X in the Third Dimension (Now Featuring Less X) – Let’s Play the Mega Man X Series

Part 10: World-Wide Cleanup

Iiiiiiiiit’s time for cleanup. So you know how there was almost nothing left to do at this point in X4? It’s the opposite in this game. There’s something we missed in just about every stage. And that’s more or less by design. So I hope you’re ready to see every stage again.

Part 11: X vs Zero

Things have managed to go from bad to worse on planet Earth. Even with the apocalypse averted, Zero has awakened into someone far more dangerous. X heads to the point where his friend awaits, but a battle seems inevitable at this stage. Just as they’d both feared time and time again, X and Zero will have to face each other in a fight to the near-death.

Part 12: Total Dis-Sigma

We’ve successfully un-awakened Zero, so now it’s time for everyone’s favorite Maverick Hunters to charge through the end. Sigma awaits in his final viable body, having spread himself too thin with his global attack. Still, killing the Sigma Virus for good can’t be easy, because the only thing Sigma’s more desperate for than making some kind of strange philosophical point is taking down X and Zero.

You’d better hide yourself before you repair yourself.

It’s been three weeks since Mega Man X5 happened, and the world is unsurprisingly still in turmoil. But not long after Zero’s death, phantom images have haunted the world, alongside various other miscellaneous effects, a phenomenon which has been named the “Nightmare.” A man named Isoc has called to Reploids around the globe to put an end to this crisis, but the Maverick Hunters aren’t so certain his intentions are pure. Especially since the main eight investigators all seem to be linked to a mysterious Reploid named Gate, who unbeknownst to them has had a recent change of heart…

Hoo boy, welcome to Mega Man X6, a game characterized by both a surplus and lack of ambition, somehow. There are a bunch of new mechanics which, while interesting, add to the clutter bogging down the usual pace of an X stage. The same thing goes for the story, which does try to go places, but is also held back by the utter disinterest they had following up any consequences of X5’s storyline. In short, the game’s kind of a mess. But just like with X5, I’ll be making it slightly less of a mess with the Mega Man X6 Tweaks hack.

Part 1: Hi, Max

It’s been a long three years months weeks since X and Zero’s fateful final battle against Sigma. X has been fighting alone since then, and while that might not seem to bad considering the changed timeframe, but trust me. It’s been excruciating. None the less, though, his latest mission leads him to the crash site of Eurasia, where an unexpected face will make an appearance.

Part 2: Undead Sheldon

We begin investigating the investigators, and one of the first things we learn is that stages have teleporters to unknown realms. And said unknown realms have, amongst other things, an evil version of X’s dead best friend.

Part 3: Like Rain on a Turtloid

Welcome to Inami Temple, located in scenic Ecuador. Here we encounter the aftermath of Eurasia’s crash, which has resulted in a terrible acid rain that threatens to corrode away at the region. There’s also a large turtle robot here, and we simply cannot abide that.

Part 4: Poor Yammarks

Commander Yammark has been sent to investigate what we’re told is the Amazon. The guy seems a bit touchy, and given our track record, a fight with him seems inevitable.

Part 5: Metro-Brawl-iton

Welcome to the museum! It’s currently being investigated by the most British Reploid we’ve seen, Ground Scaravich. He’s got an eye for treasures and a track record for entering places he’s not supposed to go.

Part 6: Crisis on Infinite Mijnions

Robot.gif is lurking in a weapon center is Australia. X and Zero head off to take care of it and see which investigator is in charge. And unfortunately for Zero, he winds up finding a completely different foe. Unfortunately for X, he finds the correct foe, who is far more annoying.

Part 7: Haven’t got a Player

So as it turns out, Gate may have invented a necromancer, at least insofar as recycling old Reploid parts counts. Once executed, Metal Shark Player was eventually brought back to investigate his local trash compactor. You know, in case any Nightmares are in there.

Part 8: Blaze of Glory

So there’s an area, right? It’s filled with magma. Blaze Heatnix is there, looking at that magma because it’s a weird color. There’s also about half a dozen ouroboroses hanging out there. That’s also probably worth noting. Of course, Blaze Heatnix has done absolutely nothing to combat these large wheel snakes, and now X has to fight most of them.

Part 9: Buoy Wolf

Last time we were in a magma area, now this time Zero is going to the North Pole area because the Nightmare is causing some avalanches. The Nightmare is also causing fireballs as well, but only because we fought Blaze Heatnix. Anyway, Blizzard Wolfang is here. He died before, and we’re going to blow him up again.

Part 10: Clean Dream

Well, the Nightmare Investigators are all dead again. Time to look through the stages for things I missed! Some of them more than once, because X6 hates you.

Part 11: Mothers Day

The end is nigh, but X6 isn’t over so it’s not nigh enough. But the Maverick Hunters have reached Gate’s lab, and must now overcome his defenses. Which include the closest thing this game has to a Devil, both in terms of its abilities and just how little I want to fight it.

Part 13: Night of the Living Sigma

Gate is done, but Sigma’s back again. If we want to rebuild civilization, we’re going to need to make sure the omnicidal computer virus isn’t there to break everything down again. At least for a few months. Sigma is very confident in his ability to come back from death even in situations like this, and so far we have no reason to doubt him.

Now featuring less of Mega Man “Actually Both Sides are Wrong” X.

After the last defeat of Sigma, the world is finally on the road to recovery. The Nightmare Virus is done and dusted, and now civilization can reemerge. I assume humans are back on the surface, even if we continue to not see them. But even as things improve, the Maverick Hunters still find difficulty returning to their prime form. And worse for them, X has finally had enough of the constant fighting, and has retired. So who’s going to take care of the rising crime rates? Why, everybody’s favorite mercenary band, Red Alert! Everyone knows them, and everybody loves them! Now let’s just hope they don’t experience any sudden moral deterioration.

Well. It’s X7. While the X series tried to keep its core design throughout the PS1 games, this is where they finally tried to implement 3D sections into the formula. And, well, it certainly changes things. But 7 is usually regarded as the worst game in the series, so as you might imagine there wound up being a lot of problems with this change. Now thankfully, a recent mod called N’s Edition aims to clean up a lot of the oddities that really drag down the game. Does it fix all of them? Probably not, but at least we can go through this one with fewer road bumps!

Part 1: Axl the Red (Alert)

Well, darn. It looks like Red Alert has suffered sudden moral deterioration. Thankfully, one of their members isn’t on board with the sudden changes, and has defected. But like any good defection, the first step is to survive escaping from the company.

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Part 2: Don’t be a Boar

Oh no! Someone’s planted explosives on this Canadian highway! It’s up to Zero to drive safely to save the stranded Reploids and defuse all the bombs in time! Ride Boarski is also here, and is probably behind the incident. But it’s kind of hard to tell given his short fuse makes him easy to distract.

Part 3: Joey to the World

We’ve saved a highway, but we’re not done in Canada just yet! There’s a military base swarming with Red Alert’s men, and it needs to be cleared out ASAP. Thankfully, they’ve foolishly left a Ride Armor lying around, so Axl and Zero pretty much have the run of this place.