When Lovecraft Meets Three Kingdoms and Pop Music: Super Robot Wars UX



Sorry to tell you, but I’m not even sure if I’m going to be doing another one. My free time’s been shrinking progressively, so I’ll need to see where things stand before I commit another 6 months-1 year towards something like this.

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And we’re back, having wrapped up the Frontier plot, Shot Weapon gunned Hester down (killsteal!) and blew himself up, and Master Therion decided to summon frickin’ Yog-Sothoth into this world. Also, everything is alternate universes!
Midorikawa needs to be put in his place, and Kurou, Arnie and Saya are deploying as event units. We’ve 20 slots available, so here’s how we’re going:

Liu Bei/Kiriyama
Lu Bu/Seri
Cao Cao/Domyoji
Sun Quan/Rennie
Tactician: Ruri (if you’re on track for the Demonbane secret)

Off we go.

: It’s been a long time since things got to this stage, huh?

: What’s next? Will Kurou and his gang go through Yog-Sothoth’s gate?

: There’s no point in wondering that.

: Kurou Daijuuji will come, as he always has.

: Hmhmhm, you’re just as unchanging yourself, with that wish to face him.

: …

: (Master…)

: Despite all the hundreds of thousands, hundreds of millions of times this rondo has been repeated, you never seem to tire of it…

: And I could say the same for you, yes, Etheldreda? You’ve always been tagging along with him.

: Nya… you talk too much.

: Ooh, how scary.

: As far as being unchanging goes, doesn’t that apply to you just as much?

: Ah, I figured you’d turn up, Novel Dylan.

: Now, like before, you’re here to take a stab at your “new possibilities”, hm?

: …

: Hm…?

: Oh, my dear Novel, this just won’t do. She just might be your biggest failure thus far.

: …?!

: She just pales in comparison to the previous “life”…

: That was Saya, wasn’t it?

: You’re getting ahead of yourself. We won’t know if Ayul is or isn’t a failure until the end, yes?

: Besides, I’m certain you, of all people, are aware that this time is different from the previous ones.

: Hmhmm, you mean all the aggregated possibilities? Still, that doesn’t make any difference to us.

: We will be victorious. It’s for that reason we came here today.

: Is that so? A man without a fate will be victorious?

: …!

: Cpt. Spencer…

: …

: I’m not like you, Master Therion.

: I may be surrounded by despair, but I’ll never let it break me. I’ll show you what human pride is about.

: Hah, a pride that pushes you to fight even as death looms over you? You amuse me…

: Then, I trust you won’t mind if I just sit back and watch.

: Will the end of the Yuga arrive, or will the possibilities of you humans prevail?

: I look forward to seeing which outcome awaits us…

: A space beyond space…?

: Aye, ‘tis that which lies through Yog-Sothoth’s gate…

: ‘Tis a dead space that links to all that was, is, and will be – including the Dark Tapestry, the lair of the Great Old Ones…

: And those “Great Old Ones” are?

: Evil gods spoken of in legends. It’s said they ruled the universe during ancient times.

: It’s also said that if they ever showed on up Earth, they could wipe out the entire planet in the blink of an eye.

: However, those are, ultimately, tales woven by man.

: In reality, what they are is the void.

: The void…?

: Aye. A boundless nothingness, wherein there is no life, death, light or darkness…

: Before life began, ‘twas the void that ruled the cosmos…

: A nothingness where there is no light or darkness…

: The Festum once told us that they were going to revert the universe to nothingness and ascend to a higher dimension…

: We didn’t understand the significance of life.

: So we tried to turn the world back to a state where all was united, where there was no life or death…

If Misao’s dead:

: I saw the nothingness inside the Festum before…

: Akira…

: The Festum didn’t understand the significance of life.

: So they tried to turn the world back to a state where all was united, where there was no life or death…

Common ground:

: This is what you meant when you said that the disorder between yin and yang – the state of the universe before light and darkness came to be – was the way towards the heavens, right, General Lu Bu?

: Then, the space beyond Yog-Sothoth’s gate was the Festum and Lu Bu’s endgame?

: Aye, but that is not all. I would wager the void is also what Master Therion is after…

: He wants to turn himself back to nothingness, then…?

: However, if the boundaries of the world beyond are weakened, the Great Old Ones shall be unleashed…

: That is to say, the void will encroach upon the cosmos once more.

: Looks like we don’t have time to waste, then.

: Aye, we could never allow our world to be turned to nothingness!

: We’re off, then! Set a course to Yog-Sothoth’s gate!

: …

: Would you do that… if it meant you would be unable to return to this universe?

: Huh…?!

: Wh-What’d you mean?!

: …

: This is a one-way trip… There’d be no coming back here.

: But… I see in your eyes that you’re still going, right, Ensign?

: Yeah. I don’t see any choice there.

: If nothing’s done, all the wishes people entrusted to us would be for nothing…

: …

: I suppose so. And, besides…

: Yeah… I’m sure we’ll find Jin and Ayul over there too…

: …

: I wonder… why did Novel Dylan create me?

: What meaning does our awakening to life hold?

: I couldn’t tell you; but there’s one thing that’s perfectly clear.

: That if the repeating cycle between existence and death is what life is about…

: Then we’ve only learned half of it. There’s still the other half left.

: The other half of life…

: Death is also part of life…?

: …

: Do… Do we really have to fight those two?

: …

: Yes. Because we still haven’t reached the Beginning…

: But…

: That girl, Saya, is another of my mom’s creations.

: So, wouldn’t that make her my older sister?

: Why must we, artificial beings, risk our lives fighting each other…?

: …

: There’s also something my mom said…

: She told me that it’s likely the universe is on the verge of reaching its end, so this will be our last chance…

: But I still can’t do anything right…

: Don’t worry. I promise I’ll help you seize your destiny.

: I’ll readily die if it’ll help you awaken to life…

: If that’s what it takes, then I want no part of it!

: Ayul…!

: …

: I don’t want to lose you…

: Rather, I want to stay with you! Now and forever…

: …

: Thank you, Ayul. Just hearing you say that has given my life meaning.

: Jin…

: But you cannot turn away from this.

: Even if all this is for naught, we still must stand tall and face the incoming despair…

: That is human dignity. The majesty of a proud life…

: …

: Come on, Ayul. Our Beginning awaits…

: Cmdr. Katou, do you have a moment?

: What do you need?

: I’ve something to ask you before our showdown with Master Therion.

: it’s about my grandfather, Kozo Hadou…

: …

: You’ve been alive and squaring off against the world since the Pacific War, so I presume you knew him.

: What can you tell me of how he lived, of what he was after…?

: In a word… he was a man who knew only hope.

: Hope…?

: Aeolia Schenberg, Amagatsu Kizaki, Kozo Hadou…

: All of them were men who foresaw the future of mankind and chose to defy the destruction that awaited us.

: So, my grandfather really did know the future…?

: Hm. But he kept hope alive within himself, and opposed the forces of despair that gripped the world.

: Of course, as a result of that, Arkham City became the one place on Earth that The Advancers could not reach.

: Did you meet my grandfather, Cmdr. Katou…? I presume so, since you know so much…

: I did not, actually.

: Or… perhaps I could say that I did. But in an unconventional way…

: …?

: But I digress. It’s quite clear to me that the Demonbane’s inherited Kozo Hadou’s will…

: The Demonbane’s…?

: If this is a universe where past and future repeat, where myriad possibilities become more and more intertwined with each cycle, then…

: Then, couldn’t it be said that the Demonbane’s taken in Kozo Hadou’s soul several times, like Joe and Tobikage?

: …!

: Furthermore, you and Kurou Daijuuji also possess an equally fierce will within yourselves…

: If Deus Ex Machina was a Human Machina who acquired a life of his own…

: Then, the Demonbane, having taken your souls onto itself, is yet another Deus Ex Machina.

: Personally, I believe a god to be simply a personification of human souls.

: …

: Hm, that may be so…

: (Forgive me, Kurou…)

: (‘Tis my mission to do battle with the evil gods. I could not simply bring you and our comrades into that eternal war…)

: …

: Come, Demonbane. Let us set off to our battle.


: Planning on taking off by yourself, Al?

: Kurou…! What are you all doing here?!

: What else? Didn’t we all say we were gonna fight this together?

: You’re not getting a leg up on the competition, Al.

: …

: A war with inhuman creatures need only be fought by an equally inhuman being. Your assistance is unnecessary.

: I see. You’re that set on doing this, huh? But, then…

: You wanna explain to me why you’re crying?

: …?!

: Do… Do not be ridiculous… I would never cry…!

: Quit being so arrogant, you idiot!

: Do you believe I’m coming with because I’m some lost puppy that’s latched onto you or something?!

: I am not arrogant! Do you deem me to be so weak that I could not prevail against them by myself?

: I understand this makes me an unreliable grimoire, and I apologize, but…!

: No, you don’t understand. Who’d want to set off into battle over reasons as shallow as that?!

: No, the reason I’m coming with you is much more selfish…

: It’s just that… I don’t want to be separated from you.

: …!

: …

: Fool… Who in blazes who would let his heart be swayed by a book…?

: The guy standing right in front of you. That’s just the way it is.

: Kurou’s told you how he feels, Al. What about you?

: …

: O-Of course…

: Of course I care for him as well!

: Al…

: Throughout these thousands of years I have lived, I have never felt such powerful emotions!

: Not as my master or as my comrade in arms… I love the man, Kurou Daijuuji!

: Everyone here can relate to how you feel.

: …?!

: We all have people we wish to be safe, just as you and Kurou do.

: And it’s because we wish to protect them and this world, because we’ve emotions we don’t want to see gone…

: That we’re all here right now.

: We’re all resolved to see this through, so there’s only one thing we should be thinking about.

: …

: Aye, you are correct. In which case, let us fight together, Kurou. And you as well, my comrades!

: You shoulda just said so from the get-go and spared us all that drama!

: Let’s get to it, folks. It’s time to settle everything.

: Hell, yeah! Whatever world awaits us across that gate, we’ll go on fighting to the last second!

: We’ll keep going even if its eternity we’ll find over there!

Mission 51 – Strange Eons

: This is what’s inside Yog-Sothoth…?

: The whole space’s giving out a very bad vibe.

: More than that, I feel like I’m being stalked by something…

: We’ve been waiting, UX!

: …!

: …

: Here you are… Jin!

:siren: SRW UX - Prologue

: Arnie, I…

: …

: (Those two are just like Joe and I…)

: Jin, I’ve already said all I had to say to you.

: Now I’ll just accept your resolve and face you with all I have!

: Heh, that is just what I hoped you’d do…

: I won’t be bested by you, my sister!

: I’ll not only seize my destiny… but I’ll save Jin’s life as well!

: Ayul, we are cut from the same cloth. Both were made to grasp and awaken to life…

:siren: SRW UX - The Will of Man Awakens

: But we cannot step aside either! The future of the very universe lies on our backs!

: My friends, victory must be ours! The fate of the universe depends on it!

Kill everything, don’t lose Kurou, Arnie or Saya.
It’s the penultimate mission, so there’s plenty of stuff to deal with. Straight ahead is Jin and his Riot Army. He and Ayul are the same as ever (unless you MAPW, the plot kicks in once one is dropped), but now the piddly Army of Mankind mooks have all left and you’re faced with nothing but Riots, all having plenty of HP and decent stopping power for mooks and regen EN, so they can be plenty liberal with their biggest weapons.
Also, the standard “green soldiers” that piloted the Riots have been replaced with upgraded “PURPLE soldiers”, which actually have pretty impressive stats for mooks (plus L3 on both Support Skills). Keep an eye out. That said, our guys are upgraded enough that major players should be able to two shot the Riot Cs.

And special note should be given to the brand new Riot Xs – the final form of the Riots. Like the Riot C, it covers both short and long range well and it has a good bunch of power on both of its primary weapons (4200 to 4100), so make sure not to eat a clean hit with someone who isn’t tanky. If anything, the strongest, point-blank attack has +20 accuracy modifier, so engaging at range 2 is best, since it’ll force them to use their vulcans.

:siren: SRW UX - The Eternal Soldiers

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

:siren: SRW UX - You Are Similar to Me


And here’s the Riot X’s strongest weapon. As is typical for the bots, it looks pretty nice.


:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: I’ve killed many men, and made just as many choices, to get to this point…!

: All so that I could lead her to the Beginning!

: Everyone may decide how their existence is shaped…

: That said, we’ve also made our own choices: to be here, fighting with our friends! We can’t be beaten now!

I might not have room for Masaki in the final team, so let’s get his DK out of the way now.

Shiiiit, guess who forgot Jin’s MAPW had this AoE? There go Domyoji and Tsubasa (thankfully, I’d already Wing Crossed the SKL).

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: My other… Among so many possibilities, you and I started off as being the same.

: But our paths diverged, and now we’ve traversed too far to turn back…

: So, I’ll have to defeat you and keep moving onwards! Here I come… my sister!

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: Words will get us nowhere – the only thing left for us to exchange are attacks!

: It’ll be Ayul and I who’ll change this world’s future!

: If that’s the only sort of dialogue you’re open to, then fine!

: I, Setsuna F. Seiei, will wipe away that stubborn mentality of yours!

: Regardless of what your will is, we are going to fight!

: I don’t really understand these notions of yours… but I guess that boat’s sailed, so I’ll do this your way.

: Stay this course and you’ll only wind up hurting the people around you… and I really don’t want to see that!

: You would tread the path of the soul? I see the concept of clashing yin and yang is familiar to you!

: There are as many treads of fate as there are lives, but only one of them will be given the future…

: Now we’ll see which of us will reach the Beginning!

: When mighty nations vie for supremacy, the only possible end is for one to rise above the others… As far as we have come, that remains a constant of war!

: If you shall not make way, then show us how you would rise as a conqueror!

: If we both deem ourselves to be just, then it falls upon our wills to decide with whom the heavens side! To arms, Jin Spencer!

: Living is hard, isn’t it…? I’m sure all of us are pursuing the same thing, yet here we are fighting. (First part is, surprisingly, a reference to Yurin in Gundam AGE)

: As I’m sure you understand, it’s only through the clash of lives that we can mold our destiny!

: We do understand, which is why we’ve taken up arms again – so we can make the world of our dreams a reality!

: We’ll take up both your lives and the future onto ourselves!

: And then we’ll carve out our destiny!

: Victory will be mine. For my fallen comrades and subordinates…

: But, most of all, for Ayul!

: What a powerful Aura… it’s like his whole heart is poured in it. Is that how determined he is? That said, we’ve just as much cause to win this!

: Yeah, we absolutely cannot lose now! Get him, Shou!

Jin drops a Kazuki Curry.

If you went after Ayul and weren’t combined:

: A-Aargh…

: A-Ayul…!

: Now! We’re combining Saya!

: Roger!


: Lepton Vectrers, full blast! You’re done!


But if you went after Jin:

: Gwaaargh!

: Captain!

: Now! We’re combining Saya!

: Roger!

Would combine if you hadn’t.

: Lepton Vectrers, full blast! You’re done!

: Waaaaargh!

: C-Captain…!

: Stay away…!

: …?!

:siren: SRW UX - Prologue

: You have… to stay there…

: Jin… You!

: O-Open your eyes and watch…

: This is… the answer of my life!

: Jin… I knew it, you’re…!

: That man also has his gaze set upon the heavens… to that which lies beyond death!

: Haaaaaaaaah!

“Get back, Jin!”

: A…Aah…!

: A-Ayul…?!

: What… How did you?!

: I-I… I’ve finally found it! Existence and death are both part of life…!

: Jin, this…

: Is what life is…

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers


: D-Damn it…

: Ayul…

: …

: Jin…?!

: This isn’t about fate or my mission anymore…

: I only want one thing… as just another man, another human!

: And that is one final battle with you, Arnie!

: I accept your challenge… Jin!


And now you get to do it again. I suppose I should’ve gone for Ayul since she also has a drop and you don’t get an extra paycheck by dropping Jin twice, but eh. This goes quicker if Arnie still has his move, because he can run back to our folks and draw Jin in on the next turn.

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: Could it be that you were a different Singularity…? However, my imagination no longer cares for such a possibility!

: Maybe not, but I’m not about to let my possibilities be severed. Here I come, Cmdr. Katou!

: Or, rather, Hisataka Katou…!

: His resolve is palpable, Kurou! Keep your wits about you, for he may well challenge us!

: Yeah, I’m on it. This guy’s also standing up to the despair around him, so all we can do is have at it and see who comes out on top!

: The only way we can keep hope alive is by taking him out!

: The mechanical god who molds fate… I’ll rise above them both and claim the future that lies ahead!

: If the Wings of Rean led us into this battle, then I won’t hesitate to face you!

: The Wings of Rean… wings of life which materialize in response to the will of man.

: But it’ll be our lives that lead all to the Beginning!

: Possibilities are born from various chains of events… You may have once tried to change the world, but events have now made you nothing but an animal for me to crush!

: Then put your money where your mouth is, and see what that gets you, pal!

: You’ll find we’re not so nice as to let folks talk to us like we’re washed-up nobodies!

: Whatever you’re feeling right now, I assure you we’ll match that and then some!

: Humans are animals. So, you better be paying attention, ‘cause you’re about to get an up close and personal look at the wild strength we all have!

: It’s a very fine line that separates those we must protect from those we must destroy…!

: And my heart’s compass has you marked as a target!

: One thing I learned from this is that everyone has something they’re determined to accomplish. That’s what pushes them to keep fighting!

: As for me, I’ll be a hero who strives to protect everyone! So, I won’t think twice about fighting you!

: The Singularity… I suppose you’re well aware of what makes humans human.

: Whether I am or not, it wouldn’t change what I have to do. And that’s just to ask myself: “What do I want to do?”

: And what I want, right now, is to keep everyone safe…! If you’ll be a problem for that, then I’ll put you down!

: We’re all humans here… We understand each other, but there’re also times when we’re just forced to stay our course. I guess now is one of those times, huh?

: And, in that case, bring it on! We’ll see which of us is more stubborn!

: You’ve the right idea. I’ll rise above you, the end of the universe, and I’ll arrive at the Beginning!

: Hell itself may bar my path, but the thunderclap of my life’ll quake its bowels!

: Heh, you’ll showcase the strength of your will to any who’d try and stop you? Well, I’m not about to gainsay that…

: That said, the second your toes touch Hell, your life’s off to enter King Enma’s book!

: Victory’ll be mine…!

: Even if I’ve to sacrifice my life and my pride, the light within us’ll remain in this world. And in that case!

: He’s also bearing someone’s emotions within as he flies… His very soul is laid bare!

: But, that’s also the case with us! I’ll take their emotions upon my wings and find my way back alive!

: I’ll take hold of the existence that lies at the tail end of all life!

: I’m done hesitating…! If this is what it takes for us to grasp the Beginning of Life, then I’ll part with every bit of my past!

You can only see this convo in phase one of the fight, when both bosses are alive, since Saya and Arnie auto-combine once you down either one, but I’m putting it here anyway:

: Had we met under different circumstances, I might have walked beside you… But that’s neither here nor there now…!

: It was fate who declared that we face each other like this…!

: Ayul’s the only one I’m to bring to life! As for you, I’ll bring an abrupt end to your future!

: Th-This isn’t over!

: Jin…

: What’s wrong, Arnie?! I-I… I’m right here!

: …

:siren: SRW UX - Roaring Deathblow

: Let’s go… Saya!

: Right!

: Do you see this, Ayul? Do you see the light of life that dwells within me?!

: Do you see my blood, my pride, my soul?!

: They’re all burning bright, side-by-side with your own!

: I see it, Jin! You’ve also taken hold of your fate…

: And now you’re headed to the Beginning of Life…!


: JIN!

Captions are available. One more time, for the road.

: Hah… Hahah…

: I have… no regrets…

: …

: I’m certain that this…

: This is our… Beginning…

: …

: Goodbye, Jin…

: He’s gone, hm…?

: …!

Demonbane OST – The Absolute of Darkness

: Master Therion…!

: You show yourself at last!

: Wholly incompatible beings, clashing their very souls against one another.

: Indeed, you were both two sides of the same coin – yin and yang, black and white. Very much like myself and Kurou Daijuuji.

: Two sides… maybe you’re right.

: However, Jin had his pride… he had a shining soul!

: The complete opposite of a demon like you!

: But we appreciate you stepping out to greet us. It saves us from having to find what hole you were in!

: So that my lady may be safe…

: And so the universe may be saved, we shall now end your sorry life!

: Hmhm… Of course, this wouldn’t be anywhere as enjoyable if you didn’t try. However, while I understand that you are somewhat worn out, I must insist that you provide me with an enjoyable battle.

: That is, unless you fancy being eradicated by this light.

: H-Hey, is that…?!

: The Shining Trapezohedron?!

: How did you…?!

: Did you think it was yours alone, Al Azif?

: He can use that crazy-powerful weapon too?!

: (Nay, two of those could never exist concurrently.)

: (…?! Two of those… the repeating Samsara…)

: (What is this? For some reason, I am filled with unspeakable dread…)

: Yog-Sothoth is kept in the physical world by a spell powered by the Liber Legis own energy.

: In other words, if you wish to save the universe, your only option is to destroy my Deus Machina!

: Gah, he’s called out even more stuff!

: Guess he’s really going all-in on this one!

: Rout the spawn of the gods and carve your way over to me! I trust you will not disappoint!

: Don’t worry, that was always the plan! Here’s where it ends, Master Therion!

: Finally… Finally! At long last, the stage is set!

: The demon who knows only despair, and the hero who knows only hope. The ultimate manifestations of human evil and human good.

: Now, fight! Fight and bring about their grand liberation!

Despite what Master Therion said, he’ll immediately make a beeline for Kurou, so you don’t need to worry about his mooks (though only the Dagons and Riot Xs are any sort of threat). He’s unlocked both his Hyperborea Zero-Drive and Shining Trapezohedron attacks since our last battle, so be very careful when engaging him – a clean hit from the Trapezohedron will oneshot most units and leave bulky Supers severely injured. Thankfully, like Kurou’s, both weapons can only be used point-blank.
He doesn’t have MAPWs, though, so you could have Kurou tank him while you grab the mooks for cash (do note that Arnie’s still injured from the event battle, so make sure to heal him up). FYI, the plot kicks in when you get him under 210k HP.

:siren: Secret Alert!
Demonbane secret – 11th step: set Ruri as your tactician and take out Master Therion with Kurou.

Same as always.

Oh, and do be warned of something: there’s a “bug” in this stage, in that if both Kurou and Therion attack with their Shining Trapezohedrons in the same battle, the game will crash. You can avoid this by skipping the animation or outright turning the battle animation off.
I say “bug” because many people, myself included, find this to be too perfect to not be an intended feature due to reasons we’ll see in a jiffy. What does your heart tell you?

Oh, and before I forget, here’s the Harute’s absolute best attack.

:siren: SRW UX - The Will of Man Awakens


:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

: At long last, I will be freed from this unending horror and despair…

: Master Therion, you…

: However, a mere conclusion would never satisfy me!

: I shall carve the hate that I have forged over the eons – this eternity of horror – into your very souls!

: Such a crushing hatred… Nay, ‘tis as though he has become an avatar of hatred itself! He has forsaken his humanity!

: Then, there’s just one thing for us to do: take out the force of evil standing before us!

: We wield the unholy to defeat the unholy! We are Kurou Daijuuji and Al Azif – the sword that smites evil and the blade that slays gods!

: …

: I hate…

: I hate you, Kurou Daijuuji…!

: What…?!

: I cannot stand that unflinching defiance. Through all the unending Samsara, that candor of yours never ceases to make my blood boil!

: Hate… You have taken my Master from me yet again…

: In all of creation, only you can bear my Master’s hate. You, not me…!

: Every fiber of his will has been stained by hatred… Is this what became of the despair etched into him across the Samsara?!

: Our struggle shall know no end unless we destroy him. It shall continue endlessly, from future, to past, to future once again.

: Meaning we just gotta throw everything we have at ‘im until we break that cycle!

: Then, stand back. I’ll use the Shining Trapezohedron to erase his very existence!

: Kurou?!

Master Therion moves south.

: Indeed, no other weapon could bring our feud to a conclusion.

: When these two Shining Trapezohedrons collide, one of us will be expelled from this universe.

Kurou goes after.

: Yeah, I hear ya. It’s like my whole body knows that this is what’s gotta happen!

: (“What must happen”… Indeed, I also have the same feeling…)

: (Yet, my dread only grows. What in blazes is it…?)

: Here we go, Al!

: “This is the land born of the gods’ original sin, carved into a howling spiral.”

: “This is the end of the saint’s journey—”

: “—where he arrived beaten, weathered and worn!”

: “Here and now, we shall fulfill the Covenant.”

: (What is it? There is something – something dire – that I am not realizing. And if I do not, I feel as though we may lose everything…)

: (Remember, Al Azif! There is no hope of salvation except for now, at this very moment!)

: “With the deep darkness of hate within our hearts—"

: “With the desperate cry of life within our hearts—”

: “Upon the flowers of mourning we swear—”

: “Upon the flowers of blessings we swear—”

: “—We are the Weavers of Worlds!”


: It is time…

: Th-That’s it…!

: KUROU, STOP! This is… all part of the evil gods’ plan!

: What…?!

: Rrk…! What… What is this torrent of thoughts?!

: So much evil is gushing forth… It’s going to flood this universe…!

: That’s all coming from the Trapezohedrons?! Don’t tell me this is what he wanted…?!

: Oh, no, this is what I wanted…!

: Ms. Nya…?!

: Nay! She is…!

: All was as I, Nyarlathotep, willed it.

: ?!

: I have waited. How have I waited for the two Shining Trapezohedrons born amid the repeating Samsara to clash!

: Their powers are the same, yet diametrically opposed…

: While that clash may create life, the opposite is also true!

: And from that stream of negative energies, the Court of Azathoth will be freed!

: “The Court of Azathoth”?!

: Hear me, all of Creation… Return to thy true form!

: Gch… Uwaaaaaaaaaah!

So, to clarify: the Shining Trapezohedron? That’s actually where the Court of Azathoth’s been locked up – with all the bad stuff that’s in there. Nyarly can’t even touch it, and the only thing that can break the Trapezohedron is another one, so she found a second in a past cycle and worked to get two people strong enough to wield the things. Trapezohedrons collide, and all the trapped Outer Gods and Great Old Ones are freed to tear through the universe again.

By the by, now you know why Tiberius flipped out once he saw the thing. He’s still in there and you can bet he’s not having a good time.

Location: Arkham City

: …

: …re… ning?

: Hm? Huh?

: Mr. Daijuuji, are you listening?!

: Y-Yeah… Sorry, I got a bit woozy there for a sec.

: Well, you have worked a lot lately. Have you been getting enough sleep?

: Kurou’s a very busy man, you know. He can’t just tone it down.

: Hmhmm. Just the other day, I saw on the news that he’d cleared another major case!

: Yeah, he’s pretty much THE detective in Arkham City. You hear people talking about him pretty much every day.

: But you’re doing pretty well on that front too, huh, Joey?

: Yeah: “Joseph Carter Jones, the hero of Center City!” You make us so proud!

: Heey, enough with the wisecracks. I told you, I just got lucky!

: …

: Um… Since when do you three get along so well?

: Did you hit your head or something? We’ve always been best friends – ever since we were kids.

: Huh? O-Oh, yeah… I guess you have…

: Hey, now. What will the fans think if they see the “greatest detective in the world” looking so stumped?

: Richard! What’re you doing here?!

: Saya and I are taking part in a play over on Broadway, so we figured we’d stop by and see you guys.

: On Broadway…?

: Hmhmm, dad and I had to work very hard, but now it’s finally happening.

: Better yet, it’s one of my favorite plays: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”…?

: It centers a love quartet between Hermia, Lysander, Demetrius and Helena. The play starts with Hermia eloping with Lysander, after opposing her arranged marriage to Demetrius. As they flee into the forest, Demetrius and Helena follow.

: The King of Faeries, Oberon, overhears the yelling and, figuring he’d help, tells his servant, Puck, to sprinkle magic flower drops onto Demetrius’ eyes, which’d make him fall in love with the first person he saw – which would be Helena. Only Puck mistakes the men, and it’s Lysander who winds up in love with her, abandoning Hermia.

: And then?

: Long story short, both Demetrius and Lysander are at each other’s throats over Helena, who thinks they’re both mocking her. In time, Oberon undoes the spell on Lysander, leaving him to resume his love with Hermia, while Demetrius stays with Helena.

: In the end, both couples are married to one another, and the play closes with a very famous soliloquy from Puck.

: “You have but slumbered here while these visions did appear. And this weak and idle theme, no more yielding but a dream.” (Translation: “You were asleep when you saw these visions, and this silly and pathetic story was no more real than a dream.”)

: …

: “No more yielding but a dream…”

: Saya and Richard are making it big as actors, huh? Guess I gotta redouble my efforts!

: Come on, now. You’re already living the dream, Mr. Super Ace.

: Yeah, I heard they’re even making a biopic about you, Maj. Spencer!

: We have to go see it when it comes out, Joey!

: Absolutely!

: Hahah, thanks guys.

: Still, the only reason I made it as far as I did was you, Ayul.

: Jin…

: You’ve had my back every step of the way. I’m only standing here today because you were there for me.

: So, thank you, Ayul…

: No, thank you, Jin… I hope we’ll stay together forever…

: …

: Everyone looks so happy.

: Y-Yeah…

: (Just like she said, everyone’s doing well…)

: (But… for some reason, something seems wrong to me… Something’s missing…)

: (Something very dear to me…)


: You’re looking a bit bothered, Kurou.

: Ms. Nya…

: Hmhm… This place is my gift to you: eternity. An eternity that will last until even death dies, and beyond.

: You can do whatever you want in here – indulge in anything, destroy anything…

: I…see… This is…my…

: Ms… Nya…

: Yes, that’s it – just enjoy it. We’ll experience an eternity of pleasure together…

: …

: Come here, my spouse.

: I’ll love you now and forev—


: Gaah…!

: Sorry about that… “Ms. Nya.”

: Kurou… What are…?

: Personally, I don’t have any beef with you, but…

: I can hear their voices… her voice. She’s calling me…

: Her… voice…?

Demonbane OST - Those Who Challenge the Divine Will

:siren: :siren:

: …en… rou…!

: Impossible… that voice is!

: Had you asked me before, I might just have decided to indulge on this dream.

: But we’ve already found the answer – the answer that lied at the end of the repeating Samsara…!

: Th-The answer at… the end of the Samsara?!

: You can hear her too, can’t you?

: That’s the voice of that big softie of a grimoire! The voice of the woman I love from the bottom of my heart…!

: Open your eyes… Kurou! My beloved!

: Wh-What is happening?!

: Kurou’s consciousness should’ve been completely sealed away! Your voices could never…

: You still don’t understand, do you? What do you think we carry within us?!

: …?! It can’t be…!

Everyone gets a full refill!


: The void…

: It’s been remade?!

: And that’s… that’s Earth?!

: Yeah… It’s the planet we’ve kept safe…

: And it’s the planet that’s kept us safe, too!

: The wishes – the prayers – of all those who call Earth home!

: They’ve all brought us back to this world!

: This can’t be! It can’t! IT CAN’T!

: I was so close! Just a bit more and the Court of Azathoth would’ve been freed!

: Too bad for you, Nyarlathotep!

: I reckon the people of that planet aren’t keen on an ending where justice doesn’t prevail!

: Hah, how amusing. Then, please, try and prevail!

: See if your “will of man” can overpower the despair the Samsara etched into me!

: Can you carry on, Kurou?

: Hell, yeah, I can! They ain’t seen nothing yet!

: Get ready, ‘cause we’re coming for you, Master Therion, Nyarlathotep!

Alright, home stretch – don’t forget to take Therion out with Kurou if you’re still up for the secret.

: I hear your roar, o furious beast… You mean to prove your existence against the Samsara, but it is nothing more than paltry barking.

: Heh, looks like he’s still not convinced after what he saw!

: The will of man could even remake space… If that doesn’t get you to rethink things, then I don’t know what to say!

: But I guess that’s telling of just how hopeless he’s gotten after all those cycles.

: In that case, listen closely! Our god-defying roar’ll light up every corner of your soul!

: This child’s also taken in Willpower even as he lay adrift in the currents of karma?!

: And that has caused a hero to be born?!

: Yeah! A hero exists because he has the support of so many people!

: That’s how we managed to get as far as we did! Everyone’s hopes and dreams helped us get here!

: Hmmm!

: Then, come, White Giant. My despair’ll paint your purity black!


: Well, isn’t this nice… I never figured I’d be fighting a legit god-child in a place like this…!

: Your youthful ignorance may embolden you, but it also makes you forget your place and that’ll be your death. Behold my power and bow down before me.

: What, you think we got through all that just to get intimidated now? And if this place links to all that was, is and will be, then here’s what up…

: We’re gonna beat you right here and prove our justice to the future beyond any shadow of doubt!

And here are both of Therion’s best attacks.

Now to wrap this up.

: The power of song was only ever meant to be an opening act to my grand finale! What happened?!

: Your program irked the crowd a whole lot more than you thought it would – that’s the long and short of it!

: That’s why it got eclipsed by their “opening act”!

: Ahahahahaha! Then, I ask that you carry on with the presentation!

: Let me hear more of these galactic hymns that drown out even my despair!

: It’s you…! The major unknown! The dissonance from a parallel universe brought about by the aggregated possibilities!

: I guess I wasn’t part of your plan, huh?

: But if I’m here now, it’s because of all my friends’ love. Your scheme’s already fallen through!

: Hahahaha! Ahahahahaha! I confess I did not expect this one at all.

: Still, as powerful as you may be, it won’t be enough to overpower my despair!

: “Despair”? You’re selling me short, I think! I bet I could get some sparkles of hope shining inside even you if I sang hard enough!

: A machine capable of leaping through space and time… However, even that won’t enable you to oppose me.

: Your fate is already sealed – endless grief is all that awaits!

: The Major’s wish and the Ensign’s will have helped us overcome fate several times before!

: But that’s not all; we’ve also taken up and lived on with the lives of all that we’ve fought thus far!

: And it’s with the power those give us that we’ll erase every trace of you from the universe!

: All those encounters were preordained by god’s unseen hand…

: Such is the fundamental law of this universe. Struggle as you might, as hard as you can, the fate that’s set in stone will not be swayed…!

: Humans are capable of changing…!

: Anyone, no matter how frail, can bring about an innovation so long as their will stays strong! The world is nowhere as complicated as you make it out to be!

: Oh, beckoned Otherworlders! Your reason for being here is to have your souls elevated as you die by my hand!

: I need not your help… My soul has long since become elevated!

: It doesn’t fall to any man to give reason or meaning to another’s life or death!

: Rather, ‘tis by giving of ourselves to an ideal that our lives leave a mark in the hearts of our fellow men!

: We unleash the light within by living to the fullest… such is the light of life!

: And our light shall rend these pitch-black clouds of darkness! Away with you, fiend of despair!

: You come and go from a different world, ever at the mercy of the Wheel of Fortune…

: Indeed, fate also dictates that your life will end here.

: This isn’t about where the Wings of Rean take me! I’m here because I, Aesap Suzuki, chose to be!

: Hmhmhm… You have a rather curious power for a human. Did you develop it as you traveled amid the churning flow of karma?

: You’ve a very bad habit of looking at people like they’re just pieces in a board.

: But that’s also coming to an end today! Your evil defiles life and urges the world closer to its end… and now I’ll cut it down!

: The outcome of destiny is already decided. The Samsara has repeated countless times before, and it’ll do so countless more… That is what should have been, yet…

: The outcome has changed at long last… but why did it change like this?!

: Flowers may yield seeds, but the ones that bloom from those won’t be the same as the original ones…

: Whatever plans you have in mind as you raise them, it’s just not possible to control how they’ll grow…

: But that’s just what life is like!

: Your problem is that you chose the wrong way to push the world in the direction you wanted!

: Because what it all boils down to is that it’s not destiny that shapes our future!

: I reckon you’re pretty sick of all that despair, right, creep?!

: Well, you’re more than welcome to lie down and get some rest… in our Hell!

: The Devil born of chaos and strife…

: Let death decide which of us is deserving of making the voyage towards the Underworld!

: You’ve been amid the endless flow of causality for so long that you became the stuff of legends?

: Ahahahaha! Amazing, simply amazing! There’s just no telling what surprises this world will bring!

: Then keep watching, ‘cause there’s another one coming your way!

: I’m bashing you into the dirt and bringing a close to what started way back in Arkham City, Master Therion!

: Will you be torn apart by me, or would you rather wallow in despair as you bear witness to the end of the world…?

: Those are the alternatives I present to you.

: I choose the alternative I decided for myself!

: And that’s to destroy you and stay here with all my friends!

: I take it you tampered with my memories, Crawling Chaos! However, that was all for naught!

: No, this isn’t even close to being over! Fate is still in the palm of my hand!

: Take them, demon of despair! The greatest force of hatred the world has ever seen! Set the Court of Azathoth free!

: We’re going, Etheldreda.

: Yes, Master…

: I’m never letting despair get the better of me!

: I’ve Al here with me! And Demonbane, and all my friends!

: And we all have the power we need to defend what’s dear to us!

Master Therion drops a Lacus’ Disk.

: I won’t accept this! I have worked for an eternity and more just for this moment! You will not take it from me!

: The Liber Legis is readying its Shining Trapezohedron!

: Come, Kurou Daijuuji! Let us dance eternally together!

: No way in hell!

: What…?!

:siren: SRW UX - Sublimation of a Destroyer

: The Demonbane…!

: It’s absorbing the energy of my Trapezohedron…

: No, it’s absorbing my Trapezohedron itself?

: That’s impossible! A mere human could never…!

: I can do it because I’m human!

: …?!

: Up until now, we, mankind, had been consumed by Evil…

: So many were pillaged and violated, without reason or meaning. They were slain without any hope for a future!

: They are the grief of mothers whose children’s futures were stolen…

: They are the rage of fathers who could not protect their futures…!

: They are the powerless hate of all the worlds polluted by Evil…

: However… They aren’t blind resentment!

: They are righteous anger and hatred!

: They are the cry of life, the raw howling of those who drowned in blood and tears, yet never stopped struggling towards hope!

: They are the loving prayers of parents – that their children will have a future free of rage and hate!

: I don’t know this…

: I don’t know this! I don’t know this ending!

: ‘Course, I bet what you had in mind was something that fit perfectly with your plans, right?

: But you can try as hard as you’d like to push things your way, we’re always going to rise above it and keep going!

: There are an infinite number of events that can occur in this world. No one could ever predict them all.

: A god you may be, but I see your imagination is lacking!

: Stand beside me, Al. There’s nothing I can’t do if I’m with you!

: We are bound by ties of love now and forever! I am with you, my beloved!

: A pentagram…!

: That’s the crest of the Elder Gods! The Elder Sign!

: H-How…?! This is the Klein Bottle I created! They should be powerless to interfere!

: …! C-Can it be…?!

: You really shouldn’t underestimate humans, O “Almighty” One!

: You are finished, Nyarlathotep…!

Captions are available.

: Can it be… that you were the same as me?

: If so… I, myself, have been trapped in an enormous Wheel of Fortune…

: AAAAAAaaaaaaaahh…!

: I won’t… I won’t let you… destroy my Master!

: Enough. You have done well, Etheldreda.

: This, too, is the ending I sought. This is release from that unending curse.



: …

: I see… I am also to head towards the other side of their Yuga…

: Yet, it’s the light of these stars that grip my mind.

: I had never noticed just how beautiful the world is…

: I will sail the heavens alone, ever amid this light…

: No, you won’t be alone.

: Etheldreda… You’ve come too.

: Yes, my Master… I could never leave you by yourself…

: Hm… I suppose it is a little too cold to be alone. Will you stay by my side, Etheldreda?

: Yes… Let us watch over this world forever…

: Without destroying anything, without harming anyone… Let us just spend eternity smiling with longing at the lives struggling to live…

: That, alone…

: Yes, Etheldreda… That, alone, is the salvation that has been granted to us…

: Yes, Master…

But if you did the secret, before Etheldreda’s final line…!

: You can’t just up and go to the other side, Master Therion…

: Kurou Daijuuji, Al Azif…?!

: The Samsara’s chains that bound you are no more. There is no reason for you to spend an eternity in solitude.

: You mean to forgive us? I’m shocked at how childishly innocent you are.

: The thought of accepting or forgiving what you did never crossed our minds.

: Still, maybe you deserve a shot at finding a new path through life?

: A new path…?

: Etheldreda, what are your thoughts on this?

: Master…?

: I owe you a debt of gratitude for staying with me since time immemorial.

: I see no harm in deferring to your judgment at least once.

: …

: If possible, then… I’d like to find a different future with my Master…

: A future without any destruction, where we may simply live in this world as a couple…

: Pnakotic Manuscripts…

: Heh, we have finally arrived at the terminus of the long Samsara…

: It could be interesting to live that way for once…

: Thank you, Master…

: It’s over…

: Yes, somehow…

: (And, with it, so is the battle with the Black Lodge that started with my grandfather…)

Door opens.

: Are you pleased to bring peace to Kozo Hadou’s soul, girl?

: M-Master Therion?!

: You’re still alive, freak?!

: Put that lance away. Ill-tempered men are a disgrace.

: We have not come here to do battle with you again.

: Explain…

: They’ve made a choice of their own… and it was to walk alongside us.

: All in the interest of saving this universe…

: Huh…?!

: N-Now hold on just a minute! We took out that evil god, right?! Doesn’t that mean the universe is already safe from the void?!

: Not yet. If you truly wish to save this universe, then you must rise once more…

: And face the end of the Yuga…

: The end of the Yuga…?


: Oh, warriors who’ve seized fate itself… All possibilities are now united…

: Th-That voice was…!

Gather at the beginning…

And that is that! Every single secret unit has been recruited, with Master Therion being the final one… Where were you when SRW allowed us to save the literal spawn of Yog-Sothoth before ever giving Cima a chance? Ouch.

I forgot to take a picture but here’s what he has:

Pilot Skills:
Sorcerer L9
Grimoire L9
Prevail L9
Support Attack L2
Break Morale Limit
All Attack L1
Command L4
Spirit Commands – Therion:
Fury/Direct Hit
Spirit Commands – Etheldreda:
Iron Wall
Squad bonus: Melee AND Ranged Weapons’ attack power +100 (Melee and Ranged Weapons +300, 35% chance to trigger Double Image, Spec Debuff Immunity)

And Master Therion, as you might expect, is an absolute powerhouse for reasons that have been exposed since mission 4. While Kurou’s new Final Shining Trapezohedron is the second strongest attack in the game in terms of raw power, losing only to the 4 SD Gundam combo, Therion actually has better burst damage due to knowing Soul – only Liu Bei and Cao Cao can hit harder by virtue of stacking Soul and the Soul of the Three Sovereigns buff, and only with the combo.
I’m going to FUB him and laugh like a real sonuvagun!

The final scene, of course, changes a bit if you didn’t save him:

: It’s over…

: Yes, somehow…

: (And, with it, so is the battle with the Black Lodge that started with my grandfather…)

: Now we just have to go straight back to Earth!

: Hmm, I don’t think it’s gonna be that simple.

: What do you mean? We’ve returned to our world, no?

: Not exactly. As they mentioned, through the gate of Yog-Sothoth lies a space linked to all that was, is and will be. In other words…

: We’ve no idea if that Earth over there is the one we knew…

: Then, that Earth could be Planet Ladorio or Mirisha…?

: There’s even a chance it’s the Earth from the Frontier’s world…

: Not just. We aren’t even certain which point in time this is – that could well be a prehistoric Earth.

: Whuh?! O-Oh, no…

: We were all prepared for this to happen, but it doesn’t make it any easier…

: Are we to wander through time eternally, never making it back…?


: No. A possibility yet remains…

: Th-That voice was…!

Gather at the beginning…

Finally, I screwed up and forgot to deploy Dr. West to take a stab at Therion… the shame!

: You were never meant to exist in this world! Fate should’ve been set that way!

: Bwahahahaha! Fate?! Fate?!

: Fate is nothing but a small bump in the road – a bump that I overcome with my blood, sweat, tears, and mind of 99.9999% undiluted GENIUS!

: Hah…hahahahaha! I cannot believe a man who once held such fear and awe for my strength would come to snub my despair!

: We’re going in, Eeeelsaaaaa! Press those pedals at the exact same time! (I don’t need to tell you what this is a reference to, right?)

: Invincible Robo, full throttle-robo!

: OH, NO! That’s too soon, ELSAAAAAAA!!


You know, from the way Katou was talking, it almost makes you think he realized that Kozo Hadou was really just a time traveling Daijuuji Kurou.

I wouldn’t be so down on Kurou for loving you despite your being a book, Al. It’s pretty clear that book/human children can exist. As… weird of a subject as that is.

The Riot Xs really don’t do it for me, though. I like them a lot more than the terrible Cs, but they just don’t feel like “best Riots out there” material. The finisher looks awkward for a robot this late into the game, and that purple is a really unflattering color on the 3DS.

tfw that Those Who Challenge The Divine Will kicks in.

I really, really love the manner in which they finally make Master Therion playable. It’s especially nice if you know the full extent of his history (he was NOT always this way, to say the least, but that’s what literally endless fucking by Nyarlathotep causes). It’s a nice bit of fanservice added to by Master Therion being… well, really, really fucking absurd.

And he is. Oh god he is. Liber Legis can 2HKO the final boss, something only the Four Gods combo can manage outside of him, and even if you’re not doing that he’s “just” a basically immortal overpowered OHKOing-mooks madman who slaps things down with the Shining Trapezohedron he should not still have and does not give a shit about anything any enemy can do to him, with two pilots because why not.

Final Shining Trapezohedron is “only” Demonbane being allowed to poke at 10000 power on an attack, by comparison. And when that’s the secondary non-secret prize to something, you know the other thing has to be fucking absurd.

…and yes, We Got Master Therion But Still Not Fucking Cima is just a thing and it’s happened. (I think we will get her the next time 0083 gets plot, twelve thousand years from now, but who even fucking knows.)


I’m pretty sure he did realize it, yes. Katou has the most powerful imagination, you see.


Click to see the finale!

Here we are at last – the finale. Last time we trashed Nyarly’s plans of freeing the Court of Azathoth and beat Master Therion into submission. The spawn of Yog-Sothoth is our buddy now. All is not roses, though, as that ‘gather at the beginning’ voice started chirping again, so we gotta do something about that.
Arnie and Saya are deploying as event units, and we’ve 21 slots available, so here’s how we’re going:
Liu Bei/Kiriyama
Lu Bu/Seri
Cao Cao/Domyoji
Sun Quan/Rennie
Tactician: Zhuge Liang (Fei-Yen, Ranka, Arnie and Ishigami are also good picks – we’re going up against a lot of debuffs. The first’ll protect you against everything, the latter three’ll cover one, but provide other buffs).

Off we go.[/i]

There was only one Beginning. From it, various wills took root, giving birth to just as many lives.

Amid the recurring beginning and end, possibilities turned into fate, life turned tangible, wholly flooding the universe.

And now…

: Humanity has gone extinct, and it won’t be long before the universe reaches its end as well…

: Once again, fate could not be overturned…

: But you knew that’d happen from the start, no?

: I assume that’s the reason why I’m here.

: Hm, you assume correctly…

: But by embracing this fate, you…

: This is the answer you picked from an infinitude of possibilities, right?

: In that case, I’ll just carry on my assigned role.

: Besides, there’s something kind of thrilling in setting yourself up as foundation for the upcoming new universe.

: Richard…

: Do you… regret any of this?

: I don’t – same as you.

: …

: Very well. Let’s begin, then.

: Lepton Vectrers, synchro-overdrive!

Power uuuup!

: By linking the Odyssite-catalyzed Accelerated Particle Engines together, you’ve managed to use the magnified Willpower to create a similar phenomenon to Yog-Sothoth’s gate…

: You’re quite something, alright.

: You do understand that if this fails, you’ll vanish into nothingness forever, yes?

: And even if the warp succeeds, there is no guarantee you’ll retain your current memories…

: Naah, I just need to follow the voice and I’m sure I’ll arrive at the future… so to speak.

(Saya): …

: How much of the truth do you want me to tell the girl once she’s up and about?

: There’s no reason to tell her anything. The possibilities who’ve conquered fate will guide her, I’m certain.

: Alright, then. See you around, Prof. Novel!

: Here’s hoping we’ll meet again in the “past future”!

: …

: Richard, Jin, Ayul…

: And all the countless possibilities that fell without ever reaching this stage…

: I will now give of myself to your spirits.

: So that all life that dwells in this universe may earn a beginning…!

This scene only plays out if you got EVERY secret character. If not, you go straight to the title card.

: Looks like everyone’s here.

: …

: …

: Hm… The Grand Master of the Black Lodge, the King of Hojo, Lu Bu and Diaochan, the Black Knight, Cmdr. Ylbora…

: Plus the Festum boy, Brera and even Will…

: A lot of the people here once fought each other as enemies.

: That’s not the end of it, though. There’re also guys like Mamoru and I, who just barely managed to escape certain death.

: In other words, the men and women gathered here are…

: Yes… They are all people who, by rights, shouldn’t be here.

: Shouldn’t be here, huh…?

: And, yet, we still are.

: As the Samsara churned around us, we each confronted our fates…

: And we prevailed…

: Only those who embrace the voice of their souls are capable of seizing proof of the lives led.

: That’s right… What we all sought was our very beings.

: Hah, it could very well be said that I have existed for this very moment.

: Then, we stand at the conclusion of the Samsara…?

: For all possibilities to come together as one, emerging free from the rule of the Samsara…

: That has always been the ultimate desire of every single life of this universe.

: The ultimate desire…

: How many times has this cycle been repeated? How long has passed before we reached this point…?

: And, now, we’re carrying the thoughts and prayers of everyone and everything.

: Then, the rest is clear. We won’t disappoint them, even if I’ve to turn my body to ash…!

: I’ll stake my pride and my very self on this!

: For the sake of our friends… and of the entire universe!

: And so we may weave a beginning for all!

: To arms! We shall now give birth to a new legend!

Mission 52 – The Beginning of Life

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: You have arrived, Ultimate Cross…

: I appreciate you answering my call.

: You’re Novel Dylan…

: The developer of Accelerated Particle Engines…

: And the one who unlocked the Machine’s Island taboo research…

: It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. And…

: It’s been a very long time, hasn’t it, Ensign Agnès Berge…?

: …

: Prof. Novel, you…

: You’re the spider, eh?

: “Spider”…?

: The one who can be seen, yet is not, who can be heard, yet is not…

: It’s you who sits at the center of the spiderweb, weaving the threads of the Samsara, hm? What are you after?

: Hmhmhm… If you wish to know, you’ll first have to win this melee.

: Melee…?!

: Explain yourself! What reason is there for us to fight?!

: We all heard your voice the moment we went across space and time…

: Meaning that you were the one who called us to this world, right?!

: Again, if you wish to know, then you’ll fight me.

: Prof. Novel!

: …

: There’s… no other choice, is there?

: Correct… This is the final ceremony leading to the Beginning.

: Whether or not a new Yuga’ll come to be is all up to you.

: A new Yuga…?

: Hrm… What is the goddamn point of us fighting now?!

: But we have to. If we don’t, then…

: We’ll all just cease to be.

: …?!

: We ain’t got time to wait around. They’re already moving in!

: Hrm…! We have far too much depending on us!

: Mankind’s finally opened its path into the future… we can’t have it be lost to us now!

: Let’s go for it! That’s all we can do now!

: Tsk…!

: Come, then! Show me the fruits of the possibilities you assembled!

I’m not doing all tacticians, but I’ll select a handful to translate since this IS the finale:

: If Prof. Novel’s involved in everything, then we’ve no choice…

: Everyone forward! Now we’ll seize the truth and our future!

: We’ve no need to think twice about this!

: The meaning behind our being here… is to defeat her – that is all!

: Psyche yourselves up, fellas! You gotta take her out or that’ll be curtains for everything!

: Go, Ultimate Cross! GET! THE! FUTURE! (Lina does a lot of Engrish in her cheers.)

: All our past struggles were for this very moment, my companions!

: Bring down Novel Dylan and claim a future for our universe!

: All troops, imagine! Imagine the ideals each and every one of you hold within your hearts!

: It’s our duty to see those ideals made real! And if defeating Novel Dylan is needed for that, then so be it!

: Heed my call and follow me into battle! Attack!

: We’ve made it through a lot, folks, so how about one last push?

: She’s the only one who knows the whole truth. And we’ll claim not only that, but the future as well!

: Everyone forward! We’ll bring all the wishes entrusted to us together!

: And once she’s beaten, we’ll truly pry open the doors to our future!

: We can’t think twice about this right now. We have to do something about her!

: If we don’t… then that’ll really be the end of everything!

: We can ill afford to hesitate now, my friends!

: There is only one thing to be done – and that is to defeat her!

: All answers await us beyond her!

: Manifest our will to that woman! Troops, CHARGE!

: Recall all the battles we fought to arrive here, my friends!

: This is the very last one: a battle to claim the future of our universe! Strike down Novel Dylan!

Alright, starting off the finale is an even bigger mob of Riots than we had in the previous mission. You already know what to expect from them, but be extra diligent in conserving SP – especially with anyone who can cast Confuse, as you’ll need it later.
First and foremost, make sure you clear out all of the mooks before dealing with Novel. The plot kicks in once she’s dropped, and things’ll go more smoothly if you do that.

Avatāra (Novel Dylan)
Pilot Skills:
Prevail L8
Support Attack L3
Break Morale Limit
All Attack L3
Hit & Away
Command L4
Mech Features:
30% EN Regen
Novel’s voice actress: Yukana (other roles: Four in Z Gundam, C.C. in Code Geass, Tessa in FMP, Yumiko and the Sphinx Festum in Fafner, and many more)

You’d think an engineer wouldn’t make for the best of pilots, but you’d think WRONG. Novel is a monster of a pilot, with stats on par with Master Therion. The Avatāra doesn’t hit as hard, but it’s made of sturdier stuff than the Liber Legis.
Additionally, she comes with a directional MAPW that blasts up to 8 squares ahead with a twin-pronged AoE (it spreads into a 3x3 area at the end). It has the Twin Sat Cannon blind-spot, though, so have people approach her from the front. Novel’s more ranged-focused, meaning she can’t use her strongest attack at range 2 or lower – try and engage her from that.

SP conservation is important for what’s coming ahead, so do whatever you can to only cast Valor. Spread command auras and see if you can dodge reliably without casting defensive measures.

SRW UX - The Beginning of Life
Oh, and this stage has an exclusive map BGM. I dunno if it has an official title, but here it is.

:siren: SRW UX - Tales of Mirisha ~ The Brave Legend

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: Mother… Your hands might have created me, but it’s with my own life that I stand here today!

: I’ve taken up the Major’s will, and so I’ll fight!

: Good. That’s very good…!

: Now I’ll ascertain how bright the light of your lives shine - the lives that were refined through Jin and Ayul’s own!

: What you’ll do is come clean with us, Prof. Novel!

: You’ve swayed mine and Jin’s fate… the fate of so many people! And you’ll tell us why!

:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina

: Heh… Not once did I expect an outcome such as this to await me beyond my despair.

: Let us dance as a couple, Etheldreda – now and forevermore.

: Yes, Master. I am with you…


:siren: SRW UX - Roulette

:siren: SRW UX - Dunbine Flies

:siren: SRW UX - Deus Machina


Leave me alone, Novel!

Speaking of, here’s her strongest attack.

:siren: SRW UX - The Proud Challengers

: We just have to beat you and we’ll figure out what’s what, huh…?

: Talk about a true-to-form “hidden mastermind”.

: Still, we don’t appreciate being manipulated. You ain’t getting off with just a stern talking-to, lady!

: We’re not the people we once were! There isn’t anyone who could stop us now!

: Hell, yeah! We don’t let go of the wheel once we’ve grabbed it – and we don’t step on the brakes, either!

: That’s how Team D rolls! Let’s go wild!

: Hmhmhm, I hear your inner yell. And as those come together, they’ll grow into a roar that’ll pry open the new Yuga!

And here’s the second strongest.

Novel vs. Dancouga: “Oh, ones who weave the seeds of life into the future… Showcase your light to me!”

: That will to risk your very self in the defense of others is how you carved out your destiny…

: And it’s that power that’ll be key to unlocking the new Yuga!

: And unlocking that “Yuga” is what you’re after…?

: Well, you’re gonna spill the beans on that and everything else, Novel!

Novel vs. Tobikage units: “The Ninja Legend – that which creates the future. Its power also stems from life, from the will of man!”

: Hmhmhm… I see you are yet another who knows of the heavens, who seeks what lies beyond!

: Oh, heroes who transcended space and time to stand upon this land!

: Muster your mighty will – that which compels the very heavens – and repel my own!

: If she’s the one who beckoned us into this world…

: Then, ‘tis also fate that we face her here and now!

: In which case, our blades shall rend the spiderweb you wove around the world, Novel Dylan!

Novel vs. Liu Bei, Cao Cao or Sun Quan: “Justice, Ideals, Courage… Now is when the Souls of the Three Sovereigns will truly shine!”

Novel vs. secret characters: “Oh, beings who should not be here… Show me what possibilities you possess!”; “You have struggled and gained your life, your possibilities! Now display the light you carry within!”

: Hmhm, there’s no need to hesitate – just come and face me. What matters isn’t what you should do, but what you want to do, yes?

: You like to talk, but not about the actually important stuff, huh? This is why grown-ups get on my nerves…!

: But, fine, I’ll beat the whole truth outta you!

Novel vs. Kouichi: “Let me see once more the strength of spirit with which you’d surpass your humanity!”

: At last, the theater Nyarlathotep put together has been undone.

: If she is aware of that, then I take it that woman has also transcended the Samsara.

: That ain’t all that surprising, when you look at what she’s pulled with us!

: C’mere, Novel Dylan! You’re gonna come clear about everything you know!

Novel vs. Kurou: “The innocent blade you wield also stems from Willpower, from the light of life found in all humans!”

: Yours is a kind soul. And it was that kindness that fostered love and provided succor to voices capable of sending ripples across the galaxy…

: However, now you must fight…! Show me the contrails of the possibilities upon which you soar!

: Alright, you asked for it… You’ll get an eyeful of the dance I learned from them – my real dance!

Novel vs. Alto: “I see the possibilities you bear upon your wings… Souls also lie upon them!”

: Welcome, Fei-Yen HD. You are… Excuse me, the two of you are also possibilities which conquered fate.

: Your wills and the songs you’ve wove together…

: They, too, are keys with which to unlock the new Yuga!

: … You look at other people and only see pawns, hm? You must be a very lonely woman.

: You hurt so many people… Did you figure that was the only way?

: If you ask me, what you need right now is to look your weakness and your loneliness dead in the eye and reconsider your choices!

Novel vs. Fei: “I’m certain you realize that your song is Willpower incarnate!”

: The mighty Devil who slays both gods and demons. I have long awaited for power such as this to emerge!

: Now show me its full extent! That is, if you wish to have answers!

: We don’t really care about whatever’s going on inside your head!

: But since you went there, you’ll get your wish…

: We’ll give you courtside seats to our Hell!

Novel vs. SKL: “The emissary of Hell who’d challenge the very heavens… Let us see the full power of the Devil!”

: You have cleared away the darkness within and reclaimed your azure sky.

: However, you must prove the meaning of your very existence in order to exist beyond the Yuga!

: I don’t know what your “Yuga” is, but it doesn’t matter. I’ll always find my way over to the place I’m meant to come home to!

Novel vs. Fafners: “Observe… I am here now!”

: Come, child. The being beside you is also another fruit of myriad possibilities.

: The will of so many wished for a hero to exist, and so it was that one came to be!

: If fighting you is the only way to keep everyone safe…

: Then, fight you is what we’ll do! Not because someone wanted us to do so, but because it’s what we wanted to do!

: Hmmm!

Novel vs. Heroman: “Your pure will once birthed a miracle. Can you make it happen again, I wonder?”

: What the hell are you up to that you’d sacrifice people’s lives and twist their fates?!

: What I do may stoke the flames of your raging emotions, but there can’t be a beginning without an end.

: The world must first reach its terminus for a new one to be born!

: You may take that to be the right thing to do, but what we see is nothing but pure arrogance!

: We might not know where we came from or where we’re headed… but that uncertainty’s always been abated by the warmth we find the world over…

: And we’ll use force as many times as it takes to keep that safe! We do it for ourselves and for the world at large!

Novel vs. SEED units: “That seed is the seed of life… it’s a manifestation of your Willpower!”

: If the Wings of Rean have led me here, then I know there’s more to this battle than what we see.

: Plus, my own Aura Power’s telling me that there’s something up ahead!

: That’s correct; you have been led, and that guidance has accelerated your fate. In which case, you must pass through me and go seize your answers!

Novel vs. Shou or Aesap: “Your Aura Power is the light of life… it’s the light of possibility!”

: Destruction is rebirth, rebirth is destruction… An Innovator who’s well aware of that fact should be capable of carving out a new fate for mankind!

: It’s for that purpose that you and your comrades have carried on your work, isn’t it?

: It is. We’ve taken upon ourselves to stand against anyone who’s throw the world off balance, no matter who that is!

: Which is why I’m coming for you! For our future!

Novel vs. Celestial Being: “Show me the possibilities that’ll bring about the future Aeolia envisioned!”

: Your heart pried open the Aura Road and fate itself!

: Now manifest all the possibilities born of that Aura Power, the strength of humans’ will to live!

: If the call of our Auras is what caused us to be here against you, then I won’t think twice about tearing down your plans, Novel Dylan!

: Hrgh…!

: Prof. Novel…!

: Hah-Hahahah… I’d expect no less from the possibilities I’d envisioned for so long…

: I-I’m sure that… you’re now capable of reaching the underlying truth of this universe…

: …

: I had feeling this was the case… You planned on being brought down by us from the get-go, didn’t you?

: What’s going on?! Weren’t you the one who established that underlying truth to begin with?!

: Not at all… I’ve just been a part of this many, many times now.

: You’ve been…?

: The universal Samsara isn’t endless. It won’t be long before this Yuga reaches its end. That’s why I…

: Wait just a moment! Didn’t some of us come from future versions of this world?! What happens to us if the universe is going to end here?!

: Yeah, something isn’t right with your story! If there’s no future at all after this, then we shouldn’t even exist, right?!

: You have it the wrong way… There isn’t a single person here who came from the future.

: Come again…?!

: There is no undoing the past. A fate that has already come to pass can never be overturned… To put it simply…

: Each of you has come from a past universe, one whose Yuga had come to an end.

: Th-Then, that means…

: …

: That we are recurring entities…

: We, like Kurou and Master Therion, have existed through multiple Samsaras…

: …

: Indeed, for tens of thousands, perhaps millions of times. And while you never realized it, as you went through the repeating Samsara, your wills were slowly but surely magnified. From the possibilities presented, you gave shape to fate…

: All those “coincidences” you felt were not coincidences at all. Rather, they were all reflexes of the fate you won for yourselves.

: Wh-What the hell…

: Then, the events Judah indicated…

: Those weren’t possibilities that could bring about our future, but facts that had already occurred previously…

: All were the lingering memories of our souls, accumulated through the cycles…

: …

: I suppose it is a case of Pre-established Harmony. Our desired outcomes were fruit of a fate that had been selected many times over…

: Then, those voices we heard from the Yùxǐ…

: Yes… Those were the voices of our own amassed fates…

: Of all the different possibilities from what we got this time…

: Maybe one fate said we’d all die, another that we’d be beaten…

: And over all those cycles, we chose different possibilities out of the ones available again and again.

: As new divergences appeared, we chose anew, progressively shaping the fate we desired…

: Like we were sharpening a piece of iron into a sword…

: And, in time, that sword…

: Correct… and that’s what I’d been searching for: a blade that may slay the gods themselves…

: A blade that slays the gods…!

: Having conquered fate amid the Samsara, you stepped through the gate of Yog-Sothoth…

: And were brought into the future universe…

: The future universe…

: It was the future back then, and it’s now our present…

: Then, what had been guiding us all along…

: It wasn’t me, no. The voice you heard was the manifestation of all those lost possibilities…

: The manifestation of those possibilities?

: Hm. It’s the lives of all that have existed in this universe…

: Countless wills, countless possibilities… The souls of all the men and women you’d succeeded over the recurring Samsara…!

: They were the ones who led you to this point!

: …?!

: Then, the light of the Odyssite…!

: The light of the Aura Power, the Wings of Rean…

: The Fold Quartz, and the great power from the Ninja Legend…

: And even Mirisha’s Dragon’s Chalcedony!

: No wonder they all shared so many similar traits. It’s because all of them…!

: …

: All of them are manifestations of life… They’re the energy of the soul given form!

: Prof. Novel?!

: I suppose… this is it for me…

: H-Hey, hold on! We still have more to ask you!

: N-Never forget…

: The emotions, the prayers, the wishes of life… Everything that’s within you…

: Prof. Novel!

: N-No…

: Novel Dylan said she’d been looking for “a blade that may slay the gods themselves”. If that’s the case…

: What lies beyond this point must be…

: There was only one Beginning…

: …?!

SRW UX - The End of the Yuga

:siren: :aaaaa: :siren: :aaaaa:

: From it, various wills took root, giving birth to just as many lives…

: And, at long last, the time has come to cull those possibilities.


: Now, come. Return to the end…

: Wh-Who is that…?!

: She’s beautiful…

: She’s like a proper goddess…

: …

: I know who that is… ‘Tis the embodiment of the end of the Yuga!

: I.e…. She’s Kali Yuga!

: Kali Yuga…?

: A Mahayuga is a time unit for the entire life-cycle of a given universe, comprised of four Yugas…

: And it’s prophesized that at the end of that cycle, a being will appear – one that’s both a devil and a god… that’s Kali Yuga.

: A devil and a god…?!

: …

: I-I’m scared… There’s no Aura inside her!

: No, not exactly…

: It’s not that there’s no Aura… it’s that she’s the world around us! We’re trapped inside her!

: Wh-What did you say?!

: This space itself is…

: A place where the end and the beginning intertwine – a place of life, and of death…

: “Behold, for that light is nigh…”

: Nyarlathotep once spoke of the final chapter of the G-Records, “Apocalypse”… This is the terminus of the world, as inscribed within!

: A space – or, rather, a void – which emulates our world…!

: …

: Not much time remains…

: Let this Yuga come to a close…

Flash! Tzeeeeeeep!

: Wh-What’re those things?!

: For as much awe as I feel, just as much crushing dread grips me…!

: If she’s a goddess… do you think those are her angels?

: This universe has given birth to far too many possibilities…

: The voyage of life must come to an end, and all returned to the eternal nothingness… to a time before time.

: Crap, she’s really…!

: She wants to reset the entire universe to the void before life ever began…!

: Gaah, enough with all this fancy talk!

: Lt. Kaido…!

: The gist of it is that the chick’s trying to wipe us out, right?!

: Yeah… meaning there’s only one answer for that!

: If God gets in our way, he’ll get cut down!

: If the Devil does the same, then he’ll be shot!

: Yeah, they’re right… Everything we fought for’ll go up in smoke if we bit it here!

: We cannot allow this to be the end! We owe it to the many lives who turned to light and gave us their strength!

: We’ll choose our fate and face it head on!

: All those souls given form have led us here!

: And I’m sure standing up to her is what Prof. Novel had in mind…!

: All our struggles were to sharpen us into a blade capable of striking down the void itself!

: Arnie…!

: Let’s take it to her, people! Whatever foe lies ahead…!

: We, humans, will never be beaten!
So, let’s take stock on what we’ve learned: as it turns out, Shou wasn’t the only one who came from the previous universe. All those “alternate futures” weren’t actually futures, but actually futures from the PREVIOUS iteration of the UX universe. Nyarly’s Klein Bottle cycle itself was a cog in a far bigger machine – the UX world’s own cycle, the Mahayuga, and Nyarly’s shenanigans were a cycle within that one. Throughout every past Yuga, our folks’ willpowers grew stronger, continuously bolstered by all the souls of those who died, allowing us to create more and more new divergent possibilities and shifting events in different ways.
Bit by bit, with every passing cycle, we molded our ideal fate, and it’s the influence of that self-made fate that’s been pushing us along – as it turns out, WE were the spider at the center of the spiderweb.
All those accumulated possibilities and souls, manifesting themselves through our magic thingamajigs, brought our people here, when the Yuga is meant to close. Novel sought to further empower our wills through various challenges, all in the interest of finally making us powerful enough to stand up to Kali Yuga, the personification of the universal reset.

And that’s what we’re going to do, but there are a few things to be wary of. First and foremost, Kali’s summoned new Rvarna (Sanskrit for “the sounds”) which come in seven flavors: white, black, red, blue, yellow, green and purple. Here’s where the debuffs come in, because every one of them is packing one, with varying degrees of annoyance. In the order above, they have: SP Down, EN Down, Attack Down, Movement Down, Mobility Down, Range Down, EN Absorb.
Prioritize whatever you’re running low of the most, and the red ones because getting your attack halved pretty much means a unit is all but useless against Kali Yuga.

Mind you, trying to drop them all so you don’t get debuffed won’t fly because:[/i]

*More stuff spawns in!

: Rgh… They just keep coming!

: We’re not winning this unless we take out Kali Yuga!

: Troops, focus all your fire on her!

[i]Yeah, the Rvarna and stuff will just spawn endlessly whenever the enemy squad numbers dips below 7, so take out the debuffers that matter and go for Kali.

Kali Yuga
Pilot Skills:
Double Movement
Prevail L9
Support Attack l3
Break Morale Limit
All Attack L3
Command L4
Mech Features:
30% EN Regen
Kali Yuga’s voice actress: Naoko Matsui (other roles: Inez in Nadesico, Roux in Gundam ZZ, Sonoko in Detective Conan, Yui Kamishiro in Jushin Liger and many more)

Remember when I said Tobikage was the best pilot in the game? Turns out I lied. Kali Yuga has positively ridiculous stats all across the board, with the largest total among all bosses.
She’s the hardiest enemy in the game, sporting not only 400k HP but also THE biggest armor stat, 2500, which goes up to 4800 as her Prevail dips. Therion, last mission, had 1900. For that matter, at 3L size, she’s also the tallest unit around (1999 meters tall, compared to the Battle Frontier’s 1186m) which results in a MASSIVE damage penalty for anyone that isn’t ignoring the size difference. When Guard and Prevail L9 get going, you better come packing either a FUB’d unit or have SP for Valor, or you’ll be hard pressed to even break 3-4k damage.

But, of course, Kali isn’t just a tank and hits like a jet-propelled train getting shot out of a sniper rifle: her range is massive, with her strongest attack going up to 3-9, her second at 1-4, and her weakest at 2-8. But her most dangerous trick is her MAPW, which follows the same pattern as Deus Ex Machina’s: a 4x4 AoE that she can set anywhere as far as 8 squares away.
BUT, that is not all as, following after her minions, Kali Yuga comes packing nasty debuffs in every single one of her weapons: her weakest attack applies Accuracy and Mobility Down, her MAPW is Morale AND Attack Down (!), her second strongest gives Halved Stats, and her strongest attack applies Range and Movement Down. Now, you might be expecting that 3L size to ruin her accuracy since she doesn’t know Ignore Size Difference, right? Wrong, because not only she has S ranks on all her terrains, both her MAPW and her strongest attack have innate Ignore Size and Barrier Pierce effects.

So, here’s the most important thing in this fight, and the reason why you saved all that SP and cleared every prior enemy: keep Confuse up at all times and/or Daunt her whenever her morale goes over 130 because you do NOT want her to get that MAPW off. If you plan around that, you should be able to drop her in a turn even in a fresh game. If you don’t, and let Kali get a turn above 130 morale, she will make you answer for it.

But the Rvarnas aren’t too resilient themselves.

And a Soul’d MAPW from Kira’ll drop the Riot Xs surrounding Kali, clearing the way for us.

Here’s Kali Yuga’s second strongest attack – we’re looking to drop her below 70% for the plot to kick in.

And here’s Kali’s absolute strongest attack, which is one of those rare cases of the final boss actually having a DK. Ishigami graciously offered to demonstrate it to us – he’ll be fine.

It doesn’t take a lot of hits to clear off 120k+ HP after Therion doing nearly half of that (boost him enough and he can two-shot Kali).

: Why do you not return?

: The deviations from the Samsara’s rule prevent the start of the new Yuga…

: Gaaaah!

: Hrrrmmm! I-Indeed… she is well deserving of the title of goddess!

: Maybe, but we ain’t getting dropped by her!

: Do you still not see the truth? That unrelenting will of yours…

: All the endlessly diverging possibilities you bring are twisting the quintessential truth of the universe…

: Wh-What did you say…?!

: The cosmos is governed by the Mahayuga. Time and again the Samsara repeats itself. Eventually, a universe reaches its end, and that also marks a new beginning…

: However, your wills have caused far too many possibilities to be born…

: And it has come to the point that they are impeding the start of the next Yuga…

: Then, you mean that…!

: Our imaginations have turned to oppress the universe itself?!

: Yes, and that is precisely why this universe must be brought to a close.

: As all is returned to the primordial nothingness, the next Yuga shall begin…

: Th-That’s…!

: Then, our lives are…!

: …

: No way.

: Ensign…?!

:siren: SRW UX - Prologue

: It took me a while, but I’ve finally understood what Prof. Novel was trying to do…

: Our possibilities are oppressing the universe, yes…

: Which is why she tried to bring all those possibilities together as one!

: Bring them all as one…?!

: Nothing comes from the void…

: Rather, it’s the fact that everything exists – that all possibilities are here – that makes this the true Beginning of Life!

: Isn’t that right, Jin?!

: Yeah, you got it… The Beginning of Life is right there with you…

: Th-That voice…!

Flash! And tzeeeeeep!

: Open yourself and feel our souls…! We’re all within you…

: My sister… My life is one with you…

: Ayul… how?!

: There was only one beginning…

: Tsubaki…?!

: Joy and sorrow are both aspects of the same life…

: And if the repeating cycle of existence and death is the cycle of life, then…

: …

: Death is also part of life…!

: …?!

: All of life is here… it’s all within you.

: Prof. Novel!

: You’ve figured it out, didn’t you, Saya?

: Major…

: You know what you folks have to do… You know what the answer of your lives is, right?

: …

: Yes!

:siren: SRW UX - The Will of Man Awakens

: Th-That light is…!

: It’s the Beginning of Life… and the ultimate destination of our possibilities!

: That’s…!

: We’ve all been through the same…

: We’ve come to comprehend existence and death, and at the end of our journey, we’ve learned what life is…

: Right, Jin?

: Right on. And as those two fold into one another, they join as one.

: All of Creation possesses two sides to itself. ‘Tis when one knows all that the heavens shall be within reach!

: Listen. Can you hear all their voices…?

: Yeah, we hear ‘em!

: The emotions born of life weave endless divergences…

: And when those, ultimately, join together…

: They bring forth a new fate – a new future!

: Th-They are… Why?!

: Those lives were supposed to have returned to nothingness! How are they…?!

: Because they never returned to nothingness!

: Every single one of us have always been right here!

: The souls of those who perished remain within and empower the living!

: Their light is the voice that led us to this very moment!

: It’s a prayer, coming in from the rift between life and death to help us!

: It’s a light that taught us what it means to exist!

: Indeed, there is no god in this world.

: What you see here is the light of the will – the light of life!

: Hear our call, all life who dwells in this universe!

: And gather at the beginning…!

Everyone gets a full restore!

: What… That cannot be!

: I feel so much power coursing through me…!

: We are not beaten… We can keep on flying!

: … Huh, would you look at that? This power has always been everywhere, but it took us realizing that fact for it to start flowing…

: M-Mortals are… creating a new Yuga?!

: They are creating a beginning out of the end…?!

: All our souls have joined as one! And, together, we’ll earn…!

: A new tale for all life…!

Angela - Dead or Alive
Under normal circumstances, this is when I’d cue a random JAM Project song since UX doesn’t have one… but considering the Angela duo have been a constant presence since day one, it wouldn’t feel right to have anyone else here!
:siren: :siren:

: Despair and hope mixed together, and thus a finely tuned system was undone.

: However, that did nothing to stop the end of the Yuga.

: In which case, the solution is simple: we simply need to overthrow the end of the Yuga as well!

: Indeed, and what we’ve accomplished shows that there is nothing our group cannot do.

: I can appreciate one last bit of entertainment before long-lasting tranquility. And I very much like the idea of us cutting these puppet strings ourselves.

: Yes, Master.

: Go for it, boy! And, just this ONCE, I’ll provide some rocking background music for you!

: Feel my melody and let my fleeting, heartrending emotions empower you!

: Let my love empower you, too-robo!

: Forward, Kurou! We have united man, god and machine, and our strength is now on par with the divine! Strike her down!

: Aye, aye! Universal cycles, whatever, I sure as hell ain’t taking someone wrecking us like it’s nothing!

: Now, we - Kurou Daijuuji and Al Azif - will overcome karma itself and tear down the chains of fate!

Kurou attacking: “You really shouldn’t underestimate humans, ya fake goddess!”; “We still got plenty of life in us! And I ain’t putting up with you turning up your nose on that!”

West attacking: “Watch as I wield my artistry, my brilliant intellect to gobsmacking effect! DOCTAAAA WEEEST is the biggest, greatest final boss!” > Elsa: “You’re not taking this seriously, Doctor!”

Therion attacking: “So that we may finally know release from the real unending curse…!”; Etheldreda: “We’ll leave nothing left of you!” > Therion “And then we’ll bring an end to this foolish cycle!”

Kali attacking Kurou: “Oh, man who’s transcended the Ouroboros… your battle has already met its end.”

: Life prayed that it could save its future, and the Earth answered to that will.

: Yet all that accomplished was fostering possibilities leading towards the destruction of all…

: I see you don’t understand jack!

: You act like the will of Earth granting Heroman to mankind was for nothing, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth!

: When Joey and Heroman are together, there isn’t anything they can’t pull off!

: Because the bonds that exist between them are stronger than anyone and anything!

: Joey, Heroman! Please, save our future!

: Do you hear them, Heroman? They’re all calling out to us!

: Our fate comes down to this single moment, and we need to face it with everything we’ve got!

: Oooooo!

Heroman attacking: Joey: “I know we’ll save this world! And the reason is because we’re heroes!” > Heroman: “Hmmmm!”

Will attacking: “I’m not fighting for me… this is for Lina!”

Kali attacking: “I cannot listen to Earth’s will alone.”

: The strength and the will to face any being… Such is the devil who would beckon ruin.

: Hah, “devil”, eh?

: That’s actually not an inaccurate assessment…!

: But, of course, they never cared to be any sort of Champions of Justice!

: You can say that again. The words ‘just cause’ mean nothing to us!

: We fight because we want to! We crush because we want to!

: We are Hell!

: And it’s time for ya to drop her into the afterlife, Mazinkaiser!

SKL attacking: Kaido: “Fighting a god’s right up our alley!”; “I trust you’re gonna give us the fight of our lives, ya hear!”; Magami: “Be it God or the Devil, we’ll kill whoever stands in our way!”; Magami: “I’ll live on and prove that I’m still my own person!”

Tsubasa: “Our long battle for the fate of the world’ll end here…!”

Kali attacking: “The hour has come for Heaven and Hell to return to nothingness.”

: Humans were surrounded by so much sorrow, yet they always kept their gaze set upon the future and succeeded in carving out their own destiny.

: However, there is a destiny that one cannot oppose. You are all prisoners of an unending cycle.

: Had you said that to us before, we might just have believed it… but not today!

: All we need is a glimmer of hope… If we can put our trust in that light, then we can find the strength to fight on!

: Our struggles right now are to carry on living, regardless of how difficult and painful it may be…!

: And if you say that’ll lead the universe to its destruction, then we’ll just break through that destiny and keep going!

Shinn attacking: “God or whatever you are, I’m not letting you destroy mine and my friends’ future!”; “I won’t give up, no matter who’s against me…! That’s the only way to bring an end to conflict!”

Kira: “We just want a normal future for ourselves! Someone who’d take that away can’t be a god!”; “It’s not you who’ll create the future of this universe…!”

Athrun: “We’ll end you and bring light back to our world!”

Kali attacking Shinn or Kira: “Neither strength nor wishes will overthrow destiny – that is, the universal truth.”

: By connecting the individual dots of your wishes, humans erected the lines of their possibilities.

: However, the form drawn by those lines is simply that of the gateway to oblivion.

: What a loada crock! If you think you’re gonna get us shaking in our boots from what, you got another thing coming!

: That might be the opinion of Kali Yuga herself, but it’s not in your nature to just leave it at that, is it, Hayase?

: ‘Course not. There’s no way the form our lines drew is anything like that!

: Plus, even if that gateway to oblivion is legit, all we have to do is exorcize all that badness away.

: If we do, it’ll just be one big gateway to hope left.

: What it all amounts to is that we are the ones who steer our fate…

: Better yet, we’re the factors needed to save our future!

: If a man like me can help defend our future, then I won’t think twice!

: I’ll ante up every ounce of my strength – and all my life – to see that done!

: We might not even be capable of imagining how long you must’ve been watching over this universe…

: But that was then, and this is now…! We’ll build our future with our own lives!

: We won’t allow any of it to meet its end here!

: Rather, we’ll hold fast to our tomorrow and we’ll never let it go!

: That… is our sincerest plea!

: And now it falls on us to teach you what the true strength of mankind is like.

: Do you now see what we’re hoping for? Do you see the form our lives make as they come together?!

: That form’s the Linebarrel – the form that’ll create a shining future from all our endless possibilities!

Kouichi attacking: “Save the universe and protect all life… not a bad deal, I say!”

Moritsugu: “I’m no Champion of Justice. That said, we’ll be the ones who’ll save this world!”

Yamashita: “Here’s the final battle…! Let’s go, Hind!”; “Between you and the Human Machinas, we humans are being sold REALLY short nowadays…!”

Shizuna: “We live by our own will, so butt out! I ain’t taking anyone killing us for no good reason!”; Izuna: “You will not erase the lives we’ve led!”; Shizuna: “No phony goddess—” > Izuna: “Is going to have her way with our future!”

Soubi: “I’d spent decades of my life with Kaoru in that world. I’m not about to let you destroy it!”

Miu: “We’re taking you down, and then we’ll really be Champions of Justice!”

Domyoji: “Time to exorcize THE worst spirit haunting this world!”

Yajima: “The one and only peace is waiting for us just around the corner. And now we’ll win it for humanity!”

Yulianne: “It’s looking like this really is our last job…!”

Jack: “My blade carves out my fate…! None, not even you, may intrude upon it!”

Masaki: “We won’t shy away, no matter how strong an enemy emerges… because we’re all Champions of Justice…!”; “You fancy yourself a god? Don’t make me laugh…!”

Kiriyama: “It’s up to humans to safeguard peace on Earth! We won’t give that task up to anyone!”; “My life, and all the missteps I made, are my own! I won’t let you reset it all!”

Katou: “The future is not our enemy…! No, the future is hope!”; “Humanity will be saved…! That is what I— rather, that is what WE will do!”

Ishigami: “Look at how far I’ve made it. Now, how about we make a flower or two bloom here, eh?”; “Oh, brother… You’re telling me to go and save mankind, Judah?”

Kali attacking Kouichi: “You may even surpass your humanity, but you cannot surpass your limits as ‘Champion of Justice’.”

: As humans rouse their wills, the heavens themselves are stirred.

: However, the destruction in your fate will not and cannot be swayed.

: It may be that the universe is fated to die… But the will of man – our hearts shall prevail!

: Aye, they shall rise above even that fate!

: Ye being who beckons all to the primordial nothingness! Behold the blazing light of our souls!

: That which you hear is the roar of human life! And it demands a future!

: The hearts of those who fell amid the road travelled, the souls of those men and women whom we once challenged! All now shine bright, ever united with justice!

: And it’s flanked by that light that we set off to the beginning of a new world – one brimming with freedom!

Liu Bei: “The will of man… our hearts shall rise above even the power of a god!”

Guan Yu: “We shall end you… and your defeat shall be the founding stone for our homeworld of Mirisha!”

Zhang Fei: “What, a bad apple like you is a god? I don’t think so!”; “And here it is: the battle of the millennium!”

Cao Cao: “You would revert all to nothingness…? The heavens would never stand for such folly!”; “The spirits of the fallen rest upon my blade, and ‘tis through them that I end you!”

Sun Quan: “In the name of the Sun Family, the heirs to the soul of Hǔxiǎo…! I challenge you!”

Shangxiang: “I know we’ll live through this… and then we’ll get back to Mirisha together!”

Lu Bu: “You are an avatar of the heavens?! Hmhmhm… This thrill! It ignites— MY SOOOUUUL!”

Diaochan: “The Shura fear not even a god… Away with you, fiend!”

Kali vs. SD Gundams: “The heavens are coming undone. They will be stirred no longer.”

Kali vs. secret characters: “Ye beings who should not be here… your possibilities have reaped the life of this universe.”; “Your life, your being here… those are turning to threaten the cosmos.”

: The soul is meant to perish and be reincarnated… Such is the power grafted into all life.

: Accept your fate for what it is. You will all be born anew in time.

: Even if I did and were reborn in a later cycle, that person wouldn’t be me!

: And I’d much rather just stay where I am, together with Shou! Reincarnations never play out the same way between people; the differences are as big as a Mi Ferario to an E Ferario, even!

: The fate we struggle against is also the basis for our bonds… To wipe it all away is to wipe out those bonds as well!

: It’s not by erasing everything that you’ll bring about a world of peace and quiet for all souls as they’re reborn!

: Rather, it’s the light of our Aura that’ll lead all life into a better future! And that life will slay even the end of the Yuga!

Shou attacking: “I’ll defend both this world and Byston well!”; “Come what may, I’ll stay as I’ve always been and carry on fighting!”

Burn: “The will of Byston Well would never accept your actions…! Come!”; “Power and cunning matter not now! Our battle is purely to secure a victory for humankind!”

Kali vs Shou: “The Aura Power that has transcended the Samsara… However, not even that will enable you to prevail.”

: The songs born of life resounded with all that exists in the universe.

: And that song shall also meet its end at the upcoming terminus of the cosmos.

: Hmph, is that a fact? Problem is there’s more than just one song in any show!

: And the same goes for this world! As our wills are bolstered by their songs, they’ll turn into a bullet headed straight towards your “nothingness”!

: Remember what the NUNS’ Admiral once said, men! Whenever music flows at a major battle—

: —That’s the moment when defeat becomes impossible!

: To trust in our guts, to choose our future, and to stay true to our will! That’s what our mission is right now!

: Ranka, we’ll keep your stage safe.

: So, let us hear the song of your life – a song that can quake even the underlying truth of the universe!

: I’ll hold onto all that you feel! And we’ll make sure it travels across the whole Yuga and beyond!

: Miracles always occur wherever life exists. And so long as life endures, it’ll happen again!

: You better be watching this, Kali Yuga! This is the dance of Alto Saotome’s life, a dance bearing all the universe’s wishes!

Alto attacking: “I’d never let someone like you do away with our world, with our sky!”

Jeffrey: “Listen up, people! This is our ultimate battle, so stay frosty!” > Bobby: “Yes, sir!”

Kali vs Alto: “Submit your wings and your life… so that a new sky may be born.”

: The rampant possibilities need to be stymied now, or it will mean the disappearance of all… I’m certain you understand what that entails.

: The fates that end here will be reborn, ever under the rule of the Samsara…!

: Your efforts could never bring about a new Yuga…!

: …”A dying world, in the eye of the maelstrom,” is the vibe I’m getting from this. But, regardless, I’ve something to say to you. (First part is “The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku -DEAD END-“ lyrics.)

: The moment you start trying to put a leash on every possibility you find, is the moment you get yourself stuck in an infinite loop!

: Nothing good can come from something as misguided as that… so you leave me no choice! I, Fei-Yen HD, will go all-in to stop you!

Fei attacking: “You’re a threat to the entire universe and we’ll deal with you one way or another!”

Kali attacking: “Surely you can comprehend what the disappearance of all possibilities entail.”

In essence, that song is about what Miku feels when her vocaloid program’s uninstalled – thus, all the possibilities of that version of her are erased. So, Kali figures she’d sympathize with her extreme plan of resetting everything rather than risk the universal collapse under all the oversaturated possibilities.

: The grand power born of the unification of various wills…

: Ultimately, it is simply an agglomeration of possibilities serving as a beacon for destruction.

: But, on the flip side, those possibilities can also help us create something new!

: And every one of us believes that the power my bro, Ylbora and Romina found’ll help us save our future!

: Let’s get in there, folks! We can’t let her deny everything we fought for!

: Right. No one has a right to bind our lives!

: I finally see the truth… The strength to bring forth a new future – that’s the true power of the Ninja Legend!

: Set our Willpower alight, Joe! And lead us into the future past the horizon!

: This is it. We’re gonna drop you like a bad habit and pry open the doors to our future!

: Say your prayers, Kali Yuga!

Joe attacking: “We’re the ones who make our future, and we ain’t sharing that job with you!”; “We won’t know if things really are too far gone until we try!”

Mike: “We took out Hazard and Annex! You’re all that’s left!”; “There’s no point in a future if we don’t get to choose it for ourselves!”

Rennie: “Even if destruction is what our future holds, I know we’ll find a way through it!”

Romina: “I understand the mission given to you. However, our resolve will not be swayed!”; “This battle will mark one giant leap towards peace across the universe!”; Gameran: “This conflict will truly be over if we can best her! Elshank, forward!”

Damian: “I’ve always been ready to fight to the bitter end when I took up a machine!”

Ylbora: “You might be a god, but I will not yield even to one!”; “I’ll readily face even the mightiest of foes in the name of my homeland of Ladorio…!”

Kali attacking Joe: “The Ninja Legend… It may be enough to save a planet, but it cannot save the universe.”

: The emotions concealed within life turn to wings that rise beyond the confines of time and space…

: However, even those wings will quickly be consumed face the eternal nothingness.

: Hardly. The guidance of the Wings of Rean has changed the very heart of our world! Not even the quintessential truth of the universe is immune to it!

: The wishes of the dead linger on within those left behind…

: And if you would turn that to nothingness, then we’ll stand and fight for the life we now have!

: There is only one thing for us to see done! And it’s for that reason that my life did not end when it should have!

: Aesap, Lady Jacoba’s telling us to show her the shape of our lives!

: Kali Yuga, your powers might exist to help the universe, but we’ll never accept your brand of help!

: Power is meant to be used to give birth to a future – a future for those that are alive now!

Aesap attacking: “I’m not putting up with that ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude of yours!”; Erebos: “Aesap, Lady Jacoba’s telling us to destroy her!” > Aesap: “That’s fine, I was already set on doing that!”

Lux: “For the Overworld and Byston Well… No, for all worlds that could ever exist!”

Amalgan: “She must be struck down, not just for us, but for all those who would be born in the future!”

Sakomizu: “Oh, Wings of Rean! Grant us victory in this battle for the future of mankind!”; “So that the world who gave me life, and the world who nurtured it, may all be safe!”

Kali attacking Aesap: “Be at ease. Though your life may come to an end, you will continue to be Aesap Suzuki!”

: As you struggled to survive, you have left undeniable proof that you were here.

: And nothing will change that. You need not endure such pain any further.

: We’re not enduring any pain! Rather, we’ve accepted it!

: Absolutely! All the pain we’ve felt is now part of who we are!

: What you see in us is a will that’s managed to grasp so many possibilities - the warmth of a life that longs to go on…!

: You can’t stop us or the power surging within us… I’m sure we can win this…! No, we have to!

: Our loved ones and our future are counting on us! We have to keep ‘em all safe!

: We’re the ones who decide how our future will be, Kali Yuga! That’s how it’s been and how it’ll continue to be!

: So many people who had faith in us are gone, and we’ve taken all their souls onto ourselves…

: And we’ll fight to answer all their wishes!

: Because we know what awaits us past here is an azure sky prettier than any we’ve seen before…!

: We’ll earn ourselves not only a new future, but we’ll also bring peace to our home…!

: It’s for that reason that we are here!

Kazuki attacking: “Not even a god is going to take away the world we all fought to protect!”; “We’ll defeat you and make our way back to Tatsumiya!”

Shouko: “All we want is a future for ourselves!”; “If God has decided to wipe us out… then I’ll take a stand against God!”

Sakura: “Here’s the end of our battles…! Let’s do it!”; “You’re going down and, then, we’ll bring back that blue sky full of freedom!”

Kenji: “So what that you’re a god! Look at all the stuff we’ve done to get here and you’ll know nothing’s impossible to us!”; “Alright, one final job. Let’s make it a good one!”

Mamoru: “We fight for all our dreams!”; “We’re closing off this battle with a happy ending! That’s what we’re here for!”

Michio: “A god’s oughta just watch over us from way up in the clouds, you know!”; “Well, dang, aren’t you just the perfect mark to close off my career on…!”

Canon: “Final target IDed…! I’ll see you soon, mom…!”; “There’re people waiting for me to come back, and that’s exactly what I’ll do!”

Maya: “We will be victorious in the end!”; “Not even God may decide our future for us. I won’t allow it.”

Hiroto: “Even I’ve got plenty of stuff I wanna do, and you’re not wrecking that!”; “Like hell you’re stealing my youth and my friends’ lives!”

Akira: “Rina, this is the finale! Keep your head on a swivel!” > Rina: “Spare me the reminder!”

Seri: “I still have so much I want to tell Tsubaki!”; “You’re going down, and we’ll make our way back to that blue sky!”

Misao: “This isn’t the first time I’ve stood up to a god!”; “For the home of my Mir… for Earth!”

Kali attacking Kazuki: “Stay this course and you will cease to be there.”

: The light born of human life has reached out to all other lives, weaving all together.

: As that wheel continues to spin, creating more and more possibilities, it will, in time, beget the death of everything.

: That conviction that you know all that will happen is what makes you misinterpret where those possibilities are headed.

: We’re fighting for all lives out there!

: Even if the universe itself doesn’t agree with our being here, and we wind up being tagged as villains…!

: We’ll still go on fighting to make sure our wills can chart our future!

: That’s the purpose we’ve found for our lives!

: We’ll never give up, regardless of how much fate leans towards death or how pathetic our struggles become! Our battle is one of mere survival!

: All those lives that exist today… All those beings trying their best to survive will not be denied! The void will not have them!

: 00 Qan[T]… Setsuna F. Seiei! Moving to rend the chains of fate!

Setsuna: “Your ego would twist the entire world! You’re no different from Ribbons!”; “You’re just a system that’d erase our future, and now I’ll tear you down!”

Graham: “I’ll just tell you this… I will not die! I’m surviving this showdown!”; “Graham Aker, moving to carve out a future for us all!”

Kali attacking Setsuna: “You may have brought an end to your war with the other species, but life is still fated to be destroyed… Such is the fundamental truth of the universe.”

: Humans seek not only to transcend the gods, but the fundamental truth of the universe as well?

: Abandon this foolishness. The closer you come to transcending all, the closer you are to the inevitable destruction that lies ahead.

: Is that supposed to intimidate us?

: I’m afraid we’ve all had enough of your sermons.

: We’re all alive now, and that’s a fact! We’re not letting anyone take that from us!

: Right, we weren’t given life just so we could be destroyed now! On the contrary, the life we were given is meant to be lived to its fullest!

: We’re surviving all the way to the end, Kali Yuga. Meaning we’ll rise above whatever fate has in store and sail on towards our future!

: We, and the Dancouga, will prove that to you! Let’s go wild!

Dancouga attacking: Aoi: “Our biggest battle since Moon WILL! Let’s go wild”; Kurara: “It’s been an exciting ride, but this will be our last mission! Off we go!”; Sakuya: “We gotta fight a god? Big deal! Let’s go wiiild!”; Johnny: “The Dancouga’s no servant of god – it’s a force that transcends gods!”

Kali attacking: “Unfortunately, there is a limit to the possibilities found in humans.”

:siren: SRW UX - Roaring Deathblow

: Humans have progressively magnified the substance of life across the eons.

: However, it is impossible for that light to raise a new Yuga.

: Quite the opposite: the new Yuga has already begun.

: Of course, it’s no surprise that you haven’t noticed it yet. All this time you’ve had your eyes fixated on the end, and nowhere else.

: But now you’ll finally see the true Beginning of Life!

: Go, you two! Show her how bright our lives shine!

: Come on, Arnie! All their wishes are here with us!

: Behold, Kali Yuga! This is the undeniable mark of all life!

Odyssea attacking: Arnie: “While our lives shine, we’ll never stop rejecting you!”; Arnie: “It’s not God who keeps this universe going… It’s the will of all those that are alive!”; Arnie: Come on, Saya! Beyond this battle lies…” > Saya: “A new Beginning of Life!”; Jin: “You’re up against what’s pretty much a god embodying the will of the universe. Still…” > Arnie: “Yeah… Not even her can withstand the might of all our lives!”

If Saya was flying solo, she also had lines: “I’ll defend this world brimming with the light of life!”; “She may even be a god… but fear will never take us over!”

Special Hell Stringer lines: Arnie: “I can hear all their voices!” > Jin: “Go! Our lives are with you!” > Ayul: “All our light is with you!” > Arnie: “Behold! This…!” > Saya: “Is the undeniable…!” > Arnie: “MARK OF ALL LIFE!”

Special End of Reverse lines: Arnie: “I can hear all their voices!” > Saya: “All our hearts are now together!” > Jin: “Now! Fly!” > Ayul: “This light is…” > Arnie: “THE MARK OF ALL OUR LIVES!”

And the special DK lines for both those attacks: Saya “We will seize…!” > Arnie: “A new beginning…!”

: I-I cannot let myself be overwhelmed…

: If I’m undone, this universe will…!

: Now, Arnie!

: I’m on it!

:siren: SRW UX - Future-Bound Fighting Spirit

:black101: :black101:

: My sister… Make use of our lives!

: We’ll join the light within us all…!

: Existence and Death… As these two opposing forces come together as one—!

: —Our overlapping wills are magnified into infinity…!

: And, now, life will rise above nothingness itself!

: Haaaaaaaaaaah!

Captions are available for HYPE and TAMASHII NO SAKEBI DAAAAAAAAAA!
I feel like I should to add a Volume Warning here. It gets very loud for everyone involved.

: H-How…!

How can anything overcome nothingness…? That is not possible…!

: AAAAAAaaaaaahh!!


: …

: It’s over…?

: Yes… It’s over at last…

SRW UX - Epilogue

:siren: Another BGM that I don’t think has a name or been uploaded to Youtube or Nico. :siren:

: This marks the beginning of a new world…

: A world where all possibilities have united…

: It’s just a shame we won’t get to see that world…

: Still, I can live with that. We might have to spend eternity here, but at least we’ll have each other around…

: Heheh, I suppose it won’t be that bad, then…

: Yeah, you got it. If we’re all together, then…

: …

Al flies the Demonbane over to the Elshank and pops Kurou out.

: Al?!

: ‘Tis possible to return you to your original world.

: Come again…?!

: Aye, if I expend all of mine and Demonbane’s energies…

: All of… What’ll happen to you, then?!

: …

: You must live on… in the new world you earned for yourselves…

: Wh-What’re you talking about?!

: Thank you for everything, master to this fool of a book.

: And farewell, my one and only love…

: Al, don’t do this! Al… AAAAAL!

: …

: There is nothing to worry about. We’ll be the ones to bring you all back home…

: …?!

: Ayul…!

: Our souls…!

Koyo takes position by Al.

: And our hearts… I’ll bring them all together and put them to song!

Fei does the same.

Master Therion, Sakomizu, Misao, Lu Bu and Diaochan do the same.

: Y-You’re…!

: I… I traveled the stars for a very, very long time. There was no one there with me, and I didn’t even know where I was.

: And it was that girl’s voice that showed me the way.

: Her voice, her song, are now inside me. So, I… I’m sure I can show you the way too!

: I had a surprising amount of fun with this party at the end of the Samsara, oh lost children.

: Thank you so much. I’m so glad to I could spend this time with you.

: The cry of our souls…

: Shall beckon the heavens to guide you!

: Indeed, the voice of Poseidon will show you the way.

: And, please, remember that we were here…

: Guys…

If you didn’t save any secrets, after Fei talks of showing us the way, Koyo gets some extra bits:

: Thanks for everything. It’s because of you that we could talk again like this.

: And, please, remember that I was here…

: Koyo…!

: Kasugai…

: Kasugai, you…

Common ground:

: I… guess this is goodbye. I thought it’d happen eventually, but it still feels so sudden…

: I’m sad but… I’m also so happy. Happy for all the kindness you showed me, the strength you gave me… and, most of all, for all the songs we made!

: Fei…!

: Goodbye, everyone. I’ll never forget you, even if space and time keeps us apart. Thank you, and I hope we’ll see each other again!

: Of course we will!

: After all, our songs… our songs will cross space and time to link us together!

: Right, we’ll always be listening to each other! As far as we might be, our songs will find their way!

: Hell, yeah. Your voices brought the world together, so that ain’t nothing for ‘em!

: O-Ooohoohooo… The tears! They get the better of me! What an emotional Rock this is!

: P-Professor, you’re crying way too much-robo! If you’re going to do that…

: Then, I wish you had installed some tear dispensers in me-robo…

: Good luck out there, Arnie…

: I’ll always remember you, Jin…

: Be happy, Saya…

: Major…!

: Don’t cry, girl. You’ve long-since stopped being just a manmade life.

: You’re another human person now. So, go and live as wonderfully as I know you can.

: …

: Yes, dad…

: I’m sure we’ll see each other again, Kurou, everyone…

: Your voice…!

: It was you, wasn’t it? You were the one who saved me… (As I’ve been told, this is a SRW K reference in which Mamoru was very close to Gun x Sword’s Nero and gang.)

: Thanks, Ennea…

: Hayase, Katou… take care of Emi and your future.

: Father…!

: We promise. We’ll make sure the future you entrusted to us…

: And Emi’ll stay safe, Prof. Kizaki…!

: Kazuki…

: Mom…!

: Thank you. Your being born brought so much joy to Fumihiko and I…

: M-Mom…!

: Be well, my friends…

: Let’s get going, then…

: To that world of united possibilities…

And, so, time passed…

Location: New York City – Rubens Foundation HQ

(TV): Look, dear viewers! That’s the pride of the Earth Federation, the Celestial Being spaceship!

: In just a few hours, it will begin its long voyage towards the ELS homeworld!

: The ship, named after the group who once fought against the entire world in a bid to eradicate all war…


: It’s almost time…

: Hm. I’m certain they’ll bring a shining future to the ELS as well…

: I believe it won’t be long before mankind has sown the seeds of mutual understanding with all life in the universe.

: And it’s up to Setsuna and his friends to make the first step towards that…

: Marina, are you sure you don’t want to say goodbye to them…?

: Yes, it’s fine. It might take a long time, but I’m sure they’ll come back. And I know we’ll understand one another…

: Because we were always after the same thing…

Location: The Celestial Being – Command Center

: …

: Setsuna… are you thinking about Princess Marina?

: No, it’s about where we’re headed: outer space…

: …

: Hm… It’ll be a very long voyage.

: Pshaw, forget about whatever dangers are waiting for us. I’ll be ready to keep you safe, madam brigadier general!

: Not brigadier general - lieutenant general!

: Whaa?! You got another promotion?!

: Outer space is wholly unknown territory to us. But perhaps we can enlist the ELS’ aid on that front.

: How so? Are you considering fusing with the things and becoming some sorta hybrid lifeform?

: If need be, that’s certainly a possibility.

: M-Mr. Erde, whatever form you take, I…

: I’ll love you just the same!

: …?!

: What-did-you-saaaay?!

: Oh, honey… I’m so relieved she picked a good man.

: Hah…

: This is no laughing matter!

: Speaking of couples, how’re things with Allelujah and Soma? Still traveling?

: Last I heard, they were building an orphanage with Arnie and Saya…

: Is that so? If I remember right, Arnie was raised in one of those himself.

: I’m sure they’ll make a wonderful future for themselves and those children.

: Yes, they will…

: And Kira… please be careful during your trip.

: I will. Thanks, Lacus.

: Please take care of the PLANTs, Cagalli and the others for me. (Are you prepared for ELS-Hybrid Kira Yamato with a suped-up ELS Strike Freedom?)

: Let’s get this show on the road, then. The sea of stars awaits us!

: We set off as sailors towards a bright tomorrow! (And, hey, turns out Graham surviving won’t deprive him of also turning into an ELS-Hybrid and getting his Gundam. Sorry, Sugita.)

: To pave the road to a future for all life…!

: (Marina, I’m sure we’ll see each other again someday…)

: (And at that moment, we…)

Location: Tokyo – Concert Hall

: Thank you so much for coming here today, everyone!

: Now, up next is our brand new single!

: It’s called “Someday, Life Together!”


: They’re really bringing down the house, huh…

: Well, of course! It’s the miraculous New York soul singer Holly Jones…

: Plus Miu Kujo, Japan’s top idol, and world-class singer Eida Rossa!

: I heard tickets for their tour sold out within seconds.

: Hmhmm. And are you sure they’re OK with donating all that money to charity?

: You’re one to talk… Didn’t you girls donate all the earnings you made in this world to help Arnie and the others build their orphanage?

: Well, we are heading back to the future soon.

: Consider that just fair compensation for everything.

: The future, huh… I wonder what that world’s like.

Door opens.

Miu: That was great!

: Hear, hear. You three really lit a fire in the crowd.

: Aoi! I didn’t know you were here!

: How’s model life treatin’ ya? I reckon things must be real busy after getting back in the biz.

: That’s not all she’s been up to. According to this article on Men’s Hobbies Monthly…

: She’s recently doing some work as an essayist and has even taken up model building. (Reference to Haruna Ikezawa’s own side-job and hobby. Here she is with her Sazabi, which won 1st place in a Hobby Japan Magazine competition.)

: Th-The model’s building models…?

: FYI, I’m not doing it for the puns.

: I just figured, since we have all those possibilities in us, that I’d go and give those a whirl.

: Not to check whether or not you could, but just ‘cause you felt like it, eh?

: Right on.

: …

: Is something wrong, Miu?

: N-No… I was just wondering what would’ve happened to me if you guys weren’t here…

: If we weren’t…?

: I’m only here singing today because I met you guys and Hayase…

: Because you gave me the courage to keep on living…

: Isn’t that good enough, then?

: Forget about “what ifs”. Hold your head up high and we’ll make sure our song reaches even Fei’s ears.

: Holly…

: Fei-Yen… What is she doing right now, I wonder…

: Led by song, her will had fused with that of another girl’s…

: We’re not any closer to figuring out who was it that reached out to her… but I get the feeling she’s made it back to her own world and is singing to her heart’s content.

: Besides, the future has now become one.

: Yeah… I’m sure she’ll turn up again, somewhere…

Location: Arkham City – Downtown

: The Hadou Financial Group’s hired you as their personal investigator?!

: Oho, that’s quite the jump in your career.

: Hmhmhm, you may now address me as Kurou Daijuuji, Magic Detective!

: “Magic Detective”… that’s got a very cool ring to it!

: Maybe I should become a detective myself…

: Then you better get to practicing your disguises!

: How about you start by dressing up as a girl?

: Whuh?! W-Why would I have to do that?!

: Still, I think it could work. Put on some makeup and you’d look really cute, Joey. (Reference to the original series, where Joey and Psy had to dress up as girls.)

: M-Maybe, but…

: But I reckon you’d still have a long way to go before you could measure up to my flawless disguises! Mwahahahaha!

: “Flawless,” he says. Unless my memory fails me, the Hadou girl called you a “good-for-nothing Holmes wannabe” not too long ago, hm?

Hrm, that’s…!

: I appears that, despite everything, your skill as a detective hasn’t shown much progress…

: Hmm, and here I was thinking if I should ask you to look for my brother.

: “Look”? Then, he…?

: Yeah, the guy pretty much vanished the second we got back to this world…

: I wonder that he’s up to now…

: I’m sure Will’s doing fine.

: He is your guardian hero, after all, Lina!

: Right!

: Right on.

: Mr. Daijuuji! I’ve been looking for you all over!

: Wah?! Princess…!

: Have you come to any conclusions on the “bloody mystery” I sent you before? (Reference to Flight of the Machine God Demonbane)

: U-Um, I…

: Bloody mystery?

: Yes, it’s—


: Whoa! Wh-What the hell…?!


: Make way-robo!

Criminal guitar solo!

: HAHAHAHA! This cash’ll make for some fine funding for my research!

: Excuse you?! I was robbing that bank before you even got there! That’s my cash you’re stealing!

: Hmph! I say prison life suits a buffoon like you far more than your silly research!

: Rrrgh, you SONUVA—!

: After him! Run down that ignoramus! We’ll hunt him wherever he goes!

: Roger that, Dr. Minami.


: Bah… Things have finally cooled down, and there they are, up to no good again.

: Unfortunately for them, this city…

: Is home to the strongest heroes of all!

: Let’s get to work, Kurou, Al!

: Aye, aye!

: From the hate-scorched sky, with righteous anger in our hearts…!

: Etc, etc.! Thou art the innocent blade, Demonbane!

: Heromaaaan… GOOO!


Location: The skies above Arkham City

#1: I suppose our intervention is not necessary anymore.

#2: At that moment, the heart of that Al was filled with a wish to live on…

#2: But, as it turns out, none of them needed God’s help to begin with.

#1: Hah, mayhaps you are correct…

: Let us return, then. We may entrust them with our child, I say.

: Look after him when he arrives, Human Kurou Daijuuji.

Teleport away!

Location: New York – Alleyway

: After them! Don’t let them get away!

: Tsk, they don’t give up, do they?!

: We need to loose them, Sakuya! The people have to know of their corruption!

: Damn it, gun them down! Do whatever it takes to catch them!

: Yes, sir!

  • :gun: *

: …


: Gaah…!

: Yaargh…!


: …?!

: There’s our chance, Isabelle! We gotta get out of here!

: Who… Who was that just now…?

: Did you forget the world we’re in? There’re Champions of Justice fighting crime in the shadows, ya know.

: Champions of Justice…

Runs off.

: Psh, those two are nothing but trouble.

: Hey, don’t complain. We were hired for this, remember?

: Damian, we need to take care of the other pursuers…

Ninja run!

: They have already been dealt with.

: Oh? That quick?

: “Quick, Precise, and Reliable” is our motto, after all.

: Very well done, everyone. I can see why the Federation Government chose to enroll the Katou Organization as a troop of secret agents!

: My men and I will handle the rest of this, if you would.

: You know, Hughy, you could always ditch the NIA and come work with me.

: Why, I still get all tingly remembering the passion with which you approached me during that “reform of the Federation Army” mess.

: …?!

: Speaking of, you also asked me out for coffee, no?

: …

: Mr. Hughes, did you…

: N-No… I-I was just doing my job, trying to acquire intel…

: Oh, what a cruel, cruel man! He’s toyed with my heart!

: You’re one to talk. No one here is going to fall for your wailing.

: Besides, if we’re throwing stones, back at the Akoro village, Damian—

: Soooubiii! They don’t need to hear that!

: ???

: Did something happen at Akoro?

: U-Um, well…

: O-Oh, right! I was planning on taking you to some authentic Japanese hot springs, Karen!

: Really?! Thank you so much, Damian! I’m so happy!

: Hahahahaha…

: That’s enough nonsense. We’ve to move on to our next mission.

: By the looks of things, we’re being sent to capture the Lostbarrel. Its signal was detected around Eastern Europe.

: The Skull Force has already been dispatched over there. We should meet up with them ASAP!


: Give it up, Sawatari! There’s no way out for you today!

: You better take my Wingle Mk. II seriously or you’ll be in for a world of hurt!

: Hrm, I can’t go one day without you hounding my ass, can I?! But whatever, I’ll run off as far as the depths of Hell if I gotta!

#1: Hah, “the depths of Hell”…?

#2: Ya really shouldn’t use that word around us!

: Y-You…!


: Cargo bay, open! Beginning descent!

: Good luck, emissaries of Hell!

: Gaaaaah! We ain’t no emissaries!

: We are Hell!


Location: JUDA – President’s Office

: Incoming message from Lt. Yuki! The Skull Force is engaging the Lostbarrel!

: Okey-dokey! Have the Shangri-La set off to help them as soon as its ready to go!

: Then again, I doubt the duo of Hell would need help.

: Still, this is the perfect opportunity to give Yamashita’s new Hind Tank a trial-run, right?

: You said it. I wanna have some good news to pass on to Moritsugu once he’s back from Nagasaki.

: He’s been very busy lately, what with working as CEO for both New JUDA Corp. and Kiriyama Heavy Industries…

: You’re not going to take up your old job again, Kiriyama?

: No, I’m more than satisfied just helping Reiji like this.

: But why is Moritsugu working as JUDA’s prez when you’re right here, Mr. Ishigami?!

: As I said way back when, I quit the job to lead the 1st Unit again.

: And, to be honest, I never liked the idea of holding a management post. It’s a weight off my back to put that stuff behind me.

: Hmph, glad to see you’re sticking to your old habits…

: The UX might’ve been dismissed, but it’s clear the world still needs Champions of Justice.

: Right, and we’ll have to keep up the good work as part of the Katou Organization!

: The Katou Organization…

: What’s up, Emi? Still not used to being part of that group?

: N-No, that’s not…

: Oh, right… I’m sorry, Kizaki…

: Huh? Why are you apologizing?

: Because you had just as many bombshells dropped on top of you… but I was always focused on myself.

: We never really sat down and talked of how you were feeling about Amagatsu, the Advancers… or about Katou.

: Ah…

: I mean, Katou’s the only family you have left and I—

: No, he’s not!

: Huh…?

: …

: Maybe he’s family, but… that doesn’t mean I don’t have someone else who’s been there for me…

: Someone who I want to be there for, even…

: Kizaki…

: I-I—

Door opens.

: Well, well, everyone’s here.

: …?!

: M-Moritsugu?!

: Hm? Is something the matter?

: No, no… never mind them.

: You got here early, Reiji. Cmdr. Katou isn’t with you?

: No, he made a detour to visit the graveyard.

: The graveyard…?

: Um… B-Boss, are those bags you’re holding…!

: …

: Heh, you’ve noticed them, eh? Yes, these are…

: D-Don’t tell me…!

: Nagasaki’s own Castella cakes, yes.

: I knew it!

: (How does he manage to make souvenir shopping sound like such a big deal…?)

Location: Fukui Prefecture – Graveyard

: My ancestors are buried here…?

: Yes. I looked up the origins of Sakomizu’s family and it led me to this grave.

: I’m sure King Sakomizu would be happy to be buried in a place as pretty as this.

: Hm, it really looks gorgeous. But beneath us is only…

: …

: It might be a while before society really does come together…

: But we still need to face onwards and keep going.

: Correct. While the past may have left several negative legacies, we cannot face away from one another.

: Each and every one of us must ponder what we can do to build a bridge to the future…

: A bridge to the future, huh…

: I, for one, am thinking of being a storyteller. (Reference to the Dunbine anime, where Cham’s the narrator.)

: A storyteller?

: Right, I want the entire world to know about Byston Well, about the battles Shou and our friends went through…

: And, above all, I want to tell them about the new tale of life.

: Hahah, but the Overworlders aren’t really familiar with the Ferario. Don’t you think they’ll just freak out and run when you fly over to them, Cham?

: Hmph, excuse you! No one would ever run from a Ferario as cute as me!

: And on this subject, do you guys know where Burn went?

: From what I’ve heard, he got on a ship and set off to sea. Said he was going to find his own path to follow.

: He’s off sailing by himself? You don’t think he’s off crying somewhere in the middle of the ocean, right?

: Hah, I seriously doubt that. I’m sure he’ll be doing just fine, wherever he might end up.

: Do you think we’ll see him again?

: I get the feeling we’ll run into each other, yeah.

: It might be tomorrow, or it might be in a future universe – who knows? (Reference to New Story of Aura Battler Dunbine, where they’re both reincarnated.)

: And will you be staying in the Overworld, Lord Shou, Lady Marvel?

: Yeah. It might’ve been in a previous universe, but the Overworld is still our home.

: It’ll be good to finally rest and enjoy a regular life up here.

: Especially with the love of my life…

: Shou…

: …

: Aesap, what are you…


: Look! The cherry blossoms are dancing in the wind…

: It looks so pretty…

: …

: “If one should ask you concerning the heart of a true Japanese, point to the wild cherry blossom glowing in the sun.”

: What’s that from?

: During the War in the Pacific, the Japanese soldiers would liken themselves to the beautiful cherry blossoms.

: How they, like the petals, were fated to fall at the height of their bloom.

: Yet they would all be reborn as the blooming blossoms in the trees of following Spring …

: …

: My father is smiling…

: Huh…?

: Oh, cherry blossoms…

: King Sakomizu…?!


: U-Urk…!

: Huh?! Lux and the others are gone…!

: The Aura Road opened…

: They’ve all returned to Byston Well…

: …

: (I suppose we, mankind, still need to learn…)

: (What is truly foolish, what is truly precious, and…)

: (What it truly means to defend those you love…)

Location: Frontier Fleet – Griffith Park, Overlook

: Then, we’re going to use the Accelerated Particle Engines to get back to our future world?

: Right. From what we’ve found, it looks like we can create a similar phenomenon to Yog-Sothoth’s gate by pushing the Odyssea’s two Lepton Vectrers into synchro-overdrive.

: Hey, now, are you sure that’s a good idea?

: We can go in just fine, but how will we know we’re not getting warped over to a different future…?

: Hmm, I’d like to think Prof. Rachel took that into account…

: Ah, I doubt there’s anything to worry about. The possibilities of all future universes have been unified, after all.

: Hm, I suppose so…

: What’s the Frontier Fleet going to do, though?

: Is it really going to just travel the galaxy again?

: No; as Cathy told us, it looks like the Fleet’ll be looking to settle in the Vajra Homeworld once we’re back in our universe and a new government has been put together.

: The Vajra Homeworld…?!

: The place’ll likely still be chock-full of Vajra in our universe, but we should be capable of reaching an understanding with each other again.

: They’ve all decided to coexist with the Vajra, huh…?

: I’m sure it can be done. Ranka and Sheryl’ll relay what we feel over to them…

: Yeah, they will…

: Speaking of, I trust that choice is already 100% made, yes?

: What…?

: Sheryl and Ranka, I mean.

: …?!

: Oh, yeah. We couldn’t hear you back there, so I’d very much like to hear your thoughts now.

: And, by the way, if you say something like “they are both my wings”, so help me God, I will end you.

: A-Ah… No, I… well…

: You are both my wings!

: Huuh?!

: Bro, I know it’s not an easy choice, but that’s just mean.

: Damn it, it’s just that… I can’t choose one or the other!

: …

: Then, you really do love Princess Romina?

: … I do.

: And do you love me…?

: I do too.

: Hmhmm… Fine, then I’m coming with you on that trip to Planet Ladorio.

: Are you sure? We’re talking about going into a future universe, so we’re probably not coming back here.

: That’s fine. I go where you go.

: Unless… are you saying I’d be getting in the way?

: …

: Alright, we’ll go together, Rennie.

: Yeah!

: And, of course, I’m sticking with my bro all the way!

Door opens.

: We’ll be arriving at Tatsumiya soon, everyone.

: Joe, are you really accompanying us into the future world?

: Absolutely, yeah. That’s the future we won for ourselves; whatever it’s like, I wanna see the place with my own eyes.

: And, Princess Romina? Our battle’ll begin properly once we arrive!

: …!

: Heheh… Yes, it will.

: Hm? What’re you two on about…?

: Joe, once we’ve arrived at Planet Ladorio, what say you to one final duel?

: We’ll decide once and for all which warrior is truly suited to guard Her Highness.

: Yeah, you got it.

: But, this time, we’ll do it as comrades who fought for the same cause!

: Hah. Comrades… Indeed.

Location: Tatsumiya – Hilltop

: The breeze is quite nice today, isn’t it, Master…?

: Aye… And, soon, it will be time to bid this island farewell…

: Cough, wheeze…!

: M-Master…!

: I-I am fine. Perhaps the thought of returning to our homeland at last has excited me a tad too much…

: Zhou Yu…

: Young Lord… What are your plans for when we have returned to Jiangdong?

: …

: I… plan to establish a nation.

: You’ll make a nation in Jiangdong…?

: Aye. Our father and brother paved our way into that land, and I mean to build a nation of kindness upon it, where all our families might live happily…

: Quan…

: You have become a fine man, Young Lord. Hearing you speak so brings much peace to my heart.

: And I am certain Lords Sun Jian and Sun Ce feel the same…

: Yeah, I’m sure they’re happy too!

: And I swear to help you with every ounce of my ability, sire!

: I thank you, Shangxiang, Lu Xun…

(Zhou Yu): …

: Master…?

: You mean to stay in this era…?

: Aye, I have learned quite a lot during our stay in this world. (Sima Yi, why are you looking so hostile…?! Apparently, he becomes a villain in the later mangas, so this is foreshadowing that.)

: If possible, I would like to compile the events that transpired and my knowledge in a text for the future generations.

: A text, is it? And I have the sinking feeling…

: That that text is the one which, in the future Mirisha, shall be dubbed G-Records.

: Wh-What?!

: As the legend goes, the author of the G-Records was named “Sima”.

: All things considered, I am rather certain that would be you, Sima Yi.

: …

: W-Wait a moment! If the legend inscribed in the G-Records refers to our battles, then…

: Yup. The Three Sovereigns of legend were you, Sun Quan and Cao Cao all along.

: W-We were…?!

: Just as the power shown by Joe and his allies gave birth to the Ninja Legend in the future Earth of Planet Ladorio…

: So did your actions become the stuff of legends in your far future.

: Then, the Souls of the Three Sovereigns which dwelled within the Yùxǐ…

: Those were likely an amalgamation of our own souls, accumulated over the myriad Samsaras…

: Of course, we can only speculate.

: Moreover, so long as we remain human, our possibilities will continue to diverge endlessly.

: Who can say what new tales will emerge from our unified future…?

: I get it. Does that mean one of them possibilities is a world where Kongming likes saying “Hawawa”? (Reference to Koihime Musou, a porn game where Kongming’s a little girl who says that a bunch.)

: Quiet, you. The idea that such a world exists is positively ludicrous.

: Y-Yo… it was just a joke, what’re you getting so bent outta shape for…?

: However, if Liu Bei and the others are the Three Sovereigns of legend… what does that make Lu Bu?

: Hm, he also wielded a Holy Armor as we did.

: That’s a bit of an enigma, yeah.

: The G-Records even tells a legend of the goddess Nüwa, the one responsible for creating the world…

: I’ve a feeling she’s representative of Kali Yuga, but there are no parts referring to Lu Bu even tangentially.

: It could be that it took him until this Samsara to take hold of his destiny, or perhaps…

: He was purposefully omitted from the story.

: Omitted? What for?

: Oh, none but the author could answer that question.

: Right, Sima Yi?

: …

: Sima Yi… what you choose to reveal or conceal from the future world is your own decision. However…

: You would do well to harbor more than just foolish ambition.

: …!

: What’d you mean?!

: Katou once sought to take the reins of history via the Advancers, remaking the world to match his own ideals…

: Whereas the Human Machinas sought to control the world itself, acting as gods of mankind.

: Should you allow your superlative ability to cloud your judgment so, Sima Yi…

: …

: What would happen…?

: Then the future Mirisha would be our battlefield, whereupon we would take up arms and crush your aspirations.

: …

: I shall take those words to heart, my lord.

Location: ALVIS – Fafners’ Burg

: Umm… And once the safety lock is released, the synchronization coefficient will have to be…

: Relax, Saya’s offered to do all the fine-tuning.

: Aah, I was hoping you’d say that. These Lepton Vectrers get more complicated by the minute…

: It goes to show just how much of a genius Prof. Novel was.

: Hmmm… I’d say she wasn’t quite a genius in that sense of the word.

: How so?

: I can’t say for sure how she managed to cross from one Samsara into the next while retaining her memories…

: But, if anything, we can be sure that, through every cycle, she added more and more to these Accelerated Particle Engines. Simply put, these embody work accrued throughout all the Samsaras she’d repeated.

: To be faced with failure millions of times over, but still carrying on fighting by yourself.

: That’s the kind of persistence I could never measure up to.

: Are you retiring again, grandma?

: Yes, the years have already caught up to me. You kids should also take some time to rest.

: As for you, Tamotsu, isn’t it about time you started working on the Goubine sequel?

: …?!

: Huh…?! Then, Anko Otsubu, the author, is…!

: The penname of one Tamotsu Koudate, yes.

: …

: My dad’s Goubine’s author…

: He didn’t mean to lie to you or anything of the sort. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that there isn’t much entertainment to be found in an island isolated from the rest of the world…

: You always had a habit of reading manga as a kid, and you would cry so much that you wanted new stories. So, Tamotsu practiced and practiced, eventually creating a story of his own: Goubine.

: As for Anko Otsubu, he became the one and only native manga artist in Tatsumiya – an artist born just for the sake of bringing you joy.

: Dad…

: I’m sorry that I never said anything…

: No, no, I’m grateful to you.

: It’s thanks to you that I managed to grow stronger, and why I’m still here today.

: Mamoru…

: Could you… Could you draw some new Goubine stories for me?

: Yeah, you got it!

If Mamoru wasn’t saved:

: As for you, Tamotsu, isn’t it about time you started working on the Goubine sequel?

: …?!

: Huh…?! Then, Anko Otsubu, the author, is…!

: The penname of one Tamotsu Koudate, yes.

: I can’t believe it… Mamoru’s dad is Goubine’s author?

: …

: You should start drawing again. Do it for the memory of your son…

: Ma’am…

: Well, I’d love to read a new Goubine!

: Me, too. I’m sure Mamoru would be happy too!

: Thank you both…

: (Mamoru… I know they’ll remember you whenever they’re reading Goubine.)

: (The memory that you were here will stay with them forever…)

Door opens.

: Welcome…

: Oh, Mr. Asuka?!

: Huh… So, this is the café you guys’ve been running.

: And they’ve even got some “Kazuki” dishes by the looks of it.

: Then, I guess I’ll go with a Kazuki Curry and some coffee.

: Wh-What’re you all doing here…?

: We’re seeing off the folks returning to the future.

: Ah, right… that’s tomorrow. I bet they’re all happy.

: What about you, Sakura? Is your body doing better?

: It is, thanks for asking. I’m good enough to send Kenji flying again!

: Come on, they’ve got the juniors here. They don’t need to hear about that…

: And from what I’ve heard, Hiroto and Seri are transferring over to a high school in Japan?

: Yes, sir! I’m looking to become a science teacher…

: And I’m not stopping until I’m a top singer just like Eida!

: Still haven’t given up on that dream, eh…?

: Hahah, but I don’t see a problem there. Everyone’s free to choose what dreams and possibilities to pursue.

: Right on! I dunno if I can make it or not, but I’m still going to give it my best shot!

: What about you and Soushi, Kazuki? Are you planning on staying here for good?

: Yes. This is our home…

: But, most of all, this is where everyone is…

: (Kazuki…)

: …

: (Get in there, Shouko.)

: (C-Canon…?!)

: (Nothing’ll ever change if you don’t decide to make it so.)

: (Nothing’ll change…)

: …

: Um, Kazuki? I know this is your day off, but would you mind teaching me how to cook?

: …?!

: You want me to teach you?

: W-Well… I’m not the greatest cook around, so I figured…

If Shouko’s gone, Canon’s the one who cuts in after Maya:

: …

: Um, Kazuki? I know this is your day off, but would you mind teaching me how to cook?

: …?!

: You want me to teach you?

: Y-Yeah… I spent pretty much my whole life in the army, so I never learned how to cook any household foods.

: And… my mom also said I should try and learn a bit of that, so…

Common ground:

: I-I could go for some cooking lessons, too!

: Y-You, too, Toumi…?

: I’m not that great of a cook either… I’m terrible, actually!

: (That’s not the kind of thing you brag about…)

: …

: Yeah, alright. We can do this.

: R-Really…?!

: You wanna come with, Soushi?

: Huh…?

: What…?

: You never learned to cook, so I might as well take the chance to show you.

: Thanks, but that’s not necessary. I saw much while my mind was crossed with yours, and I’m pretty sure I could even put some Kazuki Curry together.

: W-Wow, talk about convenient…

: Still, I’m always interested in social interaction.

: While I don’t need to be taught… yes, I would very much like to take part in this event.

: …

: Oi… Time hasn’t made him any less dense.

: Heheh. I’m a bit relieved to see that, though.

: Ooh, look! The sky’s so pretty!

: Yes, it is…

: That’s the blue sky daddy and his friends protected…

: …

: He’s smiling…

: “He”?

: Yes. He says he’s happy he was born…

: That he’s really happy to see a sky as blue as this!

: Miwa…

: (Kurusu… wherever you are, you’re still watching over this sky, aren’t you…?)

: Come back and visit us sometime, mister…

: (The boundless pain that fills our world… does all of it have a place to come home to?)

: (For now, I choose to believe that supreme tranquility awaits us where we’ll return…)

: (And that that is why we are here…)

Cue the credits – special props to Miyuki Kishimoto, chief scenario writer and pretty much the man in charge for everything plot-related.

: They’re all gone, back to the distant future world…

: They all heard that voice and gathered in the world of the past…

: But, this time, it’ll be your voice guiding them. I’m sure of it…

: M-Mine…?

: Hmhmm. You’re the one who’s understood the Beginning of Life.

: Your voice’ll act as a beacon for them as they set off towards the future…

: My voice…

: Like your name says, Saya… you’ve become the life of all our friends.

: …

: Thanks, Arnie…

: We should be heading back as well.

: Next month’ll be here in a heartbeat, and so will the unveiling of our orphanage. We’ve a lot to do to get it all ready.

: And as I’ve been told, Princess Marina has offered to play the organ at the opening ceremony.

: The princess? That’d be wonderful.

: Speaking of, Saya, you’ve been practicing your acting for a while now, haven’t you?

: Well, of course. Orphanages need teachers and what better way to make the classics interesting than with some real acting?

: I could show you how far my practice has brought me, if you’d like.

: Hah, yeah, absolutely. I’ve been looking forward to it.

: Okay, then… how about a scene from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”?

: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream…”?

: …

: Is there a problem?

: No… it’s weird. I could swear I heard that name somewhere before.

: Where was it…?

: …

: Okay, maybe some other time.

: Huh? Why?

: Because…

: The last thing I want is for “this weak and idle theme, no more yielding but a dream.”

Gather at the beginning…

Here’s the 100%’d save file, for anyone looking to start a game with all secrets unlocked. The save you’re looking for is the one in slot #1.

One final bit to expose my take on the finale, for those curious: as we saw Kali Yuga was, as the game itself dubbed her, a system. As far as she was concerned, the world is only “correct” when it’s aligned with fate and follows the Mahayuga nice and easy.
I’ve heard the UX’s dealings compared to a nonstop run of Super Meat Boy: you start, you get a little far, you die, you start over and get farther, then you die again, etc. The same process applies to the UX folk over the past cycles, in that they whenever they got farther, they were moving away from what fate had in store. Every new possibility we opened up was a wee bit we pushed against fate - by themselves they weren’t all that significant, but add enough of those and you start to have a problem. Our possibilities were clashing with the underlying truth of the universe (that is, the Mahayuga cycle), in that we were starting to push it away and running things as we wanted.

As the game takes place, things have gotten to the point that we’ve bent fate over our knee so much that we’re outright keeping the universal cycle from working as intended. A metaphor used in the JP is of a computer that’s got so much stuff running in the background (the divergent possibilities), that it simply can’t do anything. Leave that alone, and it’s only a matter of time before stuff breaks down. That’s where Kali Yuga comes in, to format that PC and start things fresh. That’d erase all the satured possibilities and the Mahayuga’ll be free to being anew.
Our folks didn’t care for that, of course, and neither did the lingering souls of all past cycles, which were slowly empowering and pushing us towards the events of the finale: we defeated Kali Yuga and overthrew the Mahayuga cycle, setting our unified possibilities as the new central pillar of the multiverse. From what I see, those “past futures” like Mirisha, Ladorio, the Frontier World, etc., now are actual parallel universes, since the possibilities of past cycles have been united now.

And that is that. I’m surprised I managed to get through the entire game in just under 9 months – only two over L and MX, despite having a much bigger text count and the fact that, unlike in those games, past a certain point I just decided to go “fuck it” and fully translate everything.
I came in with not a lot of expectations – the only things I was familiar with were the Odyssea, TAMASHII and the fact that Demonbane Is Broken – and almost didn’t do it due to Frontier and Trailblazer annoying me as they do… but I loved it every step of the way. Even Frontier didn’t irk me AS much (Trailblazer did, but, hey, you can’t have it all).
The scenarios, the weaving plotlines, the love the secrets got, the stellar BGM selection, all of it has propelled UX from an unknown to baaarely beating MX and joining W and Z1 as one of my top 3 favorites SRWs (no, I can’t pick an actual favorite). The less-than-amazing graphics due to BP’s inexperience with the 3DS engine don’t bring UX down nearly enough face everything else it does so well. I’m very happy I decided to check how Citra was doing after finishing L.

Now, as I’ve seen in the thread, I know there’s some expectation over what I’ll do next. But, unfortunately, I’ve no plans for another LP at the moment. As I’ve often noted, my free time has been steadily diminishing, and I made a concentrated effort to blast through this game over the past months – I expected to end it by december, so maybe I pushed too hard, even! As much as I want to redo W and give it an actually good translation, I’m not at a point where I can say with confidence that I’d be able to finish another LP, and I absolutely refuse to start one if there’s a risk I’ll abandon it. I’m not saying I’m never doing one again, but I also can’t in good consciousness say I will do another. Time will tell.
But if any aspiring translation LPers are out there and are looking to try their hand at this, feel free to hit me up. Over these 6 years, I’ve come to automatize a good lot of the non-translation aspects of SS LPing (God knows, pasting all these portraits and pictures by hand would be maddening), so maybe I can offer pointers or show you to websites with SRW scripts.

Regardless, I’ll be combing through this thread to look for typos (that somehow eluded the eagle-like sight the thread’s readers have) and cleaning it all up. Maybe I’ll post some translated save skits as well. Once that’s all done, it’s another LP off to the archives.
Finally, very special thanks to Hokuto and MajinZenki for their constant assistance and support, including hearing me rant whenever the game gave me a headache with its metaphysical concepts.

See you folks around.


Man, it’s nice to see the “if you got EVERY secret” bit at the start to tie everything together. It’s just unfortunate that BX made that the requirement for its secret final stage.

To further along Brunom’s talk about the past universes - this is why UX’s secrets work the way they do. When you unlock a secret in UX, you unlock a secret in all future runs… because NG+ in UX is LITERALLY a part of its cycle, a past world you went through and probably unlocked new possibilities from. That’s also why all those various characters show up in a row if you didn’t save them - as hints, for future runs.


tfw Kuzaku Daijuuji incoming

Oh boy, things are about to take a quite hilarious turn. It’s nice to see the epilogue for SKL and 00 A Wakening, later Linebarrel manga stuff, and various other sequels get at least hinted at. Makes the world feel like all sorts of stuff could still happen. Though the reference to Tales of Neo Byston Well make me wonder… without Shot, and in a universe where the hatred between Shou and Burn was finally put to rest, what would have happened with Shion and The Black Knight?


The fun part about the Sima Yi thing is that it references one of the many, many later events in BB Senshi Sangokuden that got kicked out of the adaptation that was SD Gundam Sangokuden BBW.

…Brunom. You know where to find me.


Nero doesn’t save Mamoru in K (At least, I don’t think so. I never got the Mamoru secret, so I actually don’t know how he survives); however, Mamoru interacts with the GxS cast for much of the time, such as eagerly awaiting Nero and his gang’s lectures and giving his helmet to Wendy.

I was disappointed that they didn’t bring this up when Alto was crossdressing, but I suppose this is a good enough consolation prize.


Over all, I loved it. Some rough edges here and there. Z1 integrates the OG cast better, and W gets the absolute most mileage out of its cast (and also has the Ardygun family). But I’d give UX an edge for having a far more interesting cast and story than the others. Bonus points for the absolute minimization on recycled content. Hot take: it’s also the last SRW so far that wasn’t, at best, mediocre
I’d love for OG to do the W and UX plots at the same time, since they complement each other so well, but I’m 95% sure that won’t happen.

Thanks for all the time and ball-busting effort over these grueling months. You’ve earned a nice, long break from LPs.


A shame that the future is uncertain, but you do what you have to do Burnom. Real Life come first. Thanks for doing another amazing LP, and I’m hoping to see more of your work in the future.


And, to wrap things up, here are a few save skits for your enjoyment. I didn’t do them all, of course, but I picked a good bunch.

You only get this skit if you saved Burn.

Historical reference; Qin Shi Huang sought immortality and figured ingesting mercury pills and sprinkling it on his food would do the trick. It didn’t.

Calling Guan Yu a liar is a reference to his VA, who voices Ime/Aim in Z2.

You only get this skit if Lu Bu and Diaochan were saved.

This final line gets added when you’re in NG+ - Master Therion knows when you’re piling up those secret flags.

And I just couldn’t find this skit or get it to play, but it’s there. To see this one you must’ve saved Misao:

: Good work today! Um… I’ve something I’d like to tell you, actually.
: See, Soushi told me that it’s thanks to you, the Player, that I’m here today…
: So, thanks a lot for that! I look forward to seeing you again!



Cleared up all the typos I found and everything looks ready. Requesting that this be added to the Completed Let’s Plays archive.


I was working on something (don’t worry about it) and a certain character made me come to a realization: I promised I’d translate the Koyasu skit during the Z1 LP and completely forgot about it.
So, here it is! Better late than never!

And considering I still have some 3 weeks of free time, I figure I’ll post not only that but skits from other games. I’ll try to post one every day or two.



No, I still won’t touch Impact. Not even Rom can convince me.


Completely understandable. That game’s just too long for its own good, way too tedious.


Do you have any plans to make a LP on the other 3ds SRW title, BX?


No, unfortunately. Both because the series list and OGs don’t quite interest me as UX’s did and because I’m not sure I’d be able to hold a steady enough schedule to do another full LP (and I don’t start LPs when I’m not 100% certain I’ll finish them).

Mind, that doesn’t mean I’m not working on stuff right now. Let’s just say that.


And here’s the follow-up.


As someone who’s finished both, BX has a lot of little gameplay updates that make it a much smoother game to play through, but hits the unfortunate problem that it’s a significantly more uneven product. A lot of the series plot feels really disjointed, as opposed to mostly everything in UX fitting together it feels like everything in BX is basically segmented into specific blocks that have specific series, and they barely cross over. You don’t see Gaogaigar crossing over with Gundam Unicorn and it gets like one thing even slightly tying it with Galient, but it gets a bunch with Raijin-Oh, for instance.

It’s also much glitchier and filled with more obivous oversights, somehow, and all the new animation is completely all over the place, where AGE-FX is one of the best animated units in the series and then God Raijin-Oh, Star Gaogaigar, Vassal Knight Gundam, and both 00s look miserable because they either heavily overused cutins that don’t fit the rest of the attacks in the case of the former two or completely forgot how momentum worked so the things look like demented hummingbirds in the case of the latter two.

UX is like a 9/10 game and one of the franchise’s best. BX… I dunno, I enjoyed it but it’s a lot less compelling. Maybe a 7/10 or a 6.5/10, still good but not great. Like R, or Compact 1, or L.

you should 100% play GC though