Let's Play the Portable Legend of Zeldas! (Now playing Phantom Hourglass)


The penultimate part of the LP takes us through the final dungeon. One of the more bland-sounding names, but it’s more accurately a Fire And Ice Dungeon.

Sunday will be the final part of the LP and the thread!



The thread concludes with three whole boss fights that were a pain in the ass due to their weaknesses not at all being taught to me. But yeah, no surprise who the final boss is.

Thank you all for watching and getting pissed off at me missing all of the obvious. (Yes I know now that I don’t need to replay the entire games to get the secrets, but the point of the thread was just McFly’s little story, and that’s complete.) Get ready for even more of that on Tuesday when Link’s Awakening DX starts going public and McFly crashes onto another strange distant land.



Having played Oracle but not Seasons, I will say there was definitely a lot to Seasons that interested me. It seemed a lot more colorful, for one thing, but I guess a lot of the appeal’s just the novelty of the game I didn’t choose.

Thanks for a well done LP, though, I really enjoyed the nostalgia of seeing a game I can’t believe is nearly old enough to vote.



The fourth Zelda game brings the series to the Game Boy, and the later DX re-release then brings it to the Game Boy Color. The game structurally picks up from where A Link to the Past left off and transfers it to a portable system impressively well. It’s a relatively sprawling world with creative and sometimes self-referential ideas peppered throughout. It’s also Nintendo’s first foray into the alternate universe/dream world sequel that they would return to for Majora’s Mask and Phantom Hourglass. It’s a fan and childhood favorite for many.
However the game has aged poorly in places, often the strangest ones (wait 'til you hear what the compass can do!), and it can be a hassle getting from place-to-place thanks to limited travel options. But stick with it and you might find a surprisingly deep entry in the franchise that didn’t need to be so.

While most players are/were Link, returning from A Link to the Past, we are McFly, fresh from his adventures in Labrynna and Holodrum. Setting sail back to Hyrule, he imbibes a little too heavily on the grog and sails right into a storm. His ship obliterated, he washes up on the mysterious and eerily familiar island of Koholint, where the effects of the grog just won’t seem to wear off. It’s up to this sad DRUNK to make his way through the island, discover its secrets, and maybe find a way home.

This will be an essentially-100% run. I.E.: I will be getting all of the major collectables including Heart Pieces and upgrades, but due to Secret Seashells disappearing once you’ve collected their reward, I won’t be collecting all 26 of them. I will most likely come across where you would normally find the rest, though. I will also only be using one of the two tunics you can get from the secret dungeon, due to the second one being locked out once you’ve made your choice. Either way, I’m still counting this as completionist since you’re not actually missing anything.
I am joined once again by MeccaPrime, who for once did not already LP this game. Rather, he played a spectacularly batshit, improvised glitch run of the original. It’s one of my favorite LPs.
This LP was made especially for my Patreon patrons and was shown to them in full from July 2018 through August 2018 before being made public.



Link’s Awakening is one of the few Zeldas I haven’t played, or indeed seen much of. It’ll be fun to see why this is so high up on so many people’s nostalgia lists.



First dungeon is a breeze. Even the infamous fucker that is the boss. They’re not gonna stay that way. And we don’t get to keep the sharkdogball.

Forgot to mention in the OP until now, but updates are Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the final part 13 will go up on Sunday October 21.



Mr. Write’s sprite is indeed a reference to SimCity for SNES. In that game, your mayoral advisor is Dr. Wright, with the same green hair and moustache; he’s named for the Sim games’ original designer, Will Wright. I guess the Awakening team decided to throw in more than just Mario references.



McFly can lift.



Bunderschaft, you are going daft? Better seal off the castle grounds

Credit to Mecca for the title. It’s better than whatever I was going to call this part.



Throwing out a poll for a future thread from the jiggliest of Jacobs, who will be LPing WarioWare Gold on my channel soon. He wants to know who out of his Amiibos Wario should paint horribly. If you’ve played the game, you’d probably know what that means. If not, then pick something anyway.

E: Apparently the Pokemon aren’t compatible, so scratch those options.



If there’s one thing you should do while drunk, it’s run as fast as you can into everything.



It’s not a date if she doesn’t injure you and briefly lose her shit.



Going from a bit overpowered to definitely overpowered.

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I’m pretty sure you can just smack Cueball in the eyes - I always just stand at one side of the room and whack him as he comes around the corner. Maybe you can’t hit him if he’s facing you, but you can definitely hit him from the side.

I always did the grinding to get the bow before Angler’s Tunnel and beat the boss with two bomb arrows. It’s not hard to do, since you get a lot of rupees normally, and the Trendy Game is good for a profit of 40 each run if you know the trick to grabbing items off the belt.



Worried I might be overpowered already? Don’t be - I suck at this dungeon.

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I need more stuff. Gimme a way overpowered boomerang. Now caterwaul at me, frog man.



But what does DRUNKfly see when he peers into the face?



Now here’s a part I don’t recommend using as a strategy guide.



The final dungeon is great for those pesky eyebrows.

The LP will conclude this Sunday.



The video is unlisted, btw.