50 Shades of Grayscale: Let's Play 50 Game Boy Games!

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

Here we are, folks! The milestone! And truly what else could it be except for Zelda? Don’t answer that. I really do not need to say much about this title to anyone who experienced the Game Boy firsthand. Even if you didn’t play it you were baseline aware of it, and nowadays it’s probably among a few Game Boy titles you could count on one hand that people will willingly go back to. I’m excited to bring it to you, and I hope you’re excited to meet a variety of old enemies and old friends of the series. Let’s unlock the mysteries of the island together!

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Another double dose of uncut sessions! Witness the fabled Ducktales session that didn’t make it into any part of the final recording! That’s about it.

Welcome back to Ligma’s island of adventure! There’s a whole lot in store, including but not limited to: hot dates, furries, singing frogs, fake eggs, shocking revelations, peanut children, microphone issues, and the merciless roasting of Timmy Turner. The windfish beckons! Tune in!

Also I made a goof and forgot to post the 3rd uncut segment for Kirby 2. Oops! Here it is!

Snake count: 19

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Got severely sidetracked from posting the latest UNCUT, but here we are! This ones extra special because it has PO’s original demo of our song. History…was scribbled.

It’s here! The grand conclusion to Ligma’s journey is upon us, and we’re tuning up the band to deliver some sweet egg music, but we have a few deliveries to make before that! Will our hero fulfill his fetch quests and achieve a proper ending? Or will the nightmare continue eternally? Find out!

With our halfway point reached I am going to go on a little hiatus to keep myself fresh on these edits. I’ll still be posting uncut streams every week, but otherwise I’m taking a couple weeks off! Thank you for your patience and please look forward to some fun halftime content when I return!

Snake count: 20

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Happy hiatus everybody! Please enjoy this first uncut session of For the Frog the Bell Tolls! Watch in amazement as I don’t realize this game has a very good save feature that you can use!

Join the nantendo funclub today, DEEZ!

It’s time for another serving of that good ol Boneless footage.

Hey folks! I fell a bit under the weather and missed the last rotation of UNCUT footage, but I’m back! Do you wanna see how deep the lolo rabbit hole goes? Well look no further! here’s the first 3 (of 8!!!) raw recordings! Enjoy.

Why, yes, it IS more lolo! Have fun! Proper episodes will be back next week!

Hey there folks! It’s finally time for the last batch of uncut lolo vids. The perfect thing to send us off into a brand new episode this Friday! I hope you’re excited!

Game Boy Camera

Smile everyone! 50 Shades of Grayscale is back to its proper updates! It isn’t the 26th game, though. It’s the Game Boy Camera! We’re beginning our halftime block with one of the Game Boy’s most infamous and bizarre pieces of hardware. While the circumstances of the recording was pretty cursed, we still banged out some fun stuff overall. It’s kind of insane how much is put into this silly lil device, and its also insane that people have gone to such fun lengths to emulate it!

Now that my computer works, maybe I should take some more selfies? I got a few printed out.

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So glad we can move past lolo footage and move onto Blaster Master Boy, the game where we fight a head and talk about Naruto for an hour!

A Special Feature From my Uncle At Nintendo

Welcome back to another Halftime Special! I got the big scoops for you today, as we tackle a small offering of UNRELEASED GAME BOY TITLES. My uncle at Nintendo gave me the hookup, and boy are these…something! Not technically all bad, but certainly not all good either. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show off what I thought would never be shown, though!

Don’t ask me where to get em though.


Second Blaster Master Boy uncut session is up! Hope you like Jimmy Neutron and weirdly heavy final boss chatter!

Now…in Color!?

Welcome back to another halftime special! This time we had a special little presentation of a couple of re-imaginings of our first two entries. The first is New Super Mario Land , a complete homebrew recreation of Super Mario land to be run on an SNES emulator. It supports 4 player play a la New Super Mario Bros Wii, and 30 carts were supposedly made for the 30th anniversary of the title, shipped to a select number of people. If anyone out there has a copy of one of these carts, please tell me! I want to look longingly at something I’d never afford.

The second title is Super Mario Land 2 DX. This one is a more relatively simple idea, but I don’t want to undersell the work put into it. The entire game has been fully colorized, with updated sprites to certain objects due to the lack of limitations. They also added a playable Luigi with his own unique physics, and put in work to provide compatibility with the Japanese ROMs and randomizers, as well as reduce the lag inherent in the original game.

Two labors of love for two games I am quite fond of. How could I not feature them?

It’s time to return to the battlefield and find our Super Joe! Grab a donut and kick back for a lot of falling off hooks.

The Link Cable

The link cable! You know, that thing we used to trade Pokemon with? Well it turns out that other games used it too. We’re wrapping up the halftime showcase with a trip down some of the titles we’ve experienced already, but this time with multiplayer! Some play better on video than others, sure, but hey. It’s all an immersive part of the experience. Or something! What are your favorite link cable memories? Tell us, please!

We got more UNCUT episodes for ya! This time with the full extent of my failures in the penultimate stage, and the full lore of GUMPY.

Ghostbusters II

Great news everyone! WE’RE BACK!! And we’re ready to keep on truckin with more numbered entries. We’re kicking off our Hollywood Blockbuster block with a strange sequel adaptation with surprisingly famous origins. Please enjoy 10% of us talking about Ghostbusters II, and 90% of us pulling out a series of “who would win” hypotheticals! It’s okay, though, because hoenstly the only truly weird and notable thing about this game is who made it. Also, I guess, how well it adapts actual plot elements into its gameplay? I think it’s pretty rad!

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