When Lovecraft Meets Three Kingdoms and Pop Music: Super Robot Wars UX

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Here we are again, and we’ve just lost both Kouichi and Moritsugu – they’re not available in our units list. The Deceive is deploying as an event unit, though, so we adjust accordingly:
Liu Bei/Sun Quan
Guan Yu/Eida
Kazuki/Zhang Fei
Tactician: Zhuge Liang

Here we go.

: Hayase! Can you hear us, Hayase?!


: Still nothing… we really can’t get in touch with him. My guess is the Linebarrel’s comm systems are being blocked.
: …
: Hey, Yamashita… was it really Moritsugu who did him in?
: Yeah… I made it over to their fight and saw everything…
: Moritsugu cut down the Linebarrel and left with it!

Like so!

: But why…?
: There’s only one possible answer: Mr. Moritsugu was the spy leaking JUDA’s classified data to Kiriyama.
: No way! He’d never betray us for him…!
: I understand how you feel, but we need to consider the facts… like, for instance, how he and Kiriyama have apparently been friends quite a while.
: …
: Gah, first Ylbora and now him? The hell is up with those guys?!
: But, if anything, we know that Ms. Kizaki is doing fine, so I think we can presume that Kouichi also is.
: …!
: Hm? How do you figure he’s safe because she is?
: By rights, Machinas only have one Factor – that’s a pretty universal rule among them…
: But the Linebarrel is unique in that both Ms. Kizaki and Kouichi are its Factors.
: Oh, that’s right. Machinas and the Factors share their lives, so…
: If anything happened to Kouichi, it’d also affect Emi due to their link with the Linebarrel.
: …
: But is it really that big of the deal that the Linebarrel has two Factors?
: As I remember, the Deceive also has two people piloting it, no?
: Sure, but that was a later modification that Mr. Maki made to the cockpit.
: Put it simply, a Machina having two folks inside is a whole different animal from it having two Factors.
: Hmm, yes, I can see why the Linebarrel is said to be special.
: But, in any case, this is still a very difficult situation we find ourselves in.
: Damian’s out looking for Kouichi, so I guess all we can do right now is wait until he calls back…
: (… Hayase…)

: Ah, the Linebarrel… Excellent work, Reiji.
: Please, it wasn’t any trouble.
: What a reliable man you are, Moritsugu.
: Now we just need to pry open the cockpit and drag the Factor out…

Cockpit opens!

: Haaaah! Moritsuguuu!!


: …
: Ooh.
: Are you feeling better after that, Hayase?
: Wh-Why didn’t you try to dodge it?!
: Alright, settle down, little Hayase.
: Who’re you?!
: Eiji Kiriyama, president of Kiriyama Heavy Industries.
: You’re…!
: Easy, now. Before you get any ideas of punching me, I’ve something you should see.


: That’s… my house! And Risako, and Domyoji’s…!
: You can see where this is going, yes?
: Whether your dear friends and family are still alive in the next hour is entirely up to you.
: You’re scum! What the hell are you after that you’d do something like this?!
: The Japanese people now look at JUDA Corp. and see it, and the UX, as a threat to their peace. And so my company – a company that personifies JUSTICE – steps into the limelight, ready to stand up to that threat!
: We’ll answer their worries and calm them down by bringing JUDA squarely under our control – plus the UX and the alien mechs, of course.
: “Personifies “justice”? Is that a joke, you sleazebag?!
: Hmhmhm… Not at all. I am a Champion of Justice…
: And I already have enough power to back that up, see!
: Th-Those eyes are…!

Cut to the Federation Parliament, the footage of the UX attacking the Martian Development Bureau’s units is making quite the splash with the generic members. The Elshank and its forces really ARE invaders! As the Union president watches in silence, Hazard says this proves that our people are openly acting against the Federation! Does Ronin still dare say that the Elshank and its people are friendly?!
The generics are buying it, and one of them says they can’t ignore JUDA either – that company is the UX and aliens’ co-conspirator. The parliament must endorse Kiriyama’s request and have the Federation Army send troops to help subjugate JUDA!
Klaus speaks up, asking everyone to calm down: it’s far too rash to mark JUDA as hostile with no other evidence than Hazard’s footage. Shirin agrees, and adds that she suspects said footage to be a fabrication from the Martian Development Bureau. Hazard objects to her nonsense and demands she present proof.

Well, surely he’s heard that Shirin and Marina were attacked by terrorists not long ago, yes? He does and remembers that the UX were behind it. Only, no, Marina says that the UX and Celestial Being were the ones who saved them from the attackers. Moreover, they have the testimony of one of the captured terrorists, who stated that the ones who orchestrated the attack was—
“The terrorist you speak of committed suicide in his cell yesterday,” Hazard cuts in. “And we have his last words on record: ‘We were under the UX’s orders’… Such guilt he felt over his crimes. The UX are truly a monstrous lot to have pushed a man over the edge like that.”
Shirin can do nothing but grit her teeth, as Hazard exhorts the parliament to make a decision. Surely they can see that evil forces like JUDA and the UX cannot be tolerated anymore, lest the Earth Sphere further plummet into chaos!

Hester speaks up, agreeing with Hazard’s point and declaring that JUDA Corp. must be disarmed immediately. A wise decision and, on that subject, Hazard also suggests that they send official investigators after Orb: Cagalli’s ties to the UX can no longer be disregarded as mere rumors, no?
And, for that matter, she’s coincidentally absent today. Where could she have run off to? “I’d like to propose a Federal Inquiry be opened in regards to Ms. Cagalli Yula Athha!”

Klaus groans that they got completely outplayed by Hazard, who’s now vying to oust Cagalli from power with that Inquiry. Ruri and the others had thought it best for her to hide, out of concern for her safety, but her absence today backfired massively.
As Ronin knows, Hazard and co. are planning to get the ball rolling on their “reform” of the Federation Army with JUDA and Orb getting taken out of the picture – and, if successful, there’ll be no one capable of opposing them. Is there nothing Marina and the others can do? For now, Shirin says, all they can try is to stall the establishment of the Inquiry commission.

Ruri herself will work the financial angle, getting in touch with all the various companies that support the various members of the parliament and try to get them to help us out. They need to buy as much time as can be to put together our counteroffensive against Hazard.
From what Klaus has heard, the Union President has an agent, Axel Hughes, conducting an investigation into things, but there’s no telling if that will find enough to sway the parliament. Shirin figures our best shot right now is Alex Dino – here’s hoping he’ll make it in time…
(In the EU Route, Shirin says Axel told her he’d be coming to Japan to try and gather more info. He’ll let her know if anything turns up, but the question is whether or not that’ll happen before it’s too late… Alex is still their better shot, though we don’t know how much he’ll be able to prod the PLANTs into action.)

Cut back to JUDA, Shirin informs Ishigami that they couldn’t stop the Federation from joining on the operation to subjugate the company. Still, he’s already grateful that they even tried. Shirin isn’t throwing the towel just yet, though: they’ll consolidate their efforts and stand against Hazard and co. as best they can. With wishes that she doesn’t do anything crazy, Ishigami ends the call.
Seems like Kiriyama’s attack on us is already a certainty and folks the world over will be joining in on the fun. Things are looking dire to Zhuge Liang and Zhou Yu: whether we win this or not, we’ll be enemies in the eyes of all of society. “Why?! We have done nothing but fight for the sake of the people!” Liu Bei and Sun Quan are pissed, but it doesn’t change our situation.
Kurara watches on and, inwardly, doesn’t think we’re being untruthful. At the rate this is going, though, we’ll go down as villains anyway.

In the EU and JP routes, Zhang Fei/Kenji ponders that maybe Moritsugu saw this coming and decided to make a run for it. Guan Yu/Sakura slaps him upside the head, telling him to mindful of other people’s feelings (Yamashita). In the US route, Erebos sighs that this is just the time when Moritsugu’d be real useful if he was still around; Lux chides her tactless insinuations, but she wasn’t trying to insinuate anything…
Regardless, the question remains: if Moritsugu did turn against us, how are we going to fight him? The guy is crazy strong, as everyone remembers.

Yamashita’s been quiet all this time and while Shizuna understands that he took quite the heavy blow, he can’t stay bummed out forever. Yamashita shushes everyone – as it turns out, he was actually poking at Moritsugu’s personal computer, trying to restore the purged data.
Too much about this whole thing strikes Yamashita as weird. What does he mean? Wasn’t he the one who saw Moritsugu beat and take Kouichi away? “If you ask me, Hayase’s the one confusing me the most,” Yamashita says. Domyoji can see what he means: as hotheaded as Kouichi is, it’s very odd that he didn’t even contact us after Moritsugu turned traitor. While he was fighting the guy, he could still have sent us an emergency transmission.

Do they mean Kouichi intentionally didn’t contact us? “Did Hayase want to lose and get captured?” Kizaki wonders. That’s a possibility that Yamashita’s considering, which is why he’s probing Moritsugu’s computer for any clues.
And he’s got something! What is it? We don’t get to find out yet, but it sounds like it explains much.

: …
: What the hell are you thinking, Moritsugu…?

Door opens.

: Hello there. I’ve your meal.
: You… You were with Moritsugu and Kiriyama…
: Oh my, did you forget about me already? After everything we’ve been through? You’re breaking my heart…
: Huh…?! Wh-What are you talking about?!
: Hmhmhm, my voice still doesn’t ring any bells… honey?
: Ho…ney?
: Waaah! You! You’re with the Katou Organization! What’re you doing here?!
: A woman has plenty of secrets, you know. Here, have a little somethin’ somethin’.
: …?? What’s this?
: Oh, you were just so cool and manly when you punched Moritsugu…
: So I figured I’d bring you a small treat for that.

She leaves.

: A treat…?
: “I-Investigation Report – Reiji Moritsugu”…?!

: … Good luck to you, then. Make sure the entire world gets to see all of JUDA’s plans.
: I will, and thank you for your support of the media’s work.

Kiriyama leaves.

: You sure about this? I really don’t like obeying that shifty-looking fella.
: Oh, it’s fine. You never know what might be waiting around the corner…
: Huh, feeling pretty peppy today, aren’t we?

US route only:

: Besides, this’ll help us inch closer to the truth, too.
: Agent Hughes has already started his investigation here in Japan, so we should do some work of our own.

Back to common ground:

: If only those guys were around right now…
: What guys…?
: Eerr… Wait, who was I talking about?
: Hahah, are you feeling alright? Have I been working you too hard?
: …
: (What’s going on…? I feel like I’m forgetting something really important…)

: … Yes, the people at JUDA are objecting to that footage as a fabrication.
: No, from what I saw of them, I wouldn’t say they’re lying…
: … Roger that. I’ll carry on with my investigation.


: Hmhmm, so your gut tells you they’re innocent?
: …?!

*:gun: *

: Hey, hey, a gun’s no way to greet a person. Isn’t that right, Ms. “Hiromi Tachi” of JUDA’s secretarial staff?
: Or perhaps I should call you Ms. Kurara Tachibana of Metro PD’s public safety division?
: … Who are you?
: A professional colleague, you might say. At the very least know that I’m on your side.
: And why did you reach out to me?
: I’m just trying to figure out the truth. The world depends on it, you know.
: So I figured that, maybe, you’d be keen on a little intel exchange?
: …
: (His bearing… he’s a trained man. He must be with some intelligence agency… and, if so, there might be no harm in talking with him.)
: It’s not too great for us to stand out here talking, I think. How about I get you something to drink? I know a great coffee place not too far from here.
: Fine. But if you ever approach me from behind again, you’ll be getting a bullet instead of coffee.
: I’ll keep that in mind.

: Damn it, I don’t have time to be twiddling my thumbs here…!
: I gotta get out and tell everyone about this…!

Door opens.

: Yo, Kouichi. You’re doing okay, I take it?
: D-Damian…?! How did you get here…?!
: What do you mean ‘how’? I used to roll with the Martian Guerilla, remember? I could sneak in here blindfolded.
: But never mind me. I’ve got something important to tell you.
: Something important…?
: Yeah, those folks Kiriyama had watching yours, Risako and Domyoji’s homes? JUDA’s intelligence department’s taken care of ‘em.
: Really?! Ah, that’s a relief…
: But… how did you know they were watching our homes? Or that I was locked away here, even?
: Yamashita poked through Moritsugu’s computer and what he found in there explained pretty much everything.
: On Moritsugu’s…? Then that file was right and he really is…!
: Kiriyama’s already starting his attack on JUDA, meaning he and many of his troops are headed that way. Your orders are to trash this place while they’re gone.
: Trash this place… What, just me?
: Nah, relax. You’ll have a real powerhouse of a partner and he’ll be here any second now…

: Waaaaaaah! Th-The hell…?!
: cough, cough…! Making your entrance by busting through a wall… overkill much?

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel (Full Intro)

: That’s… the Vardant?!
: Apologies for the delay, Hayase…
: “Apologies”…? Wait, you’re that powerhouse partner he mentioned…?!
: I did open up saying you were going to have to fight with me, no?
: …
: Argh, you little… If this is what you mean, you should’ve said “fight together with me,” dang it.
: Hah…
: There’s a whole lot I want you to explain, but that can wait ‘til later…
: I’m really ticked off today, and I feel like going ballistic around here!
: Come, Linebarrel!

Mission 19 – Judgment at Dusk

: Alright, boys and girls, I do hope you’ll put up a good fight. This is my TV debut, after all.

: It’s that unit that attacked around my village…!
: So it’s the Katous up first, huh? Battle stations, everyone!

: We can easily handle their Armas with our Nerve Crack!
: Right on, don’t cut ‘em any slack! Give those guys a real nasty one!
: If I may hazard a guess, the Katou Organization is likely only trying to stall us until Kiriyama and the Federation’s forces arrive.
: Troops, try and preserve as much resources as possible in anticipation of enemy reinforcements!

[i]Kill everything, don’t lose the Deceive or a ship. Same fight we’ve had with Yulianne already but, as Kongming said, we’ll have more stuff incoming. Same map as the previous mission, so have fun driving your guys across that bridge again.
As usual, just be mindful about Yulianne debuffing your armor and everything’ll be fine. If I wasn’t recording convos, this is precisely the moment where I’d send the Fafner kids up top and let them all take kills for their secrets.

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

And right on the next enemy turn…[/i]

Over by Tokyo, Aoi’s watching Isabelle report on the battle between JUDA’s mechs and the troops sent after it.
All this robot-on-robot action is giving her some major déjà vu, as Isabelle relates that JUDA Corp. has, indeed, shown itself to be a front for a terrorist organization! “Urgh, I’ve got nothing…! Why do I always have this nagging feeling that I’m missing something?!” Aoi groans. “Just what is this unease I’m feeling in my heart…?”

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

:siren: SRW UX - Life Goes On

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: Hell are you doing here?! Did the Katou Organization sign up as Kiriyama’s goons now?!
: That would be telling. A bit of mystery adds to a woman’s charm, you know.

:siren: SRW UX - LOVE 14 ver. HD

: How about I teach you what human sensuality is about, robot girl?
: Um, no, I t e n d to pass on people that are full of themselves, thanks.
: You cheeky…!

:siren: SRW UX - The Eternal Soldiers

: Oh, dear, so it’s not a demon today but the big, bad devil? Maybe you could go a little bit easy on me?
: Do what now? Who d’ya think you’re talking to, eh?
: If you think batting your eyelashes at the devil will give you an edge, prepare to be disappointed!

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: You figure you can take us on with the Linebarrel and Vardant gone, granny?!
: …
: You call a lady a granny, you better be ready for the consequences…!

: This should be good enough, I think…
: Now let’s just hang back and see how things pan out.

: That looks like the last of the Katou Organization’s Armas, but…
: Right. Now comes the main event…


: We’re picking up several heat signatures on radar! They’re headed this way – fast!

: There he is…!
: Time to roll up the sleeves and get to work. Let’s see how you’ll fare against the Jinrais and my Machina, the Pretender.
: A Machina…?! Eiji Kiriyama’s a Factor too?!
: I’m starting to get the picture… He built the Jinrais around his Machina’s tech.
: Now how about we get this Christmas party started?!

: Aaaah!
: Hrk… Damn, the folks piloting them Jinrais have been really well trained!
: N-No, that’s not it! There’s… There’s no one aboard those!
: Huh…?! Do you mean those…
: Are all being remote-controlled…?!
: Hah, now ain’t that some good news! If those’re drones, we just gotta take out their control systems…!
: Ah, I get it. We’ll use the Nerve Crack to overload them with fake inputs…!
: Oho, I don’t think so.


: U-Uwaaaaaargh! My… My arms!
: What’re ya on about, Izuna?! Your arms are fine!
: Wired Nerve Cracks are so passé. They don’t hold a candle to wireless ones.
: What…?!
: Let me spell it out for you. My Machina’s called Pretender, but that’s just something of a codename.
: It’s actual name is… Deceive IV!
: De-“Deceive”…?! Then that attack just now was….!
: W-Wireless… Nerve Cracks!
: What will you do now, my friends of JUDA? If you choose to surrender, that’d be fine…
: But, personally, I’d much rather you kept on fighting – just so everyone could see what miserable fools you are!
: Not good…! All troops, cover the Deceive! Cut the enemy’s party short!

And now we get to walk aaall the way across the pond again to make it to Kiriyama’s posse. The Jinrais, of course, are made of studier, dodgier and stronger stuff than the Katou Armas, but they’re ultimately still mooks. Make good use of Luca, Yamashita and whatnot to boost your numbers if you wanna really play it safe and command auras aren’t cutting it.
The Deceive’s immobile thanks to Kiriyama’s attack and losing it means a game over, but that’s only a problem if you’d let it parked by JUDA, whereupon the enemy can reach it in decent time. I brought it all the way to attack Yulianne, so it’s far out of Kiriyama’s range.

Pretender (Eiji Kiriyama)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L4
Support Attack L2
All Attack L1
Hit & Away
Mech Features:
10% HP Regen
Kiriyama’s voice actor: Sho Hayami

Kiriyama’s actually a dang good pilot, with a special focus in accuracy and evasion (though, like Masaki, his stats aren’t as absurdly high as they were in L). The Pretender itself is rather dodgy and offers decent range, though his best is only 1-3; mind you, what you really wanna watch out for are his 2-6 Nerve Cracks, which’ll apply morale and SP down, and HALVE all your stats. Thankfully, its accuracy modifier is only +10.
Being evasion-focused, however, means the Pretender isn’t too bulky and will easily fall in a single round of concentrated fire – just avoid rolling the dice with some liberal Strike/Focus casts.

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

:siren: SRW UX - Obelisk

Alto sets it up with his Beam Cannons, and Kiriyama’s prized prototypes catch a bad case of leekage.

:siren: SRW UX - Obelisk

: Ho-hum, is that really the best you’ve got…?

: This is bad…! We gotta turn this around or…!
: …


: Damian, how are things going over there?
: We pretty much have taken over Kiriyama Heavy Industries!
: The Linebarrel and Vardant are leaving right now – they’re headed your way as fast as can be!
: They’re leaving only now… How’re they gonna make it in time?!
: S-Sis… take the Deceive’s controls…
: Huh? What’re ya up to, Izuna…?
: We’re not winning this by being picky with our options…!
: And in that case…!

: Gaargh… Aaaaaah… AAAAAH!
: You shot the Nerve Cracks into yourself…?! But if you do that—!
: Look at that… Thrown caution to the wind, have we?
: He wants to overwrite the enemy’s mental attack with one of his own?!
: But that’s too much for anyone’s mind! Izuna’ll…!
: F-Forget about me… We need to… keep this place safe…!
: B-Besides… I’m sure that Hayase… will come help us…!
: Izuna, you…!
: Let’s go… Deceive!

Izuna: “You say wired Nerve Cracks can’t beat wireless ones…? How about we put that to the test?!”
Kiriyama: “Huh… That’s surprisingly good for an antique…!”

: He used the Nerve Cracks to control the downed Armas…?!
: Whoa, they can actually fight like that?!
: Do you see it now, Kiriyama?! There’s some lag to your wireless Nerve Cracks, but not in my direct connections! It’s you who can’t beat me!
: You know what? You’re starting to annoy me…
: So how about I wrap this up right now?!

Kiriyama flies straight southwest!

: ?! Stop him! He’s targeting Mr. Ishigami’s office…!
: What…?!
: No… we’re not gonna make it!

: …
: Aiiieeeee!
: Bye-byeee!


: Hayase… help!

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel (Full Intro)

: Wh-What…? Why the hell are you here?!
: Do you even gotta ask…? It’s because I’m a CHAMPION OF JUSTICE!
: …?!
: Hayase…!
: Gaah, that dumdum really kept us waiting…!
: Hahah, what an entrance, Kouichi… You’re becoming more and more Championly by the day!
: I was sure I was gonna be too late, even flying as fast as I could…
: It was you, wasn’t it, Kizaki? You called the Linebarrel over!
: No, I—… Um, I mean… Yes, I guess I did!
: The Linebarrel’s capable of warping through space even with a Factor aboard…?!
: (That ability was just like the Orphes’…!)

: Looks like we made it.
: Moritsugu…!
: Reiji?! What’re you doing here…?!
: It’s over, Eiji.
: Wh-What…?
: Kiriyama Heavy Industries has already been taken over. You’re done.
: …
: Hah… hahahah… I get it. You were planning on betraying me from the start…! But you’re wrong…!

: ?! The Federation and even The Boom Army…?!
: I just have to make it through this and everything else’ll follow…!
: That also applies to us, however!
: My friends, this is all-out war! Summon forth every ounce of your might!
: You got it! I’ll give him an eyeful of the power of JUSTICE!

And, yay, Reiji and Kouichi are back already! Losing either of them’s a game over, but you really shouldn’t have that happen unless you actively try to.
Kiriyama’s far from our group again, so we’ll need to close in again – downing him ends the mission, so we’ll save that for after everything else is gone. Of note, the new batch of guys are close enough to start blasting whatever’s by the bridge.

In the JP and EU route, when the next turn rolls over…

: Still going at it, eh? I confess I didn’t think you’d last this long… That being said!

: A-Aah! How could he have more troops lying in wait…?!
: Didn’t see this coming, did we? Whoops!

The Riot C’s move up.

: They’re also going after JUDA Corp…!
: W-We can’t last like this…!
: No, don’t worry… they have made it in good time!

: Wh-What?!

:siren: SRW UX - Rebellion Against Fate
I’d figured this was a regular BGM, but it turns out this is the local ‘big goddamn heroes’ theme, so here it is!

: That’s… the Ptolemaios!
: Here we are at last! All troops, mission start!

: They’re under fire from the Federation! Is everyone okay?!
: Looks like a real mess they’ve got on their hands, but it might be winnable with us here to help…!
: Agreed. Setsuna F. Seiei, moving to break the enemy offensive…!
: Hmph, I see several flies gathered in a swarm… However, none of them shall be a match for me!
: (Cao Cao…!)
: (He was also brought to this world, just as we feared…!)
: Shoouu, Japan’s jampacked with robots too!
: Yeah, the enemy’s got a ton of machines I’ve never even seen before! They’re not taking me down, though!
: I’ll cover your six, Shou!
: Yeesh, we just got to Japan and we already gotta fight?
: Still, we’re here to join up with the UX, so we better make a good first impression!
: Aye, teach this uncouth mob of foes to fear yours and the Demonbane’s might!
: Come on, Heroman! They need our help!
: Hmm…!
: They’re all here!
: Alright, things are looking way up already! Let’s buckle up and take out the rest of the enemy!
: Th-This can’t be happening…! I refuse to accept it…! I won’t!
: Because… Because, then… wouldn’t this mean I’m the villain here?!
: Of course you are – anyone with half a brain could tell you that! So you better get ready to pay the piper, Kiriyama!

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

And I kept on killing stuff, nice and easy… until I underestimated the Riot Cs. Remember when I said that the fresh arrivals were in position to immediately reach whatever was by the bridge? They did: the Elshank was there.
Overconfidence is an insidious killer and I’d come to take Romina’s barrier for granted. The mooks had already plinked away at her HP, and when I decided to try (and fail) at a double kill with the Riots… catastrophe.

:staredog: :staredog:

:siren: SRW UX - Tobikage Appears!

Pilot Skills:
Double Movement
Ninja L9
Prevail L9
Support Attack L3
Support Defense L3
Break Morale Limit
All Attack L3
Mech Features:
Bunshin no Jutsu

Say hello to THE best pilot in the whole goddamn game: Tobikage has massively HUGE stats everywhere, and beats everyone we’ve encountered thus far, ally or enemy, by a mile.
He will not be killed by the enemy – they won’t even get anything above single digits % to hit (and that’s before accounting for Bunshin no Jutsu) – as that maxed out Ninja skill means he has +28% to his evasion and accuracy numbers, plus an S size AND S ranks everywhere. Tobikage’s gigantic Skill stat, big modifiers in his weapons and Ninja’s +20% boost pretty much means he’ll crit everything he attacks, too.

Tobikage’s weapons are very powerful, but the enemies in this mission are bulky enough that he won’t be oneshotting them with his weaker ones, meaning he’ll have to use his Double Movement to reap an enemy duo per turn… unless he gets a bit of morale, then he will oneshot, and that’ll be two pairs he’ll take per turn.
If you mess up and Tobikage arrives, you have one option if you don’t want him to take away a ton of your money and kills: get Joe, Mike or Rennie to eat something that sends them below 30% (a MAPW might work, if enemies won’t cut it). If you can’t, then you’ll need to rush and minimize your losses, which isn’t the simplest as Tobikage moves very far, very quickly, and the enemy AI will gang up on him if nothing interesting is in sight.


Oddly enough, the US team only get their pre-battle convos in the JP route, despite the fact that they’ve just joined in the EU route as well.

: How can they say Richard, Saya and their friends are terrorists, enemies of the whole world? That’s got to be some sort of mistake!
: Come on, Heroman! We have to put an end to this fight! Heromaaaaan… GO!

It begins!

His second weakest attack, at base morale, and he nearly oneshotted two mooks despite the chain-attack damage penalty (10%, even with All Attack L3). Of course, he does kill them both on the rebound.

The new arrivals come in with 120 morale, so I could bust out Shou and Marvel’s combined attack with only a couple of kills!

:siren: SRW UX - Love Survivor

: Stop zipping all over the damn place! You say you wanna fight, you get over here and fight me mano a mano!
: Here’s some advice for you, son! Being able to think on your feet and adapt is key for life in society!

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: A villain like you dares masquerade yourself as just?! I won’t allow your evil to carry on for another minute!
: So this is one of those miniature Gundams I’ve heard so much about? I’m pretty sure my company could cook up something brand new after we’ve had a chance to poke around your insides!

Liu Bei: “What justice is there in a world that isn’t what the people desire?!”

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: A brat like you is a Champion of Justice…?! You’re just a snot-nosed middle-schooler!
: Hah, you underestimate what a middle-schooler can do!

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

: That’s another kid inside that robot? Kids ought to do as the grownups say, you know!
: “Because you’re kids, and we’re grownups”…! That’s just an excuse people use – both back at the island, and outside it – to force their decisions onto us!

:siren: SRW UX - Obelisk

: The sky of Earth belongs to earthlings! Hurry on out of it, alien!
: In that case, take better care of that sky and stop staining it with your foul play!

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: JUDA’s my new home, and I’ll make sure it stays in one piece!
: Then, please, stop fighting back! I’ll bring JUDA into my company and its Special Forces will come with!

:siren: SRW UX - Life Goes On

: A last-generation mech from the Great War… do you seriously think you can down my Pretender with that?
: I’m an old hand when it comes to fighting transformable units! And I know exactly how to deal with them!

Here’s Kiriyama’s best trick.

:siren: SRW UX - Future-Bound Fighting Spirit

: Your cheap tactics will never make us back away! Try and pull whatever stunts you’d like, they won’t work!
: Hmph, quite the holier-than-thou speech coming from a terrorist!

:siren: SRW UX - Obelisk

: So yours is a variable unit just like our Valkyries, eh? Sounds like fun! Come try your hand with me!
: Please, Earth’s machines would never be outdone by those of aliens!

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: Eiji… if only I’d noticed your twisted sense of justice sooner rather than later…
: Actually… I had noticed it, but I was afraid of losing my dear friend. So I went about pretending nothing was wrong…
: No, my justice isn’t twisted at all! I am not in the wrong…!
: Your game of make-believe is over, Eiji. We’ll save you from your delusion…

: Come now, an outdated mech like yours could never beat a cutting-edge model like mine.
: Outdated, you say?! Come here and we’ll see if wired Nerve Cracks really can’t beat wireless ones!

: Hrgh… No… This can’t be…!

In the JP route, he, instead, has his flip-out now:

: Th-This can’t be happening…! I refuse to accept it…! I won’t!
: Because… Because, then… wouldn’t this mean I’m the villain here?!

Common ground:

: Take a look, dear viewers! It looks like Mr. Kiriyama’s machine has taken significant damage!
: ?! Wh-What are you doing…?
: Cut the transmission! I didn’t tell you to show this!


: We are journalists, sir. All we do is showcase the truth, whatever it might be.
: Hrm… So even mere journalists like you are standing against me?!
: …
: Well, dang, that broad’s got some major guts, eh?
: (Isabelle…!)
: It’s time you accepted reality, Eiji.
: Neither one of us can ever amount to Champions of Justice.
: Wh-What did you say…?!
: …
: A-Ah, I see how it is, Reiji! What you really want is to get revenge on me, huh?!
: Yes… you want revenge on me for getting your sister killed!
: His sister…? What’s he talking about?
: You’re right in that if I did the deed myself, it’d only amount to base revenge. But that’s why I won’t be the one who’ll actually save you…

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel (Full Intro)

: … It’ll be Hayase.
: ?! Moritsugu…!
: Wh-Why, Reiji?! He’s just a stupid teenager! Why are you looking out for him?!
: How’s he any different from us?!
: The difference is simple…
: People look at Hayase and truly believe him to be a Champion of Justice.
: …?!
: Hayase…
: Do it, Kouichi!
: Get going, Hayase! Toss that guy’s plans into the trash!
: Ya gotta do something after being talked up like that, right?!
: They’re right, Hayase… ya gotta wrap this up…!
: G-Guys…!
: I ask that you finish off Eiji Kiriyama, Hayase. Please.
: Moritsugu… are you sure about this?
: The only way he can be saved is if he’s beaten by a real Champion of Justice…
: And if you succeed…
: Then I’ll also believe you to be one.
: Reiji…?!
: … Alright, roger that.
: … I guess there’s no talking with you, Reiji. But maybe you’ll open your eyes with this brat out the picture…!
: And in that case…!

Captions are available.

: Urgh…
: I-Is it over…?
: …
: Reiji… there’s just one thing you got wrong.
: I only wanted to be your Champion of Justice…
: … I know. But I didn’t want that of you.
: I would’ve been happy with you just being my friend…
: I see…
: Reiji… I wish we could back to how things were…

: Eiji Kiriyama… if only he’d used that dedication for something different…
: …
: Moritsugu…

Back at Tokyo, Saji and Louise are watching Isabelle’s report on Kiriyama’s failed attack at JUDA. When she asks if something’s up, he says it’s nothing.
Saji remembers how the Celestial Being’s armed intervention brought significant change to the world two years ago – yet, Setsuna and the others are still out there fighting…

By Moldova, Allelujah and Soma Peries have also seen the news. Should they go and help out Ptolemy, she wonders? No, Allelujah says they’ll call for them if need be. Besides, he’d like keep her out the battlefield if possible.

Cut to JUDA, Isabelle wraps up her report, noting how JUDA and UX’s excessive might will continue to draw the eyes of society at large. As Sakuya cuts the recording, she wonders if our guys really are these “enemies of the world” the powers that be say we are.
Axel Hughes is around and praises her journalistic soul, Isabelle thanking him for keeping her network out of Kiriyama’s control and able to work unhindered. In the EU and JP routes, Axel hadn’t reached out to them yet, so Sakuya asks who he is and why he helped them. His answer is the same in both accounts: he just wants the undiluted truth to be brought to the world.

Sakuya figures doing so’ll help with whatever his job is but, while Axel gives a vague confirmation, he won’t complain about it since divulging the truth IS their actual work. And since in for a penny means in for a pound, Isabelle figures they need to get to the bottom of this JUDA/UX business.
In the US route, the convo with Axel stays the same until the “undiluted truth” bit, where Sakuya is the one to question whether JUDA and the UX really are the enemies of the world. But, as Axel notes, finding answers is precisely Sakuya and Isabelle’s craft, no? Absolutely, and Isabelle stakes her confidence as a journalist on it.

Back at Ishigami’s office, we get the bombastic news that Moritsugu is now the new president of Kiriyama Heavy Industries! Apparently the company board, led by Kiriyama’s dad himself, officially dismissed him and appointed Moritsugu as his successor.
Ogawa asks if Ishigami knew this would happen, but no: all Moritsugu told him is that he wanted to “settle accounts with Eiji Kiriyama” before taking off. He never expected the guy would wind up taking up the entire company, though.
Apparently Moritsugu and Dad Kiriyama had been working on this plan for a while. Info on all of it was left behind in his computer, so we found out the truth when Yamashita hacked in: his betrayal of JUDA was just a ruse to gain Eiji Kiriyama’s trust.

But why would Kiriyama’s father oust his own son? From what Yamashita gathered, the old man noticed how twisted Kiriyama had become – getting in bed with the Katou Organization, becoming the Pretender’s Factor – and did this in hopes that it’ll help his son turn over a new leaf.
Joe, however, isn’t sure what Kiriyama really wanted to get from all this. His overt reason was to take over JUDA and claim a bigger share of the military industry, but Kouichi thinks his actual reason was just that he wanted to help Moritsugu.

Kouichi tells them of the file Yulianne gave him, which told of how Kiriyama and Moritsugu used to be best friends back in the day. Kiriyama, however, wanted to be the sole influence in the guy’s life, so he orchestrated things so that his sister, Yuriko Moritsugu, wound up being killed.
That explains to Kenji why Moritsugu said it’d just be base revenge if he took out Kiriyama himself. But, rather, he fought to try and save his old “friend’s” life - that makes absolutely no sense to Ogawa and she figures it’s a guy thing.

When Toumi asks, Richard says Kiriyama was picked up from the battlefield by his father and taken abroad. Saya figures any legal measures wouldn’t amount to much when the culprit’s a Factor, but perhaps this’ll be for the best if Kiriyama uses this opportunity to reflect upon himself and correct his course through life.
Regardless, that’s that issue taken care of… but not the one regarding JUDA’s secret being exposed to the entire planet. We are all now officially enemies of the world…

: Yamashita, about what happened…
: Why didn’t you tell me anything? If you’d just explained what was up, I…
: I know I had to bring Hayase into this, but today’s battle was personal matter…
: So I didn’t want to involve the rest of you. My original plan was to keep things from blowing out of proportion.
: But things did get blown out of proportion anyway, didn’t they?!
: Yes, they did… I made a mistake.
: Then I want you to promise me that the next time anything happens, you’ll let me know…
: Yeah, I promise.
: Damn it… It might’ve all been an act, but I can’t stand the thought of you turning traitor… It sickens me…
: Yamashita…
: I am truly sorry for everything. And you did very well in protecting JUDA during my absence.
: Moritsugu~…
: Hey, don’t cry. We’ll be leaving soon, right?
: “Leaving”…? Oh, for Hayase’s Christmas Party?
: It’ll also be something of a welcome party for the Union/Europe groups. You’ll be there, right? It’d do you well to have fun once in a blue moon.

Everyone’s blown away by the huge party and banquet Moritsugu put together for us, and Kurou isn’t one to waste free food – he’ll eat enough to cover a whole week! While Al shakes her head, Kurou tries pouring more stuff into Joey’s plate, much to the kid’s embarrassment. He already has enough!
These guys sure don’t look anything like what Joe envisioned the heroes who took out the Skrugg, and Rennie thinks they’ve just found a bigger food aficionado than Joe. Hardly, as Joe’s just fussy about food— damn it, Mike, you’re not supposed to mix food that takes chili sauce with stuff that takes sesame sauce! Fussy, indeed…

Setsuna’s off in a corner and Lockon prods him to do stuff. This is a PARTY, so how about having some fun? Or is there something on his mind? Maybe, maybe not, but Setsuna tells Lockon and the others to don’t worry about him and go have fun themselves.
As he leaves, Mileina notes that he’s been getting progressively more distant nowadays. But he is the first Innovator, a new strand of mankind as Aeolia Schenberg proposed, so maybe he’s sensing stuff we don’t even know is there? Hmm…

Nearby, in the US route, Sima Yi is pleasantly surprised that he has a chance to drink with the people of the Sun Army again. Again? But weren’t they at war with each other? Not always, as Zhou Yu says: there was a time when they fought under the same banner.
That’d be the campaign against Dong Zhuo, a highlight in Romance of the Three Kingdoms only, as Domyoji points out, in our world, that happened about a century before Sima Yi started making rounds. The guy himself has read the book, and it shows the subtle differences between the history of our world and in Mirisha.

Speaking of, there’s also the somewhat different Byston Well that Lux comes from and the one Marvel and Shou know of. Seems that even different worlds are capable of having parallel versions of themselves, Eida notes, and it all sounds very complicated to Shizuna.
Still, it’s quite amazing to Maya how people from those different worlds are now fighting side-by-side. “Different worlds, hm…?” Cao Cao mulls under his breath. Sima Yi’s just as pensive: “All of Creation possesses two sides to itself… Whatever could there be in the void between the layered worlds…?”

In the JP and EU route, Shou tells of how he’s also a native Overworlder who wound up in Byston Well with many others – only it was a different Byston Well from the one we visited, of course. Indeed, Lux notes that she’s never heard speak of many of the nations he mentioned, but Erebos can attest that his and Marvel’s units are legit Aura Battlers.
Seems to Aesap that there are both common elements, like that Jacoba Aon we spoke to, and different elements (like with Jacoba being a mushroom lady, and alive). Even different worlds are capable of having parallel versions of themselves, apparently – that’s a tough concept for Shinn to wrap his head around.
Still, it’s quite amazing to Maya how people from those different worlds are now fighting side-by-side.

: That becomes even more significant from our standpoint. Here we have previously hostile rulers now standing together in battle.
: Wei, Shu and Wu, once bitter enemies, now forced to ally with one another… Isn’t that something?
: Indeed… fate is an amazing thing.
: …
: …
: Hmph… Does the thought of doing battle beside me upset you so?
: I wouldn’t say “upset” is the right world. It just feels… odd, having you here with us…
: If it helps, the feeling is mutual.
: However, right now we are all drifters from a different world… ‘Tis better to disregard the past and tread through this together than by our lonesome, no?
: …
: (Cao Cao, “an unscrupulous hero in chaotic times”… Your words may ring true, but I wonder what sort of purpose lies in their shadows…?)

: …
: Is something wrong?
: Kizaki… No, I just got stuff on my mind…
: About what happened today?
: Yeah… I was sure Moritsugu was gonna try and take revenge on Kiriyama. But it didn’t turn out that way – he forgave him instead.
: And I thought, “could I have done that if I was in his shoes”…? That guy’s really amazing…
: He is, yes…
: And I know that he asked me to do it, but I can’t help but wonder if it really was right for me to take Kiriyama out myself…
: I don’t think you need to worry about that. You did the right thing.
: Really…?
: Really.
: Well, alright… But, there’s one thing that became 100% clear.
: And it’s that Moritsugu’s on a different league than me, both as a Factor and as a person… And I’d like to surpass him someday.
: Hayase…
: Huh? Speak of the devil, is that him over there…?
: He told me that he was going to pay for the hall and then he was heading back to JUDA.
: Whaa?! Crap, gimme a sec, then! I gotta go thank him for the party!

Off he goes.

: Ah, Hayase…

: …
: Moritsugu!
: Hayase…? Something the matter?
: No, I… I just wanted to say “thanks a bunch” for this.
: Don’t worry about it. It’s the least I could do to make up for the trouble I caused.
: But did you run all the way here just to say that?
: Um… No, I…
: Hah…
: Hayase, that punch you gave me earlier… It was truly painful.
: ?! Moritsugu…

Finally, back at New York, both Hester and Mitsuhiro saw Kiriyama’s assault at JUDA go down, and they’ve confirmed without a doubt that the Fafner Nothung Models are all with the UX.
Hester says they need to put that plan in action and Mitsuhiro confirms that everything’s good to go. First, they’ll recall the spy at ALVIS back to Japan and then they’ll move to secure a Nothung Model. “Humanity has very little time left. Everything depends on the Fafners…” Hester says.

FYI, the Fafner trio got another 10 kills today, bringing their total to 51 – we’re a third of the way there! :toot:
And since Joey’s FINALLY rejoined legit, I can start getting kills with him again: his total is currently 23, so there’s a lot of work to be done. Thankfully, his cutoff point is waaaay down the line.
Now, lines we didn’t get or that were in other routes:

: Ah, one of the Celestial Being’s Gundams! Your group was a an evil force upon the entire world and I won’t have you getting in the way of my justice!
: Everyone has their own understanding of what’s right. That being said, I refuse to accept your definition of justice!

: Why, it’s been ages, little boy. Have you bulked up a bit since then?
: Yeah, we’ve been through our own share of close calls! Let’s get through another one, Heroman!
: Hmm…!

: Oh, dear, it’s the hunk with the Deus Machina. Do you remember me?
: You’re one of those guys that attacked Arkham City! But I’m not the same guy I was back then!
: Indeed, you are not. Let her behold the might you have developed!

: Moritsugu would never get together with scum like you, Eiji Kiriyama!
: Oops, looks like you don’t know anything…
: No, Reiji is together with me. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles, son!

: Fancy meeting you here, grandpa.
: You again? I won’t allow any of you to take JUDA – that’s the place I’ve to defend now!
: Hmm, what a spirited man you are… You do justice to the “Talisman” name, I see.

: Justice is with me! Yes, I… I am a CHAMPION OF JUSTICE!
: What a powerful soul… No, this Aura surrounding him… it’s pure hatred!

: The Nanajin and I’ll put you right in your place!
: Ah, it’s one of those Aura Battlers? But you won’t be outclassing my Pretender when it comes to mobility!

: A serf like you dares masquerade yourself as just?! I shall personally tender your due judgment!
: So this is one of those miniature Gundams I’ve heard so much about? I’m pretty sure my company could cook up something brand new after we’ve had a chance to poke around your insides!

: A despicable man like you dares masquerade yourself as just?! Your evil must be punished, and I’ll see to it myself! I swear it by my name as Sun Quan!
: So this is one of those miniature Gundams I’ve heard so much about? I’m pretty sure my company could cook up something brand new after we’ve had a chance to poke around your insides!

: Huh, so he can transform into a flying machine? That’s just like Lu Xun and his Swift Swallow form! (Lu Xun’s Zeta Plus)
: Princess, please! I beg that you don’t compare such a man to me!

: Looks like the Japan crew picked up some new faces while we were gone. We better look good for our return, then!
: Look good! Look good!
: Alrighty, then! Now let’s make it like the Lockon Stratos name suggests and start sniping stuff!

: Kurou, my master! If what stands before your eyes strikes you as unacceptable, then take in hand the blade that smites evil and wield it as you see fit!
: Aye, aye! Evil will never prosper anywhere inbetween the earth and the heavens!
: Here we go, Demonbane, the innocent blade!!

: Hey there, villainess. What kinda cards you got up your sleeve today?
: You’ll see, Mr. Nameless. First things first, though, I’ve a score to settle with you after Iwate!

: Our Aura Machines’ engines are growing stronger after coming to the Overworld…!
: Just make sure you don’t get taken over by negative emotions and you won’t go Hyper! All we need to do is cut down the enemy’s delusions…!
: That’s right! Get them!

: So it wasn’t just my dad’s country… even Japan’s turning into a battlefield!
: Yeah, there’s war everywhere we look up here!
: And we’re fighting to change that! Come on! We’ll bring this battle to a close with all of the Nanajin’s power!

: May victory be yours, my Lord.
: Hah, observe, Sima Yi. My crimson flames shall reduce them all to ash.

A question in the SA thread about Cham’s capacity to be a subpilot for both Shou and Marvel led to the discovery that her appearance in the various attacks is an overlay on top of the base animation. That, in turn, inspired MajinZenki:

Click to see the mission!

We’re back and, if you’re on the EU route, you’ve already have your whole team again! Kazuki’s deploying as an event unit, so here’s how we’re going:
Zhang Fei/Tsubasa (shrug)
Sun Quan/Shangxiang
Eida/Guan Yu
Liu Bei/Rennie
Aesap/Cao Cao
Tactician: Zhuge Liang.

Off we go.

We open up at the Celestial Being spaceship, where Kati’s currently based at. She’s showing Dog Tack and a very impressed Patrick around (and, for the Nth time, she’s a General now, not Colonel). Patrick spots this huge ball/box-looking thing and, as it turns out, that’s the AI supercomputer Veda – a system that compiles and controls information from all over the world.
Dog Tack is interested, and Kati adds that the only reason the Celestial Being were able to fight against the entire planet during the last Great War is due to them having Veda’s support. And now the Federation is allowed to also benefit from it.
A mook steps on over, bringing Kati news that the report on that has just been finished.

As Kati explains to Dog, they’ve recently found a derelict exploration vessel that drifted all the way to the Earth Sphere – the Federation figured they’d best deal with it before any accident happens. According to what the patrol fleet’s uncovered, the vessel in question is the Europa – it was sent to Jupiter about 130 years ago and, from what they can tell, there are no signs of life aboard. A wandering ghost ship, so to speak.
From its current course, there’s a chance it’ll wind up crashing into the Orbital Ring, so Kati orders the patrol fleet contacted: they’ll execute Plan D34, blasting it with GN Missiles in order to alter its trajectory.

Descartes has a laugh at this – he’s an Innovator, as confirmed by Veda itself – and immediately strikes Kati as very disrespectful. Granted, being the military’s guinea pig tends to eat away at one’s good manners.
When Dog asks, Kati’s mook tells that the Innovators are, simply put, an evolution of mankind, with enhanced situational awareness, precognition, increased Quantum brainwaves, etc., etc. But what’s most important is that, when in a field of GN particles, an Innovator can even join his mind with other’s by way of those Quantum brainwaves.

Patrick didn’t get any of that, but it doesn’t matter: the patrol fleet has reported that their missiles hit the target and they’re working on confirming that its trajectory has shifted. Descartes doesn’t need to wait for the results, however, and already tags the operation as a failure. How can he tell? No reason – he just has a feeling.
And, indeed, he’s right: a report comes in saying they registered absolutely no changes to the Europa’s course. The missiles should’ve been more than enough to pull that off, so what gives? Well, Descartes heading out there – isn’t Kati curious to see what Innovators are capable of?

Andrei and his goons are trying to shoot down the ship, but the thing is just too big for their missiles to do any lasting damage. “Don’t give up! We need to stop this thing right now or it might crash land on Earth!” Andrei yells, but the odds aren’t looking good.

Thankfully, it’s Descartes to the rescue with his Gadelaza, and he appreciates the opportunity to take out his pent-up frustration on something. The derelict ship is quickly blown away by his Innovator Mobile Armor. Very impressive.
As the folks aboard the Celestial Being gape, Dog Tack sees that he needs to tell Hazard about Veda and the Innovators. As for the Europa, it’s breaking apart and MOST of the fragments are burning away in Earth’s atmosphere… though it seems a few of them have fallen on the surface.
That strikes Kati as odd, so she figures it best to play it safe…

Cut to the California base, where Graham’s called Billy over for his opinion on said fragments, and, indeed, the scientist does concede that it’s surprising that the things didn’t burn to a crisp. But why does Graham care about them? Well, he caught wind of Kati ordering an investigation on the things and got curious. Always quick on the take, huh?
Well, as luck would have it, Billy’s being transferred to some space research institute, so he’ll let Graham know if he finds anything. That’d be great. And, since he’s already called, does Billy have news on the development of the Brave after he’d gone around testing their prototype?

Yes, they’re expected to be rolled-out by the end of the month. Billy vouches for their performance, though they’ll demand more skilled pilots than the army’s new standard, the Riots.
A dark cloud sets upon Graham’s head, and Billy apologizes for bringing up the Riots, what with those costing him two of his former subordinates’ lives. But the destruction of the Riot Squad happened after he was reassigned, right? He shouldn’t let it eat away at him – with that, Billy signs off.
“Once again I’m forced to watch my men leave this life while I remain… Perhaps I’m just not meant to lead others,” Graham mulls. “They had some rough edges, but there was undeniable potential in those two… Ensign Berge, Lt. Spencer…”

: …
: Hrgh… aah…! Arnie, why did you—?!
: Huh…?! Wh-Where am…?
: Oh, thank goodness… you’re awake.
: Y-You’re…?
: My name’s Ayul – Ayul Dylan.
: “Dylan”…? Are you Prof. Novel’s…?
: Her daughter, yes. It’s good to meet you, Lt. Spencer.
: We feared we were too late by the time we found the wreckage of your Riot, but it looks like my mother’s surgery was a complete success. That’s truly a relief.
: Prof. Novel… saved my life?
: Is there anyone else here…? Did my subordinates of the Riot Squad also make it?
: Th-That’s…
: They’re all gone… aren’t they?
: I-I’m so sorry…
: …
: It’s all my fault…
: Lt. Spencer…
: I went and lost my mind. Maj. Graham and Prof. Novel warned me again and again, and I still did it…
: But I couldn’t forgive him…
: My old friend threw his lot in with terrorists… and I just couldn’t forgive him…!
: …
: Do you still resent him…?
: I do. And I also wanna take him down to avenge my subordinates. But I’m too weak to do anything now…
: No, you’re wrong. My mother said there’s much strength inside you, Lt. Spencer.
: The professor said…?
: You’re someone my mother needs… Please, would you fight together with us?
: Will you help us in the battle that’s about to begin – a battle that’ll lead the way to the future…?
: A “battle that’ll lead the way to the future”…?

Cut to ALVIS, Mizoguchi brings bad news to Makabe: Kariya’s run off, taking with her a ton intel, from the Fafner’s systems to details on the pilots. Essentially, she made off with decades worth of data. Yumiko doesn’t understand why Kariya would do that, but Makabe already suspects Mitsuhiro’s the one behind it (Yumiko flinches).
Mizoguchi’s suspects the same, as this is too intricate to be anyone else’s plan. That said, he does chide Makabe for getting played by the young woman – he warned him about this. Regardless, what’s done is done and Makabe wants to prepare for the worst, so he tells Mizugochi to grab his team and head for JUDA.
Yumiko can’t do much but quietly grunt at Kariya: “What a stupid thing you did, Yukippe…”

Location: JUDA Outskirts

:siren: SRW UX - Separation

: …
: Is there a problem, Kazuki?
: Toumi… No, I…
: Something happened between you and Minashiro?
: …?!
: You two seem to have drifted apart lately…
: …
: Soushi said the Fafners are what’s important to him. I tried to understand him, but I just couldn’t – at all.
: Kazuki…
: I wound up injuring his left eye back when we were kids. I’ve been trying to at least stand in for that eye ever since…
: But he’s changed so much. We’re all just tools of war for him…
: …
: Toumi… can I ask you to remember who I am?
: Huh… Where did that come from?
: I’m scared that I might eventually get used to all this fighting. And I… I feel like I’m slowing changing into someone else…
: …
: I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to stay the same forever.
: But what I know for a fact is that we’re all still here, aren’t we?
: Toumi…
: No matter how you might change… I’ll always remember you, Kazuki.
: Thank you…
: Listen, I need to head back, but I want you to sit down with Minashiro and talk things out, okay?

Maya leaves.

: …
: Are… you there…?
: You… are not here. Or, rather, you can’t be here.
: ?! Ms. Kariya… when did you get to Japan?!
: Kazuki Makabe… I can grant you a new home – one that would suit you…
: A new…?

Inside JUDA, Mileina relays a message from Ian – apparently the Zabanya and Harute Gundams are both undergoing their final checks and should be ready to take to the field very soon. So that’s a new Gundam for Lockon, but the other one’s meant for Allelujah.
Shangxiang didn’t know there were other Meisters than him and Setsuna, but, from what Joey saw in the movie, there are four in total. Izuna saw it too, and remembers how awesome the scene where the four Meisters charged the enemy army was. Seems to Joe that the Celestial Being are pretty big heroes on Earth, but Lockon points out that reality wasn’t anywhere as pretty as the movies made things out to be.
And then some: thanks to Kiriyama’s shenanigans, we’re more despised by the world than being seen as heroes. True, whatever we try to do, folks spin it against us – getting those new Gundams won’t do much for us if we’re not welcome anywhere.

But, on the subject of the Gundam Meisters, where are the remaining two? One is no longer in this world (Lux apologizes for asking), and the aforementioned Allelujah is currently traveling the world with his sweetheart. Last Feldt heard of him, they were headed for Eastern Europe, but there have been no contacts in several days.
Sumeragi doubts we’ve anything to worry about those two, but asks her to try calling them every now and then just in case.

With that done, Setsuna approaches Sumeragi: there’s something bothering him. Specifically, it’s about the fragments of that derelict ship that fell to Earth yesterday. Do we know where those wound up? Not really, as the most we heard was that the Feds were conducting an investigation on the things.
Is he feeling something? “I don’t know… This isn’t unease. More like anxiety over the something that’s about to happen,” Setsuna says, which sounds to Lockon that his Innovator Sense is tingling.

But that’s a talk for another time, as the alarm starts blaring. Ogawa calls in with bad news: the Mark Elf has just launched. Did Soushi order him to sortie for something? No, no such orders were given – there’s absolutely no reason to deploy right now.
Sounds like an unauthorized sortie to Moritsugu… Hell, he can’t even rule out this being a desertion, depending on the context around it. Maya can’t believe it.

: …


: Having second thoughts…?
: No, I already made my choice.
: Besides… I felt like I would just stop being me if I stayed that course…
: Right. That wasn’t where you should be.
: He always said that the true reason why the Fafners were built should be known…
: (“He”…?)
: Let’s get going then. Your new home is waiting…
: …
: (This is for the best… I know it is!)

Mission 20 – Rupture ~ Crossing Paths

: This is…
: Yawn Where are we…?
: Ch-Cham…?! Why are you inside the Mark Elf’s cockpit?!
: Oh, hello there, Kazuki. I was playing hide-and-seek with Erebos and I think I fell asleep…
: Hide and…! Now what am I gonna do? I can’t bring you with me…
: …?!
: Kazuki, what is this place? It’s scary… like there’s no life flowing around here…
: Now that you mention it… Is this the ruin of a city or something?
: Ms. Kariya, do you know what place this is?
: As you noted, it’s what remains of a city – one that was destroyed during the Festum’s first assault, thirty years ago…
: The Festum…?!
: And since then the people have faced away from the truth, dedicating themselves only to building false paradises on Earth.
: But, in the end, it was just that: false. What they created wound up actually being a beacon for a new calamity…
: What do you mean? That Tatsumiya’s actually calling over the Festum?
: Correct. And that’s why we’ll create a new paradise.
: A new paradise…?
: Hey, Kazuki. Do you hear something coming from that heap of metal over there?


: Huh? No, I’m not hearing anything from it—

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: ?! Festum…!
: What… What are they doing here?!
: Ms. Kariya, we need to run! I can’t take all those by myself…!
: No! We can’t leave this place!
: Huh?! B-But…!
: Fight, Makabe! That’s an order!

: Ka-Kazuki, what do we do?
: Hrk…! I don’t even know if I can do this without the Siegfried System’s support!
: But I don’t have any other choice…!

If you’ve kept Kazuki upgraded and leveled, these Grendels shouldn’t be much of a problem – especially with nearby forests providing +15% boosts to your evasion and defense.
And, no, unfortunately Cham doesn’t show up as a subpilot.

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

And then next player phase…

: I’m too outnumbered to win this…! (Settle down, boy – you’re fine.)
: Hang in there, Kazuki! I’m sure everyone’s coming over to help!
: …
: No, there won’t be any help coming…
: Come on, aren’t they all your friends? You have to believe in them!
: You’re wrong, Cham. The truth is… I left them.
: Huuuh?! You left?!
: …

: More of them?! Are the Festum calling each other, or is something drawing them in…?!
: That sound… It’s that sound coming from over there, I’m sure! Listen… do you hear it?


: I hear nothing, Cham!
: Damn it, way this is going, we…!

: …?!
: Th-That’s…!

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

: Hmm, these Sphinx-types don’t seem to be all that…
: Look, Kazuki – they look just like the Fafners! They’ve got to be friends!
: I guess, but… are those Fafners?
: Triple Six, have you confirmed whether or not the target’s been assimilated? (Canon)
: Hey, no formalities, alright? Drop the codename and just call me by my name: Michio. I’ll also take Mr. Michio, Master Michio, or…
: You’re my superior officer, sir. It wouldn’t be right to address you like that.
: You’re always so stiff, jeez…
: But, fine, whatever. How about we also take this chance to see what the Nothung Model can do?
: What’s going on…? Just what are those units…?
: Makabe, your focus should be on repelling the Festum! Hurry up and get to it!
: Y-Yes, ma’am!
: Bah, what a slave driver!

Fafner Megatherion Model (Michio Hino)
Pilot Skills:
Support Attack L2
Support Defense L2
All Attack l1
Command L1
Spirit Commands:
Squad Bonus: Exp +10%, Accuracy +5 (Exp +20%, Accuracy +20, Crit rate +20)
Michio’s voice actor: Hideyuki Hori (other roles: Virudhak in SRW Z3, E-Selda in OGs MD, Schwarz in G Gundam and several more)

Fafner Babylon Model (Canon Memphis)
Pilot Skills:
Support Attack L2
Support Defense L1
All Attack l1
Spirit Commands:
Fighting Spirit
Squad Bonus: Accuracy +5, Crit rate +10 (Accuracy +20, Crit rate +20, Mobility +10)
Canon’s voice actress: Sanae Kobayashi

Canon as a pilot is pretty good, her stats being pretty much on par with Kazuki for everything but Ranged; Michio is a bit worse, being on par with Kenji. The problem is that the Babylon and Megatherion simply cannot hold a candle to ANY of our Fafners – as is right now, they’re pure squaddie material.
Worse is the fact that not only is Michio not spectacular at dodging, making his lack of Focus quite the hindrance when the Festum are his primary enemy (like Zhang Fei, Invincible is his main defensive spirit). He’s meant as a sniper and you absolutely don’t want him in a position to get mobbed and assimilated.
Canon is a very good dodger, however, so you can have her lead the attack with Kazuki… but, as these things go, it’s not that simple.

:siren: Secret Alert! :siren:
Fafner Secret #3 – 1st step: Michio needs to kill 3+ of this batch of Festum.

Not difficult since you should still have Grendels left, but the problem is that it leaves him in position to get tagged by the bigger ones. Keep him close together with Canon not only to spread that command aura around, but so that she can intervene with a support defense in a pinch (and set him in a forest!).
And, of course, Michio and Canon’s kill count is also tied to this secret: they must have a total of 100 combined kills by the end of mission 36. You ARE keeping those spreadsheets nice and tidy, right?

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

: Are you there…?
: I was, but not anymore…
: “And the ten horns which thou sawest, they and the beast shall hate the harlot. They shall make her desolate and naked, and devour her flesh…”
: “And burn her with fire…!”

“Festum…! You can turn up as often as you’d like, I’ll always put you down!”

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

: Are you there…?
: “Are you there? Are you there?” You monsters sound like a broken record!

If anything, the Megatherion’s strongest attack has no morale requirement, so he doesn’t NEED to close in to attack.
Canon defending Michio: “Save your games for after the mission, Triple Six!”
Canon taking damage: “Gaargh! Bloody Festum… are you trying to assimilate me…?!”
Michio attacking: “And the core is… Ah, over there!”

And, what the hell, here’s Canon’s best attack too.
All in all, Michio got like 6 kills, so consider that requirement checked.

: Looks like it’s over.
: Ms. Kariya, are those Fafners…?
: …
: Do it, Triple Six.
: …?!
: Way ahead of you…!

: Waaaah! Why is he attacking us?!
: They’re… They’re not friendlies?!
: Moving to capture the Nothung Model!

: Aaargh!
: Kazuki! Stay strong, Kazuki!
: R-Rrgh… Who… Who are you?!
: Don’t make this take any longer than it has to!
: Hold on, Canon! I’m picking up a big heat signature… It’s—!

:siren: SRW UX - Life Goes On

: Kazuki, you there?! Get your ass over here right now – I’ve got a punch waiting for you!
: Shinn, that’s really not the best approach…
: Are those their motherships?!
: Look, Kazuki! They’re all here!
: Ah…
: Now you do your part! Call out to them and say “Heelp meeeeee!”
: Heey, Shou! Yoo-hoo! Can you hear me?!
: That voice… Cham? Why are you in the Mark Elf?!
: Kazuki, who are these people?! Was your plan always to meet up with them and flee?!
: No, no! See, he did want to run away, but not with these guys, he got tricked by them and trapped! But he just wanted to leave, and—
: Alright, Cham, slow down because you’re not making much sense!
: Baah, you’re such a dummy, Shou!
: This isn’t good… I didn’t expect them to get here so quickly…!
: (That’s one of ALVIS’ transport ships…!)
: We’ve got the target secured. Better make like bananas and split!
: Roger that.

: Stop!

: Wh-What…?!
: We’ve Festum Sphinx, Alhenteris and Grendel-types, dead ahead!
: What is going on…?! What are the Festum doing in a place like this…?!
: There’ve been no reports of the Festum ever appearing anywhere outside of Tatsumiya or related facilities in these past thirty years…
: But the fact is that there are plenty of them right in front. Our only option is to fight.
: Fight… but what about Kazuki?!
: The deserter is irrelevant.
: What did you say there?!
: Minashiro… This is why Kazuki left…!
: …
: I’m afraid this conversation must wait! All units, deploy immediately!

: (?! What am I feeling… it’s like some kind of pulse?)


: (That’s… Is that part of that downed exploration vessel from Jupiter?)
: (But why is it making the Festum react like that… Wait, no… are they calling out to each other?!)
: Kazuki weighs heavy on our minds, but we must first turn our sights upon the Festum!
: Set forth, but be sure to exercise caution!

And now we just need to wreck everything without losing any ships. There are plenty of Festum, including new, powerful Sphinx-type Cs, but we had this fight before, so you know what to expect.
There won’t be any named enemies here today, as the Festum are wont to do, be mindful of new waves of the guys. Just make sure you keep a steady pace moving forward, lest you be blindsided like I almost was.

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens


In the EU and JP routes:

: These are the Festum…!
: I can’t let them move in on Heroman or even he might get assimilated…!

US route:

: We need to focus on the battle right now! They’ll start reading our minds if we lose our cool!
: But we also need to hurry on after Kazuki…!

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: (The Festum appeared right around the crash site of one of the exploration vessel’s fragments…)
: (Was this just a coincidence, or…)

Setsuna: “What are you after?!”

:siren: SRW UX - The Eternal Soldiers

: Come on, now, don’t be shy! Why don’t ya ask us where we are?!
: Because the answer is obvious. Where we are – that is, who we are – is Hell!

:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

EU route:

: Are you there…?
: These are called Sphinx-type… Hah, someone was feeling quite witty when they christened them with the name of a beast known for asking questions.
: Not the time to be impressed, ya know! We gotta wrap this up quick and go after Kazuki!

US and JP Route:

: Be wary, Kurou! Your simple thoughts shall be read as an open book by these creatures!
: Yeah, yeah, I know – I’ll try to think as little as I can! Now let’s wrap this up quick and go after Kazuki!

:siren: SRW UX - Obelisk

EU route:

: These things again?! I’m not about to let monsters like you get peek inside my mind, though!

JP and US route:

: Skull Leader to all units! These buggers can read your mind, so be extra-careful or they’ll just duck and weave through your shots!
: Yes, sir!
: (I finally got to fly through a real sky… Like hell I’m letting this be the end!)

:siren: SRW UX - Life Goes On

: I’ve no time to waste on you! MOVE!

When three turns pass or you get the remaining enemies under 8…

: Whaa?! We’ve got more of them!
: Just what is going on?! I thought the Festum were only going to show around Tatsumiya nowadays!

:siren: SRW UX - Love Survivor

:siren: SRW UX - My Fate

: Aesap, do you hear that…?
: Hear what? Something wrong, Erebos?
: (What’s this sensation…? It’s like… someone’s voice is ringing inside my head…)

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

US route:

: Come, Festum worms! You may read my mind, but that shall not enable you to evade my blade!

EU and JP routes:

/ : Be on your guard, Cao Cao! These creatures…!
: I am aware. They may read my mind at their leisure - that shall not enable them to evade my blade!

Cao Cao: “‘Tis a waste of breath to discuss ideals with those who know not speech!”

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: Kazuki… was he really housing some proverbial evil spirits like Domyoji said?!

JP and US routes:

:siren: SRW UX - Obelisk

: So these are the Festum… Don’t pull your punches against these, Nene, Lalamia! We’re going!
: Esekes (Roger), sis!
: Lt. Canaria, cover us!
: Heh… Any of them who don’t want to die have five seconds to get out of my line of fire!

:siren: SRW UX - Love Survivor

: Always gotta be a goddamn parade of baddies crawling out the woodwork, huh? And Kazuki’s getting further and further away while we’re here!

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: Why was Cham with Kazuki…? Tsk, our workload just keeps piling up!

:siren: SRW UX - LOVE 14 ver. HD

: Hmm… do you t h i n k my song would work on these?
: Oh, w e l l … Whatever happens, happens!

Arnie: “I am here…! I am right here!” :black101:

When another three turns pass or you get the remaining enemies under 8 again…

: More?! Argh, there’s no end to these things!
: This bodes ill for us. They can replenish their forces far more effectively than our army can. If this turns to a war of attrition, we’ll be at a clear disadvantage.
: But, on the other hand, we can’t retreat with so many enemies surrounding us…!

EU route:

: They force our hand… Ready the Macross Cannon!

The Quarter blasts right towards the Festum mob (ah, crap)!

:siren: SRW UX - The Target.

: Energy supply across all sections is green!
: All units within the blast area are to retreat immediately!
: Macross Canon, energy charge at 91%, 92%, 93%…
: We’ve marked several Festum within firing range!
: All hands, brace for impact! Fire the Macross Cannon and tear them apart!

: They destroyed all those in just one attack…!
: That’s some serious firepower they’re rocking…
: (The pulse from before disappeared… What’s going on…?)
: Grab your jaws off the dirt, maggots! There’re still Festum around, so don’t let up!
: Hah, that goes without saying! We ain’t letting even one of them get outta here in one piece!

US and JP routes:

: But, on the other hand, we can’t retreat with so many enemies surrounding us…!
: (If this is also according to the will of the heavens, then, perhaps, next we shall see…!)

The Quarter warps right by the next group, only not as close.

:siren: SRW UX - Rebellion Against Fate

: That’s…!
: De-Fold complete! No abnormalities detected throughout the ship!
: Several Festum marked dead ahead!
: Energy supply across all sections is green!
: Target everything within our sight! Macross Cannon – FIRE!
: Hold on tight! OOORYAAAAA!

:siren: SRW UX - The Target.

: Wh-What’s that huuuge robot?!
: It’s the mothership of the SMS, a PMC from the Frontier Fleet… the Macross Quarter.

Deploy EU units!

: Looks like we got here in the nick of time.
: Cpt. Scarlet… everyone!
: Yo, been a while! And I’m raring to get my hands dirty!
: Your target’s the Festum pack! Formation Planet Dance!
: Yes, sir!
: Liu Bei, you and your allies made it as well!
: Aye! We shall fight together again!
: I’m e a g e r to get to work too!
: (Indeed, ‘twas they who appeared…)
: (Once again, the heavens send not the Yùxǐ, but people…)
: Troops, coordinate with them and bring down the Festum!
: Don’t leave a single one of them around!

I hope you have people ready to get up top and cover the Quarter, because while it’s pretty bulky, that won’t do jack if its morale drops under 80 and it gets assimilated!

:siren: SRW UX - Obelisk

US and JP route:

: And here’s our first get-together with the UX. We better start things off on the right foot!
: So these are the Festum… They’re reading your actions, so keep an eye out!

Triple Dog count: 4. The trio got an extra 15 kills today, bringing their total to 66. Joey got 8, bringing his tally to 31.

: All Festum confirmed destroyed.
: We’ve managed to pull through somehow…
: Yeah, but… the group with Kazuki is long gone now…
: …
: Damn it, if only those gold pieces of crap weren’t around to get in the way!
: And that raises the question: why did so many Festum appear in a remote area like this?
: About that… Sumeragi, could we collect that wreck up there and have it analyzed?

Points to the crater.

: Oh, that’s… is it part of the downed Europa?
: I think so. And I felt some kind of strange pulse coming from it…
: Ah, I felt it too – like it was calling out to something…
: That pulse vanished after the Macross Quarter’s attack, though. And, when it did, the Festum also stopped appearing.
: Meaning that wreckage was drawing them here?
: I think there’s a good chance of that, yes.
: Alright. We’ll bring it back to JUDA and see if they can’t run a detailed analysis on it.

Mitsuhiro informs Hester that the spy at ALVIS has sent a message informing that she’s escaped and is headed this way with the captured Nothung Model. The lady’s positively ecstatic over the news and thanks him on behalf of the entire world – of course, he’s very happy to get a very valuable specimen as well. This’ll be a major step forward in their plan.
Hester also extends her thanks to Hazard for his and his associates’ cooperation in this plan. Oh, he just figured the Bureau’s drone forces would be quite useful against the mind-reading Festum. But, on that subject, he’s curious: “How is it that only the Fafners are able to resist the Festum’s ability to read minds”?
Well, 30 years ago, when the Festum first attacked our world, many humans became temporarily sterile due to being afflicted by a toxin released from the core of the things. The effect was particularly strong within Japan, and there was even fear of extinction of the Japanese people.

Some Japanese saw the gravity of the situation with the Festum and decided to take action: thus they named their group ALVIS and initiated the Arcadian Project. All the ALVIS kids were conceived via an artificial uterus, fruit of genetic manipulation and created with the ability to stand up to the Festum.
What ability is that? “Immunity to their core toxin…” Hester says. “Which was due to the fact that those people implanted their thereto unborn children with Festum DNA.” Even Hazard does a double-take at that. Thus, the ALVIS kids became the Festum’s one and only natural predator – which, as a result, came with the hefty price tag of constant risk of Assimilation

Hazard had heard rumors, but he didn’t expect this to be the truth. It is an unpardonable crime to have foisted such a terrible fate upon the shoulders of innocent children! Hester agrees, which is why they needed to steal ALVIS’ research data by any means necessary – so they can find a NEW way to oppose the Festum.
“And that’s the new Fafner you’re developing, Dr. Bartland? The ‘Salvator Model’?” Hazard asks, and he confirms. All that the bot’s missing is a core, which is why they needed a Nothung Model: they’ll take its core and put it in the Salvator Model. Hazard hopes Mitsuhiro’ll come through – the future of all humanity depends on him… as do Hazard’s plans. “Yes, those ALVIS kids will serve me nicely as weapons. Heheheheheh…” he giggles to himself.

In the US and JP routes, Richard thanks Jeffrey for the Quarter’s timely intervention, and that’s no prob as the Frontier government asked the SMS to help us out. Lu Xun praises Liu Bei for his work in Europe and in space, but he’s a bit uneasy about being on the same team as Cao Cao – cut the same convo we had in the previous mission. And they also go over Fei-Yen finding her song up in space, too.
But the bigger question here is what happened to Kazuki. From what Richard’s been informed, it seems there was a spy at Tatsumiya – Yukie Kariya, a former Fafner pilot cadet – and she’s taken the kid. Maya and Kenji are shocked to hear that, and the kid wonders if Kazuki and their teacher were “like that”. Did they elope over their forbidden love?!

Sakura punches Kenji and shuts him up. “He got scared and ran away – that’s the long and short of it. He deserted us…,” Sakura sighs. Saya compounds Mamoru’s shock by adding that, were we the regular army, that’d be more than enough to get Kazuki a date with the firing squad.
Arnie calms the kids down, though, as he’s also a deserter and no one here’s tried to gun him down – the UX doesn’t operate like the regular army.

: Toumi… from what I heard, you were the last person Kazuki spoke to before he left, right?
: Minashiro…
: What did he say to you? Did he mention that he wanted to get away from this battle? Or maybe…
: That he wanted to get away from me…?

:siren: SRW UX - Separation

: Soushi…!
: …
: No, he just wanted me to remember who he is…
: I see…
: I… I’ve a question to ask too. Did Kazuki say anything to you?
: … No, nothing.
: Then how you can just stand there and tar him as someone who ran away?!
: This wouldn’t have happened if you talked things out with him! He didn’t run – you pushed him away! You’re the one running from him!
: Maya…
: You… You don’t know anything! I thought…
: I thought he, of all people, would understand me…
: And I’m sure… I’m sure Kazuki thought the same about you!
: …?!
: Do you believe you understand someone because you’re looking into their mind with your Siegfried System?
: What do you really know about Kazuki?!
: …
: (Kazuki… I just…)

Location: Federation Submarine – Brig

: Hrgh… So it was all just an act?! Your goal was always to bring a Fafner to the Federation?!
: Please, don’t get me wrong. I said I’d bring you to a paradise and I’ll keep that promise.
: “Paradise”… all I wanted was—!
: … Well, at the very least, where we’re headed is paradise in my eyes.
: It won’t be long until we get there, so you’ll just have to be patient for a bit.

She leaves.

: Kch…!
: Chin up, Kazuki. I’m sure Shou and the others will come save us.
: …
: Oh, someone’s coming! Hey you!
: Sshhh! Nothing good’ll come out of them spotting you. Hide inside my coat and stay quiet!
: Gaah, don’t stuff me in there!

Door opens.

: Hey, Kazuki Makabe… It’s been ages, eh?
: Michio…?! What’re you doing here…?!
: I swear, you’ve no idea how surprised I was to see that you were the Fafner’s pilot. Sorry things got a little rough out there.
: Then… You were the one flying that unit…?!
: That, I was.
: I’ve been running as a Fed soldier, getting deployed all over the world, after my dad brought me out of Tatsumiya five years ago.
: You’re a Federation soldier…
: And, um… Could I ask you about how things are back at the island?
: Like… do you know what Yumiko Toumi’s doing nowadays?
: Ms. Yumiko? She’s working as a doctor at our school infirmary and…
: She’s a doctor?! Oh, wow. Did you know her childhood dream was to move to Tokyo and become an idol singer?
: Really…
: Still, Yumiko’s doing well… that’s good…

Door opens.

: So this is where you were, Triple Six.
: “Triple Six”…?
: My codename. She doesn’t need to call me that when we’re not on the field, but I can’t talk her out of it.
: Her name’s Canon, pilot of the Babylon Model, and my partner.
: You were the one in that red unit, then…
: We’ll be arriving soon, sir.
: Where… Where are you taking me?
: Eastern Europe, a base of ours in the Moldovan Republic underground. A.k.a., the Federation’s Anti-Festum Team’s research facility.

Allelujah and Soma have actually found said location, having heard rumors across various Federation bases that this place is a rather special research facility. Soma told him that the local solar power system stopped relaying energy and wanted to check it out… but is that really cause for concern?
Soma (who Allelujah calls Marie, Marie, Marie, Marie) thinks so – something about this is bothering her. She does apologize for forcing him to tag along, but it’s not like he minds making the occasional detour in their travels.
Regardless, Allelujah figures there should be a transformer to convert the solar energy, so they should check there… and find that it’s gone. There’s a huge hole where it used to be, like it was torn out the earth. What’s going on at this base?

And the one US/JP route convo we missed:

: Your rampage is over now that we’ve arrived!
: We are the Octagon’s Volunteer Corps! And with justice guiding our hands, we rise to assist our comrades!
: Anyone who feels like becoming a stain on my Raija can step right up!

You laugh, but Fei Yen and Lockon are amazing teammates.

Ah, having Mangabarrels is so nice after an entire LP of Animebarrels.

Kiriyama has YELLOW eyes.

And here we go with the midgame Fafner train! Be ready to be dropped off at the station of insanity in just a few stages.

Hey, I’m not talking smack. Just noting the similarities.

Click to see the mission!

And we are officially through that huge route split (thank god). We lost Kazuki, though, so that’s less than ideal. Today, only Lockon is deploying as an event unit, but he doesn’t have to be flying solo, so we’re keeping everything as it was:
Zhang Fei/Tsubasa
Sun Quan/Shangxiang
Eida/Guan Yu
Liu Bei/Rennie
Aesap/Cao Cao
Tactician: Zhuge Liang

Grab a seat, folks, because there’s much to do today.

We open up at the Federation’s Moldova base, where Kariya’s submarine has just docked and she reports to Mitsuhiro that she’s brought the Nothung Model and its pilot. He praises her good work and adds that they’ll transplant its core into the Salvator Model right away. Until that’s done, though, he wants her and the rest of her team to stay in the sub.
Huh? Why aren’t they being given permission to enter the Moldova Base? The truth is, as Mitsuhiro tells Kariya, that the base is currently seeing some strange issues going on at the topside facilities. Depending on how things turn out, they may be forced to abandon the place.
Whatever could have happened?

That’s what Allelujah and Soma are trying to figure out. Close to the spot where the solar energy transformer disappeared, they find a collapsed mook. Is he alright? Can he tell them what’s up? No, he can’t, as his body starts turning metallic!
He mutters something about machines attacking, but nothing makes sense. Soma, meanwhile, hears a voice echoing through her head – Quantum Brainwaves? She doesn’t think so. However, her train of thought is interrupted when an empty truck starts coming their way at full speed! Soma and Allelujah dodge, but a bunch more stuff is headed their way. Seems like this is what the mook meant about machines attacking.

Allelujah doesn’t know what’s going on, but his more unhinged split-personality, Hallelujah, does: the machines are being attracted by Soma’s Quantum Brainwaves. With no time to hang around, Hallelujah tags in to deal with the situation.
And, indeed, his own Quantum Brainwaves are attracting the machines as well. Soma isn’t too happy to see him, but the three of them can talk things out later – they need to flee into the base.

: The Federation’s Moldova Base…? That’s where Kazuki’s at?
: Hmhmm, we ran the numbers on their projected course and that’s looking like a pretty sure bet.
: So he’s been taken prisoner by the Federation?

Door opens.

: Who knows? He could also be willingly helping them out.
: Mr. Mizoguchi… I didn’t expect to see you here.
: Makabe’s orders. I came over as fast as I could, but that was obviously not fast enough.
: Tsk, getting played like a damn fiddle by that little spygirl was bad enough…
: But that ain’t got nothing on Kazuki bailing on us. He was our best prospect out of all the Fafner pilots.
: And that’s the problem! Kazuki ran away because he couldn’t stand everyone looking at him that way!
: Maya…
: He didn’t want to be a tool of war, or a pilot… All he wanted was for someone to remember who he was before he started flying the Fafner…
: But none of you… none of you ever stopped to ask how he felt about anything!
: Kch… How can all of you be so selfish?! How can you talk about him like that?!
: …

Location: Federation Moldova Base – Cell

: It’s been a long time, hasn’t it, Kazuki Makabe?
: You’re… Mr. Hino?
: Yes, Michio told me that you were the pilot of the captured Fafner. I confess I was very surprised.
: We’re already getting the paperwork sorted out and will have you out this cell soon enough. Just be patient for a bit longer, yes?
: …
: What… What are you going to do with me?
: Well, what is it that you want to do?
: Huh…?
: I’m a scientist, so my goal is to build the best weapons I can for the men and women who’ll be fighting out there.
: But I don’t do that to maximize the kill tally. Rather, it’s just to get as many pilots back safely as possible.
: And you couldn’t do that kind of research back at Tatsumiya?
: Correct, and that’s why I left. You also felt like you had to leave, no?
: I… I just wanted to figure out what I really should be fighting for…
: The longer I stayed there, the more I felt myself slipping away…
: In that case, why not come with me?
: Huh…? Are you asking me to help with your research?
: Hm. If you do, I might just be able to show you a different way than one of combat.
: A different way…?

: We managed to sneak into the base thanks to Hallelujah’s help, but…
: Humans turning into metal, driverless trucks chasing us around… Just what is going on here…?
: Hold on, someone’s coming. Hide!

: This is the Mark Elf… but it is not us. (Idun)
: It is not us, no. It is in front of us. (Mjölnir)

: (What are they talking about…?)

: We will diverge here. We will have me take action…


: (H-He disappeared…?!)
: (Those two… they’re not human?!)

: We will have me take action as well…
: Hold on, if you would.
: …
: The core of the Mark Elf is a fragment of the Mir that came active at the Machine Island two hundred years ago.
: Mir, that which once sunk mankind into the depths of despair… is now mankind’s only hope.
: We are having me agree with you.
: Agreeing with someone doesn’t equal comprehending someone, though.
: Do you understand why I haven’t told Mitsuhiro about you two being here?
: One part knows, another does not. Diverging possibilities result in human individuality.
: The opposite is also true. I, as an individual, chose to diverge towards a different possibility than Mitsuhiro’s.
: And that makes you Festum so interested in understanding us, humans.

: (Did he say “Festum”?! That woman…?!)

: And you had yourself side with me.
: Not quite. I’m just following the dying will of Akane Makabe… the woman you once assimilated.
: Akane Makabe is no more.
: How about we make sure? I’d like you to meet with Kazuki Makabe. Perhaps that might actually mark the start of a new divergence? One the likes never before seen by either humanity or the Festum…
: …


: Nobody move.
: ?! You’re…?
: Allelujah Haptism, of the Celestial Being.
: Soma Peries, also of the Celestial Being.
: Oh, the Gundam Meisters…
: I’ve some questions to ask you about this base and this woman…

Powering up!

: Hmm, our theory was right. We’ve only just set in the Mark Elf’s core and we’re already seeing a tremendous increase in the power-gain.
: What unit is this…?
: The Fafner Salvator Model, Mark Sein…
: Mark Sein…
: It means “to be”. It’s proof that we, humans, are here.
: …
: And you’ve been researching the Festum in order to finish this unit?
: Not just the Festum. I’ve gathered and researched anything that showed promise.
: It’s for that reason that I had my men recover a fragment from the exploration vessel Europa.
: A fragment…?
: I theorized that it would have an alien organism within.
: And I was right. The strange phenomena you encountered topside? I’d wager the fragment is the cause…
: ?! Is that all you have to say…?! Look at how many people died because of your research on that thing!
: Are you telling me this mech was so crucial that you’d do something as thoughtless as that?!
: That’s right. But the Mark Sein’s now complete, so this base’ll have served its purpose…
: All that remains is Kazuki Makabe…
: We are not willing to allow me to meet Kazuki Makabe.
: What…?


: Wh-What’s going on…?!


: Alert! Alert! We’re under attack by the Festum!
: Detecting several Alhenteris and Grendel-types materializing! All personnel are to evacuate into the shelters immediately!
: The Festum…?!
: Our preferred divergence has initialized its action.
: But why?! Does your Mir reject our Mir?!
: We have no such concepts as acceptance or rejection.
: We will revert the universe to nothingness, and in doing so, move ourselves to a higher dimension.
: Revert the universe to nothingness?! That’s what you Festum are after?!
: …
: Sorry, Allelujah. But it looks like my plan has ended in failure…
: Mr. Hino…
: But we cannot allow the Mark Sein – the savior of mankind – to be lost here.
: There’s a boy held prisoner inside this base. If I might make a request, I’d like you to break him out.

Location: Federation Moldova Base – Submarine

: We can’t get in touch with the lab?!
: Impossible…! Yoji, are you seriously turning on us now?!
: (Dad’s turned traitor…?)


: Dr. Bartland, what’s the meaning of this?!
: The Festum are attacking; I believe they noticed what we’re after. We’re going to abandon the base!
: “Abandon”?! But what about the Salvator Model?!
: We’re already assembling all research data. All we’d need is a new core and we could build another one straight away.
: And when we do, it’ll be strong enough to wipe out the Festum.


: Start flooding the dock! Prepare for emergency departure!
: Hey, hold on! My dad and Kazuki are still—!


: Don’t move!
: ?! Yukippe, you…!
: Do as she says, please. I’d rather not have to kill you too.
: Indeed, you and Canon will have much to do to help us secure a new core…
: Hrm…!
: …


: Huh? Is there no one out there?!
: Ooh, what’s going on now?! Didn’t that guy say we were going to get out of this cell?!

: Kazuki…? You there, are you Kazuki Makabe?!
: Wh-Who are…?!
: Get back! We’re going to blow up the door!


: cough, cough…! Ah…! They did it, Kazuki! The door’s open!
: You’re… Cham, right? The Mi Ferario?
: You know me?
: Oh, what’s this…? It’s like there’re two different Auras coming from each of you…
: …
: Just who are you two?
: We’re friends with Setsuna and Lockon. You know them, right?
: ! Then you’re with the Celestial Being…?!
: Right. Yoji Hino asked us to come and rescue you.
: Mr. Hino…? What about him? What’s he going to do?!
: That’s…

Cut to JUDA, Ogawa says an emergency transmission just came in for the UX from the Federation’s Moldovan base: Order UX-E9… commissioned by Allelujah Haptism. That means Emergency Level 9, meaning it’s a top priority request for the UX.
Lockon doesn’t know why Allelujah’s sending a request for us… but it turns out it’s from Hino. Mizoguchi and Toumi are very surprised to see him, and their being here simplifies things. Hino introduces himself as a former ALVIS scientist – Allelujah passed him this code. So, what does he need?

“I don’t think this base will be around for much longer. So I’d like to request that you come here and save both Kazuki Makabe and the Fafner Salvator Model,” he says. That’s quite the request considering it was Hino’s people who took Kazuki in the first place. Moreover, since this is a “request” for the UX, what would our compensation be, Richard asks.
“The future of all mankind” Hino declares, and that gets Richard’s attention. “I’ve confidence that your group and Kazuki will be capable of making good use of the Mark Sein. And, in doing so, you’ll create a brand new divergence – one that’ll bring about the future of mankind. “
With precious little time remaining, he really hopes we’ll take his request… and the comm drops.


: I suppose this is it…
: …
: What is it? Why aren’t you leaving?
: We will be here soon. You are alone.
: Are you concerned for my life?
: Li-fe…?
: Hah, I see… You’ve also opened the door. I’m glad to see that…
: …
: Listen to me, person who once called herself Akane Makabe. I want you to deliver this unit to the ALVIS boy.
: We will not allow me to meet with Kazuki Makabe.
: Then just give him the Mark Sein. I ask that you do this so Akane Makabe’s enduring wish passes on to him…!
: …


: Thank you…
: A new hope will sprout with destruction as its seedbed. Forgive me, Michio…


(on the comm): Yoji made a request of the UX?!
: Yeah, and apparently he blew himself up to try and take the Festum along with him.
: God…!
: Minashiro, we have to go and save Kazuki! You’ve got a plan, right?!
: No, it’s impossible… We could deploy right now and we would never get there in time.
: Maybe not. If we use the Quarter’s Fold System, we could get halfway around the planet in one second.
: …?!
: The Elshank is also capable of travelling through wormholes. So if we deploy immediately…!
: B-But…!
: Why are you even thinking twice about this?!
: Shouko… she didn’t hesitate for a second when it was time to set out and fight for Kazuki – for us – didn’t she?!
: …
: I’m certain that what Kazuki sought was not mainly to flee from battle. Rather, he simply needed time to find himself.
: So we need to go and pick him up. Here, with us, is where he belongs…
: Y-You…
: Besides, the guy said the payment for this gig would be “the future of all mankind”. Not the kind of stuff you can pass on, right?
: But we’ll need your strength if we’re gonna do this, Soushi. Will you come with us…?
: …
: But I…
: I’m sure you’re the one Kazuki really wants to come get him.
: So when he’s back with us, I want you to look him right in the eye and say…

Mission 21 – Welcome Home ~ Friends


: ! Something exploded in the underground…?!
: Do you think that was Mr. Hino…?!


: Hrm…! It’s that voice again…!

The GN-X III sets forward!

: I-It’s coming this way!
: Is it going after Marie like that truck did…?!
: It’s too fast! We can’t get away!

: …?!

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: Gundam Zabanya, Lockon Stratos! Not sure what’s going on here but that’s the target sniped down!
: Lockon!

: Kazuki, are you okay?!
: Toumi… guys!

: And we’ve brought you guys a new mech: the Gundam Harute.
: Afraid hearing about your trip’s gonna have to wait, though. Hop aboard, you two!
: …
: I’m dragging you into another battle… I’m sorry, Marie.
: It’s all right. It wouldn’t be right for me to run off alone, especially since I’m their target.
: We’ll fight them together, Allelujah!
: Thank you, Marie!
: Kazuki, I’m sending you the coordinates Hino marked. The Mark Sein should be there, so hurry!
: O-Okay!
: …


: Huh….?! There it is again, just like in that last fight! I’m hearing a voice calling out to something!
: I can’t tell you much, but I do know that it’s not people controlling those units.
: It’s likely those were hijacked by something like an alien organism.
: An a-alien organism…?!
: And they’re the ones drawing the Festum over…?!
: Engaging Federation units will very likely come back to haunt us later… but I suppose that’s neither here nor there at the moment.
: Troops, engage and destroy the Festum and the Federation units with due haste!
: Roger that! Gundam Harute, Allelujah Haptism!
: Soma Peries!
: Moving to engage!

Kill everyone, don’t lose your ships. Pretty much a rehash of the previous mission, only with jacked GN-Xs thrown in the middle. Standard Festum tactics apply, so carry on as usual – of note, the base structures will provide 10% evasion bonus, so that’s something to offset their Mind Read.

Gundam Harute (Allelujah Haptism/Soma Peries)
Pilot Skills:
Super Soldier (超兵) – activates at 130 morale, granting an accuracy and mobility bonus that increases in proportion to morale. +5% at 130, with added increments of 5 until +25% at 170.
Support Attack L2
Support Defense L1
All Attack
Spirit Commands – Allelujah:
Spirit Commands – Soma:
Attune (感応) – casts Strike on target ally.
Mech Features:
GN Field
GN Drive
Squad Bonus: Mobility +5, EN +50 (Mobility +20, EN +100, Movement +2)
Allelujah’s voice actor: Hiroyuki Yoshino (other roles: Hazar in SRW Alpha 3, Sofiro in Rinne no Lagrange, Yuto in Inazuma Eleven and many more)
Soma’s voice actress: Arisa Ogasawara (other roles: Holly in Heroman, the Haros in 00 Gundam, Panty in Panty & Stocking and a few more)

And here’s, IMO, the second best 00 Gundam. Allelujah’s meant to go zipping across the battlefield and start cutting stuff, but the Harute opted to play it safe and get an even split of long and short-range weapons. Still pretty powerful and survivable, and he makes a good fit for pretty much any Real.
Not too sturdy, even with that GN Field, but that’s only a problem if stuff manage to get a hit in and that’s not very likely with Allelujah’s good evading skills, Super Soldier and Soma’s added spirits.
The Harute may not measure up to top tier units, but it’s right there with Graham as a squaddie you can easily switch to the front whenever. If anything, his Squad Bonus and Accelerate are very welcome.

Oh, and Lockon’s new Zabanya is a straight upgrade to the Dynames with more of everything: more guns, more damage, more Haros!

: Oookay, time for the Zabanya to step into the limelight.
: There isn’t anything I can’t snipe down with this baby!
: Go, Lockon!
: Go, Lockon!

Damn it, Luna!

:siren: SRW UX - LOVE 14 ver. HD

: … [Noise]
: Huh… What is it?! If y o u ’ v e got something to say, then say it loud and clear!

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: (I’m glad you’re safe, Kazuki…)
: (But what am I supposed to say to him if he comes back now…?)

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: I don’t know if the answer we found through our journey is the right one, but…!
: Yes, they need our help right now. So let’s go, Allelujah!


:siren: SRW UX - Life Goes On

: Hold on, Kazuki! We’re coming to pick you up!

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: Cham’s still with Kazuki… Tsk, I’ll give her a big talking-to once she’s back!

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: … [Noise]
: What sensation is this…? Is that a voice I hear…? No, it’s…!

:siren: SRW UX - My Fate

: … [Noise]
: What are these things?!
: No idea. But I’m feeling something like a voice coming from that machine!

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: … [Noise]
: Something’s echoing through my mind… I knew it. It’s the exact same thing I felt from that fragment!

And when all GN-Xs are dead…

: The voice stopped…?
: Yeah, you’re right. I don’t hear it anymore!
: …
: (Again, just like the previous battle… If I’m right, then the alien organism Allelujah spoke of is…)

And when turn 3 rolls over, or you down three Festum teams…

: …
: What’s that guy doing in a place like that…?!
: Huh? Do you think he’s one of the base’s personnel…?
: We have learned all we needed of this place.
: We will use me to eliminate all that is not us.

: Aack! H-He transformed?!
: He looks like…!
: Are you there…?
: A Festum…!

: This should be the place Mr. Hino said, but…
: Look, Kazuki! There’s someone there!
: ?! It… It can’t be…! That’s…!
: …
: M-Mom…?
: Yoji Hino has asked me to deliver the Mark Sein to you.
: The Mark Sein… He did?!
: We will not allow me to diverge any more.
: Mom, wait! It’s you, isn’t it?!
: No, Kazuki… I don’t think that’s a person…
: Huh…?
: Akane Makabe is no more. I am what you call a Festum.
: …?!
: I am giving Mir’s vessel to you, child of ALVIS.
: Board it. I am leaving.


: Sh-She disappeared…?
: Mom, why…

: Gwaaaaaargh! Goddamn, that guy’s strong!
: He’s on a completely different level from the other Festum we’ve seen…!
: Do you think he’s their leader?!
: Everyone focus all your fire on that big Festum! We’re going straight for the jugular!
: Y-Yes, sir!

We only need to destroy the Idun Sphinx-Type to end the mission, but we wouldn’t want all the cash and kills from the other Festum to go to waste, right?
Besides, your troops are likely to be far from him and it wouldn’t do to get caught in a pincer.

Argh, it’s still their turn!

Idun Sphinx-Type
Pilot Skills:
Mind Read L3 (that’s +50% to his evasion/accuracy)
Support Attack L2
All Attack L1
Mech Features:
HP and EN Regen L2
Assimilation L2 (Threshold is 100 morale)
Idun’s voice actor: Mitsuaki Madono (other roles: Yuuki in SRW Alpha and OGs, J in GGG, Celrick in SRW X and many more)

No more games, now you’re gonna deal with a fully armed and operational Festum Boss.
That Mind Read plus massive stats everywhere important (and S rank on land) means he’ll likely get VERY good numbers against anyone not packing Focus. His attacks are high-powered and while 100 morale Assimilation isn’t too bad since we built up plenty of morale, if you leave enough Festum around, they might just beat someone enough to get him closer to that threshold. And, if you remember, a Festum gets a full heal when it grabs someone – don’ let it happen.
Thankfully, Idun’s threat is reduced by the fact that he has absolutely no defenses outside of his Mind Read. If you can get enough people (with Strike) to close in, he can easily be downed in a single turn.


:siren: SRW UX - Obelisk

: We do not understand your actions.
: You use human words, assume our shape…
: But if you don’t understand us, then why are you trying to act like us?!

Uh, oh.

: Say what…?!
: We will not accept anything that is not us.
: Our attacks are doing nothing to him…?!
: Hrm… What’re we gonna do now?!

Power uuuuup.

: A Fafner…?! But that type is…!
: Th-This feels… totally different from the Mark Elf…!
: Kazuki…! Is that you aboard that Fafner, Kazuki?!
: Soushi, I…!


: Mom…!
: A-Am I going nuts… Akane?!
: No, that’s not a human… it’s a Festum!
: A Festum assumed Akane’s form?!
: I have one final observation to make.
: We have limited your existence.
: We are in the process of understanding human individuality.
: We do not understand you.
: That is fruit of your own denial.
: Wh-What’re those two talking about?!
: I am… us.
: Then why do you use words?
: I have ceased diverging. We are supposed to be one, so why are we having conversation?
: …
: The other Mir was meant to have joined with us, but it was not so. And because of its existence, I am becoming me. Just as you are becoming you. That is what I had to tell us.
: …
: We do not approve of you…

:siren: SRW UX - Mark Sein
:siren: :siren:

: !!
: Th-That Festum…!
: I-It ate… It ate my mom!

Kazuki bumrushes Idun!

: You… you killed my mom!!
: Kazuki, stop! You can’t fight like that! Don’t let an Aura of hatred take control of you!
: …

: Not good! The Festum’s trying to assimilate him!
: Kazuki…!

Location: Mark Sein’s Cockpit

: …
: Kazuki! Kazuki, wake up!
: Gh… I-I’m…
: Ah, thank goodness! You’re back!

: It’s been born.
: ?! Y-You’re…?
: But it’s only just appeared. You are on the verge of causing the core to be reborn, Kazuki…
: The “core”? What are you talking about…?
: Wait, hold on. What are you talking about?! Are you speaking to someone, Kazuki?
: Huh…? You can’t see her, Cham…?

: …
: Soushi…!
: Pull yourself together, Kazuki! Soushi’s not here!
: (My mind isn’t crossed right now… Then this Soushi I’m seeing must be…!)
: Are you there…?
: Y-You’re…!

: Wh-What’s going on?! The Fafner sunk into that lava-esque mass?!
: No, that’s the Fafner trying to devour the Festum!
: Yoji, what the hell did you create?!
: And Kazuki’s in there?!
: I don’t know… But by the looks of things…!

: Let’s join as one, Kazuki.
: Soushi…
: Everyone used to be one at the beginning…
: We came from somewhere vast and distant… and then everyone was brought apart.
: Assimilation is the way back to that distant place, a way that’s coded into our bodies…
: I don’t exist anywhere. So I want to get back to where I can be one with you…
: Soushi, you…
: Assimilation is one option, but it is not the only one.
: A way to go back and a way to go forward are both coded into our bodies…
: Which do you choose, Kazuki…?
: I…
: I was afraid…! I was scared of myself for hurting you when we were kids, Soushi… That’s why I ran!
: “Soushi hates me, doesn’t he?! He wants me to fight until I’m dead, doesn’t he?!” I told myself!
: Kazuki…
: Believe it or not, Soushi is actually grateful to you.
: That precious wound made him who he is. It is proof that he is who he is…
: Still, I… I wanted to just disappear! For so long, I wanted that to happen!
: Day in and day out, I felt like everything would be better if I disappeared! But… but I also wanted to apologize to him…!

:siren: Angela - Proof
:siren: :siren:

: Then why don’t you apologize to him? Stand face-to-face with Soushi and talk – talk until you understand each other!
: Cham…
: Conversation proves that we are each our own persons. You are you, he is he, and I am me.
: Conversation…
: Are you there? Or do you wish to not be?
: I… I just want…
: I just want to talk to Soushi again!
: …

: Soushi…!
: You have shown the core the path to follow. And, for that, I thank you…

: …?!
: I-It’s…!

: The Fafner’s come back from within the lava…?!
: Kazuki…!
: …
: Soushi…
: ! Kazu… ki…
: I want you to cross our systems. It should work the same as it did with the Mark Elf.
: You left… and now you expect me to just nod along…?
: Soushi, I always went into battle and did as you told me… but I never really understood the meaning behind your words, or what was going through your mind…
: But now… Now I think I understand, at least a little…
: What, exactly, did you understand…?
: That… That you’ve been suffering all this time.
: …
: Soushi’s been suffering…?
: You’d always worked to protect our island, even back when none of us knew any better…
: You’ve carried that pain alone, kept it deep inside… as you did when we lost Shouko and Koyo.
: And you never once let it show…

: …
: (He’s crying…?)
: Kazuki, what is the ID code of your unit…?
: It is the Fafner Salvator Model…
: Mark Sein!
: Registering it for system crossing… Hold for five seconds.
: Soushi…?
: Enrollment complete. Initiating crossing!

: Kazuki… Do you see what I see?
: Yeah… I do!
: Then let’s go!
: Goooo! Maaaark Sein!


: Wh-What kind of attack was that?!
: It ate the Festum… No, it assimilated them?!
: …

: Tsk, we’ve got even more of them!
: More enemies! More enemies!
: But I think with Kazuki and that Fafner on our side…!
: Get to work, maggots! Huddle around the Mark Sein and pound the remaining Festum into submission!
: Hell, yeah! With that new power of his on our side, we’ll have the Festum gone as easy as 1, 2, 3!

And, bang, Kazuki just got promoted from “good” to “how did the devs not see how broken this is?”-tier.

The Mark Sein, as you’d expect, is a straight upgrade to the Mark Elf – it follows the same weapon pattern, only with more stats everywhere. What has changed significantly, however, are its features. First you’ll notice it has the Norn System, meaning it now has a 1500 barrier for times the RNG gets sassy, and then you see… Assimilation L3.
Turns out that, no, that’s not an event-only thing: Kazuki can now beat the Festum at their own game and absorb any of them, regardless of HP, if their morale dips below 120 (!) after ANY attack… and his weapons debuff enemy morale by upwards of 30 (it takes a bigger bite the higher the target’s morale)!
The cutoff point is 142 morale: unless a Festum is over that, they’re getting zapped (it counts as a kill). And then Kazuki get a full refill of his HP and EN. It doesn’t work against non-Festum enemies, of course, but just sic the boy at any batch of the blobs and watch him go to town. Getting 200 kills with him just became far simpler.

Case in point.

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

: Soushi… I’m done running!
: I’ll take my mom’s wish, your pain, all of it onto myself!
: Then let’s do this together! Our minds… are now one!


Now, Kazuki’s alone up top with a whole bevy of Festum, and while he could solo them all (except Idun), the Fafner trio and Heroman still need kills. So I’ll content myself with having him solo only A THIRD of that group while our folks are slooowly making our way across the map.

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

And that’s the fifth use of Triple Dog, so chalk that secret requirement done. As far as kills go, the trio got another 18, pushing their tally to 84 (halfway done!). Heroman took another 11 today, bringing his total to 42.

Now for a quick attack showcase while I trash all surviving Festum and converge on Idun:

Lockon now has funnels.

Cao Cao’s best attack.

Allelujah’s Trans-AM attack!

And both Hypaaa Aura Giri daaaaaaa!

Be patient, you.

:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

: How’s that guy a Festum… Think he used to be human?
: Do not hesitate, Kurou! He may be capable of understanding human speech, but that does not mean he is willing to parley with us!

Here’s Idun’s strongest attack – yikes! Also:
Kurou vs. Festum: “Gaah, so they only look like they’re made of gold?!”

: …?!
: We’ve confirmed damage on the large Festum!
: Our attacks are working now?!
: You don’t think… that the Mark Sein’s exerting some sort of effect on that Festum’s core?!
: Don’t know, don’t care! Now’s our chance to chomp that orange jelly!
: Concentrate all your attacks on him, my friends!

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: We reject the divergence of possibilities.
: What’s wrong with these things…? They finally decide to say something different, and it’s all just a bunch of nonsense?!

:siren: SRW UX - The Eternal Soldiers

: We reject your actions.
: I suppose the Machine Island hasn’t a monopoly on people who aren’t willing to listen.
: And? They all die just the same! Come on!

:siren: SRW UX - Love Survivor

: We will eliminate all that is not us.
: So you wanna kill everything. Then quit beating around the bush and just say so like proper enemies!

:siren: SRW UX - Future-Bound Fighting Spirit

: We do not accept anything that is not us.
: So what?! Nothing’d ever be born if all it took to stop it was for someone to reject it!

:siren: SRW UX - Roulette

: If you can understand what we say, then listen to us! We only came here to rescue our friend—
: We do not agree with your proposal.
: Tsk… So we really do have to fight?!

Idun drops a Monthly Shounen Adventure King (accuracy and melee +10, defense +5). The Festum are reading Goubine!

: …!
: Now, Kazuki!
: I’m on it! Deeeyaaaaaaaaah!

“You won’t take any more from us, Festum…!”
“So long as I have everyone…” > “I’ll be HERE!!”

: H-He did it…
: He engulfed that Festum whole…
: That’s the power of the Salvator Model…!

: Radar is clear! All enemies have been successfully destroyed!
: Haah, haah… Rrgh!

: Kazuki?! Are you okay?! Stay with me!

The Elshank flies over to the Mark Sein.

: Kazuki, open your hatch!


:siren: SRW UX - Separation

: Look, Kazuki! Maya’s here!
: Gch, Toumi… Are you there…?
: I am… I’m right here!
: I… it wasn’t fighting that scared me…
: I was just… scared that I would disappear…
: I understand how you feel…
: I spent so long thinking I’d be better off not existing anymore, but… but now I was scared of it…! sniffles
: Come home with us… then we can talk again, right?
: Because if we don’t, I feel like that’s when we’d all really stop existing as each other…
: So let’s talk again and again…
: Sniffles Waahaaaaa…!

: Phew… Least everything turned out okay.
: Absolutely. I was so worried about Kazuki for a while there.
: You’re one to talk!
: Heey, I worked really hard out there, okay?!
: …
: Kazuki!


: Urk!
: Shinn! You can’t just walk up and punch him like that…
: Do you feel that? Does that hurt?! I’ll let you off the hook with that bit of pain this time.
: But you need to learn how to rely on others at least a bit! Aren’t we all fighting together here?!
: Yes, sir…
: He’s got it right, Kazuki. We’re a team, yeah?
: If something’s bothering you, then come and tell us about it.
: Thanks, everyone…
: Well, aren’t we loved around here.
: Um, Mr. Mizoguchi… Do you know how my mom died…?
: Akane… she got assimilated by the Festum shielding Fumihiko from them…
: Then… could a part of her really have remained inside that Festum…?
: That’s certainly a possibility. Akane was one of a kind, in that she questioned if we shouldn’t try to understand how the Festum feel.
: How the Festum feel…? My mom said that?
: It’s because of her that I decided to carry on this research.
: I see… Thanks for telling me, Ms. Toumi. I feel a bit better hearing that.
: And I reckon he should be here any second now…

Door opens.

: …
: ! Soushi…!
: Let’s talk, then.
: Ah…?
: What, now…? Right in front of everyone?
: I don’t mind them. Now let’s talk to our hearts’ content.
: It’s not that easy, you know. Besides, this isn’t the best place…
: Don’t worry. Look, we have a table and chairs right there. That should allow you to talk in comfort.
: That’s really not what I meant…
: Hm? Are you dissatisfied with something?
: I suppose we could have a refrigerator here with food and cold drinks. It’d be extremely convenient for conversation-making.
: …
: You’re so clueless…
: Snort
: Pfeheheheh…
: Ahahahahahaha!
: Wh-What is it?! I’m just trying to have an honest conversation with Kazuki…
: Yeah, we get it. Ya really were looking him straight in the eye there.
: Right, that was really good! I don’t think we’ve anything to worry about here!
: B-But… I haven’t said anything yet…
: Not at all. I’m sure if Domyoji was here, he’d say “Aah, it’s gone”.
: What’s gone…?
: The so-called “evil spirit” he said was housing inside Kazuki.
: Only Soushi was just as afflicted, of course.
: But those spirits aren’t there anymore. I think these two are much closer, and have a much better understanding of each other, than ever before…
: …
: …

By the Ptolemaios, Mileina’s welcoming Allelujah and Soma back aboard. Soma likes her new hairstyle, and Mileina proudly proclaims that she’s blossoming into a grown woman. Sumeragi thanks them both for the assist back there, also apologizing for pulling them into it.
But, as Soma notes, she was the one who wanted to go there in the first place – she felt something strange coming from that base. And that’s saying nothing of the fact that those machines all seemed to be drawn to her Quantum brainwaves.

Well, as a matter of fact, that wasn’t an isolated occurrence: Sumeragi’s getting reports of similar events happening throughout the entire planet. Moreover, all said events happened in rather close proximity to the crash sites of the Europa’s fragments. Looks like Hino’s theory was correct. And everyone, including Lockon, has a real bad feeling about this.
But the bad news don’t stop there, as Feldt chimes in with an urgent transmission from JUDA. What is it? The Katou Organization’s making a clandestine broadcast to all of Earth! Feldt pulls it up on the monitor:

: Ladies and gentlemen of the world, a good day to you. I am the commander of the Katou Organization, Hisataka Katou.
: Th-The commander…?!
: This man is the leader of the Katou Organization…?!
: We are going to draw a line down this world.
: An impassable barrier, a new balance, separating those with imagination and those without, those who will live and those who will die.
: What is he getting at…?
: And in order to make that line perfectly clear, we are going to bestow the greatest of oppression onto all of humanity.
: To put it in simpler terms, we are now declaring… our conquest of the entire world.
: C-Conquest…?!
: And, of course, we have claimed ourselves suitable weaponry for such a purpose.
: This should be all the evidence you need.


: Captain, we’ve got trouble! A satellite weapon from the Union has shot a laser at the surface!
: What did you say…?!
: The island of Haifan by the Philippines is… it’s gone!

: That… That island was completely destroyed…
: What’s going on…? Why am I getting this sense of déjà vu…?


: Ah…?! Wh-What did I feel just now…?!
: …
: I have to go… to that island. I don’t know why, but, deep down, I feel like I’ve known it since forever. The island, it was called…
: Dragon Fang… Island…

Calling it now: Soma and Joey are going to have a conversation referencing this.

And as much as I loved V, I have to admit, they really skimped on abilities. Allejulah gets a skill representing his super soldier status here, and in V he gets jack. To say nothing about Trans-Am in both games. Why Namco, why?

Ah, right, now I remember how absurdly hype this part of the game gets.

Not only is Fafner finally getting to its good stuff, including a god tier Mark Sein mix and the whole “this is my room, it is extremely convenient” thing, but everything else is about to come to a head in one of the best midgame climaxes in SRW, up there with things like Alpha 2’s Dinosaur Empire/Jeeg fights and the Z2-1 midgame showdown.

Of course, those two games fucked up, and then never lived up to the hype until ages later (which is one of Z2-1’s few failing points honestly, it’s easily the second best Z). As for UX… well, you’ll see, but some pretty spectacular shit is about to go down. It does sort of help that a stage or two after this big finale is one of the franchise’s greatest memes. (PS: When you hit the Macross F Movie 1 finale, let Tobikage be summoned. It’ll be fun, I swear!)

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Click to see the mission!

Alright, we’re back and Katou’s just got a brand new kill-sat and he’s very eager to have fun with it. That cannot stand. Kouichi, Eida and Arnie are deploying as event units today and for the first time, we have enough units to reach the deployment slot limit – 18 – which means Luna gets to sit this one out. Here’s how we’re going:
Fei-Yen/Lockon (now that he has the Zabanya, I actually cared to fit him with a worthwhile partner)
Zhang Fei/Shangxiang
Sun Quan/Aesap
Guan Yu/Canaria
Cao Cao/Moritsugu
Liu Bei/Rennie
Setsuna/Luca (in hindsight, since this is a Space mission, I should’ve swapped Soubi, Luca and Canaria around, but I was in a hurry)
Tactician: Romina

:siren: Secret Alert! :siren:
Tobikage secret #2 – 4th step: Set Romina as your tactician.

It’s a long mission and I would’ve really liked to have Zhuge Liang’s bonus… bah.
Here we go.

Location: Earth Federation Parliament – Assembly Hall

: Are you really sure about this, Rep. Athha…?
: Yes, I’ll stand before the Federal Inquiry Commission and admit my ties to the UX.
: It’s the only way we can also have our thoughts be heard. We need to show the truth for what it is.
: Still, this is Hazard we’re talking about. There’s no telling if your arguments will have any impact…
: If only Alex Dino would sort things out faster…
: No, I’d much rather we settle this without getting the PLANTs involved.
: After all, this is my personal problem.
: Rep. Athha…
: It’s time.


: The Earth Federation Parliament will now begin its Federal Inquiry into Cagalli Yula Athha!

Location: JUDA – President’s Office

: You may be asking why it is that we seek to oppress humanity. The reason is simple: we want you to imagine.
: So tell me, what is the oppression that brings forth imagination? What lies at the basis of the imagination that’s born from it?
: I’ll tell you: it is death!
: So I ask those of you that seek to carry on with your lives to imagine – imagine your own death.

TV off.

: And that is the entirety of the message the Katou Organization transmitted to the world.
: He wants us to imagine our deaths in order to live?! That guy’s nuts!
: …
: We’ve confirmed that, as we feared, it was an attack from a Union satellite weapon that destroyed the island of Haifan.
: All those lives lost with a single shot…!
: I suppose that is the oppression that would cause people to imagine their deaths Katou spoke of.
: But how did the Katou Organization manage to get their hands on a weapon like that?
: From what we gathered, they apparently hijacked its control systems from the outside.
: They hijacked the controls of a tactical weapon?
: I find it hard to believe that they could do that to such an important system to the Union army.
: Doesn’t matter how they did it! The problem now is that they’re using that thing to blast the surface, and we need to find a way to stop it!
: I’m with Kouichi on this. We can’t sit around and let them use that space gun to take over the world.
: How is the Federation responding to this?
: The Army’s dispatched its space fleet to reclaim the weapon, but they were repelled by the Katou Organization.
: They repelled the Federation fleet?!
: Those clever Katous… they must’ve had a whole plan ready not just to jack the cannon, but also to take out anyone who tried anything funny.
: Hah, now that sounds like a dare! Let’s get up there and give ‘em a pummeling!
: No, I think we should lay low.
: Why?!
: Think for a second. The entire world sees us as enemies right now.
: JUDA’s under round-the-clock surveillance from agents and spies from across the globe.
: …
: And the news are painting not only the assault at Kiriyama Heavy Industries, but also the destruction of the Moldova base, as being the UX’s doing.
: Oh, no…!
: But we were there only to save Kazuki…!
: Details like that don’t really matter to the spin doctors, you know. We fought against Federation mobile weapons – that’s all they need.
: So whatever we do, we wind up looking like the bad guys…
: Still, do you mean to imply that we should stay passive and watch this unfold?!
: He’s right. Why do we have all this power if not for moments like this?!
: That might end with us being even more reviled by the world…
: If things go particularly bad, there’s a chance we’ll be flung into open war with the Earth Federation. Are you sure about this?
: Yes. Even if it comes to that… I still want to try and protect the people’s lives!
: …
: (These people really are…)
: Um, I don’t know if this is the best moment to ask this but…
: Hm? Are you talking to me…?
: Weren’t you that cop who came to my apartment before, Ms. Tachi…?
: Oh, no. I think you’re mistaking me for someone else.
: M-Maybe I am, but…
: Wow, Aesap. You messed up so bad that you got even the cops coming after you?
: N-No, that’s not what happened…
: Well, if that’s all, I have plenty of work to see to.

She leaves.

: (Kurara…)

: …
: (Those people really are trying to save the world…)
: (Should I be doing this? Always doubting them, investigating them, never questioning what my superiors say…?)
: (I’m so sure there was something I could do… something I should do, but I can’t place it…)

: It’s a widely known fact that the UX and JUDA have allied themselves with the aliens and turned against the Federation…
: But little did we realize that their ringleader was Rep. Athha of the United Emirates of Orb herself!
: Director Hazard’s claims are positively untrue!
: I’ll admit that my nation has, in the past, employed the UX in combat and provided them with support.
: However, those were emergency measures done solely in the interest of putting a stop to hostilities and exercising our right to self-defense! And I stand by my decisions!
: Making a virtue of necessity, are we, Representative? Of course, that’s all you can do now that your ties to known terrorist organizations are being exposed.
: I’m doing no such thing! Who was it that marked the UX and JUDA as terrorist organizations in the first place?! I say, your recordings are very questionable as evidence!
: Rep. Athha raises an important point. For example, we can see in said recordings these drone machines that allegedly belong to the Martian Development Bureau…
: However, Director Hazard, you never once reported their construction to the Federation. Where did those machines come from?
: Those are simply modified pathfinding machines. Indispensable, really, for those who have to make a living in the harsh Martian environment…
: And how do you explain the fact that those “pathfinding” units attacked Princess Marina, the Federation’s goodwill ambassador?
: Why, it’s obvious that the UX stole some and repurposed them as part of their forces. Yes, we’ve also suffered great losses at their hands!
: You impudent snake…!
: Everyone, please, compose yourselves! We should not be wasting time bickering amongst each other while the Katou Organization threatens the entire world!
: I agree with Princess Marina. More important than condemning Rep. Athha is recovering the Union’s stolen satellite weapon, is it not?!
: And now that the Federation Army’s space fleet has been bested by the Katou Organization, our only remaining option is to call upon the UX for assistance…
: Ah, you don’t need to worry about that.
: You see, we are currently putting together a transnational elite team by way of an emergency bill. They’ll take care of this situation.
: An elite team…?
: Yes, a very special team created to stand against any threats to the Earth Sphere. One rising above race and nationality…
: We’ll call it the “Army of Mankind”!
: A-Army of Mankind…?!
: We’ll conduct a reform of the Federation Army when the Army of Mankind is established, handpicking the best of the best from all squadrons to fill its ranks.
: And with it, we’ll be able to react much faster and decisively than ever before against any new crisis, yes?
: (N-No… that’s the A-LAWS all over again!)
: …
: Of course, I trust we can count with the cooperation of Orb’s self-defense forces, hm?
: After all, it was you who once so passionately advocated that humanity should join hands with one another, wasn’t it, Rep. Athha?
: Is there no low you won’t sink to…?!
: The entire planet is in jeopardy and you’re going to use that as a means to raise a private army?!

: Are you guys serious about this?! You’d be facing a force that managed to repel the Federation’s fleet!
: And even if you managed to get back in one piece, the entire world would be waiting to welcome you at gunpoint… Do you still want to go?
: Yes, my mind’s set on this.
: It wouldn’t be the first time I was branded an enemy of the world.
: “Enemy of the whole planet”… Ya know what, I think that’s got a cool, bad boy ring to it!
: Plus, it wouldn’t be all that different from how things are for us right now.
: People can say whatever they want – we’re still gonna do what we feel like!
: I suppose there’s no stopping you…
: Mr. Ishigami, this problem no longer concerns just JUDA and the UX.
: Earth is in danger, and we can’t just sit by and w a t c h.
: I wouldn’t want anyone else to have to experience the grief of losing their homeland.
: And, of course, the SMS feels the exact same way as everyone.
: Alright. I’ve nothing more to say if you’re that certain.
: Then I suppose I’ll put on my UX commander pants and oversee this battle all the way through.
: Maj. Richard…
: Let’s get to it, guys! We’ll give them Katous an eyeful of all our power!
: Wait just a moment!

:siren: SRW UX - Prologue

: Kizaki…?
: If you’re really going to go… then I want you to promise me one thing.
: Please… please come back safe!
: …
: Yeah, I promise!

Everyone leaves.

: …
: Is something on your mind after seeing them set off to battle, Ms. Tachi?
: No, I…
: Or, perhaps, do you feel the need to report this to your superiors at Metro PD?
: …!
: Well, darn… You saw right through everything, didn’t you? What’re you going to do about me?
: Nothing at all. You’re free to do as you please.
: Will you report to your superiors? Will you do that other thing you should be doing? Either option is fine.
: That other thing…?
: Oh, don’t tell me it hasn’t clicked yet. Where is it that you really should go to…?
: Were I really should go to is…

: You’re going on another vacation?!
: I’m really, really sorry. I know this isn’t easy for you.
: Eida, I want to respect your wishes, but it’s been nonstop vacations nowadays…
: Is the life of an idol singer wearing you down? Are you having second thoughts about it?
: N-No, absolutely not!
: I’ll admit that it’s a difficult career, but I’m always so happy to see my fans’ smiles. And, even more than that, I…
: Eida…?
: Johnny, I… If I make it back, could I ask you to keep supporting me as you always have…?
: If you make it back…? What do you mean?!
: I’m sorry; forget I said anything.
: H-Hey, wait just a—
: Thank you for everything, Johnny…


: Eida!
: What did she mean…? I… Why do I feel like I’m missing something so important…?

: Eida’s gone on another vacation, hasn’t she?
: Ms. Vladimir…
: Something was wrong with her. She was talking like she wasn’t coming back…
: I see…
: “I see”? Is that all you have to say?
: You know what’s going on with her, don’t you?!
: …
: Please tell me what it is! Something’s been troubling her for a long while now – I can see that much!
: But I still don’t know what that something is! I want to help her, so tell me what’s going on!
: Is that Johnny, the manager, or Johnny, the man, speaking?
: I’m not sure how to put it into words… but I say it’s both. I mean this more than anything I’ve ever said in my life!
: Hah…
: We thought you’d grow used to the life of peace if we just closed your eyes, but you really haven’t changed at all.
: Ma’am…?
: Head to this location, Johnny.
: Dragon Fang Island…? Have I heard that name before…?
: The truth about yourself is waiting for you there.
: The truth…?

(on TV): This just came in! It looks like various combat units have just launched from JUDA Corporation in Japan!
: It’s very likely these known terrorists have their eyes set on…
: They’re gonna try and wreck that jacked sat cannon, of course.
: How do you figure? I don’t think there’s anyone out there who’d be hiring the UX for anything right now.
: It’s not about them being hired for it. Those guys just gotta do whatever they can to help, even if no one gets why they’re doing it…
: That’s just the kind of folks they are. They’re like that group who fought against the entire world way back when…
: Fought the entire world? You mean the Celestial Being?
: Nope. You, of all people, should know who they are – more than anyone else.
: Should I…?
: Sorry, Isabelle, I think this is where we go our separate ways.
: See, I’ve remembered where I should be!
: Sakuya, you…
: But I’d like it if you kept on showcasing the unclouded truth. Show everyone who’s fighting to keep this planet safe…
: Good luck out there, Isabelle Cronkite! I’ll see ya around!

He goes.

: Sakuya…!
: …
: (Yes, I did know the truth… the truth I once risked my life to bring to the world…)
: (And its name was…!)

Mission 22 – Super Nova

: You Federal troops are too weak-kneed to see things through. You can only weather the storm… and that is not enough to best my Glain-Neidr.

: Waaaaargh!
: Th-The Katou Organization is this strong…?! W-We need to think of something …!

: Hah! Are y’all seriously trying to tag us with them wimpy shots?!
: Is this all the army of this world amounts to…?
: Perhaps, but it appears a far more enjoyable foe has appeared, Fengxian.

: To all Federation forces, we’ll take care of this! Your ships are on their last legs, so pull back!
: It’s the UX…? The JUDA units and the alien ship are there too…
: What are those terrorists doing here…?! No, never mind! We must retreat!

: Not even a single “thanks for bailing us out”, huh? Then again, I wasn’t holding my breath…
: But we’re not fighting to get others indebted to us – all we want is to keep the people of Earth safe!
: Hmhmm. I can appreciate your can-do attitude, but will that be enough to trash our satellite weapon?
: …
: Yo, what the hell? That is the sat weapon?!
: That thing looks more like a giant Arma than anything else to me!
: Of course it does. Especially considering it was the Katou Organization who gave it to the Union in the first place.
: Wh-What…?!
: So you didn’t even jack the weapon from the outside…
: It was always something you made?!
: Correct. And now you, too, shall fall before us.
: So go on and start working those imaginations! Imagine how your own deaths are gonna be like!
: This may be an unasked, thankless battle, yet…
: We still cannot afford to let ourselves be beaten!
: Your main target is the enemy satellite weapon! Begin!

Trash the sat cannon, don’t lose Arnie, Kouichi, Eida or any ship.
It’s a huge free-for-all with the Katous, and they’re bringing everything to the table. Masaki and Lu Bu remain the bigger threats, followed by Yulianne, but the SD Gundam is the closest of the three, along with Jack.
The enemy’s set up in layers, so that’s how you’ll want to deal with them: get rid of Jack ASAP and start building morale so you can drop Lu Bu in one round (remember to save someone who can waste his TAMASHIIII). Deal with Yulianne and Sawatari as they approach, prioritizing morale building, and see if you can’t angle your troops more to the east as you start climbing – you’ll know why soon.

:siren: Secret Alert! :siren:
SD Gundam Secret – 3rd step: shoot down Lu Bu with Cao Cao

Not Sun Quan today, but only crimson-clad warlord. Same process as before, though.

Oh, and the Satellite Weapon doesn’t have much going for it outside of a hefty amount of HP and a 3x8 directional MAPW. Long range, but it doesn’t have much by way of accuracy. Save it for last as wrecking it ends the mission, and you want all that cash and kills, right (And you can’t kill it yet, so rushing wouldn’t fly)?


:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

Aha! Finally got Jack’s welcoming card on tape.
Magami: “Well, I’ll be damned… the world is just full of surprises, huh?”

And Kazuki’s rather elaborate 2nd weakest move.

As you start wrecking stuff (or try to attack the sat cannon), the plot kicks in.

Beep, beep.

: Everyone listen up! It looks like their satellite weapon is covered in a powerful protective field. You’ll need to get through that first if you want to destroy it!
: A field? Is it the same device they furnished onto that giant Machina before?!
: Correct. And the energy to power it is being supplied by those defense Armas spread around it.
: …
: Meaning we just need to take those out first!
: I doubt it’s gonna be easy, but we will pull it off anyway!


: Wait a moment! We’ve got several heat signatures appearing on our radar!

: I-Is that…?!
: The Federation Army…? Are they here to help us?
: No way – they’ve got The Boom Army tagging along too. Which means…!
: Mwahahahaha! Charge, brave soldiers of the Federation Army!
: Destroy both the Katou Organization and those terrorists!
: Grathan?! Why’s he leading federal troops?!
: Hah, what does it look like? We are forces of JUSTICE – the Federation Government itself has trusted in us to fight in their name!
: Which makes you rebel scum that’s bound to be crushed underfoot!
: These terrorist devils bring nothing but mayhem to our world!
: But today we’ll make you pay for your crimes! For the Earth Federation!

: W-Waaaaaaaah!
: Th-The Federation army’s attacking us!
: What in blazes?! We are fighting to defend the people of Earth!
: And that’s not our only problem. Looks who’s there with ‘em…!
: It’s been a while, hasn’t it, Joe?
: Sir Ylbora?!
: You sonuva…! So you’ve really gone all in with that gig and become The Boom’s attack dog?!
: Your mewling means nothing to me. What matters is one thing, and one thing only…!
: (Ylbora, why…?!)
: Hrm… We can’t let ourselves be beaten! We need to pull through, even if the entire world turns on us!
: This planet is the home of so many people I love!

: …
: Dragon Fang Island… Yeah, this place really does look familiar…
: But why did I forget about this island until now…? I remember that I and the others…

: Oh, boy… so you also came back here, eh?
: ?! You’re…!
: The whole team’s really here…
: You know, we could’ve just acted like we didn’t know anything and carried on with our regular lives, but…
: But there was something I couldn’t turn a blind eye to, and that’s why I’m here…
: That applies to all of you, doesn’t it?
: Sakuya, Kurara… Johnny!
: Seems your memories came back too, huh?
: For some reason, yeah…
: We got our memories wiped clean after our victory against Moon WILL, and sent back to our original lives…
: But that was just us living a lie.
: Every day I saw news of another disaster happening on TV, and I could feel something screaming inside my heart: “So many people are suffering out there. Do you guys think it’s alright that we’re enjoying ourselves while that’s going on?!”
: Then how about we put our lives on the line and start fighting again?
: …!
: Hah, my thoughts exactly. That’s what we can do for all those folks out there…
: Come on, guys! Team D’s back in business!

: Haaaaaah!!

Eida runs after the Fed troops.

: Gck… Impudence! Men, destroy that machine!
: Cover Eida, everyone!
: (Aoi, Kurara, Sakuya… Johnny! I swear… I’ll protect all of you!)

:siren: [b]Secret Alert![/b] :siren:
Tobikage secret #2 – 5th step: Have Joe shoot down Ylbora.

Yet another batch of mooks to deal with, and the reason why I suggested you had your people angle this way. Grathan and Ylbora are the same as before, so your approach stays the same – the C-Terahertz is way closer than before, so keep an eye out not to set your people in MAPW range. Build up your morale, draw in Ylbora, and take care of him after Lu Bu’s gone.
Eida’s well protected thanks to Iron Wall but, if need be, you can just pull her back as your folks close in.

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: I will now avenge the deaths of my subordinates, Reiji Moritsugu!
: I’m afraid I don’t have the time to waste on you today. I’ll make this quick.

Jack built up enough morale to use his best attack and steal one of Moritsugu’s swords while he wasn’t looking!

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: Hrk… I shame myself…! However, victory shall be mine next time!

Blah, I stepped a bit too close. It ain’t strong enough to pop a defending Deceive’s barrier, though.

Now to deal with Lu Bu.

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: You shall forever be found wanting face your father and brother with such paltry a spirit, tiger cub!
: Silence! I’m not the man I once was!
: There’s nothing I won’t do to see my late family avenged… Even if I must become a Shura myself, it’s a price I’ll gladly pay!
: (You mustn’t, Young Lord! Do not allow darkness to overwhelm your soul…!)

Lu Bu taking decent damage: “I suppose you are now a worthy quarry, Sun Quan!”
Diaochan attacking either Quan or Shangxiang: “A descendant of Sun Tzu… I shall grant you death, if it’s what you seek!”

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: Do you have any idea how dangerous that sat weapon is?! Get out of our way, Lu Bu!
: If you wish me gone, then muster your soul and bare all its might upon me!

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: To think I would find you alive as well!
: So long as there is conflict, my soul shall always find its way to the battlefield!
: Draw your Ryuteiken! And perish amid its light!
: Now we end what started so long ago, Lu Bu!

Liu Bei attacking: “So much strength you have… why won’t you use it in the name of justice?!”
Lu Bu taking big damage: “The light of that blade… Are you truly…?!”

: Hmhmhm… Yes! My soul cries out for a battle that makes my heart beat faster!

: That blasted Shura… He’s come to another world, yet sating his first for battle is still his only concern?!
: Hmph, we cannot allow ourselves to be struck by an attack as deadly as that! Be on your guard, men!

Diaochan leaves with Lu Bu, so we’ll drop her first and show off Lockon’s best attack while at it.
Lu Bu: “Let us see whether or not one of those ‘Gundams’ can make for a proper challenge!”

: They are completely different from when we first fought one another. Have the myriad battles strengthened them so?
: I should retreat for the time being…

: Hahahaha! My soul is delighted, Cao Cao! He who is the heavens’ chosen is certainly a worthy opponent!
: A Shura’s tenacity is a frightening thing, indeed…!
: However, as many times as they may rise from the underworld, the dead shall find no place in the world of the living!

Cao Cao attacking: “Your fate shall come to its end here, Lu Bu!”
Lu Bu dying: “Such is the strength of Cao Cao… the strength of the heavens?!”
Making a quick video here to show off that enemies like the SD Gundams (and Jack) don’t blow up like normal units – they actually get unique animations. Lu Bu drops a Kongming’s Book of Strategies (Skill and Melee +10, Accuracy +5).

: Hmhmhm… It appears you, too, have found that which all must have!
: What we must have…?!
: Aye… It is when they have the resolve to face their deaths that the souls of men truly shine!
: And soon, I shall see just how bright your souls can become…!

: Lu Bu… How did he also find his way to this world…?
: (The “resolve to face their deaths”… Is that why he is colluding with the Katou Organization…?)
: (I’ll end your life with my own two hands…! Mark my words, Lu Bu!)

And as soon as I kill another couple of enemies, the plot kicks in again!

: Hah, I’m afraid this fight’s just getting started!

: Kiriyama’s Jinrais?! Why do they have those?!
: Mwahahaha! Because we’re the Federation Army, is why! What is the problem with us fielding Earth’s own machines?
: (Hmhmhm, whatever you say…)
: (Still, it looks like the Feds put the Jinrai data to good use.)
: (Now, if that hunk, Hughes, plays that card the right way…)
: Attack! Destroy them all!

: Aaiieeeee!
: You alright, Princess?!
: O-Oooh… If only we had to fight just the Katou Organization…
: We know, we know! Crying about it won’t help!
: Mwahahaha! How deliciously ironic! You’re about to be destroyed by the very army of the planet you’re trying to protect!
: Hrgh… goddamn it!
: We… We can’t let ourselves get overwhelmed by them…! What were all our battles for if we let that happen now…?!

Location: The Celestial Being – Command Center

: The world’s on the brink of disaster and they won’t let us do anything about it…? What’s the point of us, soldiers, if we can’t act now?!
: Colonel, can I ask you something?
: How many times do I have to tell you it’s General…?
: Do you really think we should be holed up in here?
: If anything, I think is just the moment where we should be working together with folks and sticking it to the Katou Organization…
: …
: I know I’m as dull as a rock, so maybe I’m missing something…
: But is it really that hard to get some cooperation rolling?
: Of course it is, when the other party is a gaggle of terrorist monsters, as acknowledged by the Federation itself!
: And how will any of that matter if the Katous manage to take over the world?!
: A soldier can never go against his or her orders, be they good or bad…
: Kati…
: (Yes… orders are absolute to any proper soldier…)
: (But, then, how will I be able to defend what my father dedicated his life towards keeping safe?!)

Location: Earth Federation Army’s California Base – Vice-Commander’s Office

: So they really haven’t given us the green light to deploy…
: I’m very sorry… Joe and his team are risking their lives fighting and, were it up to me, I’d order all troops deployed to help them…!
: But, right now, our hands are tied…!
: Hrm…!
: (I chose the life of a defender of the people and I can’t do anything when I’m needed the most…)
: (We’re forced to leave the future of our world in your team’s hands, boy…!)

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

: Thank you so very much, wise members of this parliament! We’ve gathered enough votes and, thus, the Army of Mankind Bill has been sanctioned!
: No…!
: (So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause…!) ([Loud Imperial March in the distance.)
: And I motion that we incorporate a part of Orb’s forces into the Army of Mankind.
: Furthermore, Rep. Athha, for the crime of collusion with a terrorist organization, you will be stripped from your office and face punishment appropriate to the gravity of your deed.
: Have you anything to say, former-Representative…?
: …

And we’re gonna end things riiiight here since there’s still MUCH to be done in this mission.

Here, have an interlude convo I accidentally triggered after a quicksave:

I reckon the rest of the mission should go up tomorrow.

See you all then!

Ooooh, I’ve been waiting for this mission!

You’re evil.

I like that.

Click to see the mission

: Have you anything to say, former-Representative…?
: …


: Stop!
: ?! You’re…!
: Alex Dino!

Hubbub, hubbub…

: He’s… Athha’s bodyguard?
: Madam Secretary General, Director Hazard has committed a breach of trust towards the Earth Federation, solely to advance his personal interests!
: And I am here with evidence that proves it!
: Wh-Whaat?! I’ve never heard anything more ridiculous in all my life…! Guards! Remove this miscreant from these halls!
: … I apologize to the members of the parliament for my sudden trespass.
: My name is Alex Dino. But my real name is…

Shades off!

:siren: SRW UX - Rebellion Against Fate

: Athrun Zala, formerly of FAITH, the PLANTs’ National Defense Committee’s Special Forces!
: Wha—?!
: Whaaaaaaat?!
: Athrun Zala… as in, the son of Patrick Zala?!
: He’s a hero from the previous Great Wars… but what’s someone like him doing here?!
: I ask that you all listen to this!


Bloop. And hubbub, hubbub…

: Director Hazard…
: I-I-I-I…
: This conversation was being broadcast through space. We intercepted them with help from the PLANTs.
: The PLANTs?! Those autonomous colonies were spying on me…?!
: (Chairwoman Lacus and Kira came through…!)
: As you all heard quite clearly, Director Hazard has been dealing with the aliens from The Boom Army and misleading the Earth all along!
: M-Madness! This is a plot to drag my good name through the mud!
: You all saw the video evidence I presented, yes?! Those vile terrorists attacking the Federation Army—

Door opens!

: Oh? Are you talking about this video, perhaps?
: Wh-What…?!
: I see you made it in time, Agent Hughes…
: Indeed. And I apologize for taking so long, Madam President.
: Now, if you would direct your eyes to the screen, ladies and gentlemen. I have a video I obtained in Japan that you should see.


: ?! That’s…!
: The machines from the Martian Development Bureau are attacking a Japanese village…?!
: No, they’re referring to themselves as The Boom Army! What is the meaning of this?!
: I pulled a few strings and managed to uncover this: the unedited footage of said “video evidence”…
: Better put, it is the original before it was tampered with.
: Rrrgh…! Where did you get something like that…?!
: Members of the parliament, I beg that you remember our past! It was after the harsh lessons that came from several wars that we, those who call both Earth and Space our homes, chose to take each other’s hands and banded as one – all for the sake of our peoples!
: …
: However, the Earth Federation is now being manipulated by a man led by nothing but his self-interests! And it is on its way to becoming an oppressive, segregationist organization once again!
: You proclaim that those who speak against you are evil! That they disrupt the order of this world! You try to subdue any who do not submit to you!
: What is that, if not the way to repeat those dreadful mistakes we saw years ago?!
: Pah, the son of the infamous Patrick Zala dares lecture us on how society should be lead?! Did you forget how many lost their lives because of your father’s crusade?!
: You’re right. My father’s actions did result in the deaths of so many men and women.
: And I’m aware that I’m also at fault for failing to stop him before he went that far…
: Th-Then…!
: And that is why I stand here today, as a man bearing the full weight of the Zala name and of all the wrongs he’s committed!
: So that I can try and stop a tragedy like that from happening again!

Hubbub, hubbub…

: (The mood across parliament floor has done a complete 180…)
: Athrun Zala…!
: (Thank you, Athrun. And you, Chairwoman Lacus… and Kira!)
: D-Do not listen to the absurd ramblings of this boy!
: This is an offense against the Federation Parliament! It is an attack against liberty and democracy! Seize him immediately!
: Hazard Pasha, by my authority as President of the Earth Federation Government, I hereby order you arrested!
: Whaa?! M-Madam President, why?! You don’t actually believe their lies, do you…?!
: I have known of your misdeeds against the Earth Federation for a while now. But I never had tangible evidence to prove it, so I could do nothing to stop you…
: But you have finally been caught red-handed. You will not be talking your way out of this!
: This… This can’t be happening!
: Former-Director Hazard, come with me.
: U-Unhand me! I am the Director of the Martian Development Bureau!
: This is a huge misunderstanding! I was only looking out for the Earth Sphere…! Let me go! Let me goooooo!

Off to the slammer.

: Madam President, we must rescind the order to attack the UX right away!
: Yes, they have done nothing but work themselves to the bone trying to save this world!
: …
: Contact JUDA via the encrypted channels.
: Order UX-E9… commissioned by me, the President of the Earth Federation Government!

: U-Uwaaaah!
: Mwahahaha! What happened to all that huffing and puffing you were doing before?!
: Is… Is everyone alright?!
: Y-Yeah… We’re not going down just like that!
: All of the peoples of this world lie at our backs! We cannot fall!
: We’re going through some crap for a bunch of folks who hate our guts, just saying…
: But, still… everyone on Earth is… Hrgh!
: Eida…?!
: This is bad… not only are our units heavily damaged, the pilots are all nearing exhaustion.
: They’re not going to last like this… What should we do?!
: And now to finish you off!

: …?!

: Grrgh…!
: Eida!
: I-I won’t be beaten…! They never bent their knees to the enemy, no matter what happened…!
: So I won’t give in either…! I’ll fight for as long as I draw breath…! I can already picture them laughing at me if I didn’t!


: What, who’d ever laugh at someone who fought ‘til she was falling apart like that?
: Huh…?!

: Transcendent Beast Combination!

:siren: SRW UX - A Bird’s Song

: Th-That’s…!
: Kept you waiting, didn’t we, Eida?

: Oorgh! Wh-What robot is that?!
: It’s… the Dancouga!
: “Dancouga”?! You mean the one who intervened in battles across the world…?!
: Wh-What are you all doing here…?!
: That should be pretty obvious, I think.
: The Dancouga’s always a friend of the losing side…
: And the Dancouga’s also 100% unbeatable!
: Aoi, Sakuya… Kurara!
: Eida… you asked me to support you like I always did, yes? Here’s my answer.
: I’m here for you, now and forever.
: Johnny…!
: But I’m afraid the happy reunion will have to wait until later.
: First order of business is them… They harassed the woman I love, and I cannot let that stand!
: Aye, aye! Let’s go wild!

Captions are available.

: Rrngaaaah! W-We’re getting pushed back…!
: Eida, you can leave the rest to us! We’ll make sure your hard-work isn’t wasted!
: O-Okay… Good luck, guys!

: It’s been ages, Team D.
: Are you sure about fighting together with us, though…?
: You mean that “make an enemy out of the world” thing? Sounds good to me!

Ring, ring!

: Your resolve is truly a sight to behold, Team D. And I wouldn’t expect any less from you.
: But I have good news, everyone: we are no longer Public Enemies nº1!
: What’d you mean, sir?!
: The Japanese government just relayed a request for the UX to destroy the satellite weapon.
: And said order came from none other than the Federation President… rather, from the Federation government itself!
: A request from the Fed government… then!
: Yeah! Now we can fight with our heads held high, and defend everyone in this world…!
: Well, things are looking up already! Save the world, protect humanity… I like the sound of that!
: ‘Tis quite the fortuitous occurrence. We may well dub it a miracle!
: Nah, Al. This was no miracle.
: This was because we refused to give in, never stopped fighting… This was the inevitable result of our actions!
: “Inevitable result”…? Hah, that is quite eloquently put for you. (That’s because this is what Al said to Kurou in the VN after certain events. :ssh: )
: Blast you, Hazard! You screwed things up?!

Beep, beep!

: A retreat order from GHQ…? And our commander is actually an alien?!
: Damn it, I knew there was something off with that skin tone of his!
: W-Wait! You can’t just—!

: The Federation troops are retreating…
: I suppose their soldiers understood the situation.
: Damn you all to Hell…!
: This is our chance to turn the tide of this battle!
: Hardly. The Federation may be on your side, but it won’t stop your inevitable defeat.
: Do you not see it? The wind has started to blow in a wholly different direction!
: What…?
: Things may get as bad as can be, if we just keep our hearts burning hot, then we’ll never be beaten!
: That’s how we managed to win so many fights before!
: Right on. We never throw in the towel… because we’re CHAMPIONS OF JUSTICE!


:siren: SRW UX - Where All Possibilities Gather
:siren: :siren:

: You did good lasting through all that, folks. But now there’s nothing for you to worry about! Cut loose and let ‘em have it!


Dancouga Nova (Aoi Hikada, Kurara Tachibana, Sakuya Kamon, Johnny Burnette)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L5
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L1
All Attack
Spirit Commands – Aoi:
Fighting Spirit
Spirit Commands – Kurara:
Fury/Direct Hit
Spirit Commands – Sakuya:
Spirit Commands – Johnny:
Iron Wall
Squad Bonus: Crit rate +10, Armor +100, A in Land (Crit rate +20, Armor +150, S in Land)
Aoi’s voice actress: Haruna Ikezawa (other roles: Amara in SRW OGs, Proist in Gaiking LoDM, Runa in Gravion, and many more)
Kurara’s voice actress: Houko Kuwashima
Sakuya’s voice actor: Tatsuhisa Suzuki (other roles: Eve in Nier Automata, Dick in Gaiking, Mitsugu Jinnai in Fafner EXODUS, and many more)
Johnny’s voice actor: Yuuki Tai (other roles: Keiji in SRW SC2, Cobray in SRW Alpha 3 and OGs, Baldr in Saint Seiya and some more)

The Dancouga’s as good now as it was in L, though it’s not QUITE as hardy as it was then (still plenty). You know the deal with these bots: they hit hard, cover their ranges nicely, but really like to chug EN. The mass of subpilots make it very flexible and tough to kill, and the terrain-boosting Squad Bonus will offset its accuracy even when Aoi’s Predict isn’t on.
We don’t have Hilde’s hilariously good Taurus here, but Aoi still wants a squaddie with a Barrier and EN regen like she did. Give her that, and the Dancouga’ll be great for you.

:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

Bye, Yulianne.

: Well, aren’t we the strong bunch. Fine, I’ll back down for today!


: Crap… I’ll remember this! I’m not letting our hunt end today!

:siren: SRW UX - Love Survivor

: So you’re at it not once, but twice… I guess you’ve really turned on us, Ylbora!
: How can you put Princess Romina through this?! So much for the oh-so-honorable Ladorian warrior!
: Silence! I have long since passed the point of no return!
: I’ll readily risk everything I have to crush the lot of you!
: Works for me! Come and gimme your best shot, Ylbora!!

:siren: SRW UX - A Bird’s Song

: It’s been a long while since I felt like this…
: But now we’re all back!
: And with that in mind!
: Let’s go wild!

Aw, I didn’t get his BOOSTO! NOVA! KNUCKLAAARGH!”

:siren: SRW UX - Love Survivor

: Sir Ylbora, talk to us! How could a man of your caliber join The Boom Army?!
: … I’m here to capture Her Highness! If you’ll stand against me, then I’ll show you no quarter!
: S-Sir Ylbora…!
: It’s pointless to question him, Gameran! Ylbora is now a servant of Emperor The Boom… he is our enemy!

Romina attacking: Ylbora… you are now nothing but a traitor – an enemy – to us!

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

:siren: SRW UX - Love Survivor

: Hrgh…! How could I let myself be pushed so far by the likes of them…?!
: Joe, we’ll put a definitive end to this the next time we meet!

: Stop right there, Ylbora!
: (Ylbora… What is it that you hope to accomplish?)

Meanwhile, as the stray attacks pile up…

Power doooown.

: …
: We’ve confirmation that the defensive field around the satellite weapon is gone!
: Good! Now hold nothing back, men! Blow it to smithereens!

But I want all the goodies first.

:siren: SRW UX - Love Survivor

: Your trusted friend Ylbora is now our loyal servant!
: Give up that pipe dream of restoring Planet Ladorio, Romina! Submit to The Boom Empire and things will be far better for you!
: I’ll carry on fighting to my very last breath, even if I’m the only one left standing! I do this for all those waiting for me to return to my homeworld!

:siren: SRW UX - Love Survivor

: We’ve been doing this song and dance since Mars… but I’m bringing it to a close today!
: You mean you’ve been chasing us around, pulling one dirty stunt after the next! And what’s gonna happen today is we’ll make you pay for all that with interest!

:siren: SRW UX - A Bird’s Song

: I was so close…! You’ll pay for what you’ve done!
: Right back at you, big guy!
: That was a very dear person you hurt. And now you’ll feel that pain for yourself!
: That blue face of yours’ll be a deep shade of purple by the time we’re done!
: So you better buckle up!

And Grathan gives us a Men’s Super Robots Monthly (Range and Defense +10, Skill +5).

: You worthless imbecile, Hazard! Now we’ll have to start our plans from scratch!

:siren: SRW UX - LOVE 14 ver. HD

: “We’re going to draw a line down this world”… Who do you t h i n k you are, huh?! No one who wants to do something like that can call himself a good person!
: (A machine with a will and emotions… We need to redouble vigilance.)

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

: Human imagination will never turn away from death while weapons continue to exist. That also applies to your machine…
: But the Mark Sein wasn’t made to hurt people… It was made to keep them alive!

This doesn’t count as a beam motherfuckeeerrr!

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: Why are you doing this when all it’ll bring about is hate?! You’re destroying people’s lives!
: And that is how people will come to imagine. They’ll imagine the pain of death…!

:siren: SRW UX - Obelisk

: Why are you here? The problems of Earth shouldn’t be of any concern to your Frontier Fleet.
: Are you kidding me?! We’d never turn the other cheek to monsters running around killing innocents!

:siren: SRW UX - The Eternal Soldiers

: So you were looking to snipe at the world with that orbital weapon, hm? Too bad, then.
: ‘Cause your skeet shootin’s done now that we’re in the area! Space is about to have a whole lot more junk floating around!
: Your boasting’s impressive… but you won’t get through the Glain-Neidr with that.

Kaido attacking: “Now that’s a big one! You better last for a while, ya hear!”

:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

: Humans, playing at judge, jury and executioner with other humans… Do you fancy yourselves gods, foul villains?!
: Humans who’ve forgotten how to imagine are humans no longer. So what issue could you have with us getting rid of them?
: And that’s what makes you a villain with a god-complex, just like she said!

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: We will revolutionize the world… by purging the ex-humans who’ve forgotten how to imagine…!
: But nothing’ll come from the destruction you’re making! And that’s why we’ll tear down your twisted plans!


: Do you honestly believe something as tiny as that can stop my Glain-Neidr… much less the satellite weapon?
: Heroman’s no run-of-the-mill robot! He’s a defender of the world and everyone’s lives… He’s the strongest hero of all!

:siren: SRW UX - Future-Bound Fighting Spirit

: I won’t let you do away with any more lives!
: I chose to fight precisely to protect the people from scum like you!
: Then fight with every ounce of your being. It’s by struggling against death that we give birth to imagination.

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: You would use such a contraption to threaten the peoples’ lives?! Is that how you ply your brand of “justice”?!
: The answer to that question is one you’ll have to imagine for yourself.
: I could never come to imagine the workings of a villain’s mind!

:siren: SRW UX - Life Goes On

: So you’d take away the people’s future just to advance your plan…? Don’t you see how tyrannical that is?! I’m not about to let that happen!
: You are criticizing us? I seem to remember you helping with something very much like this.
: I did, which is why I know that that thing has to be destroyed!

:siren: SRW UX - My Fate

: Why was the Union Army using a weapon you built?! Tell me!
: There are things in this world that you would find difficult to even imagine.

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: You tell that crook, Katou, that I’ll be pulling the plug on that “conquer the world” garbage of his!
: …You talk too much. Indeed, you don’t deserve that unit, Kouichi Hayase. Disappear.

: This should be good enough. Proceeding to the next stage of the operation…

:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: An evil weapon that’s menacing the lives of everyone on Earth… what kind of Champions of Justice would we be if we didn’t wreck this thing here and now?! Come on, Linebarrel!

:siren: SRW UX - Future-Bound Fighting Spirit

: We’ll only see more disasters like the island of Haifan if we leave this weapon lying around…!
: And I’m never letting something like that happen again on my watch!

: …?!


: Satellite weapon is confirmed destroyed!

:siren: SRW UX - Where All Possibilities Gather

: No enemy signals left on radar!
: Oh, yeah, baby! It’s a complete victory for the good guys!
: Very well done, all of you! Mission complete!
: We… We did it! We managed to save our w—

TV On!

: Congratulations, my friends. You have done quite splendidly to destroy my satellite weapon.
: Katou…?!
: But I’m afraid that’s hardly the end of this.
: Actually, I’d say now is when our plan truly begins.
: What…?
: As we speak, my comrades are seizing control of the nuclear weapon delivery systems of every nation in the world.
: Y-You can’t be serious…!
: They’re taking over all systems…?! That’s not possible!
: This is a group that’s even managed to infiltrate the heart of the Union Army. I don’t think he’s bluffing.
: And before long, we shall launch nuclear missiles across the planet.
: Their targets will be the very nations that fired them… In other words, all nuclear-weapon states will be obliterated by their own weapons.
: Wh-What?!
: If you do that, you won’t be destroying just those countries – the entire planet will be finished! Do you understand that?!
: Of course I do.
: Which is why I’d like you to use all means necessary to try and keep that plan from succeeding.
: Whuh?!
: You want us to stop your plan?!
: The hell are you up to?!
: Use your imagination and figure it out. Godspeed, my friends…


: If those nukes go off, not even the Katou Organization’ll get off unscathed. What could they be after with all this…?!


: Incoming message from the surface! Several nukes have been launched from the AEU!
: Gch… Seems that guy wasn’t just jacking us around!
: W-We’ve missiles launching from the HRL too!
: No, there’s much more that than! Countless nuclear missiles are being launched from the Union and the Middle East as well…!
: Wh-What do we do?! Way this is going, the whole planet’s gonna…!
: …

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: Ptolemy, engage Trans-AM and set off immediately! We’ll take care of the Union nukes!
: ?! She’s right…! If we make use of the Trans-AM’s acceleration, then…!
: Roger that… we’ll intercept those missiles before they reach their targets!
: But what about the other nukes?! We’ve got thousands of them flying across the planet!
: All mobile units return to your ships immediately! The Quarter’ll Fold and head towards the skies over Europe!
: Gameran, can we warp from here to the Middle East?!
: Y-Yes, Your Highness! I’ll see to it!
: I get it… We’ll all split up and take out every single one of the things!
: But what about the HRL nukes?!
: Mr. Maki, you hear me?!
: Run the numbers on all the HRL nukes’ trajectory and send their coordinates to me!
: All of them… but there are over 300 missiles being launched from the HRL alone!
: Don’t worry. I just need the coordinates and I can use the Linebarrel’s instant warp ability!
: The Linebarrel’s the only Machina that can warp with a Factor aboard, so I can do it again and again and pick them all out…!
: It’s too dangerous! Every use of the Override takes a toll on the Factor’s life!
: You might die if you do that many consecutive warps, Hayase…!
: Hey, didn’t I say not to worry? I made you a promise, right?
: I will come back safe and sound!
: Hayase…!
: But not even the Linebarrel could reach over 300 missiles in time…!
: Then I’ll go with him!
: Ensign Berge?!
: The Orphes has a system that allows it to warp through space, right, Ms. Saya?!
: Are you mad?! The Major can never pilot again precisely because he overused that ability!
: But now isn’t the time to think about that, and I know you understand that!
: …! Ensign…
: We’ve relayed the coordinates of all HRL nukes to the Linebarrel and Orphes.
: Go, and save our Earth! This is my—
: “Sincere plea for help”, yeah?
: …?!
: You don’t even have to ask, sir!
: I swear it on my life that we’ll see it done…!
: Then, we’re going! All units, mission start!

: Order all fleets deployed in orbit to intercept the nuclear missiles!
: Yes, ma’am…!
: First was that satellite weapon, now it’s nukes…?
: Can we do nothing but watch as this unfolds…?!

: No, there is something we can do!
: Marina…?
: Princess Marina, everything is in place. If you would…
: Yes.
: Marina, what do you have in mind?!
: I’m doing the least I can do for those who carried on fighting even as they were hurt and forced to endure the burden of being criminals…

:siren: SRW UX - Future-Bound Fighting Spirit

: I’m believing in them…!

Location: Center City – Town Hall

: Do you all see this, dear viewers?
: There are people fighting to bring down the nuclear missiles launched by the Katou Organization!
: They’re risking their lives in the defense of our world!
: Kurou’s group is also taking part in that…
: People you know are there, Sister Leica…?!
: Yes, my most treasured friend, and his companions…
: Let us all pray while they protect us and their homes…
: Now, I’m honored to introduce a woman who’s also placed her faith in those fighters.
: Please lend your ears to the first Crown Princess of Azadistan, and goodwill ambassador of the Earth Federation Government: Marina Ismail.
: To everyone watching… those who are fighting in space right now are those who have been reviled as enemies of the world until today.
: But the truth was not so.
: They have always been fighting for the sake of our planet… just as they are doing right now!
: Oh, thank God… Joey and the others aren’t being tarred as bad guys anymore!
: Splendid news, indeed! Now they just need to stop the Katou Organization’s plan! Let’s pray for them too!
: We believe in you, Joey!
: (You saved Center City… and I know you can save the world too, Joey!)
: (God, I beseech you… watch over Kurou and his friends…!)

Location: Stratosphere – Skies above India

: Naacal Code, transmitted! Forward, Mr. Daijuuji!
: Haaaah! Lemuriaaa IMPACT!!
: Heromaaaan… BLAST!


: Marvel, join your Aura Power with mine!


: Already done, Shou!
: I’m adding the Nanajin’s power too!
: Goooo! Triple Aura Slaaaaaash!


Location: Tokyo – Hospital

: These people never stopped fighting, even as they were hated by all of society.
: Yet, they also sought a path of mutual understanding between fellow men and women – a sentiment we all share…!
: … (Iori, what’re you doing here? This isn’t your game!)
: Saji, those people are…
: Yes, they… he is more familiar with pain and suffering than any other.
: And that’s why he fights – to remove the pain of war from the face of the world…
: Remove the pain…
: (Isn’t that right, Setsuna…?)

Location: Stratosphere – Skies above America

: 00 Raiser, Setsuna F. Seiei… Moving to clear a path for our future!


: (We can’t protect this world by ourselves… Help us out too, Hallelujah!)


: Hah, you shoulda done this from the get-go! Time to have some fun!
: Here we go, Hallelujah!
: Now let’s show the world what we Super Soldiers can do! TRANS-AM!


: Lockon Stratos… sniping all targets!


: GN Particle control is decreasing! We’re reaching the Trans-AM’s operational limit…!
: Keep going! We can’t stop until all nukes are gone…!

Blast, blast! Pew, pew! Boom!

: It’s…!
: Apologies for the delay, boy! I know this is hardly on time… but we’re here to support you! For Earth!
: Yaaahooo!
: The Immortal Colasour’s retired! Make way for the Happy Patrick Mannequin!
: My mother and father always protected this land… it will not be tainted by nuclear hellfire!
: The Federation Army…?!
: Ms. Noriega, Federation forces have arrived!
: Yes! Yes, I see it! And I’m sure she’s behind it!
: (Thank you, Kati…!)

Location: Frontier Fleet – Urban Area

: Alto, brother…
: It’ll be all right, Ranka. I seriously doubt those guys would go down that easy!
: Y-Yes, you’re right!
: (I know you’ll come back safe, Alto…!)
: (I’m still waiting for you to return that earring, you hear me…)
: (So you better make it back here… Alto!)

Location: Stratosphere – Skies above Europe


: I won’t let these nukes destroy Earth’s sky!
: Some are headed our way! Lt. Kaido, Lt. Magami!
: I’ll handle it! I can shoot down every single one of them at this distance!

Shoot, shoot, shoot! BOOOOOM!

: Switch out, Magami! Now’s my turn!
: We can’t well let them outshine us! Psyche yourselves up, newbies!
: Who’re ya calling a newbie, eh?! Take them nukes out in one shot, Izuna!
: Go, Nerve Cracks!
: The missiles might be coming up at full throttle, but they might as well be standing still for a sniper!
: And, of c o u r s e, I’m giving this 200% too!


: Captain, several targets are within range!
: Energy supply across all sections is green! Ready on your order!
: Fire the Macross Cannon! Tear them apart!
: Ooooryaaaaaa!


Location: ALVIS – 1st CDC

: Even if the paths we take are different, I know all our hearts desire peace.
: So I ask you watching this to pray for those brave souls that are risking their lives for us…!
: And pray so that true peace will eventually bless our planet…!
: Once again we have to foist the fate of the world onto the backs of children…
: No… Every single one of those people fighting are there of their own free will.
: Mizoguchi…
: So I say we put our trust in your kids, that they’ll all fight the good fight.
: Yeah, you’re right…
: (Show me what a man you are, Mamoru!)
: (Make sure you come home safe, Sakura!)
: (Your mommy’s there with you, my dear dummy!)

Location: Stratosphere – Skies above the Middle East

: Mommyyyyy! We can’t do this! There’re too many of them!
: Man up and quit crying, Kenji! We gotta go for broke and try whatever!


: Hrgh…!
: Don’t go too far ahead, Kazuki! You’re gonna get caught in the blasts!
: You need to make all your shots count, Kazuki. Can you do it?
: We can, yeah!
: (Shouko, Kasugai…! Please watch over everyone… watch over Kazuki!)
: Deeeeeeyaah!


: Haah, haah… I-I dunno how much longer we can keep this up!
: Focus on doing your job. I doubt you’ve the time to grumble.
: Aye, others spread across this sky are also struggling against their own limits!
: We can’t give in! Not while there’s still hope!
: I’ll pin those missiles in place with a plasma blast! Talisman, full power!


: Now!
: Haaaah! Three As One! SEIRYUUUUZAN!!


: Rrrgh! That explosion’s disabled our main engine!
: Switch to the auxiliary engine! We must destroy as many of the missiles as we can!
: I know it’s dangerous, but it matters not! This is where we repay the kindness the people of this world have given us!
: Your Highness…!
: Well, we can’t let the Elshank go crazy on its own! Rennie, Mike!
: OK, Joe!
: You got it!
: We’re not getting let in the dust, either!
: Dankuuhou, Maximum Level! SHOOOOT!


:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: Haaaaaaah!

: Deeeeyaaaaaaah!!

: Haah, haah… and that’s 346 of the damn things…!
: How many are left, Saya…?!
(on TV): Only two more! And we’re being informed that the missiles launched from other regions have all been destroyed!
: O-Okay! Then it’s just these two…!

: There they are…!
: We just need to destroy those and… Hrgh!
: Ensign Berge?!
: I-I’m fine… I can keep going!
: I don’t even need to use the Override to blast them at this range!
! Come on, Linebarrel! Show me how far you can go!

: Lepton Vectrer, full throttle!


:siren: SRW UX - Future-Bound Fighting Spirit

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel


: Haah, haah…
: Is it… over?!

: Yes, we’ve confirmation that all nuclear missiles have been downed. Victory is ours!
: Ms. Saya…
: Ha-hahah… Yo, Yajima… did you see all that?
: I helped save the world. Ain’t that something?
: I bet… even you’re in shock, huh?


: It’s not over yet, Hayase! One last missile was just launched!
: Wh-What did you say?!
: Where’s it coming from?!
: Latitude 35.29, longitude 139.66…
: It was launched from Japan…!
: N-no…!
: How can there be a nuke coming from Japan…?! (In case you didn’t know, Japan’s been VERY anti-nuke since WWII for obvious reasons.)
: I don’t know, but you’re the ones closest to it! Can you warp over and intercept the nuke?!
: We’ll warp, or fly over, or whatever else works! We can’t let that thing go off!
: Go, Linebarrel!


: Guh…!
: Hayase…?!
: D-damn it… what’s going on?! Why aren’t we moving?!
: A Machina will prioritize its Factor’s life above all…
: I think that means Hayase can’t handle any more warps!
: I’ll do it, then! Ms. Saya, give me synchro-overdrive on the Lepton Vectrers!
: They’re still projecting the missile’s trajectory, though!
: I don’t need a pinpoint location! Just give me a rough estimate of where it’ll be and I’ll warp there!
: A rough estimate…?!
: I’ll think of something once I’m there! Do it, please!
: Understood. Lepton Vectrers, emergency acceleration!

Power up!

: Synchronization coefficient 97, 98… Pressure set, safety lock released!
: T-Take care of it… Please, Arnie!
: Go, Orphes! WARP!

: …?!
: Wh-What… what am I feeling?!
: Th-This is…!

: ?! The Orphes…!
: …
: What happened, Ensign?!
: Uurgh…!
: Ensign…!
: Arnie! Hang in there!
: M-My body feels like…!
: Is this… the aftereffect of the warps…?!
: We’re out of time! The missile’s reentering the atmosphere!
: Damn it…! Move! MOVE, LINEBARREL!!


: …
: I-It can’t be…!
: N-No way….! It’s… too late…?!


: Very well done, everyone. We just pinged the last missile getting taken out.
: Huh…?!
: H-Hold on, we didn’t…!
: And, with that, the operation is a success. Stick your chests out over your tremendous feat and make your way back to the surface, if you would.


: What just happened…?!
: Who took out that last nuke…?!

: …
: I saw it all, Kouichi…

: Looks like he made it right in the nick of time, hm?
: All thanks to you, Ms. Calvin.
: Imposing on the Hadou Group to bring you over from the Union was certainly the right move.
: I’m just glad I could help.
: And you, too, Cmdr. Tanaka. Thank you so much for your assistance.
(on TV): If I’m to be perfectly honest, my heart froze when the supposedly-amnesiac Team D turned up on my doorstep.
: And then you send in a message asking ‘send the Dancouga up to space immediately’…
: Just getting the D-Phoenix carrier up and running was very difficult, you know.
: I’m very sorry for the trouble.
: Well, you’ll have your hands full with that bunch too. But take good care of them, yes?
: Though I should warn you, the Dancouga and the R-Daigun’s combination mechanism is still locked away…
: Oh, just having the famous Dancouga in our team is already more than enough.
: I’m glad to hear that, then. Now, if you’ll excuse me…


: Sir, if I may ask, did you expect all this to happen from the start?
: You give me too much credit. What we saw here was several covert events all happening in tandem – quite the lucky coincidence, really.
: But for everything to match up so perfectly is…
: What can I say? But I was hoping to see something throughout this.
: See what, sir?
: The birth of Champions of Justice…

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

: Wha… What’s going on?
: We’re on TV – they’re calling us heroes…
: Right you are. The whole planet watched that battle live and uncut.
: And it looks like Princess Marina told everyone the truth of what was going on there.
: Marina Ismail…?
: Psh, they sure turned over a new leaf real quick for people calling us scum a few hours ago.
: Hmph, for someone bitching as much as you do, your face sends a very different message.
: Whatchu say now…?
: Cool it off, you two. Save the head-butting for another time!
: And on even better news, it’s looking like Director Hazard’s been arrested now that all his crimes have been brought to light.
: Now that’s music to my ears! He’s finally going to get what he deserves!
: But more important than him is that the Federation government has officially declared that the Elshank is no longer being viewed as a threat.
: Truly?!
: That’s wonderful news, Your Highness!
: Yes… Now we no longer have to fear being pursued by the people of Earth.
: That alone has made it worth pushing the Elshank as hard as we did.
: You performed admirably, indeed, Gameran.
: And you said that, despite the several warp holes we opened, there aren’t any major issues with our ship’s engine?
: Yes, perhaps it’s due to the quality of the Odyssite we’re using instead of the Kylhasium…
: Regardless, without the phantom of fuel shortage looming over our heads, I believe all it’ll take is some small maintenance to fully restore our engine.
: Yow, thank God for the Odyssite, huh?
: In any case, all of this is thanks to Athrun Zala and his team for proving our innocence to the Federation Parliament.
: We owe a lot to him and Rep. Athha – especially for what she went through because of us.
: Athrun helped us with the parliament…?
: That’s gonna let the Unknown Xtrikers have a much easier time getting around, yeah?
: Ohohoho, now wait just a minute. That name is far behind-the-times now!
: The former “Hell’s Executioners” have been born anew as CHAMPIONS OF JUSTICE!
: “Born anew”…?
: A message from the Federation government came in not long ago.
: They have officially recognized you as an independent strike team! Your name is now…!

: The UX – the Ultimate Cross!
: Ultimate Cross…
: I understand: it represents us as the strongest of compound teams.
: Isn’t that just the perfect name for you? And it even fits with the usual nickname.
: It is a pretty nice name, ain’t it?
: And, Arnie, do you feel like taking this opportunity to rename the Orphes too?
: Rename the Orphes…?
: Orphes isn’t the unit’s proper name, actually – just a pet name the Major decided to give to it.
: Ah, yes. You said it was based on the name of a musician in Greek legend.
: Quite the famous musician, even: it’s said that Orpheus traveled to the underworld and back.
: The bot was a prototype when I got my hands on it, so it hadn’t been named anything yet.
: But it’s quite clearly yours now, so you can call it whatever you’d like.
: Well, if you say so…

Nah, we’re good.

: Actually, no. I think you’ve poured a lot of your spirit into the Orphes name, Major.
: You and Ms. Saya saw Hell up close, and managed to come back from its depths…
: So I’d like to take up not just the unit, but that spirit as well.
: …
: Hah, you really don’t have to be so fussy about me…
: But with that done, what say you we get this victory party started?!
: I’ve seen fit to have plenty of sushi made. Eat up as much as you need to restore your energies!
: Ooh, I’ve been waiting for this! I’m gonna eat ‘til I drop!
: Hey, you can’t hog all the food! I want some too!
: But first I believe this calls for a toast!
: Here’s to the Ultimate Cross, to our grand victory, and to the journey ahead…
: Cheers!
: Cheers!

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

: (Jin… I just wish you were here with me…)
: (I would’ve liked nothing more than to celebrate our hard-earned victory with you…)

:siren: SRW UX - Prologue

: …
: What are you thinking about…?
: About a lot of things… About me, Arnie…
: And about the world…
: You’re still not sure if you’ll fight together with us, hm…? I thought as much…
: No, that’s not it.
: It’s just that now that I’ve found out the truth about our world… I can’t help but laugh at the man I used to be – so tied up with pride and ambition.
: All this time, I’ve played the role of a complete fool…

Door opens.

: But that is not the case anymore, yes?
: Prof. Novel…
: Your role in the next stage has been decided.
: Captain Jin Spencer, commander of the Army of Mankind’s Special Mobile Troop…
: That is your new designation.
: The Army of Mankind…? But I thought Director Hazard had been arrested?
: He was, but the Federation Parliament had already sanctioned its creation.
: Though the articles of the original bill that dictated the disassembly and incorporation of Orb’s and JUDA’s forces were all revised, of course.
: So, in the end, Director Hazard was yet another fool: one meant to get just far enough to form the Army of Mankind…?
: That is correct.
: But what about you? Will you embrace your role as a fool and step out of the spotlight, or will you raise a new curtain yourself…?
: …
: Yes, I’m ready and willing to see it done…
: You understand that if you take this step, you’ll be unable to return, hm?
: That’s fine. This is the role I chose…
: Ayul… I swear that I will bring about your awakening!
: Cpt. Spencer…!

: Haah, haah…
: Hey, you okay? You’re not looking too good there.
: Y-Yeah… I guess I’m just a bit woozy now that the adrenaline’s worn out…
: True, true. You, Kouichi and Eida fought harder than anyone else up there.
: Oh, not at all… All I wound up doing was cause trouble for everyone…
: Come on, now. Haven’t you been picking up our slack this whole time?
: If anything, we’re the ones who caused you trouble.
: But, I… I kept quiet about your memories the whole time…
: Okay, we might be a bit miffed about that.
: …
: Um… but I think Eida did that precisely because she was worried about you…
: But why’d you feel you had to go it alone? Why didn’t you ask us to back you up from the start?
: Huh…?!
: We appreciate that you were looking out for us, but it’s not living happily ever after if you’re not there as well.
: Absolutely. After all, you’re as part of Team D as any one of us!
: G-Guys… thank you!
: (Congrats, Eida…)
: But what I really wanna know is who took out that last nuke.
: That one came from Japan, right?
: Which means Japan also had nuclear missiles in place.
: The launch point was marked as being somewhere around the Yokosuka base…
: …?!
: (What… Was it dad’s fleet that fired that nuke…?!)
: But why did the Katou Organization do something like that in the first place?
: Who knows? And if you ask me, their ties with the Union Army are just as worrying as whatever their plan is.
: They did say that that Union satellite weapon was something they’d built.
: I think the issue goes beyond that.
: I ask you, how was it that they seized control of all nuclear weapon delivery systems the world over?
: I’d expect them to sooner hack into Veda than managing something like that, but…
: It could be that they have infiltrated not just the heart of the Union Army, but that of all major countries on the planet. And if that’s true… then, indeed, I cannot help but feel that this was orchestrated.
: You mean like what you said before about the events synching up too perfectly?
: Aye. Consider the Katou Organization’s chain of terrorist attacks, Director Hazard’s downfall, the Dancouga’s resurgence, and the final missile being struck down by a mysterious attacker…
: Is it possible that all these events occurred with such a perfect overlap by pure chance?
: Hmm, I understand what you’re saying… but there’s no other way to explain than other than it being pure chance, no?
: However…
: Please, Master Kongming, have you heard the expression ‘all work and no play’? All’s well that ends well, I say!
: And, hey, Erebos! You always look so cute!
: Ooh, Mr. Ishigamii~! You naughty man!
: Erebos, you stop that shameless behavior this instant!
: Yeesh… talk about a chill boss they’ve got here.
: …
: (Ishigami is hiding something… What could it be?)
: (It is not possible that all these overlapping events are fruit of random chance…)
: (I am certain there is someone lying at the center of this spider’s web – a will that is manipulating the entire world…!)
: …
: H-Hrk… Argh!
: ?! Ensign Berge…!
: Someone call Lt. Canaria or Dr. Toumi!
: I-I’m alright… I’ll just go to my room and rest a bit…
: Sorry… I know we’re supposed to be celebrating our win…

He leaves.

: Arnie…
: He l o o k e d like he was in a lot of pain… is he really going to be alright?
: I’m a Factor, so I healed up fast from that battle, but he’s a normal man…
: …


: Gch…! Urk…Graaargh!
: I-It’s the aftereffect… How can it hurt so much…?!

: This is what I’d warned you about.
: M-Ms. Saya…
: But this is the path you chose. You’ve gone too far and now there’s no going back.
: No going…back…?
: I’ll help you to your room. Hang onto my shoulder.
: S-Sorry…
: You’ll understand in time.
: The meaning of what the Major and I saw in the end of wilds…
: …
: (What is she talking about…?)
: (Is she suggesting that… I’m also going to see Hell up close, just like they did…?)

: (Back when I tried that last warp… I know I heard something.)
: (A woman’s voice… I can still hear it even now…)
: (“Gather at the beginning…”)

Act 1 – In the End of Wilds – End

With the end of Act 1, our Tacticians are gonna start unlocking their 2nd bonuses. Zhuge Liang, of course, gets his before everyone else: All units gain the Ignore Size Difference effect. Sounds pretty good already, huh? Give him some more time.

And here are the convos we didn’t get:

: Conquer the world by threatening it with a giant laser cannon?! Goddamn, you guys are taking that villain gig and running with it, huh?!
: I wouldn’t expect people like you to understand our commander’s designs. But you’re an obstacle, so I must remove you.

: You’re that boy I did battle with in the snowy mountains! I demand that you demonstrate the strength that stirred my soul once more!
: Hah, you want it, you got it. I’m gonna stir your soul ‘til it’s turned to mush!

: Hey, what were you up to back at Kiriyama’s?!
: Hmhmhm, what, indeed? You’d best start flexing that imagination, honey!

: Do you have any idea how many people died just at that island of Haifan?! How can anyone who calls himself human do that?!
: And we’ll blast some other places if we need to!
: The other shoe hasn’t dropped for so many folks around the world, so we’ll rain reality on their heads and get them to start imagining their deaths!

: Oh, dear, so you were just pretending to have betrayed JUDA for Kiriyama. Hmhmhm… you had me completely duped.
: Katou imagined that would happen, hm? But that doesn’t mean everything will fall squarely within his expectations.

: Hahahah, I can sense your soul! A savage soul, like that of a wild beast!
: Wow, that’s some killer instinct he’s got. I’m feeling it all the way here!
: So he’s Lu Bu, the legendary general. I see his reputation is well deserved.
: But we’re not backing down, no matter the enemy we have to face. Isn’t that right, Aoi?
: Yup. Get over here, Lu Bu! We’ll give you an eyeful of the flames of our soul…!

: The Dancouga… its reason for being is rather like ours.
: The Dancouga’s and the Katou Organization’s…?
: Think he’s talking about us doing them military interventions around the world before?
: If he is, his data is very outdated.
: The Dancouga now is a savior of the world, one who’s transcended men, beasts and the gods themselves!
: And that means we’re popping that gumball mech and stopping your sat weapon!

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Part of the reason this stage really works is that it takes the Linebarrels fight and puts an entirely new context on it - your team is very much considered the villains, but they’re going to save the day anyway, because it is the right fucking thing to do.

Also, of course fucking Sakuya of all people managed to remember Dancouga Nova before everyone else. The way the Nova segments in this game works is awesome, and I wish more games did fun things with their plotless series as well as UX did. (It’s been a thing they do more recently, so I’ll grant that at least)

I find it great how even guys like Andrei are going “no, this is fucking wrong, even if they’re terrorists the fact that they’re saving the world is more important.”

And then, it fucking happens. The Athrun-Really-Pretends-To-Be-Quattro speech that COMPLETELY changes how events are going now. If not for the obvious fact that Hazard’s not out of the game yet (fucking seriously…), this would be literally perfect as a turning point moment. And it’s punctuated by the return of Dancouga Nova.

…just, you know, I wish it had more than Tori No Uta. Would Main Theme have hurt them, or Rock Yo Mind? I’d ask for Mirai Senjen Ijou Ari, but that’s probably just wishful thinking.

I’d be a bit careful before saying Heroman can’t take you, Masaki. Heroman’s very, very capable of beating enemies hundreds if not thousands of time its own size, you’re not even that.

“Triple Aura Giri” being intermission only is one of the reasons I don’t horribly mind Triple Inazuma Kick being the same.

The irony is that Kongming isn’t wrong when he thinks Ishigami is hiding things, and he isn’t wrong that someone is manipulatng the world, and Ishigami did help set that event up… but he’s not the person manipulating the world in the way Kongming is thinking. That’s someone from another series, and should be fairly obvious if you know the cast.

And so we end Part 1. Next time, Vagabond Blues, as we start with a mission that’s become famous for… reasons. And also begin the “Zhuge Liang becomes the greatest fucking superbeing” train, because everyone getting ISD is massive.

Click to see the mission!

And we are back. Last time we wrapped up Act 1 in spectacular fashion and became CHAMPIONS OF JUSTICE. Can this mission measure up to that? Well, Alto, Ozma and Michel are deploying as event units, so it’s not looking good on that front.
Here’s how we’re going:
Zhang Fei/Shangxiang
Sun Quan/Aesap
Cao Cao/Moritsugu
Liu Bei/Rennie
Arnie/Guan Yu
Tactician: Zhuge Liang

And now that Act 1 is over, the game finally brings us the standard wall of text:

:siren: SRW UX - Where All Possibilities Gather

Two years following the founding of the Earth Federation, as mankind reveled in a transient peace, a mysterious mercenary group feared as “Hell’s Executioners” lurked in the shadows of it all.

They were called UX – the Unknown Xtrikers.

Taking requests from anyone, bound to no army, the UX single-handedly undertook black ops for any and all nations. At one point, due to the schemes of Hazard, Director of the Martian Development Bureau, they were hunted as enemies of the world, but thanks to the efforts of several of their supporters – including Athrun Zala – and the UX successfully stopping the Katou Organization’s worldwide nuclear assault, the team was at last reborn as an independent strike steam of the Earth Federation.

However, all around them, many mysteries and conspiracies remain unearthed.

Who was helping Hazard from the shadows?
How did the Katou Organization manage to spread their reach to the very core of Earth’s government and military?
What is the truth behind all the inimical beings of mankind, such as the Festum?
What is the implication of the parallel universes? And what of the voice heard by those who arrived from said different universes – “Gather at the beginning”?

Events intertwine with one another, as though weaving a complex, yet unseen, spider web, driving the UX towards a new stage. The next one shall be the fleet of immigrant ships that arrived from a different universe – the Macross Frontier.

What will Sheryl Nome’s voice – the fleet’s top artist, renowned as The Galactic Fairy – bring them?

Act 2 – Vagabond Blues

We open up at the Frontier Fleet, where Howard and Mishima thank us for coming all the way here. See, there’s a very important task for us: Sheryl will be hosting a concert soon, and they’d like our team to stand guard over it. She’s quickly risen to be a superstar not just with the Frontier folk, but the Earth populace as well – her show would be a prime target for many unsavory elements.
Richard and Romina understand that… but is that ALL of Howard’s reasons for wanting to hire us? Our services aren’t cheap. Howard mulls a bit and Mishima figures they’d best come clean if they’re to convince us: the truth is they believe Sheryl is drawing in the Vajra with her song. Scarlet and Kongming find that hard to believe, and while Mishima admits they’ve no solid evidence, he points out that Sheryl was singing prior to both the Vajra’s attack at the PLANTs’ charity concert and the bugs’ massive assault before the Frontier Folded to this world. That’s enough to get them to start questioning things.

But Moritsugu has doubts: even if their guess turns out true, what would Sheryl have to gain by beckoning the hostile Vajra? Well, they also suspect that she might be a spy for the Galaxy Fleet, another immigrant fleet like the Frontier. And while they all started the same, setting off to travel the universe, when you put so many people together, it’s inevitable that they’ll develop their own particular set of beliefs and national consciousness.
What he’s getting at, Richard surmises, is that both fleet’s differences of opinions has put them at odds with each other. And Mishima says they believe the Galaxy’s using Sheryl as a way to attack their fleet.

Sumeragi understands, but asks, if they’re so suspicious of her, why not do something about it? Because the situation won’t allow it: their people grow more and more anxious with each passing day and Sheryl is loved by pretty much all of them. Were they to arrest her, worst case scenario, they could have a revolt in their hands, Sima Yi sees. And, so, the government was to avoid making any overt moves right now.
That’s where we come in: if the Vajra DO wind up attacking, we’re to move in and protect the fleet. Mishima hopes their suspicions turn out to be unfounded, of course…

Cut to the urban area, Maya’s blown away to find a sprawling city like this inside a spaceship – the place looks very much like a city you’d find the US West Coast, which gets Marvel thinking of home. Domyoji sighs at the amazing tech found in the Frontier universe… but Kouichi wants to know what he’s doing here. Why’d he come along?
Oh, don’t be like that: ever hear the phrase “no road is too long in the company of a friend”? Right, Kizaki? Actually, she’s here because she’s now an operator for our team. Well, fine, the truth is that Ishigami asked Domyoji to come here and take a look around the place – in preparation for future events. What does he mean? Domyoji and Damian aren’t telling, but ask us to look forward to it. These two seem to have grown into fast friends, and Shou can help but raise an eyebrow at this odd pairing of Damian, the Martian guerilla man, and a priest/exorcist.

Is your reference game on point? Wiki says that’s a stab at The Omen, where the standard demon-possessed kid is called Damian.

Rachel’s keeping tabs on all us “kids”, though she still has time to order a rather enamored Humanoid to buy her some profiteroles. Isn’t she the biggest kid around here? Pish-posh, age is a nonissue – it’s what’s inside what matters. Truth be told, Sakuya can’t believe she’s a world-class genius, but Joey points out how her help is what allowed us to beat the Skrugg back in the US.
And she’s now with the UX, so our mechanical problems are as good as solved! Oh, and these profiteroles are really good too… Aoi’ll need some more time to process that “genius” story.

But our attention’s diverted to Ranka, who laughs that Ozma wasn’t kidding when he said we were a cheerful crew. It’s been a long while since the “Richie’s Angels” crew got to see her and, as it turns out, she’s the guide Ozma got to show us around. But Ranka’s not alone: Sheryl herself is also tagging along!
Mike is stunned that a superstar like her would be showing us around, but Sheryl figures we, the heroes who saved the world, are a much bigger deal. So much so that we’re worthy of having her as a tour guide! And there’s a lot to see in the Frontier, so Ranka’s already beckoning everyone to follow.
As she goes, Kurou’s having a hard time believing that Hardass Ozma has such a cute little sister… “Hmph, I see that you are not squeamish in regards to women!” Al sniffs, causing Tsubasa to immediately frown. No, Kurou’s not like that! Don’t listen to her!

And, as it turns out, Ranka’s changed manager and is now signed up under Grace as well. She owes Elmo, the previous manager, so much for helping start her career, but he’d been unable to find her bigger gigs.
So, in Ranka’s best interest, Elmo decided to step down. And, indeed, Eida’s heard that Ranka – a.k.a. the Superdimensional Cinderella – has been growing pretty famous as a singer even back on Earth.

Johnny can certainly see the problem, as it’s hard for small agencies to book their singers a spot in major events; that said, as Rennie remembers, Ranka wasn’t singing for the fame, but because it was her dream. And it’s pretty great that she’s managed to fulfill it.
Ranka chalks it up not only to Elmo, but also to the support so many people have given her. “Are you sure you don’t mean ‘his support’? Sheryl giggles, which gets the girl all flustered. Well, Sheryl is certain Alto’ll be turning up soon enough – she sent him a message to set things up. Oh, boy…

Cut to the Quarter, Alto’s already gotten the message and isn’t amused. “‘Come to Griffith Park right now’… What am I, your goon?” he grunts, as Arnie overhears. Is that his sweetheart calling? A-Absolutely not, it’s just frickin’ Sheryl pushing him around… though Alto doesn’t look all that miffed in Lockon’s eyes. And, on that subject, isn’t that earring he’s carrying hers?
Y-Yes, but that’s only because she asked him to look for the thing and he’s hoping to give it back now… but that becomes a bit of a problem when Ozma walks in and tells Alto to cut ties with that woman. What for? As Cathy tells him, both Sheryl and Grace are under suspicion of being spies. Alto’s shocked but Richard and Saya confirm it: the intel came from the President’s Office itself, and says both are controlling the Vajra and getting them to attack the Frontier.

Ozma does note that there’s no definitive proof yet, but considering the two of them even reached out to Ranka… Wait, what does she have to do with any of this? “Ranka… She’s not actually my sister,” Ozma tells. “She’s the sole survivor from the planet Galia 4.”
Klan heard of it, a planet that was completely decimated by the Vajra. Ranka lost all her memories from her childhood and her family from the trauma, so Ozma took her in and raised her as his sister. Now, her parents were scientists working on the Vajra, and Ozma figures something about that’s got to be how she survived when no one else did.

As Zhuge Liang surmises, it could be that the memories locked away in Ranka’s mind hold the key towards controlling the creatures. As for Alto, he’d never heard anything about this, only that Ranka had pretty much no recollection of her childhood… except Aimo, and that’s when it hits him.
For some reason Sheryl knew that song as well, despite it being Ranka’s – the sole survivor’s – only remaining memory. What if that song’s said key towards controlling the Vajra? Sumeragi and Sima Yi fear Sheryl’s much farther along in her work than expected!
And, Michel remembers, Sheryl asked to tag along with Ranka to show us around today. Ozma is livid and orders Alto over to Griffith Park to get his sister back – and if Sheryl tries to put even a fingernail on her, then he’s to stop her by any means necessary! Arnie and Saya’ll also be coming along.

: Yeesh… How can the inside of a ship be this big? Feels like we’ve been walking forever…
: I-I’m pretty tired too. Maybe we should take a break…?
: Come on, don’t be so wimpy. There’s still so much to see – you can’t be tired yet!
: Heheh, you really are just like Alto said, Sheryl.
: Alto’s told you about me…?
: I bet he went on and on about how I’m selfish, stubborn, moody, and the like.
: Eeeh, maybe a little, but that wasn’t the end of it.
: He also said you become like a completely different person when you get up on stage – that you’re a true professional.
: …?!
: W-Well, of course, tell me something I don’t know. I swear, Alto…
: (Sheryl…)

: Pii! Pii!
: Ack?!
: N-No, you can’t come out here, Ai-kun!
: Ooh, who’s this little guy? He’s so cute!
: I found him around town the other day. I think he’s some kind of animal, but don’t ask me which…
: Come here, child. Let me see—
: Piii!

Runs off!

: Ai-kun!
: Now look what you did, furface! You scared the thing away with that ugly mug of yours!
: Hrm… Never have I known such shame…
: He went that way! C’mon, we gotta go after!

: Are you sure this is the location Sheryl Nome sent you?
: Y-Yeah, but… um…
: What is it?
: I gotta ask, why the outfit?
: This is a covert action-oriented costume. Pay it no mind.
: (C-“Covert”…? Way I see it, a beret, leotard and mantle combo only make you stick out like a sore thumb…) (Reference to The Star of the Seine - Saya’s dressed as the main character.)

: Haah, haah… I… I can’t run anymore…
: You stop right now! Get back here!

: ?! That’s…!
: Sheryl’s chasing Ranka…?!
: Kch…! So she really was…!

: Sheryl, stop!


: ?! Waaah?!
: A-Alto?!
: What are you doing?! Why’d you just walk up and shove her like that?!
: Be quiet, all of you.
: S-Saya… what are you wearing?
: Stay away from Ranka, Sheryl.
: …?!
: I didn’t want to believe you were a spy from the Galaxy Fleet… Then I turn around and see you attacking her?!
: …
: Was getting closer to me also part of your plan…?!
: N-No, Alto! She was just trying to get Ai-kun back…!
: Ai-kun…?
: Pii! Piii!
: Sheryl was just helping Ranka catch her pet.
: That’s why they were chasing after it, man!
: Ah…
: …
: What a piece of work you are. And here I was, bringing you tickets to tomorrow’s concert.
: Sheryl, wait! I-I was—!
: I guess I was wrong about you, Alto…

She leaves.

: Sheryl…

Back on the Elshank, word’s already gotten around about what happened. Seems to Liu Bei that Ozma’s at fault for Alto’s misunderstanding, and while Kouichi didn’t hang out with Sheryl for long, he didn’t take her to be a spy. Fei-Yen doesn’t think she’s lying to us, either. What makes her say that? “Because I got my song back when I heard her singing,” she says, her speech impediment completely gone. “Song is part of who you are… No one who’s lying to herself can sing like that.”
Still, the fact remains that the Vajra did appear during her concerts, so Magami still thinks there’s something there. We don’t really know what’s going on, and that’s what makes it worse – Kurou figures Alto must be particularly torn over this.

: …
: (Sheryl, are you really a spy? What could be going through your head…?)
: (This earring… she said the jewel inside it can transmit thoughts…)
: (If I just knew what she’s really thinking, then…)


: …?!
: Please… don’t leave me alone…

: Wh-What was that just now…?
: Did… Did his earring really transmit her thoughts to me…?

Cut to somewhere hidden, Grace is in touch with her bosses again. Woman notes that Faery 9’s suffered some mental damage, but Grace is certain that won’t impede tomorrow’s operation. “You’ve nothing to worry about. I raised Faery 9 – Sheryl Nome – myself… Whether she’s happy, angry, or sad, she can be trusted to always turn that emotion to strength and sing,” Grace assures them.
Young Man likes reliability but notes that, ultimately, Sheryl’s only meant as a spare, and Old Man agrees: Code Q1 is always their first choice. Grace confirms and is confident that Faery’s song will cause Q1’s sleeping powers to awaken. “I swear to you: our hands will raise humanity to the apex of its evolution, freeing us from the bondage of individuality,” she adds.

: …
: (“What is he thinking right now…”? Hahah, whatever he’s thinking, it’s not my problem…)
: (Isn’t that how it’s always been? I might be alone, but I sing anyway.)
: (Because I’m a songstress… because I’m Sheryl Nome, the Galactic Fairy!)

Mission 23 - The False Songstress

  • :bravo: :bravo: *

: Thank you, thank you. Now, my next song is…
: (Wow… both she and the crowd are getting really into it…)
: (But… something’s missing from her voice today. It’s like her heart is in chains.)
: (What happened yesterday must have really hurt her…)

: The show’s already underway…
: The Elshank and Ptolemaios have just finished their checks and are standing ready in case the Vajra attack.
: Right in the nick of time – good.
: Are you actually expecting the Vajra to attack during this, Captain?
: Well, I don’t know if I should call it an old sea dog’s intuition… but I’m feeling a pinch in this scar of mine. Usually that means a storm is coming…
: But do you think it’s possible for song to attract the Vajra?
: Who knows? Here’s hoping all this is for nothing, but…


: It’s…! We’ve multiple De-Fold signatures around the concert area!

: And that bad feeling was right on the money!
: I-It’s the Vajra again…?!
: Are you kidding me?! Why do they always turn up during my shows…?!
: (Hmhmhm, and there they are. Sheryl’s Fold Song is leading them nicely…)

: Kishaaaaaaaa!
: It’s going after Sheryl!
: Aaah!
: Sheryl!

:siren: SRW UX - The Target.

: Alto?!

: Alto… Why did you…?
: …
: Sheryl, I’m really sorry for what happened yesterday. I won’t ask that you forgive me, but…
: …
: But I want to say just one thing to you!
: Whatever might happen, you won’t be alone!
: ?! Wh-Where did that come from?!
: Your earring. It showed me what you feel, deep inside your heart!
: …!
: Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know… but that’s not the point anymore!
: I’ll believe in your song… That’s what I want to do, and I won’t stop believing ‘til the very end!
: …
: Of all the insubordinate…! We need to back him up!

: All units, deploy!

As you can see, we’re deploying right in the middle of a pond, so try to get as many troops airborne as you can. Those that are stuck on the ground, try to set them up close to the pier-like things, so they can reach shore as quickly as can be.

: The NUNS forces are dealing with the Vajra that appeared outside the fleet’s ships! They’re asking that we deal with the ones inside!
: Kizaki, I know you haven’t had time to get used to this yet, but we’ll make it work together, alright?
: I’m not sure how useful I’ll be for our team even as an operator… Still, I’m glad to be here.
: Ah, but there’s nothing we cannot do if we work together. Let’s roll up our sleeves, ladies!
: (Vajra, yet another group of visitors from a different universe… Was it truly song that led them to this world…?)
: In any case, our priority should be to evacuate the civilians!

: Do not allow the Vajra to encroach upon that stage, troops!

Mission Objective: Destroy all enemies
Mission Failure: Alto, Michel or any ships destroyed. Any Vajra enters the marked area.

Thankfully, this mission is far simpler than the last time we had to play defense against a tide of Vajra. For one, they don’t respawn infinitely and, should you wish, you have just enough troops to outright surround Sheryl’s stage completely. So you COULD turtle up and just let the Vajra come to you.
That’ll take a while, though, and you don’t really need to do that: there’s a decent distance between their flock and the target area, and if you spread your guys well enough, you’ll create a wall of fire that they won’t be able to traverse. Standard rules apply: prioritize whichever enemies are closest to the stage, especially the yellow Vajra since they’re faster.
Once you kill the first wave, the latter ones should be easily kept at bay with your guys through the pond and with decent morale.

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

: Were these things really drawn over by Sheryl’s song?
: Let’s hope not… If the Vajra could actually be controlled at will, that’d make them a very powerful, and dangerous, weapon!

:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

: Jeez, we just got a parade of weird animals attacking our world! Next thing we know, we’re gonna be fighting giant octopi or something!
: However, it matters not what force sets itself before us! ‘Tis our duty to strike own any who would harm humanity! Take them, Kurou!

“What, we’ve got monsters coming from space too?! I already have my hands full with the stuff in Arkham City!”

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: A monster the size of a mobile weapon?! And they’re not even Direbeasts from Byston Well!
: It might be human greed controlling you right now, but I can’t cut you any slack if you’re attacking here!

:siren: SRW UX - Roulette

: Another kind of bug alien like the Skrugg… I didn’t think space would have more of these.
: But we’ve been through too much to lose here! Go, Heroman!

: Urk… W-What’s going on…?! I’m… hurting inside…!
: This is… It’s just what happened at the PLANTs concert…

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: I don’t care if the Vajra were or weren’t called over by someone!
: What I’m here to do is keep the people on that concert safe! That’s what a CHAMPION OF JUSTICE is about!

:siren: SRW UX - A Bird’s Song

: So these are them space monsters we heard so much about.
: How do we deal with them, Johnny?
: Sorry to tell you, but I’m not subscribed to Men’s Space Monsters Monthly…
: Bah, whatever! The four of us and the Dancouga don’t need any tricks to win!
: Time to make things up as we go, I say! Let’s go wild!

And when you kill 7 pairs of the initial enemies…

: We’ve got more of them…!

: That’s the first time we see that type, though.
: Maybe it’s a new strain of Vajra? I’d wager our usual approach may not work as well against it.
: It… It hurts!
: Kishaaaaaaa!
: (If this keeps going… If this keeps going, everyone’ll die… just like before…!)


: Huh…?
: “Before”…? What’s going on? Why did I think that…?

The new Vajra goes after her!

: The Vajra—?!
: ! Damn it, it’s going after her…!


: Aaaaiiiieeee!


And the Vajra moves back.

: A-Alto!
: The Vajra took Ranka inside itself…!
: You goddamned bug! Let her go!

: Kch, we can’t get close!
: Fei, can’t you weaken them with your song like you did in the PLANTs’ battle?!
: Sorry, but it’s not happening! I would try something, but I can’t even get started with all these attacks coming down on us!
: (Weaken the Vajra with song…?)
: (If that’s actually possible… then maybe my song can help them a bit!)

:siren: SRW UX - Obelisk

: ?! That music is…!
: Sheryl’s singing…?!
: I can feel the emotions flowing through her song… It’s…!
: Aaah, it’s so warm… This fire, this wish to protect others even if it means risking your life!
: This… this is all the emotion she’s poured into her song!
: (There are people who need my music right now…)
: (So I’ll put my very soul into these lyrics and sing for them!)

: Gi-Gi…
: Her song’s slowed the Vajra down…?
: It’s just like what happened at the PLANTs battle…!
: Sheryl… your song’s amazing!
: Sheryl, you…
: You’ve no time to be gobsmacked, UX pilots!
: ?!

: A Valkyrie…?
: This is Antares 1 to the UX. I’m here to assist you.
: Assist? “Antares 1”…?!
: Never mind him, Alto! Go save Ranka while my song’s slowing the Vajra!
: Sheryl…
: Alright. I swear I’ll get her off their hands!
: Listen up, maggots! What you’re going to do is immobilizing that Vajra!
: Make sure you don’t drop that mantis, or I’ll drop my heel up your asses!

Alright, here’s the deal: Ranka’s trapped inside that new Hound Vajra, and we need to reduce it under 20% to win. Sheryl still needs to be covered, though, so don’t send too many units down there if you haven’t cleared the previous wave. Thankfully, we don’t need to babysit Brera as well.
Now, the Hound Vajra has 9600 HP which isn’t little but also isn’t so much for our team (Demonbane’s creator once wound up oneshotting the thing with an Atlantis Strike). Just take things easy and use some modicum of restraint, and you’ll be f—

: !

: :staredog: :staredog:

: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


: Ranka…?!
: It hurts… It hurts so much, Alto!


Damn it, Tobikage!
Needless to say, you want to be really careful with the Elshank or any of its units on missions like this, because Tobikage only moves at the speed of KILL and won’t hesitate to gut the Hound Vajra.
Furthermore, the same applies to Brera, but he’s not as overpowered as the ninja bot (and can’t move twice). Keep a steady pace, if only to make sure you don’t lose too much cash and kills to the AI.

If anything, they don’t prioritize the Hound Vajra, so, worst case scenario, just give them stuff to keep busy with:



Like so. While that’s going on, we’ll make a beeline for the finish!

:siren: May’n - Obelisk
:siren: :siren:

: I will defend both Sheryl’s resolve and Ranka’s feelings! I swear it on my wings…!

: What are you after?! Are you just attacking us on instinct, or…?!

: That’s a Vajra?! I thought Aura Battlers looked like bugs, but they’ve got nothing on these!
: : Maybe, but the way they move… these aren’t bugs at all! We can’t let our guard down around them!

: We can worry about sorting out the details later. Her song’s lit a fire in me, and that’s all I need!

: Sheryl Nome’s music having an effect on the Vajra…
: We still don’t know why, but could this be another way of carrying out dialogue…?

: Sheryl’s song really is great! I have to give this my best, just like she is!

: Kishaaaaaa!

: Gah, the bug ain’t letting us squish it without a fight!

: A-Aah!
: It’s attacking the stage too!
: Sheryl…!
: (I’m not running from this… If Alto and his team are meant to fight, then I’m meant to sing! I need to just focus on that…!)
: (Sheryl’s also giving this everything she has… Then there’s only one thing for me to do…!)
: I can feel them… I can feel both Alto and Sheryl’s spirits – their hearts!
: I… I’ll put my heart to song too!
: (That’s it, Ranka… Together, this time!)

:siren: SRW UX - Lion
:siren: :siren:

: This song is…!
: Ranka’s singing from inside the Vajra?!
: Their souls are sending ripples through my very core…!
: Me too! Their song’s echoing through me even stronger than before…!
: Amazing… Simply magnificent! The Fold Wave count’s risen past level 9?!
: So it wasn’t only Code Q1’s sleeping power that awakened… Faery 9 also underwent the same process?!
: The large Vajra’s stopped! If you’re going to save Ranka, now’s the time to do it!
: Haaaaah! Rankaaaaaaaa!

: Kishaaaaaa!

: Hrgh…!
: Alto…!
: Damn it, how am I supposed to cover him from here?!

Michel moves right next to Alto.

: Michel, that’s too risky!
: Uooooooh!

Captions are available.

: N-Now, Alto! Get her…!
: Ranka, jump!
: Alto!

: Ranka, are you okay?!
: Y-Yeah, I am…!
: Alto… Thank you so much for saving me!
: Don’t mention it… I’m just glad you’re safe!
: Phew… looks like everything worked out – all thanks to your assist, Michel.
: Ha-Hahah… Work me to the bone, why don’t you…!
: Michel…?!

: Y-You’re… too wet behind your ears, princess…

: Michel…!
: No… Michel…!

: It looks like all Vajra, including the ones outside, have been repelled.
: …
: From the Ultimate Cross’ Skull Squadron to Antares 1, we thank you for your help…
: …I only did what was expected of me.

: We managed to win today, but…
: Michel… Michel! That… that huge idiot!

: Jeez… Now that was a tough bit.
: But I guess I should be glad the Valkyrie’s ejection seat worked right…
: Y-You MORON! You should’ve said something if you were fine all along!
: O-Ooow! What’d you expect…?! All my comms were down, you know…
: I’m bruised, but I’ll make it. Sorry to have worried you like that, Klan.
: Hm…

Off they go.

: It’s not always we see the stoic Lt. Klan looking like that…
: Well, of course. Everyone’s got folks they never wanna see gone.
: And I guess we should head back too, right?
: Ooh, look! It’s snowing!

: How pretty…
: That was a great song, you two.
: Alto…
: Alto…
: Here, Sheryl. Your earring…
: Oh, you can keep it. Consider it a bonus for keeping us safe.
: But isn’t it really important to you…?!
: And I’m giving it to you, so this is when you should just say “thanks”!
: I don’t often do freebies like this, you know!
: Sheryl…
: …
: Thank you, Alto, Ranka… for helping me realize that I’m not alone…
: Sheryl…
: You’re not, yeah…
: …! cough, cough!
: A-Are you all right?! You might’ve caught a cold from all this snow…
: Heh, no, I’m fine. I just think I had a bit too much excitement for a day…
: If you say so…
: cough, cough
: (My body feels like… What’s happening to me…?)

Cut to Mishima’s office, it seems pretty clear to everyone that Sheryl’s voice is, indeed, drawing in the Vajra. On the other hand, both Sumeragi and Zhou Yu point out that she helped us through the entire battle, risking her life in the process. Not something you’d expect from a spy looking to attack the Frontier.
Mishima agrees, but also can’t discard that possibility with someone with ties to the Galaxy Fleet is deep as Sheryl. But Richard raises a good point: said Galaxy Fleet was in the Frontier’s original world, no? What reason would a spy have to carry on her work when her bosses are in a different universe?
“About that… it may be that her bosses are actually in this universe,” Mishima notes. You see, during the previous battle, the Frontier picked up a distress signal – one matching the Galaxy Fleet’s…

And Sima Yi and Zhou Yu have caught up to Zhuge Liang, their second tactician bonuses being, respectively, +5% to accuracy rate and +10% damage to chained attacks. The accuracy bonus is negligible, but Zhou Yu’s bonus is how you can, with All Attack L3, fully offset the chain attack penalty.

Here are the other convos we missed today:

: (Sheryl’s song could really be calling in the Vajra…)
: (But, still, I…!)

: Her song’s brimming with emotion… and I’ll answer it in kind! Not as a singer, but as another warrior!

Next thing we know, we’re gonna be fighting giant octopi or something!

Unfortunately, I don’t think Demonbane fought Big C in the anime adaptation.

The fun thing about Brera is that he actually will usually miss the kill on Ranka… unless he gets a lot of Will, in which case he will gleefully murder her. Watch out for that.

Worth bringing up: It is before this mission (or is it before last mission? One of the two) that a first run player will finally unlock 10 upgrade bars. It’s auto unlocked on NG+, of course.


jesus christ tobikage chill the fuck out

Click to see the mission

And we’re back, having saved Ranka from being kidnapped by the Vajra and/or chopped into sashimi by Tobikage. Alto and Setsuna are deploying as solo event units today (oh, boy, someone hold me!). Allelujah’s a squad event deploy, so here’s how we’re going:
Sun Quan/Shangxiang
Cao Cao/Moritsugu
Liu Bei/Rennie
Heroman (I gave him a bunch of All Attacks and Continuous Action)
Arnie/Guan Yu
Tactician: Zhuge Liang

Let’s get going before the prospect of a Frontier x Trailblazer mission bores me into a coma.

Sumeragi’s put in a call to Billy in hopes he could shed light on whether music really could beckon the Vajra, but he can’t tell her much on that front. Vajra samples have yet to be presented to him or his research team to study.
Billy does point out that song, being produced by simple voice, wouldn’t carry through the vacuum of space. But, on the other hand, Richard and Scarlet argue that the Vajra clearly reacted to Fei-Yen, Sheryl and Ranka’s songs – both in the last battle and the one by the PLANTs.

A woman speaks up right then, saying their current research subject may be a similar case to ours. Who is she? Nena Trinity Mina Carmine, astrophysicist, and working with Billy to study those events with unmanned machines attacking people – including Allelujah and Soma, back at the Moldova base.
When Soushi asks, Mina confirms that they’ve confirmed what caused it: and as we hypothesized, the fragments of the downed Europa are to blame. Or, better put, this metal that had latched on to the fragments is the cause – once those fell to Earth, the metal split off from the fragments and started doing stuff on its own. Wait, “metal” was doing stuff?

It could well be the alien lifeform Hino told Allelujah about and Mina’s team decided to christen it Extraterrestrial Living-metal Shape-shifter – ELS, for short. From what they’ve uncovered, the ELS are prone to hijacking any piece of machinery they come in touch with; whereas, if they come in touch with a human, they’ll straight-up fuse with him. That explains that soldier Soma and Allelujah saw turning metallic.
Finally, there’s one other thing: they’ve established that the ELS are drawn to humans emitting Quantum Brainwaves, which is why all that stuff back at Moldova went after Soma and Allelujah. What all this amounts to is that we’ve a new problem in our hands, and Richard’s very annoyed. But Billy sees what Mina’s getting at: just as the ELS are drawn to Quantum Brainwaves, perhaps the girls’ songs have some sort of property that draws the Vajra? Hmm…

Cut to Howard’s office, Mishima knows what’s up. The results of their analyses have come in and, apparently, Sheryl’s voice gives off faint Fold Waves. These waves are primarily used as a medium for interstellar communication; ergo, Sheryl’s voice reaches out to the Vajra back in their universe, and calls them over via the same process used in Fold Transmissions.
Mishima posits the mastermind behind it all to be Grace O’Connor, Sheryl’s manager – or, rather, Col. Grace O’Connor, agent of the Galaxy Fleet. Sounds to Howard that they’ve amassed enough evidence and he wants them both arrested… but Mishima speaks against it.

Consider: those two have the means to control the Vajra, creatures wholly inimical to mankind. If they play their cards right and get their hands on that, think of what the Frontier Fleet could accomplish!
Howard’s not looking too keen on that plan, but Mishima isn’t done yet. If you remember, the Galaxy’s Fleet now finds itself in quite a difficult spot… which, on the flip side, makes this a prime opportunity for the Frontier, no? It starts to dawn on Howard that his right-hand-man is evil, but Mishima is too busy snickering to notice.

: What a mess… half the equipment set up for the show’s totally unusable…
: … Sheryl, I need a word.
: What’s gotten you so serious…?
: It’s about you and the Vajra.
: It’s looking to me that they’re being drawn by your singing. This wasn’t a one-time thing either, so I really don’t think it’s all just a freak coincidence.
: …
: So I’d like you to tell me the truth! Are you, or are you not, a spy for the Galaxy Fleet?
: …
: But I… I also want you to know that, regardless of your answer, it won’t change what I said before.
: You’re not alone anymore. Isn’t that right, Sheryl?
: …
: Alto, I—

: That was quite the touching speech, Sir UX pilot.
: You’re…!
: Also, you people can stop hiding. Come closer, if you would.
: Psh, she caught on to us.
: Captain… plus Maj. Richard and his team… What’re you doing here?
: Well, we need to chat with the Galaxy’s cyborg lady there.
: Cyborg…?
: Hmhm, what a mean thing to say. Are you suggesting those who’ve received mechanical Implants aren’t human anymore?
: A rather odd opinion, if you ask me, especially considering your team has plenty of people like me.
: …
: Regardless, what will you be doing now? Are you going to arrest me and Sheryl?
: No, Col. Grace. We’re actually here to inform you that the Frontier Fleet’s cleared you two of all suspicions of espionage.
: What…?
: Hmhmhm, I see… I suppose there’d be no point in accusing us of anything if the Galaxy Fleet’s wiped out, yes?
: What’d you mean by that…?
: You should hear this as well, Sheryl. A message arrived four hours ago saying that our home, the Galaxy Fleet, was under attack by a horde of Vajra.
: The Galaxy’s…!
: Then your Fleet’s in this world too…?!
: The Galaxy sent an SOS to Earth’s Federation Government, but, as of right now, both them and the Frontier government are ignoring the call for help.
: Is that true?!
: From what we’ve seen, neither government is willing to save them and risk beckoning even more Vajra to the Earth Sphere.
: In other words, both are looking out for themselves.
: Damn…!
: Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner?!
: Because there’s nothing we can do! The Galaxy Fleet’s by the Jupiter Sphere!
: They’re too far away and hanging by a thread. Besides, do you honestly think the people here would help those they suspect of spying on them?!
: …
: How much does the UX charge for a mission?
: What…?
: Tell me already! Everyone knows you as the heroes who saved Earth, but you’re still a mercenary crew, right?!
: True. Scumbags who take lives for a paycheck – that’s us.
: Maj. Richard…
: That being said, even scumbags like us have beliefs. We’ve our own burdens to shoulder.
: It’s in light of that burden that we put a price tag on life. And life isn’t cheap.
: Who do you think I am, hm? Here, take this!


: This card is…!

:siren: SRW UX - Rebellion Against Fate

: That account has all the money I’ve earned during my career as a singer…
: And if that’s still not enough, then I can sign off all my future royalties to you, too.
: Sheryl, you…
: Well, isn’t that something? The Galactic Fairy’s looking to moonlight as a Goddess of Battle.
: Alright, alright… you’ve got yourself a deal!
: Alto… this is who I am. My love for song, my wish to help the people from my home, they’re all real.
: I understand, Sheryl.
: Wait here, and I promise we’ll save your home and everyone who lives there!
: No time to waste, then. We’re moving out to rescue the Galaxy Fleet’s refugee ships – effective immediately.
: I trust we can count on the SMS to assist, Maj. Ozma?
: Absolutely.
: The mission’s codename will be… “Galactic Fairy”!

Mission 24 – A wakening

: Ship damage has just exceeded 70%! We can’t take more of this…!
: Gch, is this the end for us…? We’re to rot away in an alien universe, failing all those who we swore to protect…?


: We’re detecting a De-Fold signature right nearby!
: It’s… the Macross Quarter, from the Frontier Fleet!
: The Frontier?!

:siren: SRW UX - Rebellion Against Fate

: No abnormalities detected throughout the Quarter!
: The Elshank and Ptolemaios have also De-Folded without any issues!
: We’re pinging the Galaxy’s refugee fleet dead ahead!
: The ships have suffered heavy damage, but it seems their propulsion is still operational!
: Lam, get in touch and tell that we’re here to cover them!
: Yes, sir!
: Ready all gun batteries! Clear a path for them to escape!

: W-We’re saved! The people of the Galaxy Fleet are forever indebted to the Frontier!

: All refugee ships have left the sector. They appear to be getting ready to Fold away!
: All that’s left, then, is trashing the Vajra flocking around here!
: Deploy all mobile squadrons!
: Try to not do anything that’ll get you shot down again, Michel.
: That goes without saying! Just wait and I’ll show you what I can do with my new Tornado Pack!

: (Sheryl… I will keep my promise to you!)


: …!
: (This sensation is…!)
: (Do we have more than just the Vajra approaching…?)
: Vajra… Once again we must contend with their transgressions.

: My friends, there is our final line of defense. Do not allow the Vajra anywhere close to it!

Time for round two: kill all Vajra, without losing any ship, Alto, Setsuna or Allelujah, and without letting them reach the eastern corner of the map. If they do, they’ll blast the Galaxy refugee ships and that’ll be game over.
Same strategy as the previous mission applies, only you also have the big Vajra ships hanging back – they’ll prioritize attacking over moving (watch out for their directional MAPWs), though, so take out the little guys first and then move in to deal with the rest.
Make sure you save resources, though, because that’s hardly the end of it.

And, like he said, Michel now has a Tornado Pack on his Valkyrie which boosts everything important, while also giving him the Beam Cannons attack.

:siren: SRW UX - Future-Bound Fighting Spirit

:siren: SRW UX - Life Goes On

Forgot to show off the DK for this attack, so here it is!

This might’ve been a problem, if not for the fact that Sakura had debuffed this thing’s accuracy into oblivion.

Not that it helps Shizuna, but whatever.

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

:siren: SRW UX - Roulette

And that’s all of the things.[/i]

: No more enemies on radar! All Vajra have been brought down!
: I’ve kept my promise, Sheryl…


: !
: Keep your eyes open! Something’s coming!
: Huh…?!

: Wh-What are those things?!
: They’re… masses of metal?


: ! They’re coming our way! Allelujah, intercept!

: Just what are they doing…?!
: Setsuna, you think these are what you sensed?!
: I don’t know, but I think they’re…
: …


: (Hrk… what am I feeling…?! Is it coming from them?!
: We’ve a data match! Those hostile chunks of metal are made of the same substance found latched to the Europa fragments!
: Meaning these are the ELS?!
: B-But what’re they doing here?!
: Save your whining for later! The refugee ships are still nearby and we can’t let the ELS get to them!
: All units, intercept and destroy all targets!
: R-Roger!

You guys up for another gimmick enemy faction? That’s good, because the Festum aren’t the only ones: the ELS are rather frail and don’t hit too hard, but there’s a ton of them and their best trick is Fuse. It comes in L1 and L2 flavors, with these guys only having the former, and every time any of their attacks connects, you lose 10/20% of your max EN. If EN reaches 0, the ELS will fuse with the target – i.e., it’ll be shot down.
On the good side, they don’t get a full recharge like the Festum do; on the bad side, lost EN isn’t as easy to offset as lost morale. As always: you’ll want either your dodgy guys or those with reliable barriers to take point. Pay special attention to your EN hogs, as chugging fuel will work against you if that unit’s tank specced.

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: Hrgh… The ELS are responding to my Quantum Brainwaves?!
: Is that just part of their nature? Or maybe…!

:siren: SRW UX - My Fate

: I hear it, Aesap… I hear the voice of life! The ELS are saying something!
: A voice? Do you mean the ELS are giving out some sort of signal?!

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: Hrm… Something’s ripping through my mind…
: B-But this pain is nothing… We swore a vow to protect the powerless! You will not take even another step towards the refugee fleet! I won’t allow it!

:siren: SRW UX - Lion

: I don’t give a damn what I need to fight next! I made a promise to her to keep those people safe and I intend to do just that!

:siren: SRW UX - A Bird’s Song

: The things are bumrushing us…!
: Keep your heads on a swivel! They’ll fuse with the Dancouga if we allow them to make contact!
: They have to learn that ladies don’t appreciate that kind of domineering approach!
: And if you won’t stop, then we’ll have to get a bit rough and make you stop!

:siren: SRW UX - Linebarrel

: Jeez… you don’t even wait a second before attacking, do you?!
: Those bits that clung to the Europa already made a huge mess back on Earth – no way I’m letting your bunch make it there too!

:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

: I feel not the presence of magical energies, so these do not appear to be evil spirits or familiars… That being said, what is this odd sensation…?!
: Tch, whatever! Lemme at these metalheads and I’ll dunk them straight into a blast furnace!

Aaay, I finally got the ELS to connect with their attack!

And when you kill enough stuff, the plot kicks in.

: Tsk, they just keep on coming!


: ?!
: H-Hey, Shou! I think those ELS—
: Not now, Cham! Shush!
: Bah, would it kill you to just listen for a second?!
: Everyone get back! I’ll take them all out with the Raiser Sword!

Setsuna moves right towards the new bunch.

: Trans-AM! Rai—
: …

: Grgh!
: Th-The ELS is fusing with the 00!
: They’re being drawn by Setsuna’s strong Quantum Brainwaves!
: Urk! Gch… Gwaaaaaaaargh!
: Setsuna!
: Get off him!

: A-Alto?!

: Get away, Alto! They’re coming for me, and you’ll be caught right in the middle…!
: Are you kidding me?! I’m not about to sit back and watch a teammate get destroyed right under my nose!
: Alto…!

Location: Celestial Being Vessel – Command Center

: The UX and the ELS are fighting by the Jupiter Sphere…?!
: Yes, ma’am. However, the ELS are pushing them back – things are looking poorly.
: Well, they’re kinda like heroes of the Federation now, so how about we go and bail them out?
: Do you have any idea how far the Jupiter Sphere is from us, you dunce?


: Hm?! What’s going on?!
: An unidentified unit just launched from one of the ship’s sealed-off sections!
: Unidentified?! Bring it up on screen!


: That mech is…!
: Come in, pilot of the unknown unit! State your name and affiliation! If you fail to comply we—
: Nah, lemme handle it! The resident Super Ace’ll get out there and tie that sucker—

Power up! And flash!

: I-It disappeared?!
: What was that light…?!
: The unknown unit’s signal has vanished from our radars!
: (That light was just like that when a Fold is executed… Wait, did it…?!)
: Run a check across all sealed-off sections of the ship and tally the supplies stored in there!
: Specifically, give me the status on blocks F35 to 40! That’s where the confidential supplies we got from the Frontier Fleet are!
: Y-Yes, ma’am!


: I-It’s…! The item stored in block F38’s been stolen!
: I knew it…!
: Commander, F38 means…
: Hm. A weapon module capable of unassisted Fold jumps…
: He took the Fold Booster!
: “Fold Booster”?! Then you think that unknown mech was headed…!

: Gaaaah…!
: R-Rrrgh…!
: Fusion rate across both units is over 60%! Any more than and they’ll be in serious danger!
: Troops, can anyone break through the ELS lines and reach them?!
: And how d’ya expect us to “break through” that swarm…?!

: U-Uwaaaah!
: Alto…!

: I-It’s…!

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: …
: A Gundam…!
: Tieria Erde, Raphael Gundam, destroying the targets!


: Ms. Noriega, that unit is…!
: Yes… He’s here!

*Tieria moves in towards Alto and Setsuna.

: Are you two alright?
: Y-Yeah…
: Tieria, why are you here…?
: I’ll explain later. First we need to make it out of this!
: Sumeragi Lee Noriega, standing by for orders.
: Aye, aye. The Raphael’s attack has broken the ELS’ mob apart, so now we capitalize on it! Make sure you take out every single one of them!
: Setsuna F. Seiei, acknowledged!
: I’ll pay you back twice over for what you did to us, ELS!

Raphael Gundam (Tieria Erde)
Pilot Skills:
Innovade (イノベイド) – Activates at 130 morale. Accuracy and Evasion increase as morale does.
Support Attack L1
Support Defense L2
All Attack L1
Spirit Commands:
Fury/Direct Hit
Iron Wall
Mech Features:
GN Field
GN Drive [T] MD
Squad Bonus: Armor +100, HP +500 (Armor +150, HP +1000, Ranged weapons’ attack +150)
Tieria’s voice actor: Hiroshi Kamiya

Tieria’s usually meant as a tank-and-spank kind of pilot, but the Raphael has surprisingly good mobility and Tieria’s Innovade skill provides a nice evasion boost (and he’s already a good pilot on his own). It’s the 2nd hardest hitting CB Gundam (losing only to Setsuna, of course) and packs some very nice range. It even has a MAPW that hits 1-8 in two straight lines up front.
On the flip side, the Raphael REALLY likes to drink EN, which makes it the most dangerous Gundam to pit against the ELS. If you wanna make full use of him, you’ll likely want to give him E-Save – if you want him to lead, add in a squaddie with a resupply module.
The high cost usually pushes me away since I don’t care enough to use him as a main unit, but I reckon he’s solid enough as a squaddie too. If you wind up with free deployment space and want him to lead, pairing him up with Yamashita or, better yet, Canaria could probably work well.

Carrying on now!

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: ELS approaching! ELS approaching!
: Well, we can’t have ‘em close in on us, right? Only one thing to do now… and that’s sniping the target before it comes to that!
: Sniping the target! Sniping the target!

:siren: SRW UX - Love 14 ver. HD (Vocal)

: What kind of sound is this…? It’s just a garbled mess! I can’t make any sense of it!

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

: It’s that voice again… The same voice I heard back at the Federation base!
: A voice…? What’re you talking about, Cham?! I don’t hear anything!

:siren: SRW UX - Life Goes On

: I’ve no idea what any of you are up to, but if you’re going around hurting people then you’ll answer to me!

:siren: SRW UX - Love Survivor

: The Boom, the Skrugg, Vajra and, now, these ELS?!
: What the frick is happening to the Earth Sphere over these last months?! Did the place get cursed or something?!

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

: Why are these – and the Festum, for that matter – attacking us humans for?!
: Stay on your toes, Kazuki! There’re still many unknowns regarding the ELS, so try your best to play it safe!

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: Argh… It’s happening again…!
: They’re being drawn to Marie’s Quantum Brainwaves…! Hallelujah!
: I’m on it! These tin-cans ain’t getting even one finger on her!

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: To promote dialogue with alien species is the final objective of the Celestial Being…
: But, at this moment, I’ve no choice but to take hostile action! As contradictory as it might be, I won’t think twice to do this if it’ll let me save them!

And let’s show off his best attack right away.

:siren: SRW UX - The Eternal Soldiers

: Hah, I dunno what’s up with these ELS, but I like ‘em already if they’re bringing this much game to the table!
: We’re handing out free gunshot wounds today. Step up and I’ll make sure all of you leave here with one…!

:siren: SRW UX - Future-Bound Fighting Spirit

: The Europa also lost contact around Jupiter… Just what is going on in this planet?!
: We can’t leave these things to roam free or they might reach Earth again! They’ve got to be stopped now!

: All ELS confirmed destroyed. No new targets on radar.
: Stay frosty, people. Get ready to pull back as soon as we give the word.
: Alto, I apologize for what happened there.
: Ah? N-No, don’t mention it… I’m the one who jumped into that mess and I couldn’t do jack.
: Really, I should be apologizing for getting in your way…
: Listen, did you… feel something when you closed in with that swarm of ELS?
: “Something”?
: …
: (ELS, the Extraterrestrial Living-metal Shape-shifter… Could it be that what I felt when I came into contact with them was…?)

Cut to the Frontier, Sheryl’s still coughing and not looking too good, but she tells Grace she’s fine. And what about the Galaxy? The ships we managed to rescue have successfully Folded to the Earth Sphere.
That’s a relief for Sheryl, but Grace sees problems on the horizon: it took a long while for the folks of this world to begin to accept the Frontier’s presence, and the Galaxy Fleet’s arrival will complicate things once more.
All the more reason why Sheryl needs to work even harder – she, and her song, will help this world welcome the Galaxy Fleet as well… that cough isn’t going to make it easy, though. He tries holding on, but quickly passes out, calling out to Alto.

Back to us, Aoi is appropriately amazed at the Raphael Gundam for blasting that group of ELS to kingdom come. We’ve got all four Gundam Meisters with us now, but Lux vividly remembers Lockon telling her Tieria died during a previous battle of theirs. Moritsugu and Soushi explain: the guy’s an Innovade, a manmade quasi-Innovator.
He’s an artificial human, or, better put, a terminal unit built by Veda – that, in turn, means his mind is backed-up inside the supercomputer. So long as that’s there, he can come back indefinitely, even if his body dies.
“Heh, now that’s sounds real handy. So you get a do-over on life as many times as you want? Where do I sign up?” Kaido laughs, only to get immediately shot down by Magami. “Hmhm they’d be better off giving an actual monkey a ‘do-over’ on life than a moron like you.”

“Haw, haw, haw, we’ve got a comedian here, eh?! Just lemme get my hands on you, chuckles!” Kaido starts stomping over, and Scarlet suggests a worried Tsubasa to ignore the two idiots – the ELS are more important. Indeed, Sima Yi didn’t expect them to attack the way they did, and considering that the Europa was an exploration vessel sent to Jupiter, Luna and Shinn figure the aliens probably have something going on with the planet.
In any case, we’ll need to wait until the eggheads have a report on the things. That being said, Cham pokes Shou again about what she felt during battle. What was it?

Cut to the Ptolemaios, Setsuna has an answer: the ELS have a mind – or something akin to it – of their own, and he felt it when the things were trying to fuse with the 00. Lasse can’t imagine blobs of metal having minds, but Tieria remembers Aeolia Schenberg’s 200-year-old prophecy of humanity being met with visitors from outer-space. Thus, the guy established the Celestial Being, and created Veda and the Innovades to help unite mankind.
If the ELS are intelligent beings, then it could be that the hour of Aeolia’s foretold “future dialogue” is nigh. However, as Allelujah remembers, the “dialogue” step of Aeolia’s plan was supposed to take place AFTER humanity had left the confines of the Solar System. Sumeragi ponders how we already have the Frontier Fleet and several other visitors from other universes, so maybe we’re headed towards another future than the one he predicted way back when.
The fact that we may be diverging from Aeolia’s plan makes Tieria pensive, and Allelujah thinks back to what Hino said back at Moldova about “divergence of possibilities”; what if all the possibilities inherent to mankind have caused it to diverge into a new future? Setsuna, meanwhile, is worried about what the outcome of this “dialogue” could be.

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the baddies are up to no good: Mitsuhiro congratulates Hester in being named Representative of the Army of Mankind. In truth, that spot was supposed to be filled by Hazard, so she can’t well celebrate this. Dog Tack is there as well, and Hester tells him she doubts Hazard’s the kind of man to let that be the end. Indeed, she believes he’ll make a comeback and rejoin them in their struggles.
Dog vows to serve her faithfully until that time arrives, and Hester has high hopes for the skilled aide. Now, time to go over what the Army of Mankind’ll be fielding: they’ve already got the Megatherion and Babylon, plus GN-Xs and Jinrais from the Federation Army. The new Special Mobile Troop is also expected to join in.
Dog hadn’t heard of that Troop, and Mitsuhiro tells that it’s a team put together by Prof. Novel Dylan, the creator the Riot Series and worldwide authority in particle physics. Now if only they could finish the new Salvator Model… that requires a Fafner Core, as Kariya notes, and Tatsumiya is the only place they’ll find one.

: ?! Are you going to attack the island?!
: It’s necessary to defend humanity, as I’m sure you’re aware.
: Says the people who left my dad and the Moldova Base staff to die…!
: Sacrifices need to be made in order for the rest to be kept safe.
: Didn’t you stain your hands with blood precisely because you’ve someone you wish to be safe?
: …!
: We’ve come too far to start having second thoughts…

: (Michio…)
: (Damn it, what am I doing? The reason I left the island was to…)
: (Yumiko…)

Location: Island of Tatsumiya – Forest

: Oh, what gives…? This is supposed to be a group bug-hunt, so why am I the only one who got lost…? (Seri)
: Aargh, moooom!
: Moooom!
: Huh?! Wh-Who… Is someone there?
: Hahah, “mom”. That’s my… first word… since being born…
: W-Who are you…?
: Heeheehee…

Time for Sumeragi and Richard to unlock their second tactician bonuses: +10% attack power during the player phase and 10% EN/MP regen to everyone, respectively. Very nice.
And, for those keeping track, the Fafner trio’s now up to 110 combined kills – only 40 left! Joey’s up to 56.

It seems like Demonbane is the ultimate weapon against the ELS, seeing as it runs on MP and not EN. Also I haven’t seen the 00 movie, but since this is Gundam and one of the rules of Gundam is No Aliens, I’m waiting for the ELS to be revealed to be the result of some weird science project gone awry.

No, they’re actually just aliens. They’re extremely alien, even. The whole conflict of the movie is that they’re so alien dialogue with them is seemingly impossible, and they’re also nearly impossible to predict.

I wasn’t really asking for spoilers… :expressionless:

I just created an account to say thank you for translating this game. Heard many great things about the plot and beat the game before without knowing much of what’s going on in the game besides Linebarrel since I read most of the Manga.

Again thanks, can’t wait to get back to it again. Might start again along with when X English gets released later this month.

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Click to see the mission

Welcome back, folks. Last time, we survived a double dosage of dull with Trailblazer and Frontier, but, fret not, we’re back in the cool part of town today! Arnie, Saya, Shinn and Kazuki are deploying as solo event units, so that calls for a few changes in our formation:
Sun Quan/Sun Shangxian
Cao Cao/Moritsugu
Liu Bei/Rennie
Aesap/Guan Yu
Tactician: Zhuge Liang

Lot of stuff to do today, so let’s get to it.

: Cpt. Spencer, I believe both the Vijaya and Draupa are ready to be deployed.
: Okay. Let’s get going, then.
: U-Um…
: Something wrong?
: N-No, I… I just can’t stop thinking if I’m ready for this…
: I mean, I wouldn’t want to trip you up…
: Not at all, Ayul. Remember, my purpose is to bring about your awakening.
: So, if anything, I’m the one here to help extend your reach.
: B-But…
: Heh, I’ve already died once.
: That makes my life as cheap as they come… but if I can still give something to you, then…
: Cpt. Spencer…
: Come on. We… rather, you will grasp the Beginning of Life with your own hands!
: Okay…!

Location: Tatsumiya – Forest

: Life is born…
: Life…?
: I, you, everyone, we are all our own persons. That’s how so many connections were formed between us.
: Uh, is that some kind of fairy-tale?
: Yes; a fairy-tale about us and about this very universe.
: A joyful and sad tale, given to all of us by God…
: …?
: Can I ask you a favor?
: Huh? Oh, sure – ask away.
Could you be my friend? I don’t have a single one…
: Ahahaha. Hey, now, what’re you on about? I think we already are, no?
: Thank you, Seri…
: Don’t mention it… Um, wait. Did I tell you my name?


: Don’t move!
: Wh-Who—?!
: Don’t try anything funny and I won’t hurt you. Come over here!
: N-No… Someone! HELP!



: Grurgh!


: (The Army of Mankind’s made its way even out here… ALVIS may already be under their control by the looks of things…!)
: Are you two hurt?
: N-No, we’re fine… Who are you?
: Athrun! You saved us!
: Y-You’re…?!
: Oh, you know each other?
: …
: Tsubaki… Minashiro…?
: “Minashiro”…?! As in, Soushi Minashiro?!
: Eheheh… Pleased to meet you?

: Tatsumiya’s been taken over by the Army of Mankind?! Are you serious, Soushi?!
: Yes, there’s no doubt about it.
: Is my dad… is everyone safe?!
: From what I’ve heard, ALVIS accepted an unconditional surrender so no major battles broke out. I wouldn’t think the people of the island were hurt.
: Mom…
: So they went behind our backs and took the place while we were out in space?! Those good-for-nothing hyenas!
: But the Army of Mankind’s also an official independent platoon of the Federation, right?
: Yeah. We’re supposed to be on the same side, so what gives?
: Hester Gallop. She was just assigned as Representative of the Army of Mankind… and she’d always been very insistent in trying to get ALVIS to hand over our units.
: And this is more of that? She’s after the Fafners in our hangar?
: I believe so.
: Tsk… And she’ll even take over the whole island to make that happen?!
: We need to head back right now! Who knows what they’ll do to everyone if we leave them be!
: Calm down, Kazuki. Rush in there without a plan and you’ll be doing exactly what they want.
: Are you telling me not to care about our friends and families?!
: Of course not. Everyone wants their friends and family to be safe.
: And you need to do everything in your power to keep those dear people from becoming casualties. I agree with that thought 100%.
: Mr. Asuka…
: …
: But remember what I said before: you’re not doing this by yourself.
: …!
: We’re all here too. We’ll work out a way to save the people of the island and then we’ll do it together.
: …
: Alright. I apologize, Mr. Asuka… and thank you.
: Heehee, hearing you say that shows how much you’ve grown.
: Th-This isn’t funny, Cham…
: But isn’t it strange how fast they managed to pull off an op like this? I mean, the Army of Mankind was just put together…
: I’m sure they’d been planning this for a while now.
: Hm. And our departure into space was exactly the opportunity they needed to execute. As though it was all preordained…
: Another freakish chain of coincidences, hm?
: Then, what would the next event in that chain be…?

Beep, beep.

: Your Highness, we’re receiving a transmission! They say it’s from Hester of the Army of Mankind!
: From the Army of Mankind…?!
: Master Kongming, do you think…?
: Speak of the devil, indeed. Once more, threads of the spider-web of “coincidence” wrap around us…
: …
: Put her through, please.


: A good day to you, pilots of the UX. I’m Hester Gallop, Representative of the Army of Mankind.
: What a surprise to have someone of your stature contacting us. What do you need, madam?
: As I’m sure you’re aware, the island of Tatsumiya – and ALVIS itself – is under our control.
: Thus, I’d like to request that you return the Fafners they lent to you.
: That sounds dangerously like extortion, if you ask me. What would happen if we refused?
: I don’t think it needs to be said. But it’s in the best interest of the island’s citizens that you comply.
: O-Of all the underhanded—!
: I’ll be looking forward to a speedy response from you. I’m not known as a patient woman, you see.


: Now that was a one-sided “request” and half. Seems our hunch was right.
: Hester’s a pretty big player among the hard-liners in the Federation government. I don’t think she’s bluffing…
: Maybe not, but we can’t hand over the Fafners to the Army of Mankind.
: What about the people of the island, though…?!
: It’s all right. Not even one of them will be hurt.
: Is that so… Do you mean she’s awakening?
: Yes…
: …!
: Got it. Get in touch with the Quarter and the Ptolemaios, then! The UX are moving out to liberate Tatsumiya!

Location: ALVIS – Cell

: Heeey! You let me out of here right now!

Door opens.

: Yeesh. Haven’t changed at all, have we?
: Y-You’re…!
: You doing okay, Yumiko…?
: Mi-Michio… and Yukippe!
: I suggest you behave yourself, okay? I’d rather things not have to turn sour.
: Yukippe, why did you do it? Why did you betray us?!
: …
: Tell me, do you remember the faces of our classmates?
: Our classmates…?
: One by one, they were assimilated by the Festum genes they’d been implanted with… and now the three of us are all who remain.
: What it comes down to is that we were guinea pigs – a means to bring about the next generation, the ones truly meant to be the Fafners’ pilots.
: But what does any of that have to do with the Army of Mankind?!
: The more someone pilots a Fafner, the more their chromosomes mutate, bringing them closer and closer to death by assimilation…
: But it’s also possible for those genes to develop in a way that allows one to survive. At least, that’s what my dad said.
: So you left the island to try and find a potential cure for assimilation, is that what you’re getting at?
: Do you seriously think that justifies what you’ve done?!
: …
: A long time ago, I knew this girl who dreamed of becoming an idol singer…
: ?! That’s…!
: I asked myself: “what should I do to protect her dream”…?
: And before I knew it, I was fighting outside the island.
: Michio…

Door opens!

: Michio!
: W-Wah?! What’re you yelling my name for, idiot?!
: You’re the one who’s always telling me to call you that. Our next mission’s about to begin, remember?
: Fine, fine… You go on ahead. I’ll be there in a sec.
: …

She leaves.

: That girl, I swear… she really needs to learn how to ease up.
: Well, I gotta get going, Yumiko. I’ll come see you later…
: Please wait.
: Just tell me this: do you really believe fighting with the Army of Mankind is the way to protect that girl’s dream…?
: …
: I dunno…


: Michio, you…

: I’m so sorry that you have to carry me, Athrun…
: It’s just this is my first time ever outside. I still can’t walk too well.
: …
: Your first time ever? Tsubaki, what kind of girl are you…?
: … They’re coming.
: Huh…?!


: Th-That’s…!
: The Festum?! And at the worst possible moment…!


: Aah! Wh-What’s this?!
: The entrance to a shelter. You have to get away from here, Seri.
: But what about you?!

:siren: SRW UX - Separation

: I have to go… (Separation lyrics.)
: Go where?
: We promised each other we’d be friends, right?
: T-Tsubaki…?

Shelter closes.

: …
: You were controlling that shelter, weren’t you?
: Are you coming with me, Athrun?
: Yeah. I’m one of many people tied to this island, so I’d like to see for myself what you’ll feel, what you’ll learn…
: Everything I learn, I learn in order to impart to our Mir.
: To impart the beginning of that joyful and sad tale – one of how this universe can have nothing but life…

Mission 25 – Life ~ Awakening

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

: Are you there…?
: Gh-Gwaaaaaaargh!

: Hrm… Even our best forces are no match for them!
: I’m sure you’re well aware that conventional weapons will have a very hard time standing up to the Festum’s mind reading abilities.
: Which is precisely why we’re asking you to give us the Fafners!
: Our organization is the one tasked with fighting all of mankind’s enemies. Don’t you think weapons that embody humanity’s hope are meant to be in our care?
: You people think of nothing but war. I’m not about to hand them over to you.
: Besides, humanity’s hope doesn’t lie with just the Fafners.
: What…?

:siren: SRW UX - Rebellion Against Fate

: The UX?!
: Hmph, what a surprise to see them here…
: Wait by your cell, Cmdr. Makabe. We may as well have them weaken the enemy for us.
: (Kazuki…)
: It’s looking like the Army of Mankind’s planning to have us play shock troops for them.
: I know we’re here to protect the people of the island, but setting up a united front with them is just…
: Tch… Michio, do you hear me?! Why are you helping scum like the Army of Mankind?!
: Kazuki…
: These are our orders. The “why” doesn’t matter.
: “Orders”?! You have friends and family, don’t you?! How can you do this to our own…?!
: I had a family… I don’t anymore. As for my friends… the Festum ate all of them.
: …?!
: That’s enough, Kazuki.
: Mr. Asuka…
: (For the Festum to attack at this precise moment… Was it just random chance or was it an inevitability?)
: Troops, ignore the Army of Mankind for the time being. Focus all your energies on eliminating the Festum!

Mission Objective: Destroy all enemies.
Mission Failure: Any ship, Arnie, Saya, Kazuki or Shinn shot down.
Got a bigger fight ahead of us than during our past couple of missions, but we’ve fought enough of the Festum to know how to deal with them (and there’s no superpowered one this time). As said, ignore Michio and Canon for now and just worry about dropping the things as quickly as possible – make sure you don’t leave stuff weakened around them or those two may steal those kills.
And, as before, try your best to conserve resources because there’s more stuff on the way.

:siren: SRW UX - The Gate of Neidhöhle Opens

:siren: SRW UX - Shangri-La

Onomnomnom. Good to see you creepy blobs again.

:siren: SRW UX - Lion

Kill enough stuff and the plot kicks in.

: Damn them, they’ve broken through! What is the Army of Mankind doing?!

The Festum flies towards ALVIS HQ.

: S-Stop! Yumiko’s in there!
: Get back here!!

Shinn blasts after the Festum!

: R-Rrrgh!
: Mr. Asuka…!

: Damn it… he got my thrusters!

The Impulse drops to the ground!

: We’re detecting major abnormalities in the Impulse’s main thrusters and leg joints after that attack! It can’t get any lift!
: What?!
: This isn’t good… he’s a sitting duck right now!

: …?!
: They wanna assimilate Shinn while he’s immobile!
: Are you there…?
: Shinn, run!
: Hrm…!
: Haaaaaaah!

: Aargh!
: Kazuki…?!
: K-Kazuki, you…!
: The Mark Sein should be able to resist assimilation at least a bit! Run while I keep them at bay…!

: Gaaaaah!
: Kazuki, stop! This is too much even for the Mark Sein!
: Forget about me! Get away from here now!
: I’m fine…! Y-You’re the one who needs to go… hurry!
: I gave you an order, Kazuki! If we lose the Mark Sein here – if we lose you – that’ll be the end!
: Don’t you have people you need to keep safe?! Those are the ones you’re truly meant to lay your life on the line for!
: ?!
: Shinn…!
: That’s my point exactly, Mr. Asuka…

:siren: Mika Arisaka - Life Goes On

: As far as I’m concerned, you’re also a dear friend and someone I need to keep safe!
: …!
: Kazuki…!
: Uooooooooh!

Kazuki drags the Festum far away!

: Kch… Impulse, move! Move!
: If we don’t do something, he… my friend’s gonna…!
: Everything will be fine. Destiny is your ally…
: Huh…?!


*The Destiny blows the Festum away.

: …?!
: Wh-What…?!
: It’s… the Destiny!
: But who’s piloting it?!
: Huh… What in Newton’s name is going on?! We’re not detecting any vital signs inside… It’s flying by itself!
: By itself…?!
: (No, this sensation is…!)


: That’s the answer you picked…
: It’s what you sought… the Wings of Destiny!
: Who… Who are you?!
: (I knew it… Tsubaki…!)
: Shinn, hop aboard the Destiny quick! The Festum are still coming!
: Athrun?! What’re you doing here…?!
: Just do it already! You’ve people you need to keep safe too, don’t you?!
: A-Alright…!

: Come on, Destiny! This time… I’ll hold strong and protect all that’s dear to me!

: Kazuki, form up! We’ll shape destiny with our own hands… for as long as we’ve our lives! (Last part is Life Goes On lyrics.)
: Yes, sir!


: Th-They’re so strong…!
: Kazuki… Mr. Asuka!
: (“For as long as we’ve our lives”…)
: (Rrgh…! For what… for who have I been fighting for?!) (Life Goes On again.)
: Now’s our chance, people! Destroy the remaining Festum!
: Roger that!

Hurray, Shinn finally has his actual bot back! :toot:
It’s still just as good as it was back in the prologue, and Shinn also has access to its better weapon now (plus Luna can dump that ZAKU!).
Good times all around.

:siren: SRW UX - Obelisk

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

:siren: SRW UX - Future-Bound Fighting Spirit

And the rest of them fall in short order.[/i]

: All Festum confirmed destroyed. No new signals on radar!
: That’s them taken care of, but what about…
: That was some excellent work, UX. Now if you would, lay down your weapons and surrender immediately.

: You had us take care of all the Festum and then you spring this on us, eh? That’s real cute!
: …
: What’re we gonna do about this, Soushi?!
: Don’t worry. We’ll have our chance soon.
: Soushi…?

: Hah, is it over already? I think I’m actually a bit disappointed. But, now, the Fafners—


: Wh-What’s going on…?!
: The ALVIS personnel have all escaped! They broke out of their cells!
: What?! Get them back NOW!
: We can’t! All of the base’s security devices and equipment are going out of control… We’re pinned down!
: What insanity is going on here?!

Door opens.

: I see you made it too, Yumiko.
: The bulkheads were opening and closing all around the base. They helped me… or, actually, I think they led me here…
: The same happened to us.
: But what is this place, commander…?

Power up!

: This terminal is… Solomon’s main unit?! Which means…!
: It’s Arthur’s Room… the 2nd CDC!
: 2nd CDC…?!
: Th-The computers are turning on by themselves… The island management functions are being transferred from the occupied 1st CDC!
: To your stations, everyone! The basic structure of this place is the same as the 1st!
: Run checks on all systems! We’re taking control of our island back!
: But how is any of this working? Wasn’t the 2nd CDC sealed away because it put too much strain on our systems…?
: If I had to guess, I’d say she’s behind this…

: I am this island, and this island is me.
: The only thing I can do for the people who live here is let them choose… so that they can know what they really want…
: And you let Kazuki and Shinn make their choices too?
: They weren’t the only ones. The people of the island did too; as did Soushi…
: And so did the Festum…
: Y-You’re…!
: (Isn’t that right, Soushi…?)

: (Tsubaki…!)

: The island’s defense systems have come online…?!
: Yo, what’s going on there?!


: Apologies for the headache we caused. The ALVIS staff and all of the island’s inhabitants are safe.
: Commander, did she… Is Tsubaki Minashiro awake?!
: Yes, she is.
: Mi-“Minashiro”…?!
: UX, we’d like to employ your services again: please defend our island!
: Consider it done, sir!
: Okay, and with that mess sorted out, we can go to town on these mooks!

: Hrm… Never did I expect this would take such a turn!
: We’re left with no choice. Shift to Plan B!
: Plan B…?! But, then, the island’ll…!
: This is just a precaution for a worst case scenario. They should be here soon.
: And if they can sort this out, great. But if they fail…
: …
: Preparations are complete. Moving to withdraw!
: You’re not going anywhere…!

Arnie runs after Dog’s battleship.

: U-Urk…!
: I can’t let you do that, Arnie…!
: …?! Th-That voice…!

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers
:siren: :siren: :siren:

: Been a while, hasn’t it?
: Ji-Jin…?!

: A squadron of Riots… and two new models?!
: This is the Special Mobile Troop calling all forces. Let us handle this!
: We’re already switching the operation into Plan B. This is the tipping point for everything, so I hope you won’t disappoint!

: (“Plan B”…?!)
: Jin, you’re alive…! I can’t believe it!
: Wrong, Arnie. What I am is reborn.
: Reborn… so that I can lead this world to the Beginning of Life!
: Wh-What are you—…?!

“Open your eyes and behold the power of the new me…!”

: Gwaaaargh!
: Arnie…!
: No abnormalities in the Neutron Generator. Internal pressure is also stable.
: These readings are… particle acceleration?! Then those units…!
: (It can’t be…!)
: (Yes. Them, too…)
: Urgh! Ji-Jin… why?!
: You’ve always been drifting through life, Arnie, never knowing the difference between belief and destiny! What could you possibly understand?!
: But I’m different! I’m deciding my own fate, and I’m standing here of my own free will!
: Jin, you…!

Saya flies next to Arnie.

: Back off, Ensign! Those units are incredibly dangerous!
: Ms. Saya…!
: Skull Leader to all units! Move in and cover the Orphes!
: Drive the Army of Mankind off this island!
: Jin… Why do we have to fight again?!

Draupa (Ayul Dylan)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L4
Support Attack L2
All Attack L2
Command L2
Mech Features:
20% EN Regen
All Canceller
Ayul’s voice actress: Ai Nonaka (other roles: Kyoko Sakura in Madoka, Tora in Xenoblade 2, Honoka in Dead or Alive, and several more).

Vijaya (Jin Spencer)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L4
Support Attack L2
Hit & Away
All Attack L2
Command L2
Mech Features:
20% EN Regen
All Canceller

Jin’s Vijaya is pretty much a straight upgrade to his old Riot A, packing more of everything and, this time, with a focus on tanking stuff with its superlative armor. It’s still meant primarily as a sniper, and its best attack is range 3-9, but it now has a biiiig directional MAPW that blasts everything in a 3x9 AoE (4x9 near the end). All his main weapons have impressive accuracy modifiers, too, so just come packing Invincible and Alerts.
Repeat what I said about Jin apply that to Ayul, only she has a wee bit less of nearly everything. She covers her melee range better than him, but the Draupa doesn’t hit as hard; mind you, with Guard, she’s actually a bit tankier. Also has a 3x8 directional MAPW, so watch it. Both enemies can only use those over 130 morale, but they’ll get there easily.

The plot will kick in when either one of them is downed, but note that Ayul is the only one carrying a Skill Part (though I reckon Jin would be worth more cash). Your choice which you wanna go for.

:siren: SRW UX - My Fate

: Whatever the situation, I’ll carry out my orders to the bitter end.
: (And, then, I will finally…)

:siren: SRW UX - A Bird’s Song

: The second the Festum are gone, you start gunning for us, eh? You guys got a whole lotta nerve.
: We’re simply carrying out our missions in order of priority. With the more threatening target eliminated, we move on to the next. That’s all.
: “More” threatening, eh?
: Sounds to me like you’re selling us short. Give us a sec and we’ll give you a wake-up call, though!

:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

: You say this is to help you beat the Festum, but what’s the goddamn point if you gotta hurt people to make it happen?!
: It’s not my place to ponder that. I simply carry out the mission given to me…!
: Hmph. Words are wasted on those unwilling to listen, indeed.
: She forces our hand, Kurou! Strike with all your might and open her eyes!

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: Our top priority is to capture a Nothung Model… and I’ll eliminate anyone who opposes that…!
: (Persistent to the point of obstinance… It’s almost like I’m looking at my old self…)

: The mission is a failure… Shifting to the final phase of Plan B.

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

: Our flagship’s booked it and it’s near impossible to keep the island under control…
: Yeesh, why am I still fighting around here?

: Like bandits, you wield strength to take what you want from your fellow men… Tell me, where is the justice in your actions?!
: Justice, huh…? It’d be real nice if that’s all it took for people to survive…!

:siren: SRW UX - Envoy from Jupiter

: Your father worked to help mankind to his last breath!
: And if you want proof, just look at Kazuki’s Mark Sein!
: I’m sure you, of all people, can understand its reason for being!
: Hmhmm… Dad really was who he was to the very end.
: But I’m afraid I’ve already moved past the point of no-return!

:siren: SRW UX - My Fate

: Why are you working against Tatsumiya?!
: I’m sure there’re a ton of people you know around here!
: I’ll get back to you on that. Mind you, I left the island because those folks are around…!

: That’s all I can take…
: (I’m worried about that “Plan B” of theirs, but I need to back off for now…)

And with them out of the way, I’ll clear the rest and take out Ayul for the Skill Part – be mindful of their MAPWs on approach, because they’ll likely have enough morale to blast you.

:siren: SRW UX - Life Goes On

: So much can be wiped out by the fires of war… and I’ll protect it all with these wings!

Bam, here’s Shinn’s best attack plus the DK.

Leave me alone, Jin!

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: Jin, stop! That mech’s dangerous!
: I know you understand that accelerated particle engines are—
: Are you implying you’re the only one who can handle one of those?
: No, I aim to soar even higher than you… and, then, I’ll grasp everything! With my own two hands!

Too bad, you can’t soar higher than GOUBINE!


: (This sensation I’m getting off her… it’s almost like…)
: (Like when I awakened…? Why is that…?)



: My mother’s told me that your group is a trial that we need to overcome!
: Your mother? “Trial”? What’re you on about?!

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: What’s this I’m feeling from that unit…?
: Something up, Magami?!
: (This presence… it’s the same…!)

And here’s Ayul’s best attack.

: Do you have any idea how dangerous that unit you’re flying is?!
: Yes, and we’ll master it. That’s what Ayul and I are here for!

: You’re called Jin, right?! Then listen up: you got things all wrong!
: Arnie never betrayed the Federation, ya hear?!
: You being for or against the Federation isn’t important – I’m not fighting because of that anymore.
: What I’m after is to use the Vijaya to grasp life itself!

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: Hey, weren’t you and Arnie best friends?! How do you figure you two gotta fight?!
: I’ve left my past behind…! And I’ll spare no one who gets in my way – not even him!

: Please, stop this! You’re Arnie’s best friend, aren’t you?
: He’d been thinking about what happened to you all this time…!
: The two of us have chosen different roads to follow…
: And those roads are not parallel. Conflict is all that exists between them!

: A bona fide Innovator… I won’t let you and your dangerous powers anywhere near the Captain!


: (What presence is this? It’s not Quantum brainwaves, but…)

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers


: …?!
: (This presence… what’s going on?! Why does that feel so familiar…?!)
: (What’s this…?! Who are you?!)

There. Ayul drops Fei’s Disk, which gives +10 to Melee and Ranged, and +5 to Accuracy.

: Uurk…!

*Ayul flies away.

: I’ve got you now…!
: Ayul…!

Arnie tries going after, but Jin blocks the Orphes.

: Jin…!
: Y-You’re not taking us down…!
: We… We’ve something we need to see through! Something worth risking our lives for!

: W-What?! Is that… Aura Power?!
: But I don’t feel any hate. That’s…!
: ‘Tis the strength of his resolve…! Nay… ‘tis the light of his soul?!
: Jin… What happened to make you like this?!
: I’ve finally found it, Arnie… my purpose in life!
: Your purpose…?!
: You heard me… All these years, I was just an empty shell of a man – soulless.
: Anger and ambition controlled my every breath, and I mistook it all for actual pride. I was just a fool…
: Cpt. Spencer…
: But not anymore! Now I really have a duty to fulfill… I have pride! I have resolve! I have a soul!
: Arnie! You represent the last piece of my past that I’ve to overcome!

: Gwaaaargh!
: Ensign Berge!
: I-I’m fine… I’m not letting myself be beaten by him…!
: But…!
: Jin, you’re absolutely right. I, too, was soulless throughout all these years…
: I didn’t understand what it truly meant to protect life, and I did just drift aimlessly…
: But not anymore!
: What…?
: Now I’ve people I want to protect! I’ve taken the burden of our future onto my shoulders…!
: Just as you’ve your pride, I’ve an unflinching belief within my heart!
: Arnie…!
: …

:siren: SRW UX - Roaring Deathblow

: Ms. Saya… we’re doing the Hell Stringer!
: ?! Arnie…!
: H-Hey, isn’t that…?!
: You’re going to use that warp ability again?!
: You can’t, Arnie! If you do that, you’ll…!
: I’m prepared to face whatever might happen!
: Because, Jin… you also represent the last piece of my past that I’ve to overcome!
: …

Beep, boop! Power uuuuuuuup!

: Lepton Vectrers, emergency acceleration!
: S-Saya…?!
: Synchronization coefficient 97, 98… Pressure set, safety lock released!

: Captain, that light is…!
: Get back, Ayul!

: C-Captain…!
: Behold, Arnie! This is… my PRIDE!
: That won’t break me, Jin! I swear it on my beliefs!

Captions are available!

: Rgh… Gaarrgh!
: Arnie…!

: Hrgh…!
: Cpt. Spencer!

Ayul moves next to him.

:siren: SRW UX - Prologue

: Hang in there, Captain!
: S-Sorry, Ayul… Turns out I’m the one tripping you up…
: No, no… your proud soul left a deep mark in me.
: Just getting a chance to experience that light is more than good enough…
: Thanks, Ayul…
: I promise, I’ll bring about your awakening – in time…
: …?!
: I believe in you, Captain…

: …

Saya moves after Arnie.

: Ensign… Do you hear me, Ensign?!
: Gch… M-Ms. Saya…
: Thank goodness, you’re awake.
: Come in, Elshank! The Lyras is bringing the Orphes back to the ship!
: Have medical teams ready to see to Ensign Berge as soon as we land!
: C-Copy that!

: Oi, Arnie… you’re pushing it way too much…!
: Still, it was due to him that we could repel those troublesome foes.
: Now we simply pray for his recovery.

: All Army of Mankind forces have been silenced.
: It seems to be over.

: That mech’s one of theirs…!
: This is Canon Memphis of the Army of Mankind. I surrender.
: (Surrender…?)
: What should we do, Your Highness?
: We can’t well attack someone who’s lost their will to fight. Make preparations to receive our units—

: S-Stop! That unit…

:siren: SRW UX - Mark Sein

: It’s engaging its Fenrir!
: F-Fenrir?!
: That bomb that went off when Shouko and Kasugai died…?!
: There ain’t gonna be anything left of the island if we let that thing go off!
: …
: She’s going to blow herself up to take us out…?!
: What now?! Want me to see if I can snipe just her cockpit?!
: N-No, don’t! Listen, Canon’s got her heart in the right place! If we just talked to her—
: You wanna talk to her?! That bomb might go off at any second!
: Please…!
: Michio…
: Canon, we’ve failed our mission! What’s doing something like that gonna accomplish?!
: That’s irrelevant. These are my orders.
: Still with “order this, order that”?! Is there even a person in there?!
: There was before. She doesn’t exist anymore.
: …?!
: I see it now… You also…
: Kazuki…
: (She feels no sense of self… She really is like how I used to be.)
: Canon, come with me and we’ll surrender together! I’m sure the people here…
: Triple Six, why are you trying to stop my mission?! On whose orders are you doing this?!
: You really don’t understand?!

: S-Stay away!
: I can’t see your face if I do that.
: What…?!
: I’ll give you three minutes. If you wanna press that switch and power up that bomb, go right ahead!
: Aah?! What’s he talking about?!
: But if you don’t make a decision in those three minutes, then I’ll really make you stop existing!
: Kazuki, what is this?! Do you know something we don’t?!
: She… She can’t make her own choices…
: …
: Hrm, say whatever the hell you want! I’ve nothing! I am nothing!
: I once knew a girl very much like you…
: All she did was fight as others told her to. I tried my best to save her, but I couldn’t…
: Shinn…
: Wh-What are you…
: But that’s not the case with you! It’s not too late yet!
: You can still choose your destiny…! Your own wishes, your own strength can still shape it!
: Choose my destiny…?
: There’s no such thing as someone with nothing. There has to still be something inside you.
: N-No, I… I don’t…
: Canon, can you tell us the meaning behind your name?
: I-It’s a type of musical composition… a melody that’s slowly reborn, bit by bit… That’s what my mom…
: See?
: …?!
: You still have that beautiful name, no?
: And that name carries all of your mom’s wishes.
: Y-You… What do you want from me?!
: We want you to make a decision, Canon!
: B-But… I…!
: W-We’re running out of time! Her Fenrir’s going to…!
: Decide, Canon! As scared and uncertain as you might be, the only way you’ll have a future is if you choose one yourself!
: I… I…!
: Five seconds…!
: You’re there, aren’t you, Canon?!
: I… Aaaaargh…!


: …!
: Wh-What happened…?!
: I-I don’t see an explosion… then…!

:siren: SRW UX - Separation

: I… I cut off the Fenrir’s control… why?
: You made a decision, Canon.
: N-No, I… My orders…!
: Those orders were your shackles and they’ve just come loose.
: What you have now… is your own free will – a strong will that said “I want to live”.
: No, you’re wrong…! I’ve no will! I’m nothing!
: No, you’re definitely someone.
: The girl standing right there is the one who saved the lives of all of us and everyone who lives on this island.
: I-I…?
: Thank you, Canon…
: N-No, listen to me! I… I’m…!

Canon sprints over to Michio.

: T-Triple Six…!
: It’s alright, Canon… It’s alright…
: No… It’s not, Michio… I… I just…! sniffles
: Aaaaahh…!
: …
: We ought to have them both arrested right away.
: Just leave them alone a bit.
: Heh, I thought you’d say that.
: Aaah… Waaaahaaaaaaa!

: …
: …
: Why did you come back?
: Truth is, I wanted to do this for a while now.
: But a lot of stuff happened. I also did a fair share of bad deeds with the army.
: And every time I did, I just felt like I couldn’t bring myself to come back and face everyone.
: Hrm, you idiot! You should’ve just come home sooner instead of digging yourself deeper into that hole!
: I guess so…
: But maybe I can still turn this ship around?
: Michio…
: I’m going to join the UX in their battles. That’s the least I can do to start making amends…
: …
: You go and do whatever. I’ll be tagging along, though.
: Huh…?! Y-Yumiko…!
: You have no idea how much I cried when you left the island.
: So I think I’m entitled to some of those amends.
: Hah-Hahah…
: Yeah, alright. But, FYI, kick-starting your idol career’s waay beyond me, okay?
: You idiot…

: Thank you. It’s only because of you that Shinn and the others are safe.
: No, I didn’t do anything. This island is safe because everyone chose to make it so.
: Just as you chose to have a heart of your own?
: Yes, that was my choice. I am here.
: And, next, it will be your turn to choose, Athrun.
: …?!
: You’ve once again chosen to live not as Alex Dino, but as Athrun Zala…
: What’s the next road you’ll choose to travel?
: I…
: Heehee, let’s talk more when we meet again, Athrun…
: …

: Th-This is…! Where on earth did you get this from?!
(on TV): We happened across it while searching the coastal waters around that other Tatsumiya – the one that was blown up by the Fenrir.
: Then it belongs to the sunken Mark Vier…
: Now, this is outside my field of expertise, so I can hardly speak with certainty…
: But I believe Dr. Bartland can put this to excellent use towards that, yes?
: Of course. We are deeply grateful for your offer, Prof. Novel.
: And the Special Mobile Troop is always standing by to take part in any operations that arise. If there’s any way we can assist, do let us know.


: What an amazing stroke of luck. No sooner does our mission to capture Tatsumiya fail, this happens.
: Though it sounds a bit too good to be luck…
: All’s well that ends well. Dog Tack’s rather aggressive tactics took me by surprise, but we can let it slide this time.
: He may be a fine officer, but he had absolutely no idea what the point of capturing Tatsumiya was.
: I’d never have given out such an order, were I in command.
: Hm, that’s true. Still, now it’s finally time…
: You may count on me. I’ll build a new one, just as I said I would.
: And unlike Hino’s and all its wasted potential, this one will be a true decisive weapon…!

: The Destiny is safe and back in Shinn Asuka’s hands. We thank you so much for your help with it, Cmdr. Makabe.
: Please, it was nothing – especially considering all the support Orb has given us over the years. Do give my regards to Rep. Athha when you speak to her.
: I gotta say, I didn’t expect Tsubaki Minashiro to intervene in that mess.
: From what I’d heard, she’s the core of Tatsumiya and more or less its guardian?
: You heard right, yes. She used to be inside an artificial womb set within the “Valkyrie’s Cave”; from there, her mind was crossed with everything on the island…
: Even the Festum…
: …
: But now she’s awake, and willingly left that Cave.
: I suppose that’s her trying let us choose how we’ll deal with the Festum… and what we, as people, want to do with our lives.
: I see… And that was why you hired the UX, wasn’t it, Makabe? You wanted to show Tsubaki that you were prepared to square off against the Army of Mankind – against your fellow men…
: Though I should have been the only one to carry that weight.
: Sorry, man, but I don’t think you got wide enough shoulders to carry both the kids and their parents.
: No, we’ll all take up our share of the kids’ pain.
: Mizoguchi…
: …
: Commander, would you be willing to let me look after Tsubaki? I feel responsible for her, considering I was the one who placed her in the Valkyrie’s Cave.
: Dr. Toumi…
: As you will. I had thought of returning her to your care now that she’s awakened.
: Are you sure about this, sir? That means Dr. Toumi would have to stay here on the island, so who would be watching out for the kids’ physical and mental health?
: In truth, I’m considering asking Yumiko to take up that torch.
: Yumiko…?!
: Hm, not only is she a very reliable woman, she is personally very much hoping to get this assignment…
: But I will only extend that offer if you approve of it, Dr.
: I see… Yumiko is…
: Very well, commander. You can go ahead with it…
: Yumiko aside, Makabe, I need to ask: are you serious about also assigning that girl, Canon, to the UX?
: I am. It was a request from Tsubaki Minashiro.
: From Tsubaki…?
: Well, I don’t think you can say no to that.

: Canon Memphis, pilot of the Babylon Model, unit code J-017.
: You don’t have to act so formal, Canon. I’m just your guardian, not your superior officer.
: “Guardian”? Not a POW overseer?
: We’re not a military force. And, more importantly, you’re not a prisoner either: you’re free to come and go as you’d like.
: …
: Then I ask permission to exchange information with the other pilots.
: Oh, right. They’re all around the same age, so I’m sure you’ll be good friends.
: But those dirty clothes of yours just won’t do. Here, why don’t you try these on?
: What are…?
: These belonged to Shouko… my late daughter.
: But they’re still very new. She was a very frail girl, you see, so she couldn’t go outside very often. I’d be happy if you used them.
: Is that an order…?
: Hahah, not at all. It’s just a request.
: I’m not sure what I should do without orders…
: Then you’ll need to think hard and figure it out. Consider that my one and only order to you.
: …
: What a difficult mission this is…

: Sheryl passed out?!
: Yes, I just saw it on the news. It looks like she’s taking some time off to recover…
: That story’s spreading like wildfire – even Men’s Gossip Monthly is all over it.
: Speculation’s the name of the game right now, and we’ve even got people with theories that this is actually a serious disease she’s come down with.
: Sheryl…
: You’re worried about her, aren’t you, Alto?
: Hm? And you are…?
: I’ll introduce you. This is Tsubaki Minashiro… my little sister.
: Pleased to meet you.
: You… have a sister?
: It’s complicated. She was elsewhere until recently.
: (I see. This girl is the island’s core…)
: You’re Saya, yes?
: ?!
: Do you two know each other?
: Heehee… so to speak. My mother was called Saya too.
: “Was”?
: She passed away before I was born.
: Still, she was the one who gave me life…
: Tsubaki…
: Hey, Saya. I know that name has lots of different meanings but…
: What does your Saya mean?
: My name means…

: H-Hey… H-How’s everyone?
: Canon… why are you dressed like that?
: … Youko Hazama asked me to.
: Shouko’s mom?
: D-Damn it, I knew this wouldn’t work. I’m getting my old clothes!
: No, those look good on you, Canon.
: Ah…?
: And you’re gonna be one of our pals from now on, so don’t be a stranger!
: P-Pal…
: There’s no rush. Take things one step at a time and see what’s around you.
: And as you find friends and family… you will, then, find yourself for the very first time.
: Right, Saya?
: …
: Yes, that’s right…

:siren: SRW UX - Prologue

: U-Urgh…!

Door opens.

: How’re you feeling, Arnie?
: Maj. Richard…!
: You’ve finally taken things too far. You’re officially Richard #2.
: …
: But I don’t regret it. And I’m sure that’s the same for you.
: Hm…?
: When I started piloting the Orphes, I felt something like fate at work.
: There’s something with that mech that makes me feel this… this grand, unseen power.
: You know what I’m talking about don’t you? That’s why you kept using that power yourself.
: …
: I understand now. Once you make it past that point, the only option you’ve left is to face off against your fate.
: Even if what you’ll find waiting down that road is Hell itself…
: And I think Jin might also be doing the same…
: You poor man. I suppose a good death is just beyond you… (Hissatsu Shigotonin quote.)

Richard leaves.

: Maj. Richard…

: …
: Here you are, Major.
: Hm? Is something up?
: A message came in from the president of the Hadou Financial Group. It seems she has a new job for us.
: From the Hadou princess herself? Alright, I’ll look into it.
: And… there’s something I’d like to ask you.
: What about?
: That pilot, Jin… he mentioned an “awakening”.
: …
: That’s still up in the air. But I suppose we’ll have our answer soon enough…
: Do you also think they…?
: Yeah… I’ve the feeling that the time has come at last…
: …

Few more Tactician bonuses for us: Michio’s just joined and his first bonus provides a 10% boost to all support actions; Soushi and Moritsugu’s second bonuses are, respectively, +5% to evasion rate and 10% attack power during the player phase.
We’re coming upon the best mission to grind for secret kills. The Fafner trio is up to 123 combined kills, so I don’t even NEED to do it with them to make that threshold in time, and Joey’s up to 66, which is just past ¼ of the way – I’ll grind him just a wee bit to give myself some leeway.

And here are the convos we didn’t get today (mostly because Shinn and Kazuki moved waaay too far during the events):

: Why do people need to fight each other?! Your enemies are supposed to be the Festum, no?!
: Sorry, but the bigshots kinda see everything that’s not in with us to be an enemy.
: And you’re seriously okay with that?!
: I couldn’t tell you. The longer you fight, the harder it becomes to figure out who your enemy is!

: How did you ever get your hands on that unit, Kazuki…?
: Your father gave it to me…
: So even with him gone, his will continues “to be”…
: Tch, fighting this is about the last thing I wanna do…!

: Moving to immobilize and capture. The pilot’s life is a nonissue…
: The red Fafner…! You’re not taking me out like you did before!