Mario has been marked for revenge

And so we reach the end of our journey.
SMW - Hunters Revenge Revised: Finale

All in all not a bad game. I kind of enjoyed the dynamic between Hunter and Scorpion. It was like Mario was taking on a pair of best friends who didn’t know who they were dealing with.
The issue though was that the pair didn’t seem to be as serious as a threat as Sonic made them out to be. Things became a slog towards the end with death awaiting at nearly every step due to level design and enemy placement.
The closer you get to the end the levels start to feel way longer than they should with powerups becoming scarce and the midpoint being so far away which turn things into a frustrating gauntlet if you play this game straight.
It’s certainly not a hack a beginner could make it through without abusing savestates like I did but I’ve seen worse.