The Adventure Continues: Let's Watch Princess Tutu.


Four episodes for me time too, I’m sorry. I’ve been having very bad depressions but this show always cheers me up so here we go.

Episode 13: “Now, there is only one path for you to choose.”

Drosselmeyer status: The worst.

I mean the story already seemed pretty alive when Drosselmeyer’s ghost gave Ahiru the pendent. That was well before any heart shards were anythinged. But Rue doesn’t know that.

I feel the same too, Fakir

Yikes Mytho.

Rue can’t be enjoying this. Fakir can’t be enjoying this, Mytho… well if he could not enjoy this he would not be enjoying this. NOBODY IS LIKING THIS IS WHAT I’M SAYING.

Ahiru is so pure and good.


This music fucking rules holy shit.

Those dance moves coming in use. Sword fighting is like dancing.

Oh no!!
:frowning: :cry: :broken_heart:
:fireworks: :smile: :crossed_swords:


Show not tell. :clap: She’s not so dense after all.
Music still so good.

This is intense and I don’t have a lot to say.

She’s dancing a two person dance alone. Hardest of core.


Um… what about Fakir?

There he is.


EDEL!!! :sob:

Beautiful. Beautiful.

Episode 14 (Season 2, Ep 1): “You have to be nicer to girls, Fakir.”

This is definitely a dream.

Called it.

I guess this is kind of a recap episode?

LOL Fakir still a dick I see,
Hahahaha, brutal!

Cat-Sensei is so good.

Mytho what’s going on?

Mytho! Dick move!

New Mythos is a little intense, yo.

Mytho’s voice actor fucking rules.

Episode 15 (S2 Ep2): “I hope he keeps this up and becomes a criminal, plunging headlong down the path of a loser!”

Oh dear it appears people’s memories are being messed with.

lol Fakir casually walking past the pile of girls.

What is going on with the Best Girls?!

Fakir’s probably used to being made the bad guy.
Because he can be a real jerk.


lol Lilie is so delighted at Fakir’s downfall.
hahaha she’s so bad and great.

“But you have to take a harsher tone with your enemies” hahahaha :allears:

They rule so hard.

Mytho stop ruining the best girls.

This voice acting is just phenomenal okay?

The girls are back!

Episode 16: “Because you’re different from all those nobodies.”

I love them so much.

Wow that creepy girl is really inappropriate.

Evil!Mytho is sinister AF

No offense but personal space invader puppet is kind of a shitty replacement for Edel.

I sincerely hope they either improve that puppet or we don’t see much of her.

Team teamwork returns!

Animation so pretty.

Ahiru remains perpetually optimistic. Good.

See you all next week.


Oh gosh I’m so sorry I got caught up in nonsense. I’ll watch the episodes today and edit this post after. Just give me some time to recover from the drive to and from Nashville.

Traffic was terrible.

Episode 17: “Teen Idols need to be a little more approachable.”

Rue’s dad is a jerk.


Gossip forever.

LOL I love hoe Pike and Lillie just nope right out of this. Hahaha.

Oh my gosh this guy.

Hahaha, that guy is great.

Oh gosh I’m not sure I’m ready for this.
Rue is going to corncob this guy so hard I just know it.
It’s gonna be so good.

That was…
I hyped it too much.

I love Femio.


Ugh not the puppet.

Putting shippers in the show is brilliant.

I can’t handle this guy, :joy:

OH DEAR. SCANDAL. “Prove our love.”



DAMN, Evil!Mytho is too much too!

Episode 18: “Why does this story bother me so much?”

Gossiping again.

Ditched again, lol.

This girl is sharp.

Geeze… Evil!Mytho, calm down!

Cat-Sensei is wise and good.


Rue’s dad sucks.

Shut up, Evil!Mytho! Fucking jerk.
This isn’t love, Rue. Not from your dad, not from him. :angry:

Fakir really getting fatalistic!


Pride? NICE!

Poor everyone.

Stopping at 2 episodes today, will watch the other two tomorrow.


Did I say tomorrow? I meant today.

Episode 19: “Prince, you don’t have to suffer anymore.”

Well that’s a lovely situation to wake up to.

Hi Drosselmeyer, back on your bullshit I see.

Fakir being so tsundere.

Pike and Lilie also up to their bullshit.

This lady seems nice.

Figuring Mytho out is difficult.

I don’t think he was ever prince of the crows…

Yikes, Evil!Mytho. :frowning:

lol Lysander looks brooding and intense. Hermia you can do better girl.

Evil!Mytho just twisting everything.

Time for Evil!Mytho to fail too! What a blow to his pride. Which he now has.

You can do it Hermia!

Aww they’re kind of cute and yet that’s also kind of creepy.

Episode 20: “But is what you’re trying to get right now your true feelings?”

Oh no! Fakir’s bad boy appeal is in peril!

She’s friendly.

Oh my.

Fakir has changed. Or perhaps he was always this way.

Writing is hard, folks. But even I don’t freak out like this. Something is up.

Pike and Lilie are still good friends to Ahiru.

Oh gosh, Fakir you can’t blame yourself for that.

Poor girl, Karon is probably way too old for her.
And Mytho too young. (Though he’s technically like a thousands year old unaging prince or something.)

Oh man they’re gonna fight.
Still super impressed by Mytho’s VA btw.

Smart move, Fakir!

Well crap.
Oh nevermind.

See you later, Mytho. :wave:

Raetsel is a good person.

The pen is mightier then the sword, they say.
Good luck, Fakir.

See you all this Tuesday, I hope.


Did I say Tuesday? I meant Wednesday.

Episode 21: “Is it possible that you have decided you cannot do anything, and so you are not trying to move forward?”

This is definitely a dream.

Gosh she’s awkward.

I like the bat librarian, they are cute.

Cat-sensei is a decent fella.

Hey it’s the guy who’s always yelling at them in the library.

Are they gonna hook up?

creepy cult? Ok.

Um, how does this guy know this stuff?

Creepy guy.
And Fakir is freaking out.

Rue hesitates?

Holy shit Evil!Mytho!
Rude boy.

Autor is kind of a dick.
And Fakir looks like shit.

Geeze this tree is a big deal.

Writing is way more than just writing,
I should really work on my book.

Woah! What the hell?

Oh shit.


Awww, her voice brought him back.

Oh shit.

Episode 22: “Is anybody here?”

Fakir can’t do it alone. He’s gonna need sample readers and editors.

Uh oh.

Rue… :frowning:

Oh dear.
Naw, it’s okay. Cat-Sensei is good.

“There are no qualifications to being human.” I like that.

Oh man.

Oh hey, confessionals from Mytho.

Rue… Rue quit it.

He talks big but his eyes still wander.

Oh shit, that’s fucked up. Cool effects though!

Aaw geeze not his hands!

Huzzah saved!

Woah, what?
That’s really fucked up.

Autor you don’t even know what love is.

This is fucking cool.

Well shit.

There are four episodes left, however I’ll be leaving for a trip to Japan on the 8th and be gone until the 24th which means I’ll be watching all four episodes next week on Monday and Tuesday. Thanks for being on this adventure with me.


Rather then watch Princess Tutu Monday and Tuesday I spent the time working on my book and protesting in front of the White House (and playing Dark Souls II.) So I’m watching all four now and breaking them up so folks know where to stop. Let’s do this!

Episode 23: “My feelings belong to me.”

That intro is a cool as fuck story.

The puppets are appropriately creepy.
This animation is real good.

Same, Fakir. Same.

Oh dear, Ahiru’s been puppeted.
I would be freaking out.

Oh man Rue, you got played.
She’s taking it well I think.

Drosselmeyer is a jerk.

Oh sweet, some backstory!

Not sure how to feel about this, it’s pretty innocent though.

She changed her story for the prince, interesting.
It’s really cute, imo.

Nice, they’re screaming each other’s names.

I love, love, love the Crow!Mytho design.

Episode 24: “You don’t love me?”

My that myth sounds familiar.

Just a lot of hoping and stoicism from these two.

Crow!Mytho is so fucking gorgeous.

Poor Rue…

Drosselmeyer is just churning up tragedy.

Nobody saw this twist coming right? I like it a lot.
Edel just dropping spoilers.

Real tragic, Drossy must be ecstatic.

I wonder what each of those shards were.

That’s right, Rue, tell him no!

Woah, that’s some intense love. It’s basically what she was asking of all their victims.

Shit, she’s been taken.


Here’s the last two videos for next week.

Episode 25: “Is it… Is it my fault?”

Fuck you, Drossy.


This is getting epic.

Welp, that’s one captured prince.

Actually not exactly bad advice from Drossy here.
Everyone has their own way of writing though.

Fakir don’t write this!

Damn Fakir does not mess around.

Crow people rule.

He may suck ass but Drossy crafts a good story.

Aw yeah, Fakir. You’re not so bad!

Nice, nice.

Drossy! :angry:

Team teamwork back together again!

::Watches intently::

Shit is about to go down.

Episode 26: “Yes, that was the tear-jerking ending the story had decided on.”

You gotta break up that tragedy with sparks of hope Drossy or everyone’s gonna hate that book.

Mytho is badass.

Go go Ahiru!

Fakir seems to be wrestling with two different stories here. Fighting the story that wants to be with his own story.

Keep writing, Fakir!

Oh no.
Oh noooo.

Do it Tutu! Break this shit!

Drossy is loving this shit, enjoying himself too much tbh.

That’s right, make your own damn story, Ahiru!

Come on Fakir! Argh!

Oh hey, an axe. (:swoon:)

Don’t give up!
Shut up old man!

Go Ahiru, go!

That’s right, never give up.

Because your story is worth it.

You just have to have


Lookit them, getting it done!

Omg awww, yes. Love her most of all. :cry:

Pike and Lilie back at their bullshit again.

Looks like animal people are turning human.

Cat-Sensei gets to have kittens, he must have gotten married after all. :3:

Drosselmeyer will find other stories and hopefully learned something from this.

And as for Ahiru? Well, Fakir is doing his best. I have faith in them.

The end.

I hope you all enjoyed Princess Tutu, it’ll be awhile until I pick something else to watch and I don’t have much to say right now, I’ll try to write something up later. For now, I need to finish my story so it’s time to get back to my book.

We all have our own stories inside of us and they are beautiful, meaningful, and worthwhile. Don’t give up on your story. Find hope in the tragedy, and always keep looking forward.


Me, who I thought was watching Hajime no Ippo, sent me this text:

I watched the rest of Princess Tutu, bitch.

Episode 15: I love that Fakir is at risk for expulsion for slapping Mytho. I mean there was also the fact that it looked like Fakir pushed Mytho out the window, but I like the idea that the slap was just that dramatic.
I’m digging the new end of episode climax section as well. We get Princess Tutu trying to convince people not to throw themselves into a relationship at the expense of their own happiness AND Mythos in a raven outfit. A strong showing from both sides, I would say.
Also, while I’m guessing most of the raven’s victims will wind up with almost no memory of what happened to them the night before, I think it’s fitting for Pike to have completely forgotten why she fell for Mythos. Meanwhile, Lily continues to be A Fucker, so at least there’s someone in this show who’s still in a good mood at the start of the season.

Episode 16: I was going to mention how Cat-sensei’s whole shtick was starting to get on my nerves, but I guess we have Edel’s replacement now and whoops she’s already bad. I need to break out that “who is this sassy lost child” reference and she’s been on screen for less than a minute. That being said, I do love the speed at which Fakir averts his eyes any time Ahiru transforms. That’s the one good thing that’s resulted from Uzura’s existence thus far.
After an episode in which the theme of the episode eluded me so hard that I couldn’t write about it for over a year, it’s nice to have things to say about this one. Raven-Blooded Mythos is super creepy in how manipulative he is. Convincing Freya that she doesn’t really believe that she can live up to her ideals is particularly insidious, because it’s done in a believable way. He does so by saying that she can’t be as optimistic as she says she is, but her love for flowers puts her above everyone else. Evil Mytho has more going for him than, say, preying on people who are too young to know how to deal with abusers. I mean he does that too, but I just wanted to take the chance to diss Akio from RGU.
I also appreciate that Ahiru had to defy Mytho twice this episode, the first of which she tried to tell Freya that she didn’t want to hate people. A good observation that would fit Freya’s ideals, but it’s not until Ahiru reminds Freya of the reason that optimism exists that Freya’s actually able to overcome Mytho. Both of Ahiru’s arguments made sense, but making Freya realize that she could no longer hear the flowers was the thing she actually needed to break free.

Episode 17: Mytho wasn’t the one trying to seduce Femio. 0/10.
Femio is so fantastically over the top, it’s great and I hate him. I also love that he’s such a twit that he breaks out of the spell without Princess Tutu.

Episode 18: So what seemed like it would be a Fakir-focused episode was… technically that. Fakir’s found himself at the point where he’s either irrelevant, or dead. He and the Ghost Knight have survived long past their purpose, yet the Ghost Knight learns that he’s long lost the reason to fight. He’s able to finally escape his pride and move on. Fakir? Basically destined to die if he fights, (and I blame this entirely on Drosselmeyer.) Ahiru saves him, sure, but without a role he’s doomed to vanish in obscurity. Not a great rock and hard place to be trapped between, and again I must reiterate: fuck Drosselmeyer.

Episode 19: I can’t believe there’s an entire episode revolving around someone who calls themselves “Bottom.” Nobody was prepared for our modern age.
The theme of this episode was fairly simple, but also really relevant to the main plot. Telling someone you love them is difficult, but there’s nothing wrong with letting your feelings be known. Except literally none of the main cast can do this. Thanks, Drosselmeyer. Hermia and Lysander were cute, at least. Just… provided you take it as a fairy tale ending.

Episode 20: It’s a this point I realized that the episode intros are the endings to the stories, or at least they would be if Princess Tutu didn’t prevent Mytho from taking a particular person’s heart. Kinda obvious given the symbolism in the intros, but I didn’t start thinking about it like that until Fakir mentioned how the endings were torn from the books he’d read.
And I can’t believe Lily just straight up murders Duck. RIP.
While this is a very Fakir-heavy episode, Raetsel did get some time in, and I like the theme here. Raetsel is constantly trapped between decisions, and even finds herself unable to find a solution, since she knows that the method she wanted to use would hurt Fakir. But it’s nice that in the end, the moral is that her feelings are legitimate, and that it’s not a bad thing that she’d fallen in love with more than one person. Contrast that with Raven Mytho, who will never love Rue but will still hang around her. Probably for the Dad connections.
In other news, poor Fakir. Kid just wanted to be a hero, but he gets severe emotional trauma and a dead mom instead. It’s no wonder he equates throwing himself into danger with protection. But at least he’s found a purpose now. If he can’t stay relevant without dying, then he can at least save Mytho by manipulating the story.
So in other words, while Fakir already knew how to attac, he must learn how to protec.

Episode 21: Please stop murdering my novelist grandpa, you’ve made him too powerful.
Plot time! It seems like people are taking away endings to spite Drosselmeyer, which I do approve of. They’re probably not trustworthy, being a cult that’s considering killing Fakir if he knows too much, but I can’t help but consider what they’re doing helpful to a certain extent. By removing the endings of these stories, I think it’s creating opportunities for Ahiru to let them end happily. Of course it also opens them up for worse endings because of the crow, but that’s how it goes.

Episode 22: So the Book Men think that Princess Tutu isn’t supposed to exist which, according to the original story, is true. But she’s been a pivotal part of Drosselmeyer’s new story since the show began, and now apparently nothing can function without her. Part of me feels like Drosselmeyer is building himself up as a major antagonist on purpose. If your characters are going to break out of your world, you might as well let it happen in style. Then again, he could just be a dick. That’s more likely, I think.
Either way, I am here for some death of the author.

Episode 23: Yup, this was pretty much everything I hated about Drosselmeyer before, just out in the open now. He cares more about drama and excitement than he does his own characters. If anybody’s happy, then that’s just boring to him. What a fucker.
I like this episode for everyone else’s development, though. We get to see Ahiru sort through her own feelings a bit, some regret from Fakir over his behavior in the first season, and JRPG protagonist Mytho. Oh right, and Rue suffers a lot because her dad sucks and I hate him as well. I think I’d like less Rue suffering, actually.

Episode 24: Looks like the show completely ignored me and now it’s all Rue suffering all the time. Choo choo fuckers the Raven King sucks and we get the entire fallout from it.
I’m glad they didn’t overdo Uzura’s initial joke. It’s too bad it’s a nonzero number, but I wasn’t too annoyed with Uzura for her scenes in this episode to not work. This terrible gremlin is good, actually.

Episode 25:
Me: What’s the title of this episode?
“The Dying Swan”
Me: Ah fuck.
Ahiru and Fakir are really cute together. Somebody get Drosselmeyer out of here so somebody can live happily. Or get Autor to write a nice ending. He really wants the power Drosselmeyer has, and I don’t think anybody’s paying attention to what he’s doing.

Episode 26: So in context of this being a show, it pretty much had to end happily because a tragedy would ruin the themes of the show. Still though, they set up a really dramatic climax, with Ahiru and Fakir fighting tooth and nail to actually give their story a happy ending. And it’s nice that, after all the time she spends thinking she’s useless because she’s a duck, Ahiru can still use the one power she always had as Princess Tutu. It’s also nice to see Autor getting a bit of last second… redemption? I mean he wasn’t terrible, but he did stop an axe with a book and then tackle a man. He made use of what time he had to make up for those episodes where he was kind of a weird jerk. And of course, now Drosselmeyer is stuck with the gremlin child of his own creation who, much like himself, will never listen to what anyone else says.
And since Fakir’s developing his own power, I hope that one day, he finises his self-insert fanfic where he, Ahiru, Mytho and Rue are all in a polycule. And then it’s a slice of life fanfic, just to really spite Drosselmeyer.

And that’s Princess Tutu! I really wish I’d finished this sooner, but I got stuck on thinking of things to say for episode 15, and also last year wasn’t great for me as it was. Regardless, the show’s really good. Its theater and dance influences give it a really unique style. I love how over the top it can be, both from the drama it includes and from its use of music. All the characters are fantastic as well. Character development is really good, and I can’t think of any characters that I flat out hated. Even Drosselmeyer, who is a fucker, works well as an antagonist. Also, I like his ending, in which he realizes, “wait, maybe I’m a character in a story,” and then immediately follows with, “like I give a shit.” You’re also given plenty of evidence beforehand that he’s not trustworthy. I didn’t think that he’d become the villain of the anime, (even if he did have the obvious tells in the opening sequence,) but I’d been ending my summaries on “fuck Drosselmeyer” for a while before he was confirmed as the antagonist. It was clear something was up. I think my only problem with a character might be the fact that Rue suffers a whole lot. Her development is excellent, but I wish she got to be happy. Like, on-screen. It’s not bad, I just think Rue deserves better.
So to summarize: Princess Tutu. It’s a real good anime. I should have finished it sooner.

And fuck Drosselmeyer.


The forums inform me that you have made this post roughly one year after the last post I made.
Thank you! I’m sorry you got stuck on ep 15, but I’m glad you stuck with it because Princess Tutu is a really good anime! It was a nice holiday surprise to wake up to this and I’m gonna consider it a gift. :3:

One of the things I really appreciate about Princess Tutu is how self aware it is. It is a story about stories and as such just basically has TVTropes open the whole time. It cleverly trope baits and curves you at times but at other times is just so ruthlessly committed to the trope. Even though I’m also not a fan of Eternally Suffering Rue for me it never crossed the line and I feel it was used well. I love that the Prince picks Rue, she deserves a happy ending!

In the year from the last post to this one I finished the book I referenced working on throughout my terrible write ups. I’m editing it now. While working on the book I thought a lot about the messages and lessons that Princess Tutu is trying to teach creative types. But since finishing the book and moving on to the dreaded editing stage I had forgotten about the Testimony of Princess Tutu. It has been a long time, too long, since I have enjoyed or been happy with anything I’ve written. I had been considering giving up on my book, on my story, but Fefnir necroing this ancient thread forced me to read, not only what she wrote and be swept up in her enjoyment of a good story, but also what I wrote just before her post.

Recently, I did a bunch of writing for my D&D campaign and for the first time in a very long time I was happy with and proud of what I had written. I had actually enjoyed the act of writing again, and I had missed it.

I wrote my book because there aren’t enough of the kinds of stories I want to exist. Reading what Fefnir wrote, and what I wrote a year ago, and remembering the Lessons of Princess Tutu, I have been revitalized. I cannot give up on my story, both the one I’m writing and the one I’m living, because my story, all our stories, are alive and people need them.

But more over, we need them.

Thank you, Fefnir.
Happy Holidays, everyone.