Nioh: Pulsing Ki Like It's 1600


There was a Revenant in the first village side quest who would just consistently start the fight by sidestepping into fire and burning to death.


Yeah, his cause of death is noted as death by fire (or whatever the in-game wording is) which makes his immediate burning upon revival even more hilarious.


Don’t play the DLC. It’s got a potentially major save breaking bug in it.

Playing it normally, everything fine and bam, it crashed. Now I can’t load my save, which is… extremely frustrating. Hopefully they’ll fix it.

Update: I managed to load my save - restarted the PS4 and then loaded the save directly from the menu instead of continue. But it’s quite a ways back.


Well that’s unfortunate.

Glad I’m waiting on it, at least. I’m still in the grasp of a Persona/SMT kick so I’ll hope that gets fixed by the time I get around to wanting to odachi some yokai in the face.


They’ve patched it once or twice now - so I’d assume it’s been ‘sorted’.

Been busy with other stuff so not gone back to check - but the bit I did play was great.


I started the DLC yesterday. Beat the first main mission and the sub missions that were unlocked after beating it.

The boss of the first DLC mission is probably the first boss of the game that actually gave me some trouble. But after a few tries it just kinda made click for me and I beat him barely taking hits. For that reason I’m inclined to say it’s a good boss, but nothing that really wowed me. I’m just really not too fond of having about three or four boss tracks. I wish every boss save for the filler had unique tracks to give each one a bit more personality.


I tried PvP the other day and it looks like the matchmaking is massive garbage because it doesn’t take into account levels? I got two-shot with shurikens. I don’t care how bad I am at PvP, that’s just ridiculous.


I didn’t realize PvP was in. I was wondering how they were going to do matchmaking because honestly no method makes sense given all the non-leveled ways you can power yourself up in Nioh. I always figured the best way to do it would just be to have PvP with set characters so things might actually be vaguely balanced, but, welp.


As far as I heard one of the biggest problems of the PvP is that it’s netcode can’t keep up with the speed of the combat so there’s both lag and some desync.

Then there’s balancing issues.

On a similar note: Why’d they nerf Haze? I just wanted to have fun murdering things in PvE :frowning:

But as far as PvP goes it’s probably better to view it as a distraction rather than something to sink a lot of time into. I haven’t tried it, though.


How badly did they nerf Haze? That was like the whole reason I enjoyed using katanas so much :gonk:


Katanas are still fun, but unfortunately the Haze nerf is pretty significant. It doesn’t do 100% Ki Damage anymore, It still does Ki Damage but it’s little enough that you only very rarely empty an opponent’s bar. This means that after a successful follow-up stab they won’t drop to the ground, so you can’t follow with more stuff (like an Iai attack and a killing blow)

On the bright side, there’s now a reason to use the other katana parry because it does more damage than Haze.