You Swindled my Prince into a Peddler! Let's All Play Dominion



Grand Scheme with jivjov:

Commentary: This is almost entirely a game that hinges on virtual money. There’s no way to trash your starting cards, so every Treasure you buy is a new stop card. Between Market and Bridge, you can get a lot of value and the ability to buy a whole bunch of cards well under cost… IF you can line them up. You’ve got all the other elements for an Action-dense deck - Mining Village and Shanty Town for actions, Council Room and Patrol for draw, Militia for getting rid of all the cards your Council Rooms handed your opponents… but it gets clogged easily, especially when you can’t tell whether you’ll be shuffling again. I’d like to say that my first Duchy/Estate buy should have been just another Patrol, but with the luck I was getting, that would mean a hand of three Patrols and two Victory cards. Seriously, I swear those two Patrols had been next to each other in the box so long that they stuck together. I clearly needed more Patrols, but they had such a tendency to show up in contexts where I didn’t want to play them that they were pretty much dead on arrival every time.

There’s a strong case to be made for an early Bridge, which can help in getting 5-costs, but the early Artisan does that too. Mill can be great if you line up the Patrols with extra actions - you can discard Victory cards for coins, then draw them all back. There’s always a mental calculation to be made late in the game - can I gain enough cards to cause the game to end? Can my opponent? Bridge really shifts the math, since it increases gains and money and decreases the amount of money required. Get a couple of Markets and only two Bridges, and you may be looking at emptying the Estate pile in addition to whatever else you use the money to buy. In a game where the Mills run out quickly and everyone’s grabbing as many Markets as they can, Provinces are almost certainly not going to run. I was trying to build up to them, but had to switch tacks when jivjov started stocking up on Bridges while he had the lead. I’ve previously made the mistake of waiting until my deck was as good as I wanted it to be, only to discover that it was the end of the game and I had no way to catch up. Not this time, even if my sifting cards only got one total play in the entire game.

The final kingdom for these two sets, “Deconstruction”, frankly looks a little boring to me. It’s got plenty of attacks (Bandit, Replace, Swindler), the only defense is Diplomat (which defends against none of those), the only draw is, again, Diplomat, and it’s even got Remodel, which is just diet Replace in this kingdom. At this point, I don’t even really want to try it, so my hope is to start the next expansion, Seaside, with the next video. I’ve got a potential guest for tomorrow, but it’ll depend on our schedules, and he may not want to take on a new expansion just yet. We’ll see. I’d like to pick up the pace and start getting to the sets I really like (mainly Hinterlands, Prosperity, some of Dark Ages, and a handful of the post-Guilds stuff), especially given how infrequently I’ve been able to make the videos.