Nioh: Pulsing Ki Like It's 1600


Are you sure about that second spoiler? The first time I fought him, I never used the brazier to ignite my weapon, but he still spawned another mini Umi-Bozus when the second phase started. I think it has more to do with how many braziers you light in the level–I think each one prevents one add in each add wave.


You are correct. However using a brazier to light your weapon makes it go out. So if you light all three, then he gets no mini-me helpers in the first round. If you then use one of them to light your weapon, then he gets one min-me in the second round.


Ahh, okay, that makes sense.

By the time I was in NG+ I just destroyed him with Guardian Spirit Talismans with Suzaku equipped so I’ve never tried using the brazier in the first place. Well, I did use it in the sub-mission that happens there where you fight a bunch of yokai in that room, but never when fighting the boss.


I’ve now reached the third region.
Bit disappointed there isn’t a showdown against one of the local samurai as an optional boss encounter at the end of every region but eh, the game continues to be fun.


Yeah, I’d like that to happen more, but it does happen at least a couple more times, and it’s always a good time.


Finished the game a day or two ago, now I’m hooked on NG+ and how it changes up just enough to be interesting. I need to buy the season pass ASAP.


Got a chance to play more and am now probably at the end of the fourth Region. Next mission is called The Defiled Castle.

I like that there’s Revenants to get some loot, but it would be real nice if not every single one of them would use the Warrior of the West or Red Demon set. Am I the only one not using those sets? There’s also way too many Raikiris floating around.

E: Oh yeah, spears own.


I didn’t use either of those sets for very long, but I’m sorry to report you’re never going to leave Red Demon hell. Seriously, right straight to the end of NG+, I still saw Red Demon on 75% or so of revenants that I fought. Selling all those divine Red Demon pieces made me some nice cash, though.


I really like the Red Demon set for whatever reason

by the way, what’s the gimmick to getting +x on divine gear


You’ll get gear with +'s as drops as you go, though revenants can never drop gear with a +. Soul matching gear can increase its + level. To make something +1, you have to soul match it with something that is at least +1. After that, matching two like numbers will increase the level by 1. For example, +1 and +1 becomes +2, +2 and +2 becomes +3, and so on. You can’t make any leaps, unfortunately. Soul matching a +3 with a +6 just becomes a +4, for example.


Other question I have real quick, do I need to do all the side missions to progress in Way of the Strong or do I just have to do the plot stuff again?


So how similar does Nioh play/feel to a SoulsBorne game? I’m interested in it, but I’ve been playing Bloodborne for the past few days and I haven’t really enjoyed it.


Similar, but definitely something different. The melee combat is snappier and more focused on quick movements and attacks. There are fewer weapons, but your combos are customizable (you unlock skills and equip them to button press combinations in each of your three stances). It also really wants you to balance dodging and blocking, unlike Bloodborne, which is dodge or die (or gun-parry literally everything if you’re cool like me). I think the level design and enemy variety are weaker, but the combat is tons of fun. It also makes loot much, much more important. Unlike in Souls/borne, where most of your equipment is found in static drop locations and then upgraded, Nioh has pretty much Diablo-style loot.

I’m maybe not the right person to comment, though, because I’m a massive, hyperbolic Bloodborne fan. I really like Nioh, but it’s definitely a unique game. Nobody would ever mistake it for a Souls/borne game, combat-wise.

I haven’t actually tested, but I felt like I needed to do at least some of the side missions to progress in Way of the Strong. Then again, I wasn’t really paying that much attention, because I ended up doing every side mission in every region except the last one in Way of the Strong.


I prefer to compare Nioh to “Ninja Gaiden without jumping” when describing the combat.


That’s a good comparison, yeah. Ninja Gaiden without the jumping and with a toggled lock-on. (None of the Ninja Gaidens have lock-on, right?)


I’ve only played NG2 and… Yaiba, but no neither of those had lock on.


Dear god the Silver Mines was such a weird shoved in mission. The blurb doesn’t actually say that they want you to go down to the mines and there’s no intro scene for it. You’re just there for some reason.

Also the boss was super bad and it’s entry in the Yokai illustration gives you the Japanese pronunciation even though the boss had it’s name in english.


I liked the level, but that boss was probably one of the worst ones in the game so far.


The level is fun but you’re just thrown into it without an explanation.

The boss I just handcannon’d to death cause he’s a pain.


I think I’m getting close to the end of the game. Last main mission was Source of Evil and I’ve moved on to another Region

I noticed that the difficulty indicator missions have is relative rather than absolute. It’s based on your equipment and presumably your level (Maybe other stats, like recent deaths or w/e too, I don’t know). I was wondering if there was any rhyme or reason behind it but some of the missions in my Region where five swordgraves while they are simply one or two now (I’m lazy when it comes to changing equipment, which is why I’m typically not a fan of random loot, and neither am I a fan here. I can’t believe I probably sank 1000 hours into Diablo 2 at this point)

Aside from the last mission I played the game seemed fairly easy (although fun) with a lot of the bosses going down in the first attempt with a lot of them just feeling samey. As fun as the game is, its strength probably isn’t the boss fights anyway unless some changes in NG+ makes some nuance they may have surface…