Monday Megastream (Formerly Saturday Superstream)



Riley? Who’s that? Here’s a hero/ine who doesn’t get owned before the game’s midpoint!


Taking on some tanky knights and a mini dungeon loaded with bosses.


Y’know, in my head I confused the movie Surf Ninjas with the 3 Ninjas franchise. But to be honest, both are so terrible it doesn’t really matter.


Something was pouring from his mouth. He examined his sleeve. Blod? Blod. Crimson copper smelling blod. His blod. Blod. Blod. Blod… and bits of sick.


I regret nothing.


Time to go Mega… thanks again to Rainbow Nanaki for the Shaunarama/Radiashaun artwork!


I mean you’ve gotta be pretty evil to cause several nuclear meltdowns, but this character is just… something else!


It all comes down to this! Will we become the Tandor Champion? Or will we go home ashamed, dejected and slightly more irradiated than a human should be?


Another fun session of Jackbox games: Fibbage 3, Bracketeering, Civic Doodle and another round of Drawful 2!


Mario Strikers, Megaman Soccer & a MYSTERY GAME. The ultimate punchline to this stream is the fact that England got knocked out within the five days it took me to edit and upload this VOD.


This ain’t your dad’s Pokeyman!



Hey everyone! Head to to do your bit for Child’s Play! And on the subject of bits, all of these ones are going to charity too!



Vorzac joins me for this stream, as we try to overcome a sweet, adorable, pink, puffy death.




In this part I erroneously considered the Dancer and the Bard to be the same class. I donated £10 to buy it upon realising.