50 Shades of Grayscale: Let's Play 50 Game Boy Games!

oh god oh fuck

We’re back with part 2 of our frogly adventures! This is perhaps our most unfortunately dated episode, coming out right in the heat of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ release. Naturally, combined with the usual madness that seeps in after a few hours of video games, made for an unfortunate road that I already regret even hinting at in this video. Apologies! There’s a cool gold mine and a lot of drunks in this video too, which makes me wonder how they would have localized it. I have no doubt that they could find something, but hopefully it’d be better than the coffee bar.


I hope you like Game Over screens!

It’s time for the thrilling conclusion to For The Frog the Bell Tolls! A journey of twists! Of romance! Of bones! All to cap off what has become one of the top contenders in this entire list. What more can you say?

Next week: puzzle hell.

Snake count: 16


Endings…AND beginnings!

Adventures of Lolo

It is time to enter…puzzle hell!! Adventures of Lolo is, and probably always will be, our most massive undertaking. I’ll throw the proper numbers down when we’re through all the parts, but getting through these videos is less like editing a video and more like whittling an entire log into some kind of small handheld Lolo shaped carving. Stream madness set in regularly, but I think I grabbed just enough to keep it coherent.

Snake count: 17


Woops ran a lil late on this one! Lolo is hell and destroys everything I love! Stay tuned!

Part two of this endless dive is here! Brush up on your instagram slang and scientific fluid principles as we go into our most educational episode yet! Also I think we play a video game.

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More of that sweet sweet kirby footage featuring all the embarrassing failure.

So ends the saga of Lolo, our biggest hill despite its humble appearance. The truth of the matter is this took a long fucking time to record. Roughly 8 weeks of streams culminating in 27 hours of footage that I had to hastily cut into what we received. I do hope you enjoyed it, and now fully understand why from this point forward we will basically be cursing this games name above any Sneaky Snake. Ironically, we won’t be cursing Snakey. What a good boy.

Also, as a treat, here’s the two drawings I did for the lil intros!

Howdy folks! Time for another uncut release, powered by pixar computer graphics! In addition, we have a very special entry int he uncut records: the first (and hopefully only) game we backed out on: Disney’s Jungle Book! Even after we figured it out it sucked too much ass and the infinitely better Roger Rabbit game took its place. Please enjoy some extra fun and misery!

Blaster Master Boy

Welcome back to another exciting new entry in the 50 Shades of Grayscale line up! A grand adventure awaits us, including discussions on all manner of topics: from the strange occurrence of this game’s inception, to the deep lore of Blaster Master as seen in some shitty novels from the 80s, and even to genuine talks on gender and self expression. Truly, it’s all here. Let’s get blastin!

Snake count: 18

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Do you like fumbling through adventure games and stupid deaths? I know I do!

Bionic Commando

Holy cow I almost forgot it was update day! Another stalwart entry today: the Game Boy adaptation of Bionic Commando. It’s a meaty one, but I just could not contain its sheer power. This was definitely one of the more fun ones, even if it was legitimately more challenging. Our uncut records will show the depths of our madness, but you can have a pretty good sample here.

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Elongated chases and arguing about Sonic the Hedgehog canon, right here!!

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Here we are, folks! The milestone! And truly what else could it be except for Zelda? Don’t answer that. I really do not need to say much about this title to anyone who experienced the Game Boy firsthand. Even if you didn’t play it you were baseline aware of it, and nowadays it’s probably among a few Game Boy titles you could count on one hand that people will willingly go back to. I’m excited to bring it to you, and I hope you’re excited to meet a variety of old enemies and old friends of the series. Let’s unlock the mysteries of the island together!

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Another double dose of uncut sessions! Witness the fabled Ducktales session that didn’t make it into any part of the final recording! That’s about it.

Welcome back to Ligma’s island of adventure! There’s a whole lot in store, including but not limited to: hot dates, furries, singing frogs, fake eggs, shocking revelations, peanut children, microphone issues, and the merciless roasting of Timmy Turner. The windfish beckons! Tune in!

Also I made a goof and forgot to post the 3rd uncut segment for Kirby 2. Oops! Here it is!

Snake count: 19

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Got severely sidetracked from posting the latest UNCUT, but here we are! This ones extra special because it has PO’s original demo of our song. History…was scribbled.

It’s here! The grand conclusion to Ligma’s journey is upon us, and we’re tuning up the band to deliver some sweet egg music, but we have a few deliveries to make before that! Will our hero fulfill his fetch quests and achieve a proper ending? Or will the nightmare continue eternally? Find out!

With our halfway point reached I am going to go on a little hiatus to keep myself fresh on these edits. I’ll still be posting uncut streams every week, but otherwise I’m taking a couple weeks off! Thank you for your patience and please look forward to some fun halftime content when I return!

Snake count: 20

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