TRANSMIT the PLACEBO - Let's Play The Silver Case

newmascotresized: One thing I didn’t get around to was talking about the music in this game, some of which is actually pretty good. As far as I can tell, most of the music in the remake is taken directly from the PS1 version - except the title track, which was remixed by Akira Yamaoka (better known for his work on Silent Hill).

newmascotresized: I didn’t buy the soundtrack on Steam, and I wouldn’t recommend you do it either should you play this for yourself, because the best tracks aren’t on it - those being the title tracks for each chapter.


newmascotresized: Sadly, none of these tracks play during the game itself - they’re only on the chapter select screen. Most of them are remixes, though some are much sneakier than others. Lunatics is a remix of Kusabi’s theme.


newmascotresized: Decoyman’s theme is a remix of a track called “His Room” that plays when you find Kamui in Ayame’s closet and at a few times near the end of Decoyman. They’re so similar I’m not going to bother linking the original.

newmascotresized: Also, you might notice the person uploading these is the person working on the Eternal Punishment translation. He’s been busy doing a podcast about Suda.


newmascotresized: The Placebo arc chapters are also remixes, but they’re much better disguised. Yume is a remix of Tokio’s theme, but you might not recognize it right away.


newmascotresized: If Spectrum’s theme is a remix, I can’t tell what it’s a remix of.


newmascotresized: The theme for Hana is easily my favorite out of all of them. It sounds like an early Chemical Brothers song. And with that, I’m all caught up - we’ll see Parade’s theme when we get there.


newmascotresized: Welcome to Parade. You’ll be able to tell pretty quickly what Suda’s gimmick with this chapter is.

newmascotresized: I’d dialog portrait this, except knowing who’s talking here is a spoiler.

newmascotresized: Is this gonna be some kind of Persona ripoff because I swear…

newmascotresized: Parade’s gimmick is that it’s entirely in black and white. We’ll finally get to find out why Kusabi and Sumio were on that stakeout.

newmascotresized: The background this time is random crosswords. I didn’t know Suda was into Radiohead.

Kusabi: “Where the hell did that come from…?”

Sumio: “It’s a type of fable or myth. A story you can lose yourself in.”

Kusabi: “I don’t like kids’ shit like that. I’m not interested.”

Sumio: “I bet.”

Kusabi: “Then don’t ask.”

Sumio: “Well, there’s this one nice story.”

Kusabi: “I don’t give a shit. At a time like this…”

Sumio: “But this is just the right time for this kind of thing, isn’t it?”

Kusabi: “I’m gonna die, seriously… just keel over and die. That stuff makes my brain itch. Makes me wanna scratch it out with a fork.”

newmascotresized: Oh my god, it’s like Kusabi somehow understands Persona 5 Royal nearly 20 years before it was a thing.

Sumio: “Come on, just listen…”

Kusabi: “Sorry, I’m going to sleep…”

Sumio: “That’s fine. I’m just gonna go ahead and talk.”

Kusabi: “Sounds like a great lullaby.”

newmascotresized: I wish Kusabi was real and also that he had been on the writing team for Persona 5. Or even better, Ni no Kuni 2. Just imagine Evan doing his whole “I want a magic fantasy kingdom where everyone lives happily ever after” and then immediately getting punched in the face.

Sumio: “You know, recently… some people say fantasy is like brainwashing. Giving kids sweet dreams for the purpose of controlling them.”

Kusabi: “When you put it that way, that sounds right.”

Sumio: “Originally, they were pretty messed up stories.”

Kusabi: “Like ‘messed up’ how?”

Sumio: “Realistic stories, without all the happy stuff.”

Kusabi: “Well, that sure sucks.”

Sumio: “That’s why they got turned into happier stories.”

Kusabi: “Is that all?”

Sumio: “No, here’s where it starts. So anyways, when I was a kid, there was this fairytale I heard – it’s an old folktale from my hometown, but…”

Kusabi: “Hm.”

Sumio: “Once up on a time, there was a princess. A beautiful princess. A terrible giant serpent fell in love with her. The serpent ruled the land, no, he had taken over the land.”

newmascotresized: Isn’t this just the story of Kushinada and Susano?

Kusabi: “He invaded it?”

Sumio: “Yeah. The serpent turned the king to stone. The greedy serpent wanted the princess… so he took her away…”

Kusabi: “Pretty standard shit. Go on, go on.”

Sumio: “To rescue the princess, they ventured to the huge castle.”

Kusabi: “Well of course. I’d do the same thing.”

newmascotresized: Kusabi would shoot the serpent in the face and that’d be the end of it.

Sumio: “The heroes combined their powers and fought the serpent. And then…”

Kusabi: “What happened?”

Sumio: “They defeated it.”

Kusabi: “Fuck yeah!!”

Sumio: “Everything was fine and good.”

Kusabi: “Is that the end…?”

Sumio: “Well, mostly…”

Kusabi: “What the fuck? That’s just a normal-ass fairytale. That sucked.”

Sumio: “You liked it, right?”

newmascotresized: I’d like to think that Big Dick sees Kusabi losing interest and goes “And then the heroes took 50,000 yen from the serpent and gambled it on some horses” and suddenly Kusabi is totally into it again.

Kusabi: “No, that’s no good. There’s no twist.”

Sumio: “It’s not over yet.”

Kusabi: “What?”

Kusabi: “Well then, what the hell happens?”

Sumio: “The princess was dead…”

Kusabi: “What the fuck?! What do you mean?”

Sumio: “She was killed by the serpent.”

Kusabi: “Man, FUCK that serpent! The fuck kind of story is that?”

Sumio: “And one more thing - there is no serpent.”

Kusabi: “No? Why not…? That stuff comes up in stories all the time.”

Sumio: “Of course there isn’t. There’s no such thing as a ‘giant serpent’.”

newmascotresized: I imagine Kusabi looking at Big Dick here. “Damn! We’ve got talking chinchillas, but no giant serpents carrying horse racing money? What the fuck kind of world is this!?”

newmascotresized: And yes, yes I am getting Salty Vanilla to draw that. They’re going to a con later this month, but I have this I can post.

Kusabi: “Well, yeah…”

Sumio: “It wasn’t a serpent, but a human. The heroes were people, too. Humans killed another human, for revenge.”

Kusabi: “That’s just a crime…”

Sumio: “Yeah… fairytales are crimes. The unrealistic fantasy that happens in real life is crime.”

Kusabi: “…”

Sumio: “Tetsu.”

Kusabi: “Huh?”

Sumio: “I have a question. If it was you, the heroes who got revenge… what would you do?”

Kusabi: “What would I do? I wouldn’t do shit. Why?”

newmascotresized: Why do I feel like this entire thing is an allegory for something?

Sumio: “They killed someone.”

Kusabi: “Well… they did murder someone, yeah. There’s no differentiation in crime. Doesn’t matter what kind of reasons they had.”

Sumio: “Yeah, I agree.”

Kusabi: “Right? That’s how it is. The only way it can be…”

Sumio: “Tetsu…”

Kusabi: “Huh?”

Sumio: “You can go to sleep.”

Kusabi: “You’re sharp.”

Kusabi: “Sorry, I’m tired. From that story…”

Sumio: “It’s not a very pleasant story, is it?”

Kusabi: “Yaaawn…”

Sumio: “Tetsu?”

Kusabi: “Zzz…”

Sumio: “He’s asleep. It’s time… Timrod, time for patrol. Go look around. Let me know if you see anyone suspicious. Got it?”

newmascotresized: What we’re doing is walking a circle around a building that’s off to the left, that being the Yukimura villa you’ve seen at the top during all of the stakeout segments in Spectrum and Hana.

Sumio: “The Yukimura mansion is up the hill.”

newmascotresized: Something about this reminds me of the mansion stage in Killer7.

Sumio: “The Yukimura mansion is on the left. ‘CONTACT’ it.”

Sumio: “Looks like nothing’s wrong. Let’s check the other side. Go up over the hill.”

newmascotresized: One thing I didn’t realize until afterward is that you can’t even see the house from the spot where the car is - at least, if you assume the 3D visuals are canon.

newmascotresized: God dammit Sumio, I know how to walk in a circle.

Sumio: “Go down the hill.”

Sumio: “Once more, ‘CONTACT’.”

Sumio: “No problem. Nothing out of the ordinary. OK, get back to the car. We’re going downhill.”

Sumio: “Nice work. Get in the car. Hm? What? Tetsu!”

Kusabi: “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Sumio: “That—”

Kusabi: “What?”

Sumio: “That!”

Kusabi: “The hell are you talking about?”

Sumio: “It flashed!”

Kusabi: “It did…”

newmascotresized: If you look in the game itself, there’s a wall where those stairs are.

Sumio: “Yeah…?”

Kusabi: “It exploded.”

Sumio: “Yeah…”

Kusabi: “What do we do?”

Sumio: “About what?”

Kusabi: “This scene.”

Sumio: “Scene?”

Kusabi: “I’m asking what you’re gonna do.”

Sumio: “I mean, nothing…?”

newmascotresized: I like to think that Big Dick is trying his hardest not to look at the explosion while also trying to find his sunglasses.

Sumio: “I won’t forget it. —Ever.”

Morikawa: “It’s OK.”

Sumio: “Tetsu, it was me. It’s my responsibility.”

Morikawa: “Well…”

Sumio: “I’m sorry.”

Kusabi: “Exactly. It’s not my fault. It’s yours.”

newmascotresized: Kusabi has found a convenient scapegoat, and now he’s gonna run with it.

Chizuru: “What the…?”

Sumio: “It’s fine, it’s the truth.”

Kusabi: “Yeah, it is. It’s Sumio’s responsibility.”

Chizuru: “Are you serious?”

Kusabi: “Serious as a heart attack.”

Chizuru: “You asshole!”

Morikawa: “Listen up, Sumio… this kind of thing…”

Sumio: “…”

Kusabi: “You clean this shit up. You’re gonna settle this case.”

Sumio: “Tetsu…”

Sumio: “Those are the guys from Central. A group of expert criminal investigators. But these days… traditional crime rates have dropped, and things just aren’t done their way anymore.”

Sumio: “They’re basically a band apart from everyone else. This case is comparatively close to an orthodox kidnapping, so these guys showed up.”

newmascotresized: You might wonder why he says “kidnapping” instead of “bombing”, but you’ll see in a minute.

Kusabi: “Sumio, keep quiet. You don’t know when the same thing’ll happen to you. If crime changes, investigations change, too. It’s stupid to assume that all the old ways are somehow inferior. Am I wrong?”

newmascotresized: Unless you’re Chizuru, apparently.

Sumio: “Sorry…”

Kusabi: “Well, it’ll be interesting to see how far ‘Afro’ goes. This’ll be something to watch.”

Sumio: “It’s starting…”

Sakaguchi: “There’s something I’d like to get straight. Anyone referring to me as ‘Afro’ will be dealt with immediately. Watch yourselves.”

Kusabi: “You hear that…”

Sumio: “He’s really into it…”

Sakaguchi: “That’s enough pleasantries. Let’s get down to business. Two months ago, a note appearing to announce a crime was sent to the Yukimura Zaibatsu. It was stuck inside a newspaper. It was a really crude note.”

newmascotresized: Hoo boy. That whole sentence is weird and needs a bit of deconstruction. In real life, no one would have been using the term “zaibatsu” in 1999.

newmascotresized: In case you don’t know, the zaibatsus were a group of mega-corporations that existed in Japan prior to World War II. Each one was a group of companies owned by a single family at the top.

newmascotresized: To say they were a big part of Japan’s economy is an understatement. They WERE Japan’s economy, and were also Japan’s government. At one point in the 1930s, there were two political parties in Japan.

newmascotresized: The first party was more or less owned by Mitsui (now known as Mitsui-Sumitomo Banking Corporation) and the second was owned by Mitsubishi.

newmascotresized: Anyway, in real life, the zaibatsus were broken up at the end of World War II, mostly because they were anathema to the world view of the United States… at least, the United States in the 1940s.

newmascotresized: Of course, like most things the US does, they didn’t quite finish the job. While the zaibatsus no longer exist, there’s now this thing called the “keiretsu”, which is sort of similar but generally less powerful.

newmascotresized: That’s not to say the keiretsus aren’t a problem, because they absolutely are.

newmascotresized: The zaibatsus still exist in The Silver Case for reasons that only really get explained in Killer7 - where it’s revealed that in the Kill the Past universe, Japan secretly controls the US government.

Sakaguchi: “It was found to be a code only understandable by Chairman Yukimura. At Central, we asked the Area 24 Precinct, who have jurisdiction, to watch over the chairman’s residence.”

Sakaguchi: “And, as you know, although it was under watch, the chairman’s house was blown up.”

newmascotresized: This also isn’t without precedent - in real life, Mitsui’s Director was assassinated in 1932 along with the head of the political party Mitsui owned.

Sumio: “He’s looking at us.”

Kusabi: “What a dick… being a dick is par for the course for Afro.”

newmascotresized: Look, it was one building, can’t you just let it slide?

Sakaguchi: “Thanks to inexperienced investigators, this case has entered into new territory. We haven’t found any victims in the remnants of the explosion, and so we think it was purposely done while nobody was home.”

Sakaguchi: “However, Chairman Yukimura has been missing since the day of the explosion, and so this case is now assumed to be a kidnapping.”

Sakaguchi: “Finding Chiarman Yukimura is our top priority, along with finding the bomber. Each investigator is to follow Central’s orders and carry out the investigation.”

Sakaguchi: “Everyone! On the name and honor of the Central Police, I need you all to put out your best to solve this case and bring Chairman Yukimura back alive. That is all…”

newmascotresized: Sakaguchi and Kotobuki look like, twenty years younger in this shot than they really are.

Kotobuki: “Yeah.”

Sakaguchi: “How is your band of killers growing up?”

Kotobuki: “None of your goddamn business.”

Sakaguchi: “I see you’ve scored a comfy position.”

Kotobuki: “Yeah, you, too…”

Sakaguchi: “Me? Oh yeah… whatever you say, Kotobuki.”

Kotobuki: “You sound desperate…”

Sakaguchi: “I am desperate. Keep laughing, Kotobuki. I’m on this. Whatever you have to say, I’m watching over this investigation personally.”

Kotobuki: “Do whatever. I don’t give a shit.”

Sakaguchi: “Kotobuki… nobody wants anything too overdone.”

Kotobuki: “…”

Sakaguchi: “You reap what you sow. Your dogs were always a bunch of pit bulls. Show them your ass and you’ll get bitten.”

Kotobuki: “…”

Sakaguchi: “I’m warning you as a friend.”

Kotobuki: “You sure are a pleasant motherfucker.”

Sakaguchi: “Just watch your back.”

newmascotresized: The manual lists this guy’s name as Michiru Kosaka. I’m not sure why he has a portrait that matches the Transmitter art style and Sakaguchi doesn’t.

Kosaka: “A video from the perpetrator…”

Kotobuki: “It’s here!”

Sakaguchi: “Play it immediately.”

newmascotresized: Yukimura is a cheap blow-up sex doll? Damn.

newmascotresized: Oh. The video shows the chairman struggling with the ropes, but you can’t see it very well in screenshot form.

Sakaguchi: “Is this it?”

Kosaka: “Yes, that is all.”

Sakaguchi: “What was their purpose…? What do they want? What the hell does this video even mean?!”

Kosaka: “From the video, we can confirm that Chairman Yukimura is still alive. However, there’s nothing about what the suspects want…”

Sakaguchi: “Those motherfuckers!”

Kosaka: “Sakaguchi…”

Kusabi: “It’s a greeting from the suspect. It’s some grabby self-assertion.”

Sumio: “For what purpose…?”

Kusabi: “It’d be easier if we knew. But…”

Sumio: “What is it?”

newmascotresized: We’ll go just a little further, because Parade is a rather long case, and the next part has a lot of stuff I can just cut out.

newmascotresized: Wait, didn’t we blow that up in Persona 1?

newmascotresized: I’m going to go ahead and say there is no fucking way this shot isn’t a reference to Die Hard.

Kusabi: “This isn’t something that can be solved with huge actions.”

Sumio: “What do you mean?”

Kusabi: “No meaning… but thanks to this, look at how many people have been hurt. Right there…”

Sumio: “…”

Kusabi: “What’s up…?”

Sumio: “No, it’s nothing. This building just looks like a ghost or something…”

Kusabi: “A ghost, huh…”

newmascotresized: Kusabi’s trying to work out how he’s going to arrest a building.

Sumio: “Yeah, it’s actually sort of calm…”

newmascotresized: You know, like plaster their name all over everything, or have gold-plated toilets.

Sumio: “Like build this building?”

Kusabi: “The more it stands out, the more people know what you got.”

Sumio: “I see…”

Kusabi: “Also, it has sort of a sense of guilt. Somewhere in there…”

Sumio: “Hm…”

Kusabi: “Big Dick! Quit fucking around. Let’s go!”

newmascotresized: We have to use the desk on the left side, as opposed to the one directly in front of us.

Kusabi: “Hey lady, where’s it at?”

Sumio: “Sorry… we’re with the police.”

Sumio: “Thank you.”

Kusabi: “Thanks.”

Sumio: “Here it is.”

Kusabi: “Ah…”

newmascotresized: We can’t go anywhere but through the door.

Kusabi: “It’s the ‘President’s Floor’…”

Sumio: “A show of wealth?”

Kusabi: “Yup. It’s all imported shit. Someone’s got good taste, huh. Fuckin’ hell…”

Sumio: “OK, let’s go.”

Kosaka: “I’m Kosaka, from Central.”

Kusabi: “Hi…”

Sumio: “I’m Kodai and this is Kusabi, we’re from HC Unit 2.”

Kosaka: “Nice to meet you. And this is…?”

Sumio: “This is Timrod, he’s new.”

Kosaka: “My pleasure.”

Kusabi: “…”

Sumio: “Any news?”

Kosaka: “Nothing yet, but…”

Kusabi: “But?”

Kosaka: “Actually… we had everyone gather up top, but as you can see…”

newmascotresized: There’s a good… 20 or 30 screens of these board members arguing. I’ll cut most of it.

Kusabi: “The hell is that?”

Kosaka: “They must really want to kill the chairman.”

Sumio: “They’re fighting over succession, huh?”

Kusabi: “Any leads on these guys?”

Kosaka: “Anyone related to the company is currently being thoroughly checked out.”

Kusabi: “What do you think?”

Kosaka: “It’s too early to say…”

Sumio: “How about it, Tetsu?”

Kusabi: “They all look suspicious. A bunch of goddamn weirdos.”

Kosaka: “As you know, our investigators are quite ‘old-fashioned’…”

Kusabi: “Are you Afro’s little bitch?”

Kosaka: “I won’t deny that. I do think that our methods of investigation are somewhat old — but I don’t think it’s due to Sakaguchi’s wishes.”

Kusabi: “Then what?”

Kosaka: “There is no one single ‘official’ way to investigate. Nowadays, efficiency is what matters. But there are some things that get overlooked due to efficiency. Filling those areas in is Central’s job…”

Kusabi: “Is that the general consensus?”

Kosaka: “Yes.”

Kusabi: “Fine with me… you guys take this over. You’ll need it sooner or later.”

Kosaka: “…”

Sumio: “How is security here?”

newmascotresized: Part of me wishes there was an anime of The Silver Case, but I know if they made one these days it’d probably be one of those CG monstrosities and look like shit.

Kosaka: “We’re watching over every possible route in. We’ve got Snow Tower on lock.”

Sumio: “Got it.”

Kusabi: “…”

Sumio: “So that’s how it is.”

Kusabi: “Huh? Oh, yeah… looks perfect here.”

Sumio: “There don’t seem to be any problems.”

Kusabi: “Yeah, the problem isn’t here.”

newmascotresized: Next time, we’ll arrest a suspect, and shit will only go downhill from there. By the way, Salty Vanilla finished the piece I posted the sketch of last update, so have Big Dick and Chizuru on a date.

newmascotresized: Oh, and here’s the chapter theme for Parade.

newmascotresized: If you’re wondering why we just jumped from being in the Yukimura building to here, that’s how it is in the game. You didn’t miss anything.

Sumio: “Move carefully…”

Kusabi: “Whatever, hurry the fuck up!”

newmascotresized: There’s only one thing we can do here, and that’s go south through that door. Don’t ask me how Big Dick gets through it with that desk in the way.

Kusabi: “…”

Kusabi: “He’s totally emaciated.”

Sumio: “The bomber, Hanao Hiseki, killed himself. Our one and only lead…”

Kusabi: “Time to put some work into it, I guess.”

Sumio: “Tetsu, you sound like it’s someone else’s problem…”

Kusabi: “Huh? Well, I mean it isn’t ‘my’ job, so, you know.”

Sumio: “…?”

Kusabi: “It’s not my turn to shine yet.”

Sumio: “Why not?”

Kusabi: “You don’t wanna get in the way now, do you? We don’t need anymore breaks.”

Sakaguchi: “What is it?”

Cop: “It’s here!!”

Sakaguchi: “Son of a bitch!!! Put it up on the screen, now!!”

newmascotresized: You can hear a lighter going off in the background and an exhale.

newmascotresized: The blow-up doll is covered in some kind of liquid from above.

Sakaguchi: “What the hell is this…? What does this mean? Is this some sort of riddle?”

Cop: “Maybe it’s a threat?”

Sakaguchi: “So ‘murder’, huh… where’s Kosaka?”

Cop: “At the satellite.”

Sakaguchi: “Give it to Kosaka!”

Kosaka: “Sakaguchi, how’s it going?”

Sakaguchi: “Is this Kosaka?”

Kosaka: “Yes.”

Sakaguchi: “Did you see it?”

Kosaka: “Yes, from over here.”

Sakaguchi: “What do you think?”

Sakaguchi: “What do they want?”

Kosaka: “They must want something.”

Sakaguchi: “What is it?”

Kosaka: “At this point…”

Sakaguchi: " ‘This point’ is the last one! There is no ‘next time’! Feel it, Kosaka! Feel their voices! What they’re trying to say… what they believe in… search out their screams!"

Kosaka: “I’ll do everything in my power!”

Sakaguchi: “Good!! I’m counting on you, Kosaka…”

Nakategawa: “This is the first case I’ve ever seen that needed this much legwork.”

Morikawa: “Really. I don’t even know what to think.”

Nakategawa: “We’re screwed at this point.”

Chizuru: “Us, too… our research guys have nothing. Nothing from the body of the bomber, Hiseki, nor from the items left behind…”

Morikawa: “How about Tetsu’s side?”

Nakategawa: “No idea…”

Sumio: “Nothing here, either…”

Morikawa: “How about you, Tetsu?”

Sumio: “He’s all shut off.”

newmascotresized: Kusabi is in the HC Unit 1 office.

Kosaka: “This is Kosaka from Central. Is this Kusabi?”

Kusabi: “?”

Kosaka: “Actually, this is top secret, but…”

Kusabi: “It’s just some dickhead… Hey! Whose radio do you think this is?!”

Kosaka: “I know I’m not supposed to contact you here. I have no excuse.”

Kusabi: “The hell do you want?”

Kusabi: “That Kosaka guy, what a fuckin’ dick. Just cutting me off like that?!”

Sumio: “Yeah…”

Sumio: “It’s fine. Hachisuka is working behind the scenes. Timrod, find an open desk.”

newmascotresized: This is one of the few things in this game I think truly needed a re-design. You see how all of the desks are apparently empty?

newmascotresized: If we try contacting these computers, directly in front of us, the game will act like it’s doing something and then dump us back at the contact menu.

newmascotresized: Instead, we have to turn to the right and contact this computer, which for some unknown reason isn’t occupied despite there being no visual indicator that it isn’t.

Kusabi: “Just hurry the fuck up.”

Sumio: “Wait a second. We can’t just go off.”

Kusabi: “Huh? What do you mean?”

Sumio: “It’s not like I have some special skills or anything…”

Kusabi: “Oh really?”

Sumio: “You didn’t know?”

Kusabi: “Then why did the old man put you here?”

Sumio: “Because I’m more ‘common’.”

Kusabi: “Common?”

Sumio: “Yeah. That’s what the boss said.”

Kusabi: “The fuck kind of standards are those?”

Sumio: “They needed regular people.”

Kusabi: “So what, you’re some kind of neutralizer?”

Sumio: “Basically, yeah.”

Kusabi: “And you’re okay with that?”

Sumio: “I mean…”

Kusabi: “What…?”

newmascotresized: The same video we saw in the conference room plays again.

Kusabi: “Watermark?”

newmascotresized: Metal Gear!?

Sumio: “If you look through the picture, a code appears.”

Kusabi: “What, like invisible ink?”

Sumio: “Exactly. Like modern-day invisible ink.”

Kusabi: “Huh?”

Sumio: “To be more specific… this picture uses discrete cosine transformation for image compression. Burying data inside the DCT coefficient renders it invisible to the naked eye…”

newmascotresized: This might sound like something Suda made up, but it actually isn’t. It’s hard to explain what the Discrete Cosine Transform actually is - everything I found about it has a bunch of incredibly dense math.

newmascotresized: The easiest way to explain it is like this. The DCT is an algorithm that takes an image or audio file, runs it through this complex math equation, and then outputs a lower-quality version of the file to save space.

newmascotresized: In fact, you’re seeing the DCT in action right now - this site compresses my original screenshots (which are in .png format and are 1:1 copies of what I see on screen) into .jpgs which have lost some of the original data.

newmascotresized: One other thing I’d like to add is that hiding data inside the DCT coefficient is very much a thing, but most of the implementations I could find of it stopped being updated in like 2003.

newmascotresized: I want to talk about this a bit too, because this is actually something that doesn’t exist. The largest diamond ever mined is called the Cullinan - it was mined in 1905.

newmascotresized: The Cullinan weighed around 1.25 pounds before it was cut, and a quick search tells me that its estimated value is around $400 million.

newmascotresized: Keep in mind that diamond prices are jangly key man bullshit - they basically sell for whatever the person grading them thinks they’re worth.

newmascotresized: Anyway, 600 billion yen is around $4.625 billion US dollars at current exchange rates and about 11.5 times what the Cullinan was worth uncut.

Sumio: “Tetsu…”

Kusabi: “These guys are greedy. Get hold of Kosaka right away.”

Sumio: “600 billion by tomorrow… is that even possible?”’

Kusabi: “No idea. Maybe selling that building would bring about that much in?”

Sumio: “That wouldn’t be enough.”

Kusabi: “Well then, Yukimura’s finished.”

Sumio: “But…”

Kosaka: “Difficult. Things have gotten pretty shaky.”

Sakaguchi: “The fucking hyenas…”

Kosaka: “We’ll continue to negotiate. If that doesn’t work out…”

Sakaguchi: “The government can pay. Get a mortgage on all Yukimura-owned land, there should be no problem.”

newmascotresized: This seems crazy until you remember that the zaibatsus probably are the government.

Kosaka: “OK then…”

Sakaguchi: “Go ask Tsubaki. It should work out somehow.”

Kosaka: “We’ll have to deal with the aftermath, but…”

Sakaguchi: “I don’t care. A man’s life is at stake. Necessity knows no law.”

newmascotresized: Funny how the cops that have a license to kill suddenly give a shit about human life when it’s a rich person.

Kosaka: “Understood. I’ll get right on it.”

Sakaguchi: “Do it.”

Kusabi: “OK… be careful.”

Sumio: “See you later…”

Kusabi: “Big Dick… no, it’s nothing… never mind.”

Kosaka: “One hour ago… there was a phone call from someone assumed to be the suspect.”

Kusabi: “A phone call here?”

Kosaka: “Yes.”

Kusabi: “Could they trace it?”

Kosaka: “No…”

newmascotresized: I was going to say something about them having a spy satellite, but then I realized the spy satellite didn’t know that the person it was tracking wasn’t Kamui.

Kusabi: “I see. – What’s up with Sumio?”

Kosaka: “He went back to HQ.”

Kusabi: “At a time like this…?”

Kosaka: “Looks like they’re ready.”

newmascotresized: It looks like Kusabi’s going senile, but I left the dialog on this line while I waited for the video to play while recording to ensure I didn’t miss anything.

Kosaka: “The items specified by the suspect.”

Kusabi: “Specified? What do you mean?”

Kosaka: “All they said was that we’d need this…”

Kusabi: “What about the rest of the equipment?”

Kosaka: “It wasn’t allowed.”

Kusabi: " ‘Wasn’t allowed’ ?"

Kosaka: “They said if they saw anything, they’d kill the chairman.”

Kusabi: “Yeah, that makes sense.”

Kosaka: “?”

Kusabi: “Why Big Dick?”

Kosaka: "Chief Director Kotobuki’s insistence.

newmascotresized: Kotobuki clearly realized that this is a job for a highly trained chinchilla.

Kusabi: “The old man?”

Kosaka: “Yes. I was told by Sakaguchi.”

Kusabi: “Whatever… Big Dick, go get a real good look at their faces, burn them into your eyeballs…”

Kosaka: “…”

Kusabi: “Anyway, just be sure to come back.”

Kosaka: “Until we get the signal from the suspect, please go ahead and rest.”

Kusabi: “Weren’t you at HQ?”

Sumio: “They told me to wait here.”

Kusabi: “I see…”

Sumio: “Any contact from the suspect?”

Kusabi: “No movement at all.”

Sumio: “Everything feels really heavy now.”

Kusabi: “Seriously.”

Kosaka: “Here it is!”

Kusabi: “Where?!”

Kosaka: “This radio.”

newmascotresized: If you’ve played No More Heroes, you probably remember the weird text-to-speech voice that Suda used. This uses the same thing.

Kusabi: “What’s it mean?”

Kosaka: “Let’s dance…”

Kusabi: “He’s fucking with us.”

Sumio: “Timrod, you’re up. Transporting a 600 billion-yen diamond… it’s a big job. I’ll guide you over the radio. Work out the rest on your own. Timrod, it’s all on you now. Don’t mess this up.”

newmascotresized: I don’t know if this is supposed to be Big Dick’s car or what, but it looks like something a chinchilla would drive.

Kusabi: “Why do these assholes know about our radio frequency?”

Kosaka: “They must be a pretty technically-skilled group.”

Sumio: “Or it’s an inside job…”

Kosaka: “That can’t be possible. Those radios are set to a very specific frequency specified by the suspects.”

Kusabi: “So of course they know the frequency, then.”

Kosaka: “No… actually, it’s quite a difficult range. It’s not the sort of range that could be easily used to communicate.”

Kusabi: “A real veteran then, huh?”

Sumio: “Timrod, move in accordance with the instructions.”

Sumio: “No instructions from the suspect yet.”

Kusabi: “Where would he be headed moving in this direction?”

Sumio: “The industrial zone.”

Kosaka: “If he enters into a highly concentrated industrial zone, it will be hard to pinpoint them.”

Kusabi: “I guess it’s gonna be up to Big Dick then…”

Sumio: “Here it is!”

Kusabi: “What’re they saying?”

Kosaka: “I guess they want him to get off.”

Sumio: “Timrod, get off at the next interchange.”

newmascotresized: Big Dick does some sick drifts in the Chinchillamobile. Somehow, he knows exactly where he’s headed based off “go to the crematorium”… even though what we’re headed to really isn’t a crematorium.

Kusabi: “OK!”

Kosaka: “Emergency communication! Surround the trash processing plant. Set a three-kilometer perimeter. Don’t let a single ant get through. Keep it totally locked down!!”

Kosaka: “They’re jamming the signal… I can’t reach Timrod by radio.”

newmascotresized: What we have to do here is take the left turn.

newmascotresized: This puts us in front of one of the incinerators, at which point we get the message…

newmascotresized: Turn left and move one space, and we get…

newmascotresized: When we move to the next tank, we get this message before we can turn to face it.

newmascotresized: Okay, that makes sense, because that’d make us face the last incinerator…

newmascotresized: I… guess we’re going back the way we came?

newmascotresized: Or we’re going to face away from the incinerator. That works too.

newmascotresized: Nope! This is just Suda trolling us. What we actually have to do is go back to where we came in, and then take the right path instead.

newmascotresized: This leads us to this cable box. We can try to contact it, but nothing happens.

newmascotresized: Remember how Kosaka had that pocketknife and the stun gun on the table?

newmascotresized: In a rare use of the Implement command, we have to use the knife to cut open the cable box, in a move straight out of the beginning of Resident Evil 2.

newmascotresized: This leaves us with a contact point that also doesn’t do anything if we attempt to contact it.

newmascotresized: This is what the stun gun is for.

Sumio: “Timrod, where are you now? What’s the situation?”

Kosaka: “We’ve got him. This position would be… smokestacks? What’s the suspect thinking? Where are they gonna trade…”

Sumio: “They’re using the smokestacks to… Timrod, they’re not here. Check the surrounding… the radio’s out again…”

newmascotresized: I’m not entirely sure how this guy gets the briefcase with the diamond in it, or how a diamond that big would fit in that briefcase, but okay.

newmascotresized: Yep, that guy just jumped into a smokestack with the diamond. I’m sure he has some plan to get out, and…

newmascotresized: Uh, do smokestacks work that way? I didn’t think they actually shot fire like that.

newmascotresized: For some definition of ‘unharmed’.

Morikawa: “Is this OK?”

Chizuru: “Isn’t it? We got the chairman back unharmed.”

Nakategawa: “Yukimura is stuck with a 600 billion yen loss.”

Chizuru: “Yukimura’s finished, I guess.”

Morikawa: “Finished? Why?”

newmascotresized: I was kind of curious as to how much of a hit this would be to one of the big Japanese companies in reality, so I looked at two of them: Sumitomo-Mitsui and Mitsubishi, both of which were formerly zaibatsus.

newmascotresized: According to Fortune, Sumitomo-Mitsui had revenues of $36.8 billion in 2021. Of that, their profit for the year was around $4.8 billion. Would a $4.6 billion loss sink the company? Probably not. It’d hurt a lot, but they’d most likely survive it.

newmascotresized: For Mitsubishi, we’d need to look at their 2020 numbers, because Fiscal Year 2021 is kind of an outlier. They usually have around $5 billion a year in profit, so they’d likely survive as well.

newmascotresized: What if we adjusted for inflation?

newmascotresized: If we did that, both Sumitomo-Mitsui and Mitsubishi would be in trouble - they’d have lost their entire profit for the year and it’d wreak havoc on their stock price. Would they go under? I still doubt it.

newmascotresized: Both companies have hundreds of billions in assets, as Japanese companies tend to sit on massive piles of cash, and could probably survive it.

Nakategawa: “In Yukimura’s current situation, he can’t handle something of that scale.”

newmascotresized: Either 1999 is a real bad year for Yukimura, or they’re a really shitty zaibatsu. I mean, you probably control the government and you can’t even take a $4.6 billion hit?

Chizuru: “Right? So he’s finished.”

Morikawa: “The wounds the suspect inflicted were deep… I guess that was their target.”

Nakategawa: “Most likely… rather than money, screwing Yukimura over may have been their real goal. The guy jumped into a smokestack. As for the guy thought to be the actual perpetrator, we have no ID on him… there weren’t even any bones left.”

Nakategawa: “We have no way of finding out what it is he was after.”

Chizuru: “What about the diamond?”

newmascotresized: This is another thing that I thought was fake, but is actually quite plausible. Because diamonds are pure carbon, they bond with oxygen at high temperatures and vaporize into carbon dioxide.

newmascotresized: This process starts at 763 degrees celsius (1405 F). According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, most trash incinerators are operated well above that.

newmascotresized: The average incinerator runs somewhere between 980 to 1200 degrees celsius (1800 to 2200 F), and an industrial trash plant is probably going to be on the high end of that.

Morikawa: " ‘A diamond doesn’t turn to ash.’ Or, ‘didn’t turn to ash’, rather."

Chizuru: “What a waste…”

Nakategawa: “From Central?”

Kosaka: “My name is Kosaka. Is Kusabi here?”

Nakategawa: “He’s in the back room. Go on in…”

Kosaka: “Thank you…”

Kusabi: “Hey… what’s up, you guys get it cleaned up?”

Kosaka: “Yes. We’ve finished removal.”

Kusabi: “Where’s Afro?”

Kosaka: “He went back to Central. He said to send you his regards…”

Kusabi: “Regards for what?”

Kosaka: “I believe he’s trying to scout you…”

Kusabi: “Tell him I’m too expensive.”

Kosaka: “I’ll tell him.”

Kusabi: “I’m kidding.”

Kosaka: “OK…”

Kusabi: “How’s your stomach?”

Kosaka: “Like a medal of honor. Thank you.”

newmascotresized: I’m not sure if this is saying that he didn’t try seppuku, or that he did but stopped early enough to not die from it.

Kusabi: “And?”

Kosaka: “I just thought I’d say hello. Thank you for all your help.”

Kosaka: “Thank you.”

Kusabi: “Let’s get together again sometime.”

Kosaka: “It would be an honor.”

Kusabi: “It’d be better if that time never came, but…”

Kosaka: “I agree. Crime can ruin one’s heart. Even innocent bystanders can be greatly affected.”

Kusabi: “Reducing that exact thing is our job.”

Kosaka: “You mean covering it up?”

Kusabi: “Close, but not exactly.”

Kosaka: “Using ‘disposal’ as a method of solving crimes… but I’ve started doubting my opinion on the matter. The idea of bringing everything to light is…”

newmascotresized: Speaking of which, Kusabi hasn’t killed anyone this entire game, apart from that one guy from Moonlight Syndrome in the intro case.

Kusabi: “Grave?”

Kosaka: “No… so far, the case we’re working on has yet to claim a single person’s life, and we’re on our way towards solving it.”

Kusabi: “Yeah.”

Kosaka: “Maybe the perpetrator’s motivation was simply to act? To me, it feels like it was some sort of demonstration.”

newmascotresized: This part I’m a little confused by. We’ve already seen Morikawa and Nakategawa outright tell us why the crime was committed - it was done to ruin Yukimura’s company and him in the process.

newmascotresized: I think it’d be pretty clear to both of them, especially given that Kusabi is usually the one spearheading the investigations.

Kusabi: “They’ve committed plenty of crimes with plenty of victims. But without showing their motive…”

Kosaka: “There are many crimes for which the purpose isn’t clear.”

Kusabi: “What’re you trying to say?”

Kosaka: “I don’t know. I don’t know, but…”

Kusabi: “…”

Kosaka: “I feel like the fact that the perpetrator has put together such a huge-scale puzzle means they’re trying to say something to the world.”

Kusabi: “You think too much.”

Kosaka: “Do I?”

Kosaka: “They’ve left some sort of message. But at the same time, they’ve left others with scars. The information distributed by the media is going to cause a great number of people to fall victim to their crimes.”

Kosaka: “So I feel that covering up the very crime itself is a necessary evil.”

newmascotresized: I’m not sure whether this chapter would be better or worse without this part. I mean, I know why Suda is probably doing it - this is meant to be a character moment for Kusabi - but still.

Kusabi: " ‘Evil’, huh…"

Kosaka: “And… by covering everything up, we take away the chance for certain people to assert themselves. That is to say… the chance for the weak to fight back. They’ll be left with no way.”

Kusabi: “Hm…”

Kosaka: “Whether or not that’s actually necessary, I just don’t know anymore.”

Kusabi: “Sounds like you’ve gotten in too deep. I get what you’re trying to say. But that’s some naive bullshit. You need to get rid of any superfluous emotions. Totally nuke them.”

Kusabi: “Just look at what’s right in front of your eyes. Keep your eyes on the prize. Stare down the enemy in front of you. That’s how you investigate.”

Kusabi: “Am I wrong?”

Kosaka: “You’re right. I think I’d been getting a bit soft. I will repent. I’ll throw everything I have into this investigation.”

newmascotresized: Next time, we’ll finish Parade.


newmascotresized: Right after the scene with Kusabi and Kosaka, this happens. Sumio is apparently talking to… who is that?

Nakategawa: “Nope.”

Morikawa: “Sumio? I saw him.”

Kusabi: “Where?”

Morikawa: “Here.”

Kusabi: “When?”

Morikawa: “Yesterday.”

Kusabi: “This motherfucker… forget it.”

Chizuru: “Sumio went out.”

Kusabi: “Where?”

Chizuru: “No idea…”

Kusabi: “…”

Nakategawa: “Oh yeah, that’s right…”

Morikawa: “Today? Isn’t today Saturday?”

Nakategawa: “It’s apparently a secret meeting.”

Chizuru: “So they plan on making some huge decisions behind their employees’ backs, huh?”

Morikawa: “It’s always the uninformed lower-downs who end up getting screwed.”

Kusabi: “Hopefully that’s all that happens…”

newmascotresized: There’s going to be a lot of screenshots here, because there’s a lot of dialog from characters who don’t have dialog portraits.

newmascotresized: Well, now I guess we know who Sumio was talking to.

newmascotresized: Did we really save this guy just so he could…

Morikawa: “What has?”

Nakategawa: “Snow Tower.”

Morikawa: “I have no words…”

Nakategawa: “The Yukimura Zaibatsu has been destroyed. The remaining land and buildings have been sold off to the government. All the proceeds will go toward paying back Chairman Yukimura’s ransom money…”

Chizuru: “So it all went exactly as the perpetrator planned.”

Morikawa: “As if they were specifically targeted, only the management was killed in the explosion… Central is gonna be treated like a joke.”

newmascotresized: I mean, most of the board members seemed like assholes, so…

Chizuru: “Us, too.”

Morikawa: “Things are going to get rough.”

Nakategawa: “It looks like Sakaguchi took the fall. He took full responsibility to ensure his subordinates’ jobs…”

Morikawa: “What about that one guy? The big one.”

newmascotresized: Nobody cares who he is because he hasn’t put on the mask yet.

Nakategawa: “Kosaka? He went with Sakaguchi of his own volition.”

Morikawa: “Where?”

Nakategawa: “A new assignment somewhere out in the sticks.”

Morikawa: “I see… Tetsu is gonna be sad.”

Morikawa: “Oh, you were here?”

Kusabi: “Naka. I wanna look into Yukimura’s business.”

Nakategawa: “For information on the company you can check the Internet…”

newmascotresized: I’d say that people capitalizing “internet” is a late-90s/early 00s thing, but the Associated Press was still doing it up to 2016, even though most newspapers had already stopped by then.

Kusabi: “No, I mean all of it. This case isn’t over yet. I wanna bring up all of Yukimura’s history. Let’s give the souls of the dead some fuckin’ peace.”

Kusabi: “We’re gonna take these materials and check them from cover to cover. It’s a pretty ridiculous amount. Don’t start bitching about it.”

newmascotresized: As soon as we take a step forward, we get a security card - you don’t need to contact anything, it just gets put in your inventory. There’s a door to our left and a door to our right, so let’s do those first.

newmascotresized: The left and right rooms are basically the same - they have model buildings and photos in them, as well as the model city in the center. I used to work at a place that had a room just like this.

newmascotresized: We can contact the edge of the city model - I think there’s a plaque if you look down. I’m going to transcribe the text on these the way I do the emails in Tokio’s chapters.

Announced in 1974
“NEmoSweet” Series
1st Period “Advance”

Cutting-edge features for the modern age. Total comfort and high-level safety measures. Yukimura Group’s “NEmoSweet”.

The Yukimura Group: A conglomeration that cares about the future.

newmascotresized: Then there’s this slightly different model in the other room.

Set for release in 2002
“NEmoSweet” Series “Royal”

People’s lifestyles change with the times. But life’s true necessities never really change. The Yukimura Group presents a whole new lifestyle. “NEmoSweet-Royal”.

The Yukimura Group: Bringing the future closer.

newmascotresized: You might have noticed that there’s two numbers at the bottom of each of the building descriptions. Those are the code we need to progress - but there’s no obvious place to enter it.

newmascotresized: What we have to do is go back into the main hall and try to use the card on the front desk.

newmascotresized: The code is 7426, which you get by removing the zeroes in each of the two numbers and putting the other number where the zeroes were.

newmascotresized: This leads us to a room full of filing cabinets that houses one of the more annoying bits to do if you’re screenshot LPing this game. There are nine documents hidden in here, eight of which we can get to.

newmascotresized: Each document is numbered, and there’s an achievement for reading all the documents in order. They’re split up into two sides from where we start - there’s four on the left side and four on the right.

newmascotresized: Each side has two screens, with a contact point on either side of each screen for a total of eight. I’ll refer to their positions first by aisle, then by “front” and “back”, and then by “left” and “right” based on where they are from this screen.

newmascotresized: Document Number 1 is in the right-side aisle, front half, on the right. Don’t worry if all these documents don’t make sense - this will be covered in Tsuki.


Date: 07/16/1970
Case name: Relationship between the Yukimura Zaibatsu and attorney XXXX
Processing: Deletion
Reporter: XXXX

Re: induction to factory construction plan for Mikumo Village #32 “Mikumo 77”, apparently a large sum of money was exchanged between the Yukimura Zaibatsu and the attorney XXXX in the name of “political donations”. Information received from source XXXX.

The day before entering into an open investigation, XXXX gives orders to stop. On the same day, XXXX and XXXX from the XX Unit are ordered to fully investigate “Mikumo 77” and the Yukimura Zaibatsu, and constant reports are demanded for Yukimura’s background check.

From this day forward, anything pertaining to this case is to be considered highly confidential. Report provided by XX to XXXXX in the XX department.

newmascotresized: In case you’re wondering, the “XX Unit” in this document isn’t the Heinous Crimes Unit, as this dates to before the Silver Case.

newmascotresized: Document 2 is in the right-side aisle, back half, on the right. This puts it directly behind where Document 1 is.


Date: 11/02/1975
Case name: Influence of protests against construction of “Mikumo 77”
Processing: Deletion
Reporter: XXX

Group opposing the construction of “Mikumo 77” has lost final appeal to Supreme Court. Subsequently, construction has been legally approved, and is set to begin at the beginning of the year.

At dawn on 10/31, the representative of the group leading the appeal is reported missing.

On 10/31, the anti-construction group held a meeting, which representative XXX attended. After the talks, which lasted till late at night, XXXX, heading home with XXX, reports that XXX said they would go propose a mutual compromise with Yukimura.

Afterward, XXX went missing, and has apparently not returned home. Additionally, at the meeting, XXX was significantly drunk, and it is possible that some sort of accident occurred. However, according to XXXX, when they last saw XXX, XXX was no longer that drunk

Also, XXX was preparing to head to the Yukimura mansion. So it is plausible that XXX went to the Yukimura mansion. The XXX investigation is set to continue through the week.

newmascotresized: I got a little confused with this one when I was recording, because I couldn’t tell if they were saying that a representative from Yukimura had died mysteriously or what.

newmascotresized: This is basically Yukimura admitting they killed a guy to try and stop the opposition to their factory.

newmascotresized: Document 3 is in the left aisle, front half, right side.


Date: 05/17/1977
Case name: Inheritable heinous crimes
Processing: Deletion
Reporter: XXXX

While undertaking Yukimura’s background check, information was received from a surprising source. Inside “History of Inheritable Heinous Crimes” stored in the HC Unit materials room, the XXXX family line was discovered. The XXXX family line is old, and was able to be traced back 13 generations.

Among those, including the historic criminal XXXX, were 8 names. Additionally, the land on which the “Mikumo 77” factory is set to be completed this year was found to be the spot on which XXX was shot to death by the HC Unit.

It is unknown whether Yukimura purchased this land and built the factory knowing this fact. However, it doesn’t seem to be a simple coincidence.

Many residents are already filing complaints about the factory. There is a rumor that waste from the construction site has been flowing into the XX River, from which residents get their drinking water, and the village has requested a water quality inspection from the government.

newmascotresized: I thought the criminal they were talking about is Kamui, but that’s not possible - the Silver Case happened in 1979.

newmascotresized: Document 4 is in the right aisle, front half, left side.

Date: 02/16/1979
Case name: Suspicions regarding waste from “Mikumo 77”
Processing: Deletion
Reporter: XXX

In accordance with requests from residents, the water quality inspection of the XX River has been performed. The inspection is rumored to have stretched out two years due to XXXX controlling things behind the scenes.

Regarding the water’s safety, the XX Division of the XXX Department of the Ministry of Health and Welfare has given the ‘go’ sign. Harmful materials were not found among the materials from the waste. It seems there is no problem with water quality. At one point, residents staged a demonstration in front of the factory, but with word of this report spreading, the situation has calmed down.

Recently, standoffs between residents and the factory have been occurring frequently. Some residents’ behavior has been extremely inflammatory, and some of it is considered to be somewhat extraordinary. It is well-known that this has been caused by the discord between the residents and Yukimura, but this should probably be tranquilized by us before it gets further out of hand.

newmascotresized: This right here is why I wanted to present these in order. The next one is in the left aisle, back half, on the right.

Date: 07/28/1978
Case name: Suspicions regarding waste from “Mikumo 77” (Edited)
Processing: Deletion
Reporter: XXXX

In the report from 02/16/1979, it was stated that the water from the XX River had nothing wrong with it, but the XXXX group performed a separate top secret inspection, and it was reported that the water was found to contain harmful materials from the factory waste.

Waste water was collected and checked for confirmation and an inspectionm was requested within the department, from which the following was found.

If these results are factual, then the factory would prove to be extremely dangerous to the Mikumo village. Measures must be taken immediately. Just in case, a waste water sample is being sent together with the report.

newmascotresized: I’m… not necessarily the biggest fan of this particular report, because you can kind of infer a lot of this from the previous one. Anyway, one big thing to note:

newmascotresized: The previous report was dated 02/16/1979, while this one was dated 07/28/1978… meaning Yukimura knew about the chemicals but covered it up.

newmascotresized: Speaking of which, Angiotensin II hormones are a real thing. They’re produced naturally by the body and constrict blood vessels as a way of regulating your blood pressure.

newmascotresized: You might think something this egregious wouldn’t happen in the real world, especially not as late as 1999… except it actually does, even to this day.

newmascotresized: Document 6 is in the right-side aisle, back half, on the left. This, along with the last three documents, are THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS CHAPTER.


Date: 08/09/1979
Case name: Mysterious points re: the Riru Yukimura murder case
Processing: Deletion
Reporter: XXXX

At dawn on 08/07, the body of a girl estimated to be 7-8 years old was found. Approximately five days had passed since the time of death, and decomposition had been progressing. The body showed signs of violence, leading to the decision to treat it as a homicide case.

Today the body was identified. The girl’s name is Riru Yukimura. Age 7. She lived with her parents, members of the Yukimura family line, in the Mikumo village, and her parents were in charge of factory management.

With regards to the Riru Yukimura murder case, several mysterious points have been brought up.

1: When the body was discovered, injuries suggested the actions of a single individual deviant, but the subsequent autopsy report indicates the possibility of multiple perpetrators.

2: The time of death was determined to be right in the middle of the parade (demonstration) put on by the residents, but there was not a single witness.

3: Although the 7-year-old girl was missing, the missing persons report and search request was not filed until three days after her disappearance.

4: Around the same time as the crime, three children who live in the village were apparently badly injured in a strange accident. Details are unclear, but the name of one of the boys involved has been found. The children involved were known to be friends of Riru Yukimura.

Residents were extremely uncooperative regarding the investigation into Riru’s murder. This is likely also due to the discord with Yukimura.

newmascotresized: Translation: Yukimura was such a dick that he sent his own… niece, I guess? to a town where he knew his company was dumping toxic waste in the water, and where she was eventually murdered.

newmascotresized: Document 7 is in the left aisle, front half, on the left.


Upon the arrest of the suspect, the investigation of the murder of Riru Yukimura has finished as of today.

With the self-surrender of main perpetrator XXXXXX, the case was solved and closed swiftly. Two accessories, XXXX and XXX, are said to have died while avoiding capture. Details have been reported in the HC Unit case file.

newmascotresized: And finally, Document 8. It’s in the left aisle, back half, on the left.

newmascotresized: Once you read the final document, a wall opens up in the space between the two sets of shelves in the left aisle.

confidential document #9
Date: 11/04/1979
Case name: Discovery of skeletal remains
Processing: Unreported due to death of person in question
Reporter: XXX


On 10/23, Mikumo village XXX resident XXX was XXXXXXXXX, and skeletal remains were discovered. Results of an analysis of the clothing worn by the remains proved that the body was that of XXX, missing since 10/31/1977.

The boys he was after. It is thought that he had been in contact with the boys in order to publicize the truth. Part of the report said to have been fabricated by investigator XXXX states the following.

newmascotresized: Before we get to the obvious thing, I’d like to mention that this report contradicts an earlier one - I’m pretty sure the remains they found belonged to the activist who went missing in 1975.

newmascotresized: Suda does this a lot - in fact, he released two lore books for Killer7 that contradict not only each other, but themselves.

newmascotresized: Anyway… SuXXio XXXXi… where have we heard a name like that before? There’s no way it’s…

Kusabi: “What is this, a fucking fairytale? Protests… marches… kids… parades… a princess and some heroes… and a huge serpent… so there really is a fairytale town. Mikumo 77…”

Kusabi: “Hey Big Dick. What can I do?”

Kusabi: “Ah, the twilight town. Everyone has come into contact with this town at some point.”

Sumio: “How nostalgic…”

Kusabi: “It’s been, what, like 20 years?”

Sumio: “Yeah, that sounds about right.”

Kusabi: “Well… it looks like during that time, this became the kinda town nobody wants to come near.”

Sumio: “That’s right. This town has been waiting for us.”

Kusabi: “Took enough time and effort.”

Kusabi: “You happy now…?”

Sumio: “Sorry…”

Kusabi: “Looks like there’s gonna be fireworks. Wanna go watch them?”

Sumio: “Tetsu…”

newmascotresized: This whole thing gets explained in Tokio’s upcoming chapter, but I like to think Kusabi used his license to kill in order to kill an entire town. Totally works that way.

Sumio: “Yeah…”

Kusabi: “Why are you going this far?”

newmascotresized: I’m not so sure I buy this. I mean, this entire thing was one giant revenge plot against Yukimura for killing Riru and fucking up Mikumo Village. It feels more like Sumio was honoring the past than killing it.

Kusabi: “What’s in the past?”

Sumio: “All of me.”

Kusabi: “Fuckin’ idiot… you’re a fuckin’ idiot, you know that…?”

Sumio: “Finally… I’ve become an idiot.”

Kusabi: “Let’s go.”

Sumio: “Yes.”

Kusabi: “Keep confident.”

Sumio: “Yes.”

Kusabi: “Stare hatred right in the face.”

Sumio: “Yes.”

Kusabi: “Move forward.”

Sumio: “Yes.”

Kusabi: “Sometimes the past is important. Your real fight starts here. If you feel like you’re gonna buckle, just remember…”

Kusabi: “Who the hell are you?”

Sumio: “As of today, I’m your new partner, Kodai.”

Kusabi: “Kodai? Never heard of you. You get the wrong unit or something?”

Sumio: “No, I was assigned here.”

Kusabi: “I got no use for career types. Fuck off.”

Sumio: “Actually, I’m just a high school graduate.”

newmascotresized: I thought this was weird, since as I understood it, most police detectives have college degrees. I actually took a course meant for that in community college as an elective (I did my first two years there).

newmascotresized: The answer is apparently that it depends on where you are and how high you plan on going up - some places want an associate’s just to join the force, and expect a master’s to make detective.

Kusabi: “Oh yeah? Then why’re you wearing that suit?”

Sumio: “Just personal preference.”

Kusabi: “What the fuck? You look r—”

newmascotresized: Omitted the slur again.

Sumio: “Do I?”

Kusabi: “That ain’t gonna work.”

Sumio: “Huh.”

Kusabi: “What’s your name?”

Sumio: “Huh?”

Kusabi: “Your first name. The one your mommy and daddy gave you.”

Sumio: “It’s Sumio. Sumio Kodai.”

Kusabi: “Alright, Sumio. Follow me!”

Sumio: “To where?”

Sumio: “I’m fine, thanks.”

Kusabi: “Just come with me. I’ll hook you up!”

Sumio: “Really, it’s fine!”

Kusabi: “Hurry the fuck up!”

Sumio: “I really don’t need one!!”

Morikawa: “Tetsu, we got a call!”

Kusabi: “Where?”

Morikawa: “The Tsubaki Syndicate.”

Kusabi: “Let’s go, Sumio!”

Sumio: “OK!!”

Sumio: “You ended up never buying me a suit, huh?”

Kusabi: “Whatever, just walk!”

Sumio: “My suit…”

Kusabi: “Yeah yeah, I’ll buy you one.”

Sumio: “Awesome…”

Kusabi: “Once you’re an old man, that is.”

Sumio: “Keep confident…”

Kusabi: “Stare it down…”

Sumio: “Live positively…”

newmascotresized: And that’s the end of Parade, our third case out of five. Next time, we’ll move on to Tsuki.


newmascotresized: Welcome to Tsuki. This chapter is where Tokio’s story really starts picking up, to the point where I kind of wonder what the point of Yume and Hana even was.

newmascotresized: Once the building shows up, there’s a really loud jackhammer noise that starts playing in the background.

Tokio: “What the fuck… shit… a nightmare…”

newmascotresized: Tokio smokes a lot more in Tsuki than he did in Hana or Yume.

Tokio: “9 o’clock…? It’s not morning yet… I’ll sue your ass…”

newmascotresized: Let’s check on Red.

Tokio: “He looks terrified…”

newmascotresized: And, of course, Tokio’s inbox.

From: Slash
To: Tokio Morishima
Subject: Found The Bat
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 1999 3:21:14

Attacking Scolba is actually pretty hardcore. So it took some time, but by reverse-hacking the system I was able to pull up the user access logs. There were all kinds of things in place. People using proxies and jamming things up, but with their raw IP data totally visible, etc. So anyway, here’s what I found out.

newmascotresized: If this seems cringy and dated, keep in mind this game was probably being written within three years of the original release of the movie Hackers.

newmascotresized: As soon as we finish reading the email, the construction noise starts up again and we’re kicked off Tokio’s computer.

Tokio: “And it fucking starts again…”

newmascotresized: And now, one of Tokio’s more memorable lines.

Tokio: “Goddamn… this is so annoying, I can’t take it. …Wanna go for a drive?”

newmascotresized: Come to think of it, isn’t this how Francis York Morgan crashes his car in Deadly Premonition, by being on his laptop while driving?

Maybe he’s special, or maybe all turtles are like this, but Red seems to be a real coward. He just wants to spend his days floating around, and if anything disturbs that, he gets all sensitive and starts flapping around in his tank, and then stops eating. He’s a hassle, but he’s still lovable.

How about The Bat? The only thing I know is that he’s one fucked up dude. I doubt whether he actually has anything to do with Kamui. Why did he break into the chatroom that one time? Either he’s a hacker using Kamui as a front, or a cracker who actually believes all this Kamui bullshit. One or the other.

Other assumptions:

Real name: “Komori”, or something “bat”-like in Japanese. That’s why he uses the name “The Bat”.
Age: Little punk around 14 or so.
Blood Type: AB
Personality: Like a rat or a bird or something. Has a mix of indecision and cunning.

Fuck, I’m bored. Anyways, I got his email address. I doubt he’d reply, but I’ll try getting hold of him.

Tokio: “Placebo… I’m getting sick of this shit.”

From: Tokio Morishima
Subject: Hello, CQCQ

To The Bat,

This is Morishima, the guy you picked a fight with a few days ago. You shouldn’t have busted into our chat like that. Now I have your mail address. I don’t know who you are, what you’re trying to do, or whether you’re a crazy fuckstick or a full-on crazy fuckstick.

Get back to me. Let’s talk about your homie Kamui.

Tokio: “Anyway…”

newmascotresized: The construction noises start back up.

Tokio: “And it fucking starts again… Jesus fucking Christ, man…”

Tokio: “This… motherfucker… head… hurts…”

newmascotresized: Poor Red.

newmascotresized: You can probably tell from the subject line of the email who The Bat actually is, but it’ll be real clear a bit later.

To: Tokio Morishima
Subject: parade
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 9:00:00

~Guessing Game~

What’s the answer?


At the last moment, an intrusion,
an old witch, a wink.
Oil fries, nobody’s there.
Just Joan the slut.
Mom, dad, yourself.
A stick, a log, a stone, dead.
Made a slave by the bad guy.
It’s gotta be you or me…

Who’s missing?

newmascotresized: This riddle is going to be repeated a few times, so I’ll just refer to it as “Joan the Slut”.

newmascotresized: Incidentally, when I read this while recording, I immediately thought of the infamous “It’s just me, Gabe Newell” video.


Old Mother Twitchett
likes kisses.

She turns over
her long tail
and with one eye,

Give her a kiss
on her cute little mouth.
As thanks,
she’ll share her tail.

Old Mother Twitchett… who is it?


There was a crazy family
riding a crazy horse
running like crazy.

Where did they get to?


Some brothers picked up a corpse
and buried it in a stone grave.

Who killed and ate the kid?

Tokio: “What the hell is this…? The Bat’s address… a guessing game? The fuck is this about?!”

Tokio: “Oh my god, shut the fuck up! Fucking seriously…”

Tokio: “This kind of thing pisses me off. OK, fine… so I have to play a game, huh?”

newmascotresized: To be fair, this is pretty much how I react to any game that has a dumb bullshit puzzle.

newmascotresized: Tokio opens his blog post with the “Joan the Slut” riddle copied verbatim, so I won’t bother reposting it.

At the last moment… is it me or him?
An intrusion… is it me or him?
An old witch… maybe him?
A wink…?
Oil fries… what the fuck?

Who’s missing? Who the fuck?

I don’t fucking get it!!!

Tokio: “Yup.”

Tokio: “Your husband, huh… he ‘used to’ smoke these… so you mean he’s…?”

Tokio: “If they sell them there.”

Tokio: “Yeah, I guess so. I’m going home… the construction should be done for today by now.”

Tokio: “But like… I hate playing games. Fuck… why the hell do I have to do this…?”

Tokio: “Ah. Hold on… maybe Erika could… yeah, she’d be better at this than I would.”

From: Tokio Morishima
To: Erika Yukawa
Subject: Just Guessing

I got a weird email from that guy called The Bat. I’ll forward it to you. What is this guessing game? Do you get it?

I have no idea. Let me know if you figure it out. Also, from now on, I’m gonna encrypt my mails. I’m using a program I used to use at the news agency. Are you able to read this?

From: Tokio Morishima
Subject: Get It On

Has a guy called “The Bat” ever been involved in the Kamui case? He’s able to mess with systems on the net, and apparently doesn’t want people digging up stuff on Kamui. He contacted me online and told me not to fuck with Kamui.

He also sent me some sort of riddle. He also seems to know about that thing at Babylon. Let me know if you know anything.

At the last moment, an intrusion, an old witch… is this some sort of poem? Searching all over the net got me nothing. Nothing in the encyclopedia, either. Nothing in the newspaper database. Not even anything in the fucking Farmer’s Almanac.

Construction is finally finishing tomorrow. About fucking time.

Tokio: “Are you even awake…? OK brother, I’m gonna go to sleep, too. Getting woken up like this every goddamn morning… we need us a fucking break, you know?”

Tokio: “Sleepy… sweet dreams…”

Tokio: “Hm…? It’s already night… it’s been a while since I slept like that…”

Tokio: “Morning, sleepyhead. Hehe…”

newmascotresized: Looks like Red’s doing a lot better with the construction done.

From: Erika Yukawa
To: Tokio Morishima
Subject: Re: Just Guessing
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 22:10:48

This guessing game is a riddle. You’re probably supposed to look for keywords from this text. I don’t know the answer, though.

More importantly, who is “The Bat”? The version of that encryption software you’re using is too old.

To: Tokio Morishima
Subject: Investigation Required
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999

Looks like nobody named “The Bat” was involved with the Kamui case in the past. But I agree that he should be marked for the future. Find out who he is and report quickly.

It’s about time you sent some info worth the price I paid you.

Tokio: “Keep looking, keep looking, keep looking… maybe if I get this quiz right I’ll win a trip to Hawaii. Fuck! Fuck this… I need food.”

newmascotresized: I think I said this exact line at least twice during the Persona 5 LP.

Tokio: “At the last moment, an intrusion…”

Bartender: “Excuse me? What does that mean…?”

Tokio: “Fuck if I know…”

Bartender: “Is it about someone’s personality?”

Tokio: “Like someone who’s intrusive?”

newmascotresized: Like a certain turtle-hating bartender who should shut the fuck up before he gets mauled by a chinchilla again?

Bartender: “Like ‘someone who intrudes at the last moment’…”

Tokio: “So you’ve been listening, huh? But no, it’s not about someone’s personality.”

Bartender: “I guess.”

Tokio: “It’s like this…”

newmascotresized: Tokio repeats the entire “Joan the Slut” riddle here, so I’ll cut that.

Bartender: “I’ve heard that somewhere before…”

Tokio: “What, seriously?”

Tokio: “What do you mean?”

Bartender: “Old word games. In English. Some of those words come from these games.”

newmascotresized: Here’s what I like about this: when I was recording this, I actually went “Wait, is this a real thing or is this something Suda made up, how the fuck are you supposed to even get to there from Joan the Slut?”

newmascotresized: He managed to make it work even in English without it being painfully obvious the way a lot of that kind of stuff was in Persona 5.

Tokio: "OK then, can you figure this out? It’s a riddle… the question for this one is, ‘Who’s missing?’ "

Bartender: “The blind man.”

Tokio: “Really?”

Bartender: “Definitely. The blind man is missing.”

Tokio: “You’re a genius.”

Bartender: “I like to do what I can.”

Tokio: “I’m going home.”

Tokio: “What does this mean, and what is The Bat trying to do? I still have no idea.”

Tokio: “If there’s one thing that I know for sure, it’s that my nerves are totally on end, and I want to pluck the feathers from that “Bat” or “Chicken” or whatever-his-name-is asshole, and those feelings are growing by the day.”

Tokio: “I’ll get Erika to help again…”

Tokio: “Those goddamn pig-fucking asshole sons of bitches are finally finishing that construction.”

newmascotresized: Well, that confirms it. The Bat is almost certainly Sumio. It makes sense when you realize that Big Dick also got all those weird emails, one of which referred to him as “Chinchilla” - a name only Sumio and Kusabi would know.

Tokio: “A fairytale? What a fucking dickhead…”

From: Tokio Morishima
To: Erika Yukawa
Subject: About The Bat

Remember when our chat at Scolba got disrupted? Around the time of the Kamui case. You got dropped from the net and couldn’t get back in. When that happened, some guy replaced you and interrupted our chat.

The guy’s handle name was “The Bat”. He started talking to me suddenly and told me not to look into Kamui. For some reason he also knew about Babylon. So I hired a certain net detective to find his mail address for me. I mailed him, and got that weird riddle mail.

I figured out the first one. I also figured out how to solve it. Probably. It’s from some old Mother Goose thing. You know Mother Goose? With the right materials, the remaining three should be solvable, too. Feel like getting together to solve some riddles? Get me back. Let’s hook up and win that trip to Hawaii.

Tokio: “The noise is finally gone… looks like the construction is finally finished.”

Tokio: “She bought a Mother Goose book. We put the book and the mail from The Bat together and started looking for the answers to his little game.”

Erika: “Without titles, it was hard to search them out, but this is what the first one is based on…”

newmascotresized: This is apparently a nursery rhyme dating back to the Victorian era, but damned if I could find anything on it.

Tokio: “What a fucked up poem. So here’s the riddle…”

newmascotresized: He repeats Joan the Slut again, verbatim.

Erika: “The ‘blind man’ is missing. So literally, the blind man.”

Tokio: “Even the bartender knew this rhyme. That dude’s surprising.”

Erika: “Maybe he really likes Mother Goose?”

Tokio: “I wonder… he does seem a bit weird. So next is this one.”

newmascotresized: Tokio repeats the second riddle, the “Old Mother Twitchett” one.

Erika: “I’ve heard that before.”

Tokio: “Really?”

Erika: “Old Mother Twitchett, right…?”

Tokio: “Yeah.”

Erika: “Hold on…”

Tokio: “Oh, I’m waiting.”

Erika: “OK, so… Old Mother Twitchett was… hm… ah, here it is. It’s from this poem, look. What was the question again…?”

Tokio: “Who is Old Mother Twitchett?”

Erika: “Ah, I see.”

Tokio: “What is it?”

Erika: “The direct translation of the original poem says this:”

newmascotresized: I also looked this one up, and did find a single website that had a version of it. Warning: Some godawful goddamn 90s-ass web design.

Tokio: “What the hell does that mean?”

Erika: “The poem itself is a riddle.”

newmascotresized: You know what I just fucking remembered? Remember Gabriel Knight 3 and the godawful geometry management puzzles? That came out the same year this game did.

newmascotresized: I can only imagine the kind of bullshit puzzles that Jane Jensen would’ve put in this if she worked on it. You know what, fuck it, give me a 24th Ward Heinous Crimes Unit novel by Jane Jensen.

Tokio: “A riddle, huh?”

Erika: “Listen. One eye, leaves its tail behind… therefore… Old Mother Twitchett is…”

Tokio: “Huh?”

Tokio: “A needle and thread… so what about the question…?”

Erika: “I don’t know… but it looks like it means that a needle kisses thread.”

Tokio: “The fuck kind of kiss is that?”

Erika: “Let’s leave that for now. The answer for #2 is ‘needle and thread’. What’s next?”

Tokio: “Um… here’s the third one…”

newmascotresized: Tokio repeats the third riddle from earlier.

Erika: “A crazy family… there’s gotta be a poem with a crazy family and a crazy horse somewhere.”

Tokio: “Another fucked up poem.”

Erika: “Quit complaining and search for it.”

Tokio: “Whatever.”

Erika: “I can’t find it.”

Tokio: “Me neither.”

Erika: “Wait, hold on…”

Tokio: “Waiting.”

Erika: “It must be this.”

Tokio: “Which one?”

Erika: “It’s a bit long.”

newmascotresized: This is the only one of these I had heard of before, and it’s only because of The Wolf Among Us. Too bad Fables was such a piece of shit comic.

Tokio: “Hm. That sounds right.”

Erika: “So where did the ‘crazy’ family end up?”

newmascotresized: In what’s probably Telltale’s worst game outside of Hector: Badge of Carnage.

Tokio: “Hell.”

Erika: “That’s the answer. Nice work!”

Tokio: “Now for the final problem.”

newmascotresized: Erika repeats the last riddle, which we’ve already seen.

Tokio: “Some brothers picked up a corpse and buried it in a stone grave.”

Erika: “There should be a similar poem somewhere…”

Tokio: “Come on, hurry up.”

Erika: “You keep looking, too.”

Tokio: “I am.”

Erika: “Brothers and a stone grave.”

Tokio: “Brothers and a stone grave…”

Erika: “Picked up a corpse…”

Tokio: “Is this it?”

Erika: “What?”

Tokio: “I’m not 100% sure.”

Erika: “Show me.”

Tokio: “OK, here it goes. The poem says…”

Erika: “That must be it.”

Tokio: “OK, now we’re getting the hang of it.”

Erika: “So who ‘killed and ate that kid’?”

Tokio: “Mother and father… so, ‘the parents’.”

Erika: “Right.”

Tokio: “Awesome.”

Erika: “Wow, we got all four.”

Tokio: “Let’s try lining the answers up.”

Erika: “I have no idea what that means.”

Tokio: “Me neither.”

Erika: “I wonder if this really means something?”

Tokio: “What is he trying to say?”

Erika: “The Bat… is it really worth chasing after him?”

newmascotresized: I mean, it kinda depends what Batman we’re talking about, because half of everything Batman kinda sucks.

Tokio: “I don’t know… but I feel like it is.”

Erika: “A gut feeling?”

Tokio: “Something like that.”

Erika: “But after all this work… what if it’s just some creepy loser messing around?”

Tokio: “Don’t even say that.”

Erika: “I mean, these answers, they don’t seem to mean anything.”

Tokio: “I know. But there must be something. There’s meaning in there, somewhere…”

Erika: “Do you really think so?”

Tokio: “Yeah!”

Erika: “You think it has something to do with Kamui?”

Tokio: “I think so, yeah.”

Erika: “Why?”

Tokio: “I think so…”

Erika: “You think so?”

Maybe I’m letting The Bat get to me too much.

Like Erika says, maybe he’s just some crazy fuckstick with no relation to Kamui… but for some reason he took the trouble to hack that chatroom and follow me on the net. The Bat gets to me because I’m scared. Even now, I’m still somehow scared of Kamui. In the same way, I can somehow feel a kind of terror in this guy, too.

Erika doesn’t get that. Because she didn’t talk to The Bat. Either way, I got my keywords. Now I just have to wait for the door to unlock.

newmascotresized: We’ll see what The Bat’s response is in the next update.


Tokio: “There’s nothing else…”

Tokio: “Shut the fuck up… be… quiet… ???”

Tokio: “The politicians outside… I can’t hear… the microphone… a dream…? Seriously…?”

newmascotresized: And here we have a rare smile from Red.

Tokio: “The construction had finished, but… I woke up too early. This is frustrating…”

Tokio: “The fuck are you smiling at…?”

newmascotresized: Looks like we’ve got a response from The Bat… dated 08/02/1979. Clever.

newmascotresized: The other two emails are a little less shift-JIS intensive, so I’ll just transcribe those the usual way.

From: Erika Yukawa
To: Tokio Morishima
Subject: Contact
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 8:12:05

I’ve been thinking, and I thought of something. I want to tell you directly so call my cellphone as soon as you read this.

To: Tokio Morishima
Subject: Report Now
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999 9:00:11 AM

You find out anything about “The Bat”? Don’t forget that you’re supposed to report back to me right away.

Tokio: “Again…? Fucking assholes!”

newmascotresized: You know, I appreciate this game a lot. I really do. It hasn’t given me that moment a lot of things do where I realize how dumb the plot is.

Tokio: “Fucking Christ… Fucking Erika. You’re the one who said not to call you anymore…”

Tokio: “It’s been awhile…”

Erika: “Hello?”

Tokio: “It’s me. I saw your mail.”

Erika: “Oh, thanks.”

Tokio: “So? What’s it about?”

Erika: “I just thought of this, but… hold on. Let me find someplace to talk.”

Tokio: “OK.”

Erika: “Hello?”

Tokio: “I can hear you.”

Erika: “I thought of something. For those quizzes, maybe the whole poems themselves have more than just the answers.”

Tokio: “The whole poems?”

Erika: “Basically, the poems themselves are what contain some sort of message.”

Tokio: “Hm. But don’t you think it’s just as likely that The Bat is just some weirdo who’s into riddles?”

Erika: “Well, yeah. But I decided to trust your gut feeling.”

Tokio: “Wow, I’m really moved to tears. By the way, I’ve got something to report myself.”

Erika: “Did The Bat say something?”

Tokio: “I got another email. I sent an answer, and I got a new one. It’s about the ‘fairytale’ he mentioned before.”

Erika: “I’d like to read it.”

Tokio: “If you can make it out this afternoon, I’ll be in the park.”

Erika: “OK, see you later then.”

Erika: “This bothers me even more than the last riddles.”

Tokio: “Really? To me, it just seems like some pretentious-ass bullshit text, meant to sound meaningful.”

newmascotresized: Nah, it doesn’t sound enough like YIIK for that.

Erika: “A princess and three boys, only their memories…”

Tokio: “A princess and three boys…”

Erika: “The date on this is weird.”

Tokio: “The date?”

Erika: “Look. It says ‘August 2nd, 1979’. The time doesn’t make any sense, either.”

Tokio: “Oh yeah… 1979… that’s 20 years ago.”

Erika: “Twenty years ago… there’s something there, but…”

Tokio: “What the hell? Some incident? An incident from 20 years ago?”

Erika: “Yeah… maybe.”

Tokio: “So I guess there’s a meaning to it. This fairytale…”

Erika: “The clouds… are dirtied black…”

Tokio: “Dirtied? What happened?”

Erika: “The village… died out…”

Tokio: “What does it mean? Try to remember something, Erika.”

Erika: “Hold on. I think I’ve…”

Tokio: “Really?”

Erika: “Just shut up for a second!”

Tokio: “OK, fine. I’ll be quiet, Princess. I’m gonna have a smoke.”

Erika: “Pollution…”

Tokio: “What?”

newmascotresized: One thing I didn’t realize is that this is still a few days before the Yukimura mansion gets bombed, meaning Erika figured out the whole case before Big Dick even showed up.

Tokio: “What are you talking about?”

Erika: “Twenty years ago… there was a village called Mikumo. It got all messed up from pollution… the village disappeared… and then… a girl was killed, too.”

Tokio: “That’s it!”

Erika: “It has to be!”

Tokio: “That’s gotta be it, Erika. This fairytale is about that village.”

newmascotresized: I have to admit, I think the game would’ve been better if you did the first part of Tsuki before Parade, then did the second part after.

Erika: “Yeah, it has to be.”

Tokio: “Nice work. I knew you had it in you.”

Erika: “Yeah yeah…”

Tokio: “Huh? Oh… Sorry…”

Erika: “Before…”

Tokio: “What?”

Erika: “We used to work together like this a lot…”

Tokio: “Yeah. Back in the day…”

Erika: “Never mind.”

Tokio: “…”

Erika: “We don’t have time to reminisce. We have to check out Mikumo.”

Tokio: “Let’s split the work.”

Erika: “I’m going back to the office.”

Tokio: “OK… contact me if anything comes up.”

I looked into Mikumo.

Mikumo 77. Over 20 years ago, it used to be a village. Eventually Mikumo Village was developed as an industrial area, then it became a town, and pollution here became a problem. Then the factories were shut down indefinitely, and now that area is managed by the government and is completely off-limits.

It basically became a trampled on, cursed area. News about that girl getting murdered still remain in old newspaper articles. This is another fucked up story.

But why is The Bat talking about this stuff? What does he have to do with Mikumo? And what does Mikumo have to do with Kamui?

newmascotresized: Tokio’s phone starts ringing in the background.

Tokio: “Yeah, I know, I’m coming…”

Erika: “It’s me.”

Tokio: “You got something?”

Erika: “I found an old man from Mikumo 77.”

Tokio: “An old man? Didn’t everyone from Mikumo die off?”

Erika: “This guy survived. I found one of the few survivors. I’ll make an appointment with him. I’ll go see him tomorrow.”

Tokio: “Hold on. You should just go see him without making an appointment.”

Erika: “Why?”

Tokio: “Because I doubt it’s gonna be a happy, fun story.”

Erika: “You’re right…”

Tokio: “He’s old, so you’d better go see him before he keels over and dies.”

newmascotresized: I like to think this is how Tokio deals with anyone even slightly older than him, including Kusabi.

Erika: “What a dick.”

Tokio: “But somehow — I feel like something’s off. I got a bad feeling…”

Tokio: “Careful, huh. Even when careful, you can still get lost. Like if your map is wrong… OK then… Mikumo… I think that was it. What a fucking hassle. Maybe I’ll just ask The Bat directly…”

From: Erika Yukawa
To: Tokio Morishima
Subject: Met the old guy
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 22:01:01 AM

I met with that old survivor. I get what you mean. He’s a weird old man. Even though I’m right in front of him talking, it feels like he’s staring off a mile away while speaking to you. It seems like he doesn’t care whether or not I even exist.

That Mikumo 77 pollution problem was caused by the Yukimura Group… according to the old man. It actually was the Yukimura Group that pushed for the development of Mikumo 77, though.

Also, he told me a creepy story. Another damn fairytale. What he told me was this:

“A demon marked a girl with a seal that would bring disaster. The people were all baffled by it. Some boys surrounded the girl to protect her, but the people had turned into a violent mob and took her away. The innocent girl had her feathers plucked and was sacrificed.”

So it was another story about a girl and some boys. There’s a continuation, but it makes no sense. I have no idea what this guy is trying to say. Each of the kids in this story is either blind, deaf, or dumb, apparently…

Additionally, he says the factory was producing weapons to fight off an alien invasion. What the fuck, right? If it were you, you probably would’ve tossed your tape recorded in the gutter at this point. But I feel like there is some truth mixed in with the old guy’s stories. The people who had turned into a violent mob, etc…

Hey, do you remember the origin of The Bat’s #3 riddle? The story about the crazy family riding a crazy horse to Hell. I think that this story may be referring to this violent mob.

newmascotresized: In case you haven’t played Okami or read any of the Persona LPs where I talked about it, this is where the ‘giant serpent’ in Sumio’s version the fairytale comes from.

newmascotresized: The old guy basically told Erika a version of the Kushinada and Susano story, except with Yukimura standing in for Orochi.

newmascotresized: Huh. We’ve gotten these emails a few times before, but they’re usually junk - there’s one from last update I didn’t show that talks about a computer virus going around.

Tokio: “The Yukimura mansion? The fuck is going on…?”

Tokio: “At least tell me what the hell happened…”

Kusabi: “I can’t say shit. Just go back home for now. I don’t have time to waste with hacks.”

Tokio: “Hold up. In that case, I wanna say something.”

newmascotresized: Sirens start going off in the background.

Kusabi: “Next time. We’re on emergency call right now. You hear the sirens, right?”

Tokio: “But…”

Kusabi: “Anyway, keep out of this shit.”

Tokio: “Hey, wait… fuck, what the hell is going on?”

newmascotresized: So uh, yeah. Tsuki is a very, very long case

From: Erika Yukawa
To: Tokio Morishima
Subject: Rumors
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 9:12:12

After that weird thing with the Yukimura mansion getting blown up, it looks like something has happened to Chairman Yukimura himself. It’s still just a rumor, but most of the rumors from this particular news agency turn out to be true, so plenty of care will be required for info concerning the Yukimura Zaibatsu. Stock prices, too.

It’s pretty apparent that the higher-ups here at my company are acting strange. I assume there’s gonna be some sort of press embargo. Something is happening to the Yukimura Group. Maybe threats from the bomber or something.

By the way, you went to Mikumo 77, right? Find anything new? And how about contact from The Bat?

It can’t just be a coincidence. We find out about that stuff at Mikumo 77, and then the home of the chairman of the Yukimura Group, which basically killed the town of Mikumo, gets blown up. Maybe The Bat tipped someone off? He must know something. Or possibly, he himself was the bomber. When you saw the news about the bombing, you said you felt something, too, right?

How do you plan to move?

Tokio: “What the hell are the HC Unit guys doing? I can’t get hold of them. I know… I think The Bat is suspicious, too.”

newmascotresized: For reference, this is about the same time that Big Dick is having the briefing with Sakaguchi in Parade.

I went to Mikumo 77 for three days. Of course I wasn’t able to set foot inside the factories, but it was still surprising to see that it had been left as-is for the past 20 years.

Mikumo 77 is like a ghost town now. Nobody lives there. The buildings are all old and fucked up. The roads are filled with potholes. Looking from higher ground, the old factories show off a black silhouette. The factories are relatively small. The small factories take up all the space, with almost no open areas. Like some weird plans cropping up. Or like guts made of metal were gathered together, all dead…

What happened to Yukimura? Was he killed? Or kidnapped? Or maybe the HC Unit is protecting him… either way, like Erika said, it’s certain that something is going on with him. Maybe I should hurry up and report on the info I brought back from Mikumo 77.

I probably know who did it.

newmascotresized: This one feels really out of place compared to the other “daily word” emails Tokio gets.

Tokio: “I’m gonna lose my shit.”

I went to the HC Unit and grabbed a guy named Morikawa, and gave him a message for Kusabi. I said I wanted to give him some materials concerning Mikumo 77. But it’s no good. He obviously wasn’t taking me seriously. The guys in the HC Unit are out for blood, and they’re probably not seeing what’s right in front of their eyes.

Regarding Yukimura, it looks like they have no intention of telling me what’s going on. I guess private citizens don’t have the right to know. Well, I don’t have to tell them shit either, you know.

The three kids from the old man’s fairytale. The princess who died = the girl. This is for sure. According to old newspapers, a 7-year-old girl was killed. The person responsible was caught and punished. However, there are many points of doubt in this case, and the injuries sustained by the girl were so bad that they couldn’t have been done by just one person. They apparently found blood of different blood types in her body. In the end, the story was wiped out quickly, and everyone forgot about it.

But if it was a violent mob who killed the girl, then stuff starts to make sense. There are some really intriguing analytical reports about the victims of the pollution at Mikumo 77. Those affected suffered from terrible asthma and overwhelming fatigue, mainly. But on top of that, it wasn’t known at the time but the hazardous waste contained a certain type of narcotic substance which possibly really fucked people up.

This narcotic substance has a stimulant effect which causes violent obsession. Maybe this caused the people to turn into a violent mob. Which is why the girl was killed…

So that leaves the two boys who tried to protect the princess. Of these three people, one was blind, one was deaf, and one was dumb. If the old man’s story is correct. Twenty years have passed, and they’ve become adults. Where are they and what are they doing now?

I’m almost certain that it was those two boys who blew up the Yukimura mansion. However I look at it, that’s the only thing that makes sense. I wonder how Kusabi will react to these materials. Can that dude even understand those fairytales…?

Also, The Bat… Erika’s theory that the words to the riddles themselves have meaning seems to be correct. “A blind man…” is that one of them? Who is The Bat? And what about Kamui? Is even Kamui somehow connected to Yukimura?

The HC Unit is really on the move. Something is still happening. What the hell is going on?

Tokio: “Getting revenge, 20 years after the fact…”

newmascotresized: I’m not sure where Tokio is getting the idea that there’s only two boys, given that he got the same version of the fairytale about a princess and three boys, but whatever.

Tokio: “I get all excited for some reason… I wonder why…? What do you think?”

To: Tokio Morishima
Subject: Warning
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999, 9:21:14

You find anything out about “The Bat”? We’ve already been over when and how you first came into contact with him. This shit is no longer going to fly. I need some info from you.

With all these extensions for your reports, you’ve already broken your contract. If you don’t reply in 48 hours, drastic measures will be taken.

You will be in a world of shit.

newmascotresized: So yeah, that email I missed? It’s about a computer virus called FESTA. I’ll just right-click on this, and…

Tokio: “Fuck… looks like I’ve been hit with a virus. I guess… shit… goddammit… motherfucker! Yeah yeah, OK, I got it. OK, sorry, but I’ve got my shit all backed up and compressed and loaded to my laptop.”

newmascotresized: I’m going to cut the update here because the next update gets kinda dark. Interestingly, during recording, the game fucked up right after this and got some graphics corruption, I think due to my recording software.

newmascotresized: I thought it was part of the game until I saw a video recording of it where that doesn’t happen. Anyway, two new pieces from Salty Vanilla:

newmascotresized: Salty did this daylight version of the scene, which actually makes sense because the stakeout scene at the start of Parade happens at like 9AM.

newmascotresized: And here’s one of Big Dick winning a trip to Hawaii after successfully decoding the riddle. Sumio must’ve paid for it with some of that diamond money.


newmascotresized: Just as a warning, this update’s going to contain some pretty dark shit, including a description of a sexual assault.

Tokio: “The Yukimura mansion… now the explosions start. Maybe they’re trying to set it up like some kind of festival. Criminals sure do love blowin’ shit up real good. Why is that?”

newmascotresized: Tokio’s phone starts ringing.

Tokio: “Who the fuck…”

Tokio: “Oh hey, Kusabi, right?”

Kusabi: “I heard from Morikawa.”

Tokio: “That’s good. There’s something regarding Mikumo 77 that I just have to talk to you about.”

Kusabi: “OK. But wait… I can’t give out any info right now. Listen, Yukimura is fine. Other than that, I can’t say shit for now.”

Tokio: “Who was the bomber?”

Kusabi: “We’re looking into it.”

Tokio: “There should be two men left who were originally from Mikumo. It may have been them.”

Kusabi: “I see…”

Tokio: “Do you have some kind of lead?”

Kusabi: “No… but…”

Tokio: “Try checking that place out. Mikumo…”

Kusabi: “Listen up. People’s lives are at stake, so don’t say shit about this to anyone. We aren’t letting anyone from the media get anywhere near this.”

Kusabi: “If anything got leaked to the bomber and it gets found out, everyone involved will be fucked.”

newmascotresized: Oh yeah, one thing I should’ve mentioned earlier when Erika said there was a press embargo on reporting on the Yukimura bombing - while this is unheard of in most Western democracies, it’s actually not uncommon in Japan.

newmascotresized: In 2016, when The Silver Case re-released, Reporters Without Borders ranked Japan 72nd out of 180 countries surveyed, which is really low when compared to a lot of Western countries.

newmascotresized: As an example, the Abe administration passed a national security law in 2013 that could potentially put reporters in jail for asking about national secrets, even if the reporter was not aware of it.

newmascotresized: When TV reporters protested this and started asking very pointed questions, Abe simply went and used his influence to get them fired.

newmascotresized: Things haven’t really improved since then, either. After 2016, Japan’s press freedom ranking went up to 67th place before falling back to 71st this year.

newmascotresized: In comparison, the United States ranked 42nd in 2022, though in the case of the US it’s more of a “people are fucking idiots” problem than government censorship.

Tokio: “Of course I won’t…”

Kusabi: “That’s all for now. I’m hanging up.”

Tokio: “So Yukimura is OK… something is definitely going on. Shit, I’m all out of leads. What the hell do I do now…?”

Tokio: “You’re not just living in elegance, right? I mean… you can’t understand me anyway, but still…”

newmascotresized: Red’s thinking about his upcoming trip to Hawaii, and how he’s going to order a vegetarian poke bowl twice his size and spend an entire day eating it.

Tokio: “If I’m gonna proceed further, I’m gonna have to talk to the old survivor from Mikumo; he’d know who the two boys were. I need to move.”

Tokio: “I went to the address I got from Erika, and it ended up being a small, dingy apartment building. When I knocked on the door, an old man with the veins bulging out of his temples stuck his face through.”

Tokio: “He looked a bit clammy and sick. ‘I came to ask you about Mikumo,’ I told him. For some reason, he seemed to smirk at my statement. He invited me into his apartment with a smile.”

Oldguy: “Pardon me, I’m not in the best of health…”

Tokio: “Go ahead and lie down, don’t mind me.”

Oldguy: “So… what do you need?”

Tokio: “There were three kids in Mikumo, right?”

Oldguy: “Oh, the kids… yeah, they were there.”

Tokio: “I want to know what happened to those kids.”

Oldguy: “Hm. You got any smokes?”

Tokio: “Huh? Oh, yeah… here you go.”

Tokio: “Please, tell me what you know.”

Oldguy: “Hey!”

Tokio: “What is it?”

Oldguy: “That’s good… these are some good smokes.”

Tokio: “That’s… wonderful.”

Oldguy: “But yeah, that was some terrible stuff.”

Tokio: “You mean what happened 20 years ago?”

Oldguy: “Those kids had grown up together… they were really close, always getting into mischief together…”

Tokio: “And?”

Oldguy: “While I was sleeping, they shaved my beard off. Like, really cleanly and nicely. No, wait… that was my grandkids.”

newmascotresized: I’m picturing Red going “But you uh, don’t have a beard” and the old guy going “Exactly.”

Tokio: “Come on, buddy.”

Oldguy: “Oh yeah. Those three kids had a leader, born into a poor factory worker’s family… what was the name again? Really clever kid.”

newmascotresized: Here I imagine Red going “Wait, so was the factory poor and the family worked at the poor factory, or was the family poor, or what?”

Tokio: “Is that… the princess?”

Oldguy: “The right-hand man… oh yeah, it was a boy named Fuyuki. He didn’t talk much, but he was a smart kid.”

newmascotresized: Erika will clear this up a bit later, but Fuyuki was the guy who jumped into the incinerator.

Tokio: “So that’s the first guy…”

Oldguy: “There was another selfish little boy named Kiseki, too.”

Tokio: “So that’s the second guy. And? What happened?”

Oldguy: “What happened? Some really bad stuff. They ganged up on the kids, did some horrible stuff to them.”

Tokio: “What did they do?”

newmascotresized: To me, this feels kind of like the scenes in Metal Gear Solid 4 after you kill a member of the Beauty and Beast Unit, which are dumb shit like “She had her family murdered in front of her every day for five years”. That’s not an exact quote, but it might as well be.

newmascotresized: Oh, by the way, speaking of shit getting butchered, I found out today that Level-5 apparently sold the Ni no Kuni IP to a Korean crypto firm that just recently shit out a Ni no Kuni crypto-gacha game.

Tokio: “Seriously…? So that’s… the…”

Oldguy: “That’s what happened to them.”

Tokio: “So who is ‘see no evil’, who is ‘speak no evil’, and who is ‘hear no evil’ ?”

Oldguy: “Hm… as far as who was which, that’s all lost in the fog of my memory…”

Tokio: “So then The Bat is…”

Twenty years ago, there were three friends, a girl and two boys. For some reason, the girl was horribly assaulted by the violent mob of people from Mikumo and was raped.

The two boys tried to save her, but they were captured by the violent mob. The three had their eyes, ears, and mouths shut. This is what that riddle from The Bat was talking about.

They were drenched in oil, or just attacked with it, stabbed, and were sewn up with a needle and thread. Who was eaten by their parents? That means their parents turned a blind eye to what was happening to them.

The Bat can write mails, so he either can’t speak or can’t hear. The one who had their eyes gouged out and sewn up was either the girl or the one who isn’t The Bat. The one who had oil poured into their mouth and had it sewn up was also either the girl or the other one who isn’t The Bat.

And now the two boys are attempting to get revenge for what happened 20 years ago. They’re after Yukimura, the one responsible for causing the pollution and everything else.

Tokio: “When I get home, I gotta restore my desktop PC. No, before that… I gotta clean out the turtle’s tank.”

Tokio: “Well, the hard disk is clean — I guess this’ll do just fine…”

newmascotresized: I get why Suda did it, but it’s weird that none of Tokio’s previous emails are in his inbox, unless he was running his own mail server I guess.

To: Tokio Morishima
Subject: Final Warning
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 1999 13:28:41

I’m warning you. If you don’t reply, your contract will be terminated. You’re almost out of time.

From: Tokio Morishima
Subject: Re: Final Warning

My computer got fucked up by a virus and I couldn’t send any mails. Sorry about that.

About The Bat:
He must be a Kamui believer. I heard his name among some rumors on the internet. He hasn’t mailed me back again yet. Apart from that, I have absolutely no info. So, conversely, if you’ve got any info, I’d like you to share it with me. I’m still investigating, and I’ll keep going.

Just a quick note. That is all.

Tokio: “Way to kick the fucking hornet’s nest…”

I can’t tell the client about the time The Bat crashed into my chat. It would break my non-disclosure agreement, as I was chatting with Erika. I can’t explain that.

Why was the girl at Mikumo raped and beaten? There must be a reason she was sacrificed. If I know who she was, I could probably figure that out, too.

newmascotresized: Why would he need to do that? Inohana already knows that Tokio’s been in contact with The Bat via email.

Tokio: “I guess it has.”

Bartender: “By the way… whatever happened with those riddles you were talking about?”

Tokio: “Oh yeah, those. I finally worked them all out. Then I went on a little trip.”

Bartender: “