Nioh: Pulsing Ki Like It's 1600


friend co-op sounds like a whole lot of fun, I hope I can convince a friend to grab it to play with me, although I’m sure it’ll be great solo too.


We could always try to set up some Friendo Yokai hunting via this forum. Actually, it could be a neat way to help people if they get stuck and don’t want to deal with a random summon? Toss info up here, somebody pops in to help and bam! Geralt-Duo away.


Reviews are starting to come in and it looks like the critics really liked it! Now I’m really excited to get this game!


That’s really nice to hear it’s getting critical praise! The 8th / 9th can’t come quick enough…


I’m having a hard time playing any other game right now, which is a shame because I have a good amount of free time this week and would like to play a game, please! I just keep thinking, “Man, I wish I was playing Nioh instead.”

C’mooooon, Tuesday


Don’t be me and consider buying new games to fill in the small waiting gap until Nioh is out.


Oh, I strongly considered it, but luckily I managed to resist. I did re-buy Shovel Knight on PS4 last week so that I could play it on my TV instead of at my PC, but I just can’t get into its rhythm right now–I’m coming off of Odin Sphere, which is another combo-based action-RPG, and that’s still the feeling I want from a game. I considered playing some Bloodborne, but I don’t want to get back into my Souls/Bloodborne reflexes this close to Nioh combing out.

So I played some Overwatch and watched some Rick and Morty last night. That worked out fine. Just have to keep myself busy and away from the Steam or PSN stores this weekend, that’s all.


I know the feeling. I keep trying to jump into something, but nothing is holding my attention right now. At least there is a closed beta for Tom Clancy’s Wildlands from tomorrow until Monday which’ll be something to kill time with.

All the positive reviews are only making me want to play it sooner.


I’m just trying to finish games before it comes out so I don’t feel too bad about getting a new one and dumping the rest on the side.

E: I know I’ll try and play through Onimusha before Nioh comes out.


Something I noticed in the demo that might be useful is what the difference is between different armor weights.

First, a little background. Equipment in Nioh has stat requirements on it, but if you don’t meet the requirements, you can still wield that weapon or wear that armor. The stat requirements are instead for the equipment’s special effects. So someone with too little Strength to wear heavy armor can still get the same damage reduction from it, but you have to increase your Strength to activate any of that piece’s other bonuses.

There are three categories of armor in Nioh and each requires a different combination of stats: light (Body/Skill), medium (Body/Strength), and heavy (Stamina/Strength). You might think that your level of encumbrance from armor is going to change how quickly you can move, while heavier armor absorbs more damage, but in Nioh, it’s not quite that simple. Your equip weight doesn’t appear to have an effect on your movement speed, running speed, or your ability to dodge. And there really isn’t a huge difference in damage reduction between light and heavy armor.

So what’s the difference? It’s not about your Life, it’s about your Ki. The major differences are in how armor affects your Ki regeneration rate and how it affects how much Ki damage you take when you get hit.

The lighter your equip load, the faster your Ki regens, but the more Ki you lose when you get hit. It’s high risk/high reward: you’re banking on dodging as many attacks as possible with your quickly-regenerating Ki and you’ll be punished badly if you get hit. As your equip load gets heavier, your Ki regeneration slows down, but you also lose less Ki when you get hit, including when you block. In fact, at very heavy equip load, you lose very little Ki when you block, and blocking actually becomes a pretty viable way to avoid damage.

In other words, armor in Nioh isn’t about passive damage reduction, but about improving the effectiveness of your two forms of active damage reduction. You can dodge more often in light armor because your Ki comes back quickly, and you can block a lot more attacks in heavy armor because your Ki doesn’t take as big of a hit.

That said, passive damage reduction does exist, and there is a difference between light, medium, and heavy armor there, but it’s not the main point. And you still need to make sure you’re equipping better armor as you go, no matter what type of armor you go with, because your armor’s ability to reduce damage goes up a lot with item level, just like weapon damage does.


i kind of hated the first demo, and didn’t get the chance to play the other demos, but i feel really drawn to the game anyway


I didn’t like the first demo much either, but the second demo fixed almost everything I disliked. Hopefully they do have an actual demo when the game releases so that people in your position can judge if it changed enough.


I hope they do that, too. It’s obvious their pre-game marketing and Alpha / Beta trials have really helped sell the game so I hope other Publishers / Devs notice how successful it was. Not only marketing, but a good feedback system.

Digital Foundry have done some analysis on NIoh’s performance on both PS4 and PS4 Pro: (Slight spoilers for a boss name and locations in the video)

tl;dr for it is: Action Mode is more or less a constant 60 FPS on Vanilla PS4, and a constant 60 FPS on Pro. Ninja Theory did an excellent job on optimization.


If it wasn’t for the beta this seriously would have flown under the radar for me.

I wish more games did demo’s or beta’s.


Went ahead and preordered. I usually don’t preorder games, but I’ve actually played this one and I know I’m going to want it at launch, so I might as well get that pre-download.


I’m gonna preorder since the good reviews plus the good beta they did.


Another one on the; “I usually don’t pre-order boat” here.

I’ve played Dark souls 1 and 2, both kind of left a meh impression on me and just didn’t scratch a particular itch I was having. Dark souls 3 I just kind of let pass me due just not being interested. But, the Nioh Alpha and even more so the Beta left quite a good impression on me.

I think I’ve found the game that has what Souls was missing. So yeah, it’s earned a pre-order in my book. Not through pre-order exclusives, pre-order betas and other shit like that. Just plain old good impressions given by essentially a demo that was open to feedback. Feedback was given during the Alpha and they listened; changing durability to familiarity for example was a great change.

Plus there’s dogs in the game that make your weapons be on fire and that’s just pretty dang cool.


More games really should follow Team Ninja’s example with Nioh and have free trials during development for feedback. That alpha demo was super rough and I didn’t get far because of how ridiculously tough it was, but I beat the other two and had way more fun than I’ve ever had in a Souls game. It also doesn’t hurt that they haven’t at all skirted around the topic and have straight up gone “yeah we’re super into Dark Souls, so we decided to make our own”.

Man, I’m incredibly excited to get this game!


Today I have two meetings I can’t reschedule and that means I can’t just go home and play Nioh. All is lost.

But when I get home, I’m gonna samurai all night long and it is going to own.

EDIT: Nioh is cool and good


So I managed to get myself a copy earlier via trading shit in at the local EB Games, and I’ve only beaten the first mission + sub mission so far and holy shit this game is real fuckin’ good.

Axes all day every day.

EDIT: I got myself this really good highlight earlier and rewatching it I’m laughing all over again