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Whose got two thumbs and labeled the original map incorrectly? It’s me. The galaxy map has been altered and labeled correctly now. Let’s pretend it’s always been like that together, ok?

We’re streaming tonight at the usual time! (8:30-9:00 PM EST) and it’s gonna be another roleplay heavy session so I hope to see y’all there!

Additionally for next week’s session I have one slot open for one of our fan(s) to make an LL2 OC in Comp/Con and send me their vault code. First come first serve. Your OC will be deployed in a squad of other OCs made by other fan(s) of this campaign and be blown up. :sparkles::heartpulse::sparkles:

If by some miracle your OC survives they’ll come back in a much later mission but don’t cross your fingers! So if you would like your OC to be blown up next session then please head on over to Comp/Con and make an OC then DM me your OC’s vault code. :grin:

It’s time… for robots, (which are cool) to take a short break from war, (which is bad.)


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LP Update! Session 4 is now up for your viewing pleasure! There was some really good roleplay this session if you’re into that kind of thing. (I know I am.)

Session 4, Constructive CRITicism : The Hex Girls are once again forced to interact with each other in social ways that don’t involve fighting in mechs alongside each other. And every last one of them is so very good at social interaction so I’m sure this will go over just fine.

Speaking of roleplay, in game there’s gonna be a whole lot more of that as the Hex Girls have a little over a week to get to their next mission (and it’s an urgent one!) That’s 11 days that they’ll be spending prepping and then travelling (and they’ll be socializing with and cohabitating with each other that whole time). And while I can’t make any promises for the other players and what they’ll do with their characters I can say that I am going to be taking Diafault out for a spin. I have a goal: To roleplay my gay little heart out with every player character I can find the real life time to roleplay with. (And I may even throw in some NPC interactions too! Maybe even with NPCs that aren’t Kovannin–It could happen, shut up!)

Here’s the thing though, that’s a lot of capital C Content and we’re simply not gonna be able to fit all that in to next session because wowzers. I like our current organization structure of running a combat oriented session then following it up with a more roleplay focused session then repeating. I don’t want to break that pacing up with back to back roleplay focused sessions (even though character development rules!) So I’ve made the choice to just record these lengthy interactions outside of scheduled game time and I’ll be uploading them as Pilot Logs before or alongside Session 5 (Ideally way before so folks have the necessary context going into Session 5.) These Pilot Logs will be chock full of super juicy roleplay and big time character development so if that’s your kinda shit (it is so my kind of shit) then I hope you’ll give them a click!

Oh how interesting, a new map has been added to the OP and several maps have been updated. See if you can spot the differences!

The Flavortown legally belongs to the Hex Girls now! It’s their property and they are allowed to alter it however they see fit to make it more of a home to them. As our campaign progresses I hope we’ll see many more additions to the Flavortown and if/when we do the maps will be updated to reflect those changes. Additionally, the three factions that dominate Overture may, at times, gain or lose territory so the galaxy map will also be updated to reflect those changes when they happen. Map updates will get dedicated posts just like this one where the most recent previous versions of the changed maps will be uploaded alongside the newest maps and the OP will be edited to depict only the most recent versions of the maps.

New Flavortown Changes: Diafault’s Gamer Space and the Swole Hole

is now

New Galaxy Changes: Deliverance expands westward.

is now


Putting these in the OP! Thanks, Alice! One of our wonderful co-GMs, folks, already "well actually"ing my established lore. It’s Good!

Reality sucks and if I made all the caveats I needed to cover for all the ways in which reality complicates and compromises absolutes lore posts would be like 100 thousand words long. Civil Duel Culture (CDC) is everywhere and applies to everything the way all laws and rules are everywhere and apply to everything. In that folks with enough wealth, connections, influence, etc can often get away with violating them. And certain individuals are often designated by the self-proclaimed Civilized People as Acceptable Targets and as such there is little to no consequences for “eliminating” an established nuisance. In the best case scenario the acceptable targets are actually depraved and violent (in the wrong way) raiders, pirates, criminals, Shitlisters and the like but more often than not once folks start drawing these lines some badly off people get put in that category. It is very gross and depressing. I hope folks can go into these lore posts with that kind of understanding. That nothing is absolute but in the best case scenario we’re all trying our best to make it as equitable as possible.

Overture isn’t there yet. Let’s see if we can get there.

We live again! We’re live again!


Hey Untitled Gaming Group (unofficial name) fans, do you like freeform roleplay? Have you enjoyed our previous Pilot Logs? Well have I got a treat for you:

LP UPDATE: ::Just pours an entire bucket of Pilot Logs into the thread::

I strongly recommend all viewers view all Pilot Logs because they always contain additional important background details into our PCs and universe but these following Pilot Logs in particular are especially recommended as I’m not sure anyone could keep on top of everything going on in the campaign without viewing these. They are posted in chronological order. Enjoy.

Bonus Lore: Isadora and Diafault Pilot Log 01: Isadora and Diafault talk about Horus.

Bonus Lore: Sylvia and Diafault Pilot Logs 01 and 02: Sylvia and Diafault bond and get a bit more real with each other.

Bonus Lore: Kovannin and Diafault Pilot Log 01: Kovannin and Diafault have a lengthy conversation that consists almost entirely of miscommunications. Warning: Contains Extensive Amounts of Jenner Soapboxing In-Character.

Bonus Lore: Lyra and Diafault Pilot Log 01: Lyra and Diafault bond over gaming but not over the realities of war.

Bonus Lore: Sylvia and Diafault Pilot Log 03 Sylvia and Diafault talk about girls and communism (and armadillos.) Contains: Communism

LP UPDATE: (d-d-d-d-double update!) Here’s last week’s session!

Session 5, Deescalation: The Hex Girls spend eleven days in transit to undertake an urgent mission in their first mission in service to Deliverance. An escort mission of all things. Everyone’s favorite. Can the Hex Girls seal the deal or is this all a foregone conclusion?

​I’m really sorry I didn’t get this up sooner because we’re playing the next session in just a few hours and I’m not sure any of you will have enough time to catch up now. I got so caught up in things and didn’t get this up when I planned to. If you fall behind or drop off I get it but I do hope you stick around.

LP UPDATE! Lancer RPG episode 6 is now up for viewing!

Session 6, Mere Image : Bryn discovers the father of his estranged fiance put a bounty out on him 40+ years ago. Sylvia pursues removing her spine jack and taking her body back for herself while also figuring out how to make her pain manageable. Lyra finishes the Swole Hole and puts a huge cannon on her mech. And Diafault is fine.

Stream time!


LP UPDATE! got some Pilot Logs and an episode for you all this week! Have a watch/listen!

Pilot Logs:
Bonus Lore: Sylvia and Kovannin Pilot Log 01: Sylvia and Kovannin familiarize themselves and get to know one another.
Bonus Lore: Unknown Horus Mech Pilot Log 01: Some mystery mech went on some kind of rampage? It took one of our best hackers weeks to recover and restore this.
Bonus Lore: Boundless Council Pilot Log 01: Raise your hand if you hate fascism.

Episode proper:
Session 7 Part 1, Miners and Minors: The Hex Girls are tasked with doing some tame boring mining so they can act as propaganda towards the goal of demilitarization. Unfortunately, several people had other plans.
(Alternative title: Just Deserts)

Once we finish audio setup, it’ll be time for some more bastardly actions.


Hey it’s me again. Time 4 streaming.


LP Update! The Lancer LP has been updated again for your viewing/listening pleasure!

Session 7 Part 2: Slime Time : The Hex Girls make their way into a mysterious cave they encountered after completing their last conflict and find themselves in a very slippery situation! Will they be able to break the mold or is it curtains for them?

Additionally we’ve got some Pilot Logs to drop here soon I think so look forward to those!

Extremely Chance Time Voice Stream time.


LP UPDATE That’s right, fan(s) it’s time for another LP update and this time you’re getting some Pilot Logs to go along with it.

Bonus Lore: Venue Report 1 Pilot Log 01: A mysterious individual receives a report from an AI assistant.
Bonus Lore: Largo West and Lionel Belmonte Pilot Log 01: Peace is more easily talked about than achieved.

Session 8: Laissez-faire: The Hex Girls take some much needed time off after their last mission and nobody is in love with anyone.

LP UPDATE! That’s right I’m updating again REAL QUICKLY after my last update. This time it’s an update sandwich as content is being posted in chronological order. Some Pilot Logs and the latest session are being delivered piping hot to your ears and eyeballs now .

Bonus Lore: Meliora Lambrecht and Kovannin Pilot Log 01 : Deliverance’s enigmatic leader, the Benevolent Shepherd Meliora Lambrecht, and Deliverance’s poster child, the Black Sheep Kovannin, reacquaint themselves.

Session 9: Altered Beasts : The Hex Girls perform a special delivery for for Deliverance (though secretly they are sabotaging that delivery) but encounter some hostiles who may just deliver them their own asses.

Bonus Lore: Svava and Diafault Pilot Log 01 : Diafault exchanges information with the giant rat that makes all the rules and receives some sagely advice as well.

Bonus Lore: Cinder Albatross and Largo West Pilot Log 01: The wicked never rest.

While I recommend listening to all the Pilot Logs if you’re able I am especially proud of the Svava and Diafault Pilot Log as it contains a bonus extra important message. Trans rights.

Approximate footage of Isadora hacking an enemy mech. (And the impending hail of bullets from Lyra.)