Monday Megastream (Formerly Saturday Superstream)





Both Bonezone and Lady Clay reach their full potential…


A long awaited VOD, four POV cams and the return of a beloved horse enthusiast. All this and we’re not even done yet…


More Garfield Kart, but this time we encounter a might adversary! Will we make it out with our dignity intact? Probably not!

Many thanks to for allowing me to use their Hbomb artwork… aside from the bod. I did that.


The only Pokémon here is the gambling Pokémon that has enslaved your trainer! I call him Gamblor, and it’s time to snatch your trainer from his neon claws!


Hey Stunfisk? Honchkrow? Consider yourselves dead to me…


Let’s start all over again! Hahahahaha I’m far too stubborn to quit!


Vorzac & Seth join me for this episode! Instead of plugging my own stuff though, I’m gonna recommend y’all check out the mind behind Pokémonatomy:


Monday Megastream VODs are in the works. Lemme wrap up a few of my long running LP series, and I’ll knock 'em out!


Hmm? What’s that? I singlehandedly stopped an aquatic cult? Sorry I hadn’t noticed, Vorzac and I were too busy talking about movies.