Violent Waves Podcast - Take a swim in the deep end.


Yes indeed, every con will have a “headless lounge,” a room only fursuiters and their handlers may enter that is kept extremely cold and stocked with plenty of water so suiters can remove their suit heads, bring down their body temp and re-hydrate. It’s advised that no one wear a fursuit for more than an hour or two without a break.

If you’re still interested in methods of fursona design, this thread gives an in-depth look at one specific artist’s thoughtful approach to designing theirs that I found really fascinating:

And if you’ve got art of your aforementioned weird fish man that you’d be willing to share, you are hereby encouraged to do so!


The original drawing is stashed away in an old deviantart account (And to be honest it’s kinda a shitty drawing at this point and not worth showing), so instead here’s a quick sketch of the character I did today:


I think if I remember correctly, I was trying to come up with different species of creatures to populate a fantasy world. This guy was part of an (Obviously) aquatic race.

The idea I had was that the species had evolved from having fish tails to these human legs, but at birth they still had this vestigial flesh binding their legs that had to be cut. You all can probably tell at this point I’m not a biologist nor an evolutionist. This guy was definitely designed more for looks than function, which I was pretty bad for back in the day (That, and I always drew on graph paper with my character just standing there because I was obsessed with making my characters symmetrical).

Anyways, this species would then use this vestigial flesh to form their clothes. So that loin cloth-like thing is meant to be this guys excess skin, held down with the little anchor to preserve his modesty while swimming.

I should look through that old deviantart account to see what other characters I had back in the day, it’s a weird trip through memory lane of bad art and bad design choices ha ha.


I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to listen to this podcast. Really good, enjoyable stuff so far.