Tea Break - It's a thread about tea!

heck yea send me that tea Jenner.


Just reporting in to say I’ve just finished my first cup of Earl Grey and I think I’ve found something to replace my old standard of black tea.

It’s tea, but it has flavor without using a lot of sugar or honey?? No wonder :allears:Picard :allears: drinks it!


Oh, Earl Grey’s pretty good. English Breakfast is more or less my standard black, but I think I like most other black teas more than it. I have a really good rose flavored one, and I recently tried Assam tea which was good as well.

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Mines lady grey lol.

Fun Fact! If you need to use gauze to treat/stop bleeding after dental surgery (like, say, having a molar extracted), you can use a wet black tea bag if you run out of gauze since tannic acid helps form blood clots.


Was reluctant to try it for ages and worried that it would just taste stale-as-hell, but finally got around to inserting some green tea into my morning routine. Yeah, not bad! Not the most exciting beverage, but with a little mint flavouring or something, perfectly palatable.

I’m finding it gives me a nice energy boost, and, at my age, I’m starting to need the occasional kickstart.

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Rooibos or bust.