🚨 How to Get Your Thread Archived in Completed Let's Plays

Do you have a finished let’s play that you want to archive? Great job! To get you started here’s some rules:

  1. You can only request archival of your OWN let’s plays.
  2. Only submit let’s plays that would be considered to be in a finished state. If your let’s play is unfinished and you feel you won’t be able to complete it, you need The Twilight LPZone

LP Archival Checklist

  1. Make sure your let’s play is in a state that you consider complete.
  2. Make sure the original post is up to date with links, fanart, etc. This will make it easier on future readers of your let’s play.
  3. Make sure your thread has all the correct tags.
  4. Contact the mods and submit a request for archival. To let moderators know you’re ready just write a new post in the thread you want archived and include “@moderators” somewhere in it. Make sure you are clear where you want it archived to. (Completed Let’s Plays or The Twilight LPZone) and whether you want to keep your thread open for people to add new replies. (If you don’t specify whether you want it open or closed it will default to closed)

And you’re done! Once your request has been processed your thread will be moved to the proper subforum and stored for future generations to enjoy.

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