it when you’re fighting. If you want to learn the power of Shikigami to help you when you fight, come stand beside me. And close your eyes and be very still.


Hey Gramps, is this for real! [sic] (Voice acting says “This is for real”) That’s cool!

Now I will teach you how to use the power of Shikigami when you are fighting.

Yes, please!

He does this by…


I’ve gone over all of this so of course I’m not gonna go over it, except that it does explain Co-op techs, which are just double attacks that you can do when you have affinity with other characters. They use both characters’ turns and energy, so they’re literally only ever useful against bosses.

What the fuck man.

I’m still a little uncertain, but I’m pretty sure I got it.

That’s good for now. Soon you will be able to completely control it. After you gain more experience and learn to use it efficiently, not only will you be able to use it when you fight, but you will also learn to use the many different powers of the Shikigami.


Yes, really. You should go now. I’m sure we’ll meet again.

Okay. Thank you, Grandpa Kakuju.

Our first actual tech! We’re useful now!

We should check to see if Sachi made it home.

Hi everyone. I’m glad to see you all came back safely.

Thank you so much. My daughter told me all about what happened. We were waiting for the chance to thank you.

You shouldn’t have any more problems with demons for now, right, Inuyasha?

Yeah. But only because we had to face great danger.

Oh yes, it must have been so frightening.

Money?! I don’t know if I can take this.

Please accept it. It is our thanks and an apology for how we treated you at first.

Yeah you better.

It’s only a little. But perhaps it will help somehow.


I think we should accept it.

You’re right. I will accept it then. Thank you.

Everyone, thank you so much!

Sachi: Thank you!

It’s nice to do good things, but unfortunately, we didn’t get any closer to getting home.

I guess all we can do it go back to Kaede’s village and regroup, next time.


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“Kaede’s Village”

Back at it again in Kaede’s village.

We’re back, Kaede.

Yes, she just said…

So, did you find any clues?

No, not really.

But, we learned how to use the power of Shikigami. Just as Inuyasha was about to get killed, he was saved with the Shikigami power.

Oh, shut up, Shippo!

Yeah, Shippo, you were gonna die too, man. Don’t put this all on Inuyasha. Hate this child.

No, it just freed everyone and that was all. I have so much more to learn or I’ll just slow everyone down.

I’m sure you’re all very tired, so it’s probably best if you go to bed now.

Yeah, I’m pretty tired.

I agree. Well, good night, Kaede.


But I’ve made some friends and I might be able to get through this.

Hey, Inuyasha. Should we take the day off today?

The day off?

What’s up, Kagome?

Our friend must be so exhausted since everything is so new. I thought we could take it easy today.

I see. You’re so nice Kagome. I agree.

???: But I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to split up.

Oh hey Myoga.

Huh? Oh, it’s Myoga.

It’s been like a couple days. I don’t know, this game’s weird with time. Even though it takes 5 minutes in-game to get to places, it does act like it takes a while to get from place to place in-universe.

I agree with Kagome’s last suggestion. There are demons all around. We should make teams before we take off, just in case.

I agree with Myoga. We don’t want to get into any trouble.

So let’s make teams of two and go about our day.

Agreed! What do you think Inuyasha?

Well…Sure, why not?

Really?! It’s decided then.

So, at specific times in the story, we’ll just take the day off and be able to spend time with a party member. It’s kind of like a primitive social link system, where you can build up relationships that affect the story at some points and get co-op techs. However, you can only have a story-altering relationship with one character, like a route in a VN. For the sake of the narrative soundness of being able to get a character’s entire story, as well as the sake of me not having to stop recording every time one of these happens to poll, I did a singular vote for the entirety of the game.

And you picked Sango. Who isn’t here yet. Well, these three all tied, and I figured you just want Anime to hang out with girls, so I picked Kagome.

Good idea, me too!

Let’s go too.

Well, no one’s been eating very well lately. So I was thinking I could make a good meal.

Wow, Kagome! It’s so nice of you to think about everyone’s health. You’re like a mom!

Can you get some potatoes and onions from the garden? I’ll get things ready while you do that.

Now I got issues with this. This is the feudal era of Japanese history, and with the mention of Oda Nobunaga, we can pinpoint it to the Sengoku period, which lasted from about 1467-1600. Potatoes are believed to have been introduced to Japan by Dutch traders in the 17th century, which the Sengoku period is barely in, and potato cultivation didn’t become commonplace until the 19th century. So there shouldn’t be potatoes. It’s entirely possible that Kagome could have brought potato tubers back from the present, but I think it’s highly unlikely that a 14 year old girl from Tokyo would know how to grow a potato.

Am I thinking too much about this? Absolutely. But transcribing a badly written game does this to you.


Okay to you too.

I’ll go get them now!

Perfect! Do you think you could help me a little bit?

Yes, I can. Oh, you’re making a bento box!

Each event also has a special picture, hooray.

You’re really good at that! Wow!

Ha ha ha. Oh, it’s nothing. Now, why are you just standing there? Come and help me.

Sorry. I was just admiring your cooking ability.

First, you can peel the potatoes!

These? Okay, leave it to me!

Oh no! Do you need a band aid? Hey, there’s hardly any potato left.

Listen, I’m bleeding and you’re flagrantly using trademarked terminology, fuck the anachronistic potato.

You’re kind of clumsy, huh?

Actually, I don’t really know how to do this. My mom does it all at home.


That’s it for Kagome!

Here Shippo is, doing everything he can.


I’m practicing transforming. Don’t bother me.

Practicing? But you’re not getting any better.

What?!! Alright, I’ll show you what I’ve been practicing.

See! I’m just like you! Sit!



Pretty sneaky.

Where did he run away to?

You really are improving from your practice.

Shut up!

Anime gained a stronger friendship with Kagome.

And that’s the end of the interval.

“Kaede’s Village”

Well, we kinda don’t have any leads right now. Maybe someone in the village knows what’s up.

Well, hello. It’s a new friend.

I like cake.


He’s just fat.


Shippo! Shhhhh!

Um, cakes? I don’t know, I’ve only just arrived.

Kimbei: I see. You don’t know. Hmmmm. Hmmm? Hey, I’ve seen you before. Now where was it?

Umm, I don’t know you, but where did you see me?

Kimbei: Hmmm…where was it? Oh, yes! In Kasasagi Town!

But I don’t know where that town is. This is the first time I’ve heard that name.

Kimbei: No mistake. Kasasagi Town. That’s where I saw your face.

It should also be noted that Kimbei here has the shittiest, most stereotypical “dumb fat guy” voice and it sucks and I hate it.

He’s not doing anything wrong! He just said he saw us before! This is a lead! Why are you all so mean?!

Let’s just ask Kaede about this.

Yes, he said he’s seen me before. But I’ve never been to Kasasagi Town.

He’s definitely a bit of a gluttonous young man, but he’s no liar.

God, this sucks. Why do we have to shit on this poor unimportant NPC so much?

Hmm…I wonder where he’s seen me…


If it really bothers you, why don’t you go to Kasasagi Town?

I guess so. There isn’t much to do around here anyway. And in the city we can hear stories about the shards of the Shikon Jewel.

Are you talking about the sparkling crystals the demon spider had?


Oh, don’t worry about it.

But I don’t want to slow you down.

Slow us down?

What are you guys going on and on about! If we’re going to go to Kasasagi Town [voiced line says City instead of Town], we’d better get going.

Are you saying you’re going to come too, Inuyasha?

If we go alone, we will almost certainly die, so yeah.

Thank you, Inuyasha.

And off we go! Next time, that is!

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Another day, another demon-filled road with nothing interesting in it.

And here we are. Let’s get to the bottom of all this nonsense.

“Kaede’s Village”

…Ya think?

It’s the biggest city around here and they sell pretty much everything you need for traveling.

Hey, do you think they sell any juice here?

I can’t find any specific history of the consumption of fruit juice in Sengoku Japan, but there were several juicable fruits naturally growing in Japan at this point, so yeah, maybe Shippo could get like some peach or grape juice. Also it’s entirely possible that Kagome coulda brought some juice boxes from the present.

Though Inuyasha’s reaction kinda trends towards no.

There sure are a lot of people here.

Yes. I think we should split up and ask around.

I feel like if we’re going to ask around town about someone who looks like me, splitting up won’t help since the others won’t have…me as reference.

It’ll get dark before we can ask everyone.

It is night at about two points in this game overall.

So, we’ll ask around and then meet back here?

Right. The city is big, so be careful not to get lost.

Let’s buy some healing items, I guess.

Down to the south, there’s an entrance to the back alleys which are kind of a maze but the solution is piss easy. We’ll worry about this later.

A question mark!

Woman: We’re finally alone together, but…


Woman: Oh, you’re such a loser! We finally get to be alone together, but…

Yeah, whatever, let’s look at this wanted poster.

Man: There’s wanted posters of this kid all over the city. I wonder what the kid did? Huh, it really looks like you.

Looking at the poster itself…

Me? Where?

Jinkichi: I’ve seen you somewhere before…Hey, it’s the girl on the wanted poster!

“Cutscene 2”

That’s not true!

Aw fuck cheese it.


Jinkichi: Don’t let the kid get away.

So I keep being told, but I have rights! Where’s my katsudon bowl?!

Ow, stop it! Don’t be so rough!

“Cutscene 1”

For some reason, the village headman gets a unique sprite and portrait despite being about as meaningful to the story overall as the three villagers who attacked us in the beginning.

W-Wait a minute!

Huh? What is it?

I think you have me confused with someone else. I haven’t done anything. Besides, I just came to this world.

This world? What are you talking about?

Yeah, it’s the same world. Different time. Keep up.

Well…The fact is I have done nothing that you can accuse me of.

I don’t know, but Kagura definitely wants us to catch you.

You wouldn’t know her. She’s a messenger from the castle.

W-Well if we wouldn’t know her, why does she want us?!

Well, then she’s got me confused with someone else.


Are you crazy? The messenger made a mistake? No way. Impossible! Stop your strange talk. And wait in jail until Kagura arrives.


Ah fuck.

He didn’t say Kagura was the one they were looking for, he said that Kagura was looking for us. The presence of Kagura doesn’t change anything, god.

And they put me in jail. I shouldn’t waste my time complaining. I need to get out of here. But how?

Well, this wall is kinda blue.

Look at the color of this wall. Is it Serpentine rock?


I did it! I’ve got to get back to Kagome quickly.

“Kaede’s Village”

And we’re outside the headman’s house. We can’t go to the right because that’s where the wanted poster is and we’ll just get caught again. So now we have to navigate the maze of back alleys.

So if you just flail around, you’re gonna get completely lost, but the solution is incredibly simple.

You just keep going down for a few screens…

Until you see this fella.

Then go left a couple screens.

And we’re out.

Now, there is literally nothing pointing you towards that route, you’re just supposed to figure it out. Game design.

I know. Because of those posters I got caught by the village headman.

I thought so. Well, I’m glad you made it back safely.

But I wonder why there’s wanted posters of you?

I know. It seems someone named Kagura brought them here.

Kagura? Could it be that Kagura?

“Cutscene 1”

You know her? They said she is a messenger from the castle.

Yes. Do you remember the story about the shards of the Shikon Jewel?

The thing that makes demons stronger when they use it?

Yes, that’s right. There’s an evil demon named Naraku that can’t wait for a chance to get his hands on the Shikon Jewel.

There’s also like…a lot of other shit involved, but that’s a story for another game.

An evil demon?

He likes to bully and hurt people. He’s evil.

I’ve fought him many times, but he always escapes. He’s the most evil demon of all.

I see.

So they don’t actually explain what this means, and I suppose a refresher is always good. Naraku is less a single demon and more of a collective hivemind of like a thousand demons, and he splits himself off into separate beings to do his bidding. Kagura is one such.

Female incarnation? Does that mean Kagura is bad too?

She uses the wind and possesses the dead. She’s disgusting.

I see. But why is she looking for me?

If they went as far as putting up wanted posters of you, maybe it has something to do with you coming to this world.

I agree. It sounds like something Naraku would do.


Well, since Kagura’s on her way here, we might as well stick around.

Yes. I want to find out what this is all about.

“Kaede’s Village”

And here we are. This doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Yeah I don’t…know why we thought this would work.

Oh no! They’re gonna catch me again.

Let’s escape to the edge of the city for now.

I just really wanna know what our plan of attack there was.

Gaaah. Why do I have to keep running away?

A very good question, you could have used your big sword to stop that samurai man.

Well, they’re humans. It’s not like you can fight them.

Yeah, you’re right, but…

Hmm. It doesn’t seem like we’ll be able to meet Kagura.

What to do?


From what we’ve seen…if you say that you caught me, you can easily get into the headman’s house.

That is literally nothing we’ve seen. You only got into the headman’s house last time because the literal police got you.


That’s pretty risky.

Yeah, and it could be dangerous, too.

Kagome, that means the same thing.

It’s pretty dangerous to take you right into his house.

That’s weird of you to say because that’s literally what we just tried anyway.


Wait a minute. Hey, Shippo, why don’t you transform yourself?


Wait a second.

Even if they tie you up and put you in jail, you can still get out if you have to.

It seems I always get the worst end of the deal.

There’s no one else but you, Shippo, that can do this.


Yes. Will you do it, please, Shippo?

Alright! I’ll do it!

That’s us in the hakama.

This is kinda weird.

R-Really? Then no one will be able to see through my fox magic?

You’ve come this far and you’re scared now?

Inuyasha, you should stay here for now.

Okay, but be sure to call me if anything happens.

Inuyasha can’t do it as well.

He’s just a half-demon.


Anyway, I think he would just get caught if he tried to transform himself. It’s better that way.

I agree.

I found the girl on the wanted poster. I came to turn her in.

Genkichi: Hmmm? I see. It’s the girl on the wanted poster. Come inside. Wait over by the white sand.

Yes, I’m glad we got through smoothly.

It’s all because of MY acting!

Yes it is.

No it’s not! The only reason we did this plan was because Shippo could more easily get out of jail! And we’re just going in without Shippo going to jail, so why not just pretend to turn the normal me in?

And next time, we’ll get to the bottom of all this.


So we’re here in the headman’s place, and there’s a weird droning noise…


I hear a strange noise.

Look! A bug! I circled it because…it’s kinda hard to notice.

Huh? What are Saimyosho?

They’re the Saimyosho that Naraku uses. If they’re here, Kagura must be, too.


It’s definitely Naraku’s female incarnation, Kagura.

If the Saimyosho are here, then we’ve probably already been found out.




They found us out!

About time.

I saw the Saimyosho fly by, so I came right away. It was exactly as I thought. Bring it on!

We fight them, it’s completely umremarkable. Thank you, next.

That demon was no problem. But it’s no good sticking around if the Saimyosho are here.

Yes. Both Naraku and Kagura can see what the Saimyosho can see.

So, if the Saimyosho see us, that means Naraku and Kagura will know we’re here?

That’s exactly what she said, yes.

Yes. That’s why I think Kagura already knows we are here.

The last three lines in a row have all been literally the same thought.

It’s dangerous, but I guess that’s our only option.

Here I come. You better get out of the way!

Inuyasha looks pretty excited about this.

That’s because he loves to fight.

So we head into the house. The party lineup has changed slightly so now Kagome is our tagalong, neat.

That’s not good.

Is that the headman?

Help me.

He really doesn’t deserve our help, but something isn’t right.

Oh ! He’s surrounded by demons!

Hold on a minute. I’ll help you.

Another fight against normal enemies.

Don’t worry about that. But, what are you doing here?


I was tricked by that Kagura woman. I had no idea the castle’s messenger was a demon.

Huh, Kagura. Where is she now?!

She’s just ahead. She tried to feed me to the demons.

Just ahead, huh. Alright, let’s go!

It’s dangerous here, so you should hide.

We head a little deeper in and find this lady.

I found you, Kagura. I knew it was you.

Meet Kagura, who the headman had NO IDEA was a demon.

I thought I heard noises. It was you guys.

So, you’re Kagura. Why are you trying to capture me?

So, you’re the girl.

Did you summon me into this world? If it was you, you’d better send me back.

Now, why would I do something like that?

You’re pathetic as always. I’m gonna cut you to shreds. Got that?

Go ahead! as always, you’re such a mutt.

Okay, so boss fight. As you can see, Kagura has two little demons next to her. This ties into one of the few strategies in this game. Kagura will normally do Dance of Blades, which is a very nasty attack, but if you kill both of the demons, she’ll waster her turn bringing them back, giving you a break.

I wasn’t entirely sure if it was working and so I didn’t do it. It was still pretty easy, though I did have to spend a lot of time healing.

Inuyasha please control yourself.

Damn! How could I let that happen?

Are you ready to die, Kagura?

Wait a minute, Inuyasha. We have to ask Kagura about the wanted posters.

Yeah, you’re right.

Oh no we’re in the Shadow Realm. I left my deck at home!

Huh! What was that?!

A shikigami?!


Is that a Shikigami? Utsugi?

Shikigami? It’s like mine, but it’s completely different in size.

A weird lady!

Naraku has sent someone to help me. Don’t expect any thanks.

Stop! You’ll be sorry if you get in my way.

Be careful, Inuyasha. I don’t think this is your typical demon.

I don’t care what it is. I’ll destroy anything that gets in the way. Wind Scar!

Oh, a mask. I wonder if it has any curses.

Damn it. It didn’t work.

It was so easily repelled.

Now it’s my turn.

Take it easy, Inuyasha. You’re hurt.

It’s only a small cut.

Your wound…it’s beautiful. It’s like the setting sun.

What are you talking about?

Yeah, what ARE you talking about? For the record, Utsugi never says anything like this ever again.

Wow! Was that the power of the Shikigami? Who are you?

I should note that if you are playing as Michiru, Utsugi is a man and the only difference is that his clothes are blue.

Huh. Me? What are you talking about?

Damn it! Get out of the way!

I see. Kagura, I’ve completed my mission. I’m leaving.


Hey wait!

But I think she may know something.

With no help from you.

Are you blind? Can’t you see they just ran away.

Don’t be so cross. He’s a victim too.

Thank you for your understanding. I had no idea the messenger from the castle would be a demon.

You said that and I honestly doubt it.

I am so sorry for what happened to you.

That’s okay. The evil ones are Utsugi and Kagura. Don’t worry about it anymore.

Oh! You are so forgiving. You are such an angel.

Okay, little much. Kinda uncomfortable now. Can we go back to Kaede?

I think that may be taking it a little too far.

Come on, you really are kind.

  1. I didn’t actually say anything, so why are you talking like I tried to deny it? 2. Even if I am kind, that doesn’t mean headman’s not being a creep.

Thanks, Kagome. That’s nice of you.

… (voiced as a giggle) From what Utsugi and Kagura were saying, it seems there’s a connection between Naraku and your being brought into this world.

It’s too bad I wasn’t able to ask, even though they were right there.

You explicitly DID ask and they refused to answer.

Don’t give up. I’m sure there will be another chance.

Yes. And I doubt Naraku will be leaving us alone.

Well, the next time I’ll finish the job.

I agree, let’s head out.


Hey, it’s the headman. What do you want?

Yeah, it’s weird that the headman is here at his house where we just talked to him less than a minute ago.

It’s not much, but please take th


Wow! There’s quite a bit here. We can buy lots of sweets now!


It’s okay. Take it.

It comes from good intentions. I think you should take it.

Okay then, I will accept it. Thank you, Headman.

You know, Headman, you may be a gormless, gullible, creepy, worthless cop fuck, but at least you’re rich and I can exploit your hoarded wealth to be used for good.

And with that, we’re heading back to base to figure out our next plan of attack. See you then.

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We’re back in Kaede’s village and hey, some new folks.


Miroku! Sango! You’re back!


That sure took you a while.

So, as you’ve maybe been able to tell, the game is kinda split up into different scenarios, and we’ve just been through two. Now, I kinda understand why they started you off with just Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo, start the player off with a smaller party so they get used to things, but there’s absolutely no reason we needed to wait this long to get the other characters.

Don’t say that, Inuyasha. We went through a lot too. Hey, who is that?

Oh yeah. This girl came from the present, like me.


Hello. Are these your friends, Kagome?

Note the atrocious spelling and capitalization.

Like us, they’re trying to destroy Naraku.

I see. Um, my name is Anime. Nice to meet you.

It’s my pleasure.

Nice to meet you.

This kid doesn’t look very strong, but knows how to use the mysterious power of the Shikigami.

Shippo you didn’t know what this shit was a few days ago stop acting an expert.

… [voiced as a hmmmmm noise]

Oh, it’s nothing, really.

Uh, yes?

Will you be the mother of my children?




Hnnn yeah oh boy this fuckin sucks


Excuse me!

Uh, yes?

Miroku, shouldn’t we tell them what we found out?

Oh yes.

Did you find out where Naraku is?

We didn’t find out anything specific. But there are a lot of strange things happening in the castle.

What kinds of strange things?

Are you interested too?

Yes. It seems Naraku has something to do with why I was summoned into this world.

From what Kagura and Utsugi were talking about I gather that that’s definitely the case.

Kagome…thanks, but…I’m talking right now.

All the cows on the castle grounds have disappeared. And all the people who’ve gone to pay their taxes have never come back. There is definitely a lot of strange things happening around the castle.

Well that’s just the shutdown, innit?

A whole bunch of demons were seen heading towards the castle.

Well, that’s just the House majority, innit?

A bunch of demons, huh. This stinks of Naraku.

Yes. So, where is the castle?

Don’t act like you know shit. You’ve never met the guy.

From here, it is best to go through Tsuzumi Village.

We just got back. And we’re off again already? Busy, busy.

I know you’re both very tired. I’m sorry.

Thank you for being concerned about me. You’re very kind.

It’s not like that.

Don’t be shy.


You’re misunderstanding me.

Thank you Sango. I knew there was a reason you were voted to be our best friend.

Let’s talk more later.

I wonder what kind of journey this is going to turn out to be.


Hi Kaede!

What? You just got here and you’re already leaving? Don’t you want to rest a bit?

It’s probably best if we rest up first.

I think so too. Today you should take it easy and rest.

Oh, I know what this means.

How about it, Inuyasha? What do you think if we take the day off today?

Huh! Take the day off?

What do you mean?

Like we did the other day, everyone can pair off with whoever they like.

Yeah, we need a little rest too. And we want to make sure that our friend has a good time with everyone.

Ha ha ha, oh you fool.

Hmmm. Sounds good.

That’s great. You’re kind and thoughtful, unlike Inuyasha.

Uncalled for.

What did you say, Miroku?

Take it easy. So, today is going to be our day off.

Anime. So, who do you wanna travel with today?

As y’all voted, we’re gonna be spending time with Sango.

Thank you!

Huh? Do I have too? [sic]

Good idea, I’ll go too.

We can’t just sit around here. Let’s go.


Your hair is beautiful!

Huh? That’s out of the blue. Is it really?

Yes! It really is! I mean, it’s so long, but still so soft and shiny.

Alright, settle down.

I guess. Thank you.

Anime, boundaries.

Huh? Hey, what are you doing?

Hm? Something good! Don’t move, Sango.


It looks good! What do you think, Sango?

Um…well…I don’t really think it suits me.

What are you saying, Sango? Of course it suits you!


Yes. When Miroku looks at you he will surely fall in love again.

Okay, so this is also an issue if you pick Miroku. Anime has known these people for less than 24 hours but acts as if they’re old friends and know everything.

That’s stupid! Why’d you say that?


Kagome runs up to check things out.

Are you okay?

Ito: Huh? Y-yes. I just got a bug bite on my face, that’s all.

Inuyasha comes up too!

What happened?

She got a bug bite on her face! It’ll get worse if we leave it. Do we have any medicine for it?

A little bite? You’re so insensitive, Inuyasha!

Insensitive? What do you mean?

Argh. You drive me crazy!

Are you in a bad mood?


Enough! Just get away from me!

Why are you so mad? I just don’t get it. Suit yourself!



Maybe I’m not sensitive, but here’s something instead. See ya!

Instead? Oh, it’s an herb that heals bug bites. Oh, Inuyasha!

We sure did.

Yes, and now we’re all prepared. We should be on our way to Tsuzumi Village.

Good timing. I don’t want to be adding to your baggage, but you should take this.

A pair of old fashioned pants?

I used to wear them when I was young. It’s going to be a long journey. So a change of clothes will come in handy.

Yes. We don’t know what’s ahead. It’ll be best to take them.

Thank you, Grandma Kaede.

Now, be careful. Goodbye.

Okay. Bye.

And bye I say to you, until Tsuzumi Village.

On the road to Tsuzumi City!

Oh hey, Kakuju.

Oh, that’s right. There was something I wanted to give you. That monk there should be able to help you make good use of it. Go on, show him.

That’s one way to start a conversation.

Mm. I added a little magic to it too. It will give you power when you fight together.

Thank you so much, Kakuju.


You’re welcome. I should get going. Bye for now!

So I’m gonna be straight: I have literally no idea what’s up with this scene. It’s not brought up again in the plot as far as I remember, and we didn’t even get the talisman as an item. My best guess is that judging by Kakuju’s lines, it’s an in-story justification for the co-op techs, but not only does that not really need a justification, I’m pretty sure we already know at least one at this point. This game’s weird.

Anyway, this area’s not all random battles for once!

I should take this opportunity to quickly describe Miroku and Sango in battle. Sango is simple, she’s just a pure damage dealer, like Inuyasha. Miroku is a bit more of a support character, with heals, buffs, the ability to see enemy HP and THE WIND TUNNEL, which is a GUARANTEED ONE HIT KILL to ANY NON-BOSS ENEMY and only costs ONE ENERGY.

Miroku can get broken.

Are you alright?

I think I stepped on a thorn.

Oh no! There’s a thorn in your foot. Let me take it out.

Thanks for explaining what I just said to me. God, I can’t even get away from Twitter dudes in the past.

Sango gets grumpy.

And that’s it. If you’re a guy, you just ask Miroku about his monk duties, go “Isn’t it impressive, Sango?” for some reason, and she gets grumpy for some reason.

Anyway, we continue as normal, until after one battle…

Wow! A mechanic that came earlier than I was expecting!

What, changed? How changed?!

It’s like heaven on earth! It’s the best of fortunes. But be careful not to let your guard down.

So occasionally after a battle, your fortune will change. This affects stuff like encounter rate and how often you get the drop on enemies. We just happened to get the best fortune, hooray!

Moving on.

Since we’re here, we might as well take a little rest.

I know the game compresses these transitionary areas from how big they are in-universe, but this is still pretty funny when we’re 10 minutes into my recording. Though to be fair, I’d take a break after 10 minutes hiking in the woods.

Hey, Sango, is there a special trick to using the Hiraikotsu?

That being her giant boomerang.

Um, yeah.

Yes, it’s quite large. And not easy to use.

Fuckin’ Miroku, bug off.

Hiraikotsu is the weapon that Sango uses, isn’t it? I want to learn how to use it too.

Settle down, kid.

But you need lots of practice to be able to use a Hiraikotsu.

Yes, I supposed you’re right.

I’m sure with both of us teaching, she should be able to pick it up.


Yeah, that’s about my face.

Sango, don’t be so cold.

Ah, I guess you’re gonna fuckin’ tell her she looks so much prettier when she smiles, huh? Fuck you.

… I don’t think Sango likes me very much.

Well, after completely turning on a character I used to like in the span of 16 minutes, here we are.

We’ve finally made it.

So, this is Tsuzumi Village.

Oh no!

Densuke: Aah! Help me!

What? Oh no, a demon!

Old man, over here! Quick!

If you get in the way, I’ll eat you too!

Very funny! Just try it!

That was easy. It’s also the only fight we’re going to have in this entire plot episode.

Densuke: This area has become so dangerous. I went out to do some shopping for the festival and all of a sudden I was being chased. I didn’t know what waas going to become of me.

Well, you’re lucky we ran into you.

Yes. I’m glad you’re okay.

Densuke: Thank you so much for helping me. You must be in the middle of traveling, but if you like, you can stay at my home tonight. It’s the least I can do in return for saving my life. You’re very welcome to stay there.

Oh, you don’t have to do that.

It would be really rude if you refused.


It would be nice to sleep in a real bed.

Oh, Kagome…

Hey, question. Why is everyone treating this like I have the final say? I’m the player character, but I’m the newest member of this group and obviously everyone else wants to do it, so what do they care what I think? I’m not the leader.

Densuke: Well, if you’ve decided, then come with me.

Looks an awful lot like Kaede’s place.

Densuke: The rest of the highway is blocked anyway.


You mean the highway that goes to the castle?

Densuke: Yes. All this heavy rainfall caused a big landslide. So, you can’t use the highway now.

We’re unlucky.

You look pretty happy though, Miroku.

No, not at all. Anyway, are there any girls my age around here?

Fuck off.

Densuke: What?

Now I get it.

That’s what I thought.

If we’re gonna be here for a while, I’m going to go see if I can find any information about the castle.


Densuke: Is she a Demon Slayer? She has a Demon Slayer’s weapon.

Yes, she is.

Densuke: I see. It’s rare to see a Demon Slayer. Since that incident, we don’t see them anymore.

Demon Slayer? What’s that?

Think about it with your fucking brain.

It is a specially trained person, who goes after demons.

She lived in the Demon Slayer Village.

The Ninjas. And their one village.

Yes. But don’t talk about it in front of Sango.


Because through trickery, Naraku completely destroyed the Demon Slayer Village.

What happened to Sango’s family?


The only ones that survived are Sango and her younger brother. Her younger brother was taken by Naraku.


Damn, Naraku!

I didn’t realize…

Later that evening.

I’m back.

Welcome back. So, did you find anything out?

No. I couldn’t find many people.

Well, we can’t use the highway now anyway, so we might as well take it easy.

Densuke: Well, your beds are ready. Why don’t you call it a day and try to get some rest.

Thank you so much. Good night.

And good night to you all.


Wow! It’s rare to hear a suggestion from Mirkou.

I…I don’t really think it is?


Do you think he found a pretty girl nearby?

No. It’s just such [a] beautiful day.


No…well…ha ha ha.

Ha! You guessed right.

Piss off.

Anime. So, who do you want to travel with today?

Why our best friend.

Thank you.

I will too.

Me too!

Same thing we do every day, Anime.

I think I’ll go to the forest and practice with my Hiraikotsu.

Whenever you have a spare moment you’re always practicing, aren’t you?

Yes. It’s a habit from when I lived in Demon-Slayer Village.

Can I come watch you? I won’t get in the way.

Sure, I’m going now. Come whenever you like.

Here we are!

There you are.

Wow! Do you do that every day?

Do what she was just standing there

Practice, you mean? Ah, yeah, I do.

But you’re so strong…

You’ve got it wrong. It’s because I practice every day that I am strong.


Not much strength? Yeah, right.

But that’s not why I started practicing.


In the Demon-Slayer Village, this is part of every day life. Just like when you go to school and study all that difficult stuff.

I’m coming to the terrible realization that Sango might not know how to read.

I don’t think it’s the same…

Hey, Miroku, what do you think?

About what?

This picture. This picture on the door…Doesn’t it bother you?

Not really.

Why not? It’s kinda weird.

Huh? It won’t open. Shoot.

Open! It won’t budge. Something’s definitely strange.

Let me have a look.

Ha. It’s not use. It won’t open.

I see. Well, if it doesn’t open when you push it, try pulling.

I don’t see anything really strange about it.

Wah wah.

So, that’s what it was.



Densuke: You must have been really tired. Everyone else got up early and went to gather information and such. They said you should do the same once you woke up.

How embarrassing! I better get going.

And get going we will!


Alright gang, let’s split up and search for clues.

This town has a big drum, but they probably won’t let me play Kamen Rider songs on it.

Nothing else interesting, so we have to move to the village entrance.

Going up from there a bit, a kid’s in trouble!

There’s a demon! And a child!

That’s what I said! Wait, isn’t this the same asshole we killed the other day?

What a tasty looking child!

He’s gonna get you! Run away!

You’re so scared you can’t run. Now, if you’re really still, I’ll try to make this as painless as I can.

If I don’t do anything, he’s gonna eat that kid. What can I do?

You can, uh, summon holy flames.



Yes. I’m okay.

I’m glad. But, why didn’t you run away?

Kitty :3

Oh, a cat! Is it because the cat was here?

Can’t imply things. Gotta spell them out.

I see. That’s really kind of you.

Can’t imply characterization. Gotta spell it out.


Don’t be modest. If it was me I probably would have run away. That’s a cool looking weapon.


It’s called a Kusarigama.

Can I see it? Wow, it’s pretty heavy.

Anime, if you want a weapon so bad, we can buy you a damn sword or something.

Yes. It’s a bit different from the usual ones.

Really? Why


Oh, sorry. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked. Um, are you from here?

I see.

Okay. Hey, what’s your name? My name is Anime.

It’s Kohaku.

Heading back down to the drum, we see someone!

Just looking at the flowers. These were my brother’s favorite.

Your brother? I see.

I guess everyone told you about my past.

I mean, they did, but nothing I said suggested as such.


My brother was so kind, he almost didn’t belong in Demon Slayer Village. My brother didn’t like to fight. But he loved animals and flowers.

He must have been a really good brother.

We leave Sango to that and hey look, it’s Kagome.

Oh, Sango was just telling me about her younger brother.

I see. Naraku took Kohaku so that he could try to control Sango. Naraku is so evil!

So, he tried to use Kohaku…What! Did you just say Kohaku?

Oh yeah he was basically wearing the same thing as Sango huh

Yes I did.

It couldn’t be. But…

What happened?

This can’t be a coincidence. That boy’s name was Kohaku too. And he was using the same weapon as Sango. I should ask him. I’m sorry, Kagome. But I have to go do something now.

Okay, she does use a chain with a hook and we can just call that a kusarigama.



Um, excuse me?

Shokichi: Maybe I’m no good at this. I caught one little sparrow today in front of the headman’s house. It’s not even good enough for dinner.

Excuse me. Can I ask you something?

Shokichi: Uh, sure. What is it?

Do you know the boy that was here before? His name is Kohaku.


Shokichi: The boy playing with the cat? Yeah, I just saw him walking over there.

Thank you! And I don’t think you can hunt in the city.

Shokichi: Oh, that’s what I thought.

Again we portray a larger person as being a fuckin’ idiot rube. Nice.

There’s the cat that was with Kohaku.

I’m pretty sure that cat went in somewhere around here. I couldn’t tell from behind that bush, but it looks like there’s another road ahead.

A cave? Where’s he going?

Oh no it’s spooky and there’s demons.

Let’s talk to this guy.

Um, excuse me?

Gonsuke: Whoa!

You scared me!


Gonsuke: I’m surprised to see someone else on this road. I’m the only one who knows about this secret back road.

Back road? Does it go to the castle?

Gonsuke: Uh-oh. I said too much.

That’s great! Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone else.

This is of course a blatant lie as we will be telling our five friends.

Gonsuke: Okay. Good. If people find out about this road, I won’t have the chance to find my pot of gold.

I’m just gonna let that one slide because I’d be treading old ground.

Pot of gold. Hmm… Good luck! Oh yeah, did you see anyone else pass by here?

Gonsuke: Nope. Nobody’s come through here.

Well, let’s head back.


And here’s the man of the hour, Naraku himself!

Oh no, this ain’t good.


Kohaku, what’s wrong? Don’t you know it’s me?

Stop it, Kohaku!

Here she comes.

Sango! How did you get here?

She waaaalked.

Okay, that direction just leads to a wall, you should be asking where SHE came from.

You’re Kagura!

No shit!

How nice! You remember me.

What do you want?

I’m not the one directly doing anything. Isn’t that right, woman of Demon Slayer.

You cheater.

Kohaku is going to catch this girl, so sit back and watch. Don’t do anything you’ll be sorry for. Kohaku’s life is in the balance.


Okay, Kohaku, hurry up and get her.

How dare you, Kagura! I’ll never forgive you for this.

Don’t you get it. If you try to resist, Kohaku loses his life.

Kohaku. What should I do?

What should I do? If I don’t do anything, Kohaku will die. But, what do I do?

Well looky here.

Is that Serpentine rock? Shikigami, attack!

I believe this is the last instance of Serpentine rock for the majority of the game.

Hahaha! What are you aiming at?

Rocks fall and they just walk away.

Damn. I see.

Kohaku! Kohaku.

Anime, where’s Kohaku?

I’m sorry, we lost him. I think he went with Kagura.

I see. He’s gone.

I’m sorry, Sango.

No, I’m sorry.

A young fisherman told me that you were looking for Kohaku.

Oh, so THAT’S why he was having a hard time hunting. He’s not even a hunter!

Oh right, that fisherman.

Woman, neither of you said the word of fish in your entire conversation don’t act like you know what’s going on.

I heard you went alone, so…I’m really sorry.

Don’t worry about it.

I couldn’t do anything when Kohaku was trying to attack you.

He’s your brother. Of course, you couldn’t.

But if something happened to you, I…

The ship is real, friends.

Sango, please don’t worry about it anymore.

But, why were you here by yourself?


Everyone told you about Kohaku. So, you must have known that Naraku was using Kohaku. So why did you go by yourself?


Sango…Thank you. That makes me so happy.

then why did you go alone

Let’s go back. Everyone’s waiting.

Let’s go tell everyone, quickly.

We’ll head back next time.


We’re back!

You disappeard [sic] so suddenly. We were worried.

Even Sango, who went to look for you, didn’t come back.

Anyway, we’re glad you’re safe.

I’m sorry.

Hmm. You look happy. Did something good happen?

Not really, almost died.

Not exactly.


I don’t get offended.

Of course, I was worried about Sango too.

Were you really, Miroku?

Yes I was.

Why are you blushing, Sango?

I wonder if Sango likes Miroku?

If you can’t tell, Miroku is sexually assaulting Sango. As he do.

Miroku, why are you touching me?

Uh, ehehehe.


I hate all of this.

Sango’s gonna get into a bad mood again.

I see. Sango was treating me like that, because Miroku was giving me so much attention. It’s not because she doesn’t like me.


Is something wrong?

No, it’s nothing. That’s right! I found a road that goes to the castle.


Yes. You can get there from a cave on the outskirts of the village.

Breaking our promise.

You sure seem enthusiastic!


Do I? Well, I had a good day today!


Yeah, we’re staying.

Thank you, Densuke. Good night.

Sounds good, I agree.

Anime. So, who do you want to travel with today?


Thank you.

Me too.

Me too!

Did she just immediately ditch us?


Have you seen Sango?

Isn’t she in the woods practicing like she always does?

Thanks! I’ll go see.

You’re here again. I’m not doing anything interesting.


Do you remember you were saying that you’re just a regular human being?


Well, do you think if I practiced I could become like you?

Huh? Well, um…

Please Buy My Protagonist A Sword

Hmmm…Would you like to try to carry my Hiraikotsu?

Yes. Wow! Sure I’d love to!


Here, I’ll hold this side.

Wow! It’s heavy.



I’m surprised at how heavy it is.

Ha ha. Now do you understand? Nothing is easy, not even getting strong.

I’m going to try hard so I can be like you one day.

Yes. It’s important to think that way.

What is that?

It’s soap. You wash your face and body with it.

Thanks game, now I’m thinking about Miroku’s incredible stink. In fact, this entire TIME PERIOD STINKS.

That’s why you always smell so good.




I need to ask you a favor. Would you share some of that soap with me?

Sure. But what for?


Maybe he’s going to give it to Sango as a present. Sure, you can have it.

Okay this keeps pissing me off. I don’t remember the characters themselves pushing this relationship so much in the original.

I’m very grateful.

Yeah, he went running by.

So this is a background you only see in a couple of interval events.

Okayo: What a nice smell! What is it?

It’s called “soap.” It will make you even more beautiful!

Okayo: Beautiful? Oh, I think my dad can really use this! Thank you so much, Miroku! Bye!

Ahh…That’s not what I had in mind.

Anime gained a stronger friendship with Sango.

Yes. Thank you.

Densuke: Take care.

Heading to our secret route…

Let’s head to Castle Town! The pass is pretty uneventful, so I guess I’ll leave you here and meet you in


I can hear the voice of a young woman.

Woman: A demon! Someone help me!


Oh, and she’s a beautiful woman.

You can tell just from her voice?

There’s no mistake. Let’s go.

He sure reacts quickly when it comes to women.

Whatever. If it’s a demon, we gotta fight him. Everyone, let’s go!

Oh dear.


Yurihime: Travelers, please help me.

It really is a beautiful woman! Wow, Miroku!


Don’t waste your time on stupid things. Let’s go!

That almost wasn’t fair.

Get off me!

And then Inuyasha just hits him with his sword.

Oh, it’s nothing.

Yurihime: I don’t know what would have become of me, if you hadn’t saved me.

Koto: Oh, I know.

I’m here now, so everything will be alright.

Kinu: You’re so strong.

Koto: You really are a handsome monk.

Hahaha, I never get hurt by such small demons.

You didn’t even do anything in that battle.

Come on, you’re such a flirt.

Either way, it looks like there aren’t any more demons. We should go.

You’re right. It’s still a ways to the castle. We need to hurry.

Yurihime: Wait a minute. I would like to show my appreciation. If you would like, please come to the mansion.

This seems suspish.

Thank you very much. We will gladly go with you.

God dammit.

Yeah, no more distractions!

Yurihime: Of course, I’ll prepare you a delicious meal.

Food, huh? Actually, I’m starving.

Koto: I’ll prepare meat and fish and mountain vegetables.

Kinu: There are a lot of demons ahead. If you come, we could at least feed you a good meal.

It seems pretty dangerous around here.

Maybe it’s a good idea if we go to the mansion.

No, no!

It would be scary to part ways here.

Yes, I agree.

As long as I am here, you don’t need to worry about demons.

He sure reacts quickly when it comes to this sort of thing.

I guess we’re at this house now.

We’ll see what’s up with all this next time.


I know I already brought this up on SA but god this game’s dialogue is a lot more brain melting than I remember it being

I know, right? I’m not even sure how to describe this kind of bad translation. It’s like it’s right on the cusp of subtle insanity and blatant insanity; it isn’t always clear why the dialogue is insane, but it is always clear that the dialogue is insane.

It’s the lovely combination of a poorly written game translated poorly.

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