12 Hour Challenge - Speedrunning Speedrunning - Feb 10-12

Do you want to get started in speedrunning? Do you already run a game but you’re looking for something new to try? Now’s as good a time as any!

This coming weekend, Feb. 10-12, is the 4th 12 Hour Challenge, a speedrunning event by GoldenSRL. The idea is that you pick a game, and you have 12 hours to learn to speedrun it and get the best time you can. You can do all 12 hours in one shot, or spread it out over three days. You’re encouraged to stream the learning process, but that’s up to you.

This time around, there’s an optional theme: “Remake, Remaster, Reset.” Instead of learning the original version of a game, try to learn a re-release, remake, or port that changes things up. For example, Bionic Commando: Reloaded or the GBA version of Final Fantasy 1. This theme is totally optional, so if you already have an idea for a game that doesn’t fit the theme, go hog wild.

More details are here: http://pastebin.com/U4yrfNAD
If you want to officially sign up: http://bombch.us/CYY2 (you don’t have to, though)

Last year I learned a relatively basic any% route for Symphony of the Night and had a blast, and this time around I’m going with Elevator Action Returns, the gritty reboot of the old arcade game.

Here’s a few tips I learned from my experiences and other people that have done this:

  • Pick a short game! You only have 12 hours, picking a game that takes less than an hour to complete is probably a good plan.
  • Pick a game you know! I’ve seen people go in blind, which can be a fun challenge by itself, but if you’re already familiar with your game you can focus more on saving time than on learning the basics.
  • Pick something that can be emulated, or something with good save/load support! You might need to practice a tricky section or technique a lot, so anything that cuts down on downtime is a blessing.
  • Prep work is allowed! Last year I had to make sure I had a finished save file for SotN in order to skip cutscenes, and I took notes and looked up some tutorial videos while finishing the game normally. If there’s already some documentation for the game you want to play, feel free to use it.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff! You have a time limit, so don’t spend a lot of time on high-risk/low-reward strategies if you don’t have to. When you’re attempting a full run, don’t reset because of small mistakes. Learning to improvise when things go wrong is a valuable skill.
  • Most importantly, pick a game you like! You’re about to spend a bunch of time on a single game in one or two sittings, so make sure it’s something you won’t want to give up on midway through.

I hope people give this a shot this weekend. I had a really fun time last year, and enjoyed learning the SotN run enough to keep going for a few weeks afterward. Good luck!

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how about a game you run in a % you don’t usually run?

For example, I run RE7 Any%, but I’ve been contemplating trying to do a ‘knife only’ run, would that be allowed?

Otherwise I may break into that NES classic a friend gave me for a belated xmas gift and try to learn megaman or castlevania

Looking at the list of sign-ups, I’ve seen a couple people doing different categories of games they’ve already run, so if you think learning RE7 knife only in half a day sounds like a fun time, then go for it.

If you do decided to try something on the NES Classic, I used sinister1’s Ninja Gaiden tutorials a few years ago on my own time, and that’s a run that’s actually not too hard until you get to the last stage.


I’ve been meaning to learn Titan Quest as a speedgame for months now, so may as well do it this weekend, right?

I’ve never actually signed up for one of these before, should be interesting.

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I don’t know much about Titan Quest but I think there’s some kind of door skip glitch? I know it’s a game with some exiting speed tech, so that’s something you might want to look into.

I’m somewhat familiar with the tricks the run uses, I’ve just never actually run the game myself so they’ll be interesting to learn. The big trick (that I know of, at least) is that there’s a few specific spots in the game where you can reliably create lag and you can use the lag to dupe skill/attribute points.

I’ve also got sort of a head start of sorts in that I speedrun Grim Dawn, which is on a modified version of the same engine. I’m hoping a lot of that will carry over.